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Imagine your OTP is from a future absolute dictatorship, Person A is part of the resistance, and Person B is a transhuman who has a perfect body but is also incapable of thinking about much of anything besides how great the government is. Then, due to shenanigans, they get zapped back in time to the apocalypse that brought the dictatorship to power in the first place. This also means that Person B is turned into a normal human, so they have the ability to think independently for the first time since they were a very young child. (Bonus: Person C is Person A’s fellow resistance member who also gets sent back.)

Otp Music AU

- A is a prodigy who tries to teach B how to play an instrument and it turns into a conversation about koalas

- A is in a band, and B dislikes the the genre they play but since they like A so much the genre starts to sound good after a while

- A teaches B how to play guitar by putting their hands on B’s to show them the cords and they both madly blush

- A and B are in rival bands and the tension between them fuels their song writing, so when they are on stage singing about love, they are actually singing about one another

- A and B bond over their same taste in music and they end up going on a date to a concert, a few years later they go to the same band’s concert except this time A proposes to B

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In a story where A hangs around B because they like to annoy them, and B hates A because of this, do you have any ideas for how they'd fall for each other?

•they both work around children and B sees A is really good with children because they joke around with them like they do with B
•B starts having dreams about A because they got in their head and now they can’t stop thinking about them
•A becomes so used to being around B and B becomes so used to A being around that one time when they have to spend more time apart than usual they start to miss each other’s company
•they wind up on a trip with some friends or coworkers and are forced to spend more intimate time together, in which B learns some more personal things about A and starts to think of them differently
•A saves B’s life (or even just saves them from an awkward situation) and B starts to feel…things…
•they get really drunk one night and B reveals how they really feel about A, but B forgets while A remembers and now feels differently
•something causes them to have to pretend to be a couple for a period of time and they realize they aren’t so bad together
•B sees A flirting with someone else and finds themselves really jealous even though they thought they hated A

I am so sorry these took so long!!! I hope they help…

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Boyf riends 2

2. Imagine person A of your OTP relentlessly flirting with B in public, just to see B blush.

“Aw, look you’re blushing,” Michael teased, “That’s adorable.”

“S-Shut up! It’s not adorable, it’s dumb!” Jeremy stammered, blushing profusely.

Michael wouldn’t give up that easily, he was on a mission. His mission; see how red his boyfriend could get from him flirting with him. It really was adorable, which was the main reason Michael wanted to see how flustered he could make him.

“Really? Could’ve fooled me,” Michael smirked, circling around Jeremy, “You know what’s really dumb? How fuckin’ gorgeous you are.”

“Michael, please…” Jeremy whined, hiding his red face behind his hands.

“I mean, that’s not the only reason I love you,” Michael giggled, playfully smacking Jeremy’s butt, “You have a great ass.”

Jeremy jolted upright, “MICHAEL!” he screamed.

“I’m just joshing,” Michael chuckled, “Your personality is great too. You’re the sweetest, most full of life person I’ve ever met.”

Jeremy started to lower his hands, despite the unbelievable flush still covering his face. He smiled warmly at Michael.

“I love you Jeremiah Heere.” Michael said, lacing their fingers together.

“I love you Michael Mell.” Jeremy smiled before pulling him into a quick kiss.


“Shut the fuck up Jeremy.”

Otp Questions

1. Who likes to steal the other person’s hats?
2. When do they know that they were meant to be together?
3. Who would they throw a surprise birthday party for?
4. Who asks their partner’s parents/guardians permission to get married?
5. How do they take care of one another when they are sick?
6. How do they show their affection?
7. What breed of dog would they want to adopt?
8. Who would win in a pillow fight?
9. What is their favourite holiday to spend together?
10. Who would run their partner a bath after a long day?

SHIPPING INFO // Answer the following for your muse(s) so people know how shipping works on your blog. REPOST. Don’t reblog.

What’s your OTP for your Muse?: It’s most definitely Warstan and Johnlock, and has been since I started writing John back in 2012 (on another website). Having said that, I’m extremely particular about the Sherlocks and Marys I write with, just because I have such a clear idea of what their dynamic is like, and what Sherlock and Mary are like. As with any other ships, the chemistry has to be there. So not every Sherlock and Mary will do. But I think that counts for any writing that’s done on this website, no? You have to Feel It in order for it to work.

What are you willing to RP when it comes to shipping?:  The people I ship hard with tend to also be people I am comfortable with on an ooc level. So I’m willing to do just about anything, provided it’s been discussed with my partner and both parties feel comfortable with it. And suitably inspired/motivated to write it out, of course.

How large does the age gap have to be to make it uncomfortable?:   Oh heck. Um. I think the biggest age gap I have at the moment is with Katy’s Mar @brightflight, which is, like… 17 years apart? 18 years? I mean, John’s age ranges from late thirties to 43 by the end of series 4, and Tumblr isn’t exactly the best at having diversity when it comes to age, so, yeah. Anyway, to answer the question, it depends on the other mun and muse, really. Obviously, underage is a massive nope. Other than that, well, my muse is a flirtateous dog. Shrugs. What can you do.

Are you selective when shipping?: Yes. Though I will say I am willing to have a go at things, but I tend to know pretty quickly if the chemistry is there or not.

How far do steamy moments have to go before they’re considered NS.FW?:  Anything beyond kissing with John tends to get pretty nsfw pretty fast. His thoughts and emotional responses can be as graphic as his physical ones, and he’s not shy, so. Yeah.

Who are other muses you ship your muse with?: From the show, that’d be Mary Morstan, Sherlock Holmes, Mycroft Holmes and Molly Hooper. Sometimes Jim, but I’m impossibly selective with that particular ship. Established and non-BBC Sherlock ships I’ve come to adore through this website are with the following muses: Margaux Hawke @brightflight, Francis Dolarhyde @thisbecoming, Wanda Maximoff @witcheswrath. And then there’s a few muses John may get shippy with in the future, but let’s see.

Does one have to ask to ship with you?: No, mostly because it won’t work. I can’t “turn on” the shipping mindset because someone asks. It either works, or it doesn’t. Chemistry, and all that. If anything, asking to ship with me will have the opposite effect and make me less likely to want it. I’m sort of a jerk that way.

How often do you like to ship?: Shipping frequency isn’t exactly something I measure… Again, it either happens or it doesn’t. 

Are you multiship?:  Yup.

Are you ship obsessed or ship more-or-less?: I don’t need ships, if that’s the question. In my five years of writing John I’ve had ships come and go, and they’ve all been lovely and added something to my development of John (and me as a writer). But I am quite devoted to the ships I do have.

What is your favorite ship in your current fandom?: Anyone who has been paying attention of late knows I’ve been bitten by the Johncroft virus, which hasn’t really happened since 2013, which was the last time that particular ship took over my life. And that was just in fanfic. So imagine the utter ruin that is me at now getting to write out this ship. I am! Completely! Destroyed!

Finally, how does one ship with you?:  Write your muse the way you want to. If we’re meant to have chemistry, it will be there, and it will be wonderful. Other than that, there’s really no set course on how to ship with me.

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Hey there, I like your blog a lot and have been following it for quite a while, thank you for all of your metas and translations! I just wanted to say that people seem to think that kiibouma is more canon than a lot of ouma ships, mainly because they are often put next to each other quite a bit in official merch. Don't get me wrong I like kiibouma as much as I can while already having saiouma as my otp but do you think it's true? Oh btw how long have you been in the DR fandom for?

I wouldn’t say that either ship is “more canon” per se, mostly because there aren’t any official canon ships. There are canonical feelings in ndrv3, certainly, but they’re always one-sided. There hasn’t been a single canon ship with feelings confirmed on both sides to date in the DR franchise–lots of baiting, though.

Using official merch as “proof” of how canon a ship is can be… well, pretty misleading. After all, Kodaka loves using his merchandise to throw people off. If merch or official art were the only thing necessary to prove the canonical basis of a ship, then harumatsu or kirizono would be canon–despite the fact that both Kaede and Maizono are killed off much too early for either ship to ever count as such.

What I can say is that Ouma does have canonical feelings for Saihara, confirmed in Chapter 4, the same way that Saihara has feelings for Kaede, Maki for Momota, etc. How Saihara feels, whether he might reciprocate under other circumstances, and so on are all left up to player interpretation. Ouma’s feelings for Saihara are certainly presented within the narrative (his confession scene in Chapter 4, his FTEs, his whiteboard, and more), but that doesn’t make saiouma canon–again, because Saihara is never canonically shown to reciprocate.

I really like kiibouma and saiouma both. I’d say kiibouma is probably one of my favorite ndrv3 ships, in fact, right after saiouma and himitenko. But it’s definitely not canonically confirmed. The official art and merchandise of them together is much more of an allusion to the parallels and the fact that they were both set up to be “hope” and “despair” respectively within the killing game show, rather than proof that it’s a canon ship, in my opinion.

Also, I’ve been into DR ever since 2013, more or less! I was around back when Orenronen was translating the first game, so I’ve seen the fandom go through quite a lot of changes!

Thanks for asking, anon!

  • Wade: In Scooby Doo, secret tunnels are always behind shelves and shit.
  • Peter: Could we not base our decisions on what does and doesn’t happen in episodes of Scooby Doo, damn it!

…I feel like there’s a story here.