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Randomness That May Be Important

Listen guys, I do hate SK with a passion and will probably forever bash it, however due to personal reasons I wouldn’t attack their whole fandom because of Kishi’s trolling.

I only talk to one SK shipper who I know in real life. (She lives a couple of minutes from me).

We’re both mothers. I raised a kid that was not my own since I was 11 (shocker) and had my biological child at age 23 (she’s now 8).

The ‘hijo de crianza’ that I unknowingly adopted and raised since he was three days old because of constant babysitting since his parents ignored him, is now currently, my friend’s fiance and a father himself.

He’s 20 and she’s 18. Their son is a month old. (Jan Chris still calls me 'Mami’ despite him knowing I didn’t birth him)

I highly respect my friend and Jan Chris.

When chapter 7 came out I laughed my ass off. I tend to notice shit at a glance so I was like “whatever”.

My friend Celine who is SK, was livid, since she’s now a mother herself and probably her hormones got her emotional about this.

She called me late yesterday night to go off, saying “ It’s not possible because Karin looks like shit in this. How can people celebrate this? SK is not canon, its ruined.”

Apparently her ship tag upset her. People were excusing Karin still being alive, working for Oro and letting Sasuke marry Sakura and raise her supposed daughter.

Celine is a mother herself now, I’m a mother since a very young age (adoptive and later biological) so I know she saw the red herring at a glance the way I did.

We discussed it and I tried to find ways to calm her down, because she’s convinced that not only is Karin not the mother but that Kishi is setting her up to be ruined as a character in one blow by the end of the Gaiden.

Even the supposed umbilical cord deal is fishy since one of the things SK shippers harp about is Karin’s tragic past, her saving herself, and her village getting jacked. How could she take her umbilical cord, rather than warn people with her sensoring or help? If anything, she left her village with her clothes on her back during such a thing.

Another thing, I do know some JP who are calm. I’m shitty at reading raws and one of them stated that Karin said that the item in the drawer is “like” a part of her body, not that “it is”. Only western fans took it literal, along with the thought that the item Karin was referring to was the thing tested in the first place. That literally puts the DNA test on hot water for them. Since I suck at Japanese, maybe someone that has the raws can point out if this is true or not… But so far, things point that there’s not enough evidence making the item tested Karin’s genetically.

I could spend all day pointing out what’s fishy about the chapter but I won’t. A lot of you should have figured it out by now. We’re only halfway through the story so of course we aren’t getting all the answers so early on. Kishi said something about DNA which does shed some light on this…

People assume that you HAVE to love someone because they’re blood related/family. Love is earned. You shouldn’t feel genetically forced to love your parent. God knows I had shitty parents I didn’t feel loving towards but people told me I HAD to love them because “ its blood”.

If you haven’t figured out that Sarada’s love for both of her parents is being tested in the Gaiden I feel sorry for you big time. She sees her father as a douchebag and her mother as possibly not her own and hiding things from her. ANY kid would be upset…

But the way I see Kishi going is that love is stronger than blood. Sarada will later prove this which is why ANYBODY bashing her will go to my block list. I can see that the love that will come in the future is heart breaking in strength despite doubts.

Expect tons of bombshells in the future. Good stuff for us, don’t worry lol.

And as a special message, I know some shippers from other fandoms I respect as well who noticed the “fishiness” of this latest chap despite them hating the SS ship. I told them for their own good to stay at the sidelines of this because they could be attacked.

We know firsthand how the anti-ending fandom can behave since last year. So as a message to curious people in the SS tag that may not want attacks, just don’t say anything. The ones that want to troll are different because they WANT to be attacked, but the ones wanting to give genuine opinions and brainstorm over this chapter may be dragged into a shitstorm in all fandoms due to the negativity floating.

That is all for now.