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#306: 'The Story Of Us Now'

How Long Will I Love YouThe Story Of Us Now- One Shot #306

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Song: Story Of My Life- One Direction 

Harry wrapped his hand around his coffee cup, mindful of the sleeping baby cradled in his arm, and padded around the concrete studio floor, with a camera over his shoulder. “Are you ready for your debut, little one?” he cooed down to chunky baby in his arms. He looked around at all of the different sets for the revamp of the ‘Story Of My Life’ video on its, a little later than ten year anniversary. While the concept for this video was a mirror image to the first, the five boys that had grown into men, and with those ten years, came a wave of new moments that had, thankfully, all been captured on film and emblazoned into shiny photo prints.  

The studio was buzzing with activity, as five different sets were being put together and everyone was being fitted in wardrobe and primped and polished in hair and makeup. There was crew milling around, directing all of the family involved in this version of the video. He could hear the twins howling with laughter as Louis chased after them, and the scamper of little feet against the slick, sealed concrete. Harry winced, hearing their giggles and praying to a higher power that they wouldn’t fall and bang up their knees.

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