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Soul (Jimin x Reader)

You’ve never really had angelic tendencies, and Jimin’s never really encouraged them; he is, after all, a demon.

a collab with @taesthetes and @zephyoongist

SummaryYoongi | Hoseok | Taehyung | Jin | Jungkook | Namjoon (M)

fluff, 2.5k words, jimin/reader, angel + demon au

You first meet Jimin when you’re five years old, your white wings barely functional; carefully, cautiously, you try to lower yourself onto the ground, and manage to accidentally land in a pile of…deer…poop. You wince and gag.

Jimin, who had been chasing flitting shadows and stretching his ebony wings nearby, witnesses the incident and laughs, (unbearably) loudly.

“Shut up,” you growl, clenching your fists. “Mind your own business, damn demon.

He only laughs harder, as if set on pissing you off. Thoroughly annoyed, you bend down, grab a handful of the literal shit, and chuck it straight at his face.

He doesn’t laugh at you for a good few years after that.

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I Hate Couples (Connor Franta Fluff)

Summary ~ I hated the things couples did until i did them with someone i liked.

Words ~ 1548

Requested ~ No

I placed the last t-shirt in the draw sighing. It had took me a whole hour to unpack everything, and all I wanted to do was go for a nap, but I had to film and edit a video for tonight. I started moving around my room setting up my camera and lights. I stopped when I heard a knock on the door., looking up I saw my best friend standing in the doorway.
“Hey, hows it going?” He smiled.
“I am all unpacked, I am now going to film a video” I said as I turned on the camera.
“Okay well I am going to start cooking dinner, so if you finish your video in time there might be some left over” He laughed before exiting. I stared at the door for a minute after me left before I shook my head and smiled. Connor was my best friend, I had just moved to LA and he was letting me stay in his house while I look for an apartment. I had been best friends with Connor as a kid and when he moved to LA we made sure to stay in touch, I came to visit every now and then. And one visit started the rest of my life, while I helped Connor set up for a collab with Ricky, he started telling me I should start a channel. I laughed it off but for the rest of the day he kept telling me I should. He made some really good points telling me that I would be the perfect youtuber.
“You are funny, sarcastic, beautiful, you know how to do make up, you have great taste in clothes and music, and you give great advice” I remember him telling me. I kept telling him it was a silly idea, but at the end of the day I found my self sitting in front of the computer setting up a channel and learning how to edit. I sat down on the bed taking a deep breath.
“Hey what’s up you guys, so have you noticed anything different? Yeah that’s right the background is different. That is because I have moved to LA, I am currently staying with my best friend until I get an apartment. Today I will be talking to you about something that really annoys me. Couples. And before you fill the comments with ‘You are just jealous that you are alone’ Yes I do wish I had someone to make out with but I hope I never do any of the following” I looked down at the list on my phone picking out the first one.
“Okay number one if you go out to dinner why do couples feel compelled to sit on the same side as each other. Can you really not stay away from each other long enough to eat a meal across from each other. I understand if there are other people sitting on the other side, but when it is empty come on” I finished raising my eyebrows and looked down at my phone.
“Number two and this is a big one. PDA. It is everywhere. Okay I am glad that you found someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with or the next ten minutes, but I don’t need to see it. If you are in park I don’t need you rolling around in the grass making out. If you are on the bus I do not need you sitting on your boyfriends lap with his hand up your shirt, I get it trying to spice up your love life, but there is a line that you are not suppose to cross” I looked down at my phone and laughed at the next one.
“Number three: Why is it that when people get into a relationship they feel the need to not be two people they just meld into one and everything becomes 'We’ not 'I’ any more. Like 'We went to the gynaecologist’ or 'We bought a new t-shirt’ or even 'We ate shit’ Stop you are you, you are not him or her” I looked back down at my phone and realised I was nearly done.
“Number four: Why do couples feel the need to tell everyone how in love they are. One way couples tell the world that really annoys me, is when couples tweet to each other publicly how much they love each other, like please stop tweeting him how you love him more then Kanye loves himself and go to his DM’s, just slide into the DM’s and slide out of my timeline” I looked down at my phone and saw the last one.
“And lastly number five: This one annoys me the most, when couples try and cuddle each other while they walk, like this” I paused as I planned to add in a clip in editing.
“When the taller person cuddles the other person from behind and they do this weird waddle walk. Please just stop, for one it is just weird to look at and you are making everyone very uncomfortable, and secondly if I get stuck behind you and your slow fucking waddle I will kick your ass down and speed walk over you in heels” I laughed at my anger.
“Okay that is it for today guys, give this video a like if you liked it and give the video a like if you hated it. Subscribe for more sarcastic humour. Bye” I said covering the lens. I stood up stretching before going to find Connor to ask him for help. I found him in front of his laptop laughing at a funny cat video.
“Hey how is dinner going?” I asked.
“Oh shit” He said running to the kitchen suddenly I heard the smoke alarm and a lot of swearing. I walked to the kitchen to see the oven open and Connor fanning the smoke. I opened the window and stopped the alarm.
“I forgot about the chicken” He pouted as the smoke cleared.
“Aw don’t worry I was in the mood for pizza anyway” I said going on to his computer to order some. After I was done ordering I looked up to see Connor putting the burned tray in the dishwasher.
“While we are waiting for the pizza can you help me film something for my channel?” I asked.
“Yeah sure, what do you need me to do?” He smiled.
“I am doing a video about why I hate couples and I need to demonstrate the couple cuddle walk thing, to show people why it is stupid” I explained.
“Sounds fun” He laughed. As we walked into my room and set up the camera angle. We stood in front of the camera and Connor wrapped his arms around me. We slowly started to do the waddle and I leaned back into his chest. I started to enjoy his touch. I felt so safe in his arm, and I started to enjoy the way you both rocked as we walked.
“I kind of understand why couple like this” Connor said before removing his hands from you.
“I still don’t like it” I laughed.
“Really?” He questioned.
“I mean…. I don’t like seeing it, I maybe kind of like the feeling” I blushed looking down.
“Yeah, I would do it if I had someone” He laughed.
“Yeah” I said laughing along. We both stopped laughing and just stared at each other for a moment.
“Fuck it” Connor nearly shouted and before you could process what was happening he had moved across the room, and his lips were on mine. I leaned into the kiss savouring every part of it. The way his lips were so soft and how they fit with mine. I felt my back touch the wall and I hadn’t even realized he was moving me backwards. I felt his hands on my thighs as he lifted me up, I wrapped my legs around his waist. The kiss was deepening until the door bell rang. He let me down and moved away from me. My gaze went straight to the floor and he left the room. He came back a couple minutes later while I put my camera away.
“Pizza is here” He said.
“Cool, I’'l get some plates” I said trying to move out of the room but he blocked the doorway.
“I like you” He blurted out.
“What?” I said shocked.
“I liked you ever since, we got seated beside each other in school and you took the blame when my phone went off so that I didn’t get another detention” He laughed.
“I like you too Connor, I liked you when that happened, and I really liked you when you attempted to break me out of detention but it didn’t work and you ended up getting detention too” I laughed remembering that day.
“I don’t want you to look for an apartment I want you to stay here, I want this to be our home, I want you to be my girlfriend” He whispered the last part.
“I want all of that” I smiled. He placed the pizza on the bed and pulled me into his arms, whispering the magic words.
“Pizza and Netflix's”


Snapchat ~ crazey_jadey

Christmas Lights

Originally posted by kths

Genre: Angst, Slight fluff

Member: Kim Seokjin

Words: 3.4k

Day 1 of the BTS Special Christmas Collab with @in-the-mood-for-bts <3

Synopsis: Seokjin met you at his 18th Christmas Eve, as he was utterly surprised at how you were mesmerized just by simple christmas lights hanging in between two huge trees. Ever since then, he became your soulmate, and your other half. However, your intertwined faith with Seokjin would not last long, as the loving boy was suffering from a fatal heart illness, causing faith taking Seokjin away sooner than you thought.

December 18th, 2016

Christmas. It was that time of the year again.

With Christmas coming closer, people were already preparing all sort of gifts for their loved ones, which would vary from a simple, golden necklace to one big expensive television screen. Christmas lights were put up at almost every corner of the streets, making the messy atmosphere softer, almost peaceful.  Most people would ignore these Christmas streetlights, walking in a fast pace to arrive at work as soon as they could, so that they could get home as soon as possible.

However, Seokjin was different.

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Singer!Simon - Carry On headcanon
  • Simon Snow is a rising star.
  • YouTube and Tumblr are crowded with his pictures, edits, videos, and even some fanfics about how he could use those beautiful pierced lips of his. 
  • So it’s not exactly a big surprise to Penny (his best friend & agent) when the Grimm-Pitch Records invites him to make a demo of some of his songs.
  • Simon, on the other hand, is ecstatic and pinches his upper arm several times before calling them back to set a date.
  • They set it to the other week, and when The Day™ comes, Simon is so giddy and anxious that he barely notices that there is a person standing at the doorway of the studio.
  • He ends up bumping aforementioned person, and, flushing, looks up to meet deep-water grey eyes glaring at him.
  • He gulps and mutters, “sorry,”
  • Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch (aka Baz Pitch), actor, violinist and heir to the Grimm-Pitch Records and the Pitch Studios (that is now managed by his aunt Fiona & her super cool boyfriend, the famous actor Nicodemus™), knows very well who is Simon Snow.
  • He has seen the guy’s work, listened to his amazing voice, looked at several of his pics, and kind of developed a little crush on him.
  • So when the man of his dreams Snow bumps into him, all he can do is take in the bright blue eyes, the golden locks, the oh-so-very-kissable moles and that fucking piercing in the blonde’s lower lip. 
  • “Can you, erm, move?” Simon Snow asks, impatiently, and Baz comes crushing back to reality. “I have an audition soon,”
  • Baz, who is kind of awkward and shy, tries to act cool and ends up sneering at Snow.
  • And then Agatha-fucking-Wellbelove shows up.
  • The girl, who is an actress and Baz’s co-worker in a new film his aunt Fiona is directing, seems to know Snow, and acts in a very friendly way towards him.
  • So Baz snorts, annoyed at their interaction, and Snow turns to him with a frown.
  • “Oh, hey, Basil,” Agatha says, sending a coy smile his way, “this is Simon Snow, my ex-boyfriend,” she says it easily, “you have probably heard of him,”
  • Ex-boyfriend. Oh, bloody hell, he’s straight.
  • “No,” Baz quickly says, trying to look at Simon with contempt (and probably succeeding given the angry expression on the smaller boy’s face), “never heard of him”
  • Who the fuck does this posh guy thinks he is?, Simon thinks, and is about to say something when Penelope appears and nudges him inside.
  • Simon is shaking with crippling anxiety the whole time, and he really hopes that Mrs. Daphne Grimm won’t notice the sweat in his hand.
  • When he finally enters the Isolation Booth, the nervousness ebbs away with the first accords of the song, and he actually does a good first impression to the producer.
  • Well, that’s what Penny says as she hugs him, but Simon is barely paying attention because…
  • Holy fuck
  • The posh guy from before is at the control room, talking to the famous producer Malcolm Grimm, and looking unimpressed.
  • Simon goes back to being a nervous wreck because Daphne Grimm just introduced him to the producer and his son, Basilton Grimm-Pitch.
  • The posh guy is the producer’s son and Simon is fucked.
  • He says so, right after he and Penny reach their apartment, but Penny only dismisses him and tells him to calm the fuck down.
  • She also gives him a mug filled with chocolates and cuddles with him until he falls asleep.
  • After one week, Simon is almost sure they won’t call him.
  • Because of Basilton-fucking-Grimm-Pitch.
  • He was sure that the posh guy used all his power to deny Simon the chance to sign a contract with one of the most famous recording studios
  • Just because he could. 
  • But then they do call him. To set a date to review and sign a contract. 
  • And after Penny’s given permission, Simon signs the contract, gets invited to collab with famous singers & DJs, launches his first EP, and even gets a chance to write a song for the new film the Pitch Studios was going to launch on the next spring.
  • Simon’d gladly say that thoughts of Basilton Grimm-Pitch never crossed his mind ever again.
  • Except they did.
  • He’d see Basil (as Agatha called him) at the studio sometimes
  • Penny, for some unknown reason, even became friends with him, so there was no way to avoid the guy
  • And, of course, there was also the great amount of posters and trailers about the new film Basil was starring.
  • With Agatha. As a couple.
  • Simon doesn’t know why or how this Basil gets so easily under his skin, like, really?? He is just a posh, standoffish guy with a nice body.
  • Ok, a very nice body at that. His arse looks heavenly in denim, his hair seems very soft, and his lips are utterly delectable, specially when he smirks.
  • Gosh, his smirk is so fucking sexy.
  • Ok, maybe Simon knows why Basilton Grimm-Pitch keeps him up at night sometimes, but ugh, the guy is such an arse.
  • What. An. Arse.
  • And, yeah, everything is okay for a while.
  • Until Simon has to record the song he’s written for the film.
  • And Basil is there, sitting on the control room as if he owns the place.
  • Which he kinda do, but that’s beside the point.
  • Simon tries to argue, saying that even though Basil is in the film he is not needed in the recording of every song.
  • Basil disagrees, and Penny only shrugs.
  • So Simon starts singing, pointedly not looking at the see-through glass until he’s lost in the rhythm of the song and letting the words flow naturally out of him.
  • Baz, on the other hand, is So Gone™
  • Like, the guy was already a hot, wonderful singer and songwriter.
  • So why did he need to write such an amazing song for a romance portrayed by his ex-girlfriend and the boy he hates.
  • w h y???
  • After Snow finishes singing and goes meet up with Penelope and some sound engineers, Baz lingers in the control room, trying to gather up courage because, really, it shouldn’t be too hard.
  • Okay, the boy glares at him almost every time they see each other, but Penelope (who found out about his little crush) told him to try something - hinting that Simon Snow is not exactly straight.
  • So after she gives Baz a significant look, he decides to go after her and Snow as they leave the control room and the three of them end up in the lift.
  • Penelope pointedly ignores both of them.
  • Baz turns to Snow, it’s now or never, he thinks.
  • “Good–” the lift stops.
  • Baz’s eyes widen, because he is not very fond of lifts, or any small space, really, and it just effing stopped.
  • He feels black seeping into his eyes, his breath falters, blood is rushing in his ears and his heart is beating really, really fast.
  • He closes his eyes, expecting to pass out.
  • But then there’s a hand holding his face, someone telling him to calm down and helping him slide down until he’s sitting in the floor, his back against the lift’s wall.
  • He takes a deep breath, trying to regain his composure, and his heart misses a beat when he opens his eyes to meet blue ones.
  • Snow is crouched in front of him, holding his face with a hand and his shoulder with the other.
  • “Are you okay?” Snow asks, sounding genuinely worried.
  • Baz huffs, embarrassed.
  • “I don’t like small closed spaces,” he says, diverting his eyes from Snow’s concerned stare.
  • “I noticed that, yeah,” Snow says, and Baz turns to him with a glare.
  • But Snow is smiling at him and his thumb is making lazy circles on Baz’s cheek.
  • Baz’s breath hitches, and his heart beats so loudly he thinks Snow and Penelope might be hearing it too.
  • “What were you trying to say before the lift stopped?” Snow asks, his cheeks flushing slightly.
  • “Um,” Baz flushes, but doesn’t take his eyes away from Snow’s. “Your song,” is what he manages, “good,” he adds, and normally would want to punch himself because of his lack of eloquence.
  • But he really can’t bring himself to care as those marvellous blue eyes stare at him with warmth, and Snow lets out a low laugh.
  • “Thanks,” he says, “I-”
  • Baz don’t really want to know what he wants to say, specially because at this moment the lift starts moving again and Snow’s body sways.
  • Baz uses that opportunity to wind his arms around Snow’s neck and pull him in for a kiss.
  • Given the position they were in, it was bound to end with some hard teeth clashing.
  • And it sort of does.
  • But they just don’t care??? They both want this so much to give up on the first try
  • So they laugh and kiss again, and it’s so good, the warm lips moving against his, the feeling of the piercing rasping against his lower lip before Snow’s tongue delved into Baz’s mouth…
  • It surpasses all of Baz’s expectations and he’s just so giddy that he doesn’t care about Penny cheering and taking pictures (because they’re such cute dorks) in the background.
  • Simon is just as giddy, and his thoughts about Basil - Baz - go from “posh and standoffish” to “cute and adorable” in mere seconds. 
  • Specially after he hears Baz’s gasp when Simon nibbled his lower lip
  • Then, when they finally leave the lift, Simon asks Baz out.
  • Baz says yes, because, really, how could he say no??
  • And soon they become one of the most famous couples ever, and the internet is filled with fanfics, fanart, edits and videos of them.
  • Weeks later, though, when Simon finds out that Baz kind of had a lowkey crush on him before they met, Simon thinks it’s The Cutest Thing Ever™
  • But Baz spends half a day giving him the cold shoulder.
  • Though can’t resist when Simon shows up at the film studio with a ukulele and sings his new love song dedicated to him in front of everyone.
  • Baz has the strong feeling that it was Penny’s idea to do it so publicly (she’s always saying romance brings good press)
  • But he really does not care and promptly rushes to kiss Simon after he finishes the song.
  • Because now it’s physically impossible for Baz to stay at the same room as Simon without touching him.
  • He’s always holding Simon’s hands, or petting his hair, or hugging him.
  • Even when they’re in public (which is why there’s a great amount of pictures of them scattered around the internet, and why they couldn’t keep their relationship a secret)
  • Simon secretly thinks it’s Baz’s way of marking his territory and showing everyone that Simon Snow Has a Very Hot Boyfriend™.
  • But Simon doesn’t really mind.
You're Really Annoying (But I Still Wanna Marry You)

Summary: phil has one last thing for dan to try to say using the speech jammer… (ft. lots of bants and general fluffiness)

Word Count: 900

Warnings: Swearing

A/N: what?? i actually wrote a prompt in under a month?? this is a miracle. But actually, I hope you like this!!

Dan had been really against the idea of doing the speech jammer challenge at first.  Everybody else had already been doing it for weeks and it didn’t seem like there was any way to make it more original.  But ever since Phil had first suggested wanting to do it last week he had been pestering Dan so much that he finally gave in (with the one condition that it had to go on Phil’s channel not his).

When they finally sat down to make the video, Dan realised it had actually been much too long since they had filmed a video together.  They had been busy with so many other projects that he had forgotten how simple and natural it was to film a collab with his boyfriend.  Even if he did have to remember to not call Phil his boyfriend during the video.

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anonymous asked:

Can we have RFA finding out their dating an idol?~

This is what I was looking for when I realized the ask box was closed!! I took a little (a lot) of freedom while writing this and it kinda got wild, but here’s RFA x a Kpop group~

Spoilers for routes~

• knew he was speaking with the main rapper of a kpop group that debuted a few months ago, who do you think he is??
• as soon as he’s hacked into your phone he’s. astounded. and he thought he was leading a double life???
• You bring up inviting your group to the party without even bringing that, um, you’re apart of them.
• 707 is like hello you’re missing a crucial piece of information??
• Helps assure your manager everything is okay by forwarding emails without telling you all the extra work he’s doing.
• When he gets to the apartment, you’re writing lyrics. Always writing lyrics and humming to yourself.
• he’s pissed because he can’t stop listening, even when he’s turned away doing his work.
• you’re on facetime with your leader and 707 accidentally gets shown and they FLIP. “[Name] is that a BOY?? no scandals!!”
• is even more dead set on you NOT coming with him to Mint Eye. Do you know how much this would explode if an idol ended up dead??
• when everything is said and done he becomes number one fan. bias is [name]. stays strong, no one can wreck it. hacks into every single bad article ever written about you and your group and destroys it with memes.
• very unsure about becoming public with your relationship, because, well, he’s a private boy. He gets introduced on V LIVE once your group is more popular and the world explodes.
• (you help saeran get to sleep by humming to him. he complains and tells you you’re annoying, but whenever you don’t do it, he gets all pouty.)

• he’s at the RFA party, no 707 and no main rapper, when here comes your group.
• he puts two and two together and almost FAINTS straight back into Yoosung’s arms. All this time he was speaking with another idol?? how dare??
• you, leader and main visual, step forward, all smiles and perfect skin and lovely clothes and say:
• “if they come back and are hurt even in the smallest way, we will kill you.”
• such a good hyung/unnie
• Zen is intimidated, and, not gonna lie, just the smallest bit turned on.
• he chases after you for. SO long. each time you’re just like “bye scrub”
• “but we’re both gorgeous!! visual with visual, it was meant to be!!”
• you give him a chance finally. you always thought he was a bad guy but after your date you’re. pissed. he’s not a bad guy at all.
• When he asks you to be his s/o he is SO extra about it. As in, goes to you company’s building, interrupts your dance practice, streams it over V LIVE. so EXTRA.
• you two collab a lot. You expected a lot of hate, and there is, but not as much as there is love.
• surprises you when you’re touring and proposes to you like while you’re at KCON or something. EXTRA.

• you’re a main vocalist.
• and he Doesn’t Get It.
• why would you do such a hateful and dangerous job??
• always complains about it, but the first time he sees you and your group perform, he stops. he Gets It now.
• he sends security with you everywhere. So not only do you have your own security that your own company provided you, you have several members of Jumin’s security team as well.
• “if that stage is wet and they fall I’m suing you for everything you have and then some.”
• There’s no hiding Jumin’s your boyfriend, either, considering how powerful he is.
• that and he uses you for just about EVERY
C&R shoot in existence.
• wants Elizabeth in all your videos and streams. you let her. she has her own fan base.
• your leader starts to tease you more, but Jumin just says it’s because they’ve adapted Zen’s trash humor.

• you thought she was bad with zen??
• you have not seen ANYTHING yet.
• she cannot BELIEVE it when you sing to her. she dies and goes to heaven. rip jaehee 2k16.
• owns all the merch. buy things like your shirts even though she just has to ask if she wants to wear them, but she wants to support you so much.
• she Gets It right off the bat.
• is scared for you in the same way she’s scared for Zen, because, well, it’s a scary profession and she doesn’t want a big scandal. You wait until the group is bigger to even briefly show her in a stream. She doesn’t do well in front of fans, but she does well on your Instagram page.
• your twitter DEMANDS more of baehee. who is this lovely girl from the cafe?? girlfriend? back up dancer? fan? you two trend very briefly.
• when she gets recognized on the street for the first time she. screams. but talks about you so passionately.
• step aside Zen because you just got REKT say hello to Jaehee’s new bias.

• of course it’s the maknae.
• you still intimidate the shit out of him though at first.
• But when he gets close enough and sees a small pimple concealed by makeup, he has a sort of inward realization of “they’re still people.”
• still scared please don’t make any sudden movements because he WILL literally faint.
• everyone jokes about you two being kids and sets up a kids’ table at the next RFA party. jokes on THEM because they’re gonna have to deal with food being thrown at them for the next three hours.
• (you get frosting in Zen’s hair and your leader has to help him wash it out in the bathroom, but neither of you get scolded.)
• after that you two hang out a little more. you game together sometimes and you’ll always get dragged away by your leader.
• he watches your guys’ dance practice whenever he can. he’s astounded.
• will literally set alarms so he can wake up and watch your guys’ streams.
• like Jaehee, he’s uncomfortable and a little rigid in front of a crowd, but he does fairly well on videos.

• they all inwardly shit themselves whenever you guys sing a song about a breakup or anything like that.
• they cosplay as all of you for halloween. except for jumin. also Doesn’t Get It.
• 707 hacks cameras a lot for everyone, especially if you guys are overseas. He’s the one that gave Zen the idea to propose and is upset he already did so he didn’t get the chance to do it too.
• they live for the comebacks. yoosung has never been poorer.

Who’s Clueless Now?

Summary: Where Dean Winchester learns that making assumptions really does make an ‘ass’ out of you (though not necessarily Cas).

Setting: Pre-ever tickling each other ever in canon-ish!verse

A/N: I’m sorry that I’ve been such a slacker lately; you guys deserve way better than me teasing you with rapid fire fics and collabs to then fall off Tumblr save reblogging. So I whipped this up for you guys and I hope you enjoy it! (Initially a prompt to calmturquoise from eerie-was-i)


The plan was utterly flawless. He had done everything right and yet it was him that could not stop the jovial hysterics bursting from an ear to ear, wide-mouthed smile.

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anonymous asked:

I know this is late but if you're gonna do that fic with the 3 mil special gifs about an argument you guys had blah blah blah the backstory of the argument should be that theres been these rumors about you cheating and maybe going back to your exsince you have been hanging around with him more then cal and he got really jealous maybe it could somehow be the backstory of why you did the q&a with idubbbz idk this sounds somewhat confusing lol

Okay! I understand what you were going for :) I think it will be too difficult to relate it back to the idubbbz fic that I had posted. However, I am going to try to use a similar plot; so, thank you for the idea! Be sure to let me know what you guys think! I am sorry this is coming out way later than I intended! This is based off of the gif set by @starlirious LINK

LeafyIsHere Fanfiction - Fighting & Resolution (3 Mill Gif Sets)

It started out as a simple disagreement, but turned into a full argument. You had been visiting your family for the last two weeks, among visiting other people while home. Calvin was unable to go, having to post several rants at the last minute. Hence, you were by yourself. 

Trying to make the most of your time at home, you decided to collaborate with one of your exes on a video for his channel. Your ex and Calvin had some beef before the two of you got together, and it only escalated once the two of you started going out. Having a pretty solid relationship with Calvin made you believe that he would have no issue with you making the video with your ex. That’s where you were wrong. 

As busy as you were, and knowing how busy Calvin was, you forgot to tell him that you were making the video. Trying to make time to talk with each other was difficult enough in different time zones. Adding your mixed schedules into the equation certainly didn’t help. 

You trusted your ex to edit the video, which was a complete mistake. He had cut out all of the bits where you two disagreed and every mention of Calvin was deleted. He instead pieced together every clip of you laughing at a joke he told, agreeing on topics, and even some bits where he got a little too comfortable with you. Not to mention, he decided to use an old picture of the two of you kissing as the thumbnail with the title of, “Stealing Y/N Back?!” He even made shady comments towards Calvin at the end of the video. It essentially seemed like the two of you were going to get back together and completely blindside Calvin. 

Before you can even call Calvin to say how pissed off you were at the video your ex posted, you receive a text from him. “Y/N, what the hell is that video? Did you seriously make a fucking collab with him?” you read to yourself. Texting back you say, “Calvin, I can explain. Yes, I made a collab with him. I didn’t expect him to edit so much stuff out. Does it really matter that much?” 

You were annoyed, but didn’t want it to escalate into something ridiculous. Receiving a text back from him, you read it, “Yes! You know that I can’t stand him, why would I be okay with you making a video with your ex? Especially the one I have the most beef with? Not to mention I log on and see a picture of the person I’m fucking dating kissing their ex!” 

You were starting to get a little annoyed with how this conversation was going. Here you were trying to resolve the situation, and the one person you thought would be on your side is also against you. Now frustrated, you message him back saying, “I don’t know what the big deal is? That was an old picture from before we started dating. How was I supposed to know he was going to edit the video that way? And besides that, why do I need to ask you if I can collab with someone or not?” You get a quick reply back from him saying, “Oh my god, I’m sorry I thought you would at least think about how this would make me feel and look. Glad to know I leave you alone for a week and you go and pull something like this. Thanks for taking me into consideration, babe.” 

You can almost feel the sarcasm radiating from your phone. Now pissed at the situation, the last thing you want to do is talk with him. Messaging him back for the last time you say, “Fuck you, Calvin. If you honestly think I meant for the video to turn out that way, don’t even bother talking with me.” Looking at your phone a few minutes later, you notice a series of messages from Calvin, including a couple calls that you sent to voicemail. The string of messages being: “Ffs, Y/N. Are you being serious?”, “Oh so now you don’t want to respond.”, “Y/N, pick up the phone.” 

Letting each message pass, you decide it’s probably better to just let the situation go for now. But you weren’t about to let this topic off easily. To be honest, you were infuriated he was mad at you for a video you had no editing control over. 

The day before the video was posted, the two of you had skyped until early in the morning. Being as busy as you both were, you both made it a point to schedule another Skype session a week later. Sitting in your room working on something, now a week later and after your argument, you didn’t know if he would even call. 

Suddenly, a notification of an incoming call from Calvin pops up. You reluctantly accept his call and sit with him facing your screen. You refuse to look at him, instead focusing on something you were reading. He watches you intently, getting a bit irritated that you refuse to look his way or glance towards him even once. 

Removing his hand from his face, he says, “Alright, this is fucking stupid. You and I both know that this argument shouldn’t have even happened.” With a bit more passion, he says, “I just don’t know how you expected me to react to seeing you kissing someone else; not to mention a video that was made to look like you were going to leave me for some asshole like him.” 

You sigh and look to him on your screen, giving him your attention at last. “Just the thought of you giving him your time,” He says making a disgusted face, shaking his head at the memory of the video. “Should I have acted the way I did? No, probably not. I was just pissed that he was able to be with you and make you laugh and I couldn’t be there.” 

He takes a breath and sighs to collect his thoughts. Continuing from where he left off, he looks to you directly and sincerely says, “Look, you know how much I care about you. I just don’t like you being around someone slimy like him. I’m not mad about you collaborating with him. I’m mad that he took advantage of you and made this video to start something with me. I’m sorry, I was an asshole and I love you. Can you just talk with me already? I miss you and I’m tired of hearing myself talk.” 

You chuckle at his comment and crack a small smile, to which lights up his face and a smile reflects on his face as well. “I love you, too. I’m sorry, as well. I should have talked with you beforehand. I was a bit stupid to think he wouldn’t pull something like that. He’s just bitter I left him for you,” you say laughing a bit. 

Calvin’s smile grows and he smirks saying, “So you wouldn’t mind if I made a roast of him, right? To be honest, I’ve been holding one back because I knew you guys still talked.” You laugh at this and say, “Burn him to the ground preferably. He’s not exactly the smartest, I recorded the entire collab if you want it.” His face returns a shocked expression and he says, “And you didn’t want to send that sooner, why?” You shrug and say, “Would it have really made a difference? Plus, it’s a high key cringe how much I talk about you,” you add, rubbing your neck and looking away in embarrassment.

Letting a comment slip, under his breath he says, “You’re so cute.” A bit more confidently, he says, “I don’t know why I was so worried, you’re completely whipped for me” smirking at his final statement. You scoff and say, “Oh please, don’t get so full of yourself.” 

The two of you chat for a while longer about your week. You only have a couple more days while being at home. As you continue to talk, your eyes start to get heavier and a yawn escapes your mouth. His voice is slowly lulling you to sleep as he talks about something while editing one of his videos. 

Turning back to face you when he doesn’t hear a response to a question he asks, he notices you have fallen asleep on your computer. He smiles to himself and realizes how much he really misses you being there with him, and how much he missed your voice. Sending you a quick goodnight text, he logs off of Skype. This roast was going to send your ex to the grave for causing this argument. 

So this one took me a while to write, lol, and it’s not as long as I thought it was going to be. I tried to coordinate the gifs with the fic, hopefully I didn’t do too terrible of a job. Please let me know what you guys think. I hope you are having a lovely night and morning (I am sorry for such a late upload! kill me, it’s 12:45 am here.) 100 Notes and I’ll skype Calvin ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

Don’t Let Me Go P. V

This was another collab with the wonderful @kitty3147!

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Genre: Angst

Characters: YouxJimin

Warnings: None

Gif not mine. Credit to original owner

It’s been a couple of days since the fight between Haneul and Jimin took place. Haneul was acting very protective since it happened and you were still in the dark about it. You had no idea what really happened, although you had your suspicions anyway. It wasn’t hard to figure it out after the crappy ‘mugging’ story Haneul told you. And all you had to do was look at his GPS to see where he had went the night it happened, when he let you out of his sight, anyway. He obviously wasn’t smart enough to clear the history. It had a direct route to your old apartment. There were only two possibilities for that one, and you knew that the way he came home, he couldn’t have been having an affair.

Haneul wouldn’t let you go anywhere alone, he wouldn’t even let you walk around the house by yourself, constantly asking where you were going and what you were doing, and then doing it with you after you told him. The only thing he didn’t do with you was go to the bathroom, which took much protesting from you to get him not to do it, claiming: “It’s the only privacy I get”.

Haneul has trapped you in your own home, in your own skin. You felt like you couldn’t breathe. You were suffocating. He’s taken any and every form of communication away from you: phone, computer, tablet. He basically took away anything with buttons that could be used to talk to someone. You felt like you were in the witness protection program. You hadn’t done anything to deserve this treatment. You were completely fed up with his behavior and you had to do something about it.

“Haneul?” You called

“Yes?” He responded, running into your room at the sound of your voice

“Have you seen my phone? I can’t find it anywhere.”

“No, I haven’t seen it anywhere.” He sounded confident in his tone, but you could tell me was lying nonetheless.

“Don’t lie to me. I’m not a child, Haneul.” your tone becoming more annoyed the more he lied

“Excuse me?”

“Can you please just give me my phone?”

“I don’t have your goddamned phone!”



“Give. Me. My. Phone.” you spoke with clenched teeth.


“Why, Haneul? Why?!”

“Why do you want it?!” you two were in a screaming match, going back and forth with no clear winner.

“Because you have trapped me! You’ve taken my phone and won’t even let me leave the house! I’m not even able to talk to my friends or family! Why are you doing this? I don’t understand!” Your words came out with tears attached to every syllable.

“YOU LOVED HIM!” he was screaming but you could see the pain in his eyes. “You loved him.”

You just stared for a while. ‘This is what all of this was about?’ you chuckled a bit, finding it a bit funny now.

“You think it’s funny?”

“No~” you stopped, becoming more thoughtful with your tone now. “Haneul, did you think I was going to leave you for him?”

“No, I don’t know~ I know- I know you loved him before. What’s going to stop you from loving him again?” he stared at the ground, afraid of finding the answer in your eyes.

You couldn’t believe him, but you could only think about what he said. Was he wrong? What would stop you from running back to Jimin? He’s finally trying to be there for you; it’s what you always wanted. But you don’t think you could leave Haneul, you loved him now. Didn’t you?

“Haneul, d- don’t say that. Of course I don’t love him.” You felt dirty. Your mind told you you were lying to yourself and Haneul but you didn’t listen. You wanted to love Haneul.

“I just… I just wanted to protect you from him. He doesn’t deserve you.”

“I don’t need to be protected, Han. I’m not a child. You know that. Please stop treating me like one.”

Shame filled his body as he stared at the ground and then slowly up at you, looking away when he met your eyes

“Can I please have my phone back now?” you asked, holding out your hand waiting for your his response.

Haneul reluctantly pulled it out of his back pocket and carefully placed it in the palm of your open hand. “I’m sorry”


You waited for Haneul to go off to work and send Jae to his mom’s before you finally got on your phone and looked through your settings. You had decided to unblock Jimin’s number. You weren’t going to call him, you just wanted to see if he had called you or at least messaged you at all. He had, of course. Were you expecting any less? You scrolled through about twenty calls and at least one hundred text messages.



“Hey, please call me”

“Baby, I’m sorry”


“I love you”

That’s basically what every message consisted of. Why were these men messing with your emotions? You hated Jimin for how he treated you, but you loved him at the same time. You loved Haneul for how he cares for you and loves you, but Jimin was always in your mind. You had the urge to call him, just to see what he wanted, but it looks like he read your mind as his name started flashing across your screen and an old picture of his popped up. You hesitantly answered the call, not even sure if you wanted him to know that you were on the other end.


“Y/N” he said with a relieved sigh

“Jimin…” you sighed into the other end. You never realized how much you missed his voice.

The call was rather short, but before you knew it, you were agreeing to meet him after seemingly endless pleading and begging on his part.


You were sat on a bench in a small empty park a couple miles from your house waiting for him. You practically knew what he was going to say. You could hear it in your head. You couldn’t understand why you were doing this. You wanted to hate him, but here you were: waiting for him to show up and try to win you back. Your mind was battling with itself. Your mind wanted Haneul, but your body always brought you back to Jimin. Haneul was the logical choice. He was easy to figure out. You knew for a fact that he loved you and would never leave you. Jimin was the not so logical choice. You never knew what he was going to do or how he felt about you. He was so confusing and unpredictable. He drove you up the wall and made you sane again just from his touch.

You waited there for at least an hour, checking your phone every few minutes to see if you had a new message from him… or Haneul. A sudden voice broke you from your thoughts.

“Y/N…” The voice was small.

You whipped your head up to look at him, “Nice to see you’re on time as always.” Your voice was low, a mumble under your breath. You pushed yourself off the bench so you could face him, struggling in the process as your stomach was too big. He quickly proceeded to grab your arm with one hand, and support your back with the other, sitting you slowly back down on the bench.

He sat with you as he began to speak, “Y/N, please hear me out.” he said, searching your face for any kind of approval; although you refused to look at him, instead staring ahead of you. You nodded your head slightly as a sign of acknowledgment.

“Haneul, doesn’t deserve you, doesn’t deserve your love. You deserve someone who knows you and understands you. Someone who has always loved you.” He placed his hands atop yours as an attempt to be as intimate as possible with you, without moving further away from him.

“Haneul is a good man. He loves me and cares for me; he always has. You have done nothing for me, Jimin.” Your face was scrunching up, chin quivering, you couldn’t hold back the tears.

“I’m sor-”

“But I still care for you.” He smiled at the thought of you still caring for him, “So why do you hurt me?”

His smile quickly faded at your harsh but gentle words. He didn’t want to hurt you, he never did. He only wanted to protect you from his life, from him. “Baby….” he started,

“Do not call me that, please. I’m confused enough as it is. Don’t make it worse, Jimin.” you said as you fought back the pain of rejecting him, wiping tears away from your eyes.

“Y/N,” he started again with a pained sigh, “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I love you more than anything. I didn’t want this for you. I was trying to avoid hurting you, that’s why I stayed away. I didn’t think leaving you would hurt you. At least not as much as it hurt me.” he tried anything to get you to even look at him, but you only turned away from his touch.

“You weren’t interested until you saw I was with someone. Do you really love me Jimin? Or do you just want me because you think you can’t have me? Are you just going to get bored of me when you do have me? Is that what this is?”

“I was always interested. But I thought you would be better off without me. Seeing you with that other man, thinking that it was someone else’s child, it tore me apart. When I found out it was mine…” tears began to roll down his face as he poured his heart out to you, “When I found out it was mine, I was so happy. I could finally have you back and you would be with me.”

You’ve known Jimin for a long time, and even though he was unreliable, he never lied. He had never been so vulnerable, especially in front of you. You had seen him in almost every way possible, but never crying, never so desperate.

“Jimin…” He knew what was coming next, and he couldn’t bare the heartbreak that would follow.

“No. No! Don’t say it, please.”

“Jimin, why do you want me?” Your words caught him by surprise and he stayed silent for a moment, not expecting the type of response.

“…Because I’m in love with you, Y/N. Don’t you understand that? I’m so in love with you that it hurts every time you even mention his name. I can’t stand seeing you with someone else. I can’t stand that I don’t get to touch you or hold you or take care of you the way he does. I want that. I want all of that for us. Let me be that for you. Let me take care of you.”

And before either of you knew it, he quickly leaned into you, not allowing your response. Your lips were securely wrapped around each other’s. They fit so perfectly together, so right. You pulled away after a few blissful moments, tears streaming down your cheeks as your mind raced, not able to process what just happened.

“I- I- I need to leave. I have to think.” you said as you struggled from your spot on the bench, refusing and kind of help as you walked to your car. “I need to be alone.”

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