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RFA + V and Saeran react to overhearing MC's family scold her because they despise who she's dating? Maybe they think they aren't successful and responsible enough or not loyal or trustworthy or feel like MC deserves far better than what she's getting our of them? Specifically I'd like to see Saeyoung's reaction given his insecurities.

And we’re back! Did you guys miss some scenarios?

Hope you like this! ^^

RFA + Saeran and V finding MC’s family disapproval


  • “Sweetie, I just think he’s playing with you.”
  • He heard that coming from your father when you two were washing the dishes in the kitchen, Zen noticed you two forgot a plate and was bringing it to the kitchen.
  •  “And what makes you think that, dad?” “Well, he’s handsome, I bet he has tons of women running after him. Maybe famous women? What makes you think he won’t dump you for some famous actress? He’s a public figure, honey, his image is everything. Plus… he sounds shallow like that.”
  • Shallow? Zen could deal with being called narcissist, workaholic, but… shallow? He was sounding shallow to your father?
  • He wanted to walk into the kitchen, maybe subtly, maybe not. He wish he had some really witty and smart statement to give so your father would realize he wasn’t just image
  • And he was about to step into the kitchen when he finally heard your voice: “If he sounds shallow, maybe you didn’t pay attention enough to what he was saying, dad. Have you listened to his story? His problems with his family? The way he struggled when he started his career as an actor? Have you heard when he told you how much he loves me and how guilty he feels that we’re still not married? Come on, dad. Either you weren’t listening, or you don’t know what shallow means.”
  •  “But, honey…” “His family is broken enough, dad. Let’s not break ours too just because you’re seeing Zen as just another actor, not as the man I chose to share my life with.”
  • Zen could almost cry right there. How did he manage to find someone who can see so deep inside him? Yeah, he definitely likes being known for his looks, but the fact you see beyond them is really overwhelming.
  • When you two are saying goodbye to your father, he gives a firm handshake to the man.  “I hope we can spend more time together, sir.”
  • “I would like that a lot. I see you have a bike, what brand is it?” that goodbye turned into a long conversation about bikes, which was super boring to you, but seeing them bonding was worth it.


  • “I honestly thought it was a joke when you introduced him as your boyfriend, sis.”
  • He heard when you and your sister were in your bedroom trying to find something for you to wear, Yoosung accidentally spilled wine on you.
  • “Shut up.” “No, I’m serious! What are you thinking, MC? He seems like a teenage mama’s boy. Look at what he did to your shirt, he’s so clumsy and… nerve-wracking! You’ll have to play his mommy all the time!”
  • Well, it’s not like he haven’t thought about himself like that before, but listening when it comes from another person, that person being someone who grew up with you hurts a lot more.
  • His first instinct was head out of there without anybody noticing he’s gone. But… then your sister would be completely right.
  • “He just spilled wine on me because his spatial notion is still a little compromised due to his eye. Have I told you he hurt his eye trying to protect me, sis? And yeah, he’s still a little nervous because he doesn’t know my family too well, but your hostility definitely won’t help him calming down. If you’ weren’t such a bitch, maybe you would have noticed by now he’s an amazing smart man that makes me really happy.”
  • “You just called me a bitch because of that guy?” “I did, just so you know how serious I am about him, to the point I’m fighting with my favorite person in the world.”
  • Well, he’s glad he didn’t run and stayed to listen to this. You made him sound like a really cool reliable guy, the type of man he’s trying to be for you.
  • After you and your sister go back to the living room, she makes sure to sit next to you two. “So wait… you asked her to be your pre-girlfriend before you got together? Oh my God, that’s so adorable…”
  • Then you two kept squealing over that photo of his with the roses, and though he’s super embarrassed, he couldn’t help feeling a little smug when your sister said ”Huh, I wish my boyfriend were like this.”


  • “She seems a little cold, MC. Are you sure she really likes you?”
  • She heard when you and your brother were setting the table while she was talking to your parents in the living room, she decided she needed to help as well.
  • “Ugh, don’t even start, bro.” “I’m not saying this to be an ass! Come on, MC, she’s so formal! She’s almost like a granny, you’ll get bored if you stay with her! This if she doesn’t dump you first, she seems cold like that.”
  •  You warned her about your brother’s brutal honesty, but this still felt unexpectedly hurtful.
  • She was really trying to loosen up, and she honestly felt she was doing a good job, at least next to you and to your friends, maybe she wasn’t and people close to you were feeling she wasn’t real about your relationship?
  • “She’s been working her ass off on a very strict company basically since she graduated, she’s still learning to loosen up. You would have noticed this if you weren’t so desperate about finding something to complain about my girlfriend, as you typically do.”
  • “Jeez, MC, calm down! I’m just worried for you.” “I appreciate it, but you’re the one boring me right now, let’s end this before I stop feeling bored and end up getting angry.”
  • She can’t help feeling this warmth growing inside her. Knowing that you are willing to fight for her like this is amazing! Not only because she never had that before, but also because it’s you.
  • Your brother decides to talk a little more to her. “Whooooa, so you’re a judo blackbelt? That’s awesome! You gotta teach me some moves!”
  • Well, giving this guy an ippon after he pissed you off would satisfy her more than she cared to admit.


  • “Are you sure this is a healthy relationship, honey?”
  •  Your mother asked you when you two were making dinner while he was setting the table, as you asked him, but he didn’t know where to find the forks.
  •  “What do you mean, ma?” “I mean, he seems so intimidating and, everything is happening so fast, you barely know each other and are already engaged, he seems very intense, for that matter.”
  • Well, he was indeed very intense, but… intimidating? He never wanted to come across as intimidating, not to you, not to the woman who raised you.
  • Was he intimidating you to the point you were feeling pressured to get married?
  •  “Mom, I know what you’re trying to say. He’s not like dad, okay? Yes, he is very intense, just because he never had the chance to express his feelings like all of us do.“
  • “Well, your father wasn’t good at expressing feelings either, then he expressed with actions…” “Ma, Jumin would never hurt me, emotionally or physically. I know you might be thinking I’m on a cycle, that I have daddy issues, but… just give him a chance, okay? Let him prove he is nothing like my father.”
  • He was really sad for you and your mother. Two amazing women were suffering due to a man’s behavior, this was awful in so many levels…
  • He walks into the kitchen, pretending he didn’t hear a thing. “Why don’t you just rest while MC and I cook, maam?”
  • “Oh wow, what a gentleman… nothing like her father.” He smiled genuinely, neither of the women were feeling intimidated by that smile.


  • “Your mother and I think you deserve better.”
  • Your father says when you were helping him changing a light bulb, Saeyoung decided to help when he heard this.
  • “Why would you think that, dad?” “Sweetie, he’s a train wreck! He’s immature, irresponsible, you told me how rude he acted with you. How can you be sure he won’t start pushing you away again?”
  • Of course he knew how immature and irresponsible he was, but he never really thought about what if he started getting snappy to you again. He promised he wouldn’t, but… was he good at keeping promises? Ask his brother.
  •  If he had any good sense, he would walk away and pretend he didn’t listen to any of this. He was already immature and irresponsible, he didn’t need o be nosy as well.
  • “He just pushed me away because he was worried and pretty sure he would die at any moment back then, dad. He was scared, he’s been scared his whole life! Have I told you what kind of hell he and his brother grew up at?”
  • “Sweetie, it still doesn’t justify…” “It does to me. He is scared and willing to change for me, I know that because I trust him. Can’t you trust the man your daughter loves? Not even a little?”
  • Well, if you asked him anything with that tone, he would oblige without thinking… ugh, you’re so sweet, so lovely, so caring… he can never push you away again! Not right now his life is so great with you and his brother, but it isn’t perfect, since your parents don’t like him…
  • “I’ll be honest with you, son. I still don’t trust you, but my daughter does and she never failed her judgments, that, and only because of that, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.” You looked at him and smiled.
  • “Thank you, sir. I’ll prove it will be worth it.” Not so immature and irresponsible right now, is he?


  • “MC, listen to me, this guy is trouble!”
  • He heard this through the baby monitor when you and your sister went to check on her son.
  • “Why are you saying this?” “MC, he is… creepy! Are you dating him to punish dad? Look at him, he looks like he’s on the edge of a mental breakdown! Are you sure you want to play his nurse forever?”
  • He wasn’t on the edge of a mental breakdown! At least not now… at least not since you came along, but there were a few says, though…
  • Your sister is so right! He’s so weird and creepy, he doesn’t deserve you at all! Why did he even think he could handle trying to be normal and do normal things with you?
  • “I’m not playing his nurse! I like to help him because I love him, and he had mental break downs in the past, you would have too if you were locked up and forced to drugs after growing up with an abusive mother. All he needs is support and a loving family, not this… judgment from you!”
  • “MC, calm down, I was just…” “I know you’re concerned, but focus your concern on helping me give him what he needs. If you have nothing else nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”
  • Saeran didn’t hear any of this, he hid in the bathroom when you two left the bay’s bedroom and kept talking as you walked into the living room.
  • Then you two heard the baby crying through the baby monitor, but he quickly stopped, you two found it odd and went to check on him.
  • He was fine, Saeran was holding him. “Am… Am I doing this right?” Making yours and your sister’s heart explode from sweetness? Yep, he was doing this right.


  • “What are you even thinking dating this guy, MC?”
  • Your brother asked you when V went to the toilet, he got lost and tried to get back to ask your brother where was it, exactly.
  • “What do you mean?” “I mean, he’s an old blind man, MC! You’re wasting your youth with a guy like this, he won’t be able to keep it up with you!”
  • V already thought about it, yes, you were so young, did you really need to take such a responsibility by dating him?
  • And that coming from your brother, who sounded so worried… he hated being a burden and provoking this arguing between two family members…
  • “He’s just one year older than you, so chill. And what century are we in? Do you think just because he’s blind, he’s not able to have a normal life? Dude, we’re planning a trip to Italy for my birthday, I think that’s pretty normal, don’t you?”
  •  “MC, take I easy, I’m just…” “You’re concerned, but you don’t have to.  He’s pretty good by himself, and he’s independent, he doesn’t need me, yet he wants me, and I want him, so there’s nothing for you to worry about.”
  • He needed you, maybe not to do things for him, yes. But he needed you because he loved you, and he was so happy that you were so sure about him not being a burden.
  • You were saying goodbye, when your brother said: “I’m sorry, dude.”
  • “If you want to apologize, apologize for stressing her out. As for me, don’t worry, I’ll make sure to bring you a gift from Italy as a peace offer.”

Requested By Anon

Y/N has created a chatroom.

Y/N has invited Tony, Clint.

Y/N: Do you ever wonder if you’re not real?

Y/N: What if we’re just movie characters?

Y/N: What if we’re comic book characters?



Tony: We are real.

Clint: Stop spending so much time with Wade. He’s not good for you.

Y/N: But Wade has a point!

Y/N: I swear…  When I helped Wade track down Francis, at one point I saw words floating in the air… Subtitles? Credits?



Tony: You have Tumblr? What’s your blog? I’ll follow you.


Y/N: Oh my god. I… Am… Different people? DEPENDING ON WHO’S READING

Tony has added Wade.


Wade: I just revealed the truth. Helped them realize. Hello, readers. How are you? Looking beautiful as always.

Clint: I’m starting to see it too…

Tony: See what?!


Wade: I once had no body. When I blew myself up.


Wade: Ohhhh this is great. Why didn’t I do this sooner?

Nat has joined the chat.

Nat: Why is Clint panicking? I can’t understand what he’s saying.




Clint: They’re kinda cute.

Wade: Kinda? No. VERY cute.


Clint: WHAT

Tony: Nat, get them to calm down.

Tony: Wade, FIX THIS.

Tony has added Bruce.

Tony: Please get a sedative for Clint and Y/N.

Bruce: Fourth wall breaking? I thought it was a myth!

Wade: I am living proof. I have been trying to show you people but do you ever listen to me?

Bruce: This is amazing! My theory is true, then!

Tony: Oh not you too.

Nat: Clint is lying on the floor. I don’t know what to do. He won’t calm down. It’s like he can’t see anything but his phone.

Y/N: Who am I? WHY IS MY NAME Y/N?



Tony: Wade. I am going to kill you.

Bruce: He can’t die.

Bruce: But if what’s happening is true, I’ll just ask the author to kill him.

Wade: I’ll just ask Clint to kill you.

Bruce: Clint can’t kill me nor would he even try.

Wade: Hahahahahaahahaahahahahahahahaha good one.

Wade has left the chat.

Clint: I see so many capitalized words. This is hell.

Clint: I hear music WHERE IS IT COMING FROM

Y/N: Don’t worry, it’s just the Author listening to music while typing this.

Nat: I can hear music too…


Bruce: I must document everything! THIS IS SO EXCITING!

Tony: Bruce. Brucie. Our green rage monster. Can you fangirl over science another time?

Bruce: I’m sorry Tony, but this is so rare! Who knows when this will be requested again?

Tony: Requested…?

Bruce: Interesting. You’re unaffected. Either the Author chose this or your big ego is serving as a wall against it.


Bruce: It’s true though.

Tony: …Yeah.

Nat: Why is my name Nat in all the chats?!



Nat has changed Nat to Natasha.


Steve has joined the chat.

Steve: What’s going on? I’m seeing floating words… Sam is talking to someone called the Reader?

Bruce: Interesting. The more Nat, Clint and Y/N notice and change things, the more the “fourth wall” breaks. Soon our world will cease to be. All will be left is the Chat and our painful awareness of it.

Tony: Can we stop it?!

Bruce: I don’t know… This is different from what Wade experiences. He’s aware but this is… something else.


Pietro has joined the chat.

Pietro: I feel you.

Pietro has left the chat.

Natasha: Wait… If Pietro died… How is he alive now?

Clint: Avengers Chatroom: Inquisitive. He was resurrected there with no mention of how. Ever since then he’s been appearing even though the chats aren’t connected aside for some references.


Clint: what the… Calm down.

Bruce: Sorry… I’m just so excited! You’re entering the other chats!

Bucky has joined the chat.

Bucky: Why am I not paired with Y/N?

Steve: This is a crackfic gone wrong.


Y/N: HUH?!

Tony: Can you all just STOP TALKING AND LET ME THINK?! Do any of you not understand how bad this is?! We need to fix it!

Y/N: you know what’s weird?

Clint: What?

Y/N: Soon we’ll have two Sherlocks. Tony is one as he’s played by RDJ. Benedict is going to be Dr. Strange. Maybe then the mystery of WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO PEPPER POTTS can finally be solved.

Clint: OMG

Tony has added Thor, Vision.

Tony: Are you two being effected by the fourth wall breaking?

Vision: No. Everything is normal for us.

Thor: We are too mighty to be effected.

Natasha: Or maybe you’re just not worthy.

Thor: We are worthy!

Y/N: … Do you think we can change the plot to make ourselves be worthy now?

Natasha: Exactly what I was thinking!



Tony: Can I be worthy too?

Natasha: No.

Natasha: Farewell, I’m off to rule Asgard!



Natasha: I’m kidding, Thor.

Thor: I knew that…

Y/N: No you didn’t.

Tony: Vision, any ideas on how we can stop this?

Vision: Perhaps we contact this Author that everyone is mentioning?

Tony: Right, but how?

Vision: I have an idea. I will tell you in person.


Tony: What fun?! Clint almost lost his mind! Our world is breaking apart, or at least for you guys. Those of us who aren’t experiencing this will be fine. Do you want me to leave you as just a pile of words?! And of course, our dear Captain isn’t doing anything about this. Just leave it to one of the geniuses to solve, right?

Steve: Dang, Tony. You really need to calm down.


Steve: …

Y/N: Dang son!

Clint: Dang, language!

Y/N: Dang, I can do this all day!

Clint:  He’s my friend, dang!

Y/N: Well dang, it’s been a long day.

Clint: Dang, Bucky?!

Natasha: You know… If Bucky wasn’t wearing his goggles when I shot him, he would have died.

Steve: It’s a good thing Hydra takes fashion so seriously.

Bucky: I thought they dressed me like that to hide my identity and for protection?

Natasha: You looked like you were modelling!

Steve: That walk…

Natasha: And the hair!

Y/N: another movie I was not in!

Clint: Me too :(

Tony has added The Author.

Tony: Hi there. Please fix this.

The Author: Nah


The Author: Kidding! The chat’s not over YET though so in a bit.

Tony: Wait, prove that you’re actually “the author”!

The Author: … How?


Y/N: What is happening nOW

Natasha: Good question.


Tony: I’m waiting.

The Author: I’m sorry, Steve.

Steve: What?

Steve: My name is Steven Grant Rogers and I sometimes watch Bucky while he sleeps. He looks so peaceful. Safe. I tear up. Every time. My precious Bucky.


Tony: MORE!

Natasha: Not surprising.

Thor: I am shocked…

Steve: MY SERUM BRINGS ALL THE HYDRA TO THE BASE AND THEY’RE LIKE, DANG Mission Report: December 16th, 1991.

Vision: … I think I heard Wanda calling me.

Vision has left the chat.

Steve: Please, no more!

The Author: BLAME TONY




The Author: And you’re very out of character now.

Natasha: I’m going to pretend none of this happened.

Bucky: With you on that.

Bucky has left the chat.

Natasha has left the chat.

Bruce: The hulk is suffering from second hand embarrassment.

Bruce has left the chat. 

Thor: Steve… Did you really do that?

Steve: Of course not! I’m being controlled to say all of this.

Tony: I think that’s enough now, thank you. You’ve made my life. I can die in peace.

Tony: Can you fix this now?

The Author: It’s fixed.

Tony: it was that easy, really?!

The Author: I AM The Author.

Steve: Are you sure you’re a genius, Tony?


The Author: DANG STEVE



The Author: ily

Steve: What?

The Author: What?

Y/N: Same

Clint: Can I name the chat?!

Tony: No! I want to name it, “Tony Stark Is Amazing and Hot.”

Steve: Why don’t we let the reader name it?

The Author: Good idea. What would you like to name it?

Clint: Why can’t I name it?

Steve: We all know why.

The Author: Well, dang. I should go. This turned out crazier than expected. Thank you for reading. I think you’re wonderful. ily <3. Bye!

The Author has left the chat.

Clint: Y/N


Clint: Let’s go abuse our fourth wall breaking power before we lose it!

Y/N: Good idea!

Steve: No! That is a bad idea!



Clint: I’M DEAF

Clint has left the chat.

Y/N has left the chat.

Steve has left the chat.

Tony: This will be fun to witness.

Tony has left the chat.

Thor: What is going on with these midgardians?

Thor has left the chat.

Sam has joined the chat.

Sam has added Wanda, Scott, T’Challa, Peter.

Sam: I told you! I was right.

Wanda: This explains why Clint and Y/N were acting so strange.

T’Challa: But aren’t you, Y/N?

Wanda: Me?

T’Challa: No. Not you.

Peter: So if they’re Y/N… Can we just address them as Y/N to make it easier?

Scott: Can I just say, Y/N, it is so great to finally meet you!

Scott: Even though I can’t actually meet you, there’s a screen separating us.

Scott: But it is an honor.

Scott: I think you’re a lovely person.

Scott: Wow.

Sam: Man, stop fangirling. You’re going to scare them away! But yeah, we think you’re pretty amazing.

Wanda: I think I love you? Is that too much?

Sam: Me?

T’Challa: No, she means the reader.

Peter: Denied.

T’Challa: You are always welcome to Wakanda if you can find a way to come to this side.

Peter: Are you smiling? I hope you are.


Peter: I’m not flirting! They just have a really beautiful smile!

Wanda: We should go now.

T’Challa: I agree. We hope you have a lovely day… Or night. This is really confusing to me.

Scott: We can’t tell because we’re in here.

Sam: Goodbye, Y/N!

Sam has left the chat.

Wanda has left the chat.

T’Challa has left the chat.

Peter has left the chat.


Scott has left the chat.

“It’s gone...all gone...” - Batsis (Reader) x Batfamily

Summary Batsis is EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED after she accidentally erase from her computer the entirety of the novel she has been working hard on for the past three years… 

Because I’m actually very frustrated with myself right now (refer to that post if you wanna know more), and thought that the best solution was to turn all that frustration into a story, and sorry if it’s pretty bad, it’s literally something I just came up with, and wrote in twenty minutes, because I was so damn frustrated, and here it is : 

(My masterlist blog here :



Your screams of panic wakes your brother up from a good nap he was having, and he runs to your bedroom as fast as he can, almost falling down stairs, slipping on the wooden floor in his socks. He burst into your room, ready to fight, and finds you sat at your desk, shaking your computer desperately. 

-Timmy, please do something, I just did something, don’t ask me what I don’t even know it just kinda happened, I pushed some fucking keys on my computer, and my novel just disappeared ! 

He stares at you for a few seconds, a bit in disbelief, before finally answering :

-…Wait, that’s your emergency ? Are you kidding me (Y/N)? 

-Au contraire mon frère, I’m super serious ! My novel alright ?! I’ve been working on it for the past three years, I was almost done !! IT CAN’T BE ALL GONE ALRIGHT !?

As you said those last words, you stood up and grabbed your brother by the collar of his shirt. Realizing what you just did, you let go of him, and straighten him a bit, forcing a smile on your face. 

-Can you, please, my dear and adorable little brother, check my computer to see if it can be retrieved ? 

Tim was a little stunned, he never saw you like that before. It was pretty much the exact opposite in fact, you were known to be the calmest and more collected of the batkids. You usually were the one calming them down…In that sense, you were a lot like your father. So seeing you being so…hysterical, was a bit unsettling. 

-Ok calm down, we can probably retrieve your file. Most files can be recovered from computers. Hell, remember when I got some back from the bat computer after it’d been completely torched down ?

-Yes, I’m hoping for another one of your miracle here. Don’t disappoint bro’. 

-I won’t. 

And on that note, Tim cracked his knuckles and went to work. 

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yousef and mikael actually dance in the kitchen to cheesy pop songs too. but it’s a whole different situation to how even and isak do it.

bc with isak and even it was very much even dancing and isak being like oh my gOD you are so embarrassing why am i in love w/ you i s2g type thing

yousef and mikael????? oh boy. you don’t wanna be in the kitchen when they’re dancing. because it’s a DANCE BATTLE. i’m talking like. full blown dance battle. watch me dance, then i’ll square up to you, then it’s your turn for a while before ultimately i’ll start again and kick ur butt. that kind of dance battle. back and forth. totally a dance battle and not just an excuse to watch their boyfriend dance for a minute ok 

and it’s all silly and for fun, like, over-the-top robots, body rolls, etc. yousef once even dove to the floor and did the worm and oh god mikael’s LAUGH when he did that was just so loud, head bent back with it, that yousef had to get up and kiss him immediately bc there is no better sound in this world than mikael laughing

(also they’re both actually very good dancers and do it competitively but when they’re in the kitchen alone together it’s all ridiculous and playful).

anyway there’s this one time where they’re doing their lil dance battle thing and mikael is humming along to the song and it’s kind of a slower one than the songs they usually dance to. and mikael’s swaying his hips and moving his feet and being goofy, but yousef is just so captivated bc mikael is just????? does this boy know how beautiful he is???? like okay right now he’s got tomato sauce on his chin and his hair is all over his face but he’s just ?? so ?? beautiful ??? and seems so unaware of it, especially right now, because he’s just singing and humming and dancing softly and slowly and why does mikael pretend to know the lyrics to songs he clearly doesn’t know the lyrics to

and so yousef smiles wide which makes mikael laugh a little confusedly while he tries to carry on murmuring the lyrics, tries to carry on dancing, but then he stops. shakes his head and says, “what?” and yousef just pulls him closer, grinning now, eyes drifting to mikael’s lips.

 “you win this one,” yousef says, and then he kisses him.

long story short they make out in the kitchen for twenty minutes and when yousef’s mother comes in they get an earful bc “BOYS HAVE YOU BEEN KISSING THIS ENTIRE TIME???? I ASKED YOU TO CLEAN UP HALF AN HOUR AGO???? I’M GOING TO WORK NOW BUT THIS BETTER BE DONE WHEN I GET HOME”

and they do get it done. eventually. they just kiss and dance a lot in between.

mightylettuce  asked:

HELLO MY FRIEND GOOD LUCK WITH THE BLOG <3 Can i request headcanons on how woud Jonathan, Jotaro and Josuke react on accidentally walking on his s/o while they're changing their clothes?

THANK YOU OH MIGHTY LETTUCE ♡ I hope these turned out alright!

EDIT: I don’t know why Josuke turned out to be full of lust but please bear with me, I was very sleepy and I had no idea what I was typing…


- This boy wouldn’t be able to comprehend what was happening for the first few seconds. He would walk in and see his s/o getting changed but wouldn’t be able to get his mind around it. He’d stare at them for a good 3 seconds.

- Once he recognises what was going on, he’d be a blushing mess. Basically a tomato. He’s a pure boy and he’s very affectionate and doesn’t think about kinky things as much.


- He’d have to sit himself down on the couch and let himself cool down. He’d be very scared because he disturbed his s/o’s privacy and would think that they would hate him forever. (Give this boy some hugs and kisses and tell him he did nothing wrong!!)


- This boy would just have a straight face. He would act like nothing happened and would close the door without saying a word. Not even a sorry.

- He wouldn’t think much of it, but would definitely try to keep the sight he saw of his s/o getting changed into his mind. (Especially if they were wearing something to do with the ocean)

- After his s/o comes out of their room, he would try not to make eye contact with them. Not because he was embarrassed, but because he thinks that his s/o would want to forget that Jotaro saw them getting changed. (I don’t know how to explain this IM SORRY IT SOUNDS WEIRD)

Josuke (This turned out really bad)

- Josuke, like Jonathan, would take a few seconds to comprehend what was going on and would blush. That would change very quickly though..

“Were you waiting for me to walk in, babe?” (Oh my god my brain just exploded this is kinda KINKY IJOIWJDIOWDJ)

- Since he’s a nice guy and he knows his s/o needs her privacy, he would close the door. But he’d be smirking. S/o better be prepared when they finish getting changed. (WHAT AM I TYPING UAHWFOIWH)

- If his s/o was wearing something purple, he’d be extra happy! 

day 17 ~ au ~ a knight in shining armor

In which Marinette is a lifeguard and Adrien is an Asshole

I’m a lifeguard so I always have to deal with assholes. The adults that try to bend the rules by reasoning and the kids that repeatedly do the things you tell them not to do. 

There is this one guy though and every time I’m guarding at one of the stand at the Lazy River he goes there and jumps in.

I’m so pissed.

The first time it happened I didn’t think much of it.

A teenage boy (He looked like he was the same age as me) jumped over the picket fence, turned around to stick up his middle finger at people behind me, and then proceeded to jump onto an empty tube. I really didn’t think much of it at the time. I’ve had more annoying patrons come to this water park.

“Sorry sir but please use the actual entrance next time,” I said. It was late into the day so the pools were getting kind of empty. I didn’t care enough to send him back out. The boy smiled at me while adjusting himself onto the tube.

“Oh yeah, of course”

I nodded and then continued to scan the water.

That was it.

Or at least I thought that would be it.

The second time it happened was different and caught me off guard.

I was at a different part of the river this time. My back was turned away from the slide pool and it didn’t have a fence. People usually tried to enter this way but they were always hesitant so I’d have time to tell them off. Not this time though. I did a bottom scan, unbeknownst on what was going to occur. Suddenly, the same guy (YES THE SAME GUY) jumped past me and dove into the water. You’re not allowed to jump or dive into the water and now I was soaking wet and pissed.

I know I shouldn’t be pissed off for getting wet (considering that I was a lifeguard) but I’ve only gone through one day when I actually needed to save someone. There had been major emergencies but it usually wasn’t in my rotation. I was out of the water unless we had an in-service training or vat drops. Now my wet attire is going to ruin my leather car seat. I should’ve just rode my bike…

I turned to see who I was going to curse out when my shift was over and I see the blond guy. Again. This time I noticed he had green eyes. The most savage of eye colors (no offence). He gave me a cheeky smile and waved and I said, “Sir, you have to use the entrance, it’s across the splash pad”.

He saluted to me before going under a tube.

I wasn’t a very social person during break but hearing people complain about this little boy that was throwing rocks in the water just made me want to complain too.

“You wouldn’t believe how much I’ve come to hate teenagers,” I said indignantly “maybe even more than children”. Alya laughed before stuffing a fry in her mouth.

“I know right, they try to reason and even when you say no they still do it!”, her voice was a little muffled from all the food she was stuffing in her mouth. Our breaks seriously need to be longer.

I grinned at her while taking a bite from her hamburger. It’s so great to have someone to complain too. “Has a blond guy with green eyes bothering you?” I inquired, directed to the five people sitting with us. I looked around and they all gave the same confused expression.

Kim looked over at me and laughed, “I don’t think so Mari, cute boys are always trying to flirt with you though”. Alya nodded in agreement.

“He’s not flirting with me though. If he was then I would’ve told the supervisors. Also, none of them are cute any- Chloe, you have some sunscreen on your cheeks”. Kim turned to Chloe and let out a chuckle while Alya lent Chloe her sunglasses.

Reflective sunglasses were really in style lately.

“Oh, it’s time to get back to our stands”


Cue Alya trying to put a whole hamburger in her mouth and Kim trying not to snort out sprite.


In the same day! You’ve gotta be kidding me!

I don’t even know how he got there.

This time my stand was facing the other side of the park. The river went around most of the pools. I was yelling at this kid to stop throwing tubes at his friends, “Buddy, keep the tube down!”. Finally, I gave up and looked forward and right there was the boy sitting at the side of the pool. Blond haired, green eyes and soaking wet.

“Sir, you cannot enter in this way. I don’t even know how you got over there” I said. I didn’t look him in the eyes because I had to continue my scanning. I looked back up. He was standing in the water with the cheekiest smile I’ve ever seen.

“I like your sunglasses”

Don’t be rude to the patron, don’t be rude to the patron, don’t be-


He furrowed his eyebrows at me, shrugged, and then went into a tube.

I hope I never see him again.

I saw him again.

I was talking to Kim, about to leave the park. It was a very argumentative conversation about what character is best to be in a stereotypical fairy tale.

“Kings have the most power”

“But Kings always get killed by the Queen because she’s corrupted by power”

“Okay then what about a prince”

“Princes are the best because they’re kind hearted, innocent and beautiful”

Kim rolled his eyes and put his arm around me, “They why don’t you be the princess?”

I laughed and elbowed him lightly, “Princesses are always the damsel in distress and for some reason can understand animals. They make no sense”. He nodded in agreement, “Also, not in a million years would I be your sister”.

That’s when it happened. I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned around to see the green-eyed devil. “Can I talk to the princess for a second?” he asked while bowing. I gave Kim pleading eyes but he dismissed them.

“Later Mari”

“Fuck you!”

Then it was just him and I.

“I’m not a princess”

“And I am not a prince but apparently that’s your type”

I smirked and turned back to the parking lot, “Well then I guess this discussion is over-”


I didn’t move.

Neither did he.

I’m going to get assaulted and I’m going to die and my last words are going to be so lame oh my god oh my god now I’ve got if I die young stuck in my head this is not how I wanted it to end-

“Was that your boyfriend?”


I turned back around and blondie boy was avoiding my eye contact and blushing furiously. What was happening?

“Uhhhh…no?” I responded hesitantly. He looked up back at me and smiled. It was a genuine smile. Not a I’m going to piss you off right now smile.

He moved closer to me, not enough to feel his breath on my skin but enough to see how green his eyes really were. I think I like green eyes now. “Princes always turn into Kings eventually but, I’ll be your knight and shining armor” he whispered. His voice was confident and quiet but his blush didn’t leave  his face. In fact, it reached to his ears. “They’re always loyal, protective and drop dead gorgeous”.

I took my time in pushing him away by a finger to the nose, “I don’t need a knight to save me but thanks”.

He backed away, looking slightly disappointed. The once devilish smile turned into a sad puppy pout. “I’m sorry if I’ve been bothering you…they were just dares”.

“Every time?”


I sighed and tilted him head, “what will it take for you to let me go home, I’m really hungry”.

“I’ll-I’ll take you out-”


He pouted again, losing the second of excitement in his eyes. A smile escaped my lips. He was kind of cute. Only a little. I pulled out a sharpie and took his arm, “here’s my number, call me if you want or something”.

His face lit up. He’s definitely not a devil. Still an asshole though. Just before I was about to leave he shouted, “I’m Adrien!”

Without turning around I responded, “yeah yeah, just use the entrances next time sir”

i was the most excited for this one because i love AUs

day 7 / day 9 / day 14 / day 17 /

OH MY GOSH GUYS CAN YOU BELIEVE??? Senpai noticed me??? I’m screaming so hard I just shit myself and I’m like actually sobbing while typing this, how could @jilliancares, an actual god, notice me???? AM I DREAMING WHAT IS HAPPENING WHY WOULD YOU FOLLOW MY TRASH BLOG AHHHH!?!?!?!

No, but seriously Jillz what the fuck, why does it say you just followed me? I know for a fact you followed me months ago??


*Puyi changed the subject to: Geri wtf!*

*Puyi added Geri*
*Puyi added Leo*
*Puyi added Xavi*
*Puyi added Busi*
*Puyi added Jordi*
*Puyi added Marc*

💬 Geri: what did I do now??
💬 Geri: I didn’t even speak to any press Puyi what even!

💬 Xavi: Puyi.. what happened??

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1D Hiatus: Day 616

* Niall attends a Rays of Sunshine event in London and meets fans

* It’s been four years since the ‘This Is Us’ premiere in London, Gemma posts a throwback picture with Harry and their childhood friend Chloe on her Instagram story

* Niall is active on his Instagram story

* Italian ‘Dunkirk’ premiere is announced to take place on August 28 in Venice

It’s Aug 21st, 2017.

On this day a year ago: #252

*Request: Juice is worried because he thinks that you are cheating on him and things get rough.* May be a second part..

“Where you going Y/N? Juice asked you. Lately he had been getting on your damn nerves with his jealously. Since he caught you dancing with another man at your mom’s house party but it was a family friend so you didn’t understand his jealousy. You thought it would pass over but it didn’t. “I’m going out like I do every damn Wednesday Juice, don’t start with that shit please. I had a great day, I didn’t come home to deal with this.” You said walking past him. “Oh, so now we’re keeping secrets?” He said. You couldn’t tel if this was one big joke or he was seriously being this crazy. “Juice I go out every Wednesday and Friday with the same damn people, and to the same damn place. How are we keeping secrets?!” You said looking at him. He stared at you and said, “I’m sorry baby, I just don’t want you to run off on me or anything.” “Oh my God Juice, that was my family friend and his wife was right there. Let that fucking shit go already.” You said yelling at him. “I am, damn.” He said storming off to the kitchen.

“Oh my god girl, why is he acting so damn crazy?” Your friend Shelly asked. “Girl he’s working my last damn nerve.” You said to her. “Girlfriend I love the jealous type, I be like “Yes Daddy.” Your friend Felipe said. You all started laughing. “Alright my turn to buy this round.” You said on your way to the bar. “Hi, can I get 3 tequila shots and one strawberry daiquiri.” You said to the bartender. “Yeah. I’ll bring it to your table.” You smiled and made your way back to your table. “Girl, guess who just walked in with my future husband.” Felipe said. “Your husband? Tig is mine.” Shelly said. You turned your head as if it snapped and saw Juice come in with Happy and Tig. You were furious. “Hey babe.” He said kissing you on the forehead. “what the hell are you doing here.” You said in a low voice. “”I came to see you real quick and the guys wanted a beer.” He said looking at you as if nothing was wrong. Just as you were about to reply the bartender came with your drinks. “Here you go beautiful.” He said placing the drinks down on the table. You knew what the bartender had just said would make Juice furious.


“What did you call her?”Juice said to the bartender. “ “I call all the ladies beautiful because they are. Can I get you gentleman anything?” He said smiling. “Yeah, you can get the fuck away from my woman.” Juice said. “I’m sorry sir, he’s already drunk.” You said standing between them. “Yeah, just take a walk bro.” Tig said. The bartender seemed confused and said, “What a dick.” under his breath. “What the fuck you say to me bitch?” Juice said punching the bartender in the back. Before the bartender had a chance to hit Juice, the bouncer stepped in. “Y’all need to get the hell out of here with that drama Y/N.” The bouncer Jay said. You knew almost everyone that worked there so you felt so embarrassed. “I’m sorry Jay, we’re leaving.” You said grabbing your stuff and walking to the door. “Shelly take me home.” You said walking to the passenger side of her car. “What the hell Y/N ? Your riding with me?” Juice said. You ignored him and got into Shelly’s car and pulled off……. Juice was blowing your phone up because you didn’t immediately go to your house, you went back to Shelly’s because that’s where your car was. “Girl what the fuck, he’s getting a little bit too crazy. You want to stay here tonight?” Shelly asked. “Nah, I want to be in my own bed and take tomorrow off, so I’ll just go home. He’s probably gonna be out anyways.” You said walking out of Shelly’s house. “Call me if anything.” She said.

“What took you so long huh?” Juice said as you walked in the door. “Get the fuck out my face Juice, I can’t believe you embarrassed me like that! I go there every fucking week.” You said back to him. “Why you like going to that bar so much huh? Are you fucking that bartender or is it the bouncer?” He said. You looked at him with a hard gaze and walked to the room. “Answer me, you lying bitch.” “Get the fuck out of the house! Bitch!” You said back to him. You refused to be talked to like that and Juice knew that. You had dealt with shit like this in your teenage years and ended up pregnant by an abusive man. He was so abusive that he beat the fuck out of you so you could lose your child, which you did. Juice knew that when a man talked to you like that it was the end of that relationship. He officially crossed the line. “No, I’m not leaving.” He said. “Okay then, I will.” You said walking to the door. He grabbed you and said, “ you not going no fucking where.” You pushed the fuck out of him and he pushed you back. You slapped him and then he slapped you back and kicked you in your stomach. He soon stopped and realized what he was doing and who he was doing it to. 


“Y/N,baby I’m sorry.” He said trying to help you get up. You kneed him in the balls and ran like hell. You couldn’t believe that Juice had did that to you. He knew that you had a bad history and it fucked you up so bad. You had went to the one place that you knew nobody would find you. You went to Ima the pornstars apartment. “Hey, what happened to you.” She asked. “Can I borrow some cash and I’ll pay you back.” You asked and she gave you $400. “Do I tell anyone I’ve seem you?” She asked. “No, please.” You said. “thanks. A lot.” You said walking off to your cab. You took a cab all the way to Mayan territory. You walked up to the house door dreading what you were about to do knowing there was no turning back. As you knocked you quickly walked away, “Tinker?” Your ex-boyfriend Julian said. “Hey JuJu, didn’t I tell you to stop calling me Tinker.” You said to him. “Let me guess, you running?” Julian said. He knew you all too well, because you always ran when shit got ruff. You stepped into the light and he saw your face. “I’m gonna kill that punk Sons bitch.” He said. “Can I just stay here a couple of nights? Till I get shit straight.” You said

“You know you can baby doll.” Julian said. You walked in the house and saw 3 females and another homeboy of Julian’s. “I’ll be in your sisters room.” You said looking back at him. “You know the way baby doll.” He said. “Baby doll? Who is that beat up bitch? One of the girls said. “Bitch shut the fuck up or get out my house.” Julian said and she shut up. You closed the door and laid on the bed and closed your eyes…. “What the hell we’re you thinking Juice?” Jax said to him. “I blacked out and nobody and I mean NOBODY knows where the fuck she is. Everybody is worried sick and she’s smart I haven’t been able to track her down.”  Juice said downing his beer. “I can’t believe I did that to her, FUCK!” Just as he did that Ima and Lila walked in. “Hey babe.” Lila said to Opie. “Juice I didn’t think you was like that.” Ima said to him. “What the hell you talking about whore?” He said to her. “Your girl came to my door all beat up asking for money.” She said. “Where did she go?” Jax said.


Anonymous said: Hey! Could you do a fic where reader has a huge crush on charlie? But dean is the only one who knows? Thanks!!


Word count: 1,577

Pairing: Charlie x Reader with some Best-friend!Dean

Warnings: None.

Your name: submit What is this?


“So, of course that’s one of the reasons Hermione would be able to perform high-level spells even as a third year,” Charlie said quickly, her eyes concentrated on the computer screen in front of her. “I mean, wizarding family and blood doesn’t really play a lot on your magic capability – unless you consider Ginny, who was the seventh daughter in the family, but she was also just very good – so one of the strongest suits that came into play with Hermione was the fact that she had a good memory and that she practiced more than everybody else in her year. I think things came mostly naturally to Harry, at least in defense…”

You didn’t notice that your mouth had been hanging open this whole time, your book laying on your lap and long ago forgotten. It was lucky, in your case, that Charlie could talk and type at the same time, else she might have seen the way your eyes glazed over the curve of her lips whenever she pronounce certain letters, or how you admired the fast, calculating movement of her eyes across the laptop.

The one thing that always distracted you, though, was the brilliant shade of her hair. You loved the way it bounced off sunlight whenever you went on supply trips or hunts, a furious hue of ruby-colored strands that blushed under the sun. But then it seemed like the darkest shade of auburn in the night, smoothly running to her shoulders (although never touching them for too long), and always jumping with her laugh.

“…but, I mean, Harry is kinda underrated, don’t you think? He’s like this…precious cinnamon roll that nobody admires because they get used to his point of view throughout the series. He’s so amazing and brave, though,” she went on, finally looking away from the keyboard.

Her dark green eyes suddenly met yours. You blushed, quickly averting your gaze to the inky words printed on the white pages of the book. You didn’t even remember where you had left off.

“Yeah, he is,” you said, clearing your throat. Your tongue darted out, nervously licking over your lips as you prayed that Charlie wouldn’t say anything.

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anonymous asked:

"I am going to take a second to say personally I’ve never loved how Teen Wolf just started introducing a million different types of weres in the later seasons. Werecoyotes and werejaguars and were…bears maybe, I don’t know what’s shown up more recently." No werebears. Yet. But a Nazi alpha werelion. And just writing that out hurts my brain and soul on so many levels

Oh god, yes, I knew there was something. That’s just… I can’t even with that.

And before anyone says anything, yes, I know there are mythologies out there about other werecreatures, but they were based on their own myths and were their own creatures, not just… people who were bitten by werewolves but had sneaky personalities so they turned into coyotes instead or whatever. And based on Kate at least, it’s pretty clear that’s how it works in this world.

It just… makes the whole mythology so sloppy and hole-ridden, and makes weres in general seem kind of silly IMO. 

StevenBomb 6 [ Heavy Spoiler Warning]

First, if you have watched the leaked videos, please try to watch them on TV when officially come out or on the CN app. Support the show. Please.

This is the edited version with the keep reading line so as not to accidentally spoil anyone who has yet to watch the Bomb or does not plan to watch until the May 8th (The Keep Reading/Read More is having trouble please let me know if it shows up)

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anonymous asked:

Oh. My. God... First question: Why the fuck do you steal art? I mean seriously, these people are working hard on these drawings and you just fucking claim it to be yours. But oh my fucking God, you don't even know what you steal. I mean ELF GUY??? SERIOUSLY? I am sick of you and your type. Secondly, don't claim art that is not yours to yourself!!! I mean, you saw how you got more support with your own art, than stealing other's. You fucking moron, please think about the things that I wrote here.

i’m sorry…I wont do it again…..

anonymous asked:

Golden Lovers + adopting a cat?

“No, we have to be adults about this; we have Hoshi already and we cannot just be the type of people who–oh my god she’s so beautiful I demand to hold her.”

Kenny felt silly for dragging him here, but deep down he’d known that any practical objections Kota might have would crumble to dust at the sight of the tiny silver and white ball of fluff he now helplessly snuggled under his chin. Kenny couldn’t help beaming when Kota said “I bet you already decided her name is Tsuki,” because yes, he had.

(3 sentence fics)
( @face-turn )

b1oodbound  asked:

Sheith Family AU prompt! Shiro and Keith get in an argument after the kids go to summer camp for a week. Shiro thinks it'll be good for the kids and Keith thinks that they're too young to go. Long story short, it ends up with a heated make out session after Keith realizes that the kids are gonna grow up.

What’s up with all the argument thing lately for The Voltron Family? HAHHAHA Yknow I realized, Keith and Shiro ARE married here. Yet they don’t make out or anything. :))) I mean, not in front of the kids anyways ;) 

Keith: *places the keys on the table* I can’t believe you, Shiro.
Shiro: Oh, come on, Keith. You know one day it’ll happen.
Keith: They’re out there without us. I’ve never liked summer camps. *furrows eyebrows* I bet Hunk is probably crying now.
Shiro: You baby them too much. You know that right?
Keith: *scoffs* Because they are!  I’m sorry for caring too much.
Shiro: You know I didn’t mean it that way.
Keith: That’s exactly how it sounded like to me.
Shiro: If we don’t make them do things on their own without our help, how will they ever learn?
Keith: I get that, sure. But summer camp? They need our guidance, not other people’s whom they are not comfortable with!
Shiro: *rolls eyes* You’re over reacting and you know that?
Keith: Me? Overreacting?! I’m worried here that some psycho will be there and our kids can’t defend themselves! 
Shiro: God, you’re so hot when you’re angry. 
Keith: Don’t you dare pull that shit on me right now, Shiro.
Shiro: *comes closer* Really hot when you curse, too.
Keith: Shi–

Shiro just leans in and kisses Keith softly first. He pulled him closer so he can ran his hands through Keith’s hair. It took a while until Keith gave up and just kissed back. It was a long make out session. They were now on the sofa with Shiro on top of Keith–clothes on and all, they’re just kissing after all. (No hanky panky, kids). The kisses went from really rough to hungry then to lazy. 

When they separated, Shiro looked at Keith. Smiling.

Shiro: *breathlessly* That was—amazing.
Keith: *laughs* Dork.
Shiro: Why are we not doing this all the time? *gives Keith a soft peck on the lips* I mean, this just feels so good.
Keith: *rolls eyes* We can’t because of the kids.
Shiro: *goes in for another peck* Will *kiss* You *kiss* Marry *kiss* Me? *one last peck*
Keith: Oh my god. We’re already married. *chuckles* 
Shiro: But I wanna marry you again. 
Keith: *abruptly stops laughing* Shiro… 
Shiro; *pampers Keith’s face with kisses* 
Keith: You do know this doesn’t mean our discussion is over. Just because you’re doing this–
Shiro: *pouts* Boo. I thought it worked.


Cheeky Sasuke and the kiss.

While i’m drowning myself in the Sasusaku tag, I often stumble across an Anti discussing their thoughts about the scenes below: 

I usually see responses like, “Oh my god, look how “IN LOVE” they are!” or “WOW HE WONT EVEN KISS HIS WIFE. OMG. NEVER BEEN KISSED LOL @ SAKURA”, or my personal favorite “hE’S Never LiKEd her.”

I rarely feel the need to respond to these types of posts, but I felt incredibly compelled to share some of my thoughts about what I think these scenes represent. I’m not forcing my ideas on those who don’t feel the same, nor am I telling people that they’re wrong. I’m simply just sharing what I gathered from them, so feel free to agree or disagree with my opinion. 

Let me first start by saying that I think Sasuke Uchiha is one subtle and cheeky motherfucker, so don’t be fooled by his poker face when it comes to Sakura. 

I also think it’s best that we start from the beginning.


We all know about that iconic Sasusaku scene.

You know, the one where this happens:

But, I’m not here to talk about the “Thank You” in particular, though we can talk about that later, but everything before that. 

Remember when Sakura tries to remind Sasuke of this little gem?:

And then he pretends to have absolutely no recollection of that happening. Which is then followed by the emotional standoff between the two of them. 

All of a sudden, this smooth motherfucker whips this shit out: 

First off, how dare you play with our emotions like that.

Second, I don’t know about you, but I found this to be INCREDIBLY flirtatious. Not only is this his way of reminding Sakura that he CLEARLY remembers what happened between them, but that his emotions towards her have changed and he wants to make that clear. 

Also, that smile. Are you shitting me?! I don’t need to say more.


I’m not going into full detail about this scene, but maybe another time? 

But what I think is important to recognize is the TIMING of when he says this to Sakura. He knows he’s leaving, she knows he’s leaving, and he decides to have this be their last interaction for a long time. He knows damn well that this is an intimate moment between the two of them, and that it is something that they’re both going to remember. So I think he takes advantage of the short amount of time he has, and leaves her subtle hints about how he feels. I think it’s also important to note that HE is the one with the last emotional parting words. Sakura had her moment of declared love for him, and this was his way to reciprocate that to her in his own unique Sasuke way. 

Not to mention the fact that she never was able to question WHY he lied about remembering, or WHY he was thanking her. After knocking her unconscious to make sure she didn’t follow him and get hurt or ask him questions he wasn’t ready to answer, he knew that this moment would always be on her mind until they met again not to mention, something that he would remember too. He knowingly leaves behind a mystery about his true feelings toward her, and where their relationship stands. 

Cheeky Genin Sasuke.


This scene is almost identical to what happened between them only a few years ago, just with an audience this time. 

Not only do we have Sasuke leaving again, but Sakura also passionately shares her feelings for him and he takes the time to listen. 

I would also like to point out the fact that she DOES think about the last time they had said goodbye. Therefore, Sasuke did make the impact that he was striving to achieve.

I want to note that his foot literally fucking SHAKES in hesitation at her words. Again, we can do another analysis of this later.

But just like last time, after her powerful declaration of love for him he whips this out shit out again:

Oh. LoRD. Where do I even begin?

Once again, this is Sasuke’s way of showing Sakura that he STILL remembers what happened between them so long ago, just like she does. I also want to emphasize the word “damned” in this part. In my opinion, it seemed like this statement held even more emotion than before. To me, this is when they shared their genuine love for one another. And that despite all thats happened, they are still on each other’s mind. And this was his cheeky and subtle way of showing it to her. 

After the second time he called her annoying, I believe he was reciprocating the blossoming love they had for each other. But for this third time, it’s like “I feel the same way about you. But, I’m going to tell you in a way that only you and I can understand.” Not only in the way of HOW he says it, but the color that surrounds him. I felt like it was just tunnel vision for the both of them, and everything surrounding them didn’t matter. The only thing that mattered was this moment between the two of them. 

Then in typical Sasuke fashion, he leaves her unconscious to protect her but this time to leave her with that lasting impression in case something were to happen to him. Almost like, “If I die or something else tragic happens, I just want you to know that I still thought about you and all the moments we shared.”

Ugh, Sasuke. PLS. 


Without a doubt, my favorite Sasusaku scene of all time.

As always, we have Sakura asking Sasuke not to leave again.

Let’s not even begin to talk about the pained expression on his face as he tells her she can’t come with him.

However this time, we have Sasuke explaining to Sakura about why he’s leaving. Which I’m sure we can all agree is a pretty big deal, because he never likes to “explain” himself. 

Low-key: What’s been bothering you Sasuke? Is it your relationship with Sakura? hmMmmmMmmmMMMMMm.

Now, time for the biggest moment in Sasusaku history:

First off, the forehead poke. Again, we can discuss this another time.

Not only does he promise to see her again, but the fact that he once again referenced what happened with them the very first time he left. He simply could have just left after the promise which was already huge in the first place, but he took the time to remind her that he still remembers. But this “Thank You” is something that is completely different than the others. To me, this is was his cheeky nod of affirming his feelings for her once again. 

He’s going away for a long time, she wants to come with him again, he won’t let her, so he painfully leaves her with a loving gesture and a promise goodbye. Once again, I think Sasuke’s timing on this moment is incredibly important. Just like before, he would leave her with unanswered questions about their relationship. And let her have this moment replay in her mind until they were able to see each other again. And thats why I’ve always thought that this was the moment that really drove her to seek him out later on. She was fed up with not having the answers she wanted, and refused to wait until Sasuke came back.

Obviously, things worked out for them due to where they are presently at. They would eventually meet up, travel together, become husband and wife, and have Sarada. 

Fast forward to Gaiden, and the reason why we’re talking about this:

I’m saving my rant about their relationship in this part of the series for later, but let’s only talk about this little section in their recent goodbye scene:

Don’t even get me started on the fact that she packed him a lunch, and that she still blushes this much around him.

In my opinion, having Sasuke not kiss Sakura at the moment was showing flirtation. 

In typical Sasuke fashion, he leaves Sakura with a moment that will leave a lasting impression. He knows exactly what she wants, as you can clearly tell by the looks on both of their faces, but he won’t let her have it. I also found it to be almost erotic before you get all weird, let me explain. To me, it was almost like he was teasing her in a super nonchalant way, and makes her wait by not giving it to her when she asks. As usual, he knows that Sakura will be constantly thinking about that moment until they see each other again. And as he walks away, you can see a smile of amusement on his face. He knows exactly what he did and how Sakura will react, and that actually pleases him. That cheeky son of a bitch. That type of interaction between the two of them is something that is unique only for their relationship, and is almost like a game the two of them play with one another. I also think that Sakura tries to do the same to Sasuke, but he’s much better at it. And in that moment by denying her that kiss, he had won that round. 

I also would find it incredibly out of character for Sasuke to act in a way other than how he did. Of course, the Sasusaku shippers would love to see such a thing happen, but we understand why it doesn’t. So these small gestures Sasuke gives Sakura are incredibly special and hold an extraordinary amount of meaning to him. He doesn’t need to make out with her in public to show that he has feelings for her. Not to mention the fact that he probably doesn’t want to do something that intimate in front of his daughter. 

Sasuke rarely shows any type of affection for anyone, and doesn’t like to show his true emotions. Due to Kishi regularly hiding features of emotional Sasuke, in particular the eyes, the audience is never fully able to understand what he’s thinking. But I think that if Kishi HAD shared all of Sasuke like he does with the other characters, then a lot of these Pro and Anti arguments would be different.  

Now onto the whole “Sakura’s never been kissed” issue.

Just because Kishi doesn’t draw it, doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. Kishi leaves pieces like this open for the audience to use their imagination. He didn’t need to draw any of the Canon couples having sex to prove that they had children. So why does he need to draw Sasuke and Sakura kissing to prove that they’re together? He doesn’t. You don’t have to have PDA to prove that you are in love with someone, that can be shown in different ways. 

Which is what brings me to another point, remember this?: 

Here are a couple things I noticed:

1. Sakura looks SHOCKED at the question, not “afraid” of it. I think anyone would be caught off guard by such a question. Not to mention, being asked such a thing by your incredibly young daughter.

2. I think that she looks sad BECAUSE she hasn’t seen Sasuke in such a long time, let alone be intimate with him. And I feel like anytime Sarada brings Sasuke up, Sakura can’t help but get emotional due to missing him so much. I don’t think this has anything to do with “not being kissed”, just a genuine reaction to missing someone she loves.

3. Sakura is thinking about something more meaningful to share with her daughter, rather than a kiss. In my opinion, a kiss is something that can be given without any sort of emotional attachment. Of course, young Sarada wouldn’t understand that at the time, so Sakura shares this instead:

As expected, Sarada didn’t understand that a “kiss” isn’t the only expression of love that one can give. The reason why I believe that Sakura chose this was due to the meaning it held behind it. First, it was a promise from Sasuke to Sakura that he would see her again, but it also stands as the ultimate expression of love that he could ever give to someone else. And that kind of emotional connection is something that he couldn’t give through a simple kiss. I also thought that Sakura used this as a method to connect Sasuke to Sarada. In the hopes that an older Sarada would be able to understand this, rather than at that time. 

Of course, we know that Sarada DOES eventually figure out what it means: 

For me, I didn’t think that Sarada fully understood what “love” was until that moment. Not only did she get to share a moment like that with her father, but finally understood what her mother had told her so long ago. That there are more ways to express unconditional love to someone, rather than just a “kiss” or publicly stating it. 

If Sarada is able to understand that, then why can’t others do the same?

anonymous asked:

What made you want to stop Mr. Min bleaching his hair? I'm so conflicted because I'd adore OC's reaction to his natural hair but at the same time I can feel ya on a spiritual level for not wanting to change it just because Yoongi just went blonde and OH MY GOD can we stop for a second and appreciate how handsome he is? Am I dying? Yes, yes I am.

Well when I started writing Mr. Min he was still blonde so I just kinda went with that originally, plus it fit with the idea of him being a younger, less traditional type of boss. I love him with black hair though so ever since BST I’ve been toying with the idea of Mr. Min not bleaching his hair anymore but it didn’t make sense with the story so I didn’t bother with it, especially because I don’t mention his hair color that often. BUT! It finally works in the story line and I was so happy to be able to write it in and then, of course, right after I finish writing the scene where it happens he’s all, “Agust D is back!” and I’m like, “fucking kill me.” 

But it works with the story line and I like it so Mr. Min is still going to stop bleaching his hair.