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jsyk i have never watched/will not watch 50 shades && jumin’s set was based on this thought bubble from 707 during Jumin’s route (so there it’s from the game itself):

&& it has been suggested multiple times as his movie choice on IG (from one of my wip stories) as well so i was like, ‘ok, i can see him watching that movie’.

plus, he just asked MC if she wanted to do the thing. keyword: asked. he didn’t straight up say “you’re doing this with me tonight”.

although i love jumin very much, knowing that he is capable of what he did in his bad end #2 && his route in general (suddenly being obsessive) still creeps me out. he’s not perfect and he has his issues, but i still like him as a character when he gets his thoughts sorted out. the problematic fave.

this is why we gave him a dog-loving son as punishment

but anyway we can change his comic. maybe just remove the mr. grey text part and the movie is all up to your imaginations lmao

like?? all my ships are in such a good place right now??

sherlolly are in love

richonne sex scene coming up

shamy are on the up and up constantly

newtina are already canon

nichorello are…both still alive

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Why do you think Celene would rather marry Cailan rather than Gaspard even though she knows that marrying a Ferelden Dog Lord is a taboo in Orlais? And why do you think Briala agreed to it? (As I remember she's actually okay if Celene marry either) After reading TME I'm pretty sure Celene knows that the nobility will hate it but she still goes on with it. I was thinking that maybe Celene thinks Cailan is easier to control than Gaspard...I really dunno but what do you think? TIA.

Well for starters, Gaspard is family. Of course it is not unusual in Thedas for royal family to intermingle and interbreed, that’s still kind of sketch to Celene. Not because their of the same blood and therefore incest. But because the De Chalons and Valmonts have been at violent odds with each other before, despite being family. Gaspard and his late wife are the reason Celene lost her parents and Celene’s parents are the reason Gaspard lost his wife.

Also Celene is 37 when Gaspard asks her to marry him, while Gaspard himself is 67, and again while it happens, no young woman wants to marry a very old rival only for familial peace and duty.

And yes. Cailan is younger, easier to control, not bad to look at, and highly respected among his people at least. Unlike Gaspard who has his own agenda and could very well plan to silence Celene in the future, should she do something he doesn’t like.

Really though, as to why she would risk a Dog Lord? Think about it, she marries Gaspard and gets what? His loyalty, his followers? What few and unfortunately traditional ones he has?

But she marries Cailan and gets his loyalty, his followers, his progressive values, his country. Their marriage would be one of alliance, bonding Ferelden and Orlais as one and under one. The two countries a combined force against the rest of Thedas, that make up half of Thedas by themselves. So why not go for the bigger fish with more power than a laid up chevalier general.

As for Briala, why should she worry about who Celene decides to marry, other than for her and Celene’s safety? She is still Celene’s spymaster, should Celene marry one of them and try to do her harm Briala could assassinate them quite easily. Especially when they are under the same roof, it becomes almost too easy. Plus Celene and Briala would still continue on as lovers, their affair was a secret anyways and so it would remain under the nose of Celene’s husband.

There is nothing saying Celene and her potential husband have to share a bed or room, other that to procreate an heir. Cailan (who steps out with lovers already) might find such an open agreement beneficial and acceptable, while Gaspard doesn’t seem the kind to mind having his own space away from a woman he married politically.

tldr; Dog man, Cailan Theirin has more to offer with his Ferelden alliance, than cousin Chevalier who is looking for a power grab and offering little in return.

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Can the people who are shitting on those who are submitting Killing Stalking asks please stop?? Jfc this blog wasn't made for you guys to come in and treat them like dirt, even if their source is problematic. Hell, I'm not even kin with anyone from it, but it's not right when nearly every note that isn't a like on all of those posts is hate!! It's like the "oh!! it's okay they can't help it! uwu" logic applies unless your source is problematic and then you're Shit™. I'm so angry omg

That’s a good point. This confession blog is for sharing what one cannot or is afraid to on their own blog. It’s not for dog-piling people because you hate them. People who are kin with problematic or otherwise regarded as shitty canons are not responsible for their media their canons are from. You should take issue with the content creators, not your fellow fictionkin. Go to the authors, film directors, artists, etc. and convey your opinions on what they’ve made.

If you miss the point of all that, and want to bash people for shit they can’t control and already feel bad about, you should not be here. Gosh knows one of us mods will have to block you eventually. Until then, control yourself, please. Just keep scrolling. Or check out some stim blogs or find some other relaxing / interesting stuff to look at. Check out some ‘How It’s Made’ youtubes to distract you and relax! Don’t be an ass!


so my stepdad is watching Bill O'Reilly, which unfortunately he does a lot and i have to put up with overhearing, and he was just talking about the Donald Duck administration

he was trying to spin President Bump’s protracted war with the media and tendency to attack anyone who said anything bad about him as a good thing

he even insinuated that, not only is this normal, other conservative presidents like Bush who got slammed by the media and didn’t attack newspapers for it should have done so

he was like (and i’m paraphrasing but confident i’m accurate about the meaning) “liberal news sources have a vested interest in delegitimizing our new president”

gee, golly gosh, there was never an attempt to delegitimize President Obama by, e.g., claiming he wasn’t born in this country, claiming that he was a “communist” who would topple the foundations of American democracy, and insinuating that he was Muslim and somehow this have disqualified him for the office or made him unpatriotic?? That didn’t happen for the entire term of his presidency? 

Fox News never had any bias against Obama, right? We all know they’re a neutral party who’s always willing to call out bias in both the conservative and liberal sides, right?

And Obama totally personally attacked news sources that attacked him, sent his hundreds of followers after them, and exploded on twitter about insults, just like Donald Bump does, right?

Oh, wait.


okay so i said i would do a meta on this and here i am, doing a meta on it. so first and foremost, on the political spectrum wanda is a SOCIALIST. not your bernie sanders socialist, but a full blown socialist. you know who else was a socialist? pretty much all your favs. nelson mandela. helen keller. albert einstein. angela davis. assata shakur. MLK. (people like to conveniently overlook dr.king’s socialism but don’t be fooled —– ‘today, capitalism has outlived its usefulness’). additionally, the black panther party and the brown berets both heavily employ tenants of socialism.

so, why is wanda maximoff a socialist? first things first, let’s look at WHO SHE IS. wanda maximoff is a daughter of a rroma woman and a jewish man, both who survived the holocaust. she was raised by a muslim rroma couple in eastern europe in abject poverty for the first thirteen-ish year of her life, before her mother was murdered by racist villagers. she was homeless for years after this. 

i’m going to pause here, because the first 18 years of her life were the most formative for her politics. let’s look at who she is: a poor brown girl, raised in a dangerously racist climate. capitalists will claim that there will always be poor people, but that’s false. the reason poverty exists is because 1% percent of people own most of the world’s wealth. capitalism benefits from racism, from imperialism, from war. by driving wedges between masses based on religion and race, the ones in power succeed in keep them from being united.

i totally believe that wanda would have recognized this and understood what a disease it was not just for people like her, but for the world. no one knows the poisonous effects of capitalism better a girl raised in the depths of it. and fascism is bread from capitalism in it’s latest stages. where there is fascism, there is ethnic nationalism. sound like anything to you? like how the n*zis rose to power, by blaming social unrest on jewish conspiracy, immigrants, left-wing internationalism….they focused on this to seize power and divide the masses, allowing atrocity to follow. THIS is late stage capitalism at it’s finest, fully-fledged fascism and the fear of the ‘other.’ the antithesis of fascism is socialism, and for wanda (who would be a person most at risk in a fascist climate), there is no other choice.

so, to round it off…wanda is a socialist for survival. she is a socialist for the survival of her people and people like her. people hated and targeted by capitalism and all it’s facets (white supremacy, xenophobia, imperialism). she is the epitome of the ever-feared ‘other’, her very being is resistance. why wouldn’t her politics reflect that?

also, if you were wondering: she fully supports the punching of n*zis. please, do more of that. always punch n*zis.

the monday morning clip in episode 4 s3 was so wild like isak and even were trying to have a casual conversation “are you going to party?” “lol no… I MEAN maybe are you   going  to party?” “yeah i thought    yeah wanna pre drink together?” “sure sure sure coolcoolcoolcool” as if they didn’t almost kiss three days earlier

i mean look at them. these nerds are terrible at playing cool


I thought this post was really cute so here’s datekou


Working Title: Kuroo “Common Sense” Tetsurou leaves for one second and Stuff Happens

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“I’ll protect you… no matter what” 


What if—-
I loved the idea of Prompto betraying his friends way more than I thought I would. A comic inspired by this comic over here! I took a crack at using screentones this time instead of just the standard black and white cell shadding and I fell in love with this! Man, one day, one day, I’ll take another crack and maybe write up a story board for some Promptis doujins.


There’s a place you can’t reach unless you have a dream too large to bear alone.

prints and stuff (redbubble)

Y'know, normally I make portraits based on photos, so this drawing was like a long and bumpy ride through hell, but in the end I gotta admit…… I enjoyed it. Very much.