how am i supposed to wait a whole week

Secret (Jerome x Male Reader)


Warning: Some strong language.

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Game of Thrones

I have a question for who likes Game of Thrones: HOW THE FUCK AN I SUPPOSED TO WAIT UNTIL NEXT WEEK?!?!?

So the comeback is finally here and omg!!!!!!! Kyungsoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Looking as beautiful, as cute, as adorable as ever I can’t

All of them though!!

Suho got me weak! Are Xiumin and Sehun sharing a couple drink?! Chen with blonde hair and those vocals yasss!! @heebiejbies take your husband Chanyeolie~~ Mullet is a no no but it’s Baek so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Kai should read up about a thing called buttons because excuse me~

The beach vibes~~~

The whole MV is a slight LSD trip for me ;D

I need that album and I need it now!! How am I supposed to wait those 2 weeks for it to get here?!

The only thing this comeback is missing is Yixing ;(

Edit: My sis came in and the only thing she said she got from this MV was that they really like burgers and I’m dying ;D

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Pregnant mc and ddiwt guys recalling the time that they had sex which made her pregnant

Haruki helps you to the bed for a rest. It has been 37 weeks of your pregnancy and you are definitely getting clumsy due to the weight of the baby in your tummy. Sitting beside you, Haruki starts rubbing your tummy gently.

“I can’t believe the baby will be coming soon.” You said sweetly.

“Yup! It seem liked we just have sex in this bed. I still remember how you asked me to fasten my pace at my hips.” Haruki teased.

You can’t help but blushed. Suddenly you feel something wet coming out from below.

“Haru… I think my water bag break.” You cried out in pain.

“Don’t panic, I going to drive you to the hospital now.” Haruki quickly grab your bag and slowly lead you out of the house. He tries to remain calm but he is actually very nervous.

Sitting on the sofa, Ryuzo is reading a book to the baby inside your tummy. Both of you can’t wait to see him soon. It will be another 2 more weeks to your estimate due date.

“I still remember that night how we got so passionate that I pushes you down on the sofa here.” Ryuzo chuckled.

“You were so pushy that night.” You exclaimed.

“But you like it when I am pushy right? You are basically clinging on to me the whole time.” Ryuzo chuckled again.

You suddenly feel a sharp pain at your tummy and you scream out loudly.

“The baby is coming out.” You cried out in pain.

“What? It aren’t suppose to be early. What should I do? Yes, to the hospital.” Ryuzo panic.

He then grabs your bag and lifts you up. He carries you to the car and drive to the hospital. It is so obvious that nervous is written all over his face.

Ichigo is placing his ear at your tummy. The baby inside seem to be responding to his voice too.

“_____, do you still remember how many rounds we did that night in this bed?” Ichigo teased.

“I can’t remember.” You blushed.

“Do you want me to remind you? I can’t wait to feel you again.” He whispered into your ear.

Before you can respond to him, you feel your panties is wet. Your water bag just break.

“We need to go to the hospital now.” You cried out in pain.

Without any delay, Ichigo carries you out together with the bag. He drives you to the hospital and along the way ask you to endure the pain.

Takeshi wraps his arm around your shoulder while watching the TV on the travel show.

“We should go back to the hotel where we have our honeymoon. We can make our second baby there.” Takeshi muttered.

“I love that place. It was so romantic.” You replied sweetly.

“We are so passionately that night that we did not stop until the next morning.” Takeshi chuckled.

“I think holiday can wait. You need to get me to the hospital now.” You suddenly scream out. Your water bag suddenly break and you are in pain.

Seeing that, Takeshi immediately run to the room and grabs your bag. He then slowly carries you to the car and drive you to the hospital. He can’t believe the pain was such unbearable.

Here’s my half of an art trade with @fo4companionsreact! Hope you enjoy you wonderful person you! 

By the way, I listened to this song for the most part while I wrote it, so I thought maybe you’d like to listen to it while you read. It’s ambient, so you don’t have to worry about lyrics distracting you (I know they distract me when I read):

Under the cut for length!

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Honestly, how am I supposed to wait (read: survive) a WHOLE WEEK until the next episode when we get Titus saying this:

Your feelings for Clarke put both of you in danger.

and then the forearm grasp thing between Clexa:

then THIS ridiculously meaningful, heart attack-inducing look from Clarke:

and then Clarke “Mission: Impossible” Griffin:

and then THIS badass and intense moment from Lexa:





Kasim: So you’re not gonna talk to me for the whole ride?

Devin: What do you want me to say, Kasim?

Kasim: I don’t know. Say something. You’re sitting over there like you’re mad at me.

Devin: I’m not sure “mad” is the right word. Disgusted is more like it.

Kasim: With me?

Devin: I’m disgusted with you and Dylan.

Kasim: What are you disgusted with me for?!

Devin: Aside from the fact that you’re sleeping with my sister? I don’t like that you threw her out of your house with no clothes on.

Kasim: You’re just using that as an excuse to be mad at me.

Devin: I don’t need an excuse to be mad at you. I really have a problem with that. I didn’t think you were the type of guy to treat women like that.

Kasim: First of all, that’s not how I treat women. That’s how I treat maniacs. Your sister is crazy. Do you see how she acted in that store today?

Devin: That doesn’t have anything to do with what you did to her.

Kasim: Yes it does!

Devin: No it doesn’t. I can fight with her every single day. That’s still my sister and I don’t want you or anybody else dogging her out.

Kasim: Ain’t nobody dogging her out. My point is that she’s crazy. She got a fucked up attitude. Her mouth is reckless, and all she wanna do is fight. I’m not gonna put my hands on her, so the best thing to do when she starts acting crazy, is to remove myself from the situation or remove her. If she’s in my house acting like she don’t have no sense, she gotta go! 

Devin: You didn’t have to put her out in her underwear.

Kasim: I kept asking her to leave. She wouldn’t go and that was the only way I could get her out. That shit happened like 1 or 2 in the morning. No one that lives on my floor is in the hallway that time of night. I knew no one would see her. You’re acting like I threw her out in the middle of the street butt ass naked. I wouldn’t have put her out at all if she wasn’t acting stupid. She was arguing with me about you, because she knew I was seeing someone else. But we’re not in a relationship, so what is she arguing with me for?!

Devin: It’s not cool that you’re treating her like a jump off either.

He sucked his teeth.

Kasim: Listen, I know she’s your sister and all that, but Dylan is a grown ass woman and she does what she wants to do. I didn’t twist her arm or lie to her about anything. When she pushed up on me, she wasn’t looking for no relationship.

Devin: Well, regardless of what she was looking for in the beginning, she obviously has feelings for you now or she wouldn’t be worried about you seeing someone else.

Devin: You’re sitting here telling me about everything that’s wrong with her. If she’s so terrible, why are you still dealing with her?

He didn’t respond to that either.

Devin: Exactly. You must have some kind of feelings for her too.

Kasim: No, I don’t! How the fuck you gonna tell me how I feel?

Devin: Whatever, Kasim. I don’t even want to hear it.

Devin: How long have you been seeing her?

He kept his eyes glued to the road bracing himself for what he knew was coming.

Kasim: I don’t know… A few months. Not that long.

Devin: And how long has she been in St. Claire?

He knew the probability of Devin finding out the truth was very high, yet he couldn’t bring himself to tell her the grimy details of how he and Dylan started messing around. So he lied.

Kasim: I don’t know.

Devin: So you don’t talk to her? You don’t know anything about her?

Kasim: Yeah we talk. I just don’t know all that.

Devin: How did you meet her?

Awkward pause.

Kasim: I met her at a friend’s barbecue.

Devin: Which friend? Who?

He was getting very tired of her interrogation, because the more questions she asked, the more lies he would be forced to tell.

Kasim: Why?! You don’t know him. What difference does it make?

Devin: What are you getting mad for?! I’m just trying to figure out what’s going on with my sister! I want to know when she came here and with who. I know she didn’t just up and come to St. Claire by herself! Why can’t I know who your friend is? Is it a secret?

Kasim: No, it’s not a secret. I-

Devin: Forget it, Kasim. Just give me her address and I can talk to her myself.

Kasim: What?

Devin: You deaf now? I want her address.

Kasim: C'mon, Dylan-

Devin: I’m not Dylan. My name is DEVIN.

He sighed and shook his head.

Kasim: I know what your name is, alright? It was a mistake.

Devin: You ain’t been making mistakes with my name.

Kasim: You just had a fight with her and we’re sitting here talking about her! Damn! My head is a little fucked up right now. Can you cut me some slack!

Devin: Whatever. Just give me the address, Kasim.

Kasim: I’m not giving you her address. I’ll give her your number. If she wants you to have her address she can give it to you herself.

Devin: That’s my sister! How you not going to give me her address?!

Kasim: The fact that I’m seeing both of you is bad enough, now you’re asking me to betray her trust?

Devin: Why you worrying about betraying her trust all of a sudden? According to you, she’s just a piece of ass, right?

Kasim: I never said that. I said she was a friend with benefits.

Devin: Friend with benefits, piece of ass - it’s all the same thing. I need her address.

Kasim: I said NO. I will give her your phone number.

Devin: What good is that gonna do?! You know she’s not gonna call me!

Kasim: Y'all fighting and you want me to give you her address? For what, so you can go over there and fight her again? No, I’m not doing that. I’m not getting involved in this shit.

Devin: You’re already involved!

He stared straight ahead at the road, ignoring her and shutting down any further discussion. She turned away to look out the window, and they drove the rest of the way in silence. When they reached her house, he put the truck in park and leaned back in his seat.

Kasim: What’s up, Devin?

Devin: Nothing’s up.

Kasim: We good or what?

Devin: How are we supposed to be good and you’re sleeping with my sister? Are you going to stop seeing her?

Kasim: Yeah.

There was something about the quick, nonchalant way he said it that made Devin think he was lying.

Devin: No you’re not.

Kasim: Yes I am! What are you talking about? I already stopped seeing her. I haven’t seen her in over two weeks.

Devin: Wow! A whole two weeks?! This is crazy. You’re not gonna give me her address, right?

The look on his face was all the answer she needed.

Devin: Bye, Kasim.

Kasim: Devin wait a minute… C'mon, why are you acting like this?

He got out the truck to go after her, but she was up the stairs and inside her front door before his foot hit the curb. He considered ringing her bell, but changed his mind. Giving her some space was probably for the best. With everything that had happened, he needed some time to get his own head together and decide what he wanted to do.

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Point Break

FanndÄs grumbled as her phone went off. 3:30 in the morning: it could only be one person. “Yes, Director,” she mumbled, still a little tipsy from her night out. She only half listened, but she heard enough. “Fine, I’m on my way,” she sighed. She slipped out of bed, throwing a pair of jeans on under her short dress, along with some black riding boots. Placing her long black hair back in a ponytail she grabbed her coat and keys. This was the only part she hated about SHIELD; late night calls and babysitting.  

Her boots clacked against tbe marble floors in the silence, but she didn’t care. It was late, she was tired, and if she had to be awake, everyone else could be too. Strolling into the conference room, she scowled at her new charge, but handed him a cup of coffee. “A peace offering,” she snipped, forcing a smile. Her glare slid to Fury, who seemed to be enjoying the scene.  

“So, how long am I babysitting ‘Point Break’ for? A day? A week?” She sipped her coffee,  trying to sober up completely. Her eyes kept shifting to Thor; he was hot, but a total mess.  

“You’re his new handler…permanently.” A wide smile spread across Fury’s lips. He knew how she felt about Thor, his brother, the whole situation.  

“Great…my dream assignment,” she smirked. “Come on, let’s get going. I’d like to get some sleep on what was supposed to be my day off.” FanndÄs walked to the door and looked back at him, obviously drunk, and waited, tapping her foot.