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A Most Important Scene From Voltron Season 3

So… there’s something about this entire scene that’s had me pondering it all morning. Now, despite my writing tendencies or even which characters I would like to see together, most people who know me understand that while I write and post certain things, how I actually view the canon is separate. Like, I don’t watch Voltron for shipping and what characters do and don’t end up together is not why I’m into it. I’m very realistic about potential ships and do my best not to let shipping goggles cloud my judgement. After all, I may like to create, but I also analyze. And anyone worth their socks in literary/media analysis knows that it’s about looking at what you’re given and not what you want to see (what we want to see gets into headcanon/prediction territory, which can be backed by analysis, but they aren’t the same thing). In other words, me fangirling about a ship and me looking critically at a piece of media are two very separate things. 

Therefore, this scene has left me in rather a… curious sort of hesitance? Because I find it hard to believe that I’m coming to the conclusions that I am? 

First and foremost, I’m glad that Lance and Keith are working together better and trusting one another enough to go to the other about their problems. I don’t care who you ship with who, it’s good character development for them when we look back at where they started and does nothing but help the team. Keith admitted his faults to Lance when he pushed the team too hard and Lance went to Keith when he was insecure. These are not small steps for these boys and I’m glad they’re finally becoming better friends. And that’s honestly all I thought I was going to take away from this season, if I even got that far. 

Until I saw this part of this scene specifically (I’ma use this screenshot a lot, lol) -

 - First of all, I want to look at how these frames with Keith are laid out. Keith is in the center of the frame the whole time, his posture is open, his expression is friendly, his smile is sincere. He is lacking in weapons or anything typically considered threatening. But what is probably most important is that we’re not just seeing Keith from Lance’s point of view, we’re seeing him through Lance’s eyes.  

There is a difference. For example, in these scenes - 

- we’re seeing Allura from Lance’s POV, but not through his own eyes. This is a very common type of shot when two people are having a conversation or even when multiple people are in the room. It’s like getting a third person description of what’s happening with weight on a certain character’s perspective. Sometimes it’s not even that far and it’s just convenient to look over this character’s shoulder. Versus when we get a more first person perspective when we see a character through another character’s eyes.  

We also get shots like this in this same scene - 

- This shot comes in concurrence with the one previously and can still be considered as coming from Lance’s perspective. So what’s the difference between this shot and the one of Keith? This shot is up close–it’s focused on Allura’s expression and what she’s saying. She’s also not completely centered, but balanced in the frame for the viewer, not Lance’s perspective. Lance is listening to her, not admiring her in any way, shape, or form. In fact, despite Lance’s general attempts at constantly flirting with Allura, he is not looking at her at all in this scene as a potential romantic interest. This entire scene is focused on what they’re saying and what that means. Not any kind of attraction between them. 

Which is what struck me as so odd about the way we see Keith through Lance’s eyes in episode 6. When a character is being admired by another character, getting a shot through their eyes of their subject from the waist up, or thighs up, or knees up, etc, is a very common way of displaying that admiration in a visual sense. It’s already clear from this scene that Lance views Keith as the new leader - 

- So even if Lance takes issue with some of the things Keith does, he–at the very least–begrudgingly accepts Keith’s position and is doing everything in his power to support him (as most of season 3 is evidence of). Which is why these frames - 

- took me so far aback. Honestly, I was much more expecting this kind of scene to be displayed from Lance’s eyes when his and Allura’s development took place. I even went back during their critical conversation to look for it. But there isn’t anything similar. Lance clearly respects Allura, but he didn’t “waver” in looking at her so as to imply a different kind of admiration. 

Another character that gets this treatment a lot? Shiro. Shiro is their leader. Shiro is their security. Shiro is oftentimes framed in this manner when the other paladins are listening to him. But usually it’s a group shot, and even if there are scenes with him and one other (maybe with Keith? I’m not going back to watch the whole series), his body language and expression are not so soft. There could probably be some shots of Shiro looking less severe when he speaks to Keith, but I never remember being this struck by a scene with Shiro that didn’t feel like anything more that admiration because he’s their leader and/or idol and/or older brother figure (this goes for Pidge as much as Keith). Just as I’ve never seen anything to blatantly support Klance before. Like, I’m not playing favorites here.  

The point I’m trying to make is that, in seeing Keith through Lance’s eyes in this scene, we’re gleaning a LOT about how Lance views Keith. Not only is he listening to Keith, but we’re seeing Keith as more than just a face with words. It would have been easy to frame this scene like this -  

- I mean, even this is still… But the point is, there were a lot of ways to frame this that didn’t have Lance giving Keith that “admiring” look that is oftentimes used in movies and animation. At this point, Keith is the center of Lance’s entire focus. The rest of the room is bare, Keith is what stands out most. But it’s not just his words or what he’s saying, it’s his entire person. It’s his body, his words, his posture, where he’s standing in the room. 

And then we get to his expression. This is so important. They could have given Keith more attitude, they could have had him lean back on one leg and cross his arms. They could have done LITERALLY ANYTHING ELSE to suggest that Lance was merely admiring Keith as a leader and friend, but they didn’t. They kept his posture open. They kept him still and centered in the frame. And they gave him the softest mother fucking smile that Keith has probably displayed in the entire goddamn show. And I don’t mean to say that he hasn’t given those small, soft smiles, because he has, but this one has teeth and is still soft. EVERYTHING about this frame is soft. 

And this is HOW LANCE is seeing Keith. We have the distance from where Lance is standing in the doorway to Keith to support this, as well as how he looks following, which implies that we were seeing Keith through him - 

- He’s looking over his shoulder, continuing the line of sight we the viewers were just privy to. And he reflects the same softness he has just seen in Keith. 

For fucks sake, all we need is an edit of that frame of Keith with a soft white background and some sparkles and we’re all fucking set! This frame - 

- was coded to be romantic. This is Lance not only admiring Keith, but seeing him in a “different” light. I mean, look at Keith’s hair for crying- UGH! Just add some wind and a few flower petals and- just- HOLY FUCK, LANCE! OGLE HIM SOME MORE WHY DON’T YOU! I don’t know if Keith is really this beautiful or not BUT YOU’RE DOING A GOOD JOB OF MAKING IT SEEM LIKE HE’S THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CREATURE YOU’VE EVER SEEN, LANCE!

Seriously, this is probably one of the most sincerely romantic frames we’ve gotten in the entire series. It’s also quite bittersweet. And, like, even if Lance isn’t aware that he’s looking at Keith like this, we are! We’re literally watching Lance form feelings for Keith through his own goddamn eyes. Ugh, gag me. 

I am disgusted. 

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Sit down lads and listen to my tired fueled rant on why Steven Yeun is a pure man and loves Keith!

So, its been bugging me for a while (especially with the new season just being released) about the fact that almost all the voice actors promote the show and how much slack my boi Steven gets! We all know how much Jeremy Shada, Bex T-K, Josh Keaton, Hell, even AJ whos new to the team go full out and are full of thoughts and words to say about Voltron and their charterers, SO, I am here today, ignoring every piece of homework i have due four weeks ago to tell y’all why none of the slack he gets is deserved!

Way back when in may of this year, a local (ish) convention guested Steven Yeun as a guest, and even though I may be a Lance stan before a human being, I cried cuz I loved this boi since the walking dead. 

I had saved all my $$ just to get this boi’s autograph (on top of picking one up for my friends sister) and waited in his line for almost 2 hours just so i could be first.  And as I sat in line, i noticed that the growing amount of walking dead fans where starting to get extremely high (i don’t think a single person in that line even KNEW what Voltron even was!).

So, b/c i am smart and don’t want to make a rash choice, i sneak a pick at the photos he has lined up before hand to see if they had any rad Voltron for him to sign. and OF COURSE there is no Voltron or Keith anywhere on that table.  But Worry not fellow nerds!  I did the smart thing and printed off a picture of Keith at home!  But my printer is shitty and the quality wasn’t the best

So after almost two hours and him being 20 minutes late ( i could never hate, my boi was on his lunch break) the line starts movin.  So here i am, about to meet Steven FREAKING Yeun, dressed as Kim Possible (not relevant but anyways) and I have practiced over and over what im gonna say to this man.  

“Talk about the Walking Dead, you can do it, tell him you love the walking dead”

So i get up and pay for my autograph, and they let me have two photos and his manager, when he gets to me, tells him that he can only sign one.

NOw, before I got on, my boi looked tired.  Like HELLA TIRED.  idk what he be doing, but he was doing his best to fake a smile and get through another line.

And when i get up in front of him, I FROZE!  like, BItcH, What you DOIN?!?!?  anyways, i shake his hand and all i manage to say is 

“I loved you in Voltron!”

And the look on his face gave me ten years of my life back!  This boi (whose entire autograph photo selection is just walking dead and head shots) hears Voltron, and i saw a smile that was genuine rush over him.  And the MOMENT i notice this, I just go back to talking about Voltron with him

Anyways, he signs my friends photo (which was hella aesthetic) and he looks over at my two and i explain to him the deal 

“So, heres the thing: i only have enough money for one autograph and you are my favorite character in the walking dead (bitch was already dead at this point too) but I got really sad when there was no Keith photos. SO i printed this out at home and I want you to decide.”

he looks at the two photos and tells me

“heres what we’re gonna do.”

and he reaches for the Keith picture and he starts to sign it.  I’m already close to tears at this point, and he is just signing away.  And then he glances over at his manager and quickly signs the other one, pushing both towards me before she had time to react and pull the other one away.

ANd at this point i am IN TEARS.  Crying in the con, god bless this random lady who gave me a tissue or my makeup would have been a mess.  

My friend and I sit down and we look at the pictures and he FUCKING SIGNED THE KEITH PHOTO FROM KEITH!!!!  I might be a Lance stan, but jesus fuck do I love Steven Yeun and everything he is!!

And this boi loves Keith! all the stories I heard from others who met him said that when they mentioned Voltron he would become ten times more happy.  Steven is a gift and I want nothing but happiness for that man.

Oh, and also…

Stevn Yeun loves Keith, he cares for Voltron, and I will NOT tolerate hate towards him any longer!

I rest my case


we’re talking about Voltron season 3 here so wATCH OUT

-We see Keith’s knife only once this season, and it was sheathed

-Pidge is trying to find her family in the first episode, but nothing about it is mentioned the rest of the season

-We got no flashbacks to Keith’s childhood or past with Shiro

-We saw baby Allura, but not baby Lotor


-Kurōn means clone in Japanese guys

-Keith is dominant left-handed, but he’s actually ambidextrous

-Keith teleports the black bayard through his body to his other hand. I need answers

-So technically Zarkon and Haggar are dead?

-If Sven exists, do the other original “space explorers” exist too?

-if Zarkon and Haggar had Lotor, and if they had him after they were dead and revived by quintessence, wouldn’t that cause some problems with the birth?

-I know we’re supposed to assume that being in the rift and dying and coming back gave Haggar her powers. But what about the rest of the Druids?

-It’s apparently a Red Paladin thing to just leave your teammates and do your own thing on an impulse. Does that mean Lance is gonna start doing that?

-I think that Alfor is more like Keith than Lance, actually. If Keith had had a better past and childhood, he probably would’ve ended up a lot like him.

-How in the world are they going to defeat the new comet ship? Like I know that they’ll be able to, but how? It seems very impossible at the moment

-I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of the Awkward Two Leaders moments

-Keith is absolutely on to Not Shiro. Did you see the way he was looking at him?

-I also don’t think Not Shiro knows he’s Not Shiro. He thinks he’s Shiro, but remember Young Justice with Red Arrow? I think it’s like that.

-The Black Lion so far hasn’t shown a lot of her personality to Keith, not like Red did. I wonder if she will later, or if she even has the ability to.


-Why was Lotor exiled, and where? They’re obviously setting this up. And unless Galra have extended lifespans like Alteans do, Lotor was exiled pretty young. He appears to be in his early twenties right now. And he was exiled so well and efficiently that not a word was casually spoken about him in hallways and such that we saw. Is this part of the reason Lotor is so bitter towards his father?

-Lotor doesn’t treat Haggar like his mother. Does he know if she is his mother?

-Haggar had Space Amnesia, gaining a new name and identity while her husband presumably knew her original identity the entire time. That seems kinda sad. I almost feel bad for them.

-I stand by the theory Acxa is related to Keith somehow. Also, we know Keith flashbacked to the Weblum. But did she as well? If she did, then she’d remember he saved her life, right?

-Since Keith is in the black lion now, does that make him Space Big Brother?

-How is Earth doing rn

-I bet that Keith will tell the others that Shiro isn’t Shiro. And I bet none of them will believe him- except one. And it’ll be either Lance or Hunk. Pidge and Allura are too happy to have Shiro back. Hunk is suspicious and observant enough to come to the same conclusions as Keith, and Lance trusts what Keith says.

-“Take me to a space hospital”

-Young Zarkon looks like a lego

One thing I told myself the last few months was to keep posting more on Tumblr because I love all my fancy diamonds on here (you). So here goes with some behind the scenes/Between The Sheets stuff. First up, here’s more photos by our wonderful Chris Lockey from the filming of Liam’s episode.

Liam went to all the places with me, and he didn’t have to.

I’ve told everyone the same thing before we film each episode: We’re gonna talk about a lot of stuff, if you don’t want to talk about something, tell me, if we talk about something and you realize after the fact you’d rather not share that…tell me. It’s part of why we don’t do these live. Live streams add a lot of anxiety and impatience and expectations and logistics. We’ve gone to some deeper places on Talks before, but the live element and time restraints prevent us from going to the places we are going to with this show.

I wanted everyone to be as comfortable as possible. So we pre-tape them and I can edit stuff out if needed. It should be noted that we haven’t cut out anything shared from any episodes so far. We edit the transitions and we also have to occasionally pause for a helicopter or dump truck outside. I will also take pauses before or after a heavier subject to give my guest some time to breathe and process, and to check in with them, then we get back to it when they’re ready.

We film one episode per week (on Thursday afternoons. Yes, right before Critical Role). I spend the rest of the week and weekend working with our editor on all the other episodes we’ve filmed already. So while Liam’s episode was set to air Monday, I was in my hotel at 4am in New York this weekend making notes and changes on Liam’s, Sam’s, and Marisha’s episodes. We usually have 3 episodes being worked on at a time, and it’s a massive effort by our whole team.

Once a day of filming arrives, we hang out and talk for a while before. We eat lunch and our wonderful Diana does our hair and makeup, and she’s always playing good music like Nick Cave in the makeup room, which gets me in a great place. When we get to the set, Marisha and Max are there to guide the production process smoothly and also make everyone feel at home, and they do a killer job.

Once it’s time to go, we have our drinks and we turn all the lights off so it’s just us. You forget about the camera person, sound, Max, Marisha, everything after a few minutes, and it’s just two people having a drink at a bar and talking at that point.

You see what happens next.

After we wrap, there’s a lot of hugging, some tears, tons of laughter, and a sense of hope. It’s strange, spilling your inner thoughts and feelings on a variety of experiences—knowing it will live on the internet forever. It’s this uncanny dump and recharge of emotions…then they sit at the table and do CR for 4 hours after. I’ve paid attention to every episode of CR and to the corresponding cast member who filmed their BTS episode that day, and I can see the joy and the light and the passion and love in them sometimes an hour after talking about and reminiscing over what this game has meant to them. If this silly little show could give anything back to this cast, I hope it’s that gentle reminder of how this came to be, the lives it touches, the impact it’s had, the inside jokes and the community it has spawned. I hope it has reminded them of why they do what they do.

To be honest, I am overjoyed at the response to this show. For this season, I told Marisha “I need everyone to see a side of each of you they may not have seen before, the side we all know”. I’ve tried my best to structure the interviews not based on a career trajectory, but on what was happening with them as real people while this career stuff was going on. Folks out there are not going to relate to the IMDB pages of the cast of Critical Role. But the human and everyday life experiences they’ve gone through while also happening to be these amazing talented and successful people are in some way relatable to us all. We’ve lost a parent, we’ve lost a job, we’ve experienced tragedy, triumph, praise and criticism. We’ve been the victims and the perpetrators of tragedy, all while moving through the human experience and hitting milestones in our lives like a promotion or starting a family.

It’s easy these days, with the fabled concept of “celebrity”, to disconnect a person you watch for entertainment from the struggle and the hustle and the heartache of life. I’m hoping this show grounds these people for you and connects the tissue from them to you as fellow travelers on the journey. Because my beloved, that’s all we are, fellow travelers.

This little window into our people and our world is already having such a profound response, I can’t help but feel gratitude.

A friend of mine used to say “Asking questions is a great way to find the part of life you’re missing”, and this show has shown me that tenfold already.

Thank you for your love and support. You are and always will be the wind in our sails.

An Analysis of Keith and Lance’s Feelings Towards Each Other.

After season three - and Keith’s Vlog especially - I’ve seen a lot of people complain about how Lance is oblivious to Keith’s true feelings about him (Rather those feeling are platonic or romantic) And yeah, I’m right there with you on wishing he’d recognize his misconceptions about Keith’s feelings towards him, but does that mean that Lance is unjust in the way that he feels? Does that mean Keith’s actions haven’t warranted or perpetuated this false narrative?

As a Lance Stan, of course I’m coming through for my boi. But I also just really like analyzing their interactions. So here we go:

First off, how does Lance actually think Keith views him? This picture shows it best.

Lance thinks that Keith sees himself as above Lance. The framing - which is coming from Lance’s p.o.v - is a great indicator of that. But even without this, Lance himself says:

I’m a big believer in the theory that Lance is projecting he own feelings of self doubt. He undoubtedly has an inferiority complex, but Lance feels inferior to everyone on the team, and it’s only with Keith that he ever shows any type of malice. In fact, I cant remember a time Lance has ever been genuinely angry at someone who isn’t Keith. (I could be wrong here.) So why does he treat Keith so differently than the rest of the team? Maybe because of his internalized gay feelings towards our resident spicy boi?hmmm.

We know for a fact that in episode one Iverson told Lance something like this: ‘You’re only fighter class because Keith, a better pilot, washed out. Now act accordingly’. This doesn’t feel like the first time either, but more of a reminder. So on the surface, it seems clear as to why Lance treats Keith the way he does at first. I mean, I get it. If someone was constantly used to reinforce the notion of how shitty I am, I’d probably have a similar reaction towards them too. (Conditioning is a thing ya’ll) However, from Pidge’s flashback in season one, we know Lance’s animosity isn’t that new.

“Hasta la later, Keith.”

But again, Lance just isn’t such a mean spirited person as to rejoice someone’s failures. Quite the opposite actually. He validates his team even while feeling inferior to them. It just doesn’t feel like Lance. And other than towards Keith, Lance has never been shown to act this way. So I have to believe something occurred to make Lance not like Keith especially. Not saying that’s an excuse, but it is an explanation. Truthfully, what probably happened was that Lance looked up to Keith or tried to befriend him and Keith acted in a way that Lance perceived as rejection. We don’t know though, because the key to this lives within the Garrison years, and we may or may not ever see those.

Sooo, lets move along to something that we do see.

We all know that Lance is antagonistic towards Keith, but Keith isn’t an innocent party in this.

Think back to the first episode when they’re all on the hovercraft. Lance asked “If this thing can move any faster,” which wasn’t a jab at Keith as much as it was a ’holy shit, we’re about to get caught,’ moment. Keith’s reply was something along the lines of: ‘Maybe if we removed some unessential weight.’ (Which, in hindsight, considering how Lance views himself as baggage, a seventh wheel, is some pretty jarring foreshadowing.)

Then he tells Lance he’s the worst pilot ever. (Ouch)

Just to be clear, I love Keith, and I don’t think he meant these comments as maliciously as they may have been taken. They were probably more like offhanded insults, but knowing what we know about Lance, is it so hard to see how these comments could be internalized?

Next we have a scene where Lance jokes about wanting all of the information in his brain to be stored on a spaceship. Keith’s response isn’t teasing, but… mean. It’s meant to hurt Lance by blatantly insinuating that he’s stupid. And in season two, when they’re both going to the pool, it’s Keith who tells Lance to stay far far away from him.

What am I getting at here? IDEK. Lance and Keith don’t hate each other in the slightest. Keith knows he’s bad at people, and he probably notices that Lance treats him differently than literally everyone else on the team. I’m sure that hurts Keith. While with Lance, he looks up to Keith, thinks Keith is better than him, and because of the words of people like Iverson and Keith himself, this idea has been nurtured. We already know that Lance takes the words of his friends to heart. In both season 2 and 3 when Lance expressed doubt, he brought up something Pidge said to him both times.

“I thought I was the team sharpshooter, but I guess nobody else thinks that.”

“Maybe I am just the goofball.”

Neither of them are innocent. It’s a mutual series or misunderstanding, and as sad as it is to see Keith frustrated over his inability to relate to his team, he’s not doing himself any favors when he insults Lance in earnest. Lance isn’t doing himself any favors either, and they’re both just reacting based off of these false narratives they hold about one another.

But that’s apart of what makes their relationship so complex and interesting to watch play out. Season three really paid off. Their development unfolded beautifully and I can’t wait to see how they proceed in the following seasons. I can only hope that any miscommunications they have about each other are addressed and cleared up.

I see why DW was in a rush to get the rest of the episodes out… They knew we weren’t gonna like this.

There was a lot good this season and I’ll give the credit for that. The ending scenes especially really got me. But let me get to what I’m heartbroken over first. 

The first and biggest sting this season was what they did to Adam. I am in mourning that there’s no happy ending for Shiro and Adam. DON’T BURY THE GAYS. Most if not all of the validation and elation I felt after Shiro’s LGBT reveal was cancelled out after this happened, leaving me deflating like a pricked balloon. Why bother introducing their relationship if you’re just gonna have it end tragically? Why make him gay if you’re just gonna throw it away? Haven’t us LGBT kids been through enough? This wasn’t the closure our gay hearts were craving/starving for.

Keith appears to be straight? And have a thing with Acxa?? I could almost buy this/let this one go, but it shows that they clearly don’t know their core audience if they choose this route. Keith is the center of so many ships in this fandom that it just doesn’t make sense from a product management/business perspective to not play to your audience (Like their social media/marketing team has been doing.) I’m just… utterly bewildered.

And finally, after SEASONS of her rejecting him Allura and Lance had the most forced, hetero bullshit interaction I’ve ever seen. How is she suddenly into him? It came out of NOWHERE? We’re just supposed to buy it because it’s the same boy-gets-the-girl sack of shit we’ve been sold since the dawn of time?

I don’t care what you ship, it was a disservice to Allura’s character, a disservice to a STRONG, FEMALE CHARACTER. I want young boys to learn how to handle rejection, how to move on from it, and they just threw that lesson out the window. I have very personal feelings about this topic. I one had a guy that didn’t leave me alone for TEN YEARS even though I NEVER showed interest in him and it escalated to some pretty scary levels. I am beyond frustrated by story lines that propagate the idea that if a dude just waits long enough he’ll get the girl. Fuck everything about that noise.

The writers could have done better by their predominantly female and queer-leaning fans that have made this show the success that it is.

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Since bitty is (I think?) the first openly gay player in the NHL in the fics, what about other players hitting on him when they play the schooners, or even better, during the all star game when jack is right there?

The game so far has been nothing memorable, just another pre-season exhibition against Edmonton that neither team really want to give their all because why risk anything before the season even starts?

“Bittle,” Burig, a second line Oilers winger, flags Eric down at the end of the second period, with a look of grim determination that gives Eric the sense he’s about to be sucker-punched.


“You, uh,” Burig hesitates, gnawing on his mouthguard and twisting his stick in his hands while he comes up with whatever he wants to say. He huffs and looks around for any teammates that might be watching the exchange, finding the rest of his line distracted, he leans in close. “You doing anything after the game?”

Eric blinks. “What?” 

“Just,” Burig shrugs, face flushing pink, “wanted to see if you’d like to grab a drink or something.”

“Oh. Oh!” Someone from the bench yells his name and Eric is faced with a dilemma he knows he can’t resolve in the next 15 seconds. “Wait for me after the game, we can talk.”

Burig nods tightly, beet red, and skates back to his own bench.

Just another thing for Eric to think about while coach yells at him for missing an unnecessary pep talk.


Burig is waiting for Eric when he leaves the locker room, hair still damp and his suit slightly rumpled like he’d thrown it on in a rush, which makes Eric feel worse for some reason.

“Hey,” he perks up when he sees Eric, sliding his phone into his gear bag. “You wanted to talk?” He sounds so earnest it hurts and Eric motions to a meeting room just off the hallway.

“It’ll be a bit more private in here.”

Eric doesn’t waste time when the doors close, Burig isn’t the first player to approach him and he certainly won’t be the last.

“You’re very sweet, but I have a boyfriend.”

“Fuckin’ knew it,” Burig curses, shouldering his duffel bag. “No way someone as hot as you is single. Worth a shot, right?”

“Were you looking for a hook-up or?”

“No, not like that, I just kinda,” he hesitates like he’s afraid of saying too much.

“Safe space,” Eric waves his arms to indicate the empty room. “Be honest.”

“I’m tired of Grindr and puckbunnies and bar hookups, you know? I want something real.”

Eric immediately runs through a list in his mind of the few single players he’s met in similarly awkward situations. “You play in Vancouver next week, right?”

Burig’s eyes go wide and Eric holds up a warning finger. “Hold your horses. I may have a friend in a similar situation, but it’ll be on his terms if he wants to reach out. Give me your number, and I’ll pass it along if he wants to meet. Okay? No promises.”


“You want to tell me why we’re watching Vancouver slaughter Edmonton when we could be doing literally anything else?” Jack bemoans from the couch, poking and prodding at Eric to distract him.

“I’m invested, alright? You plant seeds, you watch ‘em grow.”

The clock runs out on the second period and Eric keeps his eyes trained on Vancouver’s goalie, Crivier, who waves Burig over in a moment of calm. The two talk, barely visible over the shoulder of a commentator, but moments later Burig skates away with a very prominent smile on face. 

“And boom goes the dynamite,” Eric whispers, grabbing the remote to switch over to the new season of House of Cards.

“You playing matchmaker again, Bits?” Jack laughs, pressing himself against Eric’s side and nuzzling at his neck.

“You know how much competition you’d have if I didn’t set up all the guys that hit on me with each other?” Eric breathes, sliding his fingers through Jack’s hair. “I could have a harem.”

Jack groans and squeezes Eric tightly. “I’ll fight everyone,” he murmurs, “even the guys I like.” 

what we find in the water

[arthur curry x reader]

author’s note: was on the fence about writing for arthur cuz i wasn’t sure if i could do it justice (ha) but i dunno, i kinda like how this one came out, especially for how unsure i was when i started it. i think that’s the way it always tends to go. shaky starts, and then you settle into it

word count: 1,783

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What do you think about an “i picked up your bag at the airport but i can’t find your number so i’m about to embark on the largest scavenger hunt of all time by using your strange belongings to track you down” au with charmer or nurseydex or zimbits or something??

Well, I don’t know if you expected three mini fics, and I didn’t fully follow the prompt, but here we are.

1. Charmer

Look, Chris knew it was dumb. He knew that everyone on earth had a plain black suitcase, he knew he should have double-checked the luggage tag, he knew it was important to be sure abut these things. But knowing what he should have done couldn’t help him when he finally got his suitcase home and opened it up to find mostly yoga pants and sundresses. 


He zipped the bag back up and flipped open the luggage tag. It was cute, pink with some metallic lettering saying “I’m outta here!” in a handwritten font. Chris blamed jetlag and the redeye flight for making him miss the fact that it wasn’t his Sharks tag. He blamed the bag’s owner for not filling out any of the information on the tag.


Well, sorry random girl, he thought. He opened the suitcase up again to try to see if he could find anything that would give him a clue as to who the suitcase owner was. He moved a makeup bag aside, and hit gold immediately. Well, Samwell red. A Women’s Volleyball tshirt– mystery suitcase girl had to be on the volleyball team.

“Hey Ransom!” he yelled. “You’re facebook friends with all the volleyball team right?”

“He’s friends with everyone on campus!” Holster yelled back.

“Ask their captain if anyone flew in from the Bay Area and lost their luggage!”


“Is Justin here? My captain said he’s got my suitcase.” Chris overheard her at the door. He grabbed the bag and started hauling it downstairs. As he set it down at the bottom and caught sight of the girl in the doorway, he froze. She was pretty. Like, really pretty. 

“Um, hi,” he said.

“So you’re Justin? Oh my god, I’m so glad it wasn’t some total rando who got my bag.” 

“I’m actually Chris, Justin was just the one who was friends with your captain. Um, I’m sorry, but I kind of had to look through your stuff? Your luggage tag wasn’t filled out.” The girl laughed.

“Yours wasn’t either! Me and my teammates were like one minute away from googling the record holder for most San Jose Sharks merch, but it totally makes sense that you’re on the hockey team.” 

“Since we both forgot to write our numbers down, maybe we should do that now?” Chris suggested. The girl grinned, grabbed his phone out of his hand, and opened up a new contact. She punched in a number, and when she handed it back he saw a text of several random emojis addressed to the new contact of “Caitlin Farmer” with a girl farmer emoji and a volleyball emoji.

“Text me sometime, and maybe we can get dinner?” she said, and she was gone with her suitcase. 

Chris collapsed on the couch, a dreamy look in his eyes.

“Chowder? You get your suitcase back?” Bitty called out from the kitchen.

“Yeah! and I think I’m in love now!”

2. Nurseydex

“Cheryl, I’m telling you, I had a ton of inspiration on the plane and I wrote some great stuff for act three. No. No, it wasn’t just me thinking it’s great because I popped some melatonin and got really sleepy. It’s like, legit. Yeah, I’ll send it over as soon as I get home and–”

Derek slammed into something. If he’d been holding his phone in his hand (bluetooth is a blessing when you drop stuff easily) it would have launched across the airport. As it was, his post-flight latte was soaking through the nice white shirt of the handsome stranger in front of him.

“Shit,” the stranger said, looking down to survey the damage.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have trusted myself to make a phone call and not be clumsy after such a long flight,” Derek said. He set his briefcase down and pulled a wad of napkins out of the outside pocket. The guy took a deep breath, going from murderous to calm in a few seconds. 

“I wasn’t looking where I was going either, it’s not your fault,” the guy said, setting down his own briefcase and accepting the napkins. He blotted at his shirt.

“Let me pay for the dry cleaning. Or a replacement,” Derek offered. The man shook his head.

“It’s fine, it probably needed to go to the cleaners anyways.” He checked his watch. “If I run, I can probably get a new one before my meeting.” He wadded the napkins into one big ball, picked up his briefcase, and walked towards the exit with a terse nod. Derek, feeling terrible about the whole thing, picked up his own briefcase and walked to baggage claim.

By the time he was reunited with his home office, a cozy bookshelf-lined room in his brownstone, he had almost forgotten about the coffee incident. He was focused on sending the manuscript to Cheryl. Unfortunately, that was going to be difficult, considering he pulled a PC laptop out of the bag instead of his Mac.

Derek stared at the computer for a full minute. He almost couldn’t believe that this was happening to him. Hesitantly, he opened the laptop. On one side of the keyboard there was a weird thing that a few seconds of phone googling told him was a fingerprint scanner. Shit. He hit the space bar experimentally. Something flashed on the screen, and then was replaced with just a plain black screen with red text: ACCESS DENIED

Derek swore. He started to look through the rest of what was in the briefcase, but was disappointed to find it empty except for the laptop’s charger, three packs of gum, and receipts from a lobster shack in Maine. Shit. Nothing in here would tell him anything about the redhead he’d launched a latte at. 

He closed the laptop dejectedly, ignored his editor’s text messages, and went into the kitchen to make himself lunch and feel sorry for himself. This was the universe punishing him for covering a cute guy with coffee. If he had just kept his focus and waited to call his editor later, he could have sent the draft along and saved it and not be desperately trying to remember his inspiration.

Just as the self-pity spiral was really taking off, the doorbell rang. Derek sighed, put down his tea, and walked to the door. When he opened it, it wasn’t Girl Scouts or Jehovah’s Witnesses, but the guy from the airport.

“Cancel whatever you’re doing today, I need to teach you the most basic principles of digital security,” the guy said, pushing past Derek into the dining room. He shoved a stack of papers onto a chair and pulled Derek’s laptop out.

“I’m Will, by the way, I make software that’s hopefully a step ahead of viruses.”

“Is the draft still there?”

“The draft of what?” The guy looked confused.

“My third act breakthrough. I’m a novelist, I need to get it to my editor and I couldn’t remember if I saved it,” Derek explained.

“You know you can set up an auto-save every five minutes or so, right?” Will asked.

“This might be surprising to you, but I’ve never had a cute guy storm into my house and yell at me about computers before.” Will looked up from Derek’s computer, blushing.

“I haven’t had a cute guy dump a gallon of coffee all over me and steal my laptop before, either, but here we are.”

“Maybe you can yell about computers over lunch with me?”

3. Zimbits

Button downs. Tank tops. Slacks. Shorts. Three rolling pins. A pie tin. A half-emptied multipack of sharpies.

No lucky puck. No clothes in his size. No jerseys.

Jack sighed. It would just be too much to ask for anything to go well today. He picked up his phone to call someone with the Falconers, in the hope that they could talk to the airline and sort all this out. At the same time, his phone lit up with Tater’s face.

“Zimmboni! Look on twitter. Small internet baker has your suitcase!” Tater hung up before he could reply, so Jack just opened twitter instead. 

omgcheckplease: A bunch of pucks, some dirty jerseys, and a history textbook. Either I’m back in college or this isn’t my suitcase.

omgcheckplease: .@falcsofficial please tell your #1 player to DM me and come get his shit

omgcheckplease: and @falcsofficial tell him to give me my shit back. my hockey days are in the past, I need rolling pins, not a mouthguard

Jack smiled and laughed in the way a person laughs when they’re alone, just blowing more air than normal out of his nose. He looked through the twitter for a minute– the guy, Eric Bittle, was a Providence-based chef, whose latest tweets were mostly greetings to the various cities he’d been visiting on tour. Jack clicked the media tab on the account, and looked through the pictures. Bittle was cute. He wrote a reply.

zimmboni: .@omgcheckplease how do I send u a DM

omgcheckplease: .@zimmboni you don’t deserve to be verified, oh my god #verifybittle2k17

A few seconds later another notification popped up, and he tapped it to be brought to a DM window.

omgcheckplease: hey! sorry about the mixup. I can only imagine how confused you were to find all my book tour stuff.

zimmboni: Probably as confused as you were finding hockey stuff?

omgcheckplease: I wasn’t joking in my tweets, I did play hockey before I got into the whole cookbook/food show thing

zimmboni: Exactly, I did a book tour last year in the off-season :-)

omgcheckplease: oh my gosh, isn’t it the best and the worst?

zimmboni: I know. It’s great to meet people and talk about your work, but it’s exhausting.

omgcheckplease: that’s why I’m so excited to be back in Providence! at least until the next cookbook.

zimmboni: Well we should probably meet up to trade suitcases. Want to meet somewhere for dinner?

omgcheckplease: don’t trust me to learn where your house is?

zimmboni: I mean, if dinner goes well enough…

omgcheckplease: OH. okay, then, Mr. Zimmermann, it’s a date.

Jack smiled to himself, and got ready for his date.


‘  hi, guys! i’m broken.  ’
‘  send nude pics of your heart to me.  ’
‘  man, repressing your feelings is great.  ’
‘  i just want to sit and stare at nothing and silently scream for the rest of time.  ’
‘  birth is a curse and existence is a prison.  ’
‘  it’s ancient history? it was happening until twenty seconds ago.  ’
‘  one of the perks of living alone is that i get to just walk around naked.  ’
‘  i’ll miss you too, you sexy skyscraper.  ’
‘  you were already at almost-maximum hotness, but now you look like a sexy, tan rapunzel. ugh, the dream.  ’
‘  well, hooking up with someone with the exact same name, it is kind of a fun, narcissistic fantasy… i could be into it.  ’
‘  so far, i’m the best student. i’m gonna be the velociraptor.  ’
‘  i feel like ‘friends’ in season eight, out of ideas and forcing joey and rachel together, even though it made no sense.  ’
‘  i once got lost on an escalator, so i’m not exactly christopher columbus.  ’
‘  we’ve been through this thousands of times. i mean, can you… just chill out? is that possible?  ’
‘  you deserve to be happy because you are an impressive, thoughtful, and special person… not to mention, you have a rockin’ bod.  ’
‘  any place or thing in the universe can be up to 104% perfect. that’s how we got beyonce.  ’
‘  because of reasons. there are reasons! they exist and i don’t want to explain them right now.  ’
‘  i’m a canyon… full of poo-poo.  ’
‘  they are a couple and i am a third part of that couple.  ’
‘  it’s suddenly very important that i get drunk.  ’
‘  you got dreams in life? that’s lit.  ’
‘  be nicer to yourself.  ’
‘  how can i say no? …can i say no?  ’
‘  i don’t have a house. i live in a boundless void.  ’
‘  i have no idea what’s going on, but everyone is talking and i should too.  ’
‘  be nicer to yourself.  ’
‘  i’m too young to die and too old to eat off the kid’s menu. what a stupid age i am!  ’
‘  is this a game? i go first. i call blue!  ’
‘  aw, man. i wanted to push that button. not cool, dude.  ’
‘  we know everything. i don’t understand much of it, but you know, i know it.  ’
‘  that was my first time as a fashion ‘don’t’ and i did not care for it.  ’
‘  i’m just a girl, towering over a boy, asking him to admit he loves me.  ’
‘  hey there hot stuff, can i get you a cup of coffee?  ’
‘  do you have any feelings like that for me again now?  ’
‘  no, no, no, dude, dude, dude, you don’t have to explain yourself. we are on the same page.  ’
‘  i am revved up to learn, man. my brain is horny!  ’
‘  i used to think about how it’s weird they don’t make pants that are just one big pant leg for both your legs.  ’
‘  i felt bad about what i did. it was a weird feeling. not used to it. didn’t love it.  ’
‘  yeah, i love you. ugh, that’s embarrassing. i feel so itchy.  ’
‘  go fork yourself, you mean giraffe.  ’
‘  who needs a soulmate anyway? my soulmate will be… books.  ’
‘  what do we do? panic? freak? i usually panic, but i am happy to freak!  ’
‘  we’re gonna have assignments and quizzes and papers… it’s gonna be so much fun!  ’
‘  i’m in a perfect utopia and i have a stomachache.  ’
‘  i need to step outside for some air. and… i will not be back. for many days.  ’
‘  the point is, you’re cool, dope, fresh, and smart-brained.  ’
‘  yeah, dude. i’m not a monster… anymore.  ’
‘  i’m good. just hang out with her and name constellations after each other or whatever it is nerds do. i’m fine on my own.  ’
‘  i’m in this. we’re a team.  ’
‘  she makes the bass drop… in my heart.  ’
‘  is that some kind of nerd pick-up line? because it’s only kind of working.  ’
‘  ugh, of course your hugs are amazing.  ’
‘  okay, that’s really specific and that makes me think that you definitely did do that.  ’
‘  yeah, mm-hmm, everything is fine, it’s okay, yeah. i’m fine. so, it’s all fine.  ’
‘  look away! everybody look away. i’m going to keep watching, but you guys look away.  ’
‘  ugh, talking about your feelings is the worst.  ’
‘  i’ve been keeping a secret from you… about you. the thing is, it’s not even harming you and if i tell you i feel like it might harm you. so, uh, ethically speaking, i don’t think i have to tell you.  ’
‘  has anyone ever told you what a drag you are?  ’
‘  ‘bearer of bad news’? uh, i think you mean ‘bad news bear’.  ’
‘  honestly, the best move is to get another dude and just go to town. rebound guy.  ’
‘  but i am happy for them! i am! i am! am i? i am! i am not. i am not. i am not that. i am not happy for them.  ’
‘  i totally get it. i mean, he’s a ding dong, but also a straight hottie.  ’
‘  you want to hear his side? oh, no, no, no. that’ll only slow things down.  ’
‘  no! right? no, it felt like a no when i was doing it.  ’
‘  here’s the thing, i’m nice to you and you’re mean to me. there’s something wrong about that, but i can’t put my finger on it.  ’
‘  how am i doing? oh, well, you know… stomach’s in knots, i’m stress-grinding my teeth, and it feels like i’m being suffocated.  ’
‘  just shove your feelings way deep down, plaster on a smile, and pretend your having fun.  ’
‘  just shove your feelings way deep down, plaster on a smile, and pretend your having fun… just like i do when someone starts talking about their kids.  ’
‘  how do i put this delicately… it’s all stupid garbage!  ’
‘  i’m sorry i dragged you into this.  ’
‘  i’m sorry that i never did laundry… and that i waited until you were about to do yours and secretly tossed mine into the basket to trick you into doing it.  ’
‘  that’s a very, very bad idea. don’t be yourself!  ’
‘  great. yet again, it’s everyone against me because everyone except me is an idiot. why am i the only person who clearly sees what’s going on here?  ’

We need to talk about Voltron’s ableism

In the aftermath of S7 I’ve seen a lot of discussion about the way the show queerbaited audiences and then buried all the gays, and that discussion is important and needs to happen, and I think there’s a valid conversation to be had about how the show handled LGBT+ rep. But in the noise about queer representation, other issues are at risk of being lost, and it is important that we talk about how VLD utterly mistreats disabled, traumatised, and/or mentally ill characters. Particularly in reference to how they treat Shiro, and how his arc throughout the show has been handled.

Representation of disabled/traumatised/mentally ill (DTMI) characters is incredibly important. Like any marginalised group, DTMI fans benefit from seeing characters like us represented in positive ways. Society is full of incredibly shitty messaging about DTMI people: we are portrayed as burdens on those around us, or incapable of living fulfilling independent lives, or unlovable, or unworthy of friendship and companionship. Society at large has a huge problem with treating DTMI individuals as a source of ‘tragedy porn’ for able-bodied, neurotypical audiences, where viewers get to experience pity and a sense of 'thank goodness that’s not me’ relief at the thought of someone suffering over and over again. Trauma is often viewed as being irreparably damaging, so that once someone has experienced trauma they are portrayed as 'damaged goods’ and fundamentally broken beyond repair. Narratives in which DTMI characters overcome their struggles and go on to survive and thrive and be happy and fulfilled are therefore incredibly important and powerful and meaningful. We need these stories. And in VLD and Shiro, we thought we were going to get one.

The first two seasons of VLD seemed to set up a narrative in which the most prominently DTMI character was going to be treated right. Shiro went through a significant trauma (abduction by aliens, non-consensual amputation of a limb, torture) and emerged with a physical disability (requiring the use of a prosthetic) and a mental illness (PTSD, flashbacks, panic attacks, anxiety etc.). And he was the team leader. He was picked out by the mystical Lions to lead Voltron, the Defenders of the Universe. Despite everything he had been through, Shiro was not shuffled to the sidelines or marginalised in the narrative - he was front and centre. He was the awesome leader everyone looked up to. He was powerful and had agency and got to make his own choices, and he was happy and excited about his role. The narrative seemed to be one in which Shiro was able to move on and heal from his trauma by embracing a new role and identity as a Paladin of Voltron; a role that made him feel powerful and important, and that allowed him to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. But he also got to have friends: the rest of the team, who looked up to him and admired him.

For a DTMI character to be the one person everyone admired and idolised as the hero of the team was incredibly powerful and meaningful, and I know a lot of DTMI fans took inspiration from Shiro to keep fighting our own battles and pushing through our own struggles. The set-up in S1-2 gave us hope that Shiro would remain a central part of VLD’s narrative, and a central part of the Voltron Team. That was important - that he remain the leader of Voltron - because the show is called “Voltron: Legendary Defender” and the Voltron Paladins will always be viewed as the main characters, and they will always take centre stage in the story. Furthermore, the storyline in which Shiro bonds with the Black Lion became, to many fans, a powerful metaphor for healing and recovery. By bonding and connecting with Black, Shiro was able to break Zarkon’s hold over her and free her from her abuser. By stealing back the black bayard, Shiro was able to make both the Black Lion and himself whole again, and forge a new identity for himself: Black Paladin, leader of Voltron, defender of the universe. It felt like a triumphant moment, and the beginning of a new chapter for Shiro and Black to move forward together.

And then Shiro disappeared. And the show has treated him like absolute garbage ever since.

To be honest, the treatment of Shiro has always carried the vague undercurrent of “how many ways can we find to hurt him”, but in the first two seasons it was easy to overlook this because Shiro was narratively rewarded for the struggles he went through. Yes, bad things happened to him, he got tortured by Sendak, he had to fight Zarkon’s control of his Lion, he got zapped and electrocuted… but he was the leader and the Black Paladin. He was given something back: a Lion that he loved and bonded with and enjoyed flying; a team that looked up to him; friends and found-family around him who cared about him and reaffirmed his role and his importance: “You mean you’ve got your bayard.” “You are the Black Paladin now, not Zarkon.”

But since S3 onwards, Shiro’s treatment has descended gradually and inexorably into full-blown tragedy porn. By S7 we reached the point where it feels like his only role in the narrative is to suffer and hurt and have things taken away from him. It’s like the showrunners think that because he’s already been through one trauma, he’s damaged goods and can never heal - so you might as well keep hurting him, keep taking things away from him and making him suffer, because there was never any hope for him to be happy anyway. He’s the traumatised broken soldier and he can never be anything else.

Let’s take a look at how Shiro (and Kuron, Shiro’s clone) have been treated since he disappeared at the end of S2, so you can see what I mean by the descent into utter fucking shittiness:

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What Your Favourite Season Says About You

Autumn: You are a naturally reflective person, feeling your most at-home when lost in thought. You seek adventure in all its forms, even - and sometimes especially - if it means venturing out alone, as you tend to be very comfortable in your independence, which others don’t always seem to understand. You are the type of person who finds beauty within change, who seems to find inspiration most everywhere they go, and who possesses a warm and nurturing heart. Adorer of places that are both vibrant in atmosphere and energy, and also allow for good observing — bookshops, café’s, museums, and cobblestone roads.

Winter: You are a listener, one who is very content in providing comfort to others who may be seeking emotional refuge. While certainly not a “cold-hearted” person, you do tend to be less outwardly emotional, really only opening up to a select few. This gains you a reputation for coming across as reserved, when in actuality you are just pensive and quite-natured. However, during those times in which you are feeling more open, you prove to be an individual with an especially whimsical set of thoughts, and really quite friendly. You value your loved ones highly, and will gladly help them out with all of your being if duty ever calls. Adorer of places that possess a certain aura of magic within their history, and allow for quiet contemplation — chapels, old cabins, stretches of forest road.

Spring: You are the ultimate in natural-born leaders, standing out as someone who is generally bright and optimistic. You prefer to accomplish your self-set goals in creative ways, as you are the keeper of a naturally imaginative soul. It is easy for you to be overlooked as someone who is simply too cheery or ambitious at times, but deep down, you are just incredibly feeling and empathetic and wish for the best to be brought out in everyone. Being innovative, easygoing, and artistic are what keeps you thriving the most. You largely invite inner growth through change, welcoming it in all forms. Adorer of places that appeal to beings from all walks of life, as you love the feeling of unity — parks, campgrounds, rallies.

Summer: You are a free-spirited opportunist, which has its tendency to get you into trouble, but you simply adore creating memories. Your main goal is, more often than not; to try and see as much as you can, as you truly feel how short life is, and how little time we have to experience existence in a lively manner. You have a talent for balancing this bubbly energy with taking breaks — You know full-well that you feel your best when your mind is well-rested and can fully, freshly appreciate all the new memories you have yet to make. Adorer of places that possess high-energy, beckoning you with the promise of seeing new things — beaches, amusement parks, theatres.

Girl Meets World Season 4 Episodes and Synopsises

1x1 - Girl Meets Growing Up

Riley and her friends fear that in Junior year they will be so caught up in College and Growing that they will not have time for each other so they make a pact for the Sophomore Year.

1x2 - Girl Meets Freshman

The Gang walks the school exercising their Hugh School Experience and Performing the “Service” they got last year as well as getting to know the New Senior Class.

1x3 - Girl Meets Lucas and Zay

When a problem back in Texas brings Lucas and Zay together, The group tries to make sense of the situation and analyze what brought them together.

1x4 - Girls Meets New York City

Riley goes to Maya’s old apartment and realizes life outside of The New York suburbs for real.

1x5 - Girl Meets Move In

When Maya moves into her new house upstate with Shawn, she gets emotional about leaving where she started and now living with another person.

1x6 - Girl Meets Alphabetical Order

The group figures out just how different they really are from each other. Auggie and Ava have a sleepover and pour out their feelings

1x7 - Girl Meets Mr. Matthews

Riley accidentally digs up tapes that give a whole new look on her father. Maya helps her blackmail her father with information she knows. Auggie and Ava learn the concept of Blackmail

1x8 - Girl Meets New Dad

Maya learns to live with Shawn’s embarrassing and invasive rules. Maya acts out when she finds Shawn snooping on her computer.

1x9 - Girl Meets Scars

The group hits an awkward situation when the rest of the school still thinks the triangle is on-going. Riley gets offended when the school expresses their wants for Maya and Lucas to be together.

1x10 - Girl Meets Auggie’s Birthday

This year, Riley is out in charge to organize the best birthday ever for Auggie and she is determined to succeed.

1x11 - Girl Meets Squad

The group has an argument when a girl wants to join their friend group, Maya and Riley learn what it would mean to have new friends.

1x12 - Girl Meets Boys

A Field Trip to New York brings Evan up to Riley and Charlie has gone through “The Hot Over Summer Treatment”. Jealousy threatens to overcome Lucas

1x13 - Girl Meets Smart

When Farkle is selected for a worldly ranked Mathematics Competition, The group learns what it’s like to be in Farkle’s shadow.

1x14 - Girl Meets Dress Code

When Maya’s shoulders show through her dress, she takes a stand against the dress code.

1x15 - Girl Meets Responsibility

Riley is now Responsible for Dinner, Auggie and Herself at Home because of her age. We also see the characters struggle through their newfound responsibilities.

1x16 - Girl Meets Sweet Sixteen, Again!

Riley and Maya decide to have a dual sweet sixteen between the two of them but they struggle to decide on a theme. Auggie gets envious of the attention Riley is getting.

1x17 - Girl Meets Clubs

Riley decides to join Band with Maya. When Maya turns out to be a band genius, Riley gets jealous of her best friend.

1x18 - Girl Meets World of Terror 3

The group discovers why they are drawn to each other in the first place when their feelings show boldly.

1x19 - Girl Meets Drive

The gang couldn’t be more excited about their driver’s test

1x20 - Girl Meets Homecoming

The group dresses formally to attend the Homecoming Ball. Riley decides she wants to redo her kiss with Lucas.

1x21 - Girl Meets Adoption Part 1

Maya is ecstatic to be Adopted but the situation turns when she finds out her birth dad has to sign the papers.

1x22 - Girl Meets Adoption Part 2

The adoption ceremony is final and everyone comes together for it

1x23 - Girls Meets Long Game

Maya thinks she has everything Riley has now but is envious when she realizes that her and Lucas are official unlike her and Josh. Maya works but the courage to ask Josh about what they are.

1x24 - Girl Meets Middle School

The group takes a trip back to the middle school on the last day of sophomore year and discuss college, their lives as they know it, and what’s to come.


  • so. andrew takes neil to an aquarium for his birthday
  • neil has never been to an aquarium before so he’s excited because he loves trying new things and figuring out how to Be Neil Josten and live like a normal person
  • andrew likes aquariums bc of some sad reasons involving his childhood in foster homes that we won’t get into rn
  • his enjoyment of them has kind of been tainted by his trauma but he thinks that with neil he can learn to love them again and reclaim this thing that used to bring him joy
  • so they go to the aquarium
  • they do the whole thing, stopping at every single exhibit, beginning to end
  • neil loves the penguins and the otters, he thinks they’re funny and he spends almost half an hour in front of their exhibits watching them play
  • andrew pretends to be annoyed but lbr he’s just happy to see neil laughing
  • andrew likes the shark tunnel, it’s his favorite thing in the whole place, followed by the jellyfish exhibit
  • when they’re in the shark tunnel, they stand there and watch the sharks swim above their heads and all around them and andrew just feels so calm watching them swim by
  • neil is fascinated by them, and even more fascinated by the look of peace on andrew’s face
  • andrew makes them wait there until everyone else is gone, and then he kisses neil in the cool glow of the reflection from the water
  • it’s a picture perfect moment
  • and then neil takes out his camera (because he is a photographer in canon now THANKS NORA) and takes a picture
  • he gets andrew’s face framed by the light of the shark tunnel and it becomes one of his favorite pictures in the world because andrew doesn’t even look annoyed, he’s got that soft just-been-kissed look on his face and he looks so calm
  • they hold hands the rest of the way through the aquarium
  • they stop and look at the jellyfish for a while, and that’s really calming too because everything is kind of glowing and it’s just quiet and peaceful
  • it’s also an off-season day so there aren’t a lot of people around to begin with
  • they do that thing with the touch tank where they put their hands in the water to feel the backs of stingrays and neil’s eyes just get wide and he goes “whoa, that’s really cool”
  • listen i love neil discovering new things that he loves
  • and i love andrew showing him these things and helping him figure out who he is
  • so then eventually they get to the end, and to the gift shop
  • andrew buys neil some cute penguin merch, and neil insists he can buy it himself but it’s his birthday and this is part of his present
  • so neil buys andrew a shark keychain for his car keys, and a shark tooth necklace
  • andrew wears it every day after that
  • when they’re driving home, andrew takes neil’s hand over the glovebox. neil is smiling and happy and just so bright and he says softly, “thank you”
  • andrew responds a few minutes later, and he just says “happy birthday”
  • after that, they make it an annual tradition to go to the aquarium on neil’s birthday and andrew replaces his old memories of them with newer, happier ones
  • the end
  • i love my boys and i love them soft goodnight

Title: Evening Blue
Character: Shaun Murphy
A/n: The Good Doctor is gonna get a full season, and I’m ready to write a fuckton of stories for this show because of how happy it makes me feel. I’m also trying to use the doctor jargon, but I can only figure out so much without it becoming ridiculous, so forgive me.

You hazily began to fill out some release forms for one of your patients that had been admitted the night before, you were on call almost the entire time and you didn’t get much sleep because of it.

You felt yourself begin to nod off when your shoulders were abruptly shaken. Your eyes flung open and you turned to see Claire smirking at you.

“Late night?” She asked, placing her clipboard next to yours while she began to flip through her own papers.

You yawned, noticing that your handwriting was beginning to go all over the place. “When is it anything else?”

Claire smiled, reaching behind the counter and sliding a steaming coffee cup over to your side.

You took one glance at it and broke out into fake sobs while you hugged her. “Did I ever mention how much I love and adore you?”

You heard her laugh before you broke away from her, taking off the cup of the coffee to blow at it for a few moments before taking generous sips out of it while you finished the release form.

“Hey, I’m gonna check the OR schedule,” Claire announced after a few mintues of nothing but the sound of pen on paper occupied your space. “We can meet up for lunch though?”

“Sounds good to me, boss,” You said with a mock salute, causing her to smile again. “Try not to kill anyone.”

“I’ll do my best.” She announced, saluting back to you.

“Doctor (L/n)!”

You slightly flinched at the abrupt peak in the volume around you and your hand shot up to your head. Turning around you saw Shaun standing there, hands clasped as usual, he had a smile on his face as he walked up to you.

“Good morning, Dr. Murphy.” You said, nursing your coffee in your hands while you turned to fully face him.

“You look terrible.”

You couldn’t help but laugh, you hadn’t been around any mirrors lately, but you could easily imagine how haggard you looked after almost an entire night at the hospital.

“Yeah, I was here late last night. I’m gonna try and fix myself up before my first shift so no one else has to suffer through it.”

“O-Oh, I don’t mean that you look ugly, just very tired is all, you might want to try getting some rest at some point.” He clarified, still smiling.

You blinked, not really know whether he was trying to compliment you or not, so you smiled back. “Well thank you, how are you today?”

“It’s my first full day working here,” He said, bouncing slightly as he spoke. “I also rode the bus.”

You smiled. “Oh yeah? Sounds fun.”

“What was your first day like?”

You huffed at the sudden question, trying to think of exactly what happened, but just as you began to piece an answer, your pager went off.

“A tale for another time,” You said before waving him off. “Good luck, Shaun!”

Shaun waved back, even though you weren’t looking at him anymore. “Thank you.”

“I got to assist in surgery!”

You recognized Shaun’s voice, and you looked up from your patient files to see him bounding towards you from the end of the hall. His hair flopping all over the place when he took each step.

You smiled at the expression on his face, feeling a happy surge of proudness swallow up the current fatigue you were currently trying to ward off with excessive caffeine consumption. “Hey! That’s great!”

He nodded, his eyes flashing to you before they fell onto the window behind you. “It was a little girl, Martine, I sent her home earlier because I was on scutwork and I wasn’t allowed to do much. Nurse Fryday was my boss for today, but Martine had an intestinal malrotation, she was totally unresponsive when I first went to get her but she’s doing fine now. I was only on suction but what matters is that she’s okay now.”

All of this was said very quickly, he stumbled over a few of his words but you were able to get the main idea of his tangent.

“You know, your pretty good at this whole doctor thing.” You mused, noticing his smile broadened as he stood taller.

“I didn’t do much, only suction.” He reminded.

You yawned into your the crook of your arm and leaned against the wall, your eyes shutting momentarily. “Doesn’t matter, you were the one to figure it out. And you were the one who drove out of your way to get her. She’s alive because of you.” Shaun took notice to how your speech had slowed down, and you broke off during the end of your sentences.

There was silence, and you opened your eyes to check on him, only to find Shaun sitting on the ground next to you, leaning close to your face.

“You haven’t gotten any rest, have you?”

You shook your head. “I tried, but there was too much to do and-”

“You should really get some proper sleep tonight, it’s very unhealthy to have multiple restless nights and it could be very potentially dangerous for you-”

“I know,” You said with a chuckle, but it sooned died off when you noticed he still looked concerned. “Hey, don’t worry too much, I’m gonna head out in a couple minutes.” You said, giving his shoulder a small nudge as you propped yourself up. Deciding to save your ‘passing out in an elevator’ story for another time.

“Do you promise?”

“Promise what?”

“Promise that you will get more rest from now on.”

You smiled, placing your bag around your shoulders before heaving a sigh. “I promise that I will get more rest, as long as you do the same.”

“I already sleep a healthy amount of hours for my age.”

You laughed, pulling your keys from your bag before turning around to face him again. “Do you-” You paused for a moment, wondering if your question would come off as odd before continuing. “-Want a ride home?”

“I’m still in my scrubs.” He pointed out.

“It’s fine, I can wait for you.”

Shaun was now looking at you, something that only happened when he was deep in thought. “That would be very nice of you, thank you.”

You watched him stand up, becoming aware now of how tall he was before you nodded at him. “I’ll meet you out front, okay?”

Shaun nodded back, trying to mask his concern when you yawned again. “Okay.”

Little Library Girl ; (Jungkook x Reader)

Description: Jungkook is the star quarterback of his college, but he has to keep his grades up in order to continue to play.  With calculus being his hardest subject, he is tutored by Y/n, someone who is the complete opposite of him.  With stress rising with the upcoming championship, his feelings for Y/n are making things much more complicated.  Take the glory of football, a little library girls, and throw in a malicious opponent… you’ve got a whole lot of trouble.

Genre: Angst, fluff

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of sex

Word Count: 5,083

“Okay, so here are all of the books I could check out here at the library and I bought a couple from Barnes and Noble.  We should be all set!” Y/n said, dumping the books on the table in front of Jungkook.

Scattered on the table were several calculus books.  He pushed them around so that he could see every single one of them, picking them up and sarcastically reading the titles, one in particular catching his eye, “Calculus For Dummies.” he gave her a quick glare before dropping it on the table.

Y/n shrugged, “Take what you get.  You asked for my help and this is what you get.”

“I’m so over college and studying and education in general.” Jungkook complained, heavily throwing his head back, his hands running through his hair.

Lightly smacking the back of his head to bring him back to focus, she took her seat next to him and opened up the book closest to her.  Jungkook rubbed the back of his head, groaning as he leaned forward and scooted closer to her.  They were sat in the back corner of the local library studying as they had every day for the past quarter.

Jungkook was leaned in close, his arm brushing against hers as he listened to her start to walk him through how they were going to study for the Calc-107 course mid-term.  The two of them had started working together at the beginning of the school year to make sure Jungkook kept his grades up for football season and now it was time for him to start preparing for his final and Y/n was determined to make sure he got a good score.

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Things that happened after I became a stay at home wife

1. I rediscovered my beauty. Suddenly I had time to take care of myself. No longer I had eye bags, I could exercise, do my nails, put on face masks. All of this may seem trivial but I was so tired and unhappy with my job and the travel time. I was this beaten up shell of myself just going through life without any care of what may happen to me. I have now time to love me and make me feel beautiful, I act beautiful.

2. My relationship with my husband is stronger now. Nothing says “I trust you” more than just let him take care of me and be my provider and now he is so much more protective and loving. He has always being those things and yet he managed to give more. I learned that when a man feels your trust and how you believe in him, he can not help but cherish you and treasure you, and I can never get tired of that.

3. He is doing so much better at his job and in his life. He gets home now only to rest, no more shared house chores. I remember him every day how great he is and that confidence goes with him everywhere, he had never been this strong and self assured and I cannot help it, I love him more for it. He loves my cooking and he gets it every day, if he’s tired I no longer drop dead next to him in bed, I make him some tea, I give him a massage. We have time to have sex, I want now to have sex (remember, I feel beautiful).

4. I have time to pursue my hobbies. I started this blog, I write poetry, I exercise, I cook new recipes, I’m learning how to sew. I started college again too, even though I’m taking it easy. Since there’s no need for me to work, I study just because it brings me joy, and there’s no need  to rush. I’ll get my degree but my priority is just to be happy. (He has to repeat this in exam season every time though, sadly stress can get a little hard to manage).

I know the most important part of my life, and the reason that we both are so happy is because we deeply love each other, not that I’m homemaker. We would be happy even if something bad happened and I had to go out to work again. There are also woman who find their job meaningful and I will not tell any of them to give it up.

However, if there’s a woman out there who can be at home, who wants to be at home but still is not sure about, talk about it with their partner, most man also want this. Life’s too short to not be happy.

Ahead Of Myself

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Pairing: Sweet Pea x Reader

Description: Based on Ahead Of Myself - X Ambassadors.

Warnings: None I can think of.

Word Count: 928

A/N: Season 2B starts today! Scared? Excited? Let’s talk about it! Me and my friend @jugheadxreaderinyourhead (sorry I keep tagging you in stuff) have a theory there’s more than one Black Hood. I’m feeling this can have a part 2 for this, what do you guys think?

Tag: @southsidejuggie @ju-gg @lostnliterature @eternally-infinitely

Y/N secures a thick envelope in the back pocket of her jeans and lays her jacket in the passenger seat of her father’s truck, only because heading to the Sheriff’s station - again - with the Southside Serpents patch would only aggravate things. “I’m here to post bail on…” She’s cut off by the Deputy. “Yeah. We know. He’ll be right out.” He takes the envelope from Y/N and instructs her to sit on a chair in the waiting room. It’s not the first time her savings - from Southside Serpents jobs - end up as bail money and - unfortunately - it won’t be the last. At some point, that became the main reason she saves it.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any pining lance fic recs?

👀 Oh boy do I

Handsome Dude From The Train by KaSaPe (8k)

It all starts when Lance decides to do a nice thing to the punk/emo guy on the train. Because good deeds are important, that’s what life (and his mamá) taught him.

It ends with a friendship he never would have dreamed of.


AKA The one where Lance and Keith communicate through sticky notes and Lance manages to fall for the handsome dude from the train. Fun Fact: If you want to kill me, just shove this fic in my face it’s literally one of my favorites it’s so fucking cute and soft I’m just

Feelings On Fire (Guess I’m A Bad Liar) by melancholymango (23k)

“I don’t know, it kinda makes sense?” Hunk suggested carefully, picking Lance’s legs up just enough to sit down beneath them and then allowing them to fall onto his lap. Hunk rubbed soothingly at Lance’s calves, the blue paladin having gone back to hiding his face in the cushions. “The witch wanted to teach Lance a lesson in truthfulness and if there’s anyone that Lance lies to the most, it’s Keith. I mean, he acts like he hates the guy when in reality he-”

“Doesn’t.” Lance grit out, word slightly distorted and muffled from where his face currently was. He lifted his head, looking back at Hunk with a glare. “We don’t need to go into detail about it, Hunk.”

(AKA that one fic where Lance is cursed to be honest to and about the person he lies to more than anyone else. Hijinks ensue.)


Okay this fic is so funny and in character I love it to bits like the boys are so fucking soft and all the character interactions are just so well written like it’s good my dude

Up in the Clouds by VulpesVulpes713 (14k)

Where usually Lance found a thrill in the sudden speed of the aircraft as it raced down the runway, he was too preoccupied to really notice them lift off. Too distracted to even glance out the window and watch the scenery turn to specs of colour before being shrouded by clouds.

All he wanted was for the seatbelt sign to turn off, so he could plug in his headphones and sleep the rest of the flight away.

Just make it through without any further embarrassments and everything will be great.

Lance is an awkard bean around Keith, who just so happens to be the flight attendant on his plane. Someone help this poor boy.


The flight attendant au I never knew I needed in my life. This fic is so fucking funny like you would not believe how many times Lance can manage to embarrass himself on a two hour flight god he’s so talented

Keith’s Type  by AmbitiousSkychild (24k)

It figures that after years of getting it hilariously wrong face-to-face, Lance finally gets good at talking to Keith through a screen, which is, like, one of his biggest accomplishments. Then, Pidge makes the comment that Keith has a type, while heavily implying that it’s Matt.

But, listen, with everything going on with Voltron, the coalition, the Blade of Marmora, and Coran, Lance isn’t going to get distracted worrying about it.
Ask anyone, he’s always been great with measuring levels of importance…


One of my favorite season 4 fix-it fics like it’s so good I love it. It’s all written so well and seeing Lance being slightly jealous is a fun time mjdhghfdje

Apple of my Eye

pairing : Jonathan Byers x reader

warnings : smut kinky!

requests : none

a/n : happy halloween! here’s some stranger things smut to get you in the spooky spirit:))

Jonathan was lazily sitting against the living room chair as his mother and her new boyfriend Bob were watching mindless tv. Will had gone out with his friends and the only other halloween type thing going on was a party that he wasn’t even invited to.

When the phone rang, Jonathan practically leaped up and raced over to get away from the disgusting sight of the two new lovers cuddling on the couch. He happily answered to hear the sound of his girlfriend’s voice cutting though.

“Hey, are you coming to the party?” She asked cheerily.

“I wasn’t planning on it but if you’re going I’ll come.” Jonathan smiled as he shoved his other hand into his pocket and rocked back and forth on his heels.

“Great, do you want to pick me up or will I meet you there?”

“I’ll just pick you up,” Jonathan offered.

“Sounds great, make sure you dress up!” She exclaimed. I hung up and grabbed my denim jacket off the back of the dining room chair.

“Jonathan, where are you going?” His mom called from the couch.

“(Y/N) and I are going to a halloween party, I’ll see you later.” He called to the both of them.

“Oooh who’s (Y/N)?” Bob asked. Jonathan simply rolled his eyes as he shrugged on his jacket and slipped on his sneakers. He opened the door, purposely slamming the door a little harder than normal to express his dissatisfaction with Joyce’s new man.

Jonathan turned the keys in the car, pressing onto the gas as he drove to his girlfriends house to pick her up.

When he reached the front of her house, he exited the car and went up, knocking at the front door.

She greeted him with a warm smile but it quickly turned into a frown as she eyed him up and down.

“Where on earth is your costume?” She gasped at his lack of halloween spirit.

“Right here, I’m dressing up as a person who hates to wear costumes.” Jonathan joked earning a laugh from (Y/N). She bounded to the car like a little puppy and Jonathan trailed behind, taking in the view of his exquisite girlfriend like she was framed in an art museum.

They both entered the car and Jonathan headed to the direction of the party.

Once they arrived it was obvious that the party wasn’t quite their speed. But, nevertheless, they entered the house being greeted by very few and the only people they really considered their friends.

“I’m going to get us some drinks.” (Y/N) said, her voice slightly strained having to yell over the music.

“Is that a good idea?” Jonathan asked and she placed her hands on her hips.

“No, it’s a great idea. Come on Jonny, let’s have some fun. After all we don’t ever get to do this.” She says as she’s already walking over, filling up two red solo cups with a liquid that had a very strong smell of alcohol. She handed me a cup with a large grin and I returned with a small smile, letting the alcoholic beverage burn down my throat as we drank.

My eyes squeezed shut at the taste and I looked over to see she was the exact same.

It didn’t take long for the alcohol to kick in, and (Y/N) made her way to the dance floor along with the rest of the drunk teens. Swaying her hips back and forth in a sloppy motion. Jonathan chuckled at her as she danced. He didn’t understand how someone could still look so beautiful even at the state they were in. He was also sure that the alcohol had taken over when his feet began moving closer and closer to her. He placed his hands along her hips and swayed with her to the intense music.

Resting his head in the crook of her neck, Jonathan tightened the grip of his fingers around (Y/N)’s waist. Her hips dig into him with each sway and Jonathan could feel himself beginning to grow harder with each act of friction.

“What do you say we take this home?” Jonathan whispered in her ear and she nodded frantically.

Jonathan pushed her up against his bedroom door as he finished slamming it shut.

“What about your mom? Will?” (Y/N) questioned as he bit down on her neck and began to unbuttoned her blouse.

“That’s easy, Will is spending the night at Mike’s and my mom is off screwing her boyfriend in some random location.” He answered.

“Just like what I’m about to do.” As he grabbed her thighs and hoisted her up, pinning her up to the door as he captured her lips in a rough kiss. Her legs wrapped around his waist as her hands flew into his mess of hair, tugging harshly at the strands cause him to let out a growl.

Jonathan shrugged the jacket off his body and discarded (Y/N)’s shirt as well. Jonathan roughly threw kisses down her body as she let her head fall back against the wooden door.

Soon Jon threw her onto the bed, hovering over to her as he feverly placed his lips on her once more.

As her hands clawed down his back, his hand made their way under her jeans and slowly slipping a finger inside her. She let out a gasp at the sudden feeling and Jonathan smirked.

“Are you this wet for me baby?” He asked as he began to pump now two fingers through her.

“Yes Jonathan, yes.” She cried out in pleasure.

“What’s my name?” Jonathan said sternly as he stopped his actions.

“Daddy.” She said quietly under her breath.

“That’s right,” Jonathan smiled and continued his actions of pumping his fingers, now at a faster speed. (Y/N) became a moaning mess at the friction.

She went for his jeans, unbuckling his belt and then pushing down his jeans.

“What do you want? Huh?” Jonathan whispered huskily in her ear.

“I need you.” She said breathlessly.

“You need to be more specific.”

“I need you to fuck me daddy.” She pleaded and Jonathan’s smirk grew.

“You’re wish is my command.” He smiled. Jonathan practically ripped of the rest of her clothing off as well as his own clothing.

He wasted no time in filling her up and they both let out a deep moan at the satisfying feeling. Jonathan began thrusting, hard and fast and (Y/N) grinded into him to create more friction.

Jonathan grabbed onto a chunk of (Y/N)’s hair and pulling on it roughly making her groan in pain but in pleasure as well. (Y/N) violently dug her nails in the flesh on his back and Jonathan’s thrusts started to become sloppy and losing rhythm.

“I-I’m close.” (Y/N) stuttered our, her voice cracking and practically gone.

“I know baby, me too. Come for daddy.” He growled deeply in her ear. His head ducked down, biting onto her sweet spot on her neck, sucking hard and sending her over the each.

Letting the wave of pleasure wash over, Jonathan came down from his high as well. Though they were both already tired, they rode out their highs until they we finished. (Y/N)’s legs were uncontrollably shaking at the force of her orgasm and once Jonathan removed himself from her, his confidence faded as he looked at her almost lifeless body.

“Are you okay?” He asked softly as he pushed back her hair.

“Never better.” She smiled and placed a sweet kiss on the corner of his mouth.

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