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Anzu and Yuugi working out makes me think of Jou and Honda hauling Yuugi off to the gym and trying to get him into weight lifting XD

Honda your military is showing.

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Oh my god I love how you draw Ben's expressions. That was heartbreaking. I was reminded of a thing when I finished reading it; my girlfriend pointed out a little while ago that Bendy finding Boris in this au may be what prompts him to turn on the ink machine, in hopes it would revive him, because why else would he turn on the giant scary thing he may or may not know Joey built; how well do you think that idea stacks up?

well gosh thank you so much!! aaah!
tbh that actually would make a lot more sense! and now that you mention it there probably wouldnt be a lot of other motives for bendy to turn on the machine other than something along those lines. ( and im pretty sure bendy would know that joey built the ink machine cuz its most likely the very thing that birthed him.) but lemme get my head gears turnin a bit.

well in the game, if we’re talkin solid motives, Henry doesnt really have a motive to turn on the ink machine. he literally walks in the room and straight up is like


so if we’re going by game logic, then Bendy wouldn’t really need a motive to turn it on. he would just kinda … do it.

then again, Henry and Bendy are two very different people with very different personalities and very different experiences. Its hard to even say that Henry  knows what the ink machine even does, and if HE doesn’t know what it does, would Bendy, since he’s taking his place? there’s a lot of things to consider but i feel like i might be getting sidetracked. 

but yeah the thing you suggested would most likely be on top of the list of more accurate motives, personality wise. Henry, throughout the game gives off a “way to relaxed about all of this” vibe (as a lot of people have pointed out) and Bendy, in this AU, is a nervous wreck most of the time. If i were scared at my wits end in a place that i was sure was going to put me in harms way, id need a damn good reason to turn on the big weird looking machine with black liquid dripping out of it.

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My, my, my! What an interesting blog we have here! Now Henry I need you to answer honestly and it's ok if you don't want to much do you trust Joey? ((I recently found this blog and it has a unique vibe to it! Keep it up!))

[Also Ty! Though I’m pretty sure there’s more Unique and better blog out there,,,]

this ain’t as good as other stuff i’ve been drawing lately but it’s still something

more universe-alteration v3 jojo for the picture set i like to call “i absolutely cannot decide how to draw this boy’s hair”

The Best of Intentions Gone Awry

@yunisverse made another comic I wanted to write about. They’re quite good at setting up interesting stories. So here’s a story where Joey’s not too much of a dick. 

Joey didn’t know what he’d expected. It certainly wasn’t supposed to turn out like this, with him slumped against the ink machine, the ink beginning to seep into his blood already. It was supposed to be amazing. His breathing was getting shallow already, his vision beginning to blur. He could hear the creature that looked like Bendy moving around the studio. When he’d turned the machine on, he hadn’t expected something like…like that to rise from the ink. It was supposed to be Bendy, the lil devil darlin’, his lil devil. Instead that monstrosity had appeared and slashed him across his stomach. Maybe it had already gotten to Sammy downstairs. This wasn’t how it was supposed to go, he kept saying to himself. It was supposed to be amazing. He could see the perfect outcome unfolding before him as his vision faded.

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Hiveswap Headcanon December 8

Jude is so excited about conspiracy theories, but there’s one he will never believe. “Betty Crocker being evil? Babies falling from the sky? A video game ending the world? Just how gullible do you think I am, Joey?!”

“Jude you think Bill Clinton gave birth to an alien”



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Question for joey : how tf do you style your hair cause honestly...your hair looks great but what kind of hairstyle is that boy..I need answers

Heheh, ya know its funny but usually Yug is da one ta get dis type a question, but sure I’ll tell ya! My type a style is called…..

A Bed Head! Haha! Dats right- I wake up like dis! I’m pretty awesome ta have such great hair right when I wake up, I know- so don’t worry! Maybe one day you too can have hair as cool as me, if ya just sleep some more!


normally the equipment doesn’t have to wear a sweatband. normally the equipment isn’t human children.