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Me? Seeing Supergirl wearing Wonder Woman’s boots and bracelets and doing her iconic move to promote the movie? Calling her a friend? My heart is beating … so fast?! I am … in love … with them? hoW HOW WILL I EXPERIENCE the love devotion and joy I feel about them towards real people? I am in love LOVE with …….. supergirl and wonder woman and them being in the same space and time and mentioned together!!!! I????? actually experiencing —————————- falling in love from a tv spot? Good

In the past I’ve talked about how rules in tabletop roleplaying games - even very simple and straightforward rules - can and inevitably do encode all sorts of Big Assumptions about how the game ought to be played, but it can also be fun to examine the little assumptions. I don’t mean the weird edge cases or the places where the rules break down (though that can also be quite entertaining); I mean the situations where the rules just assume a particular thing will always be true - or conversely, refuse to address certain things because it’s assumed that they’ll never be relevant in play.

One of my personal favourites: in The One Ring, unarmed combat and fighting with a dagger explicitly use the same skill and the same weapon stats, because it’s assumed that, no matter what the circumstances, a player character will never not have a dagger somewhere on their person.

How about you?

Grantaire has drawn each of his friends at least once and each of them has qualities that are so uniquely them.

But with Enjolras, it’s different. Enjolras is his own person and at the same time, all of them.

Grantaire finds Combeferre’s grace in the rigidity of Enjolras’ shoulders and Courfeyrac’s charm in how he leans forward just a tiny bit.

He sees Joly’s compassion and Bossuet’s warmth in the indication of a smile at the corners of his lips.

There’s Jehan’s gentleness in his eyes, Bahorel’s boldness in his gestures; he has Feuilly’s diligence on his hands and Marius’ dedication in the undivided attention and focus he puts into sitting still.

When Grantaire draws Enjolras, he draws them all at once.

“What about you?” asks Enjolras. “What qualities do I have from you?”

None, Grantaire wants to say but he just smiles and keeps drawing.

i love how all these headlines are like “katy perry finally explains taylor swift beef” ummmmm we fucking knew what taylor was upset about she explained it to us three years ago without using names before she released the song???? how do you think this whole thing started???? katy is only regurgitating that information now because she desperately needs the publicity…i really enjoy the way she’s trying to manipulate this situation to seem like the bigger person when she’s actually treating taylor in the same way now as she was when taylor decided to drop her ass in 2013…she’s a liar, a manipulator and a fundamentally nasty person and i don’t blame taylor for not taking a call that katy’s lying ass probably didn’t even make

The esoteric ruler of Cancer is Neptune. Cancer known for being emotional and Neptune for being delusional. Emotions are strong indicators for how we create our own reality which is never entirely the same as someone else’s and can delude everything from our sense of self to the world around us. Those with Sun in Cancer’s sense of self is often deluded by their emotional state and their confidence can fluctuate frequently. It is not uncommon for Cancer’s to experience extremes in self worth, varying from extreme insecurity to an over confident and boastful personality.


What happened last night - what happened in Manchester isn’t something we will just suddenly stop talking about.
Ariana nearly died last night - her fans did.
A concert especially from your idol is a place where you should feel safe, where you should be the happiest, where you should live in the moment and enjoy every second of it - they, destroyed our safe and happy place, they turned it into a nightmare.
From now on - a concert will never feel the same anymore.
Ariana didn’t deserved this, the arianators who lost their life last night didn’t deserved it.
Ariana is someone who cares about people so much, who loves everyone out there and who just wanted to bring love and peace in the world. - when an arianator died, this little angel cried for weeks. Now imagine how she feels when 20+ people died. - no, it’s not her fault but you fo feel guilty as an artist and as the person everyone wanted to see.
This is hard,
this world is fucked up.
But the worst thing is that people start bitching about the fact that she’ll MIGHT cancel the tour, excuse me, you want your money back? Well some parents want their children back.
This should have never had happen, not at her concert, not at any concert, not at our happy place.
I guess I won’t stop crying today,
I feel like a part of me died with everyone who left earth last night, I’m so so sorry - also for ari.
This will scar her for the rest of her life and I hope that one day she is able to perform again with happiness.
We will never forget this day, arianators will never forget. - It’s true that you should carry the memories from a concert with you forever, but not this kind of memories. - not like this.
Rest in peace to all the little angels we lost.
I love you,
we love you,
Ariana loves you,
your friends and families love you.
Gone but never forgotten.
I don’t think I can stop crying, I’ve already cried for hours but yet I still continue..
I’m heartbroken, rip. 😪💔🥀✨

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How do you navigate a relationship (from professional to romantic) where the individuals involved both experience mental illness? What do you do when attitudes or behaviors that may stem from the illness interfere with the relationship?

I think what helps me and the people with whom I have relationships with is to become as self-aware and open as possible. Really take some time to get familiar with what your individual needs are and be ready to examine those attitude/behaviors. Be open to sharing your needs with the other person(s) and to listening to how the attitudes/behaviors affect them. Of course, don’t be afraid to do the same for them. It can be a painful and scary process but its worth doing if you value those relationships ya know?

- @marsincharge

dean winchester is so strong and loving and just this amazing character that does so much for the world and i love him so much. i’ve never loved or cared for a character as much as i do for him and my one wish is to be able to actually tell him that and i hate that it’s not possible.

i can tell jensen how much i love dean, but that’s not the same, so that’s why i write fan fiction. i think that’s why a lot of us write fanfition, actually, because we care so much about these characters and this is how we tell them we love them.

fanfiction isn’t just about telling a story, sometimes it’s a personal love letter.

I am sobbing. It didn’t really hit me until I sat down and actually thought about it. My heart is so fucking broken and there are no words that anyone could ever say to make this better.

So many people were there. It was probably the best night of so many peoples lives. You don’t go to a concert and expect this shit. You leave feeling happy that you just saw one of you idols, and spent hours in an arena with so many people who had the same love and respect for this person. You don’t expect it to end this way. People didn’t wake up this morning thinking this was going to happen. They were just excited to be seeing Ariana.

And how does Ariana feel?! Spending so many people’s LAST HOURS with them, not knowing that it’s their last hours. She must know it isn’t her fault, but oh my god there must be a sense of guilt there somewhere– which breaks my heart for her because this is in no way her fault.

If any of you that are reading this were there, or knew someone who was there, I’m so sorry. I’m so, so, so fucking sorry and there are no words to make any of this hurt less. If you were there, I want you to know that whatever it is you’re feeling, you have EVERY right. Anything you’re feeling is valid. Things are never going to be the same. And I’m always going to be here if you need to say anything.

I love you all. Keep your heads up. Be strong. Love one another. My heart is aching for you. The world is aching for you. But we’ll make it though, stronger than ever. Just like we always do.


So I wanted to be mutuals with someone and so I sent in an ask. And this is what they replied with… (1st pic)

This was extremely disappointing to me and shows how mean people can be when a ship is involved. Especially if it’s a ship they hate on a lot.

However, the next picture shows an anon who actually stood up for me even though they hated the same ship that the person did.

Shoutout to that anon by the way ❤️That made me really happy. So thank you so so much!!


( I am not going to show who the Tumblr user. Privacy is something we all deserve)

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I was in a relationship for three years, he left me. How do I unlove someone?

They say that love is a choice. You have to keep waking up everyday and choosing the same person. I think the opposite is true too. I’d like to believe that not loving someone is a choice as well — you have to keep waking up everyday and un-choosing them. I like to think that’s possible. At least sometimes.

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idk if this makes sense but is it possible to be bi & experience compulsory heterosexuality at the same time? bc there are times when i do experience attraction to a man and it makes me happy, but there are also times when i feel some kind of repulsion when attracted to another man (& i feel like the latter happens more often)

Yes! All women experience compulsory heterosexuality (because it’s a function of patriarchy) and all wlw experience disproportionate effects of it that make it more difficult to understand ourselves. Check out how I define compulsory heterosexuality in my glossary [x

The effects of compulsory heterosexuality specifically affect bi women, and I personally feel that the disproportionate statistical rates of abuse faced by bi women are attributable (at least in part) to compulsory heterosexuality being ‘enforced’ by their male partners through interpersonal violence. Exhibit A being Amber Heard, a bisexual woman who was abused by her male partner (Johnny Depp), and the revelation that Depp– along with media outlets– blamed her abuse on her being bisexual and her spending time with lesbians. That’s compulsory het. It’s every force in patriarchy from interpersonal violence to broad cultural beliefs to discourage relationships between women and enforce relationships between women and men. 


Last night there was a terrorist attack in Manchester, UK. It’s horrible to think how close the terrorists attacks are hitting people, as I live around an hour away from Manchester and although I personally wasn’t there, it’s hit home quite hard as I have enjoyed many concerts in the stadium, and it makes you think about life and not take it for granted.

A huge amount of young children, teenagers and adults attended the concert and as of yet it has been confirmed that 22 people died, and one of those confirmed deaths was a girl around my age, who enjoyed the same youtubers and music artists as myself.

I know it’s no consolation as to what’s gone on, but my thoughts and prayers are with ALL who have been affected

Although I wasn’t there my blog is open to anybody who needs somebody to support them at this horrible time.

Pray for Manchester, and for all those affected. You’re in my thoughts x

Do you guys ever have this one sentence stuck in your head - that one phrase that you came up with yourself, without really knowing how? And it feels really powerful and important and you want nothing more than to write a story around that one phrase or draw art for it… and you come up blank.

Just that one sentence, y'all.

Companions (with a secret crush) react to Sole asking them for advice on how to tell the person they like that they like them?

So this is long over due, sorry guys, I’ve been in the mood to write, but at the same time I want to write about specific thing, but I promise to try to not forget about this blog. I swear. - Alex


Curie - An absolute sweetie about it, she would just tell Sole to be themselves. “That’s what I like most about you, monsieur/madame. You have a great big heart and whoever has you is a very lucky person.”

Cait - Doesn’t really know what to say since she doesn’t really think that she is the ideal person for sole compared to Nate/Nora. “I don’t know, not to experience with this whole love thing. How ‘bout you do things that they enjoy or something?

Piper - Blushes at bit as she thinks about her crush on Sole, trying not to be too obvious. “Well, what about you do what you do best, blue? Be all old fashion and give them a sweet date. That might really show them that you like them.”

Magnolia - Would be the total mom friend, would encourage you to tell them upfront but to be careful not to get their heart broken. “You be careful with that heart, doll. You only have one and it would be painful to see it get broken.”

Haylen - Would try to be all professional, but be a little bit fingerling that her Sole has a crush. Though it may pain her, she will want to help plan a date. “You have to treat them right, it’s a harsh world out there but everyone needs a moment to feel like nothing bad is going to happen.”

Glory - Would be the least to show any distress about Sole having a crush and not know who it is, but would still be curious. Her advice to Sole would be to grab the bull by the horns. “Life is short in the Commonwealth, hell everywhere, there’s no point in hiding your feelings.”


MacCready - He and Lucy got together in a strange way, but he would use it to help him help Sole, trying not to reveal that he had a crush on Sole. “My best guess is to show them that you love them, do little things to show your appreciation and your feelings.”

Danse - Would be professional about it, claiming that it would be unwise to have any relationships to serious since they were with the brotherhood, but would still support them. “Not many brotherhood soldiers have relationships outside of our faction, but if they are willing to accept you, despite the fact you are with the brotherhood then they should be sufficient for one of your caliber.”

Hancock - While he is experience in more ways then one, he seems more of the type to take what he wants and if they want it back then he’ll keep it. He’s not one to force things on unwilling people. “If I was you, I would kiss them right on the spot. If they kiss back, you at least know that they’re attracted to you and if they’re willing enough to spend the rest of their life with you, I say their a keeper.

Preston - He’s sweet, we can all agree with that. When it comes to Sole’s feelings he always puts them first, shoving his own feelings aside and helping Sole as best as he possibly can. “General, I think that they would like it if they went out somewhere with you. Somewhere were you aren’t the general, somewhere were it can be just you and them.”

Nick - This old bot is reminded of how the original Nick and Jenny got together and despite it not being his own memory, smiles. “Kid, I have to tell ya, it’s an ugly world out there. Show them something beautiful to forget the ugly, that’s my advise.”

Dogmeat - This precious little pancake will wag his tail and bark at Sole. He will even help Sole get their crush no matter what. How he does so is Sole will tie a little note around his neck, send him to their crush for them to read and guide them too Sole. What a sweetheart!

Deacon - Ah, asking the compulsive liar, Deacon will constantly change his mind on what Sole should do to impress their crush. One day he’ll be like, “Kill a Deathclaw in their name!” Others he’ll say, “Send them on a goose chase all over Sanctuary to find you.” Or “Get a tattoo of their name on your body, that’ll really get them.”

X6-88 - Doesn’t know what to say since this kind of stuff is not the sort of thing that the institute teaches their synths, especially coursers. He’ll just be his old blunt self, but what’s not to love about that? “I’m not sure what you are asking me, sir/ma’am. Just tell them that you like them, if they don’t reciprocate then they aren’t worth your time.”

Codsworth - This old fashion robot is a lot more helpful than one would think. He’ll try to bring out Sole’s experience with their own spouse and ask them how they got together. “Sir/Mum, how did you get with your better half? I think it would be a splendid idea if you did something like that to show the person you like that you truly care about them.”


Maxson - May act like some sort of God and that nobody can touch him but when Sole confesses that they have a crush he is actually very honest in his advise. “Knight, I am only saying this from experience, it would be unwise if you had a relationship with anyone. We’re soldiers we risk our lives everyday, we can’t guarantee that we will come back.”

Gage - Being a raider, Gage has always taken what he wanted. When it came to the Overboss asking about such advise he would be harsh, yet honest, with his reply. “Boss, just take them. Kiss them like you mean it, show them how you want them. If they don’t want you back then screw ‘em.”


Okay, so I did my best, I know it’s short but I did a lot of characters. This has been in my draft for a long time, a really long time. The reason I only did Gage is because I don’t have the other DLC characters so I have no idea what they are like. Either way I hope you enjoyed! :)

- Alex

1.5k followers Fic Raffle!

I have hit 1 500 followers on this blog! To celebrate, I’m going to have a fic raffle.

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To the second and third place winners, you will both receive a (maximum) 2k word fic with the pairing of your choice. This follows the same rules of the 1st-place winner.

All three of these fics will be the highest on my priority list, after I finish the fourth fic in my Fairytale Collection.

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