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if the rangers were to play dnd, who would be the dm dya think?

thanks for the ask! @penvision​ and i came up with a few ranger dnd headcanons (with a little trimberly and cranscott)

- billy has been playing dnd for years, he used to play with his dad, who taught him how to be a dm and helped him plan campaigns.

- he used to meet weekly with a group of friends in middle school, but once high school started and they all became busy with other clubs and sports

- the rangers start their group because billy mentions it at lunch one day and trini says she had a small group that she played with two schools ago (even though her mother never approved)

- billy and trini spend the next three days talking about it and kim, jason, and zack just sit and watch, because it’s adorable how excited and happy billy and trini are, and all decide after five minutes to learn 

- zack’s character is a gnome cleric and the party healer; healing the other rangers’ characters can be really cathartic for him. 

- billy always makes sure that none of their characters get too close to dying though-he makes the campaign challenging but wants zack to have fun and not get stressed out so he tries to watch zack to see when he needs to back off on the danger a little bit. jason watches too so he can let billy know if he missed a signal from zack.

- kim’s character is a really tall, buff barbarian human woman (partially because she wants to be a huge badass barbarian woman and also because she knows trini has a thing for girls with muscles)

- kim’s character is really overprotective and says she wants to fight anyone who looks at any of their characters the wrong way (especially trini’s). she’s also really impulsive and never does perception checks before she goes anywhere so she’s constantly falling into traps and ambushes 

- trini’s character is a chaotic good tiefling woman. she wants her character to be someone who people might look at and perceive something evil but she actually has a heart of gold 

- trini doesn’t say it but she wants her character to be the tallest in the group so kim makes her character a bit shorter than originally planned. trini is also very pleased that she gets to make fun of zack’s character for being the shortest in the group

- jason is a little hesitant at first because he’s never done anything like this before and has never really had the chance to be very creative with what he does (he’s always been in sports or other really structured activities) so he doesn’t get dnd right away and starts with a pretty generic human warrior

- once jason finds his footing he gets super into dnd, he learns all the lore and rules and helps billy plan their campaigns sometimes

- billy lets jason retcon his character to a dragonborn ranger with a really elaborate backstory. jason picked a ranger so he could make jokes about how his character is a ranger too and names his character’s long bow “ranger danger.”

- jason spends at least fifteen minutes every session explaining some new part of his character or some cool lore he read about and the other rangers always listen to him with huge smiles because it’s obvious he’s having a lot of fun

just some dunkirk™ things

- a two-hour long borderline heart attack, brought to you by the one and only hans zimmer
- he’s on me - i’m on him, the greatest lovestory of our generation
- going to war in these adorable sweaters
- i’ll 😭 be 😭 useful 😭 sir 😭
- silence silence silence GUNSHOT!
- mr dawson, the only man with a common sense in the whole war
- alex, the drama™ queen
- the highlight adding to the drama™
- a bloody frog! - alex, chill out you cunt, seriously
- does actually anybody know how often comes the tide?
- HOME :’)
- tommy x alex aka the ultimate love-hate relationship
- if you didn’t leave the movie with a huge crush on jack lowden then we probably didn’t see the same movie, because honestly?

Jacob Frye is someone I use a lot, and he is very much my muse whom I adore. ♥

Yes, I can sit here and say he makes me wet and yada yada, but for me, the connection is much deeper then his sexy voice and the way he looks at you from across the room. I can understand where he is emotionally coming from in a lot of ways going all the way back to his childhood and onward. How he was the annoying younger sibling that had to be ‘mothered’ by his older sister, how everybody didn’t see him as good enough or ridiculed him and his actions—even his targets mock him, how love is something he wants but he looks for it in the wrong places and people, how he is so spry, upbeat and a bit obnoxious in his younger age but becomes stern, focused, and almost depressed in his older—so on and so forth.

While others see mostly a physical connection with him, I see it more than that, and that’s why I treasure his character a lot and see him as somebody I wish I could protect.

It is an honor to have people see him in me and or hear him through my words when I use him RP for sure. ♥ He’s a character I’ve not had that type of connection with in years.


A week or two ago, I came across this Sonic character guide for AoStH (drawn by Pierre DeCelles), and I just love how adorable Sonic looks in these illustrations! ^^

It’s too bad he wasn’t quite as expressive in the final cartoon.

Surprise - Bob Morely Imagine

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Bob Morely x Reder

Word Count: 967

Warning: a few swear words i think aaaaaand fluff

She was nervous. The girl decked out in Lexa cosplay was so happy to be able to talk to two people she watched on her tv and now in front of her eyes live. But she couldn’t hide her nervousness as the microphone shook. “What’s the best part of acting?” She was able to fumble out and a small appeared on your face.

“Chris, stay right where you are.” You spoke in your microphone to the organiser as you let your seat and approached the girl with the microphone. Bobby watched from afar, smiling at how much he adored you. Unbeknownst to you, he was in the audience watching you with a heart full of love. 

You hugged the girl asking the question and a smile erupted on your face, Marie joining you from her seat on the panel too. “This is my favourite part of acting!” You spoke into the microphone as the crowd began clapping and cheering for the two of you.

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why do you avoid certain questions?

6 words // communication frustration. 

he doesn’t know how else to talk to you.

you already know:
Misses you.
Adores you.
Yearns for you.
Awestruck by you.

yr so fucking rude // ignore him // then catch an attitude

so what’s the point

two ciders and a joint                                                                                                                   isn’t muting tonight’s noise. 

as flawed as they come.

fuck it // when we’re together we don’t struggle like newborn fawn. 

back to long distance after being perfectly sublime. 

shit, it’s a bad night.

xxx SirPup Kingston // 08.18.2017

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List 5 facts about your most favorite sim of yours and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore♥

We will do Sebastian.

1. Sebastian was born in Spain and spent the majority of his life there until he went to London and then California.

2. Sebastian is not into sex that much, He’d rather spend his time playing video games or cuddling.

3. Has two older sisters who are twins then two younger ones.

4. He’s into men but he has been with a few women before.

5. He’s sweet and often says things before realizing how bad it sounded.

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Sea fam! i know youre gonna hate me, but I need your help! When my bf & i were two months dating i cheated on him, i used to text a girl and even send her some private photos, now, my bf & i have been dating for 2 years... lately, for some reason i felt so guilty, i absolutely deserve it, i made a huge mistake... do i have to live with guilt for the rest of my life? I really adore him, i can't tell him... i just feel so bad, how can i deal with guilt? I just feel so sorry

I’m sorry but you have to tell him.

That’s what’s bothering you. You feel like you betrayed him. You won’t feel better until you resolve those feelings by telling him. It might end your relationship. But it might not end your relationship. It depends on his feelings and how you two choose to work it out.

It’ll be hard, but the guilt won’t go until you do.

-Lou the Lobster

yukiayanami replied to your post “Ahh sorry!! Fantasy, is that’s okay :) For all your tolkien obsessed…”

*BANGS ON TABLE* GENTLEMEN BASTARDS. I’ve bee lurking on your blog for like two years now and I cannot even tell you how pleased I am that someone I admire so much likes these books that I adore and feel are so underrated.

SHRIEK omg!!!! this is so nice and I saw this reply… literally 3 days ago I think but then forgot to reply immediately and then I went back into my activity to find it thinking NO I MUST RESPOND ABOUT BOOK!! 

The books are amazing! While I do read a lot, I hardly ever have patience for any book over 300 pages and Lynch gets me through literal doorstoppers. Each book also has a really satisfying end plotline and there’s enough subplots to keep me going through the middle. Red Seas, Red Skies wasn’t my fave because I’m not into naval plots, but I loved the characters/writing enough that I still liked it. I hope that the series eventually goes back to Camorr, though! YASS FANTASY VENICE 

I will confess that I am absolutely 100% invested in Locke and Jean making out. And the book’s general pattern of Locke getting into utter distress and then Jean saves him. 

so those are my thoughts on the gentlemen bastard series aka that ongoing fantasy series i’m dreadfully into although i generally loathe the format

∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ 

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why do you like huma?

this is such a general question idek where to start! i love them separately as characters and together as a couple. i made a post about my favorite moments between them and most of them are the subtle touches and looks between them. harry’s devotion to uma and the way she returns it is so…moving. especially bc of how such a relationship on the isles is definitely not encouraged. it’s like a light in the darkness and idk…i love it. they’re adorable and as fully fleshed out characters? amazing. it’s why i’m debating between reading rise of the isle of the lost and not wanting to see the two of them get fucked over.


Harley and Ivy being beautiful bisexuals in DC Bombshells #54


Spider-Man/Deadpool (2016) #18