how apt for right now

Being a transfer student meant that somehow Charlie had ended up with a single dorm room. Which was really, really amazing for him right now because there was no way in hell  he could explain this to a roommate who wasn’t a wolf. He was naked in his bed, and everything was awful. He just… He wanted it to end. He’d made it through plenty of these on his own, and he was particularly irritated about this one because now he knew there was such a thing as heat suppressants, he just hadn’t gotten the chance to get them because of course the very day his ankle was healed entirely and he didn’t have to worry about taking crutches everywhere was the day his heat kicked in. 

He didn’t even remember to cancel his plans, so it made perfect sense when someone knocked on his door. He couldn’t… He had to go. He could smell him from here, and it ached because he wanted him so bad, but he couldn’t. He groaned into his pillow, hoping that if he ignored it, it would go away. That didn’t seem to be an effective strategy, however. “Something came up.” A pause to scowl at how apt of phrasing that was. “I can’t hang out right now, sorry.” Another pause, but he didn’t hear footsteps going away. Why wasn’t he leaving? 

“…Please go away.” His scent only made it worse. 


but I’m killing time in a ghost town
dim lights and dull sounds
this is what it’s like to be dead and leave behind 
little more than a stain in the carpet