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Imagine Your OTP

Soulmate AU

Person A has always been excited over meeting their soulmate, constantly dreaming of who they could be and how their lives could be just as amazing and full of love like Person A’s parents (soulmates who are happily married). So for years, they stare at the soulmate marks on their body (countdown clock, words/marks left on their soulmate’s skin, etc. (your choice)) with so much hope and love.

Then fast forward to years later when Person A’s older and they meet their soulmate, Person B.

But unlike Person A, Person B doesn’t believe all soulmates have to be in a romantic relationship and only wants a platonic relationship with their soulmate because they’re in a happy and loving relationship with Person C.

BONUS: Person B is so head over heels in love with Person C that it physically hurts Person A.

BONUS BONUS: Person C and Person D are soulmates but only have a platonic/familial type of relationship. Person D was the one who introduced Person B & C and got them together.

OTP Prompt 73

One day, Person A walks in on Person B crying. They very quickly comfort Person B.

In only a few minutes, Person B wipes their tears and has gotten back into themselves again.

“I’m okay now,” Person B breathes, and goes into a short explanation of what caused the tears, and how they think they should solve it.

Person A is in awe. First, that B cried in someplace as public as the couch. Second, that it was over one thing and not a whole herd of problems. Then, that B got okay and on track again so quickly. They very quickly praise B for being so strong and on-task.

Weeks later, Person B accidentally walks in on Person A crying in the shower. After getting A out of the shower and into some comfy clothes, B tries to calm A down. It takes a long time for B to realize that A lets things build for a little too long.

“Do you like me that much, Elio?”

“Do I like you?” I wanted to sound incredulous, as though to question how he could ever have doubted such a thing. But then I thought better of it and was on the point of softening the tone of my answer with a meaningfully evasive Perhaps that was supposed to mean Absolutely, when I let my tongue loose: “Do I like you, Oliver? I worship you.” There, I’d said it. I wanted the word to startle him and to come like a slap in the face so that it might be instantly followed with the most languorous caresses. What’s liking when we’re talking about worshipping? But I also wanted my verb to carry the persuasive knockout punch with which, not the person who has a crush on us, but their closest friend, takes us aside and says, Look, I think you ought to know, so-and-so worships you. “To worship” seemed to say more than anyone might dare say under the circumstances; but it was the safest, and ultimately murkiest, thing I could come up with. I gave myself credit for getting the truth off my chest, all the while finding a loophole for immediate retreat in case I’d ventured too far.”

André Aciman, Call Me By Your Name

Otp Questions - Domestic

  1. How do they comfort each other after a long day?
  2. Who likes to cook for the other?
  3. What does their bedroom look like?
  4. Do they adopt any animals?
  5. Do they go grocery shopping together?
  6. Do they get along with their neighbors?
  7. Who likes to drive?
  8. What songs do they like to sing to in the car?
  9. What does their lazy days look like?
  10. What tv series are they binge watching together?
  11. Who greets the other when they come home from work?
  12. What songs do they like to play in the kitchen when they are helping one another cook?
Quick dialogue prompts #9(Halloween edition p2)

1. “Can you go down to the shops and buy another bag of candy “Awww… why do I have to go?” “Because you’re the one who ate it all before Halloween.”

2. “Can you save the cola lollypop for me?” “No way.”

3. “So babe, how do I look?” “Honestly I can’t tell a difference. You look like a zombie most days.”

4. “You look so beautiful.” “I’m dressed as a minion.” “Such beauty.”

5. “Our costumes are definitely the best here.” “It’s not a competition.” “It is to me.”

6. “Ew your fake nails are creeping me out.”

7. “You need to get changed out of your costume before you go to sleep. I’m not sleeping with a vampire.”

8. “Your pile of candy is so much bigger.” “Fine, have some of mine.”

9. “Have you eaten some of the candy without me?” “No way, I wouldn’t do that to you. I love you.” “Then why is your tongue blue?”

10. “BOO!”

These prompts can be used my anyone for anything. If you use one feel free to msg me or tag me, as I would absolutely love to see what you create :)

My requests are open, and i’ll accept pretty much anything.

Also feel free to msg me cos I’m lonely and I need friends. I’m from England so it would be nice to either talk to someone who is too, or to someone from somewhere else as I find that very interesting :)


SHIPPING INFO // answer the following for your muse(s) so people know how shipping works on your blog. REPOST. don’t reblog.

I will have to be completely honesty that I do not ship Theo with any of the HP characters. So, my answer to this question is Theo x Happiness 

In Theo’s case, I am open to almost everything, except for abu/se, in/cest, and paedo/philia. I will unlikely do a plot with in/fidelity involved ( he is too devoted to his partner…and cheating on him is unforgivable )

Beyond 15 years. It makes him uncomfortable to have a relationship with someone who is younger than him by, say, 20 years. It is also unlikely that I will ship him with someone who is older than him.

I am extremely selective when it comes to shipping

I do not write smut on Tumblr …but the moment the chars start touching each other’s private parts, then, fade to black will commence… ;p

OMG! MY SHIPS WITH THEO ARE CROSSOVER SHIPS AND I AM SCREAMING BECAUSE I L OVE ALL OF THEM ~ Shoutout once again to my amazing rp partners @eyesofwater​ / @moraeshigae​ | @bcstgirl​ | @maidofwinter

OUI~ OUI~ It is necessary to ask me~ I will appreciate it very much

I rarely ship something right away so …

The moment you have a ship with me, I become obsessed with it ~ 

Yes~ Though, I only ship with ONE version of a muse / fc ( if they are an oc ).

I ship Har/ry Potter x Happi/ness.

MESSAGE ME! I don’t bite ~ I may appear as intimidating, but I am just an awkward Asian ghost alsjgkajsg however, I will be selective, so please do note that, and this is due to my past r/p experiences ( I have experienced people forcing ships on me…people hating on a ship and I just – got traumatised ). Foremost, I must be comfortable with my partner before establishing a ship. This is followed by the existence of chemistry between Theo and their muse ( again, it is hard to pique Theo’s interest…). Thirdly, I want my partner to be as invested as I am ~

I hope this will not stop you though~ SO, JUST MESSAGE ME ~~ 

Shipping with me will always result to a SLOW BURN SHIP ;’3 and me sending you relevant stuff about our ships during ungodly hours.

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okay let me say that out loud 

a lot of people DROP threads because it’s PLATONIC ship ????? how is it okay ??? You’re getting bored because we’re not humping each other ???? because let me tell you that it’s super obvious the reason behind when your blog is actually full of your otp.

i love to ship romantically, but give me friends, villains, partners in crime, family… there are different kinds of love, as important irl too. && you stil can do both with your rp partners, in different verses if that’s it. 

but that’s just something i noticed. if you ship you get replies, if you don’t, then it’s dropped. 

dupreerose  asked:

p, a, s

P - Invent a random AU for any fandom (we always need more ideas).
For LOK, I’d love to see a modern camp AU where the krew are camp counsellors, Tenzin is the camp director, Bumi and Kya are program coordinators, and there is pure chaos because these kids can still bend elements in this AU! (Idk this is weird and I’m sorry)

A - Ships that you currently like a lot. (They don’t have to be OTPs because not everyone has OTPs.) Friendships, pairings, threesomes, etc. are allowed.
This question is a notorious multi-shipper’s dream! I honestly am loving Shallura and Hance from Voltron right now :)

S - Show us an example of your personal headcanon (prompts optional but encouraged)
Okay, so you know how Sokka is a super creative kid? I think that over time, as the stories of the gaang’s journey to help the Avatar master all four elements and defeat Ozai get spread around and embellished, he gets a little fed up with the misconceptions and unflattering caricatures that develop (one person even had the audacity to forget him entirely in their retelling!) So when he has a little time and candlelight, he starts to write the story down as he remembers it. Of course he embellishes a little himself, or forgets a name or two from one of the dozens of villages they visited, but within about a year of sneaking in writing he finally has it all written out with corrections. And there it is: their history, which he finally bids and keeps in the library at Zuko’s palace. It’s later transported to Republic City, where it takes a place on the shelf in the archives. It’s forgotten, until one young officer at the City Hall finds it. Even ninety years later, the story is breathtaking.

Thanks for the ask! :D

like i genuinely have no negative feelings for nico/maki at all nor do i particularly care its the largest love live ship, hell if i ever rped nico and any makis were good writers and nice i’d be up to take a go at it

i just

hate how vocal they get about every other ship like oh my fucking god

like… the other day i was SO CLOSE to reblogging a nico/maki post and in it it was like “nico/maki>other ships” and i was just like “eh fine its your otp whatever-”

then like they had shirts like “no nozo/nico allowed” “no umi/maki” allowed and its like

Hey Why Do You Gotta Be Like That

SHIPPING INFO     //     answer  the  following  for  your  muse(s)  so  people  know  how  shipping  works  on  your  blog.   REPOST.   don’t reblog.


lokane !! science & magic, chaos and the void, two spirit, etc. fosterson !! because @ifworthy !! the brodinsons are janeungagap’s whole universe…and i’m certain that she’s theirs. they loved her first. they watched her become something beyond logic and still love her. 

         “I will love the light ( Thor ) for it shows me the way
          And I will love the darkness ( Loki ) for it shows me the stars


whatever makes sense for our characters.


well main/default she’s 36 and immortal, but i never stick her with younger men possibly due to my own severe trauma. they’re always around her age or thousands of years older, but appearance-wise are age-appropriate. in abyss, ginnungagap predates time itself so its relationship with legolas ( @woodlandborn ) is the ultimate age gap, i suppose.


due to what janie is, i have to be. 


i’m super conservative so i tag once it goes beyond kissing. janie is short as hell so she’s usually got her legs around his waist. i won’t tag that, but if it goes beyond the ankle lock i will.


shall i list ‘official’ ones? 

★ Loki @valdreyri - 4+ years now. 
★ Thor @ifworthy 
★ All of Abigail’s muses 


i prefer things to unfold naturally like a real relationship ( mainly to test chemistry ), but i understand why one would hesitate especially with janeungagap. i can’t even predict her. if your gut is feeling it, go with it. 


it’s not something i seek out, but if it happens it happens. 


due to the nature of my character, i favor who i’m shipping with because it’s ic to do so. if we are shipping as bea, abi, and courts know, i’m an extremely dedicated partner.  


main/default is, but hyper-selective. the abyss is single ship with @woodlandborn


fandom ?? what is this new devilry ??


how does one woo 85% of the universe? she’s nonentity. eons past hearts and flowers. her automatic assumption is that you are terrified of and/or repulsed by her ( and you should be ). be creative.

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SHIPPING INFO // answer the following for your muse(s) so people know how shipping works on your blog. REPOST. don’t reblog.

WHAT’S YOUR OTP FOR YOUR MUSE?:  otps otps uh. thor/jane, thor/sif. thor/alloftheasgardiansbctheyrepoly.
WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO RP WHEN IT COMES TO SHIPPING?:  dependent on chemistry between writers !! i’m pretty okay with most things. 
HOW LARGE DOES THE AGE GAP HAVE TO BE TO MAKE IT UNCOMFORTABLE?:  uh. gotta be legal always. but where thor’s concerned. idk. dude’s old. comfortable is around late twenties / early thirties. i’m totally fine shipping him with people who are older.  i’d actually prefer that. 
ARE YOU SELECTIVE WHEN SHIPPING?: i’d like to say i’m not, but i kinda am. 
HOW FAR DO STEAMY MOMENTS HAVE TO GO BEFORE THEY’RE CONSIDERED NS.FW?:  man i can’t do nsfw things on tumblr, it weirds me out lmao. like. drabbles, fine. but i’d prefer to rp that kinda content on discord or w/e if things are getting heated.
WHO ARE OTHER MUSES YOU SHIP YOUR MUSE WITH?:  again chemistry + writers. but thor/any of the avengers probably !!! yes ???
DOES ONE HAVE TO ASK TO SHIP WITH YOU?:  as long as we’ve had some base interaction ! but i’m not gonna launch right into a ship unless there’s been plenty of discussion beforehand and i’m comfortable with you as a writer. buT that being said, it could just Happen in a thread, and as long as we both agree on it?? i’m happy to see where it goes.
HOW OFTEN DO YOU LIKE TO SHIP?:  i like ships ! i have like one or two on here, i think. maybe one. which is fine !! once i’m able to be more active, i’m hoping that’ll increase ! 
ARE YOU SHIP OBSESSED OR SHIP MORE - OR - LESS?:  eh. i’m not overly fussed. i do enjoy other kinds of ships too ! not just romance - based etc. 
ARE YOU MULTISHIP?:  indeedy !
WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SHIP IN YOUR CURRENT FANDOM?:  i feel like this was the first question but.  thor/happiness.  it’s r ARE 
FINALLY, HOW DOES ONE SHIP WITH YOU?by putting up with my shitty communication skills & just. idk. pester me. it’s the only way. 

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Okay, here it goes. Ames, I love you. I love how smart you are, I love how beautiful you are. I love your face, and I love your butt. I should’ve written this down first. No no no, it’s okay. Go on. I love how much you pretend to like Die Hard. I like the second one. You don’t have to… Okay. Yeah. You’re kind, and you’re funny, and you’re the best person I know, and the best detective. Also for reals I love your butt. I love yours too. Gross.


Ames, I love you. I love how smart you are. I love how beautiful you are. I love your face and I love your butt (I should’ve written this down first). I love how you pretend to love Die Hard. You’re kind and you’re funny and you’re the best person I know. And… the best detective. Also for realz I love your butt.