how are they not your otp

  • Wade: Did you know a spider can hold eight guns at once?
  • Peter: How does it walk?
  • Wade:
  • Wade: Did you know a spider can hold seven guns at once?
100 Otp Questions

1. Who loves flower crowns more?
2. Who is the one who likes to cuddle?
3. Who has awful taste in music?
4. Who is the meme lover?“
5. How did their second date go?
6. How many children do they want/have?
7. Who hides the weapons?
8. Who is the better dancer?
9. Do/Did they have a theme wedding?
10. What do their parents think of them dating?
11. Are they a super sappy couple?
12. How did they get together?
13. Who asked the other to get married?
14. Who stays up too late and makes stupid jokes?
15. Who is the nerd?
16. Who knows the most obscure facts?
17. Who makes the other a flower crown?
18. Who likes to read?
19. Who bothers the other person while the other person reads?
20. Who tutors the other?
21. Do they have similar taste in movies?
22. How do their personalities compliment each other?
23. How do they tell everyone that they are going to be having a kid/adopting a child soon?
24. Who has better fashion sense?
25. Who will punch someone out if they are rude to their partner?
26. What songs do they sing together in the vehicle?
27. What other couple would your otp get along with?
28. Who likes to prank the other?
29. Who is the one who loves to take pictures?
30. How would they react if they found out they were soul mates?
31. Where would they live?
32. What type of dragon would they own, if they could have one?
33. If they were both vampires, what type of vampires would they be?
34. What would they dress up as, for Halloween?
35. Can they name each other’s favourite food?
36. Do they have pet names for one another?
37. How do they cheer each other up?
38. Do they show a lot of PDA?
39. How old were they when they got together?
40. Who is the one that would bring the puppy home?
41. Can they do yoga couple’s poses?
42. What is their song?
43. What does their room look like?
44. Who would be the one to kill zombies while the other keeps them grounded?
45. Who makes the other breakfast in bed?
46. Who loves kids more?
47. Do either of them have a crazy ex?
48. What are their favourite colours?
49. Who likes to cook?
50. Who is the forgetful one?
51. Does either of them know how to fight?
52. What do they do for Valentines Day?
53. Who swears more?
54. Who has the better comebacks?
55. Who would start a fight with another parent at a bake sale?
56. Who reads buzzfeed?
57. Who is the hopeless romantic?
58. Do either of them know how to do a handstand?
59. Who can rap better?
60. Do either of them want to go sky diving?
61. What do they usually text about?
62. Who is the dramatic one?
63. Is either one confrontational?
64. What is their favourite cuddle position?
65. Who are their favourite musical artist(s)?”
66. What are their parenting styles?
67. Who would be the more laid back one?
68. Who listens to more vulgar music?
69. Do either of them have secrets even the other doesn’t know?
70. Who is their go to couple for a double date?
71. Do they tip the waiter/waitress on their date?
72. How do they work out a fight?
73. Who brings home an illegal pet?
74. What side of the bed do each of them sleep on?
75. What is their favorite photo of them two together?
76. Who takes longer in the bathroom?
77. Who has more songs on their ipod?
78. What movie did they first see together?
79. What do they like to see each other in?
80. Who makes jokes during inappropriate times?
81. At what age do they discuss the possibility of children?
82. What do they love about each other the most?
83. Who is the one that sees the big picture, while the other focus’s on the small details?
84. What would they write on their partner’s social media’s for their anniversary?
85. Who is bad at math?
86. Who googles everything?
87. Who does stuff on impulse?
88. How do they comfort each other when they are helpless to do anything about the situation?
89. What is an inside joke they have?
90. Who makes the other smile with almost no effort at all?
91. What is their favourite holiday?
92. Who is the one that is calm and collected while the other is angry and destructive?
93. What is their favourite board game to play?
94. Who accidental sets something on fire?
95. Who has the car ready while the other is robbing the store?
96. What artist/group did they go to for their first concert?
97. Who sleep talks?
98. Who is the more social one?
99. What are their karaoke songs?
100. Who would get up on stage and make a fool of themselves just to make the other laugh?

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I love your photo edit! So much! And I also love how we don't have to do manips to show heart eyes. :D That's because we've got YEARS of heart-eyes and open love and adoration and HAPPINESS, motherfuckers! Keep on Gillovnying!

Yassssss!! We don’t need some desperate manip blog to showcase our beautiful OTP 😊

These babes do it all on their own! Thanks anon ;)

Sheik and You Shall Find

Witty: I’m here with my baby Sarsaparilla Hoofer. She’s a flapper who I’ve been stuck on for about two years on this Weblog. Even though everypony loves my baby, my baby don’t love nopony but me, especially now that she’s planning to settle down. And to show how much I think she’s the cat’s meow, Ask Bananas Wit will be dedicated to all things Sassy Hoof–and yours truly–for the rest of this month. And since Sassy says that’s how long the bank will be open, expect me to be making several deposits throughout.

  • Wade: I go into housewife mode when I'm in a relationship, like I will make you waffles every morning
  • Peter: This is a lie
  • Peter: I'm literally dating this man, this is a lie
  • Peter: You don't even know how to make waffles, Wade, what is this
Tol Girl/ Smol Guy

Request for Anon!! I hope you like them!!

- When the girl wears her high heels the guy looks up at her and tells her she is even more of goddess

- The guy sits on her lap, and she loves having her arms around him

- She carries him across the threshold

- He pulls her on a the sled in the winter time

- He wears her sweaters and loves how soft they are

- She wears his sweaters, and even though they come up to her midriff, he tells her that they look absolutely amazing on her

- She always kisses his forehead

- He always makes short jokes about himself and she always makes tall jokes about herself

- When they have a child they are small like the dad, and the mom is the tallest one

- She always looks up to him as she admires everything he is

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ooh then it probably had to do with the link... if you google "tumblr ultimate shipping meme" you get a few links (all are the same post i think) with lot of questions about your otp so i was wondering what your headcanons would be for kakagai *-*

oh ok got it! ok im on break so


  • Rate the Ship -  Awful | Ew | No pics pls | I’m not comfortable | Alright | I like it! | Got Pics? | Let’s do it! | Why is this not getting more attention?! | The OTP to rule all other OTPs |
  • How long will they last? - forever fight me
  • How quickly did/will they fall in love? - love me that slow burn r.i.p.
  • How was their first kiss? - awesome followed by panic but its good now


  • Who proposed? - Gai during rock paper scissors
  • Who is the best man/men? - Lee, Yamato, Naruto
  • Who is the braid’s maid(s)? - Sakura, Tenten, Kurenai
  • Who did the most planning? - it was a team effort bc Gai had 100000 ideas and Kakashi had to pick which seemed physically possible
  • Who stressed the most? - Gai loudly stressed the most but Kakashi had about 10 internal meltdowns a day but it was worth it
  • How fancy was the ceremony? -
    Back of a pickup truck | 2 | 3 | 4 bc kakashi’s a private dude. it was small but very sweet | Normal Church Wedding | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | Kate and William wish they were this big.
  • Who was specifically not invited to the wedding? - Orochimaru


  • not doing this section this blog is too sfw lmao


  • How many children will they have naturally? - 0
  • How many children will they adopt? - Lee is already Gai’s son and Kakashis 10 dogs are his children
  • Who gets stuck with the most diapers? - Lee sure is 16 years old but it prob wouldve been Gai
  • Who is the stricter parent? - Gai in. a way
  • Who stops the kid(s) from doing dangerous stunts after school? - Kakashi
  • Who remembers to pack the lunch(es)? - Gai
  • Who is the more loved parent? - No
  • Who is more likely to attend the PTA meetings? - Gai
  • Who cried the most at graduation? - GAI
  • Who is more likely to bail the child(ren) out of trouble with the law? - Kakashi


  • Who does the most cooking? - Gai but Kakashi helps out
  • Who is the most picky in their food choice? - Kakashi
  • Who does the grocery shopping? - Kakashi
  • How often do they bake desserts? - neither of them really like sweets?
  • Are they more of a meat lover or a salad eater? - Gai’s diet is very balanced, Kakashi could.. use more protein lmao
  • Who is more likely to surprise the other(s) with an anniversary dinner? - Gai
  • Who is more likely to suggest going out? - Kakashi
  • Who is more likely to burn the house down accidentally while cooking? - KAKASHI


  • Who cleans the room? - Gai’s a mean green cleaning machine and manages to make it an exciting challenge
  • Who is really against chores? - Kakashi is lazy and gross
  • Who cleans up after the pets? - Kakashi… tries
  • Who is more likely to sweep everything under the rug? - Kakashi
  • Who stresses the most when guests are coming over? - Kakashi but for weird reasons
  • Who found a dollar between the couch cushions while cleaning? - Gai.. HE WON..


  • Who takes the longer showers/baths? - Kakashi
  • Who takes the dog out for a walk? - Kakashi
  • How often do they decorate the room/house for the holidays? - Gai likes going all out but then the decorations get left up like months after the holiday’s over
  • What are their goals for the relationship? - Kakashi still can’t believe they’re together but Gai’s 100% ready to become the World’s Greatest Couple…. whatever that means… tbh they really just wanna relax in peacetime, which they did, so they won
  • Who is most likely to sleep till noon? - Kakashi
  • Who plays the most pranks? - Kakashi

sorry for not giving longer answers!!! i hope thats ok…

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37 !!! GIVE ME ALL OF THE FEELS TWINSIE. Do your best 😏💕

37. Do you have a favorite trope and/or AU for your OTP?

Bruuuuuuh only like a gazillion ones. I love love LOVEEE human!Klaroline. Give me all the fluff human!KC in which they’re BFFs *snorts* turned lovers. Or recluse artist Klaus and loud, extroverted, unable to stop talking baker Caroline. Or like any form of fake-dating or fake exes or roommates by a ridic twist of fate or neighbors who wander around shirtless, GDI KLAUS NO ONE DOES LAUNDRY WITHOUT A SHIRT IDC HOW WARM THE LAUNDRY ROOM IS OK? 

OR role reversal where Klaus is a baby vamp and Caroline is an Original. Actually any form of role reversal. Klaus the preschool teacher to Caroline’s gifted daughter and Caroline is the single mom. Like here’s  a question to you fandom, why is Caroline always the teacher and not Klaus? Klaus as the baker and Caroline the overworked business woman. KLAUS AS THE ASSISTANT AND CAROLINE AS THE NO-NONSENSE CUTTHROAT TERRIFYING CEO. CAROLINE AS THE CRIMINAL AND KLAUS THE UNSUSPECTING PERSON CAUGHT IN THE CROSSFIRE BUT STRANGELY TURNED ON (that reminds me I wanted to get back to that drabble at some point). 

Also, shout out to all my kids or teenage!klelijah headcanons or still humans in the vikings days. And the hunter’s curse headcanons in which Elijah had to stake Klaus at some point to give him some relief and held him till he woke up while tears streamed down his face because what if his brother is forever broken?

[40 shippers’ questions]


…I feel like there’s a story here.


#it’s not like they literally jump into each other’s arms #letting go what they’ve been holding back for so long #the way she wraps her arms around him kills me everytime #this was so hot and cute and passionate and adorable at the same time #outer space puppies in love

What she says: I’m fine 

What she means: Jughead kissed Betty’s scars and basically said without words that he understands and he still loves and accepts her. he accepts every part of Betty even the the dark side that scares her because he understands it all too well. You could tell by his face that he wanted to just make it all better for her and he kissed her hands so gently and so lovingly most likely willing it to put all her worries and insecurities at rest. Because this boy is so smitten and in love with her, every part. And anyone who disagrees on the fact that bughead is a healthy and pure ship that accepts, supports and openly communicates with one another can fight me because these two are so good.


“You know, Astrid, training dragons isn’t the only thing I think about.

“Are you actually saying that to me with a straight face?”