how are these the same person

Can’t stop thinking about how, in order for Otabek and Yurio to meet (now that we know they are in Russia) Otabek HAD TO GO all the way to St. Petersburg. While Victor and Yuuri go along their daily routine, since Yuuri came to train in Russia, going out grocery shopping together, eating at home, returning to the same house, it has all become part of their lives now.

And both Victor and Yuuri know how much Yurio has been wanting for Otabek to come, so they had to go and check them at least once, like the two embarrassing and doting parents, they really are.


my mum passed away this week. My heart keeps sinking every moment and there’s not be an hour I haven’t cried or felt like crying. She was the most creative, funny and intelligent person I know. She was friends with everyone, from cleaning staff to bosses to the pharmacists. I’d get stopped by total strangers who’d ask me how my mum is because she touched their hearts with even just a short conversation. She went through so many things in her life and always fought till the end. My relationship with her can’t be explained briefly. We shared an odd taste in music, talked about politics and celebrities in the same breath and watched the same movies over a dozen times. I haven’t slept at all this week and my eyes haven’t ran out of tears yet. She had so much to give on this planet but I know heaven couldn’t wait for her

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Do you think when Lapis said "I almost drown a lot of people" that she was making an excuse for defending that she doesn't remember Connie or was she actually telling the truth?

Hi there! I’m thinking it’s a little bit of both. In this ask, I talk a little about how Lapis’ words don’t really match up with her actions. While her words carry a hint of threat, her actions are the opposite, with her slouching, turned away, and looking down.

And the words imply, “I’m dangerous; don’t push me or put me on the spot because I have the power to hurt you,” but at the same time, she doesn’t want to be that person who bullies people and hurts people because she can. That was the struggle she faced in Alone At Sea, all this time she thought she was just doing something just, and then she realised she was disproportionately using force in hurting Jasper. It wasn’t about self-defence anymore, it became her way of releasing anger. And she wasn’t liking the person she was becoming.

So it’s a fast way to dismiss Connie’s question. But as you say, it’s a threat that must have some basis. That Lapis knows to drown human beings, means she knows they need to breathe air and aren’t like fish. That means she’s probably come up against human beings before. Whether there were loads of people she almost drowned for a variety of reasons, or there were barely a handful, is something we don’t know, because of the circumstances and because of the intent behind Lapis’ saying that.

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I believe Sam was telling the truth last year when he said that long distance relationships aren't for him. I couldn't help but notice how the alleged American girlfriend who hasn't worked since August has only made one quick trip to Scotland for the Baftas. What do you think Flock?

I think it would be a lot harder to front with closer proximity. Look at how the BAFTAs went. If that was just two people living their truth it’s a pretty bleak, uninteresting one with those stoic faces, copious amounts of personal space and the third wheel vibe. If they’re in the same city breathing the same air on the regular, it would invite even more scrutiny and I don’t think their arrangement would hold up to it. Innuendo is powerful in that it breeds certainty through perspective. All they need is a handful of believers and some maybe-ers and from what I see, they don’t have to do anything more than they already are to get the latter in droves.

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After everything that's happened, from WS coming into the pic to this wkend's(ongoing)clusterfuck, I have a serious Q & I'm not trying to be rude-though I'll admit I'm still salty-How much more is it gonna take for every1 to simply just stop giving a shit about SH?Honestly, he's made it pretty clear who his "true" fans are(if you ain't kissing his ass or forking over $$$ you're an undesirable)& HE could give less of a shit now than he did when Shat 1st went on his rampages. When's enough enough?

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Everyone is bit salty round here this morning. What the heck is going on? When is enough enough? I bet Sam is jogging down the beach this morning wondering the same fucking thing. Personally, I think the man has an issue with people pleasing and his inability to say no and set boundaries is biting him in the ass big time. 

Look to the left fans be like….

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Look to the right fans be like….

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Look behind and fans be like….

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NST be like….

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Sam be all like…

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Shippers be all….

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Is it September yet? 

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Hello-! I was wondering how you think the RFA team would react to a tall MC? An MC that could be the same height as their partner or an MC (in Yoosung's case) that basically towers over their parter.

I’m crying because I’m six feet I relate STRONGLY to this!!! (Mod 606 however is like the height of a jelly bean so I GOT THIS) - Mod 222


  • tbh he was expecting to greet a smol bean when he entered the party but like
  • he saw a person that was just as tall as him??? and they weren’t even wearing elevated shoes?
  • if you were in boots or anything that made you taller instead lol oh no
  • he sometimes pouts because you don’t really curl in on him due to your height BUT
  • he enjoys being able to walk in sync with you instead of slowing down
  • he can spot you easily too those award shows can get pretty crowded
  • he also loves your long legs are you serious
  • he actually encourages you to wear shoes that make them look good because he loves the way they look when you wear them
  • And when you wear his t-shirts they stop mid thigh instead of below the knee easier access to take it off huehuehue 
  • but all innuendos aside he truly doesn’t care if you’re the size of a skyscraper or a toddler
  • what matters is that you love him just as much as he loves you for who you are, not how you look


  • listen he thought you were joking when you said that you were MC
  • he frowned because um??? why are you so much taller than him???
  • at first he was bothered; only because he is so short
  • but after a while he came to realize that you know, sooner or later there was going to be a partner that was taller than him
  • even though you were extremely taller than him but HEY there were perks such as
  • if he needed something from the top shelf he no longer needed a stepping stool because “hey MC can you help me get this down”
  • he actually loves to be the one that’s getting the piggy back rides because “wow tall people see the world very differently than shorter people”
  • all in all he grew to accept that this is how you were born and he wouldn’t want to change a single thing about you
  • plus he gets to be the little spoon more often yay 


  • she was honestly so shook
  • the thing about her is that she thinks being super tall is attractive so like
  • props to you for already winning her heart
  • she honestly expected you to be so scary but you?? weren’t???
  • you were a literal gentle giant and it cracks you up because she’s the complete opposite
  • she’s so tiny and full of rage so she’s grateful that you’re there to calm her down and make sure she get’s a hold of herself
  • she also loves seeing you struggle around the cafe because the ceiling is so low so you’re ducking every five seconds
  • “i know the ceiling is low MC i’m so sorry”
  • also she adores your hugs because she get’s to bury herself in them!!!
  • she just loves your height okay 10 out of 10 good shit


  • he honestly surprised himself when he found himself falling for you
  • he’s always thought short partners were the cutest because he could toss them around and they were always so quick to submit to him
  • but you were not them oh no sir
  • you were so independent okay and you put up a challenge to him and that’s what he really fell for
  • he also loves being able to look you in the eye when you two talk because he finds it that much more intimate/attractive
  • he also loves that you have such self confidence in yourself due to your height (he supports 100% because it’s fact that taller people earn more respect)
  • but no matter what he’s always top dog in the bedroom never forgeT 


  • this…meme lord…
  • he had so many jokes that you were so close to just breaking up with him
  • “hey MC; how’s the weather up there??”
  • “haha let me know what it’s like up there in heaven!”
  • “MC let’s go to the zoo! Your cousins in the giraffe section miss you!”
  • little fucker
  • he makes fun of you all the time but that’s because he’s secretly jealous
  • and it’s not like you don’t have your own jokes either
  • “you’re so fuckin funny, you’re just bitter because you’re closer to hell”
  • that dead ass just made him fall in love with you more
  • but all jokes aside he really does admire your height because he thinks you look so bad ass
  • people are scared to even cross you and he uses that to his advantage
  • “fuck with me and i’ll send my MC after you”
  • “Saeyoung I literally can’t even kill a bug”
  • “SHHHH SHUT UP they never said that.”
  • although he makes fun he really does love not just your height, but you as well

i always scroll through girls’ pictures and envy the hell outta them, like seriously beat myself up over the fact that i’ll never look like them, and once in a while, i even go as far as to not like their pictures out of spite (i know, i’m petty). and it’s the same with people who get a lot of likes on facebook posts or tweets– i think they’re funnier than me, cooler than me, have more friends than me. but it’s crazy, how much things aren’t as they seem and the majority of people will react so surprised and positively when you call them good-looking and tell them you are jealous of them, it makes me realize how we’re all struggling to find beauty within ourselves. those girls you stare at constantly thinking they’re so perfect have days where they pick apart their flaws, just like you do. maybe they even wish they looked more like you. maybe they have nice cheekbones but you have a nice waistline. maybe they’re funnier but you’re nicer. there’s always someone who’s going to be better than you at something but you’re always going to be better at other things. no one is perfect. everyone has different flaws and different struggles. we all have things we want to change about ourselves. and just because you can’t see other peoples’ battles doesn’t mean they’re not there. just because someone seems so happy on social media doesn’t mean their life is all sunshine and rainbows. the moral of the story is tell people how pretty they are, tell people how kind they are, tell people how funny they are– if you see a good quality in someone, try to set aside your jealousy and TELL THEM. there is a good chance they are struggling too and it will make their day to hear the compliment.

SVTFOE Just Friends episode spoilers in this post! Just in case someone hasn’t seen it yet, please don’t read this!!

Okay but Starco emotions aside, I’m glad they showed Star bonding with Jackie and showed at the beginning Marco being the one to feel left out instead of the whole episode being about Star feeling like a third wheel. It was a nice change and also goes to show Star not holding any ill feelings against Jackie. She was literally so excited to have Jackie with them!

If anything it proved Star’s feelings seem to be more on her wishing she could have had what two of her friends have for each other you know? (At least that’s how I understood the episode. Who am I kidding, that Love Sentence song basically proves it). She’s having jealousy over what could have been with Marco and not towards the person who is with Marco. 

She really only wants good times and happiness for the both of them but at the same time has growing feelings for her best friend and wishes to be in Jackie’s place. (And I think she knows that’s selfish? Is that the right word to put for what Star may think of her feelings? idk) But for sure that’s what’s really going to get her negative emotions to surface causing bad times to come for her and Marco. hrjdhjshkaksakl Idk if I’m ready for the rest. DDDD:

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Why Eggman is your favorite Sonic character? I would love to know why you like him so much .v.

-He’s hilarious and entertaining whilst remaining a credible threat at the same time, and he can legitimately intimidate you if he’s pushed far enough.

-He’s every bit the genius he says he is, as evidenced by his creations and schemes over the years.

-He’s a top-class manipulator, as evidenced by using his trickery to cancel out Super Sonic, as well as the fake emerald reverse bluff.

-His egotism is always fun to watch.

-He’s not a coward. He’ll bring a fight to you if you ask for one.

-He takes shit from no one, no matter how powerful they are.

-He has more personality and dimension than simply being your regular mad scientist, and yet he’s still a triumphant and unforgettable example of one.

-He’s a regular guy, yet he keeps coming back for more. Compare that to the giant monsters and other villains, who for all their power, usually die or otherwise leave the scene the first time around.

-His machines have a recognisable style to them no matter if they’re funny and cute or badass and menacing.

-He’s responsible for a large amount of the most memorable events and scenes in Sonic history.

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Confession: I didn't like Amy at first, not because she was with Mark (well, I mean, not really), but because I felt like I couldn't compete. She's cute and pretty, talented and smart, and skinny. But I realise that all of this is my personal insecurity with how I look and how I am, and I shouldn't reflect those feelings on Peebs. She's a doll, and I support her.

Ahh same here friend!


whenever i have an argument with someone that is being rude i always do my best to keep my composure and be nice

because yelling at a rude fuck until you prove them wrong isnt satisfying enough

the look on their face when they realise they are an absolute piece of shit for yelling at a person that is 100% polite and composed, when they realise that they are essentially scolding an innocent person, the same punch you feel when you accidentally offend your friend and instead of them being mad at you they are instead hurt and it all your fault, the genuine self hate and regret fading in on their face as they keep talking until eventually they realise how absolutely wrong they are and shut up, having been absolutely humiliated, and the best part is   t h e y   d i d    i t    t o    t h e m s e l v e s

now that is satisfying

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I absolutely respect everyone's opinion and am highly aware of the fact that it doesn't have to agree with mine, but I cannot understand how can a person watch all episodes of New Girl and come to a conclusion that Nick and Jess shouldn't be together. I get it that they don't care as much as we do, because let's face it, we're kind of obsessed, but to think that they should stay apart is beyond me. Like, have we been watching the same show?

Come off anon so I can love you.

Grocery Store Spatial Relations 101

How little room there is for us to get through when we ask an able-bodied person to move at the grocery store:

[Birds-eye-view of a crude drawing of a grocery store isle. There is a person with a grocery cart ahead to the left, one in the middle of the isle on a diagonal, and another person with a child to the right side of the isle. The drawing shows the girl in a wheelchair behind them all saying “excuse me”. There is a purple line showing the width of the chair, and another showing the width of an open gap between everyone. There is an X indicating that the person in the wheelchair cannot fit through.]


How much room there is for an able-bodied person to get through when they ask US to move for them:

[Birds-eye-view of the same grocery store isle. There is a person with a grocery cart ahead to the left, one to the right, and a girl in a wheelchair slightly sticking out to the right behind them. The drawing shows a person beside the girl in the wheelchair, with a cart, saying “excuse me”. There is a purple line showing the width of the cart, and another showing the width of an open gap between everyone. There is a check mark indicating that the person in the cart behind everyone can indeed fit.]

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How about UT and UF chara and asriel falling in love the same person.

ADT-Chara VS Asriel:

It’s definitely a playful kind of rivalry (the only way I can describe it is like Tuck VS FDR in “This is War”). Asriel cares about & respects Chara a lot, but he’s not afraid to face a challenge, especially if it feels like a fun one. They’d both make different kinds of moves, Chara taking a more blunt, yet subtle way of expressing their feelings while Asriel would rely more on just being friendly, but showing off how cool & strong he is to try & impress you at the same time.

ADTFell-Chara VS Asriel:

Oh, that’s an easy one to decide: Chara would immediately back off & let Asriel make his move. They have an extremely high amount of respect for him–plus the fact that he’s not all-too kind to them, & would essentially make them doubt themself so much that they’d feel like they wouldn’t be a good match for you anyway. What a way to lose a love.

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So I visited just now the lostspecial website (out of curiosity), and just read the message written in it. Like wtf, someone seems to have a lot of free time apparently? I don't get it why he\she spent so much effort into doing this.

Agreed Lovely. The person obviously is a sad individual who apparently doesn’t care so much about Johnlock that they knew EXACTLY what our “things” were. Like… we have A LOT of things. Clearly not only “a few minutes”. But as long as you remain positive and call them out for how ridiculous they were, they don’t win.

There’s also the flip side that it is probably part of the ARG that we think is actually happening right now… in similar fashion to the Geek Interpreter, I believe, was that people ridiculed the client until other people actually started experiencing the same things. So some of us believe that it’s possibly part of the game…

I’m personally leaning more towards an anti, but like I said, joke is on them, we had a fucking fantastic time and probably made them more cranky because we took it so well.

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An anti sent me an anon saying that I'm racist because I called crosstaging. Because apparently in their narrative Poe is more important than Kylo. So I "hate latinx people" the truth is that I'm latina. But then they say that I'm a "white that doesn't know nothing". Sure, because I need some 15 years old niña gringa telling me where I was born and how is my culture. :)

That’s the problem with antis, they assume and generalize everything, even race and personal background, to further their own beliefs and ideas about something. It’s the same kind of rhetoric used by the white Trump supporters (for example) who call all Muslims “terrorists” when that’s clearly not the case. But they won’t back down even when they’re proved wrong.

I’m sorry you were faced with that kind of gross ignorance. But I love how proud and strong you are against that kind of hate! You keep doing you; don’t let it get you down. :)

       ( BUT WHAT IF…
         Shigure either asks his father or his sibiling (or both) how to approach
         the person he loves without saying who it is?


         And then this day approaches when someone of his family finds
         all the different pictures he had drawn over the past weeks - all
         with the very same person on it…….And then they all know who it is. WOOPS. )


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This fandom can find secret files, can speak using codes, can discover the whole history from the day someone is born to they they are connected to the boys, but we can't for the sake of our lives recognize faces at all. Like, you put two person next two each other and we can't say if the are the same or not. How is that even possible? It happens with everyone! Every single stunt girl, every single business man/woman, everyone! Why are we so lacking in this department?

We also missed this: