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lots of rambling about Blue Diamond: has she changed at all?

Man I like Blue Diamond in THEORY, in CONCEPT, a cruel, ruthless, powerful dictator, with no sympathy for her own subjects, who was brought to her knees by the loss of someone she loved. Helpless against her grief. Mourning for countless human lifetimes. The fact that it was the loss of, what seems to be, a romantic interest adds a bit of irony when you remember The Answer…

But I feel like they haven’t handled it as well as I’d like? Ideally we would get a glimpse into Blue’s feelings, a private moment here and there (which they seem to be GOING for, but it’s hard to explain why it fell flat for me) but largely, we still see her not through HER OWN eyes, from a very human POV, but we see her THROUGH THE EYES OF HER SUBJECTS. It was a mistake to introduce Blue’s grief the way they did, I think.

If I could change it, although this might not be for the best, we could have had that scene with Greg (I’m just… biased, I love Greg) but maybe leave her a bit more stand-offish and quiet, not so quick to smile at him and accept his words, because to her humans are literally just pets… Yes, she’s surprised a human understands her feelings, but the tone here doesn’t seem to convey just how wild the difference would be to her, or to Greg. We’ve seen him deal with being dehumanized by a gem, when Rose didn’t quite understand human feelings, we know he could be patient and offer her some kind words even if she was a bit more aloof. I think that could have preserved the mystery.

Next step, don’t show her for the rest of the whole Human Zoo/Save Greg arc. Keep her at arms length. She’s there, she’s a threat, she MIGHT show up, but DONT let her. Or at least, use her a bit more sparingly. Cut out What’s The Use In Feeling Blue altogether, although I do think that could become more interesting/relevant later (IF yellow did shatter pink, then this could be her trying to manipulate blue by using her grief, and showing some guilt and/or frustration) 

Because it’s important overall, you can leave Sapphire speaking to Blue directly, but maybe play up her fear a bit more. It would be REALLY HARD, I imagine, to play it cool in front of “her diamond” after ALL OF THAT. It doesn’t have to be anything mayor. 

In terms of art direction, I think it would be better if we didn’t get TOO MANY close-ups of Blue’s face. Keep our distance. Don’t throw her pretty, crying face in our…erm, our faces. It would be so much more mysterious, so much more larger than life and curious and powerful, if we say her head in the distant shadows, her posture upright, her hands three times the size of Sapphire. Maybe send a tear sliding off her cheek and towards the ground.

Speaking of the tears, use them more sparingly. Show her holding back once in a while, trying to retain her dignity, and please. I wish she wasn’t this pretty when she cries. NOBODY just sits there with a perfectly composed face as tears run out of their eyes in a fucking typhoon of depression. If they wanted to humanize her via crying, don’t make it so otherworldly. If they wanted to other her with her still, emotionless face as she cries, then play that up.

Just make it clear. Draw a line in the sand. Is she a dictator or is she a very large princess locked in a tower, unable to change a system she already put in order? WHAT was she doing for what, 6,000 years? was she just crying? Did she never Do Anything? If Yellow was running the world while she sat around sobbing, then ESTABLISH that, please! 

Because it becomes kind of… muddled? It seems like she’s been an ineffective leader, but a LEADER to whatever extent. If she hasn’t been doing anything, why doesn’t she do something? If she’s just as much a tyrant as Yellow, as much as she’s always been, why do I CARE if she’s sad?


It feels like the loss of Pink is meant to have rocked her to her core, destroyed her life, sent her into a centuries long depression… But it doesn’t feel like it actually DID what it was MEANT to do. Because we DONT KNOW enough about what Blue was like before or what she’s like now, or ESPECIALLY how she effects the world she’s ruling. Full of people we’re supposed to CARE about, like the off-colors, like every gem we’ve ever known at some point.

More to character than :’( please.

How to find me in the crowd

Friend1: We lost her. How are we going to find her?

Friend2: Watch.


Me: *is literally fighting through the crowd* wHAT DID yOU JUST saiD thAT mAN deSERVes to WIN aLL the GOLd in tHE woRLD CoMe hERe riGHT nOW wE NEed to TAlk aBOUt thIS

Friend2: Found her.


This One-Shot is inspired by one of my favourite songs…ever!
Nocturnal by Disclosure feat. The Weeknd ♡♡♡

Summary: You can’t remember when the last time was you really slept during night. With nothing else to do, you wander in the silent halls of the Avengers Tower. You hate not being able to sleep at night. Will that change when the handsome Bucky Barnes accompanies you during these restless dark hours?

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: angst, self-doubt, self-hatred, fluffy ending

Word Count: 1125


Street lights, turn on one by one
My hope is, descending like the sun
Try to tell myself there’s freedom
in the loneliness (Oh baby)

Like every other night I sat on the rooftop of the Avengers Tower, well wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket. I watched the city lights come to life along with masses of various colored neon signs, flashing magically in the darkness of the night.

I closed my eyes and listened to the noises beneath me, feeling a soft blowing cold breeze on my face. From day to day the wind got colder, the autumn nearing it’s end, winter taking over. Around this time of the year I always had the most trouble finding sleep at night.

Always restless, story of my life
Disconnected, body clock’s not right
Try to tell myself that I’mma get
some sleep tonight

When the others would go to bed, I would be wandering around the empty Tower, watching the night sky and the city from atop. I wasn’t plagued by PTSD, nightmares or other side effects from missions. Luckily. I just couldn’t find any rest like normal people in the dead of night.

Found myself where I started,
this wasn’t where I want to be
The time that I find hardest,
always comes eventually

First it never bothered me to be by myself. I often would listen to music, read a book or watch movies. I started to dislike my lonely nights when I missed funny get togethers from the team during day.

Because that’s when I mostly slept. I kind of felt left out, not as part of the team anymore. By logical thinking I knew it was nonsense, but still I couldn’t stop feeling deserted. Somehow the darkness became my closest friend. I could feel at peace and be myself.

My shadow doesn’t show in the dark
The night time is inclined to my heart
The emptiness I felt from the start
Will follow me ‘till I fall apart

Soon the darkness alone wasn’t enough anymore. I began to hate my lonely nights. I hated not being able to sleep, when everybody else would. That’s when depressions started to change my earlier kind and open self into a brooding always grumpy one. I felt empty inside and could feel myself fall apart day by day or in my case night by night.

My demons are blocking out the light
And my mind is about to lose the fight
Why can’t I find peace, when a caracal
could sleep tonight? (Yeah)

My own mind became my worst enemy. I would lose the fight against the demons inside my head. I was more and more plagued by self-doubts, self-hatred and couldn’t let the voices in my head make their assault stop.

Everything changed when James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes joined the Avengers and was now living in the Tower with all of us. I was captivated by his brooding being, charming manners and most importantly his endearing stormy blue-grey eyes.

Bucky stayed to himself at the beginning. He was either be found in the gym or in his room. The only person he talked to was of course Steve. I became even more sad when I found out about Bucky bonding with the rest of the team to a greater extent. I totally lost the connection to my friends. My thoughts, running wild in my mind, even prevented me from finding sleep at all. My face became pale, dark circle were showing evidently under my eyes, I lost weight and my [Y/H/C] hair got dull and strawy.

I spent time with the Avengers considerably less, always finding excuses to be alone. The only time I was outside my room was at night, when I was staying on the roof, shrouded in darkness.

That’s also where Bucky found me on a particular cold night. He came with two hot steaming cups of tea in hands, sat down beside me and gave me one of the cups wordlessly. We sat like that for some time, not speaking, only enjoying not being alone anymore.

And just like that I fell in love with Bucky Barnes.

He would sit on the rooftop with me every single night. He instinctively knew if I was in the mood to talk or not. When we talked he would tell me about his life back in the 40s, how he and Steve always got into trouble.

When I would have one of my worse moods, Bucky would simply hug me tight against his warm body. He made me feel better just by being with me.

One beautiful night, the stars seemed to shine brighter than usual, Bucky and I shared our first kiss under the moonlight. From that night on I knew it wasn’t so bad after all to be nocturnal, as long as Bucky would be by my side.


I was hugged from behind, one arm metal, one arm flesh. “Hey doll, how are my two beautiful girls doing?” Bucky whispered in my ear, kissing my cheek, while sitting down behind me.

I hummed comfortably and leaned back against his firm chest. Bucky was drawing soothing circles on my evidently showing baby bump. “I’m good and our little girl definitely is a night owl.” I lightly giggled out. In exactly that moment my baby girl kicked noticeably for Bucky and me to feel.

He chuckled and hugged me more close against him. “I guess she comes after her parents then.” “I’m not sure if I want her to or not.” Bucky tensed a little bit, not quite sure how to comprehend what I said.

“You know, I always hated my odd condition. All those sleepless lonely nights. I don’t want her to have to deal with that, too.” I turned in Bucky’s embrace, looking him deep in the eyes.

“But I also met you because of it and for that I always be grateful. You’re my everything, Bucky. I love you so much.” A single tear escaped me, being wiped away by Bucky’s thumb. Since my pregnancy I got emotional all the time.

“I love you too, [Y/N]. To the moon and back.” I kissed him lovingly, trying to put all I felt for him into it. Suddenly it clicked inside my head.

“What do you think of Luna?” Bucky doesn’t seem to get what I meant. “I mean as a name for her.” Up to now we couldn’t decide how to name our little girl. When it dawned on Bucky, his eyes sparkled delighted. “I think it’s the perfect name for our perfect girl.”

He kissed me with more need this time, our tongues dancing passionately together. I couldn’t wait to hold our own little moon in the arms.

Well, I hope you all like it! Let me know what you think about it.
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Baby’s ‘R’ Us

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Pairing: Dean x Daughter!Reader, Sam x Niece!Reader, Reader x Son!Sammy
Word count: 952

Part 3 of Just a Glimpse

Leaning against the door frame, Dean sighed. You were using his bed, Sammy curled up with you. You were on your side, holding the infant close. At first, you had insisted that you could sleep in what would become your room in later years, but Dean wouldn’t hear of it.

After everything you’d told him about, it was very clear that you and future him were close. Dean watched as you and his grandson-’fuck that’s something I never thought I’d say’  he thought, lay there asleep, the two of you trusting him completely already. He felt bad about not being in the same ‘space’ as you.

“Whatcha doing, Gramps?” Sam smirked, earning a glare from Dean. Both of them glanced over at you. “You know, it’s creepy to watch people sleep.”

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disgruntledturtle answered your post: i…kind of feel like writing makorra?

hogwarts au. gryffindor hooking up w/ slytherin. scandalous.

Mako sighed with relief as he finally found a corner of the library that wasn’t overrun with first-years panicking over their potions essays or other seventh-years looking for charms to help with the impending N.E.W.T.s. The Slytherin common room was too distracting…when he left, two of his classmates were trying to one-up each other on who had the best connections for a career after graduation. 

Mako didn’t have connections. But that had never stopped him before, and that certainly wasn’t going to stop him now.

He settled down, carefully spreading his notes out before him. He was a slow, careful writer, and he had a perfectly honed method when it came to essays. His first year, it took him ages to get anything done. Now, he had a system, and the system worked.

But the system required a workspace free of distractions. 

“Hey, this is my spot.”

And apparently, that was not going to happen. 

He looked up. “Korra.”

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anonymous asked:

I feel like there's always been this really intense rivalry between Swen and Sean Maguire. No malice intended- I'd just really like to know why ya'll hate each other?

Why ‘we’ all hate each other? Lol. You’re obviously new around here (and if no malice is intended, we do appreciate it) so I’ll try to give you a quick rundown. The answer to your question, why–would be that it depends on who you’re asking.

If you ask SWEN the word wouldn’t be ‘hate’, specifically. But yes, a lot of people despise him because even before he flew over to start filming anything, he got off on the wrong foot with us by boasting about his new ship on Twitter–for some odd reason including/tagging SwanQueen in what seemed like gloating. So if there’s any ‘rivalry’ as you see it, it was his own doing. Probably unintentionally, as he was just happy I assume (nabbing a really nice gig overseas, in a solid ad popular show, all after his literally nonexistent career here back at home) but sadly quite ignorant about straightwashing and heteroimposing his new ship for all intents and purposes meant for us (all after that rude SDCC awakening that followed that supergay S2 finale, when Regina and Emma made magic together in a way that hasn’t been seen since Willow and Tara who established that explicitly implicit ‘magic as gaysex’ metaphor) so I assume it was sheer undereducation and gross tactlessness that made him (and his wife) seem all like ”in your face, homos!”. But he can be forgiven only that initial ignorance, because from there it only went further downwards, as his persistence (all the uncalled for comments and twitter squabbles, on his behalf, or by himself personally–after untagged posts, which meant he was looking for negative comments about his character and/or acting?) resulted in him starting the martyr thing (from superdumb statements such as my personal favourite, that even if he himself made gay marriage universally legal SQ LBGT fans would still hate his guts–to alleged death threats against him and doxxing of already ostracized young gay girls–as well as subsequent demonization of ALL Swan Queen supporters, queer or not…aided of course by him piggybacking/slash/kissing Shatner’s arse to gain help of an experienced ol’ sexist–when it all escalated to levels of gross ad obscene). After which, you imagine why his change of tactics, to be super-nice and super-supportive on cons when meeting Swan Queen fans specifically, and ‘prove’ himself as LBGT ally by doing ‘supportive’ tweets and even NOH8 campaign (which was kinda ironic, at that point) was met with general scoffing from LBGT SWENs. You know, after everything?

Now of course we cannot speak for Sean Maguire, but if you asked him–I am positive the answer would be that no, he does not hate anyone. He is probably totally clueless as to why would anyone hate him as well, just like why his efforts to be liked and accepted (desperately so, in a way that he was piggybacking his colleagues on a ‘we’re such close friends, aww’ personal level–the same way his character was piggybacked on Regina’s) all failed, miserably. And judging by all the salt from his last interviews, he was not expecting to be dumped the way he was, so–martyrdom all the way, eh? Whoever advised him (unless it was all just him, being a plank?) should’ve definitely been sacked from the get go, but I don’t think he grasped the magnitude of how much he personally contributed to such wide rejection coming from such a large chunk of audience–of him as a cast member, or as a character. Case and point, Colin O’D whose character we really truly hate (for all that he represents in heterosexist, rape-culture endorsing culture where Christian Greys are romanticized and strong female individuals such as Emma Swan are stripped of their personality as testament to manpain/growth/self-acceptance/pink elephant whatevers of such male ‘heroes’) and who has NEVER received 0.000005% of crap that Maguire did. I don’t have to explain why, it is self-explanatory, isn’t it?

And in the end if you ask us here on this blog, we do not hate him. We pity him, at best. He didn’t have a chance to start with, as his character was written for all the wrong reasons (straighwashing of Regina Mills) and in all the wrong ways (she was humiliated and degraded in a storyline that rendered her to ‘that’ woman again, beyond recognition–all for a man that was hypocritical at best and false and self-serving at worst) and he tried and failed. And now he’s back to the obscurity of the nonexistent career (rightfully so, they were scraping the bottom of the barrel of what our industry here had to offer when they picked him–to be completely frank) that he had before OUaT, leaving us, people who care less about the actors and more about the show, the plotlines and what they mean to the characters we DO care about… to forever dance on Pinecone’s grave. You know, the same way his rendition (thanks to the writers more than his pitiful performance, to be fair) literally pissed on every notion of Robin of Sherwood, the legendary hero of many of our childhood? And because we felt nothing but derision for what his character meant for Regina Mills, the two and a half seasons of her nonexistent storylines wasted on those ‘developments’, and of course because now she’s finally free to make her own choices–of her own FREE will. Because she deserved bloody better.

So that’s how ‘we’ feel about it. I am not sure who ‘you’ are Anon (I assume a CS-er as you’ve been digging quite a bit in that specific anti-tag of ours? :) but I hope we managed to answer your question. Thanks for stopping by. Cheers! :)