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Tease - Simon Minter (Smut)

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Pairing: Simon Minter (Miniminter) & Y/N
Words: 3.5k+
Warning(s): smut
Request/Summary: I had a lot of requests for a Simon smut and also a Truth or Dare Simon imagine so here you go
A/N: This is my first collab and it is with the beautiful @whateverbabeslove (please go follow her, shes the nicest person on the planet), but yeah, we really hope you like it!
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You didn’t know what to expect, arriving at the Sidemen house ready to go to the club.
You wouldn’t say you were dressed to impress, but you definitely wanted to make an impression on Simon. You were wearing tight black jeans that made your ass look great with a plain white crop top that really made your boobs stand out.
You had been friends with the Sidemen for around 2 years now. It was innocent at first until Simon started making moves on you which ended up with you lying naked in his bed. You’d been friends with benefits with Simon for about 4 months now.
It had been a while since the last time you spent time with him alone. You’d had no sexual contact with him for about 2 weeks, and to say you missed it was an understatement.
“You look nice,” Simon told you as you sat on his bed.
When you arrived at the house he answered the door, not ready to go out so you decided that you would sit in his room and wait for him to get ready.
“Fuckable,” he smirked laughing at you, changing from a sidemen shirt into a plain black t-shirt matched with black jeans. Simon always looked hot in all black.
“Ah, so do you.” You stood up and walked over to him, his hands immediately gripping your waist, pulling you towards him while your hands wrapped behind his neck.
“Well I’m glad we are on the same page here” he spoke before kissing you, pulling you closer to him before letting his hands slide down to squeeze your ass making you gasp and laugh into the kiss. Before pulling away from him and his grip and going back to sit on the bed.
"Well it’s been a while babe,” he walked towards you, sitting next to you on the bed. He moved your hair to the side and placed a few kisses on your neck before staying in one placing and sucking lightly.
“I know, but we are going out remember? Or has that slipped your mind?” You asked, laughing as he pulled away.
“Of course it hasn’t, but I’m sure they wouldn’t mind us staying back.”
“But I’ve got all dressed up for the club now, I’m not staying behind. I’m going babe.” You stood up, walking towards the door, hearing him get up behind you.
He spun you around before you could open the door, pinning you against it by your waist.
“Fine,” he whispered, so close that you could feel his breath, hot against your neck, “but I hope that means you’re coming back with me later, because I don’t know how much longer I can wait.“
With that, he left the room. Leaving you leaning against the door, breathing heavily.

Once you sorted yourself out, you went downstairs to be greeted by the others.
"Ready to go?” Josh asked and you nodded, walking outside, and getting into the uber.
Simon was facing you, not taking his eyes off you for the majority of the ride, completely zoned out from anyone else. You couldn’t tell if he was focused more on your face or your boobs.
He was turned on. You were killing him and you didn’t even know it.
When you arrived at the house he wanted to just take you then and there, but he couldn’t. So here he was, in an uber with his friends and you sitting across from him, your boobs standing out because of your crop top. Frankly, he couldn’t wait for the night to be over so he could take you back to his and finally have his way with you.

Arriving at the club, you all got drinks and sat down at a table, chatting away about the nonsense going on in your lives until Freya dragged you and Sarah up to dance. So, you danced for a while, moving your hips to the beat of the music, not really paying any attention to any of your surroundings.
Simon sat watching you intensely, he began to think you were teasing him on purpose although he wasn’t too sure, his thoughts were dragging off. He couldn’t help it, he was in too deep of a thought for anything to distract him, well other than CalFreezy shouting in his face.
He barely heard any of it though.
“Sorry what?” He asked back.
“I said you good bro? You seem really zoned out.”
“I’m fine,” he spoke, his gaze still on you.
Cal followed Simons eyes and saw you. Smirking, he looked towards Simon.
“Y/N, yeahhhhhhhh,” he spoke laughing, extending the yeah just showing how intoxicated he really was.
“What you mean?” Simon asked, his gaze finally leaving you and landing on Cal.
“I am not going to pretend I didn’t see you gawking at her not even 2 minutes ago. I can hook you up if you want? Maybe she’ll go home with you tonight.” he said laughing at his own words.
Simon laughed with him, for a different reason though. He appreciated his friend trying to help but he already knew you’d end up in his bed either way.
“When the girls come back I’ll hook you up with something bro,” Cal said once again to Simon who was laughing and shaking his head at his words.

While you were dancing Freya had turned to you.
“I swear Simon’s been staring at you for the past 10 minutes.”
“What?” You asked laughing while Sarah nodded.
“He has, he’s not even trying to hide it,” She said while laughing.
“Come on let’s go back to them,“ Freya spoke, pulling us back towards the guys, pushing you into the booth next to Simon.
"Hi” you giggled as you landed on him, making him laugh back.
You noticed the look he received from Cal when you spoke.
“Alright Y/N, odds on for a body shot off of Simon. If we get the same number you do it, if we get different numbers then you don’t,” Cal spoke, looking over at you making everyone ‘Ohhhh’.
“Alright,” you laughed, not knowing what to expect, “1-4.”
Getting a countdown from JJ you both spoke,
“3-“ you both said, making you mentally curse.
“AYYYYYY” JJ shouts, laughing at your reaction.
“GET THE SALT AND LIMES OUT LADS ITS TIME!” Cal shouted once again, way too excited, making everyone laugh.
They decided to put the salt on Simons neck and then the lime in his mouth, and the shot of tequila on the table.
“On the count of three you need to lick the salt off of Simons neck, take the shot, then get the lime from his mouth,” Cal spoke up winking at Simon, “and remember to take your time, we don’t need you to rush.”
Simon put his hand onto your inner thigh before you started, lightly massaging it, making you chuckle.
"Three, two, one go.”
After that you started, leaning into Simons neck and placed your lips there, sucking at the salt, his hand gripped your thigh tightly, making you smile against his neck. Pulling away, you licked one last strip up his neck before pulling back and taking the shot then turning his head to you and taking the lime out of his mouth, your lips touching for a brief moment. Sucking on the line then putting it in the glass, Simons eyes were on your lips the whole time.
“AYYYYY!” They shouted once you finished.
“Seemed like you were into that Simon,” Harry joked, making the others laugh, Simon telling him to shut up.

The rest of the time was spent drinking and laughing at stupid jokes, Simons hand still gripping your thigh, every now and then sliding it up, eventually making you push his hand off you when he got too close to your heat.
“How about we all go back to The Sidemen house?” Josh asked making everyone nod.
The uber back to the house was the same, Simon sitting next to you this time, once again his hand gripping your thigh, massaging it softly through your jeans.
“Had a good time?” He asks, turning his head to face you.
“Yeah it’s been alright,” you responded, looking back at him smiling softly.
“Good. I’m glad, but just know the night is nowhere near over yet baby.” he whispered, smirking, and squeezing your thigh harder making you jump a bit and lean into him. What a dick.

Arriving back at the Sidemen house was a dream come true, you were sure that if you were in the car any longer with Simon you would’ve jumped him.
It seemed like you couldn’t catch a break with Simon, hoping you could go upstairs and let him have his way with you. But obviously that’s not what happened as JJ thought a good old game of truth or dare would’ve been a better way to end the night.
So you all sat in a circle in the living room, you being pulled down in between Freya and Sarah while Simon was in between JJ and Cal, typical.
The game started off pretty standard, the usual drunk truth or dare questions, Harry was dared to run around the street naked for 2 minutes, Ethan had to lick JJs toe and Josh had to answer a question.
You simply sat and waited for your turn to come around and soon enough it did, JJ was the one who got to ask,
“Y/N truth or dare?”
“I dare you to make out with the person you find most attractive in the room,” he spoke and nudged Simon, laughing slightly while smirking.
You stood up, walked over and kneeled down in front of Simon, placing your lips on his, continuing the kiss for a while before pulling back, going back to your spot and sitting down breathless.
The game continued like that for a while until people started getting bored and decided it would be a good time to leave.
The people who didn’t live in the sidemen house left, leaving you, Simon, Josh, JJ, Freya, and Vik. But lucky for you they decided to go to bed, leaving you and Simon alone.
“I think I might head home,” you teased and stood up.
“Excuse me?” He asked, standing up and walking towards you.
“I don’t think you’re going anywhere baby,” he whispered once he was close enough to you, grabbing your waist and pulling you into him.
“And whys that?” You asked as he pushed you up against the nearest wall and began to kiss along your neck.
“Because, I think you’ve teased me a bit too much tonight and I didn’t deserve it” he spoke, smirking into your neck when you let out a light moan at the feeling of his lips against you.
“Wh-what are you talking about,” you questioned, your breath quickening as his kisses got more intense on your neck, sucking and biting in one certain place that drove you wild.
“I saw the way you were dancing tonight, the way you’ve dressed and even the way you kissed me earlier, you’ve been driving me crazy all night and I think I’ve been good enough to get something off of you.” He whispered once again, kissing up your neck and on your jaw, hovering over your lips but not pressing against them, just letting his hot breath fan over them as he spoke.
“So what do you say, what do you think about joining me upstairs tonight?”

You nodded and began to walk up the stairs, Simon following behind. You felt Simon close behind you as you went up the stairs, a light smack being placed on your ass, followed by a light tipsy giggle. You chuckled, turning to him, and trying to tell him to be quiet.
“I couldn’t help it love, it was in my face, what did you expect me to do?”

You eventually got up to his room, you both not able to keep your hands off each other.
The door closed with a click behind you as you made your way to his large bed.
“You haven’t been very nice tonight. You’ve been teasing me since I answered the door earlier,” he whispered in your ear, his voice raspy and rough.
You pull back slightly so that you could look into his eyes, “Is there any way that I could make it up to you?”
He nods lightly, taking a seat on the edge of the bed, hands splayed behind him, his legs spread apart slightly.
You took the hint, stepping between his legs, leaning down to capture his lips with yours. Your hands made their way down to the hem of his t-shirt, pulling it up slowly, breaking apart to throw it somewhere in his room. You kissed him deeply before you sank to your knees between his parted ones, undoing his belt and removing his jeans.
You moved your hand up his thigh, skimming over the edge of his boxers, up to cover his clothed cock. You rubbed your hand along it, circling his tip lightly with your thumb through them.
You hear him bite back a moan as you remove your hand, replacing it with your lips, pressing kisses up and down it.
You hear a whine leave his lips, shallow breaths leaving his lips.
“You’ve teased me enough,” he whines, his eyes closed at the brief pleasure you were giving him.
You  lean back and let out a breathy laugh, “You’re so needy tonight.”
You move your hands to the waistband of his boxers, pulling them down and placing them with the rest of his clothes.
You graze your fingers over the inside of his thighs, feeling him shiver at the contact, before you ghost the tip of one finger along his length.  You hear Simon’s breath snag in his throat as you remove your hands to kiss and lick around the tip of his cock, your tongue teasing at the slit he finds there.
Simon can’t hold back a moan as he watches you slowly sink your lips down over his cock, cheeks hollowed from sucking, eyes closing with the effort. His hands dig into the sheets below him at the sight of your flushed face and reddened lips.
You pull off, placing small kitten licks on the head, letting your tongue swirl around the top and all the way down to the base. Simon is breathing erratically, trying his hardest not to buck his hips up.
You suck at the head, letting go to see pre-come drizzle down his cock.
You look up, meeting his desperate eyes. He throws his head back and groans, feeling so close to the edge already.
You feel him reach out with one of his hands, resting it on the back of your head, but not pushing down.
“Fuck, I- I’m gonna come…” he moaned, bucking his hips into your mouth slightly.
You pulled off of him, hearing a loud whine leave his lips as he was so close to coming but wasn’t able to.
Looking down at your smirking face he reaches down and grabs you by the waist and pulls you down so that you’re laying on the bed, him hovering over you with his knee between your thighs. He presses heated kisses to your lips, slowly making their way down your neck, sucking lightly when he got to your collar bones, grazing over the marks he had made earlier with his tongue.
You felt his rough fingertips dig into the dips of your hipbones, holding your body close to his. You felt his body move downwards. He let out a breathy sigh while pressing his lips to your exposed stomach, his hand gripping at the hem of your shirt and dragging it slowly off you, a heated trail of kisses following closely behind.
When your shirt was taken off, you connected your lips with Simons, feeling his hands wander from surrounding your waist to your back, unclasping your bra easily from the amount of times he’s done it.
He throws it somewhere in the room once it was taken off. His hands roaming to graze the side of your breast as they make their way down to the button on your jeans.
Once they’re off, he captures your lips in his and deepens the kiss, letting your tongues meet. You immediately feel his hard length pressing against your thigh and you can tell that the kisses are getting more and more desperate.
You feel his hand move down to your panties, sliding light teasing touches to your heat. He moves his thumb over your clit, making small circles to it, making your breath hitch in your throat.
Your moans are caught by Simons mouth, your hands roaming from his hair at the back of his neck to down his back.
He ends your kiss, leaning back to remove your panties, making delicate touches to your centre.
He inserts a finger slowly, beginning to pump it in and out of you in a steady pace. He then withdraws his hand and brings it up to his mouth, sucking his finger into his mouth, a moan of pleasure following it. Simon quickly pushes his finger back inside of you, inserting a second one too. You tighten your grip on his arm as he starts to curl his fingers, a loud moan escaping your lips as your fingernails scratching lightly down his back when he finally hits that spot within you.
You can feel yourself coming close to the edge, moans and gasps leaving your lips, and just as you feel like you could go over the edge, Simon removes his fingers.
A high whine leaves your lips at your frustration. You open your eyes to see a cocky smirk on his face.
“You’re such a dickhead,” you whisper, a light chuckle following.
He interrupts your laugh by connecting your lips, tongues swirling, fighting for dominance. His hands moved from your jaw to your breasts down to your legs where he parts them more so that he can comfortably lay between them.
“Are you ready?” He asks as he lines himself up with your core, biting his lower lip in anticipation. 
You nod and he presses in, biting down gently on your exposed collar bone at the feeling of your walls clenching around him.
He lets out a soft whimpering moan in your ear as he finally sinks into you, stretching your walls in a way that his fingers couldn’t.
He pulled your wrists up above your head, pinning them there gently with one hand, the other helping him keep his balance as he rocked his hips into yours.
He lets out a groan in your ear, a quiet question of “Would you ride me?”
You nod eagerly, your teasing mood had not died down.
Simon pulled out, lying down next to you as you sat up, straddling Simons hips. You hovered above his rock-solid cock, running a finger up the underside of it, hearing a hiss leave his mouth. You pick it up and run it along your slit, teasing him with the feeling.
“Please y/n,” he almost begged, just wanting to get what he’s been craving all night.
A satisfying moan came from the both of you as you sank down onto his cock.
You hear him let out a string of curse words when you started moving, his fingers gripping onto your hips for dear life.
He pulled your hips down harder as you both were nearing climax, the steady rhythm that was once there, no longer present.
As Simon felt the overwhelming urge to come he moved one of his hands to rub tight circles on your exposed clit, wanting you to come as well.
When his climax hit he pulled your hips down hard so that he was buried deep within you, his body going tense as you rocked your hips slowly back and forth, riding out your shattering climax.
You fall forward in exhaustion as both of you had come, small pants leaving your mouths. You rolled off him, relaxing into the bed. You feel the bed move as Simon gets up, but you took no knowledge of it until he brought back a cloth to help clean up.
After you were both adequately clean you collapsed into bed together, your head resting on Simons chest as his arm wrapped around your shoulders.

JJ needed to ask Simon a technical question. A genuine question that couldn’t wait until Simon woke up himself. So, JJ did what he thought was the most logical answer. He barged in like the good friend he was, however he was shocked at what he found. He only expected to find a hungover, slightly grumpy Simon. Instead he found the two of you naked cuddled in his bed, marks and bruises littering both your bodies.
You opened your eyes at the slight movements from beneath you, seeing a shocked JJ standing at the foot of Simons bed, his mouth hung wide open. When you made eye contact JJ ran from the room screaming to the whole house.

“I told you they were fucking!

the lifeboat

Hunter’s Moon seems to be particularly crowded on this evening - most of the tables further in are taken, werewolves, seelies, vampires and warlocks coexisting peacefully in a half-drunken atmosphere filled with the clinking of glass and toned down chatter. Groups of colorful folk mingle by the door and by the bar as well, Magnus has to subtly shoulder his way through, the gold detailing on his jacket catching the dimmed light as he moves.

It’s his first free evening off in a bit and he wants to celebrate, have a strong drink to the sound of good music, maybe meet someone along the way. As he passes through the throng of bodies, people greet him with polite nods, some faces more recognizable than others; he also catches shreds of conversations, background white noise, equally easy to tune out and listen into.

“Well, if it isn’t my favorite customer,” Maia chimes as Magnus sits down on one of the stools by the bar. She looks as radiant as always, her smile wide as she swings a cloth onto her shoulder, then leans on the counter in front of him.

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way down we go

This was a commission for @jesusonthetortillas – non-AU J2, set during the most recent Jus in Bello con. Hope you like. :)

They get up to the room a little after three in the morning, though that’s—

“Come on, Jay,” Jensen says, wheedling, smile wide and sloppy. He’s dragging Jared into his suite, walking backwards and tugging. “It’s only, like, six or something in Texas, you know you got some party left in you.”

“You’re drunk,” Jared says, but he goes, easy, because it’s Jensen. 

“You’re not drunk enough,” Jensen counters, but he’s flushed pink all over, eyes bright and his voice in that too-serious, trying-to-be-sober tone, and Jared—well, maybe he’s not drunk, but he’s smiling back, anyway. Hard not to, when Jensen’s like this. 

The room’s nice, like they always are, though European hotels are always kind of tiny compared to what Jared’s used to. He always feels like he’s built on an awkwardly bigger scale when he’s over here. He leans against the door, kicks off his shoes, while Jensen fumbles with the little stereo, swaying slightly. The music surges on a few seconds later, and—Kaleo, again, because Jensen’s been on a kick with them lately. Jensen nods along to the riff, swings his hips as he moves over to the bar and grabs a few little whiskies, and god, Jared could just… eat him. Still.

“You know we’ve got work in the morning,” he says, mild, and Jensen gives him a look and drops the minis onto the bed, and then he’s right in Jared’s face, pushing in close with his breath hot and smelling like the wine they drank all through dinner with the cast, smelling like sweat and dancing, cologne long-gone so that all Jared can get is Jensen, and then Jensen pushes up on his toes and kisses Jared, carelessly hard, so their teeth glance against each other and Jared accidentally bites his lip, a hot slick of tongue and the taste of him—mm—and then Jensen’s tugging him forward, by the belt, just a half-dozen jostling steps to the bed, and he lets himself be shoved down, bouncing a little as his ass hits the foot of it. Jensen says, “Don’t care, Jared,” when Jared’s well past remembering whatever it is he said, because now—now Jensen’s crawling up, into his lap, humming along to time has come as we all go down, and Jared leans back to make room, he slides his hands onto Jensen’s ass to help balance him, and then he’s got the solid weight of him pressing down, oh, right where he needs it. Jensen’s rocking, sort of, to the beat, and when Jared lifts his face up Jensen kisses him, again, soft and plush, lips moving with the music.

“You gonna sing all night?” Jared says, up against his mouth.

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Time: Chapter 13

Summary: Soulmate!AU/Reincarnation!AU. Female!Reader lives in a world where alien invasions threaten Earth, hordes of death robots destroy entire  towns and past lives and soulmates are very real. Like most people, she gets brief glimpses of her past. Although a person’s past lives and their current life may have little to nothing in common, soul mates tend to transfer between lives, the core of a person staying the same throughout the eons. What happens when reader’s soulmate from her past life, Steve Rogers, shows up out of the blue?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female!Reader, Steve Rogers x Female!Reader

Warnings: Language, angst, fluff

Word Count: ~3,097

A/N: Look at this cute dork. So precious. 

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“Goodnight, (Y/N),” he whispered, brushing a piece of hair off of your cheek. Unable to look at him for a moment longer for fear of what you might do, you turned away from him. A moment later one of his arms wrapped itself around your waist and reeled you into his chest. You smiled, resting your head on the bicep of his other arm as his legs moved up, spooning you. You should have been alarmed at how normal if felt to lay there like that with him, but you were so tired and happy that you didn’t question it, once again drifting off to sleep. 

“This is a terrible idea,” you hissed.

Steve glanced at you out of the corner of his eye before his gaze snapped back to smile at a woman exiting the store. He gave her a polite nod and half smile then reached for your hand. She passed by without recognizing him, a feat in and of itself. It was shocking how many people couldn’t see the great Captain America past a pair of thick rimmed glasses and baseball cap. His fingers wove with yours and he gave you a comforting squeeze as you stepped through the sliding glass doors of a local grocery store.

“It’s going to be fine,” he whispered as he grabbed a shopping cart.

“And how often do your plans actually work?” you asked, leveling him with a steely gaze.

He thought about it for a moment before he smiled guiltily. “It’s a toss up,” he said jovially, leading you down the closest aisle.

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2-3-4-7 taehyung I don’t know if I can choose more than 2 numbers or what

“How long have you been standing there?”

“I may be an idiot, but I’m not stupid.”

“Who gave you that black eye?”

“Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.”

wc: 1371

genre: fluff

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You cursed yourself for taking Greek Mythology this year. Everyone said it was the toughest class you could take yet you still chose it. Why? Because you thought would be just stories like Percy Jackson and fairy tales but no. You had a huge assignment coming up on water nymphs and how they were an underrated part of Greek Mythology. Although the assignment wasn’t officially assigned yet you knew it was coming up so you wanted to get a head start. You couldn’t focus on reading in the library because of the sound of the keyboards clacking and no matter how early you got there the private rooms were always occupied. You decided to study at a small coffee shop on campus that most students abandoned for the newly built Starbucks located near the dorms.

It was old and but the smell of coffee was faint, not many cups were being made as before, there was only one employee on duty and he was leaning by the cash register texting on his phone. Only two other people were in the store, a professor taking a break in between classes and a student resting his head on his palm as he read his textbook. His glasses made him look smart but the way his eyes scrunched up in confusion every line he read made you think otherwise. You set your bag down on a small table that was in the middle of the store and cringed when the chair shrieked when you pulled it out.

Ten minutes into going over your notes you’re already contemplating on giving up. You feel like no matter how much work you put into this you’ll still fail. You sigh loudly, attracting the attention of the boy who sat two tables away from you. He looks up and sighs as well making you laugh.

You go back to this coffee shop every day for two weeks and every time you’re in there the boy is in there too. Last week you learned his name, Taehyung. Taehyung was struggling with statistics class and he too was preparing for an assignment. Today you worked up the courage to ask him if you could sit with him. He smiled brightly at you and nodded.

Taehyung looked at the cover of your book, “How’s Greek Mythology?”

You groaned causing him laugh.

“Terrible. I don’t know why I thought this class would be easy. What about statistics?”

“Don’t get me started. It’s probably the worse class I’ve ever taken. Sadly it’s too late to switch out so looks like I’m stuck.” You talked about the rest of your classes and life in general.

That was the day you developed your crush on him. You asked your friend if you should confess. “Of course you should! He sounds so cute! What was his name again? Kim Taewon?”

“Kim Taehyung.”

“That name sounds so familiar, why can’t I place it?” Your friends tapped her chin in thought but shrugged when she couldn’t remember.

Later that week, when you went into the coffee shop to study, Taehyung wasn’t there. You were disappointed not seeing him and felt lonely making it hard to focus on studying. You thought maybe he would show up the next day but he didn’t. This continued for three more days before you lost hope in seeing him again.

You sulked to yourself for a week. Then one day when you came in to study, Taehyung was there. You were surprised and you excitedly went over to his table and set your books down but he didn’t look up. “Taehyung? Where have you been? I missed studying with you.”

“I was busy. Sorry.”

You frowned. You cautiously opened your book and began reading but found that you couldn’t focus.

“Tae, are you okay?” He sighed and looked up at you for the first time that day. You gasped. “Who gave you that black eye?”

He shrugged.

“Well, are you alright? Does it hurt?”

He shook his head. “I’m fine.”

He didn’t talk anymore during your study session and left before you instead of waiting to leave together like you normally did. You figured he was having a bad week and that’s what made him so quiet and that tomorrow he would feel better.

Later that day you were discussing your concerns over Taehyung with your friend.

“I remember where I heard that name before!” She exclaimed. “Y/n, you really have a crush on him? You know he gets into a lot of trouble, right?”

“What do you mean?” You looked at her confused. Taehyung, the same Taehyung that wears glasses and tucks in his shirt, is a troublemaker?

“Yeah! He got into a fight last week at a party. He has a bad rep, Y/n. Did he not say anything about it?”

You shook your head. This was big news to you, your crush who you thought was a sweet innocent kid struggling with class like you, was actually a badass who got into fist fights with people.

The next day when you returned Taehyung was there and he was talking on the phone. You noticed his eye was slowly showing signs of healing. He didn’t seem too happy to be talking to this person and you didn’t want to interrupt his conversation so you stood by the entrance with your bags waiting until he was finished to join him.

“I don’t care if he tried to kill me in my sleep he shouldn’t have said anything in the first place!” You were surprised at his words. You kept thinking to yourself how you were going to confront him that you didn’t hear the end of his speech. “I know I said I would stop I just…want to protect you. Your my little brother and the only person that can push you around is me.” He chuckled. “Yeah, alright. Bye, Gukkie. Love you too.” He hung up the phone and looked up towards the entrance and was surprised to see that you were already here. You walked over to the table and set your bag down but you didn’t take a seat.

“How did you get that black eye, Taehyung?”

“What do you mean?” He stuttered.

“I know that you got into a fight. Who hit you?”

“Just some dumb senior. Sit down, you’re scaring me.” He joked. You did as he said but didn’t laugh. “How long have you been standing there?” He pointed back to the entrance.

“Long enough. Tae, why didn’t you tell me you got into fights?” You were more upset at yourself for falling for his cute demeanor than you were at him.

He sighed. “Y/n, it’s not what you think.”

“Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy. How is this explanation going to make it any different?”

“You didn’t hear the whole story. This guy was making fun of my brother and he shoved Gukkie so I intervened and got a black eye.”

“Someone else told me that you get into fights just for fun.”

“Do you really believe everything you’re told?”

“I may be an idiot, but I’m not stupid.”

Taehyung laughed. “Sure you’re not.”

“Hey!” You hit his arm but laughed anyway.

“Sorry for giving you the cold shoulder yesterday. I was embarrassed about my eye and I didn’t want to worry you.”

“It’s okay, Taehyung. But try not to get into any more fights.”

“Yeah, I’m trying. Hey, do you want to ditch studying and go to an actual coffee shop for some drinks? I’ll pay for them.”

“Are you asking me on a date?” You blushed.

He rubbed the back of his neck. “Yeah, was I being too obvious?”

You nodded your head. “Let’s go.”


What  I See : Part 3

BigBang : Seungri

Pairing : Seungri x Reader

Genre : Fluff, Angst, Humor, Romance

Words : 1.6 k +

Summary: Seungri only sees the reader as a walking disaster. But the reader sees him as her night in shining armor.

Originally posted by jeffersonhairpie

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Look what a beautiful aesthetic my fantastic friend @jackwhitesgirl made for my first Dramione story! I’m still in total awe and so happy about it! ❤

Thank you so much, luv! You rock! ❤❤❤

Excerpt from the first chapter:

He eyed the little, slightly trembling knobs in the ornate cheval glass he’d conjured.  Twisting left and right, he saw them lined up in a soft curve from his shoulders down to his hips. How convenient for his father to have received the Kiss shortly after the Final Battle instead of having to explain this.

I hope to publish the first chapter soon (maybe even tonight, yay!), so keep an eye out for it on AO3 and ffn :).

writers-imagines  asked:

Harry/Evie HC where Harry is the one who dies

lol okay so after this, no more character death prompts please. it’s way too depressing (and sorry it took so long ;;)

  • they’re in the middle of a large battle against a rival pirate crew when harry notices. he knows she’s capable of protecting herself, had trained her himself, but no matter how skilled she was, she wouldn’t have been able to block it so he does what he does best— protect her
  • he runs right in front of her, knocking her to the side as the sword pierces him, leaving him gasping in pain. it happens so fast that evie doesn’t known what happens until she sees the blood. and there’s just so much blood
  • the rival pirate is knocked out by jay and that’s when it finally hits as she drops her sword, running straight to him with tears running down her face. she catches him just as he drops to his knees, cradling him in her arms as the blood continues to flow
  • harry tries to keep his eyes open but it’s becoming too hard, and his head is pounding. he feels himself resting on her lap and can feel her tears wetting his face, but he doesn’t want his last moments on this world seeing her in tears
  • he forces himself to lift a hand up to her cheek as her tears continue to fall. he wipes a few away as he struggles to manage a small smile. “don’t cry princess, ye look better when ye smile,” are his last words before his eyes flutter shut, evie screaming for him not to leave her
  • when the rest of the crew and vks manage to fend the rival crew away, everyone huddles around the two with sad eyes, most of them teary
  • mal has to physically rip evie away from him long after he’s breathed his last breath when she refuses to leave him. she ends up taking his hook and hat as mal leads her away
  • they bury him in the sea, knowing how much he’s always loved to sail, and evie uses all the money from her clothing line to buy a boat, which she names ‘harry’. it becomes her second home
  • evie keeps his hook stored in a glass display along with his hat, forbidding anyone to touch it ever since the day he passed. it still has a few specks of blood on it but she refuses to wipe it away
  • before his funeral however, she’s inconsolable. she closes herself off from the world, only allowing mal to see her but even then it’s only a few minutes before she withdraws herself, focusing all her energy on her designs. everyone notices the lack of color that begins to characterise her works, and it’s once she has a heart to heart with mal and uma a few days after the funeral that she begins inserting a few shades of red into the previously all-black designs
  • evie had gone to ben to beg him to bring harry back the same way her mother and some of the villains were, but ben tells her that the method is illegal and he can’t do it
  • uma hands her an envelope when she’s calmer but that’s when the second wave of pain hits. it’s a draft of his vows, and just as she finishes reading, she finds the envelop isn’t empty
  • out slips a ring
Visits to Bruce

I know other stories are expected to have a part two but I gave into the cuteness. Part to to Letters to Bruce.

“Hello. I have an appointment with Mister Wayne!”
   The girl behind the fee stall looked at you from your head to toe, mostly focusing on the baby that hung lose from a comforter on your chest.
“Your name?” She asked, still in her deadpanned tone.
   “(Y/n) (y/L/n)”
    “Oh! ” She smiled and got up. Her heels clicked, turning your attention to them, as you looked at your own shoes. Should you have worn heels too? “Follow me Ms (y/l/n).
Mister Wayne has been waiting for you all week long.”
   “This was the only day I could manage to come.” You muttered.
   You followed her down the hallway to what seemed like a private elevator.

It must be Bruce’s.

You jumped in with her and waited awkwardly as you passed every floor. Bruce’s office seemed to be rather very up in the building.
With every red light, that signaled you were closer to the office, your stomach took turns.
Instead of breathing hard though, you patted your baby’s small head the time woman next you announced your arrival.

Bruce opened the door to his office and expected you to come in, feeling his own stomach take turns from his nervousness.
When you stopped into the room, he, not noticing the baby, took you in his arms and tightened around you, breathing in the absence of eleven years.
“Bruce the baby!” You muttered, not wanting to ruin the moment as you had missed him too.
He pulled back, scanning your form from head to toe; just as the secretary had done some minutes ago.
His eyes lingers on your hair, he noticed you dyed it black, unlike it’s natural color and you styled it as you always would; straight and sleek.
You looked stunning, nonetheless, with your black jacket coat that reached your mid thigh and your blue pencil dress that rested a little over your knees. You wore a little make, he could still see the unconcealed black circles under your eyes and your hands were dry.
When you two were together your hands were soft as a baby’s. The fact that now you had one was a tragical irony. As if it had taken a part of your youth away.
“She’s so beautiful (y/n)” he said as a heart warming smile covered his face. You couldn’t even remember when was the last time you had seen him smile like that.
“Thank you Bruce!” You exhaled and stood there, before him, as you stared at each other for what seemed like ages. He didn’t want to take his eyes off of you. All these years he was wondering how had you been. Apart from this time he had saved you as Batman from being raped in an ally, when he didn’t have the guts to let a words slip out of his mouth, he hadn’t seen you.
And the fact that you had come meant so much to him. As he read on your last letter you’d give up on him, but it had seemed so crazy for you to give up so easily.

Easily… as if giving up after eleven years can be done ‘easily’.

“Sit please.” He offered, gesturing at the black leather couch right across his office desk.
You sat, after he helped you take off your coat, to reveal the semi long sleeves of your dress.
He remembered he liked these type of clothes on you.
“How can I make up for all this time (y/n)?”
You placed your hand on his and sandwiched it between your small palms.
“Tell me about your life Bruce!”

You talked and talked and laughed as if a day hadn’t passed from that last day you were happy together.
Maybe you were too young then, and Bruce was always and still, a playboy, but now, you wouldn’t let this chance go to hell.
Bruce promised he’d make it work. As Cindy woke up, crying for food, you gave Bruce a look of disappointment. Though for you it was more than disappointment, you had a strange smirk with it, as if loving your disappointment.
“Do you mind if I feed her Bruce?”
“She’s still breastfeeding? How old is she?”
“She’s almost a year and half. Doctor insists I breastfeed her until she’s two.”
Bruce oh'ed and entered his personal bathroom to give you space.
You called him once you finished, as you tried to coo the baby back to sleep and he called you over dinner on Saturday night, so you could meet with his sons, and if course Dick. He made you ensure that you’d bring Cindy with you, so that boys could meet her.

“Dick will love her! He loves babies!”
You smiled and patted his shoulder before you spoke.
“I know he does! He’s a baby himself. He still is right?”
Bruce burst in laughter, and you ached knowing you’d leave in a few moments and that you’d be unable to listen to that laugh. One time in eleven years, you figured, wasn’t enough.
Bruce didn’t manage to speak as his lips got busy with something else, something he had longed for, for so many years. Your lips were on his for mere seconds, but for him time had stopped. It was terrifying knowing he still held so many feelings for you. Even after all these years.

Your body stiffened and your insides tightened as you knocked the huge wooden door of the Wayne Manor.
Alfred opened to you, greeting you with so much kindness as he told you he had missed your constant presence in the manor.
He helped you carry Cindy in and led you to the restroom, where a herd of men rested.

You tool your baby in your arms, assuring Alfred it was alright and that you carried her everywhere, and let him announce your arrival to the men.
The first one to come close to you was Dick, of course, he tightened you in his arms and you almost did not recognise him. He was a full grown man now, maybe he was still a bit shirt but he was outstandingly attractive.
Next one to come up to you was Bruce, with the other boys. He placed a kiss on your cheek and tapped your baby’s head softly, with that same genuine smile he had the first time.
Next one in line was Jason, a rather tall boy, with stunning -sunshine through a glass of whiskey- eyes and black hair. (Dick later on informed you about his relationship with Bruce.)
After Jason was Tim, the teenage member. Bruce took pride in his excessive skills, his intelligence, and how good a man he’d become.
You did not pay attention to Tim that much, as you worried by seing Dick playing with Cindy. Not only that, but next one was hia actual son, Damian. You knew his mother, Talia, she had been on the background of your relationship with Bruce back then.
Damian was thirteen, a spitfire and maybe sarcasm itself in a person, and it was hard for you to go on through the night with having to out up with his mean words.
You were only ten years older that Dick, which made conversation flow better between him and you, than all the other boys, though.
Bruce, had to put an end to Damian’s boldness at a point, and when he did, the boy just stood up and left the room.
Dick tried to get him to come back, but they boy wouldn’t, so he gave up too. Right now all Dick wanted to do was to play with Cindy while he ate and cuddle with her.
“God I want my own one!!!” He admitted and everyone’s forks dropped.
“Dick…” Bruce started. “You are in no age to have a baby. And certainly, you can’t do this by your self. Next time you speak, think!”
“But she’s cute! Look at her!” Dick pouted.
“Dickie, she’s not cute when she poops or when she cries!” You admitted as you put some food in your mouth.
“You think I’m unable to take care of a baby?”
“You’re twenty three asshole! You can’t raise a baby. Shut the hell up!”
Jason!” Tim shouted.
“What?” The tallest smirked.
“Respect (y/n)’s baby!”

You burst out of laughter at the sight of everyone’s face. Dick clapped Cindy’s hands and whisper-yelled :“fight fight”, as the two other boys yelled at each other and. Bruce’s face was covered in utter disappointment.

“I love you guys already!!”

Shaken, Not Stirred || Suga || Part 2

Summary:  Another night, another shift at Black Out. Another shift meant another 10 hours of watching the enigmatic gangster Min Yoongi reject every single woman who walked up to him. But perhaps tonight would be a little different for the both of you.

Word Count: 1,764

A/N: Y’know, I wasn’t planning on releasing a second part to this scenario but a lot of people requested it I though ‘Eh, why not?’ cause I’m always one to please. I might just leave it at these two parts because I already have three ongoing Suga series (read RoommatesNext Door and Stereo Hearts here). Regardless, I hope you enjoy this installment.

<< Part 1 ||

You wiped your forehead with the back of your weaker hand while your dominant one cleaned up the spill on the bench top in front of you, the collapsed figure of a drunken man slumped next to an overturned cup and his head resting on the sticky wood.

You looked up towards one of the security guards roaming around the filled club and locked eyes with him, nudging your head to the male passed out in front of you.

As the bouncer reached the bar, you smiled apologetically at your co-worker, watching as he scooped the man up by his arms and escorted him from the premises, leaving the bench unoccupied.

It was midnight, a mere 6 hours into your usual shift at Black Out and you wanted to do nothing more than what the businesses name insinuated. Your co-worker who had been put on to share your shift had left half an hour ago, a family emergency that required their full attention and resulted in them abandoning you to be the soul bartender.

You weren’t worried about the customers - you could handle the influx of orders that arose every hour. You were more concerned with the idea that you wouldn’t survive the rest of your shift due to the rising fatigue that was filling your being. Normally your co-worker would be there to keep you awake, on your toes, but his absence meant you were to fend for yourself.

Another body stumbled over to you, propping their hands on the bar as the mop of bleach blond hair was slowly lifted, revealing a dazed stare of another intoxicated patron.

“What can I get you today, handsome?” You asked with a smile, watching as the bleariness retracted from his eyes and his lips quirked into their own sly grin.

From your short time working at Black Out, you learnt that everyone loved to have their ego stroked – whether their liked to admit it or not – and the people would often tip more when they were drunk and praised by the person making their drink.

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immundiitiam  asked:

“Are you baking dessert?”

// Cooking sentence starters - Still accepting! // 

Almost jumping at the sound of Judas’ voice, the startled Vileblood blinks as he holds onto a glass baking dish with two towels on his porch. Steam floats above the hot, faintly yellow and orange hued dessert and curls up. It smells not only sweet, but rich, indicative of the cheeses and butter used to make it. The orange light of the sunset streams behind him in between the trees. After a tense silence, Adrian narrows his eyes and frowns deeply enough a line forms near his left eyebrow.

Was baking dessert. How long have you been out here? On second thought, maybe don’t answer that question.

anonymous asked:

You're such a great writer omg :) could your write each of. The boys being drunk around a sober candy?


“Candy!” Armin yelled, interrupting the girl’s conversation with Iris, “Can you come with me?!” He continued, his voice still raised higher than necessary. Candy looked at Iris, silently asking for permission, before following Armin out of the crowded living room. “Armin, where are we going?” She giggled. “Outside! I really want to go outside!” The boy screamed as he opened the front door of Kim’s house and stepped into the fresh night air.


Candy smiled softly as she sat beside Kentin. “Hey, how are you feeling?” She asked, trying not to giggle at the boyish look on his face. “Really tired,” the brunette slurred, still grinning with his cheeks flushed. Smiling, Candy pulled his head gently onto her shoulder. “That’s really nice,” he whispered, nuzzling into her neck.


“Hey, what’re you doing back here?” Candy asked, approaching Castiel where he sat in the far corner of Kim’s living room. “Feeling like an idiot,” Castiel said lowly, lifting his head to stare at her. Candy smirked as she plopped down beside him, “How’s that any different from normal?” She joked, playfully nudging his side. “Because usually when I watch you, I don’t want to kiss you this much,” he groaned, throwing his head back against the wall with a dull thud. Feeling her cheeks heat up, Candy pushed her hair out of her eyes, “How much is ‘this’ much?”


Lysander smiled at Candy as they lay on the grass, the mildew soaking into the back of their coats as they watched the sunrise over the tree-line. “Thank you for staying up with me,” Lysander smiled warmly, “I couldn’t sleep before.” Candy giggled at the way his eyes were still glassy, although it was clear he was sober now. “Anytime, Lys,” Candy whispered back, “Thanks for singing to me.”


“Why did you stick by me?” Nathaniel murmured, but words sounding choked from the bile in his throat. Candy made soothing noises and stroked his back affectionately, keeping an eye on the glass of water by his side. “No, really? He gurgled again, "Even when I was so mean to you, why did you stick by me?” Candy sighed and toyed with his blonde hair, “Because I care about you.” Nathaniel made a sort of croaking noise and at first Candy thought he was going to be sick again, until he turned his face to look at her, “I care about you too.”

Real Love//Part Two

Originally posted by mydopebiebs

A/N: Here’s Part two, the next part will be up tomorrow! Let me know what you think and Enjoy!(:

Warnings: none

Part One

Your whole body aches, from the very tips of your toes to your head that is throbbing with a migrane. That twelve hour shift at the restaurant really took its toll on you tonight. As you clock out you mentally remind yourself not to ever take someone else’s  shift again. But who were you kidding, you needed the money. It aided you in being able to stay in your apartment and pursue your acting career.

After taking a hot shower and changing into some comfy sweats, you’re about to settle down and order some food for the night when two knocks sound from your front door. Abandoning the array of take out menus on your kitchen island you make your way to the front of your apartment.

You squint and look into the peephole and all you can see is golden hair that belonged to your attractive neighbor. Opening the door gently, you see Justin is also in sweats and a black tank top.

“Hey! You busy?” He peered into your apartment.

“I was just about to order some food. What’s up?”

“I was wondering if you wanted to come over, I wanted to get your opinion on a song I’m working on.”

You look around as if he had been talking to someone else, “Wait. You’re serious?”

He laughs and it’s become one of your favorite sounds, “Yea dork. Come on, you can still order in at my place it’ll be fun!”

You contemplate his offer for a few seconds before inevitably giving in.

“I’m down, let me grab my laptop and I’ll be over there in a few.” 

Justin claps his hands in response, “Alright, just come in you don’t have to knock.”

With that Justin turned around and walked the short distance to his apartment. That’s when you start freaking out, it had been a long time since you spent time with Justin. Between working at the restaurant and going on a hundred auditions the past month and a half you’ve been pretty busy. So was Justin who always running off to the studio that he worked and recorded at as well.

He was friendly most of the time and sometimes flirtatious. Justin was fun to be around, always making you laugh. But sometimes there were these moments that you shared that made you think it was more. If you didn’t pay close attention you’d miss them. Almost kisses that were interrupted before your lips can touch and hugs that lasted entirely too long for it to be considered platonic. You two never spoke about it, it was a silent game you two were playing and you didn’t know how long you were going to be able to keep it up.

You quickly grabbed your laptop, phone and the chargers for both of them before turning off all of the lights.

You make your way to Justin’s and gently open the door. Looking around for Justin you see that his apartment is very clean, no surprise there. There were three guitars lined up on their stands near the floor to ceiling window that over looked downtown LA. His keyboard sat near the TV with black headphones laid out on top. Justin was sitting on his black couch with another guitar in his arms, his bushy eyebrows are scrunched up in concentration. Music sheets are scattered all over his glass coffee table and multiple balls of paper are strewn across the floor.

“I forgot just how much of a clean freak you are.” You sat down on the other side of the couch, facing Justin.

He rolled his eyes, still playing the guitar, “There’s nothing wrong with wanting your place to be clean. It helps with the girls too.” He looks up quickly and his left eye drops into a wink.

There it is, it’s a small gnawing feeling and it annoys the crap out of you. You shouldn’t be jealous about those girls but you are. He wasn’t your boyfriend, he was just your neighbor.

You quickly change the subject, “So what are you hungry for? Chinese or Mexican food?” You hold up two menus to two of your go-to places.

Justin places two fingers on his chin, thinking before shrugging, “Mexican definitely.”

After you’ve  ordered the food, silence fell over the loft as Justin worked on the song he was having trouble with while you went through the scripts in your email that your manager sent to you.

“Y/N, tell me what you think about this.” Justin interrupts your reading, his eyes focused on the music sheet in front of him.

You nod your head encouraging him to play.

His fingers flow over the strings manipulating them so they play a relaxing melody. Then he’s singing and my God his voice is so smooth, some people’s voice tend to be too shrill-like but not him. It’s calming to you and the lyrics are even better.

You’re so caught up in the moment that you barely notice that the guitar playing has ceased and he’s talking to you, “Y/N? You in there?” He gently shoves your shoulder.

Your eyes open, “Hmm?”

He’s smiling again, something he needs to stop doing around you because you fall for him more and more with each time he does.

“Were you even paying attention?” He questions.

Your head dips down in embarrassment, “Nah I wasn’t. Can you do it again?”

He rolls his eyes, “I guess.”

And to anyone else it would’ve sounded like he was irritated but you knew he wasn’t.

He plays the same notes but this time you stop yourself from getting lost in your own thoughts and actually listen.

As Justin starts singing a verse, his head moves up and he’s staring into your eyes. You can’t move from your spot, his gaze on you has you pinned to your spot on the couch. Your heartbeat is gradually increasing with each second that goes by. The way Justin is watching you, makes you think that maybe you weren’t alone in this and he felt something for you too.

As his voice finishes singing the last note, you’re entranced by him. The air in the room has tensed and by the look on his face, Justin notices. He carefully places his guitar to the side and moves closer to you. His next moves are slow, timid almost as he continues to move down the sofa until he’s right in front of you.

His large hands come up to caress your jaw and his warm amber colored eyes are looking into yours and you can’t help but feel hypnotized by him. Justin’s lips are one shade away from being a delicious bumble gum pink and they look so plump that you want them  against your own now.

So you meet him halfway and his lips feel like what clouds are made out of. The kiss is innocent, a little tentative but it’s even better than what you thought it’d be like. Before you make a move to deepen the kiss, Justin’s front door is being pushed open and the spell you two were under has been vanquished.

6 Degrees of Separation | Yoongi x Reader

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Genre : Angst; fluff; smut; drabble

Words count : +2,369

A?N : Okay, so this is my first time on writing something on this account, I hope you guys enjoy it and please look forward for my future writings. AND YEAH PLEASE IM SORRY FOR THE SMUT SCENE I’M STILL TRYING. 

oh anyway, this was inspired by The Script - 6 Degrees of Separation, i know it’s an old song but I just happened to listened to it again. 

1. The thought that the worst is a broken heart

Tissue papers were scattering throughout the surface of your apartment; with you covering itself with a big sheet of blanket, you wondered.  Was he experiencing the same tragedy as you are?

You closed your eyes as your soaking eyes went a little bit arid, for its pupils took too long from staring the television screen across the coffee table. Sitting on the couch solely, you checked your phone once again, looking for any hints and feelings behind the last words in the chat room. You ruined me; that was what it said. You scoffed at the sight of the word itself in disbelief, why would he send that when it’s obvious that the one that was entirely ruined is you? But the weird thing was, every time your eyes peered into the chat, you would scoff in agony and then your heart began to sink deeper every time, shattering all over again. It was like dying then resurrecting and then dying again, only to replay the rhythm. It was an unbeatable cycle that you had to face through; although some fellow of yours said that it was just momentarily. But what if it wouldn’t heal? What if your heart doesn’t want itself to heal?

2. Second part

You’ve tried everything. Watching comedy shows (in which you expected it to bring you laughter), but it only caused you pain. You tried to meditate from day to dawn (if that’s possible) and you even tried to go to the psychologists to get yourself hypnotized. But every time you get hypnotized, the doctor would say that you’d release endless tears upon your eyes and if the doctors hadn’t woke you up, you might continue until there was none left.

So you tried doing something people would normally do when they feel extreme weight of woe. You arrived at the small bar near the flat, asking for some alcoholic drinks that would sting your nostrils up high, wrecking the inside of your throat as it slides down but keeping it warm at the same time. You always think that alcohols are the best remedy when it comes to this circumstances, but it would also stab you in the back. The way it hurts a little bit, just to give you comfort of warmness pulsating around it, but then giving you a punch in the head the next day. Without any further thinking, you took a full sip of the drink, gulping it till it’s empty. The more it glided down your gullet, the giddier you get. Drunk, you picked up a call that rang inside of the pocket of your jeans, pulling it out then pressed the green button.

“Y/N Where are you? You should come here right now.”

‘“Who is this?” You mumbled with a confident, yet uncertain at the same time.

“Yah are you drunk? Where are you now?”

“I’m in Neverland~” You sang, while asking the bartender to spill another drink.

“Yah don’t drink too much! In fact, you’re already drinking too—“ You shut the phone by pressing the red button, taking another sample of the oozy drink.

Time went by too fast that you couldn’t remembered what happened, it all seemed like a blur to you; until Yoongi appeared right before your eyes sitting along beside you on the wooden made bar.

“Yah, I said don’t drink too much!” He stole the glass that was in the grasp of your palm, sipping it intently; you could see his adam’s apple jumping in between his pharynx.

“How did you know where I am? I don’t remember saying the place.”

“I tracked you down with this app in my phone.”

“Really!? You should tell me what app it is!”

Yoongi rolled his eyes towards you “I’m just just kidding Y/N. See? You’re too drunk.” Yoongi’s eyes began to trail down your head to toes, curiosity defeating his lethargic energy. “What happened?”

“You know this friend when we were in high school right?”

“The one who I introduced you to?”

“Yeah— he kinda asked me out and we were engaged. But he suddenly went off somewhere saying ‘he got a job overseas’ but what a fool of me; I think he ran away from our marriage or something. It’s been around three months since he ‘got his job’ and suddenly he texted me that I ruined him. Does that even make sense?”

“Well, he got that one thing right.” Yoongi drank the rest of the bottle, pouring it in the glass first.

“Yah!” You slapped a side of his arm,

“I was just kidding Y/N. How can you still not know me when we’re friends since junior high? I am disappointed of you. You disappointed me.”

“Get out. I don’t need you.” You replied with a straight face, eyes and lips signifying sarcasm.”

“Just kidding Y/N. Anyway, you ruined my life too—I keep on thinking about you every night” His voice began to crack around the line.

“Yoongi you’re the same. You’re drunk.”

The moment you woke up in the morning, with wrinkled blanket, one pillow fell on top of the carpet, and your tingling eyes began to crack open. Your bold eyes let them to absorb the light barely exposed from the sun due to the closed curtains someone must’ve secure. The hangover was heard loud enough in your mind, and it hurts a lot.

“Yoongi? What are you doing in my flat?” You jolted as you spot a figure coming towards the bathroom.

“I…you see—you were drunk so I took you here…I gotta go.” Yoongi hurriedly went towards the exit door, leaving you with a small bang produced from the way he closed it.

Your mind was battling that time, taking its time to register what was happening after from the bar and before you woke up. The slam of your head made you realized something; remembering it, only to make you regret it.

3. When the world splits down the middle

His hands were sending ghostly touch as he hover himself to you, guiding you to lean on the bed whilst making him on top of you. He pressed his lips onto the skin of your neck, sucking it with his jawed teeth, leaving trails of blue-red bruises all over you.

“I need you.” He mumbled upon your complexion, sliding his tongue from your neck onto your jawline, onwards to the chin then your heated lips. Just before you were about to close your mouth entirely after a loud moan, his tongue suddenly snaked itself inside your mouth, dominating every movements but letting you compromise his rushed rhythm. “Since you have no one,” Yoongi let out a heavy pants, distancing himself from you.

“Mind if I take the lead for tonight?” He asked for permission.

Suddenly in a midst of the night, he lifted your shirt till there were no signs of clothed body in front of him.

“Fuck—“ Yoongi bite his bottom lip as soon as he saw your nude body, plucking off the bra that stand his way. “We don’t need this, do we?”

“Oh my god Yoongi—“ you let out a moan.

“I haven’t do anything though,” he smirked at your response; his head going towards your cleavage then began to kiss it while his hands pushing itself to your breasts, circling it then squishing it slightly. His lips moved towards your left breast, letting its mouth to suck on the nipple, biting it once it leaves.

“Fuck—“ You gasped at the sudden contact, lust and darkness filled out the room entirely. “Please do more”

“Say what?” He smirked as his hands began to unbuckle the jeans you were wearing, letting it off in a flash with your hips rising to help him.

“This?” Yoongi touched your covered center with his palm. “We don’t need these pretty panties, do we?”

“y—yes” You mumbled upon his speech. He suddenly slid off your soaked panties; his hands were now on your thighs, spreading out its gap then hoisted your legs on his shoulder.

His head went deeper inside you till you barely see him, your hand trying to snatch every strands of his hair, holding it tight as he licked your womanhood. “Goddammit Y/N you’re so delicious.” He murmured beneath you with his voice vibrating, creating a chill running down your spine. You couldn’t believe that he tasted you, and you liked it. His movement were put in a halt, his long fingers crept inside your clit, one by one, until there was three overall.

“I haven’t put myself in you and you’re already fucking wet Y/N,” He shook his fingers that were on you up and down rapidly, until there were a lapping sound created. “Fuck Yoongi just—do it now.”

“Getting impatient now aight?” Yoongi smugged at how wrecked you were.

He hurriedly stripped himself in front of you, lifting his own shirt up and unbuckling his jeans; which you could clearly see his hardened bulge beneath the thick fabric. Until you touched his growing bulge with the palm of your hand; compressing it, making him gasped above you.

“My God Y/N, let me pleasure you tonight.” You both panted over the heated sensation inside the room, each growing restless as the time went longer.

That was it. Once he glided his crotch on you, entering you smoothly without and roughness; the room was filled with loud moans coming from you and Yoongi, his thrusts getting faster and faster.

“Yoongi—I’m close, I’m so close!” You warned him, digging the skin in the back of his shoulders.

“Wait a minute fuck!” He grinded swiftly, then let go once he could feel the wetness in the tip of his cock. He leaned towards you to give you a peck once again, then laid down beside you.

It took both of you more than a minute to settle the breathings, until Yoongi started. “Well that was fun.”

4. The thought of fixing inner self

Your mind surprised you with the scenes that were showing all of a sudden. You fucking up with Yoongi weren’t probably the right thing that supposed to happen after a breakup, it was the best thing though. It had been two weeks ever since then; you grew more and more secure about yourself and confident too. And fortunately, it really helped you to gain your self-sturdy both mentally and physically.

“So should we do the second round? This time you pleasure me.” Yoongi winked as he snuggled his hand to your shoulder.

“What are you doing in this mart?” You responed.

“Just happen to see you in here.” He saw you warming up with the instant ramyun you just bought there, and so he asked “Do you mind if I join you?”


Yoongi came back with a bowl full of noodles. Splitting his chopsticks into two, he looked at the way you eat it; blowing the noodles first before you consume the entire strands of hot noodles.

“You’re okay now?” Yoongi observed.

“I think I am, thanks.”

5. When he’s out with someone else

The gate will be closed at 7.00 am sharp. All passengers please stay behind the yellow line.

The train was about to come taking you to the workplace and once you stepped out of the yellow line, readying to go inside, a hand held your wrists tightly before you looked behind.

“Y/N…” An apologetic, sincere voice had burst out of his mouth, tears started dwelling in your gleaming eyes.

“Jiyoung…what are you doing here?”

“Are you okay? How are you?” His eyebrows squirmed to the middle, looking worried.

“I gotta go to work.” You brushed your hair slightly, eyes arching down the floor, unable to see his face after three months.

“Look, Y/N, I’m sorry that I sent you that fucking text, I didn’t mean to. I swear to God. I missed you.” Your certain face suddenly looked into his; his brown orbs that kept you mesmerized.

“You know what? Fuck it. I hate you; I hate you for leaving me. Were you cheating on me or what?! Get lost Jiyoung let’s pretend we don’t know each other, okay? I think that’s what’s best for us.”

“No Y/N, I was told not to date in the company, that’s one of the rules. But I swear, once I reached the quota—which I already did, I will be able to date again. Please, I’m being honest.” His look was enough for you to be fooled again, to at least forgive him but its option became narrower as you see a woman heading towards his way, about to cover his eyes with her little pale hands.

“Either way, you should’ve told me the truth. But you hurt me now, so I don’t need you anyway…I hope we will stop seeing each other.”

“Y/N…” He kept his eyes fixated on you until you sat on the train; the door was closing, leaving him there alone.

“Anyway, we were engaging, not dating.” You mumbled upon your own.

6. The admission of the fucked up reality

“So, you met him this morning? What happened afterwards?” Yoongi, with chicken in the grasp of his hand, asked you.

“Well what do you expect? He told me that his company wouldn’t allow the employees to date so that they could focus on their career. I think he lied—why would there be a company restricting you and bothers you with your personal lives? That doesn’t make sense at all.” You took a spoonful of the soup you were eating for lunch, panting soon after it lingers down your tongue, for it was too hot.

“Well, to tell you the truth, there are companies like that. I’m just saying. I know it because I got hired by a company that has that kind of rule.”

“Really? Then…I was wrong.”

“Not entirely,” Yoongi shrugged, “I mean, he was wrong for not telling you the truth and sent you that harsh words.”

“God Yoongi, I’m so fucked up.” Your head leaned over your palms, trying to settle the guilt inside of you.

“No you’re not, don’t worry. Anyway, you have me and I know that is all you need.” Yoongi winked at you for reassurance.



TITLE: Affectionate 


AUTHOR tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: fluff / romance / Angst

FIC SUMMARY: Tom finally knows why OC broke up with him


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: I felt like writing some angsty stuff instead of the regular fluff but maybe I should write some fluff tonight…

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The Ninth Step

Read on AO3

Dean frowns when the doorbell rings, since he didn’t expect anyone. Still frowning, he opens the door and his breath hitches.

“Hello, Dean.” The blue-eyed man says in that trademark deep and husky voice of his, something Dean didn’t manage to forget, even after years of trying.

“Do you remember me?” the man asks as it becomes obvious that Dean isn’t going to answer to the greeting.

Of course he remembers Castiel Novak. They went to college together. Castiel double majored in art and literature if Dean remembers correctly. And he does remember, because he used to be kind of obsessed with the guy. Not that he had a crush on him or anything, he actually hated him. Castiel was annoying, arrogant, pretentious and flamboyant. He was always in the center of attention, so it was hard not to notice him, but Dean seemed to be especially unable to tear his eyes off the giant douchebag. It might have something to do with the fact that Castiel was incredibly hot, with his messy dark hair and colorful tattoos, despite his love for ugly sweaters and the fact that he usually looked like he hadn’t slept in days.

They never actually talked, even though they had a lot of mutual friends (Castiel seemed to simply be friends with everyone in their year). Dean always thought Castiel ignored him because he thought himself too good for someone like Dean and Dean took every opportunity to show that the dislike was mutual.

Then, one day, Castiel showed at Dean’s door announcing that Dean’s roommate was currently fucking Castiel’s roommate in his room, therefore Castiel came to share the room with Dean tonight.

Dean was so dumbstruck he didn’t even protest and iust let the guy in.

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crushimagines-explorer  asked:

Bad boy!Calum and you laying outside on a big blanket with a grass everywhere and nobody to bother you and he has a cigarette that you both switch off smoking and his phone playing soft music while his eyes stay closed listening to the lyrics. Earlier that day cal got pissed at a jerk flirting w you so you guys drive out here and he’s pissed off and his hair is messy and he took off his sunglasses while you just admired him and his features you were laying on your stomach btw and you (part 1)

occasionally took the cigarette out of his mouth and he let you take a breath and exhale the toxic smoke before placing it back on his lips where he did the same thing and he still had that grumpy look which made you curious to what he was thinking and you waited a long time before you spoke up a little buzzed from the nicotine just kind of feeling floaty and from staring at cal for so long “how can such a bad boy like you have such chubby cheeks but a jaw line that cuts glass?” You ask placing a finger on his cheek, poking the squishy skin then trailing it down along his jaw and to his mouth that had those full lips and you placed your lips on them still smelling the smoke and getting lost in it and then pulling away so he eventually opens eyes and says “how is it that I’ve found the girl who can make me feel things I’ve never felt before” and he turns over while you lay on your back and no longer frowning and not feeling jealous because he knows you’re here and you won’t go anywhere :))

his lips and jawline fuck me up this isnt ok


A little bit of something and nothing.  Its quite angsty. All in Zayn’s POV. 

Its not mega long but placed some of it under the cut. 

Based on the whole song Where the sky is by Ward Thomas but these lyrics in particular. Its AU.   

High above the stress of the city, Away from everything

 High enough to make you feel like it’s all aright, we’re all alright

 Just follow me 

Its also in a small way a little nod to the lyrics from Man on a mission ‘Somewhere is a place that nobody knows’  


The warning signs were there for weeks if not months and if Zayn had opened his eyes, he’d have seen them. 

It feels like one day everything was fine, they were a pair of young people in love, sitting in a park people watching or shopping for groceries.  

Pelting each other with popcorn in the back row of the cinema with the people around them shushing them when their giggles threatened to drown out the noise coming from the screen. 

Where the two of them as long as they were together could do anything, wouldn’t matter if stress threatened to beat them down till it was all too much.  

Because as long as they had each other, that was always enough.  


Time went on, they marched into their mid twenties together, full of plans of making enough money so that soon the grind of 9 to 5 would be a distant memory.

9 to 5?  The idea of it would be hilarious if the reality wasn’t so different, if their reality wasn’t so hard and wasn’t in danger of being not just the breaking of Liam but them.

Where even one night together in a month seemed like some kind of pipe dream.

Where even if he mentioned the possibility of a night together, just one, he’d have to pretend he didn’t see Liam’s fists clench, where the faint taste of blood in Zayn’s mouth as soon as he’d brought it up and as he bit his lips waiting for a response was familiar.

Where the slammed doors, the raised voices and Liam’s words each time come back and haunt him.

“I’m doing this for us, stop pretending like its for me, and that this is just hard for you, I’m doing it for us.” 

And then Liam would mutter “Its no use,” and he’d drop his hand and walk away. 

Where every single time it happened, and it had happened too often lately, they slept apart. In different rooms, though it may as well have been different continents and where each time, the making up, the looking each other in the eyes again got harder, where they’d tell each other.

“Its fine.”  

Till it wasn’t anymore.  Till looking at each other after each argument was too much, too painful and too hard.  

Looking at each other would mean noticing how red Liam’s eyes were, how pale and drawn he was.

Would mean that he couldn’t lie about how much he missed him, how this wasn’t what he signed up for, how he feels that his own hopes and dreams are long forgotten because they certainly didn’t include this.  

And how each night he gets that little bit closer to finding out which divorce lawyer he should contact. 

Its like the ultimate betrayal, not just of Liam, but them both and all the plans they had. 

Each day it gets worse and each day he wonders when they’ll break. 


It happens on a Wednesday, but not in the way he imagined it.  And in a way, no in every way, its worse, much worse. 

Zayn works at the graphic design company just round the corner from their flat, always has done, part of the reason they moved here. 

He always goes home at lunchtime, and each lunchtime he doesn’t need to look over his shoulder because Liam’s not around and the post will be there, with more documents to sign and he’ll go onto the internet banking and transfer some more money across.

The door’s open when he gets there, not just unlocked but actually slightly open and Zayn reaches into his coat pockets and then into his jeans trying to find some kind of weapon, some way of defending himself but there’s nothing and for a moment he thinks of phoning Liam not that he’d answer his phone during office hours anyway.

The sound he hears though interrupts his thoughts as he edges closer to the door.

The sound of crying.  Not just any sound, and not just any person he realises even though he’s never heard this sound before, not like this.

Liam cries at sad films, cries with frustration when he’s had an argument with Louis and Louis won’t let him get a word in edgeways.

He goes quiet when he argues with Zayn, clenches his fists and he’d go for a run back in the old days. 

It’s not like this. Its never like this and he’s almost scared to open the door but he’s more scared about what’ll happen if he doesn’t.

So he pushes it open and he doesn’t even have to look far, because he’s there, slumped against the chair next to the computer and his head’s resting on his hands that are on his knees which are drawn up towards his chin.

He either doesn’t hear Zayn or he doesn’t take any notice, the sobs are so loud its no surprise either way.

He crosses the room in seconds and drops to his knees and there’s no hesitation as he wraps his hands around Liam and draws him close to him.

Liam doesn’t react at all initially, instead he continues to sob, doesn’t move except for the way his shoulders heave up and down until a few minutes later when the sobs finally start to ease.

But then its worse and Zayn never thought he’d ever wish for the crying to return but Liam’s repeated “I’ve messed everything up, I’m so sorry,” makes him wish for it anyway. 

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