how am i supposed to watch anything with him when i cant stop staring

Surprise  (4/?)

Summary :  You die while being on a mission with the team. At least , that’s what you thought. What happens when you suddenly wake up alive ? What do you do now? & how will the team handle the news after thinking you’ve been dead for months?

Warnings : swearing, angst, violence , fluff( tiny, tiny bit for now).

Pairing, (so far) : Avengers x reader, Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader( No permanent pairing yet!)
* Bold is readers thoughts,  &  italics are memories. *

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“ What were you thinking Tony?”

“ Is now really the time Steve?  Cant you scold me later?”

  Do they ever stop fucking arguing? Ugh.  Your eyes flutter open as they continue bickering.

“ Can you two shut the hell up .” your raspy voice startles the two , they both immediately appear at your side.

  " What happened?“ you groan as you look around and realize your in the med bay .

” Your blood pressure and stress levels were  extremely high , causing you to faint. “ Tony explains as he looks to your monitor to check your vitals.

” Everything looks good now though . “ he shrugs .

” I don’t want an enhancement Tony. Figure out a way to turn it back . “ your request catches both of the men off guard.

” Wh- what? Why? You  don’t even know what it is yet! You could shoot fire, or read minds! YOU COULD BE A SHAPE SHIF-“

” I don’t care ! You know what I want to be?  A lab Tech Tony. A regular lab tech . “ you snap

” If I even could find a way to reverse it, it run the risk of furthering the enhancement, or counter acting TAHITI. It’s too large of a risk Y/n. I’m sorry . “

You stay silent, processing what Tony tells you  .  So he knew there was a chance I wouldn’t want this. I cant believe he knew this entire time I was alive. Fucking Stark. 

 While you are lost in your thoughts Tony dismisses himself, leaving only you and Steve.

He sighs, watching as you hop off the bed ,taking out the IV and removing the vital receivers . He steps in front of you before you can reach the door.

” No. We are talking about this . You aren’t running.“  he says sternly. You roll your eyes, waiting for him to continue.

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” I- the things I said-“ he groans, rubbing at the back of his neck  as he continues ” What I said the other night came out wrong . I am grateful you saved me, but I’m not going to thank you for getting yourself killed. You are a part of this team, I was wrong to say you weren’t. You weren’t enhanced though Y/n; you didn’t have a serum, you aren’t a trained assassin . What did you expect the bullets to do ? Did you think you’d heal as quickly as I would? “ His tone wasn’t harsh , it was almost pleading.

” I didn’t think anything Steve, all I knew was that I needed to save you . I don’t know wh-“

” Was it because you love me?“ 

The room goes dead silent, his words still hanging in the air. You awkwardly laugh , Steve crosses his arms while leaning in the doorway.

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” You do remember saying that right ? “ he questions, he sees panic flash over your face.

” Steve- I- you- I was dieing. “ you run your hand down your face .

” I’m aware.“ he says playfully. You’re amazed at how his mood shifts .

"  Don’t look too much into It.” 

“ So you’re denying it?” he playful smile drops a bit.

“ What do you want me to say Steve! You were my bestfriend! Of course I loved you!”

“ You know that’s not what I mean Y/n.”

You don’t reply, so Steve keeps speaking,

“ Because I love you .”

 Your eyes go wide, your mouth opens then closes when you realize  you don’t know what to even say .  Did he just-  did he mean it like that?  You’ve waited for what seems like a lifetime to hear him say these words to you .Now that the moments here, your speechless.

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  Luck seems to be on your side at this moment, FRIDAY interrupts the  two of you .

“ Captain Rogers, there seems to be a physical conflict between Sergeant Barnes and Mr.Wilson, your presence is needed on the communal floor. ”

 Saved by the AI, thank you FRIDAY.

 You hear Steve curse under his breath ,

“ You should probably go before one of them ends up dead Steve. " 

” We aren’t finished with this conversation.“ he warns as he leaves.

 You wait a minute  before you bolt from the med room to the elevators.  You rapidly hit the button for Pietro and Wandas floor  . As soon as the doors open you sprint out,

” Pietro ! “ you yell , in  an instant he is infront of you .

” are you feeling better Draga?“ he asks as he pulls you into a hug.

” Steve- I - what - UGH .“  you groan as your shove your face into his chest.

” You’re going to have to form a proper sentence for me to understand Y/n.“ he chuckles.

” She doesn’t want to be enhanced, Steve told her he loves her , and she doesn’t know what to do and plans on avoiding him for the rest of time.“ Wanda announces from behind you .

” What she said. “ you say as you lean back.

” You didn’t tell him how you felt ? “ Pietro questions.

” He completely blind sided me! I didn’t think hed say that ! I stood there staring at him  like he was a frreakin alien!“ 

 The twins laugh at your frustration ,

” Its not funny! what am I suppose to do !“

” Tell him you love him ! “ Wanda excitedly suggests

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” I - no .  I’m not doing that  . “

” What ? why? You know he feels the same! “ Pietro tells you .

” I just got him back, I just got everyone back ! and now apparently I’m enhanced?  I just - I don’t know what kind of enhancement I have, or even when itll appear. What if its dangerous? What if I hurt him ?  I don’t think I need a relationship right now on top of re adjusting to everything. Ya know?  “

 They agree with you after you explain yourself. Pietro suggest watching a movie to take your mind off things .  Wanda declines, saying she has training with Natasha . Once she leaves, you and Pietro settle on the couch to scroll through Netflix. You both settle on starting Parks & Rec from the beginning . Halfway into the second episode you find yourself leaning against Pietro , both of you getting sleepier by the second.

 When you wake up, you snuggled up to Pietro on the couch . Soft snores are slipping from him . You smile as you try to hold in a laugh when you notice the drool pooling in the corner of his mouth .

 ” PIETRO!“  you shout

He jumps up from the couch , which results in you landing on the floor with a grunt.

” What! Whats wrong!?“

You start hysterically giggling at his disheveled state.  He sends you a bitchface when he realizes what you did .

” You are in trouble now Printessa.“ he threatens as he stalks towards you . You try to stand but hes on top of you in a flash . His fingers are tickling your sides making you shriek .

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” Pietro Stooooppp! Please! “  you beg . He pauses his attack,

” Apologize. “

” I’m sorry you drool in your sleep. “ you sass.  You cry out when his fingers begin brutally tickling you again . 

Someone clears their throat, stopping Pietro’s fingers at the sound.

” I see you’re busy , I didn’t meant to interrupt.“ Steve says , anger lacing through his voice. Oh Shit.  You know how this must look, especially to someone who just admitted their feelings to you .

You knock Pietro off you so you can go after Steve. Right as you approach the elevators the doors begin closing . You see Steves face, his eyebrows are scrunched, a mixture of hurt and anger displayed over his features.  He watches you as the doors close, not moving to stop them .

Son of a bitch.

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my angel; jimin

                                                                                             CHAPTER I

Originally posted by rosyfeathers

Words : 3258
Genre : Guardian Angel AU

A/N : I wanted to make a really long one shot at first, but since I didn’t know if you will like it, I decided to split it into idk yet how many parts, so yeah here’s the first part, please tell me how you find it and if I should continue !

I apologize for any grammatical or mistake in general, please keep in mind that English isn’t my first language

A world, where each human has it’s own Guardian Angel, a world where any form of contact between Guardian Angels and their charges is strictly forbidden, for obvious reasons. However, what will happen after Park Jimin, a rookie Guardian, accidentally reveals himself to Y/n, a clumsy human constantly in need of protecting ? 

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Winnipeg (Kenny Omega Imagine)

Kenny Omega x Reader
Warning: SMUT. Pegging. Hair pulling.
A/N: Literally based on a pun. Also just kept the other Kenny imagine tag list, if you’d like to be taken off or added let me know!
     Tagged; @tatyanawaka @shadow-of-wonder @kurominonsense @kelstenkiara @sietefinns @castielscamander @oraclegazes @socyd @lindseyrae20 @eliza-kitty-cat @daintymissdevitt @nickysmum1909 @50shadesofadamcolebaybay @raphaelvavasseur
~1000 words

When time allowed, Kenny lived for all day sessions.

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Through the Years, Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: Continuation of ‘Backstage’ and ‘Wedding Plans’. Actual prompt was made up by me. Compilation of texts sent between reader/Lin through their relationship.

Words: 1501 (Yikes.)

Author’s Note: This took a lot of thought from me. It’s impossible to be clever through text. Sigh. Also, formatting was a bitch…hopefully it looks ok? I honestly feel like I can write a whole fic about each individual text convo. Also, it jumps time a bunch. Not every text convo is covered.

Warning: I’m sure I cussed somewhere. Under a read-more because it is that long.

Askbox | Masterlist | Part One Part Two | Part Four

February 29, 2016 - 11:46pm

From: Daveed, 11:46pm

did he ask you out? this is important. i have money on this.

To: Daveed, 11:46pm

how much money? i expect a cut. he asked me out.

From: Daveed, 11:48pm

$50 richer

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Request: Helpless

Request:  Psst hello can i make a req. For number 27 “I’m pregnant” with Lin manuel w/(i like me some negative prego tho Y/N doesn’t want that child) angst?

AN: Sorry this took me like years to actually write for you! I hope you like it!

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Liam Dunbar Imagine- Drunken Drama

Anon- Hey i love your Isaac Lahey imagines, but can I get one with Liam where she’s Scotts or Dereks younger sister and shes human and they go to a party and she gets really drunk. But can you make it fluffy at the end and stuff. Sorry that its not much to go on but thanks if you get around to doing it!!

Authors Note- First of all thankyou and I’m glad you enjoyed them. I really liked this request, even though there’s quite a few similar to this out there, but I hope I got it similar to how you wanted it, I had fun writing it. It’s also set in the third season but Liam is there x

Being a Hale, believe it or not did have its perks. Being a werewolf with heightened abilities being the main, however when all of that is suddenly stripped away from you it’s kind of hard to deal with. Cora was dying and the only way to save her was for Derek to give up his alphaship. However, you weren’t entirely sure loosing an alpha against the alpha pack was the best idea, so you decided to throw a spanner in the works. Without telling Derek you healed Cora yourself, but being a beta meant you lost your power completely. But she was your sister, she was worth your life let alone your stupid werewolf curse. How much harder could being a powerless human be?

“So when are your friends picking you up?” your older brother huffed, not wanting to accept that you were growing up. “Erm actually I’m taking her, the others are staying in to work out a plan with Deaton” Liam mumbled. “You mean Scott’s not going with you?” Derek asked, his voice echoing around the loft. “See, I knew you would overreact” you tried to play it off, giving Liam daggers. “Absolutely not!” Peter said, emerging from nowhere. You rolled your eyes and glanced at him, “Its times like this I wish you were still dea-” you began before Liam interrupted to prevent witnessing another Hale argument. “I’ll be there, and so will Mason” he said quickly. “As comforting as that sounds, the answer is still no” Derek replied sarcastically. “I’m not a kid, I can take care of myself” you crossed your arms over your chest. “You could take care of yourself, as in past tense” Peter spoke again. “So what if I’m technically not a werewolf? I’m also not an idiot” you retort. “Debatable-” Peter remarked under a fake cough. “Fine” Derek said with a sigh. “Wait… you’re letting me go?” you said, examining your brothers blank expression. “Yes you can go” he replied. “Are you insane?” Peter asked shaking his head. “Well you do let me run around the streets at night with my pack, a party is probably a lot safer” you said, flashing a fake smile at your uncle. “Just don’t get drunk, I mean it!” Derek demanded. “I wont” you said with an eye roll and a smirk. You grabbed your purse and began to walk towards the loft door. “You better look after my sister, if anything happens to her its your fault, the Hales don’t take kindly to their family being hurt”  Derek said sternly to Liam, as Peter flashed his eyes gold from over Derek’s shoulder. “Of course I will” Liam said nervously. “Stop scolding him, I know what you two are doing” you claimed sliding the loft door open and waiting for Liam to join you. He looked from your brother to your uncle, before putting his hands in his jacket pockets and doing a small jog over to you. “See you” you called out, slamming the door shut before they could change their minds.

The second you stepped foot in the club, Hayden passed you, Liam and Mason a free shot. But before you could even take a sip Liam grabbed it from you and drank the both of yours before you could blink. “You do realise you cant get drunk” you laughed. “Yeah, but neither can you, I don’t want to be killed by your family just yet” he joked. “Where the hell has Mason gone?” you asked, it was a new record for him to have split off. “Two guesses” Liam said out of routine. The two of you glanced to the biggest crowd of guys, there he is. It had been a few hours and the pair of you did what you always did, you found a space on your own and talked about everything, anything. You had no idea why you always did that, sure he was your best friend but you totally acted like an exclusive couple. You rarely saw one without the other, you were lost in your own little world together and yet still you didn’t realise what was right in front of you.

“It’s a little crowded in here and I’m sure Derek’s waiting up for you” Liam said, nervously biting his bottom lip and glancing over your shoulder. “I don’t need werewolf powers to know your trying to hide something from me” you said with a raised eyebrow. You began to turn around but he grabbed your shoulders to keep you still. “Okay… that was weird” you said, brushing his hands off. You stared at him and watched as he relaxed, before quickly turning around before he could stop you again. That’s when you saw it. Your ex boyfriend making out with a girl in the corner of the room. You couldn’t help but stare, you wanted to look away but seeing him brought back some emotions that you didn’t want to feel again. Liam stood beside you awkwardly, hearing your thumping heartbeat. He had liked you since forever and there you were, getting all chocked up over your ass of an ex. “Are you okay?” he practically whispered. Of course he cared about you and didn’t like seeing you upset, but it was hard to watch you get upset over the boy you had liked, the boy that had called you his girl, the boy that used to give you quick kisses in the hallway and endured the whole relationship talk from your brother and uncle. The talk he dreaded but so desperately wanted to have with you by his side. “What are we staring at, oh-” Mason said after seeing you two stood dead in the middle of the club. “What a dick” you managed to say. A small smile tugged at Liam’s lips after hearing and smelling the anger now raiding from you, rather than upset and jealousy. “Do you want to get out of here?” Mason asked, to make up for Liam’s silence. “Nope” you said bluntly, storming over to the bar. “Oh shi-” Liam began saying, while rushing after you, followed by Mason.

“Do you not remember your brother telling you not to get drunk?” Liam asked in disbelief, as the bar attender placed a line of shots in front of you. “Vaguely” you said, knocking back the first one. “Y/n, don’t you dare take one more sip” he tried to say with authority. You looked at him in the eye as you knocked back another and slammed the empty glass on the table. “She’s underage, this girl right here is underage drinking” Liam exclaimed loudly while pointing at you, earning him a few weird looks. He glared at the bar attender, waiting for him to do something but he simply shrugged and carried on serving. “Are you kidding me? Do you even check anyone’s fake ID in here?”  for once he was outraged by this, whereas any other time he wouldn’t of bat an eyelid to it. “Liam! There you are, I need you to carry a few boxes from the store room” Hayden said between breaths. “I cant right now” Liam shook his head, moving the fourth shot away from your already tipsy self. “Liam you promised you would help if I got you in” she huffed, handing a glow stick to a half naked drunk beside her. “Li, I’ll look after her while you’re gone. I like this club and quite frankly I like the people in it” Mason smiled flirtatiously at the barman. “Fine, I’ll be right back. Don’t move” he said sternly, before following Hayden through the crowd.

“Mason! What the hell?!”. He was now chatting to the barman while they drank together. “Oh fuck, I completely forgot” he stood up and stared at his best friend in both concern and guilt. “Derek’s going to kill me” he mumbled. “And my boss is going to kill me if someone doesn’t pay for the bottle of scotch she stole” the bar attender hinted. Liam gave a loud sigh and shoved the money from his pocket onto the bar, before closing his eyes and trying his hardest to focus. He knew your heartbeat from a mile off but you were surrounded by out of breath and horny teens. He bumped into a few large sweaty guys before he finally found you in the middle of the dancefloor. “Woah” he said as he just about caught you from falling. “Heyyy Liammmmm” you slurred with a giggle. “I am so dead” he squinted, smelling the alcohol on your breath. “So I know I’m supposed to stay at yours… but I think I’m going to another club after this with that guy over there” you gestured to an older looking guy standing in the corner of the room, that was still checking you out. “No you’re not Y/N, your brother thinks your staying with Lydia later tonight, he doesn’t know your staying at mine and he certainly wouldn’t let you stay with him” he said jealously, you had promised to stay at his because he was having trouble sleeping alone and Mason was already staying 3 nights a week because of this. “Oh pleaseeee Liammmm, I just want to have funn and make my dickbag ex jealous, lets see how he likes it” you half slurred. “The only one feeling jealous right now is me” he mumbled. “Huh?” you asked, drawing your attention back to him and his bright blue eyes. “Uhm nothing, come on lets go” he said, gently grabbing your wrist. About three minutes ago you would’ve objected and made a scene but something felt different in the way he spoke to you. He’d always been caring but tonight it was as if you were the only thing in the world that mattered to him.

Mason reluctantly dropped the two of you at Liam’s, mainly because you getting drunk was all his fault. Liam helped your giddy and staggering self out of the car, before carrying you bridal style into the house and up the stairs. He placed you on his bed and sighed, of course you looked stunning in your tight dress, heels and makeup, but the Y/N he fell in love with was underneath all that with sweatpants and one of his baggy hoodies on. “So where did you put your bag with your pjs and stuff in?” he asked awkwardly. “Ermmmm, I think its at the bar” you giggled in your drunken state, not knowing you’d regret it later. “I guess you can borrow some of mine” he offered, with a small smile. He pulled out a plain t-shirt before coming stuck as to what bottoms to give you. He usually only slept in boxers, because of the whole wolf heat thing. “It’s ok, it’s hot anyway ill just wear the top” you claimed from behind him. He turned around to hand it you, “OH MY GOD” he accidently shouted, before covering his eyes. “AHH WHAT?” you screamed back, turning to look behind you. “Why don’t you have any clothes on?” he asked in a panic. “I have a bra and underwear on Liam, just give me the top” you snatched It out of his hands with scoff. “Ok, have you got it on?” he asked. “Yep” you replied. He uncovered his eyes to see you in his tight black t-shirt that was oversized on you and your black underwear that showed every time you lifted your arms up or stretched, but as much as he wanted to look, he owed it to your non drunk usual self not to, he respected you way too much to do that. You flopped onto his bed and stared at the ceiling, you parted your lips as if you were going to say something before simply letting the air escape. “Okay, so I’ll be on the couch downstairs if you need anything” he said, as he began to back out of the door. You simply hummed in response and covered yourself poorly with his blanket.

You glanced at the clock beside Liam’s bed, it was three in the morning and you hadn’t got an ounce of sleep. Normally Liam would sleep on the floor beside the bed but even he knew something felt different. You had sobered up a bit more, but you weren’t exactly thinking as straight as you would have. You wrapped yourself in his blanket and slowly crept downstairs and into the living room, you were still sort of stumbling. “Liam, Liam are you awake?” you asked, not being able to see that well. “Yeah” he replied, glowing his eyes gold so you could locate which couch he was on. You walked over to him and he moved, to allow some room for you. You wrapped the blanket around you both and lay next to him. “Why are you still awake?” he asked. “Why are you?” you returned. “Just thinking” he said laconically. “Same” you agreed. You both went to speak at the same time, before both erupting into a quiet laugh. “Drunk me heard what you said earlier, is it true?” you questioned. “Is what true?” he said, almost defensively. “That you were jealous” you said, moving your head to look up at him. “Yes” he admitted. He’d never had the courage to tell you before, but there you were, the girl of his dreams in his t-shirt looking more beautiful than ever. “Now why would you be jealous?” you pried, with a teasing voice. “Because I like you” he said, you could feel his quick beating heart. “Well I like you too” you admitted. “Wait what?” he was in shock to say the least. “And I always will” you continued, turning around so he was now spooning you. “So what does this mean?” he asked, not sure if he was dreaming. He waited for a response, before realising you were asleep. He sighed and wrapped his arms around you, feeling the fabric of his shirt and your bare legs against him, he never wanted this moment to end.

“Omg, I cant see” you whined, referring to the bright light that was directly in your eyes. “Y/n, Y/n, get up” Liam said quietly. You opened your eyes and sat up. “OH SHIT” you accidently said out loud. “So I ran into Scott and Lydia earlier tonight, neither of them had a clue where you where” your brother boomed. When your eyes adjusted fully, you saw Derek and Liam’s step dad staring at you from across the living room, he clearly came home earlier than expected from his night shift. You guiltily looked at Liam, who still had his arm around you, you quickly jumped apart and began explaining two different stories at the same time. “Where are your clothes?” Derek shouted, horrified. “It’s not what it looks like” you said, as Liam rubbed the back of his neck. “I forgot my clothes, so Liam leant me his” you smiled awkwardly. “I really don’t know what brotherly talk I’m supposed to have right now” he said. “Liam how come you never told me you had a girlfriend?” his step dad asked. But before Liam could open his mouth to do the whole ‘just best friends’ speech, you answered for him. “Well actually we weren’t exactly made official until earlier tonight” you stated, watching Liam’s eyes widen and a smile grow uncontrollably on his face. It was soon time for your brother to give the whole protective older brother speech, while you and Liam held hands underneath the blanket. A smirk spread across both of your faces, the next hour was hell but you finally had each other to endure it with.

Sorry it’s not too fluffy I just wanted to make It different from a lot of the ones out there with a similar plot line. Requests are open x

Getting The Girl

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warning: Swearing, violence.

Summary: Buck’s in love with you, but he cant stand your boyfriend till things between the two of you and go wrong, Buck’s the one that’s saving you.


“I think if you stare any harder, you might just pop a blood vessel.” Sam chuckles setting his glass back on the table. Steve laughs next to him, as they watch Buck moon over (Y/N) and death glare at her boyfriend Adam.

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infinitelystrangemachinex  asked:

(promptathon) What would have happened if Obi had actually succeeded in taking Shirayuki's hand That One Time.

Fate is a funny little thing isn’t it?

At time it’s a comfort, a knowing; a certainty you wrap around yourself like a blanket. I am meant for more, you say, because you know, you know in some deep place inside you that there is a greatness you can achieve. A greatness you will achieve. All you have to do is walk on this path, never wander, and you will never know worry greater than the depths of your own self-doubt.

(And sometimes that comfort is cold. You lay on a dirt floor, battered and broken, and you say, oh, this cannot be my end, for what is waiting for me is so much worse than this)

At times it is a cage, it is the kudzu. It grows and it grows, vines twisting up your ankles, rooting you to the spot. You do not pull away – it is too much effort to fight against your nature – but the longer you stay the closer it holds you, reaching up, up, until it wraps around your neck and chokes you, until it twines into your mouth, into your lungs, and there is no more breath to scream.

(But sometimes you need to be held still, don’t you? Drop a coin before you cross the street, narrowly miss being trampled underfoot by a carriage. You look onto the cobbles and see a bird crushed under the wheel. That could have been you, baby girl, that could have been you)

And sometimes it is a thread. A red thread, let’s say. A thing that binds. A thing that holds. It does not strangle, it just tangles, becomes complicated at parts and easy at others. A thing you can ignore until it tugs on you saying, this way.

(But that’s the thing is it not? Thread is so fragile; all it takes is a hard tug, all it takes is a blade’s edge, all it takes is a thrown shoe and



s n a p s)

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Moonstruck: Chapter 1

Genre: fluff (Jungkook x OC)

Word count: 2.6k

Summary: You and Jungkook have been best friends for as long as you can remember. But when he starts acting strange, you begin to fear the worst. You hope that tagging along with him and his family for their annual summer trip might bring him out of his slump, but things quickly get messy as you start to question where both of you stand in your relationship. 

You met Jungkook when you were just six years old after he threw a Frisbee right into the back of your head and knocked you off of the swing that you were sitting on. Looking up at the boy, you had tears in your eyes and, to your surprise, so did he. 

You remember how apologies flew from his mouth and didn’t stop even when his and your parents rushed across the playground to pacify you both. After a quick exchange between both families, you were carried away while Jungkook had to be dragged, still yelling about how sorry he was.

The next week, he was at the playground again, but this time without the Frisbee. He asked if he could swing with you, to which you reluctantly agreed. But, despite your weariness, just a few minutes later the two of you were giggling as you told each other random stories about school and your families.

Ever since that day, you two were inseparable. In elementary school you cause so much trouble together that they had to transfer Jungkook to a different class. Then in middle school Jungkook received two days of detention punching a kid in the face after he poured milk on your head.

It was a miracle he put up with you through all the years, especially during your hormonal teenager years. Every time you complained to him about some kind of boy problem he listened patiently, and when you asked him about any of the girls in his life, his answer was always that there weren’t any other girls besides you. You never bought any of it though, only slapping his shoulder and laughing in response.

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boyfriend minhyuk

A/N: i honestly am depending on these posts to keep me alive while school destroys me!!! but do not worry life is good!!! i love monsta x!!! masterlist!!!

Originally posted by beastdw

  • oh man oh boy i love minhyuk let’s just get started shall we???
  • i keep getting distracted by the gif he is So CuTe is my minhyuk bias showing yet
  • smiles for days
  • honestly he’ll spend most of his time just staring at you and smiling and when you ask hime what he’s so happy about he’ll just answer “you” and scrunch up his face and giggle
  • but if you do the same to him oh man someone send that boy strength his heart will be fluttering so hard 
  • definitely has butterflies in his stomach most of the time from you and tells you about it because who doesn’t love being excited by someone???
  • i can see him applauding whenever you do anything like if you do the dishes well he is standing there applauding what a weirdo it’s not like i do the same thing or anything
  • lots and lots and lots of giggling
  • this boy is such a beam of excitement and he will always share it with you
  • okay but being woken up by minhyuk in the morning is actually heaven
  • please watch the video of him waking up jooheon if you havent seen it before and if you have just watch it again and cry because it is so important to me
  • highkey will play hide and seek with you underneath the blankets he is such a child omo
  • will also play hide and seek with you everywhere
  • he loves chasing you and both of you laughing until he corners you and stretches his long limbs and you’re trapped and he gets this evil grin on his face because he knows you have nowhere to go but that you will attempt some crazy maneuver to escape and when he catches you he’ll just say something cheesy until you fall apart giggling and he kisses you
  • speaking of kisses he’s the type to pucker his lips whenever he wants a kiss 
  • the greasiest boy ever
  • so much grease
  • please save yourself
  • also lots of jokes??? good and bad that boy really wants to see you smile
  • singing under his breath lots
  • please praise his singing always okay like he is so talented and hardworking please make sure he knows this and that you are proud of him
  • whenver you talk to him about serious things or compliment him from your heart he’ll get silent and take in how wonderful it feels
  • squeaks/screams all the time so many high pitched noises he is so cute
  • okay so he is a huge fan of pda
  • anyone else remember that episode of deokspatch when the members complained because he was so touchy feely because i cant forget that episode it changed my life
  • seriously he just loves feeling you with him
  • it brings him so much life and comfort because wow!!! you!!!
  • highkey always smelling you
  • at the most random times
  • you’ll be sitting on the couch watching tv and he’ll sniff you and you’re like ??? and he sighs and says you smell great and like home rip @ me 
  • always down for cuddling
  • especially in blanket forts
  • probably makes a date night ritual of building blanket forts and eating sweets and playing childhood games wow 
  • you two will probably be extra af together
  • even if you’re not extra
  • you’ll be extra with mihyuk
  • making weird faces at each other from across the room to communicate
  • really strange inside jokes ??? you know the kinds i’m talking about ,,, the ones you say with your friend and everyone else around you is staring like wHaT iS hApPeNiNg
  • weird nicknames that ellicit the same reaction 
  • “how’s the weather outside?”"it’s sunNY!!!“ sorry i had to
  • he is super extra but also so so so soft
  • lots of very small but monumental moments with him
  • also very soft when meeting your family or when you talk about something you love or lying in bed and talking for hours about whatever topics come up naturally because he adores the intimacy of getting to know you like that
  • will always be there when you need anything at all do not doubt the dedication this boy has to your happiness okay 
  • probably blurts out “i love you” at the most inopportune time like you trip and fall over nothing and he just laughs and goes “tHaT wAs So FuNnY!!! are you okay? i love you!!”
  • he doesn’t even look embarrassed because he means what he said and you can’t help but laugh and say it back because wow you do really love this child
  • loves sharing things with you 
  • always stealing sips of your drinks and food but he loves to feed you too so it’s okay
  • clothes-sharing is a huge thing he will probably borrow from you too and you’ll soon get to a point where you can’t really tell whose hats are whose or whatever but it’s all chill because you both look adorable and great in everything
  • model af couple pictures
  • meme af couple pictures
  • far too many candids of you two laughing together when you were supposed to be posing nicely 
  • jamming so hard to your favorite songs together and to songs on the radio and to nothing you two are always jamming and going so hard at everything you do because you’re hyped on life together i.e. that right now episode when he is getting pumped about the ocean
  • i should probably stop before i write a novel but get ready for your cheeks to hurt from smiling because minhyuk is wonderful and cares so much
  • minhyuk is precious and deserves all the love in the world and that’s exactly how he feels about you and your days together are pure sunshine and you’ll be with each other through thick and thin and have a language of your own and and he will stare at you forever because he can’t wrap his head around how amazing you are and more than that loving him will make you feel like a kid again and if that’s not beautiful i don’t know what is 

Companions reactions to the Sole Survivor losing their temper at someone.

Codsworth: Starts panicking and buzzing in between the Sole and the person they are pissed at. Keeps trying to convince the Sole to calm down, while profusely apologizing to the person, not realizing until too late that this particular plan wasn’t working.

Codsworth (Romance): Buzzes in between the Sole and the person, but very sternly tells the other person that they need to leave, while attempting to pat the Sole with his mechanical arms. He hates seeing the Sole so angry, and they NEVER get angry, so he knows that he needs to get them away from this person before something bad happens and they regret it later (because they always do).

Preston: Stutters about for a moment before jumping in between the two, trying to remind the Sole that as the General of the Minutemen, they need to have a more level head on their shoulders (and not attack anyone without proper cause).

Preston (Romance): Pushes himself in between the two and demands that the perpetrator apologize to the sole, keeping a hand pushed against the sole’s chest while he stares down the person. He wont let anyone talk to his General like that!

Piper: Giggles off at the sidelines, her reporter mind already working overtime as she comes up with some amazing story to go along with this incident. Front page news, General of the Minutemen attacks Institute Lackey!

Piper (Romance):Woah, woah, woah, grabs the Sole’s arm before they launch themselves forward. As much as she would love a news story, she doesn’t want to see the Sole either on the brunt end of the attack, or be covered in blood by the end (and not theirs!). She is finally able to tug the Sole away from the altercation before she has to get creative with a news story as to why the General of the Minutemen attacked someone.

Curie: She immediately starts to fret and worry, she cannot stand violence and she sticks close to the Sole’s back, tucking at their shirt. It’s her soft whimper when the Sole starts really yelling that gets to Sole to calm down, turning away from the person with an angry glare to lead Curie away from the scene.

Curie (romance): Surprisingly, little Curie has a temper of her own! Although it mimics a mouse squeaking instead of anything very violent, and it’s all the Sole can do to not laugh as Curie stamps her feet at the person, demanding that they stop it, stop it this instant! The Sole ends up having to drag Curie away, her shouting very mild threats and Sole giggling the whole way.

Nick- He grabs the Sole and softly pulls them back. He has been in the business long enough to know when someone is about to blow their gasket, and the Sole is such a nice person he doesn’t want that on their conscience if they did something they couldn’t take back. He firmly excuses the person as he pulls the Sole away with him.

Nick (Romance): He advances on the person, tossing his cigarette down and stepping on it as he growls a threat at them. They dont need a detective like him digging up any skeletons in their closet, do they? Because he can find anything. The person huffs and walks away, and Nick walks back and wraps the Sole in his cold arms, glad he has someone he can actually protect.

Deacon: He jumps to the Sole’s defense, coming up with elaborate lies as to how tough the Sole is. “Hey they took on three Deathclaws, bare handed, with a crippled leg! I wouldn’t mess with them if I was you!” until they have thoroughly bullshit-ed their way into making the person leave.

Deacon (Romance): He jumps to the Sole’s defense again, but this time he starts telling lies about HIMSELF. “You know, I self destruct when I get too angry. And I am getting very….very…angry!!” and him and the Sole start trying to top each other’s lies until the person gives up and walks away,  and the Sole and Deacon fall into each other, busting with laughter that soon turns into a cuddling session.

Cait: Laughing her butt off as the Sole gets angrier and angrier at the person, and boy she wishes she had a chair so she could sit down and watch this go down! Sole never gets mad, so if they are this mad, it must turn into something good!

Cait (Romance): Her and the Sole start arguing with each other over who gets to beat the person up, and it’s only in between them arguing that the person ends up slipping away. The two end up wrestling with each other instead, a heated argument that turns into a….different heated argument.

Hancock: He is also laughing his butt off, but he is also watching the person very carefully because he has seen how fast someone can go from “innocent” to deadly in an instant. He is seriously contemplating taking some Jet so he can really enjoy watching this scene go down, as he has never seen the Sole get really angry before.

Hancock (Romance): Wraps an arm around the Sole’s waist and keeps them from launching at the person. Once they have calmed down enough, he turns his attention to the person. His dark eyes glint menacingly; NO ONE treats his Sole like that, and the person books it out of there as fast as possible. Sole pouts at Hancock, saying it was their fight and they could have handled it, but Hancock silences them with an abrupt kiss, trying to hide his smile.

MacCready: Is all up for a fight, and is right at the Sole’s side as the confront the person. He may be short and small, but boy he sure packs a punch, and he refuses to let the Sole handle a prick this this on their own!

MacCready (Romance) His gentlemanly habits kick in, and he pushes the Sole behind him as he puffs up and confronts the person. He demands they either apologize or be a man about it, and he refuses to stand down no matter what the Sole does because he is the Sole’s protector!

Danse: He steps in front of the Sole, facing them in his big power armor, and uses a disapproving tone to remind them that they are supposed to be representing the Brotherhood, and it is not the sign of a disciplined soldier to unleash on people like that.

Danse (Romance): He steps in front of the Sole and unleashes on the person, telling him how he has the Brotherhood at his back and that they better hope he never finds them again or there will be hell to pay. He doesnt move from in front of the Sole until the person is gone, then he turns around with a slight worried expression to make sure they have calmed down.

Strong: He hates having to wait for the Sole to decide if they are going to attack someone, why cant he just attack everyone? This particular human obviously annoys the Sole too!

Strong (Romance): The Sole doesn’t even get really riled up before Strong runs yelling at the person, weapon in hand. The person turns tail and runs screaming in the opposite direction, and the Sole has to actually chase Strong for a while before they convince Strong to just let the person go. Strong immediately mopes and Sole has to hide her laughter at their big super mutant baby.

X6-88: Stands silently by while the Sole argues with the person. It isn’t his place to get involved, and he is quite frankly bored.

X6-88 (Romance): He immediately steps up and puts a gun to the person’s head, much to the shock of the Sole and the person. He tells the person they have five seconds to apologize before he pulls the trigger, and he makes it to two before the person sputters out an apology and runs away. The Sole busts into laughter while X6-88 looks at her curiously.

Dogmeat: He spends the whole time growling, his hackles raising, and if the Sole looks like they are about to attack or if the person looks like THEY are about to attack, Dogmeat latched onto their leg until they lose their nerve and run away.

Title: Sugar Sugar

Pairing: 6yr old Junhao

Genre: fluff horendous levels of fluff

Summary: Five year old Minghao and Junhui have a system, one which involves Minghao evading having to eat his vegetables and gain a best-friend

To say that Minghao dislikes vegetables would be a gross understatement; he absolutely abhors eating anything green. He doesn’t believe it when his mom says carrots will help his eyesight—he can see like twenty blocks away—or that eating them will make him grow big and strong like his dad. So he doesn’t understand why his mom always packs vegetables for his lunch when she makes him suffer with the stupid green things for dinner.

Minghao survived just fine last year in second grade eating snacks and sticky jelly sandwiches so he doesn’t understand why this year it has to be different.

“Is your mom a veterinarian,” Mingyu asks, mouth drawn in disgust as he peers into Minghao’s lunch box.

Jihoon sighs from across their brightly orange coloured lunch table “It’s vegetarian.

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The King or The Devil

Request: Anonymous- Hello! Could I request Crowley and Lucifer both having crushes on the reader and the sass filled battle that would ensue when they fight for the reader’s attention/affection?

Crowley X Reader, Lucifer X Reader

Warnings: Swearing 


Slamming my book shut, Dean and Sam look at me. “Guys this is useless. We need help.” Before I could even finish the sentence, Dean jumps up saying no over and over again. Looking over at Sam, I see he is thinking the same thing I am.

“Sorry Dean, but we need Crowley for this.” Sam just shrugs, a look of betrayal flashes across Dean’s face. Sam pulls out his phone, and angrily hangs up after waiting for Crowley to answer.

“Well that solves that problem!” Dean proudly exclaims, glad we don’t have to deal with the king of Hell. Rolling my eyes I pull out my own phone, not giving up that easy. Crowley answers after the first ring.

“Darling, lovely to hear from you.” I can hear his devious smile through the small speaker.

“Hey Crowley, I was just wondering if you would be willing to help me and the boys with something.” My parents always told me you catch more flies with honey; so when it comes to working with other people, I tend to take the lead, since the boys can come on a little strong. Before I even finish speaking Crowley is standing before me, in his beautifully tailored suit.

“Beautiful.” He says looking at me, grinning ear to ear. “Boys” He looks to Sam and Dean, scowling. A small smile plays on my lips. I don’t hate Crowley like the boys do; in fact, Crowley always treats me wonderfully, and makes me laugh.

We spend the next two hours working with Crowley, trying to stop these killings. Not even Crowley knows what is doing it, only that it’s supernatural. Feeling slightly defeated, I look at Dean, knowing he was going to hate what I say I next.  

“I think we have one more person we can call to help.” Deans head snaps up, clearly not amused.

“Hell fucking no (Y/N). We are not calling Lucifer.” His face is stern, clearly not going to change his opinion. Rolling my eyes for what felt like the millionth time day, I pull out my phone.

“I hate to say this, but I agree with squirrel on this one. We don’t need that ass hole.” Crowley now stands with his arms crossed. Only Sam seems to agree with me, but says nothing.

Before I know what is happening Dean is rushing at me. Snatching my phone from my hand, he runs to the other side of the room. Crossing my own arms and scowling, giving Dean my best I’ll kill you look, I prepare to charge him. Dean being Dean saw this coming and places my phone on the highest shelf, making it impossible fore me to reach without a ladder. I walk over staring up at it, until I get a brilliant idea.

“Hey Siri, call Lucifer.” I shout. Dean’s eyes widen when he hears her say she is calling Lucifer. He quickly tries to grab the phone, but the damage is done.
“(Y/N)?” Lucifer’s voice rings loud through the speaker, but before I could answer Dean has hit end call. He smile is full of pride as he turns the phone off and places it back on the shelf.

Crowley’s face shows relief as well, but soon disappears as Lucifer materializes out of nowhere.  

“(Y/N)” Lucifer’s eyes stay on mine as he walks over, and grabs my phone for me. When handing it back, our fingers touch, sending a spark radiating through my whole body. A smile takes over me as I thank him. “You called?” He asked snapping me out of my weird trance. Sam Speaks.

“Yeah, there have been a couple killings a few towns over and we can’t figure out what is doing it.” Lucifer turns to look at me, before making his way over to Sam. Looking at the books he says nothing, he just reads in silence. Sitting next to him, I also resume reading.

Reaching for a book on the other side of me, he brushes against me. “Sorry babe.” Winking at me as he pulls back. Blood rushes to my face, as the rest of the boys stare at me. Sam looks amused, Dean looks disgusted, but Crowley looks pissed. Standing up abruptly everyone looks to him. “I’m going to make some tea, assuming you low lives have proper equipment.” His eyes slide between Dean and Sam. Dean grunts and shakes his head, but Sam says yes, and leads him to the kitchen. A few minutes later, Crowley and Sam are back, and Crowley places a steaming mug of green tea in front of me. Tilting my head back I smile.

“Green tea, my favorite. How did you know?” He smiles down at me.

“You just seemed kind of stressed, and Green tea is supposed to help with that.” He says nonchalantly. He places his hand on my shoulders and starts to message me, causing Lucifer’s head to snap in our direction.  

I feel the blood rush to my face. I must be as red as a tomato. It feels amazing; I had no idea how tense I actually was, but I also feel awkward due to the company we have. I don’t know if I should shrug his hands off, or if that would make it worse. Before I have to make a decision, Lucifer is yanking Crowley off me.

The boys and I spin around, bracing our selves for the fight that will no doubt ensue.

“Who do you think you are placing your hands on her.” Lucifer’s eyes look menacing, reminding me he is Satan himself.

“Maybe she likes it.” Crowley shrugs in indifference, but you could feel the anger start to radiate off him.

“Ha, why would she like to be touch by nothing more than my bitch boy.” Lucifer smirks.

“I am the King of Hell! Where have you been? Oh yeah, locked in cage for eternity!” They start to move closer to each other. Sam and Dean get up, grabbing weapons, even though they would do almost no good against the two of them.

Moving between them, I place my hands on their chests.

“Enough! I asked you two here to help us, not cause more problems.” They both start to blame the other one, the way children do. I shove them in opposite directions, letting go of their shirts. “Lets get one thing straight. I am not some fucking trophy. I will like who I like, when I like them.” I turn now to face Crowley. “I truly appreciate you trying to help me. The message was a little weird, but I’m over it.” Turning on my heel I now face Lucifer. “And you. I really appreciate you defending me. And helping with the research. But I can speak for my self.”

Taking a breath I step back so I could see both of them. “Again I appreciate you guys coming to help, I really do. But if you cant get along, and work PEACEFULLY with each other, you need to leave.” Both boys bend their head, mumbling sorry under their breath. “Don’t apologize to me. Apologize to each other.” Like watching a pair of small children, they turn to each other and say sorry, without looking up.

The rest of the hunt goes as planned. Lucifer and Crowley don’t say anything to each other. We figure out what the monster is, and we kill it with almost no issues. I mean we have the king of hell and even Lucifer himself on our side. That night though, when I was trying to sleep, the incident between Crowley and Lucifer played in my head. They clearly both like me, and I like them. I wonder if I had to choose between them, who I would choose.

he’s getting married but not to you (part 2)

part 1

a/N: after like forever i’ve finally done part 2

Lukes pov.

 "I don’t know what to do mum.“ I sighed as she patted my side in comfort and stroking my hair like she used to do when I was upset when I was younger.

 "What do you think you should do luke? How do you feel about this all?” She asked softly. 

 "I love Katey but … Y/n is my best friend, I’m always going to love her!“ "As a friend or something more?” “I… I don’t know” I sighed.

 "Ask yourself this; how did you feel when she told you she was In love with you?“ 

 "Well, I was shocked obviously because i didn’t know, I was angry, angry that she had waited until today to tell me although I pushed her to tell me what was wrong if not I wouldn’t have known, but most of all I’m sad, sad that she hid it from me for so long, sad that she’s had to watch me plan my wedding with Katey when all this time she’s been in love with me.” I rambled. Why was this happening to me? 

 "I want you to make a wise decision, but I want you to do what you think is right and what makes you happy, they are both wonderful girls and no matter what one of them will get there heart broken, make sure you pick correctly the first time, don’t mess them about hunny.“

 "Thank you mum” I said standing up and leaving the room to go and find Katey. 

 Sucking in a deep breath I opened the door in which I knew she was getting ready in. She let out a quick scream trying to cover her wedding dress from my eyes. She looked amazing, truly stunning. How did I get so lucky?

 "Luke! It’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding!“ She gasped Trying to get me out of the room.

 "I’m sorry, I just wanted to see you before the wedding, I wanted to make sure you were sure about all this 100 percent.” I said 

 "I am. 100 percent. I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.“ She said adamant.

 "Good.” I smiled “I’ll see you at the alter” and with that I left. I definitely made the right decision I hope. 

Walking out of her room I bumped into y/n looking at her in sorrow. 

 "Hey" she mumbled softly “what did she say?” I looked at her sadly and sympathetically and i think she understood. 

 "You didn’t tell her did you, you’re still going to marry her.“ She said her eyes tearing up, glassy and sad.

 "I’m sorry, I really am-" 

 "It doesn’t matter Luke I’ll get over it. I just want you to be happy and you are with her. I’m honestly so happy for you, you and her would make the perfect married couple. Anyway I’ll see you down the isle, Katey wanted me in her room to help get me ready with the other bridesmaids.” She said quickly before going through the door i just came out of.

 I can do this. Only 15 minutes to go and I’ll be standing next to her at the alter. I love her so much, I’m doing the right thing. I thought back to how beautiful Katey looked the first time I met her and how I had to go speak to her but got y/n to do it for me because I was too shy, I remember what y/n looked like on that day too, she was beautiful as well. 

 I remembered when I took Katey to the school prom, she honestly looked so pretty that night that I asked her to be my girlfriend, I remember how y/n only stayed for an hour before going home telling me she was bored as she was dateless and I was too busy with Katey. I regretted parts of that night, the fact I ruined y/n’s night due to bailing on taking her to prom which sucked because I had never seen her look more beautiful than she did that night. I shook my head telling myself i had to forget about y/n I wasn’t marrying her I was marrying Katey.

 Walking down the isle to the altar I stood next to the boys (my best men) and waited. The music started as my breath hitched and I looked towards my mum who gave me a small smile.

 "Does she look good?“ I whispered to calum not wanting to look back at her until she reached my side. 

 "Yes, she looks… Beautiful.”

 "Ladies and gentleman please stand for the bride.“ 

 What? I thought she was half way down the isle by now…

 "What?” I whispered to calum before turning around to look down the isle. Oh. He meant y/n. She was the last of the bridesmaids to walk down the isle before Katey. I was taken aback, my eyes trained on y/n as she was walking shyly down the isle.

 I didn’t even realise that Katey was behind her at this point, it had hit me that maybe this was wrong, I was overwhelmed with love as I looked at her beauty mixed with sadness as she plastered a fake smile on her face to look happy. We met eyes before she gave me a small reassuring smile. She was generally too nice, I could never get over how un selfish she was, she always wanted others to be happy before her happiness. 

 I quickly diverted my eyes to Katey in hope no one would realise. Katey looked amazing, I was stunned but somehow y/n was on my mind, well she hadn’t left my mind for a long time. I should be focusing on being happy and starting my life with Katey not questioning what my life would be like with y/n.

 "Hey" she whispered once she reached me linking our pinkies together.

 "Hi" I whispered back “you look stunning” I smiled I heard people behind us sit down and the boys left my side to sit with the bridesmaids and family at the front.

 Calum winked at me before sitting next to y/n who was staring at the floor with a blank expression. I couldn’t imagine how hard this would be for her, to watch someone you love, love someone else. Calum put his arm around her breaking her out of her state as she smiled up at him.

 She nodded at something he said before he pulled her close against his side holding her hand in his. Jealously sparked within me and I wanted to rip his touch away from her. That’s when I knew for sure I had most likely made the wrong decision.

 Throughout the vows my eyes kept involuntarily flicking to where y/n was sat, watching her reaction yet not getting anything as she stared at the floor. I knew that was probably her way of being able to get through this

. The priest started to talk and my nerves shot up.

 "Luke Robert Hemmings do you take Katey rose Harrlow for your lawful wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?“ The priest asked turning to me.

 I took one final look at y/n meeting her eyes a I saw a tear escape her eye. I could tell this was hurting her, I looked back at Katey who was looking at me worriedly as I hadn’t answered immediately. 

 "I do”


 I’d made a mistake. 

 It hasn’t even been 20 minutes.

 I was sitting in the car next to Katey on he way to the wedding party, we hadn’t talked yet, reality hitting us that this was real- we were married. Husband and wife, best friends. No not best friends. No one could replace y/n. My thoughts drifted to y/n.

 I had never seen her look so defeated - and I was the cause of it. It made me feel like shit, when I should be the happiest in my life right now. 

 We arrived at the party venue. Everyone was already inside waiting for us. There were table everywhere, it was quite a big wedding. We walked up to the top table where our family and best men/maid of honour were sitting. I looked at the two table in front. One was full of the boy’s family, the other full of the bridesmaids- including y/n. 

She looked miserable, I knew that she didn’t get along with any of the bridesmaids, she had told me ages ago when she had to go dress shopping with them. I was surprised she had stayed. This must have been torture for her. She was such a good friend, I didn’t know how I was going to make it up to her. I did what my mum had said not to. I messed her around. I told her I wouldn’t marry Katey, I gave her hope that she still had a chance- and then I ruined it minutes later.

 I mainly stayed quiet over the dinner, only talking when talked to. The speeches were next, the boys did theirs together which ended up with them talking over each other but it was funny and made everyone laugh-even y/n.

 "We remember when we were all younger" Ashton said loudly so everyone could hear. “Me and the boys and y/n, we used to play pretend families- only because y/n made us” he earned a chuckle from the guests. “And now- now you’re actually married for real, not going to lie I though I would be the first to get married" 

 After the speeches Katey went to get changed into her other dress for dancing - I took this as a chance to go find y/n. It took me a while to find her, I had started to panic that she had left. And she nearly was when I spotted get from across the room, she had walked away from the bridesmaids and was going out the door that eventually lead to the exit after a few windy corridors. I quickly walked there, before shouting her name through the corridor. I turned the corner seeing that she had reached the exit door.

 "Y/n stop” I called

 "I-I can’t" her voice croaked

 "Please. You can’t leave" I said

 "I can’t stay" she said quietly. 

 "You’re my best friend, this is my wedding, please I need you here"

 "Why? You don’t need me anymore, she can be your new best friend, I can’t even be your friend anymore, I can’t do it any longer, it’s just a constant reminder of how I’m not good enough" she cried

 "Please, don’t do this" I whispered

 "I have to Luke, you don’t understand how hard this is to watch you two be happy, to know you’ll never want me, you’ll never look at me that way. I cAnt handle all the sympathetic looks off of the boys and your family. I need to move on with my life and the only way to do it is without you. I’m sorry" 

 "What do you mean without me?“ I asked suddenly scared. 

 "We can’t be friends anymore" 

 "That’s ridiculous! You can’t go from being my best friend to nothing!” I nearly shouted at her ridiculousness.

 "I have to!“ She shouted "what am I suppose to do Luke? Do you know how much it hurts to be around you?”

 "I understand, seriously I know how much it hurts, but please, I still need you in my life, you can’t walk away.“

 "I have to, I can’t do this, you need to go and enjoy your wedding, she’ll be wondering where you’ve gone” she said looking at me with a sad smile before walking out of the door.

 There wasn’t anything I could do, I should have gone after her but I was at a wedding, my wedding. I had to stay.

Light- Harry Styles imagine

Pairing: Y/N and Harry.

Summary: Y/N struggles with major depression and tries to hide it from Harry.

Warning: This might be triggering for some and I just want all of you who is dealing with depression or any sort of trouble to know that you are not alone. And my inbox is always open. I’ll be or at least try to be your light when no one else will. Stay strong! I love you very much!  ♡ ♡ ♡

Word count:


Depression;  feelings of severe despondency and dejection.

Which is the book definition for the aching feeling eating a way the little bit of happiness she stored away for a rainy day. But everyone’s depression is too different from each other to be stereotyped.

And Y/N would be the one to know this. After doing so much research on this terrible feeling she just cant seem to shake she realized there was so much more to what she was feeling.

At first it came very rarely. Like when she flunked an exam for college and couldn’t help but eat a carton of ice cream and cuddle against the person she loves the most. Or when she reads a hate tweet made about her that’s not as bad as some but still stings. And she marked it as normal cause at first it was. 

But then it came more often. Like when it rained and all she could was watch the little drops of free water run down her window as little bits of hope seeped out of her body. Or when thoughts of Harry leaving back for tour in two years popped in her head at the most random moments and all she felt was burning in her eyes and stiffness in her throat. And she knows it’s selfish to be thinking about that because so many of the people who need him have to go without for two years  

But she can’t stop thinking about the moments someone has or will leave her all over again. And once again she marked it as normal.

As time went on and that feeling drifted away from the thoughts of him leaving and sailed into the deep dark thoughts of hate she realized…this wasn’t going to be normal for very long. It hit her hard one night as she was curled up on the couch with a cup of tea and fuzzy blanket to make up for the lost of warmth from Harry’s body, who was out partying with the boys, and her favorite show play reruns when her phone buzzed against the soft cushions. 

She thought it was just another text from Harry telling her how much he couldn’t wait and get home so he could kiss all over that “prefect lil body of yours baby.” and the often “ ‘m so ready to get my hands on you” but had her hopes vanished when she saw it was a once fan of her tagging her in a hate post. Which led her into a night of getting lost into the hate pool of twitter and that feeling growing more than she thought it could. 

Hours upon hours later she was still sat on the couch, buried deep into her phone as her shaky fingers kept scrolling and her self esteem being ripped away with every blink of an eye. She couldn’t tear her eyes away. Couldn’t stop staring at all the things people hated about her. Things she never knew were worth hating on.

Like the way she says things. Or the shape of her eyes. The way her hair parts. Or sometimes doesn’t part at all. Her corny dance moves that always seems to make someone laugh in the end. Things that she’s always been told that people loved. Things that she loved…that were now turning into things she hated. 

The stupid way her words sound and sometimes slur together. The awkward and big way her eyes are. The disgusting way her hair just can’t do what it’s supposed to do and be perfect like all the models they say are better for Harry. Her ridiculous dance moves that probably embarrass Harry or other people. 

“I’m…disgusting.” She muttered and tossed her phone away from her. She couldn’t stop the words from spilling out of her mouth or the feeling of her heart snapping. All she could do was stare down at her bare thighs that seemed to look more horrible the more she stared at him. “I’m…ugly.” Her voice cracked into a soft sob as she traced a scare made from god knows what and bit her lip in anger. “Why can’t I be perfect?” She cried.

And it finally came fully. That aching and almost mind exploding feeling of nothingness. Except it wasn’t nothingness at all. It was everything and anything bad wrapped up into all one storm in her head. And not even the best weather man could predict when it would end. Or if it even would…

The night carried on with more hateful things slipping from her mouth and acid like tears slipping from her now dull eyes. “Why am I m-” Her sob was cut off by the lock turning from the door and the familiar drunk humming coming from behind it. She quickly wiped at her eyes, trying to get rid of any evidence that she was crying, and forced a small smile on her face when his drunk figure stumbled through the door.

He let out a few light giggles as he shut the door and toed off his boots, hair falling in his eyes. Her eyes watched him intently, waiting to feel that heart stopping happiness she always gets when he’s around, but was left with one little butterfly fluttering around in her empty stomach. His vibrant green eyes landed on hers and lit up with a mixture of childlike happiness and bone chilling lust.

“Baby!” He exclaimed, the little phrase of affection coming out slurred and rushed. “ ‘m so happy to see you.” He giggled, stumbling his way over to her and dropping down to his knees. His hands rested on her thighs that she just spent hours hating on and it took everything she had not to flinch away.

“I’m-I’m happy to see you too, Haz.” Y/N stuttered out, trying her hardest not to shove him away, She suddenly didn’t feel worthy to be touched by him especially in the way he was planning too. She bit her lip in discomfort as he kissed each of her thighs gently, humming softly against them. Something that usually had her floating in a land of bliss by now. 

“So beautiful, baby girl.” He mumbled against her skin, using his hand to gently press her stomach so she would fall back on the couch, before kissing his way up her stomach but stopped to suck gently on multiple spots.

She closed her eyes as tears began to form, her ears only hearing lies from his mouth. She wanted to hide away as he continued to kiss along her stomach. A place that over the last few nights has seemed to become uglier and uglier every time she sees it. “Stop lying to me.” She whispered ever so gently but the little sound picked up in Harry’s ear and forced him to stop his actions.

His darken eyes glanced up from his place at her stomach, lips brushing over the sensitive skin as he watches her eyes flutter against her cheeks and lips struggling not to fall into a frown. But the things that bothers him the most is the small glistening tear that managed to escape down her cheek.

“Baby…” He cooed and gently cupped her chin to tilt her head down towards him. Her eyes slowly opened and glanced down at him with a glossy shine. “What’s wrong?” He whispered quietly and she glanced away, blinking her eyes a few times. He watched quietly knowing that the best thing he could do for her right is just wait for her to open up.

“I’m…” Y/N trailed off and bit her trembling lip before closing her eyes. Her mind filled with all the hate she read which made it harder to compose herself and she felt like at any moment she would explode. But she couldn’t ruin his night. She couldn’t turn into the thing that constantly brings him down. So she sucked it up and took a deep breath before finally glancing down at his concern filled eyes. “I’m okay, love.” She whispered, gently brushing her fingers against his cheek and smiled softly once he leaned into it.

He turned to kiss the tips of her fingers before glancing back up at her. “Are you sure, baby?” He asked in a soft tone, watching her for any sign of sadness but was only met with a loving smile and small nod. There was a light that seemed to be slowly flickering away in her eyes but in his drunken state he thought it best to leave the matter alone. “You are so beautiful, Y/N.” He mumbled softly and leaned up to press a passionate kiss onto her lips.

But what he didn’t see before was that her lips fell into a trembling frown right as the words slipped from his mouth. Only to be hid away by a night filled of passion and sadness when it all ended. 

Weeks past by quickly after that and Y/N only seemed to be falling farther and farther into that feeling. Most days she curled up under the cover with only the wetness of her eyes to keep her company as Harry went on with his day. Part of her hated him for being gone so much. Like he didn’t even notice that she was slowly dying inside.

But he didn’t notice. How could he when she’s done such a great job hiding away the fact that she hated living more than she hated herself? With constant fake smiles and laughter. Forced light in her eyes and so many nights sneaking away to the bathroom so she wouldn’t break in front of him. 

And it was growing tiring living her days like she wasn’t broken. She was tired of putting on smiles for him and the rest of the world. She just wanted it to be over at this point. Just for everything to end. 

Today was no different from the others. Harry was out shopping or getting brunch with his friends while Y/N sat at the edge of their shared bed with a shining, sharp and almost soothing piece of metal in her fingers. Her eyes were blood shot and fixated on the little shard that could end everything with just one little cut. 

Y/N never thought she would get to this point. To the moment where all she could do was stare the razor in her fingers and mumble. “End it.” Over and over again as tears poured from her eyes. She didn’t think that she would get to the point where when she thought of leaving Harry…the lover her life…behind when it was all said and done that the only thing she could picture was him living happily without her bringing him down. “I’m burden to him. I’m a burden to everyone. Just end it.” 

She let out a shaky breath and slowly brought the razor to her right wrist, holding it over the artery that could make the whole world fade away.Her hands shook and her eyes burned as she pressed it slightly against her skin, not putting pressure to it. 

Her eyes cut over to the picture of her and Harry sitting on their dresser. Noticing the real smile plastered on her face and the light in her eyes. The fullness of her skin. The girl that would have never even had the slightest thought of doing what she was planning to do. And then she took note of Harry. Who was staring down at her like she was his whole world. Like the girl in the picture was the only thing that would ever make him smile the way he did.

And she was. “But I’m not her anymore.” She cried softly and looked back down razor pressing into her skin. “And I’ll never will be.” She closed her eyes and turned her head up towards the ceiling before counting down in her head. “1…2…”

Three never came because suddenly a voice broke through her barrier and the razor was slapped out of her hands. “Y/N!” Harry’s voice boomed in her ears and her head snapped down to find him staring up at her from the floor.Their eyes locked and her whole world was on displayed for him. His eyes filled with confusion, worry but mainly just sadness. 

Y/N cut her eyes away from him and down at the razor lying a few feet away from them. Tears began to fall as her body shook with sobs waiting to break through. Harry watched in utter heartbreak as he saw the girl who always never seem to fail and make him smile was breaking in front of him. 

“I-” She broke off with body raking sob and fell into Harry’s waiting arms. He held her tightly against him, his own tears falling as she sobbed into his chest the sound nearly making him break as well.

“Baby.” Harry whispered so gently she felt sick. She cried harder at his voice and slipped from the bed from the impact of the sobs and into Harry’s lap. He kept her in his arms for the whole thing, mind replaying what he just witnessed. Heart feeling with that horrible wave of terror when he saw her seconds away from ending everything. He let out a soft sob into her hair and gripped her tighter. “Baby, why?”

“I don’t want to feel this way anymore, Harry.” She wailed into his chest. “I don’t want to constantly feeling like I’m…like I’m nothing.” Her voice cracked at the end and so did Harry’s heart. “I don’t want to be a burden anymore.” 

Harry let out a shaky breath and closed his eyes as pain washed over him. He felt as he failed. Failed at being the one person to always make her feel loved and wanted. Made her feel exactly how she should feel. His everything. And watching her now. Watching her minutes ago with a razor pressed to her wrist. Hearing her words. Her sobs. Her hope nowhere to be found. He couldn’t help but feel like he had failed her. 

“Y/N, I am so sorry.” He whimpered into her hair. “Fuck, I’m so so sorry baby.” She clutched the back of his shirt and pushed herself closer. “Darling, why didn’t you say something? Why didn’t tell me that you were hurting?” He asked softly and lifted her head with his finger. Their watery eyes locked and more tears began to fall from both as the heartbreaking tension washed over them.

“I-I didn’t want to be a burden.” She mumbled and glanced away from him. Harry’s little bit of composer shattered at her words and a world crushing sob left him. Y/N’s eyes snapped back at him at the sound and felt her soul break at the sight of him. “Oh baby.” She cried and pulled him into his neck as he continued to sob. “Shh. Harry, it isn’t your fault.” She tried to reassure him but was only met with louder sobs.

He shook his head in her neck and pulled back to cup her face. “Yes it is.” He chocked out. “Because I didn’t show you how absolutely fucking amazing you are.” He stated, eyes never leaving hers. “You don’t get it, Y/N. You are my everything. You are my world. Baby, you’re my light.” He whispered before sealing his words with a kiss. Kissing her like he was just about to lose her and for a second there he thought he was. And he planned to never to have to go through that again. 

Y/N sobbed against his mouth but kissed him back with the same amount of passion, pulling his chest against hers. Harry pulled back, expecting to find a broken frown on her face but was met with the most genuine smile he’s seen from her in a while. 

Y/N had finally heard what she needed to hear. Did it fixed everything with a snap of a finger? Hell no. Not even to begin with. But was it giant step in getting better? We already know the answer to this so why ask. 

She got that little bit of hope back and it was enough to kick off the long journey towards recovery. But she had Harry and to her that was enough to take on the whole world.

“You’re my light too.” She whispered and pressed her lips to his. “You’re my light too.”

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♔ : (Finding the other wearing their clothes) for grimmons. Tbh i cant decide who wearing the others clothes is better.

grif hasn’t been home in three days and he never once thought he’d be happy to see the dirty, peeling entryway of his crummy building in a million years–and yet here we are.

tucker and wash were finally moving in together and what was supposed to be a day of ordering donut around and drinking all the beer had turned into a fiasco of missing cats, broken down u-hauls, and faulty wiring resulting in the smallest of fires it’s fine tucker junior found the fire extinguisher. grif had banned tucker from calling in any more favours for at least a month before turning his phone off and heading home.

now he hauls himself up the stairs, hoping that simmons is home there’s something in the fridge and wondering if he can con one more day off out of sarge in the morning. he can hear puttering in the kitchen and if his heart skips a beat it’s only at the thought of food duh. he turns the corner and spends more minutes then he’ll admit quietly watching his–watching simmons mutter to himself as he watches something on the stovetop. he probably would’ve kept staring like a creep but his stomach chooses that moment to let out a monstrous gurgle that startles simmons into knocking a thankfully empty pan off the counter and spinning around with wide eyes.


“sup dweeb,” he says cooly, sauntering into the kitchen like he hasn’t been lurking like a lunatic–nice alliteration, pipes a voice in his head that sounds annoyingly like donut. 

“what are you doing here? i thought you said you weren’t going to come back til tomorrow morning?” he sounds oddly flustered and grif eyes him as he wanders over to inspect what’s cooking.

“yeah well tucker and wash were being gross and sappy and donut kept making noises about another vegan meal and i refuse to submit myself to that kind of torture.” it’s spaghetti bolognese which is weird because that’s one of simmons’ go-to comfort meals and he doesn’t seem that upset and what the fuck why hasn’t grif heard of this. “what’s wrong with you?”

simmons blinks. “what? nothing, why?”

grif narrows his eyes at him. “you’re making spaghetti bolognese. you never make that unless you’re upset over something and the last time was when they cancelled almost human.”

“it was a good show!” the redhead flushes and something pleased settles in the pit of grif’s stomach. “the network just didn’t give it enough time and they put it in a shitty timeslot anyways–”

“alright, nerd, calm down. my point is that this,” he gestures pointedly at the simmering pot, “is a comfort meal so clearly you need comforting about something so what’s going on?”

simmons’ face goes even redder and he fidgets anxiously. “pft whaaat nothing’s going on. i’m completely fine! what a guy can’t just get a craving every now and then?! i don’t think i like this interrogative attitude you’ve got going on and frankly–”

grif rolls his eyes as he works himself into a heated rant. he glances around to see if he can pick up any clues, but besides the apartment being in a slightly messier state than usual he doesn’t notice–he narrows his eyes. simmons is notorious about chores and grif being out of the house for three days should of had this place looking like a mausoleum. but there’s at least three empty pop cans sitting by the sink and a familiar brightly coloured box that comes from the bakery down the road.

his eyes drift back to simmons who’s now lecturing the boiling spaghetti. his hair is definitely more wild than usual and he’s wearing pyjama pants at four o’clock in the afternoon and–

“what the fuck are you wearing?”

simmons snaps his mouth shut so fast his teeth clack. he stares determinedly at the sauce, refusing to look up even as his flush comes back full force. “what? this? i don’t know i just pulled it out of my laundry.”

bull-fucking-shit. the sweater he’s wearing is far too large in the shoulders for his lanky frame, and is exposing distracting amounts of collarbone. it’s also too short in the arms and doesn’t reach the juts of simmons’ wrists. 

conclusion: it ain’t fucking simmons’ sweater.

“you’re wearing my sweater.”

simmons makes a noise like a delating balloon. “i am not!”

grif couldn’t stop the smirk if you waved a hotdog in front of his face. “you’re wearing my sweater and you’ve been eating those cronuts that i like.”

the redhead folds his arms defensively but it really doesn’t do anything except tug the collar of his–grif’s–sweater further along his shoulder. “so?”

he meeps when grif pushes into his space, crowding him against the counter. there’s something dark and warm curling behind his ribcage and grif wants to keep it. “so just admit it simmons.”

“admit what?” he says weakly, even as his fingers ghost against grif’s hips.

grif arches a brow and grins up at him. “you missed me,” he says cockily.

simmons squawks, “i did not! i loved how quiet it was without your stupid video games, or that i didn’t have to worry about tripping over your fucking shoes all the time–”

“you’re practically pining like a teenage girl–”

“no one using all the hot water–”

“i can smell my shampoo by the way–”

“something other than hot pockets–”

“you might as well just admit it, i missed you too.”

simmons twitches, words stumbling to a halt. he blinks at grif for a moment, then a small smile curls at his lips. “yeah?”

grif chuckles. “yeah,” he says, “no one bitches at me quite like you do.”

simmons sniffs, absurdly pleased and grif can’t help but lean in to kiss the stupid look off his face. simmons curls around him, hands settling firmly on his hips, and grif tries not to laugh at the taste of his cinnamon toothpaste on the redhead’s tongue. he pulls back after a few sweet moments, smug when simmons follows him.

“not that i wouldn’t love to continue this,” he says quietly into the space between them, “but i think your sauce is burning.”

simmons startles and shoves past him with a dismayed wail. grif laughs and laughs as he’s berated and settles into the feeling of home.


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Daddy Dean: Date Night

(not my gifs)

“So how was your date?” You jumped about a mile high, your bag falling to the ground as you spun around and cocked your gun. Dean was standing next to his bed in the motel, looking at you with raised eyebrows as he continued to fold your laundry and put it in your suitcase. You slowly lowered the gun, staring at him with wide eyes. He and Uncle Sam weren’t supposed to be back from this hunt until at least tomorrow afternoon but there your father was, still awake and fully dressed in his suit, waiting for you to show up. 

“We finished up early, right after interviewing a witness we did the salt and burn and figured we could ditch town tonight but I’ve had to wait here for you for about two hours,” Dean shrugged, zipping the small pocket if your suitcase closed before opening the big one and starting to put more clothes in. “Uncle Sam is passed out in his room so it looks like we’re waiting for the morning.” 


 “If you’re about to give me some bull crap excuse I really don’t want to hear it (Y/N),” Dean continued calmly. “Do you know how freaking terrified we both were when you weren’t here when we got back, no note, no texts and you didn’t answer your cell phone. We drove around town looking for you and eventually spotted you having that little date in the corner café. The only reason I didn’t drag you back crying is because I know you were getting stir crazy. But you’ve got to let me know where the hell you are (Y/N).” 

You sighed, sitting down on your bed and watching your father start packing his own suitcase, “I’m sorry, I just needed a little fun.” 

Dean looked up at you with both eyebrows raised, causing you to shrink back against your pillow, “No one said you couldn’t go on the date, just now without us knowing (Y/N). That’s basic knowledge; I know you know better than that. We only take you on hunts and away from home when we know we’re going to be gone for more than a week. How am I supposed to trust you when we leave you home, if I cant trust you when you’re right under my nose?” 

“Maybe we should all just stop leaving home,” you muttered, looking towards the window. 

You noticed Dean’s hand still before he clenched his fists together, bunching up a shirt that had been in one hand, “That’s not fair (Y/N).” 

You stayed silent, already regretting what you had said and knowing it was a cheap shot at your father. “I barely hunt anymore. We only go on hunts when it’s absolutely necessary and no one else can do it. I’m not going to sit down and let people die but you know I prioritize my family,” Dean said in a hurt voice, throwing the shirt down onto the bed and turning around. “You think I like bringing my daughter to dirty motels across the country, doing what my dad did to me to you? It makes me and your Uncle sick but you can’t possibly say I do this a lot or I like doing this still.” 

 You stood up quickly, going in front of him and feeling horrible as you noticed his eyes were slightly red, “Dad I cant believe that came out of my mouth, that was such a horrible thing to say. I promise it’s not how I actually feel, I know you and Uncle Sammy hate doing this still and I respect you so much that you still hunt when it’s necessary. I was just pissed off that I got caught coming back and I tried to make it about you. It was terrible, I’m sorry.” 

You ended the apology by throwing yourself into him and wrapping your arms tightly around his waist, “And I’m sorry I basically snuck out daddy.” 

He groaned, laughing lightly and wrapping you in his arms, “You know I can’t stay mad at you when you call me daddy.” He pulled slightly back, tilting your chin up so you had to keep eye contact before saying in a firm voice, “But don’t you ever freaking do that again, I thought something took you. Next time it happens, you’re going to be very sorry.” 

“I promise it won’t happen again-“ 

“Is (Y/N) back yet?” A tired voice questioned as the door to your motel room opened. You and Dean turned around to look at a very exhausted Sam with bed head leaning against the doorframe, rubbing his eyes. He caught sight of you and smiled before yawning and opening his arms, “Oh, there you are you brat. Come here.” 

You laughed before walking over and falling into his arms, resting your head on his chest and looking over at Dean who smiled, “So you gonna tell us anything about this date or what?”

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If youre doing drabbles, 13 nursey/dex, please?

“Have you ever wanted to hate someone?“

“Um, are you okay?” Tango asked cautiously.

Dex was still pouting, face red, arms crossed and hoping at least this might mean they won’t put him on Nursey Patrol for a while. The kegster had barely started, yet he already managed to pick a fight with Nursey over something stupid, forcing Ransom and Holster to intervene. Now Dex was trying to calm down out on the porch, but he hadn’t realized Nursey’s favorite Tadpole had followed him. If anything, he assumed he’d be looking after Nursey. Not that Dex cared about if someone was checking on Nursey.

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Give Me Love Part 5

Pair : Jensen x Reader

A/N : We are almost near the end. What will she say?! Message me with your thoughts! xoxo

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Its too late to run away from it all. It happened, Jensen and I. And now, now we are here. Our worlds falling apart.

I know I should just walk away, but I wasn’t moving. I couldn’t. Why did he have so much power over me? It was like I was chained to him. Able to take a few steps, but never able to leave.

“Get out! You both deserve each other!” Danneel spewed. I shot my eyes her direction. Witnessing Jensen being pushed out of the house and Danneel slamming the door in front of him.

Shit, she knows. She has to for her to be that angry. Great, I not only ruined my life, but I ruined theirs. I hurt the only person in my life that I ever cared for. Im a monster, nothing more than just a home wrecking little-

“Y/N!” Jensen Yelled out, running after me. He eyes were locked with mine and I was frozen

Leave Y/N! Now is your chance. Go and never look back. Don’t let him get to you because you wont ever be able to get out.

He made his way to me. Panting, trying to catch his breath. “I told her, everything. Because I couldn’t lie anymore. I love you Y/N. I want you. And only you.”

I opened my mouth, but nothing came out. Fuck, I was stuck. Glued to this man and now I’m in way too deep.

His lips crashed into mine, his hands traveled along my torso as he pulled me in closer. How can something so wrong feel so right? He puts me on a high, sending me to nirvana. He is the only person to ever make me feel this way.

My mind was hazy, flooded with different emotions. And even though I hate myself for this, I caved in. Taking him in and tasting him. He is in my arms.

“Lets go, just you and me. We will go anywhere.” He whispered.

“W-what? Are you sure?” I muttered, feeling his lips lightly graze over mine.

“Yeah, come on.” He stammered, taking my hand and pulling me to his car.

“We got nothing to lose..” I exhaled, following close behind. But I couldn’t help my eyes gazing towards the house, where the blinds slightly shifted. She was looking at us, probably hating us, hating me.
What am I doing?


“Where do you want to go?” He asked, tugging at my hand as we sat in his car, waiting.

I looked into his eyes, feeling safe. As if I were meant to be where I was. He had that affect on me, and I hated him for it.

“Surprise me” I shrugged, curving my lips up. Jensen let out a soft sigh and returned his gaze back to the road.

“Lets drive to Jareds.” He muttered.

Awesome, going to his best friends house, whose wife is Danneels best friend. Who knows me, had family dinners with.
I was beginning to feel anxious, as if I were about to throw up.

“Are you Crazy?!” I yelped.

“What? Why?” He stopped the car  and turned his body to face me. His smile had vanished and he was serious. “Y/N, I love you. And they will understa-”

“Are you kidding me? Jensen, you’re married. TO MY SISTER!” I felt my voice raise. Anger and anxiety all wrapped in one. “I love you, but we cant do this. We cant be together and pretend everything is ok.”

Jensen pursed his lips and nodded. His eyes welled with tears as he crossed his arms over his chest.

“This isn’t going to work. We didn’t think this through. Your family, my family and all of our friends will never accept us.”

“But we will have each other Y/N. Doesn’t that matter?” He looked helpless.

This wasn’t what I wanted. I didn’t want to be in this situation. To be in love with him. But you cant help who you fall in love with.

It does matter. But that doesn’t change anything, because what we are doing isn’t ok. We will be hurting everyone around us. We already hurt Danneel, and for that, I will never be able to forgive myself.

“As much as I wish it were enough, it isn’t.” A tear fell silently on to my cheek, causing others to flow behind. I couldn’t control myself.

“Y/N, please don’t do this. Don’t walk away.” He pleaded.

I couldn’t handle the tension. The longing stare and the quivering of his lip. I want to just take him in, kiss him and pretend its just us.

How do you look at someone you love, and tell yourself its time to walk away?

“I love you Jensen, and I think a part of me will always love you. And I wish things were different, But I cant be with you.” I wiped my tears and swallowed hard. “I wont.”
I pushed the passenger door open, feeling the cold air hit my face. It was refreshing.

“Y/N…” Jensen croaked, his tears streaming down his cheeks. I closed the door behind me and began walking. As much as I wanted to turn around, I couldn’t.

With no destination, I kept my pace.

I know what I did was the right thing to do, but my heart felt like it was ripped out of my chest and stomped on. My stomach churned and I felt like my world stopped spinning.

Don’t stop. Breathe and keep going.

“Y/N!” Jensen Yelped.


(Jensens Pov)

Shes gone. Not once has she turned back to look at me. What the hell happened? 

I was happily married. In love with how my life was going. But now, I feel lost. Watching her go is probably the hardest thing I have ever been through.

What am I suppose to do now? I mean, I still love Danneel, shes been my best friend for over 8 years now and I care about her so much. But then there is Y/N. Her younger sister. The girl I watched grow up and loved her like family. When did it become so much more? 

Screw it, I cant let her walk away. Not now, not after everything we have been through. 

“Y/N!” I yelped. Running toward her, I pulled her hand and crashed my lips to hers. Pressing firmly and cupping my hands on to her cheek. 

“I love you. I’m not going to give up on this, on you.” I exhaled. “You’re worth it. Worth the fight, and I know, this is it. You’re it. Please dont go.”

“Jensen I-” 

“I want to marry you. I want to grow old with you. When i think about my future, I see you there. Please.” I stammered. 

Her mouth parted but no words escaped. Just her eyes lingering. 

What is she thinking? Say something. Anything…. 


Hi Guys! I hope you enjoy this drabble! thanks for the # Anon! 

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More often than not girls were always throwing themselves at Finn, she wasn’t worried or anything she knew where his heart lied, it was just really annoying, especially when she was sitting with him.

“ you mind I’m trying to have a drink with my boyfriend.” Rae said exhausted.

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