how are we of the same species

Voltron Galra Theory

Ok guys, I was thinking and what if Galra isn’t a species, but something you become. Kind of like orcs in lotr are tortured elves. Think about it:

  • We have seen very few Galra women
  • We have not seen any Galra children or relationships
  • We have not seen any “home planet” for the Galra
  • All of the Galra we have seen are evil and it would be foolish to think an entire species is evil

How would this work out, though? I think it all comes backs to the quintessence. Notice that Galras’ eyes are the same yellow as quintessence. Zarkon strenghthens himself by regulary having quintessence infused in him. It doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch to think that the quintessence made him Galra to begin with. Other things this would explain:

  • Why the Galra empire keeps hoarding quintessence
  • Why the Galra empire has so many prisoners and regularly has battles between prisoners. They want to find the strongest to turn Galra.
  • Why Shiro was so distruaght over Sendak’s whole one of us speech in the tube (which I think was all in Shiro’s mind but that’s another theory)
  • Why Keith’s arm turned purple when he touched the quintessence. With prolonged exposer, he would actually turn into a Galra.
I'm fucking outraged that Trump has stopped people in fucking airports


How could you look at these people, these families, our brothers and sisters, SOMETIMES LITERALLY BUT ALWAYS FIGURATIVELY BECAUSE WE ARE THE SAME DAMN SPECIES, the same biological and genetic creature, and say no you can’t come onto MY patch of dirt?

Are we territorial animals now?

The people responsible for terrorist bombings are from HERE.

The people struggling to get away from violence and terror are NOT the people causing the violence and terror they’re running from.

And even if by some small chance they are, FUCK YOU, not all of them are.

We as a species…must choose to be BETTER than this.

Intolerance and discrimination did NOT work before.

Trump announced his stupid ban the same day we celebrated the remembrance of the HOLOCAUST.

You know, that time we ALSO rejected an oppressed group?

A group threatened by violence?

Tolerance and compassion.

Why are these two things America lacks?

Why can’t we see passed politics and see people in need of our help?

I’m devastated by this, I’m really hurt.

I can’t see these people as my enemy.

They are not.

They are relatives. They’re our friends. They’re people we’ve emailed about our days, talked to on the phone and cursed those international charging fees with good natured barbs, they’re people we gave scholarships to, people we invited to the Oscars, people we want to know better, people with culture and values and foods and entertainment different than our own.

It makes us a stronger, wiser people to accept and love diversity in all of its forms, and it breaks my heart to see our fear destroying us.

Are we isolationist now?

Even Europeans aren’t able to come over without visas.

Even people who were APPROVED by the state department already, went through that difficult process, aren’t being allowed in.

This is utterly despicable.

How could you call yourself a human being if you support this?

Can you not see an inkling of yourself in the eyes of the tired mother and her child waiting in an airport to be let into a country that ALREADY said she was welcome?

Why is she no longer welcome?

Because a tyrant came into power and he makes all the rules now?

And even if you support the ban on immigrants…

Does it not scare you how easily he could do this?

That he has no legislative check, that we have no checks or balances to this system he’s begun, this rapid separation of the last remaining super power in the world from the rest of it?

We are stronger together than separated.

America is made up of immigrants.

The only non immigrants are the people America is trying to kill and silence, the people trying to fight the DAPL pipeline.

How could you look at what’s happening around you and say this is good.

This is fine.

Trump is at least doing more than Obama, haha- fuck you.

Obama was no tyrant.

He fought congress tooth and nail and wasn’t able to fulfill his campaign promises because ya’ll wouldn’t LET him.

He left office.

Why do I get the feeling trump isn’t going to?

And all of you extremists who think this ban is a good thing, those of you without compassion for any people other than yourselves, well, I guess that’s just fine with you.

Just as long as Coronas stay cheap and your gas prices don’t get too high and all your children can go to school with other cute little white kids with the cultural richness of a slice of wonder bread.

Great. Roll over.

History will remember you as the people who did nothing.

You’ll forgive us, the people who saw the future we were robbed of by this mad man, for wanting something more and not being afraid to fight for it, even as the odds continue to stack against us.

i wish the antizoo people could spend a day with me at work

Just the other day I was in a staff meeting where we were all discussing how we can each take species conservation into our own hands. We are a very small zoo do we can’t do big things like reintroduction programs because we don’t have the money (@ all you sayings zoos are only for profit). So we are trying to take personal steps to go out into our local communities to help save animals. We already donate thousands of dollars per year to conservation initiatives around the world. My teen volunteers alone raised $10,000. We want to do more though.

Then I watched everyone fall apart in the same week. We had two animal deaths. One was our very loved 21 year old jaguar. She is the second oldest jaguar in human care that has been recorded. I watched all of the staff- even those who never worked with her- cry. We saw our friends hurting, we felt the pain of loss ourselves- and we cried.

Good zoos are not cruel places. They are filled with people who put every waking hour into the painstaking care these animals need for the good of the global community.

The people who work there are hands down the most passionate and caring people ive ever met. i have yet to meet anyone other than the researchers and rescuers we donate to that is just as caring and energetic about their jobs as the people who work in animal care.

i feel truly sorry for those who are so closeminded and against zoos. they are missing out on a gem of education, conservation, and research.

k i loved Zootopia but can we maaaybe talk about the motherclucking designs in the Kung Fu Panda series, particularly the women? specifically tigress???

Like she totally reads as feminine and elegant but at the same time she’s completely buff and animal-shaped like the rest of the characters there aint a tiger titty or Fluff Cleavage™ in sight

And thats how the rest of the animals are treated too?! like the females and males of every species are pretty much shaped the same, besides the peacocks who obviously have males and females looking different. and then the third movie comes out and we’re treated to MEI MEI

she’s this crazy panda lady ribbon dancer who legit things she’s the hottest shit on planet earth and she is a total badass once she figures out how to use nunchucks. and like theres just so many beautiful and diverse designs for all these characters and I kinda feel like too many people praise this franchise just for its comedy when its got some killer artistry behind it as well. 


ok theory time. In Voltron we’ve seen Allura give her life force to the Balmera. And we’ve seen Haggar and her minions take life force. 

So my theory is the Haggar is the same species as Allura and Coran. but Coran can’t project his energy. So it must be rare or only the royal bloods can do it. So maybe Haggar is a relative to Allura. Maybe Haggar even overthrew the royal family. I mean how common is white hair- I dont think that Haggars white hair didn’t come with old age with the amount of quintessence she has been collecting through the years.

Anyway, I think giving quintessence is ok. but taking is a big taboo and has consequences. Such as it changing the users appearance: their markings, skin tone, and eyes.

I don’t think that Allura would ever take someones quintessence, she has a lot built up. Maybe if she was pushed to do so. found another Avatar parallel, blood bending

 I just really wanted to draw a Dark!Allura

A Few Interesting Bee Species

The most common types of bees include the honey, bumble and carpenter. But did you know that there are over 20,000 species of bees, flying around the Earth, all performing a bunch of really interesting jobs?

Today, we’re going to learn about a few that make up the world.

Cuckoo Bees

These bees are parasitic, and they don’t connect pollen because of the lack of pollen sacs on their legs. So, how do they take care of their young? Unfortunately, they actually invade the hives of other bees in many different ways to raise their young- from laying their eggs in brood chambers before the host is capable of doing the same, or killing the queen of the hive and forcing the workers to raise their young. Sometimes, in bumblebees’ nests, the bumblebee will raise the cuckoo bees unknowingly- just like their own. These bees’ larvae are just as harsh, too- they have massive jaws that are used to attack the hosts’ larvae. They are TRULY cuckoo, beware of these bees!

Digger Bees

The name of these bees comes from the actions of some species, for when the male senses the presence of a female bee, they dig into the ground to wait for her. These little bees usually nest alone, which is hard to think of when you hear that honeybees can have a hive of more than 50,000! They have a very mild sting, in which they are very careful with using, and also have longer antennae. The digger bees’ nests are built in either the wood or the ground.

Mason Bee

These bees are some of the easiest to keep- and in my post here you can find out how to do it! I am currently, I can’t wait to see them in the spring! A pretty cool fact about these bees is that sometimes, they will nest in empty snail shells.

Leafcutter Bees

The leafcutter cuts a piece of a leaf off using their sharp jaws, and then carry it to their nest between their legs. It’s really interesting to see- their favourite flower is the rose. They use these pieces to build their nests, in which they store pollen, honey and eggs inside. The female bee does pretty much all of the work, too.

Killer Bees

Finally, some of the bees that I find to be quite interesting. These bees were created by scientists- in the 1950s, Brazilian scientists bred African honeybees with European honeybees to try increasing honey production. They quickly adapted to their new habitat and their population skyrocketed. They are very, very useful for crop pollination, and almost resemble the honeybee exactly- however, they are much more aggressive. If their hive is ever to be disturbed, they can chase their new enemy for a very long time – up to a quarter of a mile - and it takes a while for them to cool down. They stick together, and sting together.

So there you have it- a small portion of some pretty cool bees. They’re all so unique, in their very own way. So let’s save the ones that need our help.

Often compared to the last female in a dominant position in its environment, the Crested Thatcher, the Right Honorable Theresa May, MP, quickly adapted to the changing conditions of its habitat to replace the David Cameron as the dominant species of its territory. However, the constant outside challenges and the (as many ornithologists are calling it) “totally fucked situation” of its nesting area may prove threatening to its dominance.


The May has only been the top species of its environment since July 2016, so it’s too early to tell how well it will adapt to its new apex status. From what we know of its time at the bottom of the British political food chain, its behavioral patterns have been a peculiar combination of rampant conservatism and progressive attitudes. It has fiercely defended women’s and worker’s rights, and been agreeable on same-sex marriage. On the other hand, it has been quite territorial, and has been known to flap its wings wildly in the direction of confused targets, such as the 2013 Go Home Vans, which offered to give undocumented immigrants a “ride back” to their home country or else they’d “face arrest.”


The “Brexit” natural disaster which enabled the May’s rise also caused its entire habitat to be engulfed in flame, to which the May seems bafflingly immune. It appears to approach the issue of living in a post-apocalyptic ecosystem by attempting to turn its habitat into an ill-advised meritocracy with little-to-no reliance on migratory experts, and has toyed with the idea of withdrawing from certain civil rights agreements of the continent. Whether it plans to do this for the benefit of the species or because its feathers look appealing when placed next to footage of riots remains to be seen.

A Handy Field Guide To Spotting Awful World Leaders


Have you all watched Monster Factory, the series where Justin and Griffin McElroy pick a video game and use the character creator to make horrifying physics-defying creatures? I was rewatching the Mass Effect 2 episode and talking with my friends about how rad it would be to actually have a multidimensional race that mimics the species around them but gets them horribly wrong.

“We’re using the same molecular components! What does it matter if the calcium’s all on the outside? Why is everyone on this station screaming?”

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How can i better promote my art? I'm not really pushy with self promo, and I'm always trying to promote and reblog my mutuals' art; but i never see anyone do the same, so I'm not sure how to get more folks to see my art ',: /

It depends on what audiences you’re advertising to! One trick that I’ve noticed is that advertising to specific fandoms (some very spendy ones are closed species, Final Fantasy, and furries) will get you a lot more attention than general art.

As for promoting it, you’re free to send your (furry) art in to this blog and we’ll try and get you some recognition. Other sites that get a lot of traffic include FurAffinity and DeviantArt. FurAffinity is great especially since you can submit all kinds of art, and get attention within seconds of posting just because it’s so high-traffic. Even for brand new accounts! Just be wary of the side of the site that people are less willing to talk about.

Hope that helps!


Man… probably the most mysterious species on our planet. A mystery of unanswered questions. Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? How do we know what we think we know? Why do we believe anything at all? Countless questions in search of an answer… an answer that will give rise to a new question… and the next answer will give rise to the next question and so on. But, in the end, isn’t it always the same question? And always the same answer?

Run Lola Run (Lola Rennt) (1998, director Tom Tykwer)

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To the anon who said Kara gets her period, how so you know Kryptonians have the same biology as humans? Maybe it have other ways of reproducing sexually. You're applying human biology to aliens. When looking at other species, we shouldn't use human- centred biology.


what if EVERY OTHER SPACEFARING RACE were clonal or reproduced parthenogenetically. what if every single other spacefaring race got along and trusted each other and could cohere as empires or governments or principalities because they were all the same, that’s how they all drew together to get off their planets, by having extinguished somewhere back in the mists of pre-asccension time all their homeworlds’ other lineages of competitors, and only met people different from them after having come to sturdy social maturity among the stars

what if we’re the only sexual species to ever make it up there

what if we really truly deeply freak every other race in the galaxy out with our unpredictabilities and differences–what if they slowly and painstakingly decide they get along with ONE human, and then agonize over family lines and surreptitiously-filched DNA samples and insist somewhat pathetically on only doing business with people who’ve got similar immunohistocompatibility complexes as that one. they heist their way into the global bone marrow donor’s database for possible other humans to do business with

Like they DEFINITELY don’t trust family lines, the allellic reassortment of sexual procreation. They’ve got a deep-seated taboo against acknowledging the relatedness of our children to their parents–so different from what they ought to be; misborn; all wrong–but they know they can’t raise sane clones of us on their own. Maybe a whole entire other species decides they’ll only hire humans whose blood type is A+, because being able to share that fluid is not only a workplace safety issue but the powerfully symbolic interchangeability soothes their revulsion towards what would otherwise be a heterogeneous human workforce??

I just think it would be neat for aliens to be SUPER FAR-REACHING-IMPLICATIONS PREJUDICED AGAINST SEXUAL REPRODUCTION but for about every reason possible besides the mechanics of having the sex, because most all of them are like whiptail lizards and OBVIOUSLY thinking beings shouldn’t be prevented from having sex. they just think we’re as disconcerting and threatening on a fundamental level as we think the queen Alien with all her thousands of eggs from Alien is.

Today I want to talk about TURTLES

(This is also one of those stories about how I need to stop bringing shit home)

I get at least one call a week at work asking if we sell ‘those little turtles’ (this week so far I’ve had three), and at least one call from someone wanting to get rid of one of the same, grown up.As far as selling turtles goes…

We don’t. For good reason.

There is no such thing as ‘those little turtles’. The SMALLEST pet turtle species out there is STILL probably quite a bit larger than what these people are expecting, and most of those species are hard to find and expensive to boot. What they are looking for (or THINK they are looking for), are baby red-eared sliders or painted turtles, the little toonie-sized ones.

Full grown, those things get to be size of a dinner plate. I tell this to every person wanting one, right along with the ‘no we don’t sell those’ speech. 99% of those people are SHOCKED BY THIS INFORMATION.

I’ve talked dozens of people out of buying turtles simply by showing them what a turtle needs and how much it will cost.

Last time the carnival was in town we had three people came in with tiny turtles in CUPS they barely fit in, looking for food and ‘turtle bowls’. Of those, one had only ‘won’ the turtle to save it and knew what they’d signed up for. Of the other two – one of them promptly asked us if WE wanted it because it suddenly wasn’t fun anymore, and the third bought the cheapest tank they could get away with, alternating curses with the shell-shocked expression of one who discovers their bear-skin rug, is instead, a living bear.

Turtles are marketed as cheap, small pets you can keep in two inches of water and all they need is food. THAT IS SUCH A FUCKING SHAM.  At the VERY least, turtles need enough water to fully submerge, enough land to get completely dry, UVB lights (which are expensive and must be changed every six months) AND a heat source (preferably a basking bulb). MINIMUM.

I hear the most misinformed and/or lazy shit.

Can’t I just put his bowl by the window so he gets sun instead of getting a UVB? NO, window glass blocks most, if not all uvb rays, and the plastic or glass of his enclosure is going to block even more.

But my house is warm! YEAH, TO YOU, Not to a reptile! If your living room is equivalent to sitting in the full sun on a hot summer day, then you might be able to make do. Otherwise, shut the fuck up.

How do I top him from being so messy! Maybe don’t keep in a tank that’s way too small? Or, y’know, actually fucking clean it.

And my favorite: How do I stop it from growing too big? Have you considered buying a fake turtle to put in your torture chamber instead? That seems more your speed.

(I am mean)

(But I am also very annoyed about the systemic neglect that turtles suffer in the pet trade)

Now, this neglect would be bad enough on its own, but I live in Canada. Red eared sliders are not native to Canada. But when people find no one wants their giant turtle, said giant turtle is TONS of work to clean and house and feed and they can’t find any rescues that aren’t full, they LET THEM FUCKING GO.

It’s gotten to he point that some local environmental management agencies have started treating sliders like Canadian species, because there is no way we’re getting rid of them; they’re incredibly invasive, and they out-compete out native turtles for resources, causing population declines in all other species that occupy similar niches in the ecosystem.

When I was really young, we had a red-eared slider. And we were one of the shitty families that let him go in the local pond after having him for many years (I never remember him as being small, I’m not sure if we got him as an adult or if he was older than I was). That is still one of my most wince-worthy fails, although I was much too young to have known any better.

Long story short, turtles are not easy pets to keep. They require very specialized care, that care is EXPENSIVE, they get large, can live 40 years or more and require a LOT of upkeep and maintenance as well as large habitats.

They’re also poor pets for children as they are one of the animals most likely to carry salmonella, especially if they are kept in a tank that is dirty (which it is, if it is too small).

They’re really neat animals, but they are not a pet most people can handle! I’m amazed by the amount of people who don’t do their research. I always tell people to go adopt an adult turtle from a rescue if they want one so bad, then when they hem and haw over it being too big, tell them to maybe reconsider getting a turtle at all. Maybe try a pet rock first. Or fish.

Fish need more work than people think they do too (I have five tanks and spend half a day every week just doing maintenance on them. Not once a month, ‘when they’re dirty’ or ‘when I feel like it’, EVERY. FUCKING. WEEK.)

If someone can’t handle a fish tank, they have no business even considering a turtle.

As a side note, I now have a turtle. I don’t want a turtle.

However, I don’t think I can call myself an animal advocate if I don’t help an animal that I CAN possibly help.

These two girls came into the store today, with this slider in a TINY container (it could barely sit flat on the bottom it was so small), in about an inch of FILTHY water (like, it was so nasty I could only see the parts of the turtle that were above water), wanting to ‘donate’ it to us like they were doing us a favor.

(fucking people. Last adopt-a-thon weekend I had someone call because they wanted to ‘donate’ their dog for the event. No. just no. go find a shelter.)

The story came out that they were moving THE NEXT DAY and weren’t taking the turtle, so it had to be gone that day. She’d got it for her birthday (THIS IS WHY YOU DON’T GIVE PETS AS SURPRISE PRESENTS PEOPLE FUCK). Now, my coworker suggested a couple rescues, but they are all far away and we didn’t know if they were open Saturdays, and I was afraid of what would happen to this thing if they drove up there and the rescue was closed, so I offered to take it and bring it up there myself (since I’m going to my cottage in a few weeks and we drive right by it).

So the turtle (after a water change because EW) got to spend the rest of the day hanging out on the manager’s desk in the office until I went home.

Once I got a proper look at her and did some more quick research (my turtle knowledge is mostly on how to take care of them, set-up wise, I’m not an expert) and I wish I’d berated those girls more than I did, since although the turtle had been given to her unasked-for, which wasn’t her fault, the poor thing couldn’t have been cared for properly.

She’s got some shell abnormalities and a grey cast to her skin, both of which suggest a bad diet (notably too much protein and overfeeding resulting in unhealthily rapid growth), and she’s got shell rot, although until I dry her off and clean her shell tomorrow I’m can’t be sure how bad it is. And this is an animal that her previous owners had obviously thought was entirely healthy!

I just have so many questions I was too frustrated at the girls to ask – did she even have a light? Or a basking spot? Why didn’t you research hat you SHOULD have been feeding her? Why did you leave it until the LAST DAY to find a home for her if you ‘care so much’?

Goddamnit, I don’t even really like turtles and I sure as hell don’t want one. I hope the rescue will be able to take her from me sooner rather than later, I really don’t want to be stuck with her, and the setup I cobbled together for her is VERY temporary.

Tldr; took in a turtle some people tried to dump at my work, will hopefully get her to a rescue soon, am annoyed because people buy turtles without realizing they are a lot of work, expensive and live for a really fucking long time.

If she had a name they didn’t tell me what it was, so I’ve named her Fiona.

Edit: I’ve made an update photopost about Fiona, its HERE

The Wisdom from a Palm Tree by Violet Stone 

Sometimes, I get that shutterbug fever but especially when I travel. Here is a picture from one of those moments. There’s something about photographing trees that I just love - particularly Palm trees. The way they stand up saluting and embracing the sun is just so alluring and as humans, we do the same. When the sun is shining, we go outside and soak up its heat. It’s innate happiness. It’s programmed in us. Every time I see Palm trees, I feel my worries vanish and I get this sense of endless possibility. We easily forget how remarkable nature is until it’s right in front of us magnified for our eye level. We are so tiny in comparison to the nature of the world and when our species is extinct, Mother Nature will continue to live on. It always does. It’s a beautiful existential reminder to breathe, relax, enjoy life and not take it so seriously.  

I took this picture with my Canon EOS Rebel T1i a few years ago when I travelled to Israel. This was taken in the beautiful city of Jerusalem. 

Photographed & Edited by Violet Stone (as per In Violet’s Mind)

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(I apologize for anon, I'm shy) I purchased an entity from you a while back and want to add another to the family. my current companion has agreed! I was wondering if you're willing to do a custom conjuration for a dragon, but not a specific type, any sort of dragon who would be willing. all the custom conjurations I saw in your shop specify what sort of dragon it is for, but I'm just drawn to dragons as a whole and don't want to miss an opportunity with different kinds! thanks!

Heheh, no problem anon!

For both anon and anyone else who has thought about doing the same, we actually have listings for this specific purpose!

Reverse White Arts Conjuration

Reverse Grey Arts Conjuration

Reverse Dark Arts Conjuration

Just specify in the order notes or by email that you’d like the selection pool to be narrowed down to that species (dragon, in this case). ^w^ And the table for how we define the different Arts can be found here.

When people are like… Sex is malleable! Fish can change from male to female! Look how biological sex is 90% whimsy!

My reaction is, sure, other animals are different, the praying mantis female rips off her male partner’s head mid coitus but you guys would probably be mad if humans did that

There are female only lizard species that reproduce through parthogenesis after same-sex mating and we haven’t been able to pull that off yet, not for lack of trying

The female anglerfish subsumed the weak insignificant male into her skin as nutrients but apparently weak insignificant male humans can’t be bothered to provide sustenance

Male dolphins bond through penetrative sex in the blowhole and yet men can’t bring themselves to see each other’s nostrils as viable

It’s almost like

Like we are a different species

Okay, I know the game isn’t even out yet, and I do think he looks very pretty, but uh, why do the others in the background look so smooth and human faced? And super slender compared to his bulk. C’mon bioware, I know what you’re doing here. They’re the ladies so you’re trying to make them human hot, and I just hoped we would be past this by now. C’mon. Please.

They hardly even look like the same species (wait, are they maybe not the same species?? I’m starting to become convinced of that) , but not in a ‘ooh  sexual dimorphism in an alien race, how interesting!’ kinda way, but rather like that one post with the drawing of different fantasy races, where all the guys look detailed and unique, and all the ladies are the exact same sexy petite woman face with different animal ear shapes or maybe some slit pupils.

Gimme some aliens that aren’t just our (already unrealistic) boring old human dimorphism portrayal.

Gimme aliens where the women are twice the size of the guys!

Where the males are super pretty in a bland way and the females made of spikes and violence.

Gimme aliens where different sexes look practically the same!



(they do already have some of this stuff, I’m just disappointed that the standard for them still seems to be this bullshit, and that the new species we’ve seen is just another boring case of this, also sorry Bioware for having to bear the brunt of my wrath stemming from far more than just your content)

Of course, I might have to eat my words when the game comes out, but honestly, I would be overjoyed to. ok. rant over (are they the same species???)

Something I constantly stay up and think about is how aliens would react to the RIDICULOUS amount of different breeds of dog we’ve created. Like what if some catastrophic event wipes out all traces of humanity and some explorers land a few decades later to find LITERALLY HUNDREDS of creatures, all of the SAME SPECIES, and only like 3% make any kind of sense? Can you just imagine for a second a handful of scientists just going wild because LOOK at ALL THESE CHUHUAHUAS HOW- and exCUSE ME LITTLE PUG BUT EXACTLY WHAT ENVIRONMENT did you ADAPT TO SURVIVE IN??? I HAVE A PHD IN XENOBIOLOGY BUT FFS I HAVE NO IDEA HOW THE HELL YOU EVEN EXIST WHAT EVEN IS A LABRADOODLE

Easily the most fantastic thing in Zootopia is how different species of animal worked together to design a community that answers the needs of all creatures great and small.

Here in the real world, we can’t even get past the premise that people of different ethnicities should stand on equal footing, never mind designing public transportation that suits hamsters and elephants at the same time.