how are there people in this world that don't ship it

Shallura: Mom and Dad relationship
Shklance: Orgy
Shidge: Dad and daughter/son
Sheith: Brother relationship
Shance: Lance teaching Shiro memes
Shunk: This is a ship?

Klance: Space Ranger Partners (cred to Jeremy for the name)
Kunk: “Bro…you light up my world” “..Bro..”
Kidge: Salty sister meets Bad Brother
Kallura: I have no commentary for this for specific reasons.

Lidge: Meme brother meets meme sister
Lallura: “Hello pretty lady” “I am married.”

Hidge: Cute techies wanting to have fun and play video games

Pallura: “Mom you literally don’t understand.” “WELL TEACH ME!”


Ultimate Meme Team: Lance, Hunk, Pidge

Ultimate BROTP: Lank

Ultimate sibling otp: Lidge

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Jump right in and swim until you’re free

On Pike, and the sea, and making whole what once was broken, and being lost before you can be found.

Title from “Atlas Hands” by Benjamin Francis Leftwich, from Pike’s spotify playlist.

[read on ao3]

The sea is lonely, at first.

The sailors know each other, know the slope of the deck, know the rasp of rope across their hands. They know the spray of the water and the sting of the salt and the sigh of the waves, steady like the turn of the world. Pike does not know these things. Pike does not know these people or their world. Pike watches them, eyes shadowed and hungry, and she does not know what she is seeking but she does not find it.

She spends the hours she is not working––and they are few and far between, for there is always work to be done upon the ship, and she has the slope of the deck to learn, and the rasp of rope, and the tricks and turns of life among the emptiness of the ocean––staring out at the horizon, the threshold of the world where sky meets water. Some days it is slate, heavy and low. Some days it is impossibly blue, blinding. Some days it is close enough to reach out and touch; some days it is impossibly far away. Some days it is a gaping, hungry mouth, ready to swallow everything. Some days it is closed tight.

Those are bad days, when the horizon is locked away.

The sea is a lonely, lonely place.

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Twenty minutes every day
Move your muscles in fun and play
Save money for an adventure
Travel the world type venture
Already went on a cruise ship
To Cozumel on a round trip
Must improve on mi español
It’s been a life-long learning goal
Checked my list for master’s degree
I might pursue my P h D
Would like to learn how to snow ski
Have yet to bake my own turkey
Parachute out of an airplane
Travel on a passenger train
Learn how to master game of chess
Well, at least learn to play my best
Fly high in a hot air balloon
Sleep again under stars and moon
Dance with someone out in the rain
Develop my artistic brain
Publish a book that’s worth reading
Quit being tone deaf when I sing
Make a difference in people’s lives
Things I’ll treasure for my own archives
One day I’ll have a pet again
Things I dream about now and then


hey guys it’s your local garbage back again, feeling bored and wanting to do something for her followers! this time around i’m gonna do some fancasts bc it seems like people really like those!! so here’s how we’re gonna do it!


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Inktober Day 31: Friend

Today is Noodle’s 26th birthday and she is one of the most amazing people in the world even if she is only a cartoon. She’s grown so much and I like to think that maybe I have alongside her. She’s like a big sister kind of gal, being the same age as my brother and just as awesome, that would do anything for her family.

Over time, you can definitely tell how close her and 2D her, they’re best friends, compadres, partners in crime and so much more. They do everything together and their relationship is like that of me and my partner, full of games, fun, films, the horror genre and so much more. These two are my faves and my sweet sweet angels.

So Inktober is at an end and it was so much fun to do, maybe I’ve improved, maybe I haven’t. But I can definitely confirm that I have had a fantadtic time doing and maybe this won’t be the end. Maybe there will be more daily Noodles or daily Gorillaz doodles along the way. Except maybe not in ink this time. I prefer a good quality sketch in pencil. 😊

“Newt and I will take care of you” YES YOU WILL, TINA. YOU WOULD SO WELL.
A world in which Crewtina is a thing and it fits in with canon and everything is great and Credence is loved and Tina and him are the mother hens of their favorite reckless noodle man.
Our Fantastic Newt and How to Keep Him Safe.

You know, Maya has always ‘teased’ Riley for being - what she thinks to be - ‘less than smart’ and I thought it was funny at first (like friends joking around) but I’m honestly starting to feel like she actually feels this way, she ACTUALLY THINKS THIS GIRL IS A FUCKING IDIOT. And that’s starting to get on my nerves. It’s one thing to play with Riley one-on-one if it doesn’t bother her but it’s another to constantly mock her intelligence in front of other people (like look, watch this!, look what she does, look what I’m dealing with!) and I hate that I’m just now realizing how NOT funny that is. 

And it’s getting worse. She’s getting meaner. Over a boy?! Riley is supposed to be your best friend. A person you supposedly love like a sister. How could you ever say: how am I in a triangle with that? that’s basically saying, ‘she’s an idiot’ ‘how could Lucas ever think of her as an option’ … and that’s so fucking rude.

Maya, as Riley’s best friend should GET why Lucas likes Riley. Maya should GET why Lucas would be conflicted about the two of them because Maya should think of RILEY AS AMAZING. But clearly, Maya doesn’t feel that way and that’s a horrible realization I just made.

  • Scott: How long have you been hung up on Lydia? Four years? And you’re still killing yourself to fetch little trinkets for her? That’s crazy, that’s more than crazy, I don’t think there’s a word for what that is…
  • Stiles: Actually, there is a word for that. It’s love. I’m in love with her, okay? If you’re looking for the word that means caring about someone beyond all rationality and wanting them to have everything they want no matter how much it destroys you, it’s love. And when you love someone, you don’t stop, ever. Even when people roll their eyes, and call you crazy. Even then. Especially then. You just - you don’t give up. Because if I could just give up...if I could just, you know, take the whole world’s advice and, and move on and find someone else, that wouldn’t be love. That would be...that would be some other disposable thing that is not worth fighting for. But I...that's not what this is.

hey remember when sdr2 said nanami was a member of the future foundation, even though according to dr3 kamukura made her and inserted her into the new world program?

remember when she implied fujisaki to be her and monomi’s dad, and alter ego to be her brother, even though according to dr3 kamukura made her, and if so, it would make no sense for alter ego to be her brother, unless i guess kamukura made him and monomi too, because fuck canon amirite? (plus if she sees hinata/kamukura as her dad then h1nanami is suddenly kinda creepy)

remember when she was friends with monomi, who definitely was made by the future foundation since gekkogahara uses her, even though, if she’s an ai inserted into the program by kamukura, monomi should see her as a foreign invader, akin to monokuma?

remember when dr didn’t use cheap tactics to make everything revolve around these two? remember when they had relationships with other people, and character depth besides how much they totally love each other!!! 

i miss those times.

So I woke up at 3 AM with lots of anxiety and couldn’t go back to sleep so I started researching Antarctica and YOU GUYS literally it is so weird. So it’s summer there right now and the high for today is -52 degrees??? No one lives there except scientists and they can only withstand like two summers and a winter, also there is no spring or fall in Antarctica. There have been reporting that the ship that comes to get the scientists to bring them home couldn’t make it through the ice and the scientists had to stay an extra and unanticipated winter??? Can you imagine??? ALSO there is a treaty that says you cannot go to Antarctica without your government’s permission??? And historically Antarctica wasn’t even SIGHTED until 1820. And when the first people arrived no one was there. It is one of the only places in our world that was actually discovered without people having been there for like thousands of years already??? I just can’t believe this place actually exists in world and it is crazy and SO COLD and scary

Hello my lovely sunshines; last night I hit 700 followes (whaat) and I wanted to do something to thank you all for being amazing (yeah, I’m talking about you). And I thought ‘you know what this world needs..some positivity’. So I’d like to take this opportunity and turn it into a celebration of beautiful people with beautiful souls.

What I’m going to do:

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anonymous asked:

Last time I checked pedophilia is an attraction towards pre pubescent children, so it would not be called that even if you kept moana's original age which is 16, in the end I think it just age gaps that got these people in a twist which is understandable, I know other shippers that are uncomfortable shipping a 16 or 17 yo with anyone, myself included. depending on where they live and from, so they usually age them up. Love your work btw, keep up the good work!

Yeah IKR?
Maybe they should go on Wikipedia and read about what they’re talking about, and then MAYBE say something.

It happens on every side anyway, like when someone call me homophobic because I don’t like Yaoi or Yuri LOL


My best friend is lesbian and goddamnit I am with them, wishing them to get my same right and live happily forever and even after loving who they want to love, so yeah, I am the last homophobic bitch in the world, but yet there’s people who say I am ‘cause I don’t like yaoi… Doesn’t make sense, but hey! Again, people don’t think when say something, they think that since we are on the internet we can say whatever the fuck it’s in our mind without use the brain…

I, for example, don’t like furry or anthro, but I don’t fucking go around tumblr or wherever and bother who likes it, damn, I just block the things I don’t like with “Tumblr Savior” and don’t look around for these stuffs. That’s how a person do when use the brain. They should do the same as well imo.

So yeah, I understand that it could and do bother and disturb someone, I am not saying that everybody have to love it, BUT that’s doesn’t mean you can come to me and bother me with your shitty thought senseless, specially when it’s specified the age of all characters involved.

People just love to troll, and I must say that I am kinda sorry for them… For waste their time in such stupid things, means that they have an empty life and need to do so for make it a little bit interesting (and boring for me and others at my position, but oh well.)
Thank you! Glad you like my works!

Ps: Sorry if (and I surely did! xD) I wrote something wrong, but ngh my English isn’t the best, but I try xD

Imagine Sam Jones, nineties teen.

No, seriously, Sam Jones, openly queer, unfeminine, outspoken environmentalist, sjw – in highschool in the nineties. Sam Jones picking fights with school bullies, being the girl no one would share a locker room with, being isolated, starved for queer role models, living in the aftermath of Thatcherite Britain. Sam Jones the teenaged survivor, exhausted at how damn hard it was to be out in the nineties, to be feminist, to be the annoying chick who never shut up about the ozone layer.

Now imagine Sam Jones meets a strange alien, queer, beautiful, more passionately invested in justice and equality than she even knows how to be, saver of worlds, discoverer of new and strange and wonderful places and people. And that strange and beautiful alien says “come away with me. come and see the universe, we’ll save people and right wrongs together, you can see a future where you don’t have to hide, or fight, just to exist.”

How on Earth could she not fall in love?



Listen to me over here

Even if they have small canon interaction think of the world we live on now.

We are in the era where there are people who date/marry people “first sight”

Go on fahking tinder or other dating websites where you both meet and have no interaction with each other in reality






this has been a PSA thank you kind fellow

//you can only hate on pewey no exception

//also the tag may not have the ships you prefer neither do I but they do get hates

(my pro-Gruvia shipping followers are advised to not read this)

Yes, I have always disliked pro-Gruvia, but recently, it had been getting a bit better development, so I didn’t say much. But now, Mashima has given me a solid reason to make me permanently hate it. Judging from the new pic on twitter…

How in this world is this healthy? Oh, I see she is doing something badass. Oh, how much she has suffered. Gray was so rude to her, right? He always has been, why did he even reject her when apparently, he secretly likes her. Poor girl. You go girl. You go. You own his life, right? Make him love you.

If that’s the kind of gf/wife Juvia is going to be, then I don’t give a damn. I will forever hate it. Don’t get me wrong, this pairing really has some deep moments like that horse-riding scene and Gray leaning on Juvia. While those make my heart sink (I don’t ship it so) at least it looked like Gray was happy. But when I see stuff like this, it makes me cry because it looks like no one cares how Gray ends up with her, they just want him to, one way or another. It’s like Gray’s character is being developed just for the sake of Juvia and more than anything, for the sake of their shippers. Why does Gray have to end up with her in such a forcible manner? Like, aren’t there any other nicer ways…? It’s like he has no choice but to date her, and make babies and wowow “mission please fandom = complete” I don’t see the love on Gray’s side at all. All I see is forced development which became somewhat understandable on the way, but Mashima would rather keep it forced. Congrats, it is officially my most hated pairing. Ever.

 Feel free to unfollow if it makes you hate me, I am in a permanent anti-Gruvia mood as of now. I don’t plan to change either. 

Like sorry if this is a surprise to people…but I ship Ambreigns. Some Ambrollins and Ambrolleigns. Also dabble in some Sami/Finn and Swagger/Cesaro. I happen to know it’s not real (no matter how much my trashy butt would like some leaked sex tapes) but I like to envision it and it makes me happy. I like cute boys kissing and having sexy times together. You don’t have to like it, but you best step out of the way if you think I don’t have the right to do what I want with my head canons. I’m going to enjoy my fantasy world how I like, tyvm. And I’m not going to put down others if I don’t happen to like theirs.  It’s called fan fiction for a reason.

On the one hand, dark!Steroline is sexy as fuck and their chemistry seems to just get more intense. All they did was be next to each other at the bar with Stefan sipping his margarita and Caroline laid back on the bar and I felt the electric chemistry. They could tear the world apart (literally) and I’d be so excited and so on board.

However, Steroline became one of my OTPs because they aren’t dark; they are one of the healthiest ships I ship. They are each others’ guiding light. Steroline going dark with one another doesn’t make me ship it less (it probably does the opposite, ngl) because these dark versions of themselves aren’t them. No matter how crazy they get with each other, we just have to remember that the people they are at the moment, are not who they truly are.

I’m all here for dark!Steroline, but the moment they turn their humanity back on it could either be a disaster or just bring them closer. We know Stefan is Caroline’s emotional trigger, and I can’t see anybody else being Stefan’s emotional trigger but Caroline (perhaps Damon?). While Stefan was telling Elena to remember to bring him back (nonsense), he was looking at Caroline. So, the question is, was he talking to Elena or talking to the real Caroline? The Caroline who will realize what a colossal mistake it was to force Stefan to shut off his humanity? The one who will turn on her humanity to bring back the Stefan she fell for?

Only time will tell and, damn, am I excited.

Okay but Waverly and Nicole becoming canon in Wynonna Earp literally turned a very, very shitty day and state of mind into an amazing one. I can’t explain how, but that burst of happiness helped so much in such a short time and I never really experienced that kind of thing before. Anyway, now I understand how people say that a wlw ship “helped them”, “saved them” etc and I am so grateful to have experienced it. It’s a magical feeling. Representation matters.

The next time I see someone sending anon hate – especially to a minor – over something as childish as a ship, I will riot.

Cyber bullying is never okay, and telling someone to kill themselves because they don’t ship what you ship makes you a low-down, dirty person. 

Just because someone doesn’t ship the same thing as you, that does not give you the right to tell them how “wrong” they are.

What the hell did they ever do to you?

Tumblr is supposed to be a nice, fun place, but you twat waffles are making it living hell for people who are already trying to escape from the real world for an hour or two. Be mindful that some of this people are 12, 13, 14 years old. I’ve even seen users who claim to be 11. So while you think you’re superior for your “bigger/better ship”, that will not stop the other person for shipping what they want. 

STOP. BULLYING. INNOCENT. PEOPLE. These are kids. Kids. Don’t tell a young teenager to kill themselves because your ship “is canon”. Don’t tell a grown person to kill themselves because their ship “isn’t right”. This will never be okay. The bullshit has to stop.

Don’t mess with my followers. Don’t mess with any of these lovely people who have not done shit to you. If you think this is funny, you’ve got another thing comin’, pal.