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I have ONE thing to say because it's bothering me:

We write reader inserts about getting it on with Cor, Drautos and Regis (etc…), but Prompto being involved with Aurora (@nifwrites OC) is gross apparently? It’s 5 am in the morning and I can’t slepp cos I don’t understand the backlash. I personally really like this soulmate AU because it delves into the crux of the lore. Societal conventions that indicate what is right and wrong shouldn’t matter with Soulmates. It’s a deeper, spiritual connection that can’t be explained. I dunno… its kinda hard to explain the concept. The title “Magnets” already hints at this non-discriminatory attraction and natural lawful bond between Prompto and Aurora’s souls. Its supposed to be sudden, raw, and confusing for both Prompto and Aurora AND the readers. Because its sonething seldom seen in this world- seldom spoken about too.

I dunno- I’m sad about the backlash I’ve seen. @nifwrites should be able to write and post what she wants to on her blog. Her blog should be something that brings her energy and happiness. For goodness’ sake, the darling woman was SOOO hype about sharing her work! I am of the opinion that if you don’t like what is being posted- don’t read it. Refrain from leaving nasty comments- constructive criticism is always welcome by writers- but there’s a line between being critical and being plain harsh.

I typed this post on my own accord- I didn’t speak with Niffy before hand and am by no means being a keyboard warrior standing up for her. Tbh she didn’t do anything wrong to be stood up for! I’m just confused and sad about the fact that people didn’t let the fic play out before commenting on how the story and character development isn’t “ideal”.

It’s one of those unconventional stories that are beautiful in its own way. I personally love it and think it’s cleverly written because it makes me think and feel complex and imaginative thoughts- what written work is supposed to do!

I’m probs gonna get backlash for this post. I’m fine with that. I just needed to get this out because it bothered me and I wanted to share why I personally adore Magnets by @nifwrites 💜 And to all the writers out there- if J.K. Rowling wasn’t brave enough to publish her “out there” Harry Potter series (at the time of writing and publishing) we’d… not have Harry Potter! What I’m getting at is: be appreciative of everything you read. Value where its coming from. We sit for hours, sacrificing time with family and friends to write fics and getting nasty comments kinda invalidates the whole experience.

I’m off to try get some more sleep before work now. 💜

just gay things~

planning what you’re gonna say if your religious family realizes you have a girlfriend because you made a risky facebook post and YOU HAVE YOUR COUSINS AND YOUR GRANDMA’S SISTER ADDED ON YOUR FUCKING PROFILE

blxelily  asked:

Pynch Hogwarts AU!

  • i know a lot of people see adam as being muggleborn or half-blood but tbh i see him as pureblood. (people forget that pureblood =/= rich) i think it would be interesting to see the way that plays into how he is treated by the rest of the school not to mention the sect of racist/classist people in slytherin with him
  • i’m also REALLY into the gang being from each house just because idk it’s a thing for me it rly makes me feel emotions about things so idk anyway i feel like they all met on the train to hogwarts (well ronan and gansey were already established friends) but anyway the rest come in on the train and they IMMEDIATELY hit it off and even though ronan is wary about these new people and he really wanted first year to be just him and gansey and no one else bc that’s his safe place and he doesn’t want that TAKEN AWAY he still can’t deny that these people are having an affect on him as well and it won’t be so bad
  • so noah gets sorted into hufflepuff first and everyone’s like nodding to each other like “looks like we’re hufflepuffs that’s cool that’s cool” 
  • and then everything goes to shit when gansey gets sorted into ravenclaw. blue and ronan just look at each other like “mother fucker we ain’t ravenclaws shit” so then of course ronan is next and he gets sorted into hufflepuff as well
  • and blue’s like “you think we’re all hufflepuffs besides gansey?” and adam’s like “actually tbh i am probably a ravenclaw too so it’s fine he won’t be alone” and blue’s like “ok good”
  • and then adam gets sorted into slytherin and everyone’s like SHIT
  • and blue’s in gryffindor and everyone is devastated and how could this have happened we were all supposed to be TOGETHER this is thE WORST POSSIBLE THING how will our friendship evER SURVIVE it’s been cut off at the head before it even had the CHANCE TO GROW
  • but they FIND A WAY 
  • sorry this turned into ot5 instead of pynch
  • okay so here’s a thing 
  • this is recycled from a sydrian hogwarts au i wrote but idc i can plagiarize myself so like
  • imagine before a quidditch match ronan and adam are making out in a broom closet beforehand and then ronan has to dash away because the game’s starting and it’s slytherin vs hufflepuff so adam had to kiss him good luck in secret u know how it is and when ronan gets up there with the rest of his team everyone’s like WHAT THE FUCK RONAN WHAT THE FUCK and he’s like WHAT and they’re like goDDAMN it cAN U NOT HOOK UP WITH your GODdAMN SLyThERin BoyFRienD seConDS befORe WE HAVE A fuCKING MATcH AGAINST THEm and he’s like what the fuck are you guys talking about and it’s because he’s got green stripes smeared across his cheeks and chin that rubbed off from adam’s face from when they were making out 
  • the end

okenobi  asked:

okAY HEADCANONS well basically keith seems p likely to be the one who gets hurts and not tell anyone he's been on his own for so long it would be second nature to lick his wounds in private. lance probably uses all his water rations in one go in once they're in space and then complains bitterly about it and pidge probably can be found sleeping in all sorts of weird spots in the castle where they've been working on some kind of coding and fallen asleep halfway through.

TBH I can see Keith being super stubborn and not wanting to use the healing pods because “I’m FINE, okay?!” He strikes me as the type to not want to show any weakness. And yesss Lance is such a baby about it. “How am I supposed to keep up my good looks if I can’t use any water???” I bet he takes bubble baths. His skin is baby soft!! Pidge’s catnaps often cause people to trip over them in the hallways and stuff omg