how are all these the same outfit

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I watched the Lego Batman movie and wanted to learn more about Robin and,,,I didnt know Dick, Todd and Damian were all versions of Robin,,,how do you differentiate them,,how do you do it,,

i’m used to them so i just differentiate them by outfit in one look (e.g. if he’s wearing pants he’s either tim or damian, if there’s a lot of red it’s probably tim, if he’s not wearing laced boots then it’s definitely tim), but if even that’s difficult to differentiate (e.g. classic dick and jason have the same outfit, teen titans dick and classic tim have VERY similar outfits), i go by personality

if he’s being overdramatic and arguably social, it’s probably dick (most likely bossing people around)
if he’s being edgy and RADICAL and bold, it’s probably jason
if he’s being a fucking nerd and still slightly social if a bit awkward, it’s probably tim (may be bossing people around depending on what comic era you pick up)
if you even slightly think it might be damian, then it’s damian. there’s no way you can mistake him for any of the other three. he’s most likely the most recognizable robin out of the four boys.

not including steph or carrie in this because they’re very easy to tell apart, included Tim because he gets mistaken for dick and jason all the time

keep in mind that these are all approximations of what the robin in question should act like, they’ve all grown a lot as characters and changed personalities drastically, but most comics depicts them as their respective tropes

Does anyone remember how a few days before the airing of episode 12 of Yuri on Ice, a picture of Yuuri in this prince-like costume was released

and people immediately began hoping that this was his exhibition outfit for the duet with Victor (which was still unconfirmed at the time) and people drew beautiful fanart of them skating together and everyone just prayed for it to be true?

And then, we not only got the pair skate (or rather, ice dance), it also turned out that Yuuri wore the same costume as Victor, but in shades of blue and we all just released a collective gasp at how beautiful they were together in the matching outfits.

Those were good times.

yo i love those posts about how aliens view humans or the ones about how humans are scary space orcs so here’s one

imagine if we found aliens but they just? have absolutely no sense of collectivism nor groupthink/mob mentality. they are a race of total individuals, there isn’t anything like “collaboration,” warfare is guerrilla strikes of individuals or small bands, there’s no real government because acting as a unit just ISN’T A THING.

so when humans visit this planet they freak the hell out because how are they so organized? why do they stick together? how do they get so much DONE

and the absolute scariest, most incredible thing about human culture to them is not war or our inventions or culture nor our incredible physiology. no.

it’s fuckin marching bands.

a HUNDRED people all dressed in the SAME OUTFIT, marching in time to a single beat, organized in a grid, playing musical instruments in a certain time measure so that all the instruments work together to form a cohesive whole song, and sometimes they all YELL at EXACTLY THE SAME TIME…

this scares the absolute shit out of the whole race and NOBODY CAN HANDLE IT

Natsu’s Heart Theory


Let’s talk about Natsu’s illusions of his fellow dragon slayers in his heart. They look pretty ordinary, right? WRONG.

Natsu has seen all of his fellow dragon slayers during this war and is well aware of what they look like, and more specifically, what they are wearing.

Let’s start with Sting and Rogue. This is what they look like during the war:

Now that you’ve finished marveling at how hot they are, let’s continue. Here is how Natsu sees them in his heart.


Now Gajeel and Wendy. Wendy is coincidentally in the same outfit she was in when Natsu met her, but Gajeel isn’t. 

Here is Gajeel at that start of the war.

And here is Gajeel in his heart.

You know where I am going with this. 

Gajeel’s first outfit. 

To be honest, this theory is only half-finished. I have the clues, but I cannot solve the riddle, if there is one, which I believe there is. Mashima doesn’t do things arbitrarily. 

What I can guess at this point though, is that anyone else who shows up in Natsu heart will also be donned in whatever he remembers first seeing them in. So, if for example he sees Lucy, she will be in her first outfit as well.

Maybe Natsu’s heart is nostalgic and wants to remember the way things used to be. I don’t know. If anyone wants to reblog with an add-on, feel free~

Some Enjolras headcanons:

-He cannot stand coffee. He drinks way, way too much of it but thinks it’s disgusting. Usually puts like half a cup of sugar in it.

-Clothing disaster. Owns four copies of the same outfit. Buys t-shirts in packs whenever he needs new ones. The only variation is when he gets gifts from his friends, which he then wears constantly no matter how aweful. No concept of an ironic gift.

-Never sleeps. He has not slept a full 8 hours in so long. Ends up falling asleep in weird places (floors, tables, Jehan).

-Literally attracts dirt? He cannot go anywhere without getting his clothes/general person dirty. All of the jokes have been made. Protests are even worse, he somehow ends up with blood on his clothes at even the most peaceful ones.

-Cold all the time.

-Has a lot? Of feelings? That he is not very good at expressing like a normal human? He gets very intense about things like apologies and gratitude and pep talks. Stares directly into your eyes without blinking, while reciting a passionate speech that sounds like he practiced it. He did.

-When he gives his friends cards for their birthdays he writes extremely heart felt messages all over them that have been known to make people cry. Combeferre has one framed.

-Hugs that are uncomfortably long and tight.

-Usually acts like such a statue that everyone but Courfeyrac and Combeferre are always blindsided when he does something disgustingly sweet and sappy.

-Attends every poetry reading, sports game, and recital that his friends have.

-Constantly gets into fights? Even though he’s a twig that literally anyone could snap in half? Another reason for the bloody clothes.

-Actually one of the youngest of Les Amis! He’s a grade ahead in school, so he went to university not long after his seventeenth birthday.

-Doesn’t make friends very easily. When each new person joined Les Amis he wouldn’t talk directly to them for weeks. Then one day he just sits down and does the uncomfortable eye contact thing and delivers a speech about social change and a better tomorrow and how much their help means to the group. It is the official Enjolras initiation.

-This is because he has no social skills.

-Has never given Grantaire the official welcoming rant. Probably never will.

What I’m getting at here is that the Chief is a living disaster hiding behind a thin vineer of perfect hair and rage.

-Grantaire is the only one who has never noticed what a complete mess Enj is.


See you next water time…!

I noticed how in sync Tattsun and Zakki were to their character’s colours, and then I saw the same for everyone else too; so of course I had to draw them all in their seiyuu’s outfits. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

EDIT: I’ve coloured them!

Things that were amazing about Beauty and the Beast (live action)


•Emma Watson’s singing 


 •all of her outfits, they were all really, truly beautiful

 •She was an amazing inventor and so so creative

 •was teaching little girls in her village how to read

 •Stood up for herself and her father (she was the same way in the original animation though)

 •she tried to have faith in Beast, and wanted to help him and the castle staff so they wouldn’t be stuck as household items and Beast wouldn’t stay an animal 

Beast & castle staff (Lumiere, Cogsworth, etc.)~ 

•The cgi was i n c r e d i b l e o m g 

•the backstory changes for Beast added well to the plot (his mother died and they explained that he was the way he was bc of how his father had raised him causing him to be greedy, selfish, etc.)

 •The progression of Beast’s attitude towards belle, and how her view of him changes, as she learns that he isn’t just an aggressive animal 

•Chip was adorable & precious & incredible


 •just everything about Ms. Potts

 •Lumiere and his accent 

 •Cogsworth’s mustache

 Gaston & LeFou~

 •G A Y   L E F O U 



 •BUT S T I L L,,, G A Y 

Belle’s father~

 •incredible artist 

•was always so supportive of Belle being whatever and doing whatever she wanted 


Ok so this movie was like F A N T A S T I C And I’m totally going to see it again when it’s available on Itunes. Representation for LGBTQ* community: Ok, so we know that LeFou is Disney’s first openly gay character, so don’t expect a ton, but overall I believe that the representation was great. Even though occasionally they would use it in a sort of joking manner, it was never in a way that was inappropriate or offensive or even disrespectful towards gays (this coming from an ace, homo-romantic, trans guy). So I really do applaud Disney for this move and hope they continue to represent the LGBTQ* community in future movies, and in bigger ways.

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Shower Thoughts

-You’re sitting around listening to music and you mutter “are you nasty” as you work on some stuff.
-Tyler, Mark, and Ethan overhear it. Between the three of them, one of them knows what it is but refuses to tell the others.
-Mark and Ethan google the phrase to see what it’s from, while Tyler says “it’s not really a big deal. Why’re you acting like the world’s gonna en if you don’t figure it out?”
-A week later as Tyler had forgotten about it and moved on with his life, he’s greeted by Ethan saying Mark needs him.
-That’s how the three of them ended up in front of you, all wearing the same outfit:

-You didn’t know why or how or what or when or anything, but it didn’t stop you from chortling for the next three days, and every time you heard the phrase “are you nasty?” from then on out.

(literally called shower thoughts bc this is what i imagined in the shower as i was listening to this song. BTW that is the first image you find on google when you google ‘are you nasty’)

bashfully-alien  asked:

i love your art so much!! especially the outfits you design for characters!! i just wanna know, how did you get so good at making clothes for your characters? all of my character outfits end up looking so boring :'0

oh thank you!!

when it comes to outfit design i think the best way to approach it is the same way you would designing anything else; start simple and work your way up!

i always think about the silhouette i want an outfit to have before i get into details; not just the shape of the outfit as a whole, but what smaller shapes it’s going to carve out of the character’s body. belts or sashes, for example, are an easy way to split the torso into two separate shapes, and you can create variety by placing them higher or lower:

getting the basic shapes down gives you a helpful guideline to follow when getting into details.

i don’t want to harp too much on how to add detail over these shapes because i think a lot of it is up to personal flavor, but some things i keep in mind:

- don’t cover the outfit with detail; leave some empty spaces for the eyes to rest. you wouldn’t wear a striped t shirt and then throw on a striped jacket

- adding detail around the edges of shapes while leaving the body of the shapes less busy will further accentuate how the silhouette has been divided

- contrasting lights and darks in your palette is another way to make an outfit’s silhouette easier to read

hope this helps!!

Stiles- I’m Game

Request-  May I request a stiles x female reader where they’re both huge Star Wars fans. And they’re at the theater to see the new Star Wars movie. And the reader is with her friend(either can be a made up or actual character) and she’s sooooo excited and her friend really doesn’t care. Same situation with Scott and stiles. So stiles notices her(bc she’s all decked out in Star Wars outfit and accessories) and he basically just falls in love and Scott just rolls his eyes. Them they somehow chat and whatnot

A/N- Cute request! Next up will be a Parrish imagine.

“Y/n, do I really have to be here?” your friend Sydney complained. “I have an eight page paper due Monday. And so do you!”
“Sydney,” you groaned. “We talked about this. You know how important this is to me. Besides, it’s only Friday. We still have two more days to do the paper.”
Sydney sighed and nervously fiddled with her Leia buns, which had been your idea. “Fine. But did you really have to wear the costume?”
“Uh, Rey is a goddess,” you stated, causing Sydney to roll her eyes. “You’re just lucky I didn’t bring the staff.”
Sydney raised her eyebrows. “True. But this movie better be worth it.”
“Rogue One is going to be awesome,” you stated.
“Isn’t Rey not even in this one?” she questioned.
“Sydney, please, just let me enjoy this. I’ve been waiting all year for this movie. I swear if you just try to have fun with me, I’ll write your paper for you.”
“That’s sweet, Y/n,” Sydney said. “But I’ll just settle for you buying the popcorn.”
“Awesome!” you squealed. “Come on.”
You grabbed her hand and tugged her after you as you walked up to the ticket booth. As you pulled her into the line to wait for your turn, two guys were walking up to the movie theater, taking the same path you and Sydney had.
One of them was looking pained, but the other wore a broad grin. When he glanced over at his friend, his smile fell and he reached out to hit his shoulder.
“Uh, dude, what’s with the face?” he asked. “This is gonna be great, Scott. You know I’ve been waiting, like, my entire life for this.”
“That’s what you said last year, Stiles,” Scott reminded him.
Stiles rolled his eyes. “And it still stands. You know how much this movie franchise means to me.”
“No, I know,” Scott told him. “It’s just…did you have to dress up as Han Solo?”
“You mean did I have to pay tribute to my childhood hero?” Stiles questioned. “Of course I did, Scott. Of course I did. And I’m appalled that you didn’t wanna be Chewy. You’ve already got all the hair.”
“I’m not about to wolf out for a movie premiere,” Scott whispered in exasperation.
Stiles shrugged. “Whatever. If you ask me, it would be so worth it.”
“Dude,” Scott began. “You’ve got-”
“Oh-oh my god,” Stiles choked suddenly, grabbing Scott’s shoulder roughly.
“What? What?” the Alpha demanded, looking around wildly.
“Rey,” Stiles breathed, his eyes landing on you.
“Who?” Scott demanded. “I don’t know anyone name Ray-”
“No, the girl!” Stiles squeaked. “She’s dressed as Rey!”
Scott followed his gaze toward the line collected in front of the theater. He didn’t recognize you, decked out in Rey’s costume from the hair down to the boots, but he did recognize the girl standing beside you.
“Hey, that’s Sydney,” Scott stated.
“That’s her name?” Stiles asked, staring at you with what could only be described as heart eyes.
“No, not the one dressed up. I don’t know her, but her friend Sydney is in my Biology class.”
“Dude,” Stiles stated firmly, looking Scott dead in the eyes. “You have to introduce me.”
“Stiles, I don’t know-”
“Scott, please,” he begged. “I’m pretty sure I’m in love with that girl.”
“You don’t even know her,” the Alpha protested.
“But I obviously need to!” Stiles cried.
Stiles stared at him with pleading eyes, and Scott had no choice but to sigh and give in. “Fine. Hey, Sydney!”
Stiles was bouncing on his toes as he followed Scott over. As Scott called her name, the Brunette turned around and smiled at him. “Hey, Scott.”
“What are you guys here to see?” he asked, and Stiles placed a hand over his face.
“Oh my god,” he groaned, causing you to laugh. “Scott, seriously?”
“The new Star Wars,” Sydney answered, nodding toward your costume. “I’m guessing you guys are too.”
She eyed Stiles’ costume in disdain, but the fact that he was just as dressed up as you were caused you to beam. “I don’t think we’ve met before.”
“Stiles Stilinski,” he announced with a broad grin, holding out his hand. “Or Han Solo. Whichever you prefer.”
You laughed. “Y/n Y/l/n. But I moonlight as Rey.”
“Ok, how have I not seen you before?” Stiles wondered, gesturing to your costume. “Because this is awesome. You…you are awesome.”
You blushed and Stiles grinned, thinking that you had quite the smile. If it was up to him, he’d love to see it a lot more often.
Sydney pursed her lips and glanced at Scott, who looked back at her. When their eyes met, they both realized that they were thinking the same thing.
“Y/n,” Sydney said. “Why don’t you and Stiles go ahead and go to the movie without us?”
“What?!” you exclaimed. “Sydney-”
“Yeah,” Scott agreed. “I can get a ride home. You go on ahead.”
“I’ll take you!” Sydney told him. “I drove Y/n here, but she can get a ride with Stiles, right?”
“Uhh, a-absolutely,” Stiles stuttered, more than a little shocked. “I can do that!”
“Perfect,” Sydney stated with a smile. “Let’s go.”
“Have fun, dude,” Scott said, clapping him on the shoulder before following Sydney to her car. Stiles glanced back at him in shock, but Scott simply shot him a thumbs up and turned around.
Then Stiles looked back at you, his eyes wide.
“I am so sorry,” you gushed. “This must be so awkward for you.”
“I, well, this must be awkward for you,” Stiles remarked. “I mean, you don’t really know me and I’m supposed to take you home…I could be a serial killer for all you know.”
You tilted your head at him, and Stiles quickly realized he shouldn’t have said that.
“I-I’m not!” Stiles swore. “But if you’re uncomfortable-”
“Uh, no, no,” you insisted, holding up your hands. “I really don’t mind.”
“Oh,” Stiles said, his face breaking into a grin. “Then I don’t either. I’ll buy the tickets?”
“I’ll buy the popcorn,” you answered with a smile.
You and Stiles got your tickets and then walked into the movie theater together. Before you walked into the movie, several people complimented you on your costumes, and they even remarked on what a cute couple you were. Eventually, enough people commented on it that you just stopped trying to explain that you weren’t one.
When the movie was over, you and Stiles gushed to each other about the amazing special effects and literally everything else about the movie. You got into his jeep and you were so busy talking that when you finally started giving him directions to your house, you realized you didn’t want the night to end. He pulled into your driveway, the breaks squeaking slightly as he stopped. You had exchanged numbers earlier, so there was really nothing left for you to say, but Stiles had plenty.
“Wow,” he said, drumming his fingers on the steering wheel. “So, uh, I thought tonight would be fun, but I had no idea how much fun it could actually be. That was an awesome movie, and, um, you’re an awesome girl, Y/n.”
You flushed. “Thanks, Stiles. I had a lot of fun.”
“So, would you maybe want to do this again sometime?” he asked. “Costumes are optional, but I’m game if you are.”
You grinned and grabbed your things, leaning forward to press a kiss on his cheek. Stiles stammered out an incoherent response, his face immediately going bright red.
“I’m game,” you promised, hopping out of the jeep and shooting him a smile over your shoulder. Stiles watched you go with a grin on his face. Tonight had been so much better than he had hoped, and he knew he would be seeing you again.

Summer Rose…
You know Qrow’s picture of young STRQ right? How they’re all wearing clothes they wear in the present as adults? Well the idea of them wearing the same stuff from teen years to adulthood bothers me…. So I gave them flashback outfits! I know Summer has been only shown with a black dress, but I wanted to try white! I left the weapons out bc i don’t have that skill yet. Done on Sketchbook Express.
Please ignore the unpolished picture/ garbage quality. Feel free to doodle this or tweak it to your desires!


Hey fairytales!
First of all I want to thank everyone for the positive feedback on my custom Ramona Badwolf™ doll! This custom took some time to finish, trust me! From finding the right doll to use as base, finding someone who can help me reroot her and finding someone to make the outfit. It was very stressful, but also very fun at the same time! I want to use this picture to thank my amazing friend Jared S. for helping me with the reroot. He started rerooting recently and has been getting better and better every time! I mean, look how amazing Ramona’s hair turned out! I am extremely thankful to him (and I tell him every 5 minutes) for helping me bring Ramona to life. I also want to thank my friend Kuno V. for allowing me to use his idea on the claw hands, it certainly makes Ramona look more like her character in the webisodes, Gracias amigo!! 💝 Last but certainly not least, I want to thank tristastrange03 for making this amazing outfit for me! Thanks to the followers of our instagram page ‘mattydolls’ I was able to find her and am extremely pleased with her work! These people were extremely patient with me. I am very picky myself, and as they were sending me pictures of their progress I kept on asking them to make slight changes, and they never gave up on my requests. As for Ramona’s accessories and shoes, it took a while to find the right ones on eBay. It took me a couple tries to find the right ones, but I managed to make some work and ended up very pleased with the final result. Seeing such hard work all together on Ramona makes me very happy! I am glad you guys liked it! And once again I appreciate all your wonderful comments! ❤️

fo4 companions react gothic

cait: she punches you right in the boob and you don’t know why. something in your heart calls for the quiet childhood you always wanted, the stirring of the wind through leafless trees. another boob punch. you ponder the migration of accents from the uk over to america in the middle of the apocalypse, and voice your thoughts. she punches you in the boob again for good measure.
codsworth: “of course, sir/mum!” he says brightly. your mind takes you back to fallout: new vegas, and also fallout 3, and every mister gutsy you’ve ever met. are they all the same? what makes this one special? are we any unique, or just an endless row of mister gutsys?
curie: she’s in a maid outfit. you don’t remember a maid outfit in your travels, or how she could have possibly gotten her hands on one. a crepe lays in your hands, and you know she proclaimed seconds earlier that it was scientific, for a variety of reasons that you did not comprehend. she smiles, sweetly, and you feel like something is misaligned in your core.
danse: his cheekbones gleam in the sunshine, and so does gun and so does his power armor. his hair also gleams in the sunshine. hair gel doesn’t exist anymore, you’re pretty sure. his smile gleams in the sunshine. you’ve never been in love, but you’re sure it feels exactly like the fleeting gleam of danse’s smile. were there ever any other companions? you squint and come to your senses, realizing it’s just grease and sweat.
deacon: sure thing, he says to you in his wastelander incognito. you don’t remember what you had asked him, and you’re not sure if you’re unnerved that he responded so enthusiastically. you blink. he is naked, except for his shades. he is smiling. sure thing.
dogmeat: woof
hancock: “you’re the most special thing in my life,” says a rough voice somewhere from behind a door. you’re searching the goodneighbor statehouse endlessly, but door upon opened door just empties thousands of mentats onto you. “let’s get this freakshow on the road,” you hear as another avalanche cascades down. deacon’s outfit coordinates, and you marvel at his being able to make a mentat disguise.
maccready: he cannot react. he has been stifling tears, because all he has been able to recall for years is the cave echo of little lamplight. two lucys swim in his tear-stained vision. you don’t think you’re getting maccready back.
nick: he lights a cigarette, calling you “doll” fondly. you can distantly hear something about a place called the riverwood trader, and as you are about to ask, he lights another cigarette, something new in his bright yellow eyes. he is so, so fond of you, and you smash your ps4 in frustration that todd took away mods.
piper: blue her house, and a blue little window, and a blue printing press, and everything is blue for her. blue is the only world she has ever known, and yet she communicates approval, disgust, joy, and apathy in one monosyllable. blue.
preston: you must be thinking of someone else. there has never been anyone here named preston. you hear the distant cry of distressed settlers. “starlight drive-in is under attack”, your pip-boy says, but you don’t remember a starlight drive-in, let alone why you would be there. distant laughter reminds you of memories that are not there of strong arms and overlooked kindness. who is preston?
strong: he lifts you up in his arms to heights previously unknown by man. you see the world anew. he keeps lifting you, somehow. he is crying, but strong doesn’t cry, but you begin to see why as the commonwealth becomes clearer in view from a bird’s eye view. the cost of strength. the cost of human kindness.
x6: "yes, sir/ma’am,” he says. his face betrays no emotion. his shoulders and arms also betray no emotion, just like the rest of his body. everyone is pretty sure this is okay and normal, because coursers have no emotions, especially not x6, and has never been cause for alarm. his sunglasses glint, in an emotionless way. you feel joy being drained from your heart.
maxson: he has always been here. you’re not sure why. you don’t remember joining the brotherhood of steel, but he is with you, and his pockets are stuffed with condoms. deacon changes his outfit knowingly.


A post wherein film writer Kimberly Luperi explores Edith Head’s costuming for THE LADY EVE (’41).

“Colonel” Harrington: Ah, there you are. Well, it certainly took you long enough to come back in the same outfit.

Jean Harrington: I’m lucky to have this on. Mr. Pike has been up the river for a year.

How Charles Coburn and Barbara Stanwyck got away with those lines in THE LADY EVE (‘41) during the Production Code era is beyond me, but that’s beside the point. The dress the “Colonel” alludes to in this scene, a stunning black two piece, ranks as one of my favorite ensembles of all time. The glistening crop top and high slit skirt are exceedingly glamorous, sexy and revealing  - just the right combo for Jean to work her magic. It’s a flawless marriage of costume and character, officiated by Hollywood’s most famous designer, Edith Head.

Stanwyck assumes two very different identities and wardrobes in THE LADY EVE ('41). As Jean, a card shark out to con the wealthy on a South American ocean liner, her attire skews flirty and brash, with a global streak. As Lady Eve, a British socialite guise Jean dons to access the aristocracy in retaliation for Charles Pike (Henry Fonda) breaking up with her, her outfits appear refined and regal.

In 2014, designer Deborah Nadoolman Landis introduced THE LADY EVE (’41) as part of a UCLA Film and Television Archive series on Edith Head and quoted the celebrated designer as proclaiming the “basic test is if the clothes submerge the personality into the character… That is what the costume designer must do - disguise the actress.” While it’s obvious to viewers that Jean and Eve are one and the same, Charles is humorously blind to this fact, and without a doubt, Head’s styles played a sizable role in seducing and concealing the reality from him. “I had to keep Jean’s look as different from Eve’s as I possibly could,” Head affirmed, and that she did.

As color translated to the screen in THE LADY EVE (’41) in shades of black, gray and white, Head resorted to more particular methods to convey her multi-faceted leading lady’s intentions and personalities.  For one, she used contrast to great effect in early scenes. Shading disparity exists in Charles and Jean’s garments when they appear together, like her black dress and his light colored suit in the scene described above, which emphasizes the difference in their characters. Additionally, Head tended to outfit Jean in black, white or a combination of both to make her appear “a tad coarse.” The designer also brought the Latin look “out of resort life and into the everyday working world,” since Jean meets Charles on a boat coming from South America. Believing that Stanwyck looked terrific in serape and poncho cuts, Head added items likes capes and tie-front pieces to Jean’s wardrobe.  Finally, she made use of reflective materials such as sequins, crystals and beads as well. These objects injected a blithe, amorous touch to Jean’s attire. 

Head switched gears with Eve, often styling her in lavish fabrics and lighter, more modest colored gowns, which provided an aura of distinction. Head also designed with reflective items on Eve’s ensembles, as evident in the intricately beaded, illustrious white gown she first appears in. On this character, these classy objects serve to enhance Eve’s attempt at gentility. 

The designs certainly did the trick - for Jean, Eve and the leading man, too. According to columnist Hedda Hopper, when Fonda witnessed Stanwyck in Eve’s introductory outfit, he exclaimed: “Gosh! No wonder that script says I’m to fall in love with you. You’re making it mighty easy.”