how are we to deal with it

I hate that I even have to say this but just because someone is your friend doesnt make you entitled to their time and if you throw a fit because they’ve been distant or quiet without even trying to ask what they’ve been up to/ if theyre ok? That makes you an asshole.

Some friends just arent as talkative. Some friends are the kind of friends you have conversations with once and a while with long spaces in between and thats ok. That doesnt mean that person doesnt like you/cares for you. 

Not everyone can handle being someones shoulder to cry on constantly and thats also ok. People have different levels of friendship and what type of things they can deal with from someone, and constantly putting someone in a position of a therapist without knowing if thats even ok or asking how your friend is doing? Shitty thing to do.

and in b4 yall come in with “WE CANT ALL BE NEUROTYPICAL KAREN!!” bullshit: I have BPD so dont try it.

Why I worry for Lance

The main reason I worry for Lance is probably because I’ve realized that on some subtle note, I relate to him. Not in the fact that he’s out-going and flirty, but on the fact that he’s always trying to out do himself. He’s the self-proclaimed sharp-shooter of the team (and he really is) but he’s always trying to level up in a way and be better.

Lance obviously deals with some heavy self-esteem issues, and except for that one scene with Keith and Lance in season 3 (and one other one where Shiro compliments Lance on being their sharp-shooter), no one helps Lance out and no one ordinarily compliments him on the amazing skills he does have.

In the scene where Lance approaches Keith and tells him that he’s willing to step down as a paladin because “Shiro”’s back, Keith tells him that he is needed and he is important on the team. Everyone’s been mushing over this scene, but I don’t think anyone’s taken into account how Lance leaves Keith’s room. He doesn’t have any restored confidence, he’s not even really smiling. He leaves kinda slouched and not in any better of shape than when he entered the scene. The only way I can describe this is actions speak louder than words. Now, we’ve all heard the old saying, and by now your parents have probably said it SO many times that you just find it cliche and annoying, but it’s true and holds a lot of meaning.

Despite Keith telling Lance that he is needed on the team, most of the times when Lance’s skills come into conversation at all it’s mostly the team making fun of him- and we see this quite a few times in season 3. Even Hunk, Lance’s best friend picks on him about this along with everyone else, and they all probably mean it as a joke more or less, but I have a feeling it’s all going to come back and bite them in the long run.

Other people have pointed out how, as the sniper of their team, Lance’s role is more behind the scenes, but it is still VERY important and I don’t think the team really realizes how much Lance contributes. Going back to the main point though. I deal with self-esteem issues myself and I’ll tell you one thing that is very important. Words can do a lot, but simply telling someone they’re important does squat when their self-esteem is already pretty low. Lance’s self-esteem is already low to the point that he’s not even entirely sure he’s even meant to be a paladin even though he obviously is. Keith simply saying that he’s a crucial part of the team doesn’t do anything if him and the rest of the team don’t follow through with that statement. They may mean their jokes as simply that, jokes, but whether it’s meant to be funny or not, Lance never once laughs or cracks a smile at them. He’s obviously affected in a very negative way.

My worry is that by the time someone actually puts this all together (I’m thinking it’ll be Allura or Shiro) and sits down and talks with the rest of the team, it might be too late. Because, even if the team are all Lance’s friends and even a family to him, this kind of stuff doesn’t ever really go away especially if they keep pointing fun at him- it’s extremely hard to build a sound structure that’ll last on land that has a lot of earthquakes.

150 (so far...) reasons to ship McDanno

Hi! Today I bring a gift to the McDanno fandom, courtesy of a lovely fan I met on twitter, @elsitaa, who asked me for a little help on a very nice project she had: watch every episode of Hawaii Five-0 and write of a list of all the reasons to ship McDanno. Season after season, she sent me a list and, believe me, after seven season the list was VERY long, but we managed to sort-out all the reasons and pick those that seemed more important to us. Now the list counts 150 reasons to ship McDanno, but this is most of all a wish for the show to make this list much, much longer.Now, I’m posting the list for you, and you are absolutely welcome to comment on it, add your reasons to ship McDanno, if you don’t find them in the list, pick your favorite reasons on the list or even, if you have the skills, make a video about it: feel free to use the list. It’s really just a way to celebrate this wonderful story of love and wish it the best, happiest evolution.

REASONS TO SHIP MCDANNO (150, so far… here’s to many more!)

1. The first meeting: sparks flying immediately and, most of all, the fact that fate brought them to each other in the worst time of their lives to give each other a reason to be happy again. 

2. Steve starting Five-0 because he found something, or better someone, in that garage: Danny Williams. 

3. Carguments (lovers’ quarrels) since day one. 

4. “Book’em, Danno”, a term of endearment. 

5. Steve’s gift to Danny and Grace to spend some quality time together: three nights at the Kahala Hotel. Just the first of many gifts that show how much they care for each other. 

6. “We are partners”. 

7. Grace telling Steve her dad talks a lot about him. Steve being delighted about it. 

8. Steve talking to the Governor to help Danny when Rachel threatened to bring Danny to court to change the custody deal so Danny couldn’t spend time with Grace. 

9. “Maybe you are not as alone here as you think, Danno”. 

10. “How long you two been married?”, something they have been asked a lot throughout the years. 

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Party in the Wavering Wood

Genre: Angst and Fluff

Word Count: 5427

Read on AO3

Summary: 15 year old Simon Snow gets an invite to a party, where his longtime crush will be. Unfortunately his longtime enemy decides to make an appearance too.
Based on “spin the bottle” kiss prompt

AN: So sorry this one took so long! I wrote a lot of it at 3 am, and 3 am Theo is an even shittier writer than usual. So I had to go back and redo most of it, after building up the courage to even look at my terrible handiwork. It was still fun though. Enjoy! :)


“‘Party in the Wavering Wood, 9pm, definitely not dry’?” Penny reads the invite like it’s a written in an alien language. She’s sitting cross legged on Baz’s bed (Crowley I hope he doesn’t notice) staring at the paper with her eyebrows all scrunched up. “Simon why are you showing me this?”

“Because I think we should go,” I say.

“You’re serious?”

‘Yeah! It could be fun…”

Penny looks up at me with a single raised eyebrow. “Is Agatha going to be there?”

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Hey dude, I can’t reblog this for some reason even though it’s a comment on my post, and I’m not trying to start beef or anything, but like… idk, this is just rubbing me exactly the wrong way for the reason I explained. Is it that hard to relate to a bi woman? How is that not indicative of a degree of biphobia? I applaud you moving away from that and working towards a place of better understanding with everyone, but idk, saying I’m “assuming the worst” for speaking to a continual, ongoing tension/pattern in fandom?

Really, I think my main issue is how this is couched as an ‘innocent headcanon’, especially when that shit doesn’t cut both ways at all. Lesbians are given the space to headcanon bi women as lesbians with it being “a little wish fulfillment” but there’s no way in hell a bi woman could do that with a lesbian (nor do we tend to). Like I’m pretty sure bi!Lexa gets officially nowhere, and it’s immediately shouted down as lesphobia.

Because it is!

Just like the opposite is biphobia.

Then, yeah wish-fulfillment rep in this department, as if bi women don’t have less authentic rep than lesbians in the first place…it’s just. God, yeah, I’m pissed off. Because reading it, it just feels like “oh if only she weren’t like this, I could relate to her even more.” Whether intentional or not, this is what I think when I see that.

Prejudice against bisexuality isn’t relegated to people who finger point “INVALID” or who try to make the case that we’re just fooling ourselves on one level or another. Sometimes it’s something more subtle and insidious. Unintentional. Reflexive. And there’s just something upsetting to me about trying to headcanon canonical LGBT+ rep and tweak it to ‘better fit’ personal preferences. I want to see myself too. And I do, in many characters of many genders, ages, races, and sexualities. 

Obviously this isn’t on par with taking an LGBT+ character and headcanoning them straight, but honestly one of the biggest experiences of being bisexual is getting hit from both sides all the fucking time.

Hell, I don’t even think sexuality labels make sense for the Avatar verse, and yet I’m now thinking how I could write pages and pages on why a specifically bisexual Asami is super important to her characterization and personality. It’s not about labels but who she is, and yeah, damn if that inherent messiness we deal with isn’t part of it.

I’m not accusing you of having an agenda, or coming from a place of bad intentions. I get exactly where you’re coming from, and it happens to be a place that I have an intense discomfort with. Maybe it’s personal to me. Maybe it’s because my jewishness is getting hit from both sides too at this moment in time and I’m irrationally angrier than normal and sick of having to scream for a place to exist.

I guess I’m sorry to have unloaded on you with whatever this was. But damn if it wasn’t cathartic.

You know, overall this is a good discussion to have: empathizing with characters from marginalized communities that don’t 100% fit you personally vs. needing to see yourself 100% reflected on screen, both of which we all need. The good news is media is getting pushed and more of us are getting a little of category A and B. I guess the path forward is banding together to demand even more.

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Can you do a tiny au fic with Gabriel being a knight in shining armor saving prince jack from a tower and he expects jack to be dainty and compliant but jack is actually great at fighting and fending for himself? I'm sorry if I'm bothering you!! I love your blog btw

ty for the request and ty to mod j for letting me take this request!! -nat

“Shouldn’t I know the name of my saviour?” 

Gabriel’s armour rattles as he turns the last corridor, the prince trailing close behind him.

“Gabriel Reyes,” Gabriel lowers the visor of his armour. “Here for your protection.”

The prince raises his eyebrows at his tone, but Gabriel is unswayed - he was a knight, yes, but never one for formality.

“Acknowledged.” The prince says. “Unneeded, but appreciated.”

“Uh huh,” The knight drawls, glancing behind him to take stock of the prince - the golden blond of his hair, a deep blue tunic stretching over broad shoulders, the silver glint of a rapier at his side. For royal blood trapped from the outside world, the prince’s stance was more proud and athletic than Gabriel had expected. “Do you know how much trouble I went through to get to you?”

“As much as I’m worth.”

Gabriel squints. “Well, you’re welcome.”

They round a corner of the large stone tower and Gabriel ushers them both through a pathway winding into the forest, before stopping near a clearing to retrieve the items he had stowed before his attempt at the prince’s tower. 

“And now we book it, before I have to deal with guards coming after you.” Gabriel says, checking for his crossbow strapped to his back and adjusting the sheaths of his double swords at his sides before returning to regard the prince. “Stay close.”

The prince tips his head back, gazes at the knight from down his nose. “You don’t trust me to fend for myself?”

Gabriel’s eyes catch on the trace of the prince’s jawline before he forces himself back to the prince’s face. He’s smirking. 

Coy, confident; Gabriel knew the type.

The knight snorts. “A prince like you hasn’t got any battle sense. Of course you’d need protection.”

“Jack Morrison,” the prince shoots back instead, ignoring the knight’s words. “Call me by my name, Gabriel.”

Gabriel begins to respond, but takes pause as he recollects his surroundings. The knight stills before realizing.

There’s silence; a foreboding, waiting silence. Unnatural stillness that spelled danger.

Suddenly: a glint in the trees above them, the whistle of an arrow through the air. Gabriel twists and makes a running lunge into Jack, cradling the prince’s head to his chest with an arm and hefting the shield up with the other. Jack’s rapier clatters to the ground as the two slide across the clearing into the forest foliage. They tumble down a short incline, branches and brush catching at them before they roll to a stop.

Immediately Gabriel throws his arm up again, shifting the position of his shield in the direction of the archer. The knight grits his teeth. Another arrow embeds heavily into the wood, the impact bracing across his arm.

Gabriel is suddenly reminded of the prince’s presence as Jack groans beneath him. The prince releases a shuddering exhale, breath fanning across Gabriel’s neck. Gabriel eases back to check on the prince. Light catches in his eyes - clear and blue as sunlit days, intense as winter skies - and Gabriel’s thoughts stutter. Jack gazes up at him; watching his eyes, flickering to his lips. He feels the prince’s hand slide from under him, up his thigh, over the chainmail of his ribs, and settle on the base of his back.

Gabriel fights for breath. Objectivity, he reminds himself. Eliminate threats, protect what needs protecting. But the pressure of Jack’s hand on him demands his attention.

“Nice timing, Golden Boy,” he bites out. “I’m sure the archer up there is real into this.”

The prince’s lips draw into a slow smile.

“Don’t worry,” Jack murmurs lowly. The hand on his back shifts, the blue of Jack’s eyes darting beyond his shoulder. “I’ve got him in my sights.”

In an instant, Jack unlashes the crossbow from across Gabriel’s back, firing it into the trees. Gabriel hears the impact, the archer’s bow clattering to the forest floor.

Stillness; one beat, two. Gabriel listens to the silence before pulling himself to his feet to survey the emptied clearing. He lets out a low whistle.

“Alright,” Gabriel turns back to offer Jack a hand up. “I have to admit I did not see that coming.”

The prince takes his hand, standing to his full height so that they are eye to eye. The grip of his fingers against Gabriel’s own is a solid weight.

“Now,” Jack responds - coy, confident - and the grin he flashes is blinding. “What was it again about me needing protection?”

Imagine being a proud leftist who voted for Brexit. The right-wingers you oppose chuffed to pieces, the rise of hate attacks against foreign nationals after the referendum, the tanking of the currency, businesses evacuating their jobs to other parts of the EU like some sort of reverse-Dunkirk and watching the shiteshow of a British government failing to have solid negotiating plans.

But it’s okay, you didn’t vote for the racist, bad side of Brexit, you voted to stick it to those EU Parliament bastards and TTIP…without realising how fucked we’ll be when we gamble what’s left of our NHS and agriculture industry to secure a trade deal with the fascist leader on the other side of the Atlantic…good fucking job👍

Hey, can we please stop judging people on how they deal with this storyline. If they want to theorize let them, if they want to just accept it let them, if they want to be positive let them, if they want to be negative let them, if they want to act indifferent let them, and if they need to step away for God’s sake let them. If you don’t like it you, you know what your options are.
I feel so bad for people being attacked for just trying to cope.

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Brian, lately with all the horrible shit happening in the US right now, I've been finding it hard to get any work done. I have Patreon posts to write, a novel to edit, and drawing lessons to do, but I can't get going. I can't stop thinking about how bad things are getting for you guys. I feel helpless to stop any of it from happening. I want to work, but I just can't. Do you any advice for me on how to deal with all this?

people have written entire great novels in nightmare prisons, with bombs dropping around them, in insane inhumane situations…

you can sit down and get to work. turn off the tv.  we literally might not be here tomorrow. finish what you started.

and if you can’t…  write about that!

(you knew I was going to say something like this :) )

I love this. One of my #bbg girls recently asked me how I deal with trolls because people were writing nasty things on her profile and she didn’t know how to deal with it. I told her what people say about you is a refection of the person THEY are, not who YOU are. You have to feel sorry for these people because something has obviously happened in their life for them to feel like its okay to make horrible comments to someone they don’t know. Perhaps they have had those horrible comments made to them during their life? We don’t know other peoples story. There are PLENTY of people I can think of that have upset me and I would NEVERRRRR say anything or make comments back because its not who I am. I accept that people are the way they are and we have a choice whether we want them in our lives or not! Forgive and be a good person.

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So my sister may get diagnosed with aspergers soon and they gave my family a pamphlet and are making us get therapy for “dealing with the autism” and I’m so fucking pissed. What the fuck. The pamphlet talks about how we need this therapy bc “her autism can tear this family apart without proper help” fuck this nothing is changing and I’m gonna let that god damn therapist know my piece of it because no one calls my sister a fucking burden. No one says she might tear our family apart just because of a diagnosis. Literally the only thing that’s changing is she will have a proper diagnosis and get some help in middle school she needs but they make it such a big deal and I hate it so much. She’s the sweetest smartest most considerate person I know. Sure she has autism well fuck so do I nothing changes. Fuck allistics who think we need to be “fixed”. Fuck allistics who call us a curse or a burden. Fuck autism speaks for making so many allistics think this way.

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How do you deal with your body insecurities, and confidence in general? Any tips for us? (Especially if we're still in school) Thank you, you are amazing!! (^//-\\^)

Confidence… wow… I have to say that this is something that I was inherently blessed with. I was always a confident person… but in times where I didn’t feel confident? I faked it. I slathered on that smile, I wiped my sweaty hands on my pants and I stood up taller than I felt- no-one could see my quaking heart or faltering mind. And they believed it so much that I believed it too.  

Confidence is not something that will come overnight but it is something that you can actively work towards. Talk to yourself, calmly and rationally- there is nothing in this world that should be able to take the confidence you have in yourself as a person. You may not be good at everything all the time, but that doesn’t diminish who you are- never let someone take that away from you because only you can give it away. Stand tall, stand proud and learn to believe in yourself. Although also remember that there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance, learn to walk between the two- learn that blows to your confidence are actually great lessons that can bolster it up in the future. 

Body insecurities… Honestly… I wish I had the answer to this- but even I look into the mirror and frown with what I see looking back at me.

… However that is my one solace to you- you are not alone. No-one is happy with everything about themselves, we all have our hangups whether people can see them or not. 

For every flaw you believe you have, I want you to think of one good thing about yourself, two if you can manage it. Oh I’m overweight, okay but i have a killer smile. I have bad skin, but my hair is boss as hell. My teeth are crooked but I have a killer booty. I want you to know that you are not made up of your flaws, there’s so much more to you. It’s so hard to remember the good that resides in you and honey, it deserves its time in the spotlight too. 

I understand that this will be a hard exercise at first because we’re all conditioned to see the bad and downplay the good in us- that somehow loving ourselves is shameful and should be discouraged. 

I say, FUCK THAT. 

Love who you are- if you have imperfections, embrace them and know that it’s something that helps set you apart from other people, along with all your good traits. No-one is perfect. But we can be perfectly happy with our imperfection. That’s not to say that you can’t seek out to change yourself if that will make you happier (lose weight to be healthy! get braces if you want a straighter smile! Wear makeup if that gives you confidence!) but there is something utterly liberating being able to go out into the world for all to see, or even just sitting down on the couch by yourself- and just being happy being you. 

One day, I want to look into the mirror- and smile. Not because I’m suddenly 1000x better looking, but because I’ve learnt to appreciate and love what I have and embrace the perfect imperfection I am. It won’t be an easy journey, but I am willing to make it with you darling. 

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Learn how to help your friends & family deal with reverse culture shock.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written a real post-post (Not counting poems and little texts here & there). It feels good to stretch the fingers and write again.

Tonight I was thinking about what it’s been like to deal with reverse culture shock coming “home” to Texas after spending 7 months in Germany. I think anyone who’s been through something similar could tell you that while we all handle it differently, it isn’t a walk through the park. We could also probably tell you that sometimes we get easily irritated with even the loved ones to whom we return because they just don’t “get it.” Well, in the hopes of alleviating even a little of that stress and tension, I want to share some of my experiences & give some words of wisdom on how to walk alongside someone who is experiencing reverse culture shock, or culture stress.

Culture Shock

Before someone can experience reverse culture shock, they will likely have experienced culture shock first.

Culture shock takes on many forms, depending on your personal background and the culture to which you go. For me, public transportation was a huge one. I remember one day in particular where I couldn’t seem to get on the right bus to get to the central Haubtbahnhof (train station). Tears filled my eyes, my visible frustration slipping down my cheeks one after another. Or the fact that every time I walked into a new place, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect or how to act. Or attempting to order in a different language and being met with a strange look instead of the Cafe Latte I wanted. Or there was the day I got lost in the pouring rain for over an hour. Sometimes at the end of the day I would just lay there in a haze, overwhelmed and exhausted. 

But then, one day isn’t quite as difficult as the one before. You begin to learn the bus schedules and the right words to say when ordering the essentials (like coffee, of course). By the end of my time in Germany, which was all too short, I had found and created a new home. I walked (never drove) home with a smile on my face nearly daily. In the “honeymoon, fight, flight, fit” stages of culture shock… You eventually reach fit. You still struggle from time to time like anyone else, no matter where they’re living, but you’re happy. You have friends. A new, beaming, beating, bursting life.

And then one day, you wake up, board a plane, and everything you have come to know and learn and love turns upside down.

The Return

I was excited to be home. I could nearly smell that Chick-Fil-A and feel the warmth and protection from my father’s great big bear hug. Texas was familiar and good, and I was looking forward to the sweet reunions. However, I remember even in the airport staring at all the signs that were suddenly in English and not German, the cars that were massively huge (I never saw a truck in my entire time in Germany), and the strange sensation of being able to understand everything everyone was saying around me. As wonderful as it was to be with family again, I cried myself to sleep my first night back. Toto, we’re not in Germany anymore.

My family could tell you there were times I was irritable. I complained about the excessive friendliness from strangers I wasn’t used to, the small talk, etc. I would get frustrated or sad or overwhelmed and they didn’t understand why. Maybe you’re in the shoes of my family and are at a loss of how to love your loved one well, knowing that they’re going through a whirl of emotions but unsure of how to help. Well, I hope the following points help you.

1. Ask Good Questions.

The truth is, no one is going to care more about my time in Germany than me. That’s just a fact. However, people coming from the field need to process their experiences and that takes a person with a willing ear and patient tongue.

Sit down with them, make space for them to share. Carve out time in your day so that you’re not rushed or pressed for time. Show them that you genuinely care, and this part is important- Learn to ask good questions. (Obviously this is true for the person coming home as well, but I’m just making a point.) 

Part of the art of communication is knowing how to ask questions, and this is no exception. It’s overwhelming to try and answer the question, “How was your trip?” or “Did you have a good time?” Sure, the trip was good, and it was also heartbreaking and life transforming and difficult and wonderful. How do you sum up all of your experiences with just one question?

Come prepared with even a few specific questions in mind of things you perhaps already knew they were doing. Ask about the relationships they made, which were the most meaningful, what caused them to grow the most, what was most challenging for them culturally. The list is endless.

Also, I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings who have asked me or others those questions. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve asked those once or twice! My advice isn’t flawless and in passing, sometimes those quick questions are appropriate. I just want to encourage you to help your loved one in the best way I know how.

2. Be Patient.

Now, this one certainly goes both ways. Be patient, especially when you don’t understand.

For the one coming home, you must learn to be patient with well-meaning strangers and family and friends. It’s easy to be frustrated by people who don’t understand what you’re experiencing. But how can we fault people for what they’ve never experienced, my friend? You were once where they are. They haven’t walked the roads you’ve walked, known the people you’ve known, or changed they way you surely have. Rather than blaming them for ignorance or misunderstanding, we must humble ourselves and invite them into our hearts. Patiently share with them what you’ve learned and what you’ve seen. Let them in the inner parts of your heart.

For the one receiving the one who has come home, be patient with them when they act strangely to you. For example, being around so many Christians after spending much of my time with unreached people is just simply an adjustment. Even church may feel weird to your loved one, because they’ve seen and experienced how church is done differently across the world. 

I remember the first time I went to order a coffee after returning from Germany, all the German words came to mind to order and I froze for a second, realizing I needed to speak English. The realization that I would no longer be ordering in German brought tears to my eyes. My sister, who was with me, maybe didn’t understand the tears fully, but she was patient with my rollercoaster emotions. The point being, there are going to be cultural misunderstandings. Expect that. And then handle them with patience and love.

3. Accept the Change.

When your loved one has returned from overseas, you may find that they are hyper-critical about their home culture. Things they used to love and get excited about they now turn their nose at. You may hear them say things like, “Well in _____ we _____ and it’s so much better.”

The person you knew is still there, but they have changed and the lens through which they see the world has shifted. This is going to affect the way they see most parts of life. They might even relate to you differently than they did before.

If the person is able to handle and deal with their emotions in a healthy manner, then hopefully over time they will also be able to identify parts of their home culture that they really love and appreciate. However, in the meantime, accept that they have changed and they are going to need adjustment time, just as they did when they first left.

And to the one who has returned- Often times we idealize what home will be like when we return. We expect things to be the same and to relate to our friends the same way we once did, and the truth is, life hasn’t stopped for them. Life has kept moving. You are different, and so are they. So let yourself feel what emotions may come when you realize this (Sadness, disbelief, etc) and then learn to accept it. Love people in a new way. Let yourself move with the change. Press on. With each passing day, it’ll get a little easier.

In Conclusion

Some of you may have felt at a loss when your loved one returned and you didn’t know how to handle the difference and friction. Or maybe you’ve just returned and you’ve felt at a loss in how to feel at home in the only place that used to be home. I hope this article has been at least a little bit of a help or encouragement to you.

Growth rarely happens without pain, too. Embrace the growing pains of reverse culture shock. You’ve changed. Good. Now keep changing, keep growing, and don’t forget to be thankful for where God has you today, for a very specific purpose.

Finally, I must mention that without bathing each step of the re-entry to your home culture in prayer, all my advice is in vain. Pray for gratitude. Pray for time to process. Pray for the right people to spend time with that will patiently love you and process with you. And to my friends who are receiving those of us returning, pray just the same. Let God’s Holy Name be glorified in all of it.

Thanks for reading!

i jst want yoongi’s plot to end with him forgiving himself and i think some people are focusing on the yo.onkook romance aspect of it but like. in the same way that we don’t them to learn to love themselves bc of a girl’s romantic love, we also should expect more and better from y/j’s storylines.

their storylines should focus on dealing with their individual traumas together and supporting/helping each other through that instead of isolating themselves from one another and letting their guilt/self-hatred/etc fester and grow.

considering how complex and well thought-out the hyyh universe is, i’m sure bighit will do justice to jungkook’s storyline and yoongi’s self-redemption but again: we shouldn’t want from y.oonk.ook what we didn’t want from (what everyone thought would be) het romance

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i'm mad at myself for my mental illness, i feel that i suffered so much for unnecessary things, i shouldn't suffered like i did because that's (stay all day in home crying) what made me sick! i'm so fucking idiot and so fucking weak :'(

Your mental illness is NOT your fault. You are not weak for your suffering. If anything, I’d say you’re much stronger than the average person because of how much you need to fight each day. Everything you’ve been through, everything you deal with… it makes you stronger. Someone else can just wake up and go about their day like it’s nothing… but for someone with mental illness, we need to fight to make it through the day. And each task we do no matter how small is an accomplishment. So you’ve had days where your mental illness has gotten the best of you and you stayed home crying- it’s fine. You can move past that. We all have bad days. We learn how to cope along the way so we can make it through.

I completely understand where you’re coming from, but please remind yourself that you’re not to blame.

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Are they really tryna use the "she does it so he can do it too" excuse bc she's bi 😒 girls can be friends with other girls even if they are bi or gay or anything else they identify as. Come on guys

Thank you! Such a lame excuse for this level of disrespect. But hey…we shall see how Lauren and keana deal with it. I’m giving them all the side eye until further notice…

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Prompt Batch #18

Theme: Miscellaneous

1. “Forever’s a long time for a promise like that.”

2. “This is seriously sketchy.”

3. “At least we’re dorks together.”

4. “How many times do I have to repeat myself before you finally get it?”

5. “You want to borrow my what?”

6. “Well, we’re stuck here. We were gonna have to deal with this at some point.”

7. “It was only a matter of time before she snapped.”

8. “You should shut up and just stick with what you’re actually good at.”

9. “As cheesy as it sounds, it’s your imperfections that make you perfect.”

10. “Leaving everything behind isn’t going to be easy. No one ever said it was.”

11. “This is about what you want. Not them; not me. No one else.”

12. “Are all of these decorations really … necessary?”

13. “I think you may have gone a bit overboard.”

14. “Honey–we’re going to Vegas.”

15. “Don’t you think you’ve been pushing yourself a little too hard lately?”

16. “You’re going to burn yourself out.”

17. “Up until yesterday, I didn’t even believe in soulmates. And to find out you’re mine?”

18. “As crazy as it sounds … it’s all painfully true.”

19. “All I know is that nothing has ever felt so right.”

20. “Think you have enough tape there, Sticky?”