how are plants living in that room

You can find the elements you lack in your natal chart in the outside world, which helps to pull these energies out from within to create a feeling of fullness:

Fire: Candles, warmth, exercise, excitement. What inspires you?

Earth: Greenery, trees, be around nature, put plants in your living space. Remember to feel the Earth beneath your feet, supporting you.

Air: Open spaces, almost a minimalist vibe. Room for your thoughts to take up the space.

Water: Drink plenty, visit the ocean, streams, rivers. Remember to catch up with yourself and just listen to how your body feels.


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Request:  Hii can i have a drabble thingy game with jimin?TY😙😉 12,23 by  rebelliousjvmin

Word Count: 8.6k

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He’s a literal angel

You were immersed in a deep sleep, tired from working on a large project that was worth half your grade. In you attempt to disconnect from the world around and sleep peacefully, you blocked out the sounds and all touch with reality. The sudden dip in your bed didn’t bother you, the presence of another body and an arm haphazardly wrapping around you, these were things you were blocking out. Until you felt a finger on your cheek.

“Hey, roomie.”

“I hate you.”

“You know you love me.”

“Kiss my ass, Jimin.” You used to think you were lucky to be paired up with your best friend in the dorms of your university. Until you realized he was a clingy, sassy and messy guy that never failed to annoy you. His leisure attitude towards school was opposite to your dedication to reading every word of your textbook. He was a jock, baseball being the reason he was here in your room and cheekily smiling at you.  

“I wouldn’t mind doing that.” You whacked him in the face with your pillow, wanting him to leave your room but he instead pulled you closer against his chest.

“Let go of me, you pervert.”

“You told me to kiss your ass, now…”

“I swear to god, Jimin, I’ll suffocate you in your sleep.”

“Kinky. I always wanted to test out breath play.”

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it hurts until it doesn’t pt. 2

Pairing: reader x Yoongi

Genre: angst

Word Count: 5,375


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part 1 part 2

“Y/N! Will you please stop texting and tell me if this mirror is straight?” Yoongi called out impatiently from the living room.

“Someone’s cranky,” you tease from your newly shared bedroom. You were were careful not to knock over the hours worth of unpacking stacked neatly around you.

He was staring at the wall, absent-mindedly running his finger across his lips as he always did when he was thinking. You had never seen a man that deep in thought about an inanimate object. The sound of your camera clicking makes him turn around, the look on his face sending a smile across yours.

“What’s so funny?” he asks, pouting at your enjoyment.

“I’ve never seen someone hang a mirror so seriously before.”

He turns around and focuses back on the gilded frame in front of him, “This is our first apartment together, Y/N. I want to make sure it’s perfect.”

You stare at him quietly, taking in the moment in front of you. Yoongi was never one for sentiment. He was a serious man, but deep down he there was a softness. A softness that he only let you see in brief glimpses, catching you off guard every time he does.

“It’s perfect,” you whisper as you walk up behind him, wrapping your arms around his waist.

“Can I take a photo of us?” he asks, pulling out his phone from the pocket of his hoodie.

You nod as you bury your face in the back of his neck, taking deep breaths of the mixture of cologne and sweat and shampoo. You smile, wishing you could live in this moment forever.

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anonymous asked:

How many children do you think they would adopt?

Victor was most likely an only child and is probably starving for a big family, so when he decides to bring it up to Yuuri he spends an afternoon practicing what he’s going to say. He wears a track into the floor from pacing the living room, Makkachin half-watching from where she’s curled up on the couch, and he never manages to say what he wants to say. It changes with each practice, which means he fumbles every single time, and every iteration is worse than the last. Finally, he plants his feet down so hard that he might actually grow roots, throws his shoulders back, and shouts, “YUURI KATSUKI I LOVE YOU AND I WANT TO BUY A BIG HOUSE AND HAVE 900 BABIES WITH YOU.”

And Yuuri, who–unbeknownst to Victor–has been home this entire time, pokes his head out of the study and, mouth twisted in amusement, says, “Want to be a little more realistic?”

After a long, thoughtful pause, Victor tries, “60 babies.”

“Two,” Yuuri says, flatter than the soda that Victor left open on the kitchen counter a week ago. The soda that Yuuri hasn’t touched to prove a point. A point that’s obviously been missed. “We can have two.”

Because Yuuri’s seen what three children can do, and neither of them have Takeshi’s patience or Yuuko’s apparent death wish. 

There are no limits to the way you can be nonbinary just as there are none for being a person.

That’s why it’s a general label.

Nonbinary people, like any people, need room to grow and live.

And your growth may need the height of a tree, the breadth of a field, the color of a flower, or the water of the sea.

In any case, the nonbinary label has room enough for you to be how you need to be.

Flower Child

Thank you to a reader for submitting this idea.

oh gosh Harry with a son is so cute maybe one in which his son has a crush in a little girl from his preschool and he goes to backyard to got flowers and he hide them in his little backpack to give her and he does everyday until one day Harry finds flowers in his backpack and ask him about it ❤️

What started as a blurb has spiraled into over 2k of fluff and daddy Harry, so I hope you all enjoy! -xoxo S

Harry’s car idled by the curb as he patiently waited for the dashboard clock in his Range Rover to hit noon. It was rare that he was able to pick up his son from school, but the days his schedule allowed for it were some of his favorites. With the new baby at home, he had to make more time for pick ups and drop offs, which he didn’t mind one bit. He tapped his fingers against the steering wheel to the faint beat pulsing through the car and checked his phone for a message update from you on whether the new member of your family had willingly gone down for a nap.

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Do It

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Daddy!Suho x Reader

Requested: No

Word Count: 2,852

Summary: You felt Junmyeon had been neglecting you lately. You had finally had enough so tonight you decided you were going to do something about it.

Author’s Note: I was a little nervous about this one because this was my first time attempting to write smut with a daddy kink in it. But I really wanted to bc Suho is daddy AF

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Betta Care Guide: All About Bettas!

The “Betta Basics”
-2.5+ gallon tank
-heater (76-82F)
-low-flow filter
-1+ hide
-silk/live plants
-quality food

A More Comprehensive Guide

***Tank Size***

2.5 gallons:
The absolute minimum, I do not recommend keeping a betta in anything less than this because even in a cycled 2.5, keeping a *stable* cycle is very difficult, and requires more frequent water changes. In a tank this small, you’ll most likely need to buy an adjustable heater as well, since the smallest (trustworthy) heaters on the market are 7-7.5 watts, and depending on where you live or how hot/cold you keep your house/room, the heat will fluctuate too often, or be too hot or too cold since the volume of water is quite small. A 2.5 gallon betta tank is doable.

5 gallons:
A great median for those who want to give their bettas a wonderful environment, but may be cramped on space, move around often, or whose living arrangements have aquarium-related restrictions. A cycled 5 gallon tank with a betta generally requires a water change 1x a week. A 5 gallon is also easier to heat and keep a stable cycle with a 5 gallon than a 2.5 gallon. I still recommend an adjustable heater (I’ll always recommend an adjustable heater), though, as I’ve found that even with an appropriately-sized preset heater/non-adjustable heater, the temperature fluctuates too often and by too much. A 5 gallon is a perfectly good choice!

10 gallons:
A palace! Your new betta would love to have a 10+ gallon tank! They’ll swim over every inch of it, I promise its not too big. A fantastic choice for those that have the space and can afford to set up a 10 gallon or larger with all the bells and whistles (décor, filter, heater, etc.).

note: If you feel you can’t give your betta a 10+ gallon tank, and you can only afford a 2.5 or 5 gallon setup (or something in between), that DOES NOT mean I (or anyone else) think you’re a bad fish parent ❤ as long as you can provide the basic necessities your fish requires and keep on top of water quality, then do what you can when you can! Maybe it’ll be a few months before you can buy your fish that new hide or a few extra plants, or maybe you’ll have to wait ‘til xmas or your bday to be able to afford a larger tank if that’s what you want, and that’s okay. As long as you do the best within your means (provided your animal’s basic needs are met), that’s all your fish would ask of you ❤

Bettas are tropical fish! That means they require temperatures of 76-82F.

Why do they need this temperature range, though? Well, fish are ectothermic (“cold-blooded”) meaning that they depend on their surrounding environment (the water) to regulate their body temperatures! Your human body also requires a certain body temperature to optimize all those bodily functions it performs. Think about frostbite (affects circulation) or hypothermia (affects body temperature and bodily function). Your fish can suffer similar effects when its water is kept too cold. A cold betta will be more prone to fin rot/melt (the tips of the fins become necrotic) because their circulation is affected. A colder fish will also have a slower digestive process and slower metabolism, meaning that it will become lethargic because it’s organs can’t work fast enough to produce energy it needs to be healthy and active. You wanna see a bright colorful active betta? Give them a heated tank! 😃

Even if you have an adjustable heater, you should invest in a thermometer (1.50$, glass, Walmart)! I personally use an adjustable thermometer, which has an internal thermostat which tells it when to shut off/on, but when I set the heater to 79, my tanks stay around 82F, but I wouldn’t know that unless I had a thermometer to let me know what the actual tank temperature is! I definitely recommend spending the extra buck for one :)

Also, those sticker ones that go on the outside of the tank are not reliable, seeing as they go on the outside of the tank, and show a range of temperatures more or less. They cost about the same as a glass one (which is much more accurate), so I recommend either glass or digital, but not the stickers.

Bettas aren’t fond of tons of flow, which can present some challenges to your friendly neighborhood aquarist. Luckily, there are plenty of options when it comes to betta-safe filtration.

Hang-On-Back style filters. Some have an intake pipe, which should be covered with a sponge to keep your bettas fins (or the betta itself) from being sucked up and shredded/injured. You can search for “pre-filter sponge” or “intake filter sponge” on amazon, google, or find a fluval prefilter sponge at your local petsmart/Petco. You can also DIY one out of cut-to-size filter foam/sponge. HOB filters can also have a strong out-flow. Some have spray bars, some have spickets, and some just have a wide-mouth waterfall-style opening. If you find that the flow is pushing your betta around, or your betta is struggling to swim against the current, you can baffle it! Some common techniques for baffling filters are the “water-bottle baffle”, using a shower loofa/pouf, covering the out-flow opening with filter sponge/floss, or an intake sponge. I have the fluval spec v and I use an intake sponge on the out-spout since it’s a short spigot.

Sponge Filters:
These are block sponges which usually sit on the bottom of the aquarium and are hooked up to an airline tube and air pump. They push air through the sponge, creating a vacuum and pulling water through. The air bubbles that come out of the top of the sponge don’t create much horizontal flow that pushes bettas around, but instead the water flow is directed upwards. The bubbles provide oxygenation and surface agitation as well.


Bettas like to feel safe (as do all fish and other pets) and giving them at least one cave to retreat to will give your fish that sense of security. You can buy something from the fish store, a local pet store, or a pet chain store. Besides the pre-made ones (logs, rock caves, skulls, etc.), you can buy terra cotta pots for around a 1$ or so. Just make sure that the pots aren’t just painted brown, but that they’re a terra cotta material all the way through. Fish have also gotten stuck in the small drainage holes at the bottom of these pots, so be sure to plug it up with some aquarium-safe silicone or something. Also, be sure to make sure that your hides don’t have sharp edges your betta could tear his/her fins on, and that the hide doesn’t have holes that your betta may get stuck in. Usually you can sand down rough edges though :)

Plastic plants are generally a no-no, as they can tear your bettas fins. Usually, if they pass the “panty-hose” test they are deemed “betta-safe” but it’s still better not to chance it when there are plenty of gorgeous silk plants out there! “silk” plants are made from material (not necessarily silk) instead of plastic. Silk plants may have plastic stems, but that’s ok so long as there aren’t any sharp seams; the silk leaves are what’s important here!

Live plants are also an option. Anubias, anacharis, java fern, moss, and banana plants are all low-light plants which require no CO2 and no special substrate. However, this is not a plant guide so you’ll have to research how you can plant them or add them to your tank on your own.

There are lots of food which is marked specially for bettas, but don’t fall for marketing gimmicks! Know what’s in your pet’s food before you buy. If the first few ingredients are “meal”s (fish meal, wheat meal, etc.) or the first few ingredients are plant-based, then this is not the food for your betta.
What you want to look for is whole ingredients, or specifically-named ingredients (whole fish, halibut, salmon, krill, etc.). New Life Spectrum and Omega One are good brands to check out. Hikari is ok, but their ingredients are not as quality as they used to be, and if you read the ingredients on their current “Betta Bio-Gold” you’ll see what I mean. Foods with fillers/freeze-dried foods don’t have a lot of nutritional value, and while a freeze-dried food may make a tasty treat, it shouldn’t be your fish’s staple diet. You can also feed frozen/live blood worms, mysis shrimp, etc. Bettas are insectivores, and cannot digest plant matter, so they should not be given any type of algae wafer or vegetables (this includes peas; an alternative to feeding peas for bloat is to feed daphnia!!).

I’ll preface this section by stating that bettas don’t need tankmates! :) Tankmates are more for you than for your fish, and should be chosen carefully.

Tankmates in General:
-please remember to make sure that your tank is suitable for the tank mates you wish to house; you wouldn’t keep your betta in a 1 gallon unfiltered/unheated tank, so don’t do the equivalent to your betta’s tankmates  your fish are all equal, so please, please, please make sure that you put in the same amount of research and care for the tankmates that you do for your betta! make sure your tank mates have the same requirements are your betta, and their temperament won’t put your betta at risk.
-always have a backup plan in case your tankmates don’t get along with your betta, or your betta doesn’t get along with his tankmates 
-a 20 gallon is the best minimum choice for a community-style betta tank, as it opens up more options and gives your betta and his/her tankmates plenty of space!
-be prepared to separate/rehome/etc. “problem fish” or a “problem betta”. if your betta isn’t really the community type, don’t try to force him/her to be; it won’t work out well for anyone. Get that betta an individual setup as soon as possible, or if your tank is large enough, divide it so that your betta has his/her own space. 

Good Tank Mates:

shoaling, 6+ to a group - keeping them in groups smaller than this will stress them to death…literally sometimes
10+ gallons (dwarf/pygmy), 20+ gallons (regular)
tropical, lots of species to choose from
sand/barebottom is a MUST - p they have soft bellies and sensitive barbels, and gravel can scratch up their bellies (which leads to stress or infection) or damage their barbels o.o also, they sift through sand to find little bits of food naturally, so sand lets them display this natural behavior and you get to see it too!

schooling, 6+ to a school – keeping them in schools smaller than this will stress out the fish
10-15+ gallons – depending on the species
tropical, lots of species to choose from
note: “galaxy rasboras” are NOT rasboras (rasboras belong to the boraras genus). Galaxy rasboras are actually a species of danio (other common name: celestial pearl danio) and are not tropical.

under 10 gallons: nerites, ramshorns, horned nerites, and other small snails
10+ gallons: mystery snails & other snails listed above – mystery snails get quite large and have a bioload as large, if not larger, than your betta’s, so a mystery snail is more suited to living in a 10 gallon tank than in something smaller

not all bettas are “shrimp-safe”, meaning that if you want to try shrimp, you should be prepared for the worst case scenario: your betta eats them! if youre okay with the possibility that you may lose some shrimp, then i suggest starting out with a few shrimp.
Amano shrimp are larger, great for algae, should be kept in groups of at least 3-5
cherry shrimp (and other neocardinia sp.) are hardy, but small (most likely to be a tasty snack), colorful/many variations to choose from!
ghost shrimp can actually be nippy, so I’d recommend against them, even though they’re pretty cheap~
putting shrimp in a 2.5 gallon tank is doable, but a 5 gallon tank would be much better

do best in groups, 3+ - they’re not traditional shoaling or schooling fish, but are still social
20+ gallons - otos are sensitive to water quality
if your tank doesn’t have a ton of algae for them to eat, then I suggest supplementing their diet with cucumbers/zucchini/algae wafers/etc.  

tank size depends completely on the species your considering, there are a ton!!
I suggest supplementing their diet with cucumbers/zucchini/algae wafers/etc. 

ember tetras:
schooling, 6+ to a school – keeping the in schools smaller than this will stress out the fish
10+ gallons – they do ok in a 10, but would prefer a 15 (long) or a 20 gallon! 😊

Bad Tank Mates:
NOT tropical (max temp is like 74F), they’re schooling (6+ fish in a group), and are insanely active! this means they need at least a 20 gallon, and need to be with other cooler/temperate water fish like other danios and minnows :) Also, even if they could do ok in a heated 10 gallon, their active nature tends to stress bettas out :/

White Cloud Mountain Minnows (or any other minnows):
NOT tropical (max temp is around 74F), they’re schooling (6+ fish in a group), and are insanely active! They’re smaller, around 1”, but they need at least a 10 gallon, and should only be housed with other cooler/temperate water fish such as other danios and minnows :) Also, even if they could do ok in a heated 10 gallon, their active nature tends to stress bettas out :/

Neon Tetras:
they’re tropical, could do ok in a 10 (but would do better in a 20). Enough people have had fin-nipping/aggression issues that they’ve made this list. Not everyone who houses bettas with neon tetras will have these issues, but if there’s a possibility of putting your fish’s health and wellbeing at risk, why take the risk? There are plenty of other safer, more suitable tank mates out there 😊

all other tetras not mentioned:
tetras tend to be nippy in general (black skirt tetras, for example) and there are safer options out there; dont risk it! <3

get too large to be housed safely with bettas
can be aggressive/attack/bully your betta

some peoples bettas seem to do ok, some do not, as they can be nippy or aggressive towards your betta

their flowing tails and bright colors also tend to bring out aggression, and since they have such pretty tails, they may be nipped at by your betta, or vice versa

/*Thanks for giving that book a read! If you feel as though I’ve provided inaccurate information, could make an improement, or have an addition to suggest, feel free to let me know! :3*/



I’ve decided to finally add a miniature furniture & decor line to my etsy, ever since starting on this tiny home journey last year. So this week was focused primarily on plants, and I plan on moving onto furniture and mini pets next week ^_^

You can see my current collection here, and everything is 1:12 inch scale so it can be added to your modern dollhouse, or just displayed on an empty shelf nook like how I do :P

Jaebum/Youngjae; Call it magic, call it love

Inspired by 2jae’s newest vlive and this.

read on ao3

“C’mon, hyung,” Yugyeom prods, his voice coming almost whiny through the phone Youngjae is holding up to his ear. “It’s gonna be fun.”

“I’m sure,” Youngjae sighs, swatting away the green vine that’s trying to wrap itself around his wrist and hissing at it to stay still before turning towards the phone again. “I really can’t today though.”

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anonymous asked:

hey babe! i absolutely love your writing & was wondering if you could write a fic based around 1x10, jugs party? where betty and jughead decide to have their first time at his party? or maybe they leave the party early and head over to betty's house for a more quiet setting. could be sweet sex or not ;)

Thank you, honey! I hope you enjoy :)
Warning: aaaall the smut, if you hadn’t already guessed from the prompt that is…


So it wasn’t exactly going to plan. The bass was thumping throughout Betty’s entire body, drowning out her pounding heart as she twisted her hips to the beat. What she’d planned for was a quiet little gathering for Jughead’s birthday, his closest friends - the people who cared about him - and maybe some music and presents. She’d gone to so much care with the planning, finding the perfect sweater she knew would earn her an amused smirk, making the burger cake, hanging every blue and gold balloon and streamer so that they fell perfectly. Half of which were now torn and trampled as thrashing bodies fell through them wildly.

She’d been slightly perturbed, yes, but she couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by the infectious joy of her peers as they lost themselves in the thrill of sweaty bodies grinding against one another, underage drinking, and much needed relief from the daily grind of high school. It had pulled her in like a magnet, encircling her in carefree abandon until she was surrounded, succumbing to delinquency.

It was a long shot to try and drag Jughead into the throngs with her, pulling gently on his hands as his feet stayed firmly planted beneath the living room doorway. She wanted him to feel as free as she was beginning to, adrenaline buzzing beneath her skin.

“Come on, Juggie, dance with me?” she pleaded as a song she recognised began to play, throwing him her most seductive smile and looking up at him beneath thick fluttering lashes. Butterflies erupted in the pit of his stomach at how beautiful she looked beneath the dim flashing lights, strobes highlighting her golden hair like a halo. She looked dangerously angelic - the devil was a fallen angel, he thought sardonically to himself as he offered her a small smile.

“It’s not really my scene, Betts,” he shrugged, gut twisting at the way her plump bottom lip pushed out slightly, begging to be bitten. As much as the thought of holding her impossibly close to his body sent unfamiliar shockwaves along his every nerve, the idea of being surrounded by the hoard of people that were no strangers to his torment felt suffocating. “But you go, have fun. I’ll be waiting for you,” he promised, rubbing small circles against the back of her hand with his thumb. She held his gaze a while longer, torn, searching the sincerity in his bright blue eyes before nodding slowly. She leant in for a sweet peck against his lips, the public display causing him to blush and duck his head slightly, before slipping into the masses.

Betty had to admit, a while later, that she might have gotten slightly carried away by it all. It just felt so wonderful to not have to think about murder, or Polly, or her parents for just one blissful moment. She paused in her dancing as sweat began to drip down her temples, breathing heavily as her eyes scanned the edges of the makeshift dance floor.

He wasn’t difficult to spot, sitting perched on the edge of the table set up for drinks by the front window. He was watching her, a soft, enamoured expression planted firmly on his features. She looked so beautifully happy, so wildly free. He could have watched her all night and this party would have been worth it. Jughead was still there, like he promised he’d be, always waiting for her, always understanding when she needed room to breathe or wanted him close at hand.

Betty started towards him, pushing gracefully through the crowd until she was standing before him, hands slipping up his thighs. She parted them slightly as he gulped, placing herself between them and leaning forward. Her slightly dry lips pressed a kiss against his jawline, continuing down his neck, covering his quickening pulse point with her mouth, swiping her tongue over it. Jughead swallowed thickly, shifting slightly in his seat. He eyed the red cup she’d placed next to him on the table. Taking a steadying breath he placed his palms on her shoulders to hold her back for a moment, collecting his thoughts.

“Betty… maybe, do you think there’s another force in control right now?” he asked, nodding slightly to the cup. She followed his gaze, mouth parting in confusion. Realisation dawned on her, quickly being replaced by a menacing grin as her fingers dug more firmly into the dark denim of his jeans, grazing the crease at his groin. All the air left his lungs as a rush of blood travelled south. She balanced on tiptoes to rest her lips against the shell of his ear, sending a shiver down his spine.

“It’s just soda, Jug,” she whispered, imparting her secret for his ears only. “I am completely,” she bit his earlobe gently, high on adrenaline, “one hundred percent in control.” He’d never seen this side of her before, unable to chalk it up to intoxication any longer it completely baffled him. He definitely wasn’t complaining though. She pulled back to meet his eyes, brilliant green shining with excitement, hints of nervousness peeking through as she scanned his face. His hands wrapped themselves around her waist, holding her warm body close, breathing in her scent of sweat mixed with vanilla perfume.

The moment was broken when Betty was suddenly jostled from behind, unconcerned party-goer falling into her in a drunken haze and throwing her further into Jughead’s hold. He caught her as she stumbled, throwing a sharp glance over her shoulder at the offender before turning back to check she was alright.

“You ok?” he asked, smoothing her hair with a short caress. She nodded, waving a dismissive hand and cuddling up closer to him.

“A lot more crowded than I wanted in here…” she said, rolling her eyes. “Maybe we could take some time out at my place? It’s a lot quieter over there,” she mumbled bashfully, bright pink flush coating the tops of her cheeks, travelling down beneath the collar of her shirt. Jughead wished he could follow the pretty colour on it’s decent. He nodded, mouth suddenly numb at what he was sure she was implying. He followed her on wobbling legs as she led him quickly out of the room, gratefully sucking in a lungful of fresh, cold air from the night outside.

They were comfortably quiet as they crossed the street to Betty’s house, hands fit tightly together, a nervous energy sparking between them.

“Nobody home?” Jughead asked as she opened the door to a still, silent darkness. He wasn’t sure if his tone was wary or hopeful; he couldn’t even begin to sort out the mess of emotions that were turning about his head right now. She shook her head, kicking off her shoes by the door. He followed suit, feeling her eyes on him the whole time.

“Nope,” she sighed, with a vague gesturing around her. “Mom took Polly into the city for the weekend - she wanted them to spend some ‘quality time’ together now she knows Polly is spying on the Blossoms,” Betty explained, quote marks heavy in her voice as she shook her head slightly. He chuckled at her sarcasm, both of them staring at one another as the conversation drew to a close. He smiled at her, small and unsure, shifting his feet awkwardly, like he did under her gaze that day in her bedroom, the morning of Jason’s funeral. Betty squared her shoulders. This was ridiculous, it was Jughead standing before her. He was still just her Jughead, despite the faint notes of promise that hung in their air above them, the slight shift in the atmosphere that teased that something more was about to happen. She tilted her head towards the stairs. “Shall we?” she asked innocently.

The question hung heavily around them, loaded with meaning. Shall they? He could see the tender understanding in her eyes. He’d told her, in a barely audible whisper beneath the sanctity of a hastily constructed fort of blankets and pillows, one night after he climbed through her window seeking the comfort of her arms, that he loved her. That he’d been in love with her for as long as he could remember, never dreaming that he would get to hold her the way he was now, not even close. Her eyes had shone with unshed tears and she pressed a shaky kiss to his lips, confessing her own love against the curve of his mouth. He’d gone on to describe the ache he felt at the thought of having her so close, but never getting to touch. He’d never felt that for anyone but her, didn’t think it even possible, he had no interest in anyone else ever. But now they were finally together she’d awakened something within him that he didn’t even know lay dormant. He wanted to explore every inch, try everything new, if it was with Betty.

He nodded, smile warm and determined, as he picked up her outstretched hand once more and followed her up the staircase.

The thumping bass of the party could be heard faintly through Betty’s closed window still. Jughead wandered over, looking out with a tired amusement at the flashing lights and stumbling bodies he could see pouring out from within his new residence. Betty walked up behind him silently, slipping her hands around his waist and resting her palms on his chest, chin finding its place on his shoulder.

“I’m sorry your party turned into… that,” she whispered in the quiet of her room, grimacing as another person stumbled onto the Andrews’ front lawn. Jughead shook his head, turning in her grip to rest his hands on her cheeks, turning away from the party for one final time. “I just wanted to celebrate-” He cut off her worrying with a deep kiss, pulling every last breath from her lungs. He released her slowly, only moving back an inch to gaze into her eyes with the strongest sincerity.

“It’s ok, Betty, I know what it meant. It’s not your fault that Cheryl descended, flying monkeys in tow,” he smirked. She allowed herself a giggle before she bit her lip at the renewed intensity in his eyes. “I’m just happy I get to spend my birthday here, now, with you.” Betty felt herself melt into him, leaning back in to place her lips over his once more. It didn’t matter how many times she experienced this feeling, it would never be enough to sate the desire that flared up in the pit of her stomach, rising up until it flowed throughout her entire body and she felt like she was floating.

She walked them back, never breaking the kiss, until her knees hit the mattress behind her, falling into a mess of uncoordinated limbs. He hovered over her, content to stare down at the heavenly beauty that lay beneath him. He didn’t believe in god but if he did then only he could have made something as perfect as Betty Cooper. She squirmed under his gaze, and he was more than happy to continue at the sweet pink blush it caused to form over her cheeks. Once more he followed it down her neck to where it dipped teasingly below her shirt. She followed his eyes, leaning up before her nerves got the better of her and pulled the shirt and jumper over her head in one fluid motion.

Jughead swallowed, feeling almost naughty as he let his eyes trail down her torso, the smooth skin of her stomach, the pretty blue lace cupping her breasts where they heaved with her every anticipatory breath before him. He’d barely blinked before she was reaching behind her to release the clasps of her bra, shimmying the straps down her arms and throwing it away to join her other discarded clothes on the floor. He’d never been this close to a woman’s bare chest in real life before but he was pretty certain the Betty’s was perfect. He lifted a trembling hand, dancing his fingers up her side with a feather light touch that made her shift and giggle musically, until he was closing his palm was squeezing the soft mound gently. Her shaky inhale was encouraging, spurring him to knead her breast gently, thumb rubbing across the hardening pink peak. A low whine left her throat and he repeated the action, sure he’d never tire of eliciting that sound. His confidence grew with every moment, leaning forward to trail wet, opening mouthed kisses down her neck, across her chest, until his lips sealed around her nipple. Betty gasped, hands coming up to pull at his hair, back arching into his face. Her hips jerked as he swiped his tongue across the flesh, alternating between gentle sucks and teasing bites. Her thigh jolted, rubbing against the ever growing bulge in Jughead’s pants. The involuntary groan he let out vibrated through her chest, causing her to flush with heat, beads of sweat gathering in the valley of her breast which he quickly licked away as he moved to give the same attention to the other side.

He would have been happy to spend forever worshipping every part of her chest, her body, but the pleasurable bruising sensation was becoming too much for Betty to handle, pulling him back by his ebony waves so she could paw at the hem of his shirt, catching his eye in a silent request for permission. He lifted his arms, both laughing breathlessly as the offending material got caught over his head, Jughead emerging looking more dishevelled than before. Bare chests pressed against each other for the first time as their lips connected once more, tingling sensation heightened by their already swollen lips.

Jughead’s hips circled almost subconsciously against Betty’s as he sucked a blossoming purple bruise against the side of her neck, a swell of unusual pride flourishing in his chest at the thought of her walking round school with his marks on her skin, sneakily trying to hide the bites he left on her, running her fingers over it as she daydreamed about the feel of his touch on her skin. His wandering thoughts only served to turn him on further, hard-on feeling suffocated by the tight zipper on his jeans.

Fumbling fingers battled with the button of her jeans. He shot her a withering look as she giggled, every inch of her looking sinful beneath him, hair falling from her ponytail, pupils blown wide with lust, lips bee-stung and enticing. He peeled the material off her legs, following the reveal of tanned skin with kisses to her abdomen, hipbone, thigh, his cool breath fanning over her core as she rubbed her legs together in anticipation. His jeans were the next to go, black boxers doing little to hide his arousal above her.

He’d be lying if he said he hadn’t done a little ‘research’ over the past couple of weeks. Thoughts of being this intimate with Betty had become a constant invasion in his mind as of late, interrupting him every time he smelt the strawberry of her shampoo or saw her crack her neck during a study session. He wanted to be able to make her feel as good as possible, she deserved to have the best first time he could possibly give her. His fingers dipped over the top of her sinfully small panties as he tore his eyes away to meet her gaze, eyebrow raised in question. Her breath caught as she nodded her consent, lifting her hips slightly to help him pull the lace down her legs.

She held her breath as he stared down at her, fully naked before him for the first time. He thought his heart might burst at the privilege. Her pulse quickened as his fingers trailed up her skin, legs falling apart slightly as they reached the apex of her thighs, hovering above her. The first swipe of his fingers through her wet heat had her head falling back against the pillows, eyes sliding shut with a moan. His teeth dug into his lower lip as the sound, the sensation, shot straight to his groin, hips jolting as he tried to steady himself, refusing to let his eyes close and miss a moment of this. His middle finger found her entrance, pushing an inch inside before halting.

“Jug…” His pause was too much for Betty, hips thrusting forward until the digit slid inside her fully. The feeling of her dripping, silken walls clenching around him was almost too much - he couldn’t help but imagine how she’d feel around other parts of his anatomy. Carefully he pulled his hand back, almost all the way, before pushing back in, starting to build a steady rhythm. She was writhing beneath him, high pitched whimpers causing a pleasant buzz to simmer beneath his skin, before he remembered her neglected bundle of nerves. He brought his thumb up to rub in small quick circles, delighting in her reaction. Her hips flew up at the new touch, his other hand coming to steady her as he continued his motions. All telltale signs of her impending orgasm began, thighs quivering, muscles tightening, before stars exploded behind her eyelids. Her mouth dropped open in a delicate o as she rode out the high, his fingers unrelenting until she began to soften, limbs falling heavily against the mattress. He withdrew his hand with a pleased grin, her eyes fluttering open. She smirked.

“What are you looking so smug about?” she quipped, humour glowing in her sparklingly eyes as she trailed a finger down his stomach, hooking it over the waistband of his boxers. He shivered, neglected erection giving a painful twitch as Jughead pulled in a sharp breath through his nose. She leant up on still weak elbows, fishing in her bedside table for the condom she’d stolen from Archie’s stash a little while ago - just in case.

“Betty… it’s ok, we don’t have to-” he began, perfectly content to just pleasure her tonight, despite his betraying body. She cut him off, pulling him down till his face was inches from hers.

“I want to feel you, Jughead. All of you,” she whispered fiercely. His groan was swallowed by her mouth as she attacked his lips once more, fingers creeping lower to pull the last article of clothing that separated them down. He kicked the boxers off his ankles, pulling back as he watched her eyes wander, taking in his manhood for the first time. She tore the foil packet, reaching forward to roll the condom down his member. He blew out a breath at the intoxicating feeling of her warm hands encircling him.

She lay back, opening her legs wider to accommodate him, breath leaving her in unsteady gasps. He lined himself up against her opening, leaning down to kiss her as he began to push forwards. It was slow and so pleasurable it was almost to the point of pain but eventually he stilled, fully sheathed within her.

“Are you ok?” he breathed, muscles shaking as he forced himself to remain still while she grew accustomed to this new intrusion. She shifted slightly, face twisted in thought.

“Yeah… yeah, you can move now,” she nodded, stroking the backs of her fingers across his forehead, down his cheek, hooking her ankles around the backs of his thighs to pull him deeper. Jughead began his movements, pumping in and out of her as she clenched deliciously around him, the sensation dizzying. Her moans propelled him forward, picking up the pace, the sound of skin slapping against skin echoing throughout the room in no time, as they hurtled towards their ends, each bringing one another to the edge.

“I don’t think I’ll last much longer,” he confessed a while later, dipping his head into the crook of her neck as his thrusts became uneven. She hushed him, digging her fingers into the short hairs at the base of his neck.

“It’s ok, Juggie, come on,” she encouraged, figuring out how to clench in time with his thrusts. His mouth dropped open in a silent shout, tendons in his neck standing out as his hips stuttered, releasing inside of her. She guided him through it, hands stroking down the damp muscles of his back as his arms gave out, collapsing on top of her.

The sounds of their harsh breathing was all the filled the room, both of them wrapping their heads around what just took place between them. When Jughead thought he could finally regain control of his limbs he rolled off her, not having to wait long before she curled into his side. The sweet silence stretched on between them for some time before he hummed in contentment.

It was awkward, and messy, and there was very little finesse, but neither of them could imagine their first time going any other way. Jughead didn’t know if he would ever get the grin off his face, slow warmth pooling in his stomach as he still felt every touch of her skin against his with an electric spark. Betty was glowing, a light shining brightly from within her as she relaxed, truly, for the first time in months.

“Was that… was I good?” she asked eventually, voice small. The fingers that were stroking up and down her arm halted in shock, disbelieving chuckle bursting from his lips.

“I can definitely say, with complete certainty, that was the best birthday present I’ve ever gotten,” he murmured, looking down at her in awe. She met his mischievous eyes, giggling at his words before tucking herself more firmly against him, her every curve fitting perfectly against his side. Yeah, it was the best one she’d ever given too.

🐘 Hip Hop Unit Reaction to Seeing You in Their Clothes ;;

WARNING: Complete and utter crack ahead. Read at your own risk. Oh, and swearing.

The details of this request were discussed a long while back ! ! ! I regret nothing. – Belle

S.Coups: All he wants is some peace and quiet. Impossible considering the circumstances, but a boy (read: ManlyMan) could dream. Practice was absolutely brutal, and tomorrow there would be a long day of variety show filming. As the thirteen boys stagger in to the living room and most of them fall into a doggy pile right there on the middle of the floor, they look up at him invitingly. He scrunches his nose, passing as he smells the sweat that radiates off of them. No, he thinks he’ll just have an early shower.

Seungcheol saunters over to his room, heading straight for the closet to grab a pair of pyjamas to change into after his shower. He slides open the door with ease, reaching in blindly for some clothes when his hand collides with a face.


“WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?” Seungcheol falls backwards to the floor, a hand reaching up to clutch his chest in shock. “WHY THE HELL ARE YOU IN MY CLOSET?”

(A faint cry of protest is heard from Joshua in the background, protesting against his use of swears.)

For a brief moment, you look like a deer caught in headlights but you recover quickly. “Wearing your clothes, what else?” He screeches and you try to retreat back into the closet. 

Seungcheol ends up calling the cops on you and you spend 5 years in jail for stalking the poor boy. Sicko. 

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sasaengs aren’t real fans and don’t deserve to go home free say it with me

Wonwoo: You’re always seeing it with other couples on the streets. The cute couple jerseys, couple snapbacks, couple rings. It’s everything you want but sadly, Wonwoo isn’t having it. You’ve asked him multiple times before, but all he’s done is chuckle and shake his head. You understand it’s not exactly reasonable considering his **~~desirable idol image~~** but it doesn’t stop you from bugging your boyfriend about it. Alas, he won’t relent. 

You figure the next best thing is wearing his clothes. Wonwoo has tons of cute clothes that you wouldn’t mind wearing. And, well, you figure that rejection isn’t failure – failure is giving up. And there’s no way you’re giving up. 

So, one day you decide to surprise Wonwoo by showing up at the dorms unexpectedly. He’s lying back on his bed, scrolling through his phone when he catches a glimpse of you. He’s of course caught off guard but he immediately pockets his phone, flashing a smile at you. You ignore it.

You’re not here for him, you’re here for his clothes. 

Your eyes scan the floor for a familiar looking sweatshirt that you can steal, and when you spot one, you immediately pick it up and slide it on to yourself. You miss the look of horror on Wonwoo’s face as you slide it on to yourself before looking at him triumphantly. “MINE.” 

Wonwoo immediately gestures for you to take it off, looking partially disgusted. “Y/N you idiot, take that off immediately! Can’t you freaking smell it? Mingyu’s dog was in here earlier and he took a piss on it. He took his dog out for a walk, saying that he’d clean it up later. Ohmygod you literally smell like dog piss.” Your face lights up in embarrassment as you desperately hurry to take off the sweatshirt. Yes, you smelt it now. 

You dun goofed.

Wonwoo laughs at you for this incident for the rest of eternity. Nice going.

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Mingyu: “Oooooh, you look so cute in my clothes!” Mingyu sees you in one of his oversized t-shirts (what was basically a huge dress on yourself) and immediately goes gaga over the sight. He pinches your cheeks hard enough that you immediately regret your decision. You swat his hands away but he pays no heed, going over to your own discarded shirt and holding it up to the light.

“Do you think this will fit me?” He poses with the shirt in front of him, and you giggle a bit at the ridiculousness of it all. After all, there is no way any of your clothes would fit him. It’s a nice joke though.

Turns out he’s not joking. 

For the next week, you find Mingyu lounging around in all sorts of articles of your own clothing, stretching them all out in the process as well. 

“Mingyu, for the last time, you’re stretching out my onesie!”

“Mingyu, can you give me back my pants?”


“Mingyu, that shirt is too small on y– no, you can’t just work it by making it in to a crop top. PUT DOWN THE SCISSORS, MINGYU.”

sux to suck sry ‘bout that.

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just really wanted to use this gif WHAT THE FA FA

Vernon: You call him to cancel your dinner date, hacking up a lung in the process. You’re terribly sick, and there’s nothing you want to do more than curl into yourself and die in your bed. The scent of Hansol is comforting, which is why you end up slipping on the t-shirt that he left behind earlier that week. 

You’re in the process of inhaling his scent when he comes strolling into your room, your spare apartment key dangling on his pinky as he balances a couple of boxes of takeout in his arms. For a brief moment, he looks surprised to see you in his shirt – it’s not something you would typically do – but he lets out a small grin regardless. He just finds you so damn cute, especially as you try to hide your actions by coughing and looking away. Hansol resumes his stroll as he slides right up to you, planting a kiss on your forehead and sitting on the edge of your bed.

“I told you before that there was no way we were skipping out on this one. So I’ve brought the dinner to you. How about I carry you downstairs to the living room so we can watch a movie and… eat.”

“Are you implying that we Netflix and Chill?”

“I wouldn’t say–”

“No, Hansol.”

“Fine, fine. We’ll just eat.”

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[AKA the one time that everyone else is crazy but I make Vernon normal]

Staving off The Need for Another Fish

I know a lot of you get these insatiable needs to buy another fish/frog/reptile/etc, and I do too, so I thought I’d make a list of what my stipulations are, when considering a new pet.

-Can I afford the new enclosure and everything they need?

-When cleaning my current pets, would adding another one be pushing the limits of what I can handle?

-If they get sick, can I provide them with the care they need?

-Am I mentally prepared to take on another living thing?

How I stave away that urge

-rearrange your current enclosures, and buy new decor and plants for your tanks.

-Do a major cleaning of all your tanks, the work load will probably steer you in the right direction.

-Engage in enrichment activities with your pets

-Clean the room they’re in

[Got] 7 Deadly Sins: Wrath.

Do not be quickly provoked in your spirit, for anger resides in the lap of fools. (Ecclesiastes 7:9)

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Why must He be so unfair? Why did He make them so perfectly? I had never thought that I would come to feel anger for any of my Fathers creations but I had. At one point in time he had looked at me the way he looks down on them.That anger I had towards them, Humans, had become my downfall. My Father’s last words to me as I fell from heaven were,

“Fools give full vent to their rage, but the wise bring calm in the end.”

Eyes breaming with tears, I fell from the heavens, to an earthy place, full of those who I despised, because of my sin, wrath.

It has been a year since my banishment and wandering this earth was painful until I met her. The light in my darkness. The embodiment of the perfection, which, I had despised, had become my alter.  I hadn’t thought that I would ever understand what my Father had seen in such fragile things, but she opened my eyes. She had been the only human being who tried to get close to me despite my insults, and cold exterior. That respect for her persistence quickly turned to a love of sorts. Now here we are, her body lain in my arms, as I slowly trace my fingers along her feminine curves bathed in sunlight.

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When Pet Store Employees Tell You Bettas Like Tiny Tanks and you Don't Need Plants

Honestly as annoying as it is, I love correcting employees when they do this. I don’t do a generalized, “actually, bettas…” but instead I tell them specifically about my own.

“Oh, my dragonscale lives in a 5 gallon with driftwood and caves and a ton of plants. The plants are his favorite part–he spends more time going out of his way to swim through them and play in them than he does in the open water. If he was in a 1 gallon, I wouldn’t have room for all the plants he loves and he’d be bored. Plus he races out of the jungle to come see me.”

“I have a veiltail who gets very anxious and rips up his fins because he can see his reflection in the glass. After I filled his tank with hiding places and plants, he was a lot more relaxed and his colors actually got brighter.”

I’ve done this a couple of times, and even approached a woman being directed to look at 2.5 gallon tanks by an employee to tell her how lively my boys were in their 5 gallons–which really aren’t large, intimidating tanks at all for people just getting started or restricted to smaller tanks because of dorms or apartments. They are still desktop sized nanos.
In the end I wound up persuading her to pick up a 5 gallon long with filter and heater, thermometer, a decoration roomy enough for a betta to hide in, a couple of silk plants for extra cover, and basic startup stuff to get a fishless cycle going. Talking about my own fish being active and having personality and getting brighter colors always connects with people a lot more than just listing facts.

After she’d checked out, and I was still browsing, the employee who had been helping her came up to me and asked me where I learned about bettas.

Some people can be buttheads, but my general experience is that if you illustrate your point with your own experience, especially if you’re positive about it (even though I know the urge to cringe is so strong), many people/big box employees will really consider what you’re saying.

“I upgraded my elephant ear from a 2.5 to a 3.5 and I couldn’t believe how much difference it made! He acts so happy and alive now, and his colors almost glow?”

Gets people thinking a lot more than

“Actually, bettas need xyz requirement and pet stores are wrong.”

The Descendant Materialization (Barry Allen x Reader)

Rating: G

Summary: In a universe where you, the Reader, are National City’s very own Supergirl (and dating the ever-dashing Flash), a surprise arises when one of your descendants accidentally travels back in time to your present day…

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anonymous asked:

What do you think an anniversary with Shawn would be like while you guys are dating like maybe a 1year anniversary?

I think that Shawn would be a morning person, right? Going to the gym first thing and you’d be more of a night person. So on this day, Shawn would skip the gym and actually sleep long, so you didn’t have to get up early. And you’d actually get up early and make breakfast for the two of you to have in bed. You be all cuddled up, eating pancakes and fruit. Shawn would be holding a strawberry in his mouth and you’d take a bite of it while kissing him at the same time. He’d stroke your hair and plant tender kisses on your nose tip while holding you in his arms. “Do you even realize how much I adore waking up to your pretty face every morning?” he’d ask you, before kissing you. 

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Today and Forever

Ok I’m finally getting around to writing this! Thanks to @a-broke-in-heart for the prompt, I’m actually a really big fan (phan) (i’m sorry) of this one and I can’t wait to get started!

Word Count: 1310

~October 15, 2022~

Dan’s POV

The wedding is in a week. I’m freaking out. A lot. It’s not that I don’t want to get married. Although marriage is really just a social construct, I love Phil, and Phil wants to do it. I don’t need a document or ceremony to say I love Phil, but he thinks we do, and that means we do. 

However, if we must have a ceremony, I might as well make it as fun as I can. I proposed to Phil on his birthday in January, and ever since then I’ve been trying to piece together the perfect vows. It’s like a puzzle. There are so many pieces, and so many of them feel like they fit. But only one piece fits in a specific place. I love so many things about Phil, but I can only put them together perfectly in one way. The most important part, however, is that Phil doesn’t know.

Phil really wants this wedding to be perfect, and I’m going to make my contribution: an amazing surprise with the vows I’ve been working on for months. I’ve finally gotten them perfect and I can’t wait to read them to Phil. With the wedding only a few days away, I’m trying to memorize my vows in my room (yet another part of the perfect surprise) when I’m suddenly interrupted.

“Hey Dan, what are you up to?” 

I jump at Phil’s abrupt appearance, dropping the index cards with my vows written on them all over the floor. I scramble to pick them up before Phil sees any of the writing, and set them on my bedside table. “Fuck, Phil. You scared me.”

“Working on your vows?”

“What? No. I’m preparing my next danisnotonfire video. I’m just gonna wing it with the vows.”

“Wing it? How can you wing it on something this important!?”

“It’ll be fine. It’ll be better than fine.”

“You promise?”

“I promise.”

Phil sighs. “Fine, but if you mess up the wedding, we’re getting a divorce.” Phil softly hit me on the arm before walking out. I let out a deep breath. That was close. 

~October 18th, 2022~

Tomorrow. The wedding is tomorrow. I’m freaking out even more now. I’ve completely memorized my vows, yet I still don’t feel ready. I read over them one last time in the mirror before going out to the living room. I promised Phil I’d watch a movie with him tonight after my live show. It gives me less time to prepare, but as I said, I’d do anything for Phil. 

I walk into the living room still trying to change my head from wedding preparation mode to domestic time with Phil mode. I find Phil pacing the room nervously. “Phil, what’s wrong?”

“Dan, we’re not ready. You haven’t rehearsed vows, I’m a nervous wreck, and the possibilities of things that can go wrong are endless! And nobody’s gonna come. Why did we have it on a Wednesday, Dan? What is wrong with us?”

“Phil, calm down. My vows will be great, you’re going to be fine, the rehearsal dinner yesterday went perfectly fine, and everyone RSVP’d. They’re going to show up.”

“I guess you’re right…” Phil looks like a sad puppy but then the fear returns to his eyes. “But what if someone gets sick? What if they lose the rings? What if-” 

I cut Phil off the best way I know how: kissing him. I softly press my lips to his, and he kisses back. After a few all too short seconds, I lean back. “Better?” 

“Much.” Phil smirk. “Is that the way you’re going to kiss me tomorrow?” 

I grin back at him. “Tomorrow and for the rest of our lives.”

We curl up on the couch, seeming to have forgotten about the movie we planned to watch. “Dan, you always seem to know how to make me feel better. I love you.” 

“I love you too.” I run my fingers through his jet-black hair until he falls asleep in my lap. I stand up, gently resting his head on a pillow. I smile down at the beautiful boy sleeping on the couch. “Tomorrow…” I whisper, planting a kiss on Phil’s forehead. He smiles at me in his sleep and I return to my room to rehearse my vows one last time. 

~October 19, 2022~

Phil’s POV

I’m so nervous. Dan’s going to come down the aisle any second. I haven’t seen him all morning, as it is tradition, and it’s making me really anxious. Being without Dan for even a few hours messes with my head. I look around the park. We decided to have our wedding in the park, just like Dil and Tabitha’s. Everything around me reminds me of Dil and Tabitha’s wedding. The only difference is me. 

Luckily, Dan was right about people showing up. An RSVP is pretty solid, I guess. Maybe having the wedding on a Wednesday wasn’t that bad of an idea after all. It is a pretty important date. I find it hard to believe. 13 whole years ago today, Dan and I first met in person. And now, we’re finally getting married. 

Suddenly, the music starts to play. Since neither of us is a bride, I did allow us to waver from tradition just this once. l smile as the pianist plays Interrupted by Fireworks and Dan emerges from behind a makeshift wall. He’s wearing nothing but black, as I’d expect from him, except for a single blue rose in his suit pocket. His hair is naturally curled, the way only I’ve seen it, and he has a smile wider than even I’ve ever seen. 

I find tears falling down my cheeks. The experience is just too overwhelming for me. The love of my life, looking beautiful as ever, is walking down the aisle to the tune of Interrupted by Fireworks to get married to me. It’s so powerful the tears are forced to fall. 

The boy stops in front of me and takes my hand, smiling. I stare hopelessly into his eyes. I love him more than I thought possible. All I notice is his eyes, as I almost mindlessly read my vows off the index cards I had hidden in my pocked. Then Dan begins to say his vows. The fear creeps back into my stomach. He’s winging it. I quickly remind myself that he said he’s got this, and I trust him. The fear rooted in my stomach lets up a bit. 

“Phil…” Dan looks into my eyes. I try to listen instead of becoming mesmerized by his eyes again. “It’s been 13 years. 13 years since I met you. 13 years since I hugged you. 13 years since I loved you, and I couldn’t love you any more. 13 years is a long time you know. There’s time for a teenager to fall hopelessly in love. There’s time for a young boy to feel alone in the world. There’s time for worldwide travels. There’s time for three houses, two cities, and two dogs. But there’s only time for one love, Phil. And that’s you. Thirteen years ago it was you, today it’s you, and it will be you forever. Today and forever.” 

Dan smiles at me and I repeat his phrase back at him, taking his hands in mine. “Today and forever.” 

We turn to the priest beside of us that neither of us have really bothered to notice until now. “By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husbands. You may kiss the groom.”

Dan smirks at me as I lean in and press my lips to his. I can sense the love in this kiss. It’s not the same love as it used to be. It’s a new, undying love. I can tell this is only the beginning for us. Today and forever.