how am i supposed to take any of this seriously

EXO Mafia Reaction: When their pregnant wife tries to leave them to protect their unborn child

||| Anons asked: Mafia!exo/bts reacting to their wife wanting to leave them bc she wants to protect their unborn child; Can I request an Exo mafia reaction where you get pregnant and try and keep it from him? |||


Park Chanyeol

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You told him you were going shopping but when you didn’t come back for more than three hours and didn’t answer your phone he became worried.

“That girl, she wouldn’t dare do something like this, or would she?”

Xiumin/Kim Minseok

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You have been thinking about leaving for a while now and when you finally decided to go on with your plan, he came back home early and caught you red handed.

“What the fuck are you doing? Don’t tell me it’s what I’m thinking about.”

Chen/Kim Jongdae

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You came by his office and told him that you wanted a break. He was so shocked by your sudden statement that he only caught up with you outside.

“Excuse me, can you repeat what stupid thing you just said? Are you seriously trying to leave with our child?”

D.O/Do Kyungsoo

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You tried to sneak out at night when somebody grabbed you by your arm.

“And where do you think you’re going, Jagi? Are you trying to escape and leave me all alone?”

Kris/Wu Yifan

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When he came back home and found you missing he immediately understood what you did.

“Aish, she shouldn’t have told me in the first place. Now how am I supposed to relax until I find her?”

Tao/Huang Zitao

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When he found out you left him with his child he was beyond pissed.

“How dare she do something like that to me? Does she seriously think it will be that easy?”

Kai/Kim Jongin

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When he became aware of your plan he was determined to make you understand that no one will keep you and your child safer than him.

“Jagi, please stay, I really don’t want to take any drastic measures.”

Byun Baekhyun

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You left him a note saying that you will stay at your parents place for a while. He was annoyed that you didn’t call him and tell this yourself so he drove to their house but of course you weren’t there.

“Fuck.” he shouted smashing his car’s window, startling your parents. “I swear, your daughter will be the death of me.”


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He tracked you down the same day and demanded an explanation. When you told him you were pregnant he was so shocked you tried to leave him.

“And you would have taken our child away from me just like that?”

Zhang Yixing

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He was so excited when he first heard the big news that he couldn’t believe you did something like this to him. He went on a rage, smashing everything he found, no one dared to approach him as they have never seen him this mad.

“Find her and bring her to me. Now!!” he ordered his men.

Suho/Kim Junmyeon

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After telling him you went to the balcony to clear your head but he followed after you. You could see he knew what you were thinking.

“Just don’t. It will only be worse for both of us.”

Oh Sehun

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When he found out that you’re pregnant not from you but from others he was really irritated but when he was told you also left him, he was beyond pissed.

“I can’t fucking take my eyes off her for a second or she goes ahead and makes trouble for me.”

A/N: Almost all of their reactions turned out pretty angry or maybe it’s just me releasing my built up frustration from the exams 😂

“Cruel Intentions” Meme
  • “He told me he loved me…and I believed him.”
  • “Would you cut your psycho-babble bullshit?”
  • “You are a slut.”
  • “I’m the only person you can’t have, and it kills you.”
  • “I’ve heard all about you.”
  • “We’re friends, right?”
  • “Do you wanna have a sleepover?”
  • “It’s amazing how someone as charming as you can be so manipulative.”
  • “The best you can hope for is my friendship, and you’re walking a thin line at that.”
  • “This could ruin my whole career.”
  • “God forbid I exude confidence and enjoy sex.”
  • “You take yourself too seriously.”
  • “It’s okay, you can laugh. I promise I won’t tell anybody.”
  • “Am I supposed to feel this sore?”
  • “This is what I like to call ‘quiet time.’”
  • “I can’t keep my feelings all bottled up for you.”
  • “Can you honestly tell me that you don’t have any feelings for me?”
  • “I don’t trust myself with you.”
  • “I can’t take your games anymore.”
  • “You spend all your time waiting for love, and here it is! Right in front of you. And you’re turning your back on it.”
  • “I thought I was in love with you, but it was just a lie.”
  • “I just wanted to see what you were like in bed.”
  • “There’s someone else that I love. You don’t even compare to him/her.”
  • “You’re just a toy - a little toy that I like to play with.”
  • “Unfortunately, I don’t fuck losers.”
  • “Being with you was the only time I have ever been happy.”
  • “I am a wreck without you.”

okay, it took me a while to write everything down, but here are my thoughts and reactions to the last 19 days chapter!! (an alternative title for this could be ‘how to make people regret asking about your thoughts’)

anyway, it’s been pretty hard for me to put some order to my thoughts, because im just!!!!!!! so in love with this chapter!!!!!!!! it’s been a whole day and im still such a mess, there are noises coming out of my mouth but they’re not human, and i can’t find the right words to express how i feel because this update wAS TOO MUCH FOR MY POOR HEART

i think this might be my favorite tianshan chapter, tho it’s a very close tie with chapter 185, and im afraid i’ve been kinda all over the place, but hopefully it makes sense!! (putting this under a cut because it’s really long and there are some pictures)

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Here we go…

I got around to analyzing the Cross x Dream comic, and, well, let’s just say I found some stuff I kinda wanted to bring attention to… whoops… sorry in advance? (I’m not trying to hurt anyone, I’m just being overly observant as usual.)

And no, this actually isn’t another rant about how Nightmare is unloved, thank goodness. This is supposed to be half comedy, so only take it half seriously. My strong reactions to things are for comedic effect, I mean. In fact, most of it is simply my reactions to the comic while I was reading it.

I don’t own any of the images used.

Update: Since the Cross x Dream comic was abruptly discontinued, this post doesn’t have much importance anymore, but I’m still going to leave this here for… historical purposes? Yeah, let’s just go with that.

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Superhero AUs #7

- ‘Is it just me or have the general public been hindering you in arresting me lately?’ AU
- ‘Apparently the entire city ships us’ AU

- ‘We’re in the drama prop cupboard joking around and you put on a mask and suddenly I realised, oh god you’re a superhero’ AU
- ‘You just fainted and I don’t know if you’re just a really good actor or this dumb mask somehow scared you that much and now I’m freaking out’ AU

- ‘I know I’m really bad at catching you but could you please stop humming ‘Can’t Touch This’ as you run away from me, the constant rhyming is bad but this is just rude’ AU
- ‘Catch me once (use sousveillance), catch me never and I’ll keep going forever’ AU

- ‘Which crown do you like better on me? I can’t decide if A is too gaudy or B is too plain’ AU
- ‘There’s beating me to a bloody pulp, making me your prisoner and taking over my city, and then there’s asking me to make fashion decisions’ AU

- ‘I broke into your warehouse to finally arrest you but I can hear singing and I think you’re in the shower…I feel like I should leave but you have the most amazing singing voice’ AU
- ‘I think there’s someone in my warehouse I am Naked and Afraid™’ AU

- ‘There’s been so much shenanigans on our bus to school that now we all have assigned seats, only problem is now you’re my seat buddy for the rest of the year and everybody knows we hate each other (and they don’t even know about our extracurricular super hatred)’ AU
- ‘I caused havoc so we’d get assigned bus seats, then stole the plan and put us next to each other. Now I have two and a bit terms of school and an hour a day of sitting next to each other to steal your heart’ AU

- ‘Yes, I think there’s been a mix-up with luggage…what do you mean, am I sure. I’m pretty sure I didn’t pack any death rays in my suitcase’ AU
- ‘How am I supposed to take over this city with penguin-patterned socks and NO DEATH RAYS?!’ AU

- ‘We’re teachers in the same school and we glare at each other in the corridors and I bang on the wall between our two classrooms when your class gets too rowdy, the whole school ships it and none of them believe it when I dead seriously call you my arch nemesis’ AU
- ‘I’m being bullied into dating my arch nemesis by a bunch of kids…WHAT?! NO! The handcuff marks are from being arrested by them not from…oh god but I can’t explain that to the kids without losing my job please stop mentioning the marks I’m begging you’ AU

- ‘We’ve been fighting each other for years and I just arrived in my uni accomodation to find your stupid golden ass sitting on the other bed in my assigned joint room’ AU
- ‘I came across the country to get away from you foiling my plans and now I’m closer to you than ever…I’m gonna put silly string in your shoes’ AU

- ‘A long time ago when we were kids we were nemeses, now I joined the CIA and you’re here too. ‘Reformed’ my ass, I’m watching you’ AU
- ‘I might actually be scared of your threats if you weren’t a foot shorter than me with no powers, and if you stopped making childish ‘I’m watching you’ gestures at me every time I turn around’ AU

You know that last post got me thinking: what is up with the these alleged fans who don’t think Star Wars is funny? Don’t get me wrong: I absolutely am here for the Skywalker Family Drama (because hello I have a pulse) and the Kenobi Sads and the Lore but like…at the end of the day? Star Wars is ridiculous! It’s so delightfully humorous. How do people not see this?! Who are these guys and why don’t they want to actually have fun with any of this nonsense?

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The article does as you said go on her political stances particularly feminism, and it also attacks her for the Kimye situation and Calvin Harris as well

Okay, Kimye thing was a classic proof of how people approach information, it’s like "we wanna know what happened but can we not read the whole thing…oh great there’s a video! yeah, we’ll watch that… there’s a statement? Taylor’s statements? Like written word? Oh, I’m too lazy to read that…” Don’t get me wrong, it’s also the classic thing of Taylor avoiding confrontation, she messed that one up too. But she did not lie in any of her statements. And honestly, if you’re gonna write an article and ask for/feel entitled to an apology concerning celebrity feud… I mean, how am I supposed to take you seriously? 

What about Calvin? I was actually, and still am, fan of his music as long as I was fan of Taylor’s and I just don’t see where she needs to apologize to him… I honestly don’t see it. But again - YOU, a person who has nothing to do with other people’s relationship, you are going to ask for an apology? Do they even realize how ridiculous that sounds?

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YOU SERIOUS I LOVED THE 2017 POWER RANGERS MOVIE man oh man im so glad i went to see it id watch it like ten times over billy is the ultimate favorite tbh tbh


i loved the costume design/visuals (it was so colorful) and the writing… i hope there’s gonna be a sequel

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can i request too? about minho and kibum meeting again after breaking up and minho still being (not-so) quietly protective over kibum ;) (maybe a little jealous with the new people kibum meets too haha)

i’m sorry i sort of deviated from the prompt and this just turned into …something else ;; i do hope it’s enjoyable nevertheless!


Of course Minho always knew that Kibum would move on. He never expected that things would suddenly halt into a complete standstill, of course Kibum would meet someone, date someone, live with someone. Especially with the way Kibum has always found it easy to meet people and get to know them.

Yet the first time Minho sees Kibum with this… Kevin, it feels like a punch to the gut. Of course he’d find an athletic American boyfriend to show off. In a way it makes complete sense. But why does this Kevin need to be so nice? Everyone, literally everyone likes him, and it makes Minho want to just punch a wall to vent his frustrations. 

He lasts for an hour, which is a feat in itself, before he retreats into the kitchen and just stands there, leaning against the counter, sipping on a beer. He can still hear the party going on in the living room, people chatting in raised voices and the music so loud it seems to vibrate through the structures of the whole building.

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Mistakes, part 11. (Neymar imagine)

Double update :)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10

‘Calm down, there’s nothing to be stressed about..’ Rafa starts, but I make a sound somewhere between a moan and a sob and stand up, trying to figure out what I should do next.
‘No there is.. I mean, it’s something to be stressed about. And N-Neymar is still not awake.. Oh God..’ I sob, and Rafaella stands up hugging me. My life seriously can’t get any worse. What the hell is wrong with me, how could I forget about my period? How could I sleep with Neymar without protection, and why didn’t I take the pill whenever I had to? I wish I could rewind to two months ago and start over, because I would do so many things differently than I have now.
‘What am I supposed to do now?’ I sob, and Rafa doesn’t seem to mind tear stains on her shirt.
‘We’ll figure something out, don’t be sad. If he was here now, he would be happy.’ That doesn’t help because Neymar isn’t here, and that’s my fault too. This is so, so fucked up. The doctors said there might be a chance he never wakes up, and if he does they’re not sure how long it will take. A month? A year? Several years? If that happens I’ll have to take care of a child on my own, at the age of 18. I won’t be able to go to castings or film movies, so I won’t have any money left by the time the child is maybe 1 years old.. I am so fucked.
‘First things first, we need to go to a gynecologists. See if the test isn’t lying, and if everything’s ok with..’ She hesitates. ‘The baby.’ My lip trembles, and my voice is shaky but I’ve cried enough. I’ve been sad and mad, and miserable and angry but right now I need to be brave and suck it up.
‘Okay.’ I take a shower, put on some clothes, but I have no idea where to go. If I go to a regular hospital everyone will know, and I can’t let that happen. There have been some rumors about Neymar’s accident, but nobody knows for sure if it actually happened. Rafa calls a friend who recently had a baby, and when we’re sure she won’t say anything we’re on our way.

‘She’ turned out to be a ‘he,’ so by the time I’m in my chair I’m blushing heavily and I hope he won’t notice. Everything seems to be fine, and he tells me what I already know. The baby is about 8 weeks old, and If I wanna have an abortion I need to do it quick because from 16 weeks on it will be hard to remove the fetus. I make another appointment for another check up in two weeks, and all I can wonder is if Ney will be able to come with me.
‘That wasn’t so hard?’ Rafa says, when we arrive back home.
‘Ney always told me you wanted to get married and have kids.’ I sigh, and collapse on the couch.
‘Yeah, get married and then have kids. Not get pregnant, get my boyfriend in a car accident and then finding out about it.’ I look at her.
‘Not being sure if he will ever wake up.’ She looks at me with compassion.
‘First of all, he will wake up. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, he will.’ I want to say something but she’s first.
‘Second, he’s you fiancé. Not your college boyfriend.’ She winks at me, and I smile. Yes, he’s my fiancé, not my boyfriend. Even though he doesn’t know yet..
‘Should I tell your parents?’ I ask, and she nods.
‘The sooner the better. They might not react as calm as I did, so you should prepare for that.’ She says, and I gulp. Neymar senior, and Nadine have always been nice to me but Neymar told me they weren’t happy when they found out Carol was pregnant. And now I won’t have Neymar to support me with telling them. I look into the eyes of my sister in law, and I’m glad that at least I have her.

It’s December 25th, and I’ve decided to meet up with one of my only close friends, David. He flew to London with some other friends of Neymar to visit him, so we decided to get coffee together. It’s been five days since I found out about the pregnancy and I was able to get used to the idea. I’m still scared, but I told Neymar’s parents and they reacted with compassion and I couldn’t be happier with that. I sigh, and look outside. All those people outside, not knowing that the girl who’s sitting in the small café’s life has fallen apart. I flinch when I feel a hand on my shoulder, and a big smile appears on my face at the sight of David smiling at me. I stand up and hug him, a little longer than normal and he sighs.
‘Long time no see.’ I chuckle
‘It seems like everytime we decide to meet up, I’m in some kind of trouble.’ I say, the sadness clear in my voice.
‘He knocked you up, didn’t he?’ David says, and my jaw drops.
‘Everyone in the nt knows, I don’t know how but they promised to keep it a secret.’ I groan, and put my head on the table in front of me.
‘If they know, who else knows?! My career will be over before it has actually started.’ I say. David reaches for my hand and I take it. I look up, and fight against the tears. How the hell did they find out?
‘You’ve got our support, and his family’s. You’re not alone.’ I nod and smile, but it’s christmas and I’ve never felt so lonely before. Even though everyone says I’m not alone. The one person I need is in a coma, and I wonder what will happen if he never wakes up.

When I get home, I hear Davi talk to someone. For some reason I know it’s not the maid, so when I walk towards the living room and see him with the phone in his hand I wonder who he’s talking to.
‘My babysitter is home, but my daddy is in the hospital.’ He says, and my heart breaks. I rest my hand on his head, and he looks up.
‘Who is that?’ I ask, and he hands me the phone. I frown.
‘Hello?’ I hear the person on the other line sighing, and I sit down.
‘Is this mr Santos’ girlfriend?’ I recognize the doctor’s voice.
‘Y..yes it’s me.. Is he awake?’ I hold my breath.
‘Miss I’m sorry to inform you-’ I wanna drop the phone, I wanna act as if this never happened. But I keep listening, and I’m not sure if this news is better or worse than I expected.
‘Mr Santos had an internal bleeding close to his brains. As you know we had an option to do an operation, with the chance of hitting a nerve and-’ ‘Yes.’ I interrupt him. I know. They didn’t do the surgery because it was too risky.
‘Well, if we didn’t do anything about the bleeding he’d die. So we called our best surgeon, and your boyfriend is in surgery at the moment. We already informed his parents, but we thought you needed to know it too.’ I gulp, and bite my lip. Fighting against the tears.
‘What are the chances?’ I ask with a shaky voice, and he sighs.
‘We’re not sure. The brains are a very complex organ, so it turns out differently with each person..’ I take a deep breath, and I see Davi look at me from the kitchen. His eyes are worried, and I feel my heart break again.
‘I’m on my way.’ I say, and hang up. From now on, it’s a matter of praying and hoping everything will go well.
‘We’re gonna visit daddy.’ I say with a trembling voice, and Davi seems to notice how sad I am because he hugs me tightly. If anything bad happens tonight, I will take care of him. I will make sure he, and his little brother or sister have the life Neymar wanted for them. We get into the car, and I drive to the hospital.
‘Please Neymar.’ I whisper to myself.
‘Don’t let us down now.’



Imagine: You get into a huge fight.

“All I’m saying is, it would be nice if you fucking stood up for me once in awhile, Y/N.” Justin stressed, driving home from a family summer barbecue at my parents’ lakehouse. 

“Justin would you slow down, you’re starting to scare me.” I braced myself against the car door. I hated driving with Justin when he was getting this angry.

“I mean you just stood there while your Grandmother laid into me!” His veins were starting to show, and we barely missed a tree around the bend.

“Jay please!”

“I mean how am I supposed to have any confidence in us, when I don’t feel like you love me when you’re around them? Am I just a pawn in some twisted drama to piss off the family! ‘Oh don’t mind Y/N, and don’t take her boyfriend too seriously, he has tattoos for christ’s sake!’ I mean fucking really Y/N.” The speed increased to 90…

“Justin it’s not like that, please baby, slow down!” I was yelling now, and crying. 

“I could feel you beginning to look at me the way they do! I mean my god, I would stand up for you Y/N, I HAVE stood up for you. I don’t deserve this! I want someone who stands up for me, who wants me to get on with her family!”

Again, we nearly missed a tree. I moved to grab the steering wheel from him, guiding us back to the road. He was drunk.

“Fucking LET GO, crazy bitch. I know what I’m doing!” He slurred, slinging my wrist away. There was the sound of a horn, a flash of light, and then nothing at all.

Tactile Lessons | one-shot

A little Olicity one-shot I wrote based off this post [x]. TW: discussions of PTSD & metal health. Semi-violent PTSD episode. All defense techniques discussed based on my own martial arts training. Happy ending. This just wouldn’t get out of my head. Hope you all enjoy!

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The thing is, Oliver doesn’t sleep better with Felicity in the bed.

The first few nights after they leave Starling City, everything goes smoothly. Felicity is pretty sure it’s because both of them are running on fumes. The adrenaline works its way slowly out of their systems. Late nights driving and talking and enjoying each other put them both to sleep, soundly for the most part. Oliver’s always awake before her, and Felicity just counts it as another precious detail she gets to know because she’s his girlfriend now. (And wow that sounds so weird still but in the good kind of way: the kind that gives her happy butterflies and a smile that won’t quit.)

It’s the fifth night when that changes.

She’s woken up when the motel room is still pitch black with a yelp at the hard kick to her shins. “Ow. Oliver!” He’s still asleep, thrashing, and she narrowly avoids an arm as she fumbles for her glasses first, then the light switch.

The light flooding the room does nothing to wake him, and the look on his face is enough to make Felicity’s heart break just a little. He groans something that could have been, “No, don’t,” but it’s too incoherent for her to make much sense of it.

Tentatively she reaches for his shoulder to shake him awake, take him out of whatever nightmare is plaguing him. She gets no warning before his eyes are open, and his hand is wrapped around her throat.

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So what did I *actually* think of the episode...
  • That was genuinely exactly the sort of dreck I was expecting. I’M NOT EVEN MAD, JUST TIRED
  • I don’t like RTD vs Moffat conspiracy theories, but every episode, I get more and more convinced that Moffat desperately wants to be able to write the sort of stuff RTD does, but doesn’t have a clue how to make people connect to anything
  • Either that or it’s all an elaborate joke on the license fee payer
  • Things I liked: Clara saying ‘his name is the Doctor’ or whatever it was. Ty for reinforcing that although I am still baffled by the purpose of making the name this big important thing only to reinforce that it’s “the Doctor”. I also quite liked Eleven’s last lines, but I felt they were ruined by the context of being in this episode and being said by Eleven
  • now for the things I didn’t like lol:

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Magic Comes Free: Why Snow White Casting the 2nd Curse Was a Terrible Narrative Choice

In Once Upon a Time, one of the most frequently reoccurring lines, the mantra of most of the magical characters, and arguably the core theme of the show, is that “All magic comes with a price”.

The thing that sets the events of the show in motion is the price that Rumpelstiltskin pays for abusing magic as the Dark One—the loss of his son, Baelfire. The Evil Queen, Regina Mills, essentially sacrifices her sanity and innate goodness so that she can become more magically powerful, and later has to kill her father in order to cast the Dark Curse that sets up the premise of the show. You could even make the argument that the reason why Snow White & Prince Charming (and many other True Love couples) are constantly being separated is because that is the price they must pay for their Super Powerful True Love Magic. No matter which way you slice it, the price of magic is one of the most important concepts in the OUAT universe. Until Season 3, episode 19, entitled “A Curious Thing”, it was also one of the few consistent concepts in a show whose continuity and internal logic has been unraveling more and more with each passing instalment.

So what happened in “A Curious Thing” to completely negate one of the central themes of the show?

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Crush- Matt Espinosa Imagine for subsub1dcraycrayz

“You bitch” Matt said throwing himself on top of me and hitting me back with the pillow. I was laughing so hard that tears started streaming down my face. “…osa” I said trying to get my breath back, “get… off… me” he laughed and started to get away slowly but I took advantage of his lack of attention and got on top of him. “There you go ass” and I hit him one more time or maybe three more times. Once I considered he had enough I pulled away and laid in bed next to him. We both were breathing heavily. “Would you remind me why you are my best friend?” He asked smirking “You shouldn’t have eaten my starbursts, it’s your fault I kicked your ass” I’ve been friends with Matt since forever actually but I had always had a small crush on him. Nobody knew about this only Taylor, because, I don’t actually know how he knows but he does. In that moment all the guys entered the hotel room and looked at us suspiciously. “What are you guys up to?” Carter said looking around, probably in horror because of all the pillow feathers that were on the floor. “He ate my starbursts” I exclaimed sitting on the bed. They all rolled their eyes except for taylor, who for an unknown reason smirked at me. I was afraid of what he was going to do or say. “So y/n” he said looking at Matt “could you please repeat what you were saying to me the other day? I think I forgot…” I swallowed, “what do you mean Caniff? We didn’t talk the other day” “You know what I mean” he raised his eyebrows “Oh, yeah, yeah you told me” Cam said, “hadn’t it something to do with Matt?” No no no, damn it Dallas, shut the fuck up. You are ruining everything. I looked at both of them with killer eyes but they just laughed. I could feel Matt’s eyes on me but I didn’t dare to look up. “With me?” He asked. “Yeah she has a crush on you” Nash said shrugging, “only that why?” I swore to God I would kill Nash later, jeez I was so mad. “So we should let you alone now” Jack G said smiling “What? No wait…” I started but they were already outside the hotel room. “Was that true?” Matt asked behind me. I was blushing so hard I just couldn’t turn around. He would realize then and that couldn’t happen. “What? No, I mean, I don’t know what they were talk about.” “You sure?” “Yeah” I said turning on the TV, not because I wanted to watch it but because I needed something to distract me from him. “Then why would they say that?” “How am I supposed to know?” I asked looking at him “Chill, don’t take it so seriously” he said laughing, “but really you have to have a crush on me” I opened my eyes in shock, “what?” “I mean because maybe I do have a crush on you but you have to have a crush on me too, ‘cause it wouldn’t work any other way” I just stood there, unable to speak or to think properly. “What?” He said laughing. I kissed him, just like that without hesitation. And I was so damn glad when he kissed me back. And that’s how it all started and hopefully it would never finish.

So you are telling ME that 5sos played a secret show some fucking magical way and THEN they fucking played SOCIAL CASUALTY that is some disrespect right there okay, I don’t invest all of my god damn life into this band ONLY TO HAVE SECRETS KEPT FROM ME LIKE THIS I DEMAND THAT 5SOS THEMSELVES APOLOGIZE TO ME FOR PUTTING ME THROUGH THIS SHIT, IS WHAT WE HAVE EVEN REAL? IF YOU CANT BE HONEST THEN HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO TRUST YOU???? Wow I’m hurt?????

Leaving   - L.H imagine

It’s not like I don’t care anymore. I do. I love him, with all my heart. However, that’s why I have to leave. He doesn’t look at me like that.  Not anymore. It used to be so lovely, living with him that is, but not anymore. All the late night movie marathons, the staying up late just talking, drinking hot chocolate on cold winter nights.

“Come on Y/N give me some of the blanket, it’s cold!” Luke whined. I put my hot chocolate on the table and pulled the blanket around me. Seeing that pout starting to form on his lips and I burst out laughing. Throwing myself over him, pulling the blanket around us both, and taking the hot chocolate from the table cuddling up with my boyfriend watching the movie again.

When he came home from the tour, I was so excited to see him again. But he was distant. He had been for months. Calls were ignored, texts were deleted and “not seen”. He started going out. And staying out. Recording or writing at the day, and at night partying or staying with the boys. He hardly made any time for me. How am I supposed to cope with that?

“Seriously Y/N, I’m only going out with the boys! Stop being so dramatic!” Luke yelled at me on his way out the door. “Don’t wait up for me” and the door slammed shut. I tried holding back the tears, but the lump in my throat got too big and the tears started streaming down my cheeks.

It’s not like I haven’t tried. I have. But I just don’t think I can do it anymore. Trying to fix something that so obviously can’t be fixed. When the on part of this doesn’t even realize it’s broken. That he broke it. Broke me. Broke us.

“Can’t you just shut up for one second Y/N! Can’t you see I’m in the middle of something?” He sounded so annoyed. And I hadn’t done anything wrong, I just asked if he wanted to stay in with me today. “I’m going out with the boys.” Luke yelled, and then the door was shut and he was gone.

So I have to leave. I can’t do this anymore. I won’t do this anymore. It’s too much for one person to handle. Too much for me to handle. I love him, but he obviously don’t love me anymore.

I grabbed my bag and went down to the kitchen table. He was out. Again. I left the note for him there. I put my shoes on and stood in the doorway, looking back in the house I had so many good memories in. I thought of the note one last time. He didn’t need to know more. He didn’t care. I know I have said enough. So I walked out the door.

And the letter was on the kitchen table when he came back.

“I’m sorry.”


A/N I’m not sure what happened here. I just started writing and this happened. But please tell me what you think! I havn’t written in ages and this felt so good! 

Oh btw! There probably is some mistake in there i did not proof read it.

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Just out of curiosity, I tried to read tumblr user megumi0505’s “Compromised Logic” polemic rants with an open mind, wondering if maybe, just maybe, I could find any sense in NS/SK’s arguments. However, I had to stop after a few minutes…

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