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Humans Are Weird: Anthroponomastics Edition

I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to a lot of things, but one of the ones that really interests me that I don’t think a lot of people necessarily think about is personal names: the set of names that identify individual human beings.

One of the common things I see in science fiction is names used to define alien races as being alien, by having them counter traditional English name structures (I imagine this is true in other languages as well, but I am less familiar). Tali’Zorah nar Rayya, G’Kar, Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan, Teal’c, etc. When names do resemble human names, the reason given is usually that their full length would be unpronounceable by humans, like Spock.

But the general similarity between all of these variations is that within the species, names are structured the same. Tali’Zorah nar Rayya is the daughter of  Rael'Zorah nar Rayya. G’Kar is a follower of G’Quan and has an aide called Na’Toth. Names are often used in SF not only to identify a species as alien, but identify them as a specific race of alien.

So what if that is, to a degree, true? What if humans encountered aliens who have a specific form of designation for each individual of the entire species? And then they have to deal with human personal names.

Human personal names are weird. There’s a general correlation between how they’re given within cultural groups, but those are by no means rules and when you have cultural groups intermingling, they can even cross.

Most English-speaking countries have three names: First, Middle, Last. First and Middle are distinct from Last. Last names are usually patrilineal and come from the father, but that’s becoming less true as more children take their mother’s last name and hyphenated dual last names become more prominent.

Speaking of dual last names, other cultures sometimes forego the Middle and have two Lasts instead. Spain, as well as many Spanish-speaking countries, has three names: First Patrilineal Matrilineal. So when Maria Alvarado Rodriguez and Diego Rubio Suarez have a child, they name her Inez Rubio Alvarado. But even that isn’t a rule, because recently women in Spain and other countries have taken to reversing the surname order of their children, like Inez Alvarado Rubio.

In Russian, you also have three names: First Patronymic Patrilineal. Nadezdha Valentinovna Petrov is the daughter of Valentin Igorovich Petrov. Irish Gaelic names appear as though they have three much of the time, but they’re really First and Last with a surname prefix of Ó/Ua or Mac for males and Ní/Nic for females: Seán Mac Mathúna, Gráinne Ní Mhurchú.

First, though, is probably better referred to as a Given Name, because it doesn’t necessarily always come first. In Japanese, the Surname comes before the Given Name, so a name written in English format as Shinobu Sato would be more accurately written as Sato Shinobu. This is also true of Korean naming convention: during the 2014 Winter Olympics some American broadcasters referred to a South Korean figure skater as Kim Yuna, while her legal name under South Korean convention is Yuna Kim.

And names are so different across borders that often when people emigrate or relocate, they change their names to better interact with the host culture. Ergo the stereotype of getting a new name at Ellis Island. My mother’s family is primarily from Moscow and Western Russia, but none of their names sound it: Yulia is Julie, Svetlana is Vicky, Kirill is Kyle, etc. And they all have middle names, legally, but those “middle names” are actually their patronymics, which would be considered surnames in Russia. One of my friends is from Tanzania and goes by Amy because she doesn’t want people to butcher the pronunciation of her Swahili name; according to my African-American Lit professor who works with several Ghanaian academics, the same is true of people with Ashanti names.

That’s not even the most complicated part: we don’t even call each-other by our legal names most of the time. If we’re in a casual setting, we might call each-other by names that may have no relation to our given names. My friend’s birth name is Cynthia and we call her Ray. Plenty of people go by their middle names. And this is often from birth. Someone might name their child Robert, but most people don’t look at an infant and think “Robert,” so five minutes out of the delivery room he’s called Robbie or Bo or something else. My Spanish-language teacher is Basque but was born in a dictatorship when her parents weren’t allowed to name her Idoia - so they named her Maria Idoia and immediately dropped the Maria in general use.

I have at least four nicknames within my family alone: my immediate family calls me Kate, my aunt calls me Katie (and is the only one allowed to do so), and my grandmother calls me either Katya or Katousha, which are both Russian endearments.

And then we change them for a variety of reasons. We have gender-specific names, so people whose identity doesn’t correspond to their assigned gender will change their names to more accurately represent themselves. People change their names when they get married. People change their names when the name itself is besmirched somehow: hundreds of Adolfs became Alfreds and Alberts after WWII. People even sometimes change their names because they feel like it.

Any given human being has at least half a dozen names they go by. So you have poor T’Xao just trying to find the Human known as Katherine Elizabeth Jennings and getting responses like “Oh, Katie’s over in Engineering” and “Jen’s in the Dining Hall” and “I think I saw Lizzie heading toward Medical” and who are all these people and can they lead him to Katherine Elizabeth Jennings? T’Xao just wants the Engineering reports so he can show the Captain, this shouldn’t be this hard.


A/N: this is shorter than usual and contains lots of fluff! hope you enjoy!
word counting: 933

Among all things Y/N and Harry had in common, both of them shared a rather busy life, which could get in the way of their relationship sometimes.

This week, particularly, was literally hell for Y/N. The company she works for had just started a new project, leading her boss to request all employees to stay after working-hours to get it done with quicker. So to say she was tired didn’t even begin to describe the feeling of exhaustion she felt throughout her whole body. Her sleeping schedule got messed up and her body literally ached to rest.

So when her feverish and stressful week finally came to an end, sleeping was all Y/N could think about. And due to the very busy week she just had, resting was the only thing she could think of with the little energy she had left.

As soon as she got home, she took off her shoes and carelessly tossed them to the side and sped up to the stairs. Going to bed was literally the only thing she had in mind.

“Love?”, she heard Harry softly call out to her. She hadn’t even acknowledged his presence yet.

Going back a few steps, just enough to see him sitting on the couch, she let out a huge smile.

“Hi, H”, she greeted, heading to his direction and lazily placing a kiss to his lips.

Harry could see how tired she was — and he really couldn’t tell if he was being selfish or not —, but he missed her. Unfortunately, being home wasn’t something as regular as he’d like it to be, so whenever he was, Harry always cherished every second spent next to her.

“How was your day, angel?”, Harry asked, running his hands up and down her arms in attempts to bring her some comfort. After all, he knew how much this week had taken a toll on her. Y/N contently sighed at the warmth his hands were radiating on her skin and closed her eyes at the feeling of him. She can’t remember the last time she’d felt this relaxed — even with such a simple gesture.

“Just like any other day of this week, honestly. I’m tired, Haz. Think I’m gonna head out to bed now”, she let out a yawn and leaned down to press one last kiss to his temples.

“Don’t go to bed yet, love. I think it’s too early, no?”, Harry said with a small smile tugging at the end of his lips. He slowly reached out for her and held a tight — yet very comforting — grip on her, pulling her down to lay on top of him.

“But I’m tired, Harry. You know how shitty this week was for me”, she said pouting and letting a frown plaster upon her face.

“I know, love. But I miss you. Haven’t been able to be with you like this in almost a whole week. It was killin’ me”.

When she looked up at him, Harry was already looking down at her with the sweetest smile she’s ever seen. He looked at her with such tenderness she couldn’t say ‘no’ at his plead. And even though she spent the whole week wondering when she’d be able to sleep a good and full 10 hours, she missed him too. And now that she’s here, limply laying on top of him, she can’t complain about not sleeping right now. Harry has always brought her such comfort that not even the comfiest and fluffiest bed could level up to him.

“Yeah… okay”, she gave in. A genuine smile on her face as she wrapped her arms around his torso. As soon as Harry placed one of his arms around her waist and the other on her upper back, so he could play with her hair, she sighed in content again, bringing one of her own to play with his hair as well.

Y/N has never felt this tired and happy at the same time and she wondered how that was even possible. Usually, whenever she’s tired — or any other person, for that matter — it’s a bad mood that accompanies the exhaustion. But Harry — well, he’s Harry. He manages to bring such strange, yet beautiful emotions to the surface of her heart. Harry brings out the best of her as well. He’s always so gentle, so kind, so loving towards her that she often finds herself wondering how other people manage to go through a lifetime without the tenderness and companionship of somebody like him. He causes her the best indescribable feelings she’s ever felt and she is absolutely smitten with him. He’s the cause to all of what she’s feeling right at this moment, as well. He makes her feel such things that not even Y/N herself can explain. They’re just so beautiful that no words can level up to it — they go way beyond it.

Adjusting her on top of him, so he could be comfortable as well, he breathed in her scent, letting the wondrous feeling of her fill him in every pore on his skin and every entry way to the inside of his body. Being drowned in her was probably his favorite thing to do. The closeness and intimacy meant everything to him.

And although his previous plans didn’t involve sleeping just yet, the proximity and tranquility she brought him were enough to make him comply with that. After all, she was more than just tired and he had her right where he needed her to be.

“Goodnight, my love”, Harry softly whispered in her ear.

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It killed me when Adrien hugged his father like he looked like he was protected by the only family member he has left and that everything would be okay but little does he know...


Legit every time Gabriel was in the same room as Adrien I just wanted to go to him and

tuesday mornings

member: kang daniel
genre: fluff
summary: your terrible habit of sleeping on the subway actually lead you somewhere.
requested: yes! (finally) but this is actually based on my irl experience and horrible habit of sleeping when i commuted to school except i didn’t have a cute boy like daniel around…
a/n: it’s daniel fic week on my blog for my constantly writing a soulmate au fic soulmate’s birthday week @deepdickdaniel !!! happy birthday bitch. (also thank you @onlyjihoons for helping me with my writers block)

  • university has been cutting into your sleeping time.
  • because of all the group projects, essays, and assignments, you developed unsafe habit of sleeping on the subway, 
  • you’d often get older but really kind strangers shaking you awake, telling you it’s unsafe for someone so young to sleep on the subway alone.
  • honestly, you couldn’t help it….
  • there were many times where you missed your stop so you started to tape a sign on yourself saying “wake me up at xxx station”
  • that’s when you had a regular (?) waking you up every tuesday in the same subway cart at Your Seat™ (yes you had your own seat)

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BTS Headcanons: When you’re naturally pretty...

Before we start I want all of you to know that you, indeed, are beautiful. Social standards might make you feel like utter shit, it’s how the world functions. We all have flaws and imperfections but that’s what makes us who we are. You’re beautiful even though I’ve never seen you, inside and out. That’s a promise.


If you’re looking at it as a whole, the relationships between BTS and MC are platonic; though you can look at it individually. Without further ado: 

  • You’re never one to wear too much makeup, sometimes opting to wear none at all.
  • People might have been used to how you look, though you weren’t bothered with not receiving compliments too often.
  • Of course, the only exception are the boys.
  • They’ll make sure to compliment you at least two times a day!
  • But, really, you do the same for them.
  • Seokjin likes to feign defeat around you, often exclaiming how your beauty easily outshines his whole existence. You’d say that it’s rather too extra of him to do so, though he would never stop so—usually his dramatic words are accompanied with his body draping over yours or him clutching his own heart.
  • Sometimes you won’t believing him, concluding that it was all a joke and act as usual, and when he notices this it’s ensued that he’d reassure you, proclaiming that, yes, you are beautiful—both your image and soul.
  • Yoongi isn’t one to voice his thoughts about beauty and facial features. Really, the man would rather not step foot in that lane, though he acknowledges how pretty you are, smiling to himself whenever others would mention your looks.
  • You don’t need his words because him caring about you is enough as a stand alone to make you feel like the most special being in the universe let alone pretty.
  • Hoseok is a bit of a tease, really. He has creases from permanently smiling and laughing so much, perfectly hand in hand with that mischief in his eyes; it’s the result of constantly teasing the others and you—specifically how (Y/n) is just so pretty, prettier than worldwide handsome!
  • He’d say that it’s worth it in the end, despite having an outraged Jin at his tail; and, hey, he made you smile and laugh.
  • Namjoon would be the kind similar to Yoongi; never directly remarking what he sees and thinks. Of course, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t acknowledge your looks, though he isn’t exactly a materialist. 
  • Once he might have expressed his thoughts, albeit he fumbled with his words, “(Y/n), yes, I think you’re really pretty but I don’t, uh, want you thinking that it’s the only reason we’re friends? God, no, please don’t think of me as that asshole, please—”
  • Jimin will use every single opportunity to remind you of how beautiful you are, and he’d use the excuse of missing you so much. You’d catch his drift and end up complimenting him back, and you swear that he made it a challenge then which resulted in an everlasting war between you two.
  • But he won’t back down. Ever. He wants to have the last word. Unfortunately for witnesses you’re just as stubborn.
  • Taehyung might be chill about it. It’s a given that he, too, is a little teasing shit much like his Hoseok-hyung but he knows how to be cool about it. He’s the type of person to value things in life, to just say it as innocently as possible with best intent in mind, of course.
  • Though, for one reason or another I see him comparing your beauty to other things in the cheesiest way possible, “you truly outshine every star that twinkles,” and the boy deadpans this, doesn’t even bat an eyelash because he definitely means it.
  • Jungkook would be on the same page as Jimin, ultimately wanting to provide and not having anything in return from you, though he might be a bit aggressive with it considering how competitive he is.
  • Then again, imagine the nerves he had to bundle up to actually express anything close to emotion due to how shy this little bunny is. Though, once he gets rolling he ain’t stopping until his kill streak is satisfying enough for him(I’m a video game nerd, don’t hold it against me).
  • The boys would really want to make you feel loved and a part of their family, that’s a given with how kind and amazing they are. 

Snape x Lily confessions:

01) I think if Voldemort truly died the first war, or if Snape survived the second war, he would get over Lily. Being a spy and having to live a double life for years, putting on act so people wouldn’t trust him, he didn’t really have time to move on. Lily was his only happy memory, so he clinged to it. If Snape survived the war, he would, in time, get over Lily; as he would be finally able to live his life.

02) While I love Snape, I can’t pair him with Lily. I like Lily too, but they’re not good for each other. I see him going into hiding after the war, and eventually falling in love with a muggle doctor.

03) If Snape survived the war, I picture Lily appearing in a dream. She would be angry, but also happy for everything Snape did; but most importantly she would tell him to let go of her, and find someone he can share his love with. While she would be mad, I think she would want Snape to move on.

04) I have a lot of mixed feelings towards Snape. He did a lot of bad things, and he did a lot of good things. But I can’t stand how the “Always” quote is the one to constantly represent the fandom. I can’t believe that Snape spent years and years pining after Lily like that. I like to pretend that it isn’t referring to the unrequited love, but instead Snape feels guilt over how he lost his childhood friend and she died before he could make amends, so he wants to make it up to her in her death.

05) Lily did not drop Snape. She spent five years trying to maintain a friendship with him, defending him, and trying to help him; while he refused to listen to her unless it was something he wanted to hear, and got involved with dark magic. Him calling her a slur was not this sudden great opportunity to drop him, it was her final realisaition that he was not the same person she knew, and that it was not worth maintaining that friendship.

So about that comic

Long story short, I apologize if some people see my recent Klance comic as abusive in any way. I wrote it with the short brawl because it seemed like the most realistic way those two would try to express their feelings at first, and I made it as balanced as possible, with no one being more powerful than the other. I understand not liking fighting, and not wanting characters I love to fight, but I won’t shrink away from writing it because I don’t like it.

I expound more under the cut, if you want more of my thoughts~

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          ITS BEEN A WHIRL OF A MONTH  AND SOMEHOW 630+ OF YOU ! really it has, deku being my first grand muse after my regain to julie and finally getting active on tumblr !! he was such a spontaneous muse, but out of it came such amazing friends and even more beautiful followers ! each one of my mutuals truly know how to make me smile or cry or just wept in joy from how much love they pour into their writing !! and obvious this blog wouldn’t be the same without its crack and funposting ! being on here wouldn’t be nearly as fun if it wasn’t for the people who make me laugh!  so without further ado, 

             thank you. from the bottom of my boku no heart <3 

—BNHA SQUAD !!  these people are the biggest reasons’  deku has such a big personality and life to him ! they’re my SQUAD/CLIQUE, whatever you call it! they’re the BNHA muses that make it worth writing !! 

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—THE MAIN SQUAD !! : these people ive talked to in and out of character, and regardless about the shit we throw at eachother, make me happy to know them from the bottom of my gut !! they’re the sweetest people you’ll ever know ! and I can’t help but love them! 

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In the tons of relationship books I have read, I noticed that they always talk about ‘what to do when you lose the spark’. They usually have advices like, change the routine, or do something exciting, or go on dates.

So it got me thinking, after a while of practicing in Islam, we tend to lose that spark that was there in the beginning of our road, that spark that made us weep for our sins, and the same spark that made us have an unquenching thirst for knowledge.

So how about we start applying the relationships tips to have a more awakened heart?

Change the routine: do a new act of worship, or change your schedule abit. Go visit the sick in the hospitals. Go visit the elderly in the housing homes, portray what a Muslim should be; you could be a reason that someone would die upon the truth. Go to an orphanage, play with the kids. Wallahi although these may seem little, but they have a huge effect on the heart, and inshallah they would have a huge weight on the scale too. So renew your repentance; renew your relationship with Allah.

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If Lotor and his generals were in a human au or something, how do you think Narti would operate compared to her canon self? (Considering VLD is like real life where people don't have super powers and I assume that'd be the same for her)

My personal read on a human AU Team Sincline is a group of people living together platonically to escape various undesirable living situations.

As far as Narti specifically, I don’t think there’s any official certification for a guide cat as opposed to a guide dog, but, hastily googling it turned up a couple of anecdotes/news reports that claimed it has been done, which, while I didn’t verify those sources, I figure it’s fair enough for me to basically assume in a human AU Kova would be acting as a home-trained guide animal for Narti- since telepathically, that’s the role that he serves in canon and one we see that he’s fairly attentive to.

We see Kova repositioning himself frequently to be where Narti needs his help, and he does so without obvious instruction. This is one of the reasons, in canon, why I find it hard to read Kova as a particularly callous or malicious creature- he clearly has a strong helper’s instinct, being an intelligent, responsive animal that works very hard on his own initiative to help out.

So I think in a human AU that would translate easily into Kova being a mundane guide animal. Narti wouldn’t be able to see through his eyes, but perhaps riding on her shoulders as he does in canon he could vocalize and let her know who’s there.

I also imagine in a human AU the other members of Team Sincline would do things for Narti that they don’t need to in canon- like announcing when someone enters the room or stating who it is when someone approaches them, or helping guide her. Whether or not Narti used other things- like a white cane, for example- would probably depend.

In canon, I actually wonder if Narti, to a certain degree, feels her way around using her feet, since she has those obvious prehensile toes that protrude from the greaves of her armor and Kova isn’t always there to be her eyes- sometimes he separates from her to scout the area.

Lord/Muse Headcanon

We’ve seen how the “canon” god tier outfits for the Lord and the Muse look: Lords with their long, trailing capes, Muses with their robes reminiscent of Greco-Roman deities. However, the canon examples of how these outfits look are Caliborn and Calliope, and their outfits seem to tie into their personal tastes more than most god tier outfits do.

Exhibit A: Caliborn.

Note the suspenders and the bowtie, his signature look even before his ascension. It seems as though his personal tastes were reflected in his outfit, unlike the vast majority of god tier outfits that look the same among characters with the same class (the only difference being color palettes and Aspect symbols).

Exhibit B: Calliope

Once again, the bowtie from her normal appearance carries over to her new outfit. It seems as though Lords and Muses don’t actually have a true canon outfit- it more reflects the way they believe their god tiered clothes should look.

Though there is most likely a common look shared between the outfits of different Lords or Muses, it seems as though there is a greater degree of variation depending on whose outfit it is. Fitting, considering the level of power over their Aspects that Lords and Muses have.

I like Athena’s design more than a lot of people, but looking at the concept art they went through so many designs for her, and there are so many that I would have rather they went with. They’re simpler than her current busy design, addressing the complaints people have, and they’re so nice looking! LIKE THIS ONE, which is both adorable and classy looking.

Look at her little shorts! Look at her curly hair! I love it! Honestly, Athena strikes me as way more someone who’d go with shorts, considering how athletic she is (though on the same note, I guess she’d be unlikely to wear those heels because of that, so turn them to flats)

cuuuuute. I wonder if they ditched this design bc the curly hair would have been hard for a cg sprite. But if that was the case, I would have been down with this:

sUCH a cute. It really gets her personality across with a fairly simply design. Athena really need little shorts over tights it’s just a good aesthetic okay. She looks so spunky. Based on other sprites, i think they coulda pulled that hair off too. And the silhouette’s pretty great!I


I think this one is probably TOO simple, and doesn’t quite get across her personality (looks a little too..idk conservative?) but look how cute she is!


I WANT ATHENA THE SUSPENDERS-AND-TIE-AND-CAP WEARING LESBIAN. like this just screams “i’m gay” and also hits all my aesthetic buttons gooood i just. want her to wear this.

why do they do maid outfits and shit for dlcs they should give us all the characters unused concept designs. 

but honestly, looking through the designs, i guess the real moral is to be grateful we didn’t get this:

Really dodged a bullet there.

I’ve been a Johnny Depp fan for so long and still every time i watch a movie of his i am amazed by his talented, his chameleon like abiltiy to transform every time. How on earth can it be that Willy Wonka and James Bulger are played by the same person? Axel Blackmar and Captain Jack. His talent, his great gift, amazed and enchants me every time again. i think that’s wonderful

I think that people don’t understand how to be compassionate toward others who don’t fit in their idea of what a “good” mentally ill person should look like. I think this stems from not understanding that everyone is on their own path in recovery and some people aren’t ready to recover yet.

Some teenager making a meme about their depression might not be the best coping mechanism but it’s pointless to attack those people and be like “well if you would just recover like do then you’d be okay.” Not every coping mechanism works for every person, and that person never asked for advice. They just wanted to vent. 

This has also evolved into making memes about specific mental illnesses and how people with those are “the worst” etc. 

You don’t know what someone is going through, and it’s really none of your business if someone wants to create “relatable” content on a mental illness because they’re most likely trying to make sense of their feelings and find other people who feel the same way. In a lot of ways I think people with mental illnesses want other mentally ill people to share only stories that are positive. However, some people with mental illnesses do shitty things that should be called out. I just don’t like to see it turn to the mental illness and not the action the person did. Mentally ill people should be responsible for their actions, but those actions should not reflect on all people with that mental illness. 

My thoughts aren’t entirely formed but I just think that there’s a tendency for so-called “high-functioning” mentally ill people or mentally ill people who are farther in their recovery process to speak in a condescending way to those who might not be coping as well. Mental health advocacy doesn’t mean always agreeing with someone who is mentally ill or even having to talk to them, but I think a big part is trying to listen to people with many kinds of mental illness and their narratives. 

Every time I’m feelin some normie dude I’m like “he probably doesn’t even like good music or movies :/“ and then I think abt how many terrible men I know who have good taste in music and movies.. pretzels is the same ;/

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(I'm not sure if this is on anon or not bc of the update bare with me) hey roby! I was wondering if you had any tips on how to avoid always doing the same face when drawing people while still keeping the same style? Thank you in advance, love your art btw !

I’m the last person to ask on topic of avoiding the same face omg thats literally all i do and I hate myself for it sometimes, but its good that we’re aware of it! 

i guess the main thing you can do when drawing someone in particular is just use reference and study details of the person’s face and go from there. it comes with practice, and honestly depending on your art style it can be harder or easier.

but yea like i said I’m not the best user to ask cause I’m guilty of making a lot of my drawings look the same face-shape wise. 

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A jnp fandom poll with 8,300 votes has decided Victor 39% will land the quad axel, cheerio 22% , Yuuri 20 % and JJ 19% chance. I was really hoping the same issues with not believing Yuuri's skills wasn't in the JNP fandom but it is... How is 28 yr old victor going to learn the jump hardest on your body and totally undeserving cheerio get that? Yuuri is the best at axels anyway :/

yuuri will land the quad axel confirmed i know this i personally went into the future and saw it

but also yeah it’s extremely frustrating and disappointing how yuuri is constantly underestimated in favor of the russians when the narrative threads literally tell us not to do this. yurio only has two quads, he has much lower stamina, and his body still has to go through puberty which is going to affect his jumping overall. jj possibly could, but he’s not narratively important enough. victor is 28 and hasn’t ever needed the quad axel, may not even be interested in trying it. yuuri’s triple axel is explicitly called to be one of his favorite jumps, he added the quad sal and the quad flip in the span of a few short months from when he started training them seriously (training quads takes a long time to get consistent), he has noted unusually good stamina, LET YUURI BE THE BEST AND BE SUCCESSFUL GOD DAMN