how are you 30 lmao


haikyuu 30 days challenge: day 9 your favourite setter (S).

oikawa tooru ( 及川 徹 ) : “Even if I’m no match for his talent, I have confidence that I can set the best tosses for everyone. That’s why I won’t lose as a setter.”

Spring Day - piano cover
BTS (cover by gloomstudy)
Spring Day - piano cover

august 14, 2017 - the living room sessions, 3/?

IT’S FINALLY HERE!! my long-awaited full cover of “spring day” by bts is finally complete. i had so much fun figuring out and coming up with new melodies to replace the rapping sections, and i’m really proud of how the final version turned out. i hope you guys enjoy it, too!

**disclaimer (same as last time, lol): i was not aiming to be exactly like the original. instead, i decided to put my own twist on it and gave it a softer vibe (at least, that’s kinda what i was going for, haha). i figured this all out on my own, so any similarities to other covers are purely coincidental.

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Luke on anything about girls: um well yanno I’m not sure really

Luke on anything about boys specifically michael: i saw michael the other day. We hung out and wrote a song. We did other things too also took alot of Polaroid pictures too. Wanna see? Here’s one of me and michael by my fireplace it looks really romantic but we were just discussing music junk i swear.


Once Upon a Time 30 Day Challenge

20/30 :: Most Heart-Warming Moment :: Emma calls Snow and David “Mom” and “Dad” (3.22)


hey guys! i’ve been working on this for a while but i haven’t officially posted about it yet, so here we go-

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