how am i supposed to get through the series finale


Annnnd here we have the final installment of the Major Arcana! I am finally done with @princess-of-pentacles DIY Tarot Challenge!! It only took me twelve times longer than it was supposed to!

As always, these are subject to change once I get used to them and decide if they fit with the whole series or not (or adjusting contrast, whatever, ya’ll know the deal). 

But anyway. Jeeze I can’t believe I made it through the whole group o-o; Only 56 + 1 more pictures to go x_x 

I do have some ideas on how I could do a Majors Only Oracle deck (it involves some extra cards that would be only available with the set and possibly some other small details). I’ll expand more on that if there is any interest! (Also, stay tuned for all of the Major Arcana images in one post). 

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