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cloud redbubble video!! [CC]

hey so as a lot of people know i opened a redbubble shop for cloud. i got some of her products from there so i could have some for myself and also show people how they look!!!! i open a couple of them in this video, and also, make a floof pillow with a pillowcase from the shop… 

but most importantly, i film the products close up so you can see how they turned out!! (start: 1:52) you can view it on my channel > here

please give the vid a like if you enjoy it because it helps me out in many ways!! thank you ~ 


My new 52 Clark and Diana how I miss you both. The alien and the amazon, who felt different and a sense of isolation and found a soul connection with each other. 

The versions that replaced them with Rebirth this year are too conservative and insipid for my liking. Clark White or Smith or whatever he is called is just uninteresting to me and confused Rebirth Diana is just wishy washy. And I won’t get into the convoluted mess of Rebirth and the jumping of the shark DC is using to bring back retro versions who had their time and should have like other versions before said their goodbyes and moved on.

My new 52 Superman and Wonder Woman are currently both  dead in DC canon. They live on in my imagination and I will have fond memories of them and am thankful to the writers who worked hard to bring them to life.

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For the overshare, how about 52?

52. Have you ever stolen something?


The Stone of Scone (aka the Stone of Destiny) was once used in the coronation of the Kings/ Queens of Scotland (and later England).

In 1298 the stone was taken to Egland by king Edward the 1st as the spoils of war, where it remained until 1950.

On Christmas day of 1950, four Scottish students drove to Westminster Abbey to steal the stone, but it broke in half during the removal. They buried the larger half before returning to retrieve it later and taking it back to Scotland. The search for the Stone of Destiny proved unsuccessful for an entire year, kept safe in Abroath Abbey under the protection of the Church of Scotland until it was eventually discovered and sent back to Westminster Abbey in England.

However, due to the political unrest in 1996, the British Government decided that the stone would be kept in Scotland when not used in coronations, and has been kept in Edinburgh Castle alongside the Crown Jewels of Scotland since.

can someone pretty pls write a pining stony fic where both steve and tony are so fucking in love with each other, but they’re just too scared to tell the other about how they feel? you know, the usual.

but here’s the thing: one day, tony gets a visit from peter quill who asks him to fake marry him so he doesn’t have to marry the royal consort that has been chosen for him (i’m not really familiar with gotg comics, but peter is a prince, right? and he’s not really fond of that title? pls correct me if i’m wrong). tony is reluctant at first (“just because we fucked once, doesn’t mean you can ask me to fake marry you, quill!”), but eventually he agrees to help because tony cares about peter. so off they go to the space (idk how, but somehow, at that moment tony is all alone at the tower, so the other avengers don’t even know that tony flies off the earth).

meanwhile, steve is out of the country for avengers business with a few other teammates. but something really bad happens, and it makes steve realize he could’ve died and he even hasn’t told tony his undying love for him! so he decides once he gets back home he’s just gonna ‘fuck it, i’m going to kiss tony senseless and tell him how much i love him’. he’s just gonna pour everything to tony, and hoping that tony feels the same. but of course, once he gets back, tony isn’t there. steve panics, the other avengers panic, and they’re even more panic when jarvis informs them that tony is currently not on earth. at jarvis’ words: “sir has to marry a prince and couldn’t be reached for further information for the time being”, steve doesn’t even ask what does that even mean; he’s just…sad and resigned. tony is marrying a prince (a fucking prince!), he doesn’t know why, he wants to know why, why is tony marrying a prince without telling anyone, it doesn’t even make any sense, but he’s just…heartbroken. he’s completely, utterly, overwhelmingly heartbroken. the other avengers feel sad for steve too, because they all know how much steve feels for tony.

now, imagine it takes a lot longer for tony to stay in space. and tony almost gives up, he really does, because he needs to go back to earth asap. he needs to explain some things to the avengers, especially steve. steve is the most important person that needs to know that the marriage is not real. but tony also can’t leave peter just like that! or else there’s going to be a lot more to deal with (somehow, both tony and peter are getting in real deep shit with the whole fake marriage thing??? it’s bad enough that some people there are watching over tony and giving him no freedom at all). but eventually they go back to earth, though; tony remembers bucky and nat are going to get married, and he’ll be damned if he misses it. and imagine how steve reacts when he finally sees tony again after months of not seeing each other. imagine the avengers’ reactions too, they’re probably like ohmygod???? where have you been???? tony???? do you not see???? how absolutely crushed steve is???? imagine steve meets peter for the first time and just simply understands why tony chose him. imagine all the feels when steve and tony are in the same space but they’re always sort of avoiding each other (for some stupid reasons ofc). imagine how conflicted tony is when peter finally admits that he fell in love with tony since the day they met long time ago. imagine tony probably feels the same for peter, though maybe not as deep as his feelings for steve, but that alone is enough to make tony thinks “well i can’t have steve so maybe i can have peter instead? at least he loves me back.” he knows it’s probably cruel, but gdi tony just wants to be loved! imagine?????

(somewhere in the background, the newlywed buckynat just facepalm at the idiocy of this affair.)


You haven’t found someone worth taking a beating for.
                                               You’re worth taking a beating for.

Chill Bruce, Clark can’t get drunk anyways, he just wants to spend some quality time with you.

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06, 19, 52

06: How do you want to die?    

Quickly, if I’m honest.  Never really thought beyond that.  My family tend to die of long, painful and protracted illnesses.  So it’s always just rung in my brain:  “Let it be quick”

19: Would you go back in time if you were given the chance?

Probably not.  Not if it was to a period of my own time.  I like my life.  The good and the bad.  The really bad parts may have fucked me up a bit, but it also made me stronger, more tenacious, and blessed me with more empathy.  

If it was to go see dinosaurs, or have courtside seats to science and history happening?  WHERE DO I SIGN UP????

52: Do you believe everything happens for a reason?

I wanna say yes, becasue I’m mostly a lazy thinker.  


Oh hell no.  Stuff happens because life is a domino set.  Every domino that is knocked over doesn’t have any other reason to topple than that it was in a specific place and a specific time.  

The true beauty of life is not because things happened.  It is because of the choice in how people react to things happening: with grace, courage and wisdom.

Actions are just that: actions.  The beauty comes from the reaction

It’s way too late.  That did not make any sense, sorry Socks. :(

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Hello! 11, 36 and 52 (◕‿◕✿)

Hello jolie!! How are you?? (。´‿`。) Thank you for asking!! 

11. Are you listening to music right now?

Yes! I am always listening to music! Right now I am listening to Alphabet Boy by Melanie Martinez.

36. 3 dreams you want to fulfill?

1. Finish my university career with good grades and find a good job (yes, those two things go together).

2. Buy a home on my own.

3. Travel to Japan.

52. Something I’m talented at.

I don’t know… Maybe singing? I have good skills for music.

52: how long can you go without talking?

i am physically incapable of going longer than five seconds without talking, i literally never shut up

53: what has been your worst haircut/style?

during my emoish phase i had a side swept fringe with flat-ironed hair (my hair is naturally v curly so any efforts to straighten it look ridiculous) and black hair with orange streaks, not a good look for me

54: have you ever baked your own cake?

i have tried, but never produuced anything edible

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i gotta pick my ot7 bts

gender: “21st century girl”

describe yourself: “lost″

how do you feel: “whalien 52”

where do you currently live: “ma city”

if you could go anywhere, where: “24/7 heaven”

favorite form of transport: “wings”

best friend is: “coffee”

you and your best friends are: “dope”

favorite time of the day: “not today”

if your life was a TV show: “save me”

what is life to you: “blood sweat and tears”

your relationship: “just one day”

your fear: “tomorrow”

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