how am i suppose to get a bf

I would literally love to see Tim on super strong no-filter truth serum just blurting out how much he fucking adores his boyfriend.

Like the Titans all save him but it’s Kon that helps him out of the interrogation room or whatever, and Tim starts out just talking about how proud of himself he is that he managed to hold up under torture without giving anything away. And then when Kon’s picking him up and flying him elsewhere he literally will not stop talking about how much he likes Kon’s muscles and how he didn’t even fucking think he’d be into a johnny bravo looking guy but here he is, dating one. and that just escalates into him starting to compliment his bf and giving him verbal affection literally all fucking over the place

“babe. babe babe babe. did i tell you i love you yet today” 

“yes tim you’ve done it about fifteen times now. i love you too” 

“okay. but babe … did i tell you that i love your personality yet” 


“okay well what about your voice? like fuck, kon, how am i supposed to get anything done when i could call you any hour of the day and just listen to you???” 

“b a b e” 

“or like … babe …. kon …. you literally still look hot even when you’re wearing those dumb pajamas i got you for christmas. that was supposed to be the one thing no one looks hot in and you managed to pull it off. what the fuck, babe” 


“babe i just realized … ive never told you how much i love how youve turned into the person you are today… im so happy that i got to fall in love with you before and still be here with you today!”


“babe please u gotta listen. this is important. i love … ur ttk. and how you always want my attention. u know that you always have it, right? even if im busy?? even if i pretend like im too busy for you its never actually true but i do still need to get work done because people depend on me so you gotta use that power for good babe–” 

like honestly tim would keep on for like 3 hours before it wears off. kon doesnt know how to handle this much verbal affection. hes gonna be blushing for 3 days.


Show Me What Love Is (Vic Fuentes - Pierce the Veil)

Word Count: 1,572


The tour had kicked off a couple of months ago, and your band was supporting Pierce the Veil because you’d personally known the guys since high school. There had been lots of laughs and embarrassing drunk moments that for a second made you forget what was waiting for you when you eventually went home.

There was a week left of tour and already you were dreading seeing your ‘boyfriend’ again. y/bf/n was a gentleman when you first met him at a bar but the relationship soon turned sour when he accused you of cheating with your best friend Vic. He use to treasure your body but now he sexually abused you daily, you’d given up trying to say no because that made him beat you on top of the non consensual sex.

Every day while on tour he’d send you explicit messages about how he was going to rape you into submission, because he hated that you had a life outside of your apartment. He didn’t approve of your music or your friendships with Pierce the Veil and other bands, he wanted to own you and you were scared that when you went back this time there would be no escape.

Vic had always been the member you were closest with and you could tell that he’d been watching you extra carefully during the last week of tour. He was the only one who knew about the abuse and it hurt him when you talked him out of going to the police. Your boyfriend had friends who were equally violent and sometimes you feared for your life.

So on the second to last night of the tour while your band mates and Pierce the Veil went out to get drunk Vic persuaded you to stay behind with him because he wanted to talk. You chewed your lip and twiddled your thumbs as you lay with your head on his chest as you both watched whatever was on TV.

y/bf/n had sent you a message earlier that had chilled you to the bone, it mentioned him having friends over who were going to take it in turns to rape you and then they were going to film it and use it as blackmail against you. The thought made you feel sick but you put on a fake smile in front of Vic.


y/n was keeping something from me, yes she had her secrets but I knew the majority because I was the only other person she trusted. The bright eyed fun loving girl I’d witnessed all tour had slowly been shying away over the last week and I was going to get to the bottom of her problem. That bastard didn’t deserve someone like her, he treated her like shit and y/n was too scared to press charges because she feared for her life.

We were watching some rom com that had come on TV and y/n was lying against my chest with her eyes shut as I stroked her hair. I took the opportunity to pick up her phone which she’d discarded on the floor and scrolled through her recent messages. What I saw made me want to punch something, there were hundreds of explicit messages from y/bf/n about rape and the most recent one talked about gang raping y/n and filming it.

The guys and I had known y/n since the first week of high school and we hit it off, she was Mike’s age and we all kind of acted protective around her when it came to high school boys. However as we grew up y/n learned to defend for herself but I never stopped looking out for her.

She couldn’t see that the boy she grew up with was madly in love with her, maybe I’d been too shy when I was younger but these last couple of months reminded me how much I wanted to make y/n mine. I needed to show her that what y/bf/n was doing to her was wrong and she needed to report him, but a part of me was worried that this relationship had broken her to the point where she couldn’t trust another guy again.

y/n stirred and I quickly put the phone back where I found it.

‘Vic what do you think it’s like to have someone who’s willing to cross the country and drop all their plans just to confess their love?’

She pointed at the TV screen, the man had realised he loved the girl and had flown to New York to win her back from a snobby fiancé who didn’t deserve her. It was ironic how much this was like our situation, y/n would be going back to New York where she lived and I was heading back to San Diego not to see her for a really long time.

‘I’ve only ever been in love with one girl and I let her get away y/n.’

y/n sat up and threw her arms around me.

‘I’m sorry Vic you deserve to be happy.’

I hugged her back, how could she be so oblivious to that fact that the girl was her. Hell even the guys had been dropping not so subtle hints the entire tour but they went over y/n’s head.

‘I saw the message y/n. I can’t let you go back to that monster it’s not healthy for you. He doesn’t know how to love you.’


Your whole body tensed in Vic’s arms, he’d seen the messages. He probably thought you were a little slut because you kept going back to the abuse. You pull away from Vic in hopes of escaping to your bunk for the rest of the night but he keeps a firm grip on your arms.

‘Can you show me what it’s like to have someone who cares and loves you Vic? You let the girl go so…’

You were cut off by his lips crashing down on yours silencing you before you could say something you regretted. The kiss wasn’t like any your boyfriend had ever given you; they were full of lust and cruel intent while Vic’s were soft and gentle as if he was going slow because he knew your past.

You should have been scared of another man touching you but you felt safe in Vic’s arms, he was your best friend and also the guy you’d had a crush on during high school but had never said anything. Only his brother Mike knew.

You parted your lips and let Vic’s tongue enter you, you found yourself wrapping your arms around the back of his neck pulling him closer to you. His hands found your hair and tangled his fingers making sure you couldn’t get away.

The kiss went on for a few minutes; Vic didn’t try anything else with you which you were grateful for. The two of you pulled away at the same time both your breathing heavy. You smiled weakly at Vic and he pecked your nose before the two of you reassumed the same position you were in before while watching the movie.

‘Who was the girl Vic?’

His hands stopped playing with your hair for a fraction of the second.

‘You were the girl y/n.’

Your heart fluttered in your chest, Vic liked you. He liked you maybe a little more than you liked him but he still liked you. You thought you’d done something wrong in your life that led you to an abusive relationship, but you were blind as to what was in front of you this whole time.

‘Err say something y/n.’

Vic shuffled behind you and you giggled realising you’d left him on a cliff hanger. You glanced up and met his eyes.

‘I love you Vic. But how am I supposed to get away from him?’


y/n just said she loved me. That kiss was something else and I was worried she’d reject me. I said I was going to make her mine but now I had to get her away from that abusive boyfriend, an idea formed in my head.

‘y/n has y/bf/n ever met a Mexican?’

She quirked an eyebrow in my direction.

‘What are you talking about Vic?’

‘I think it’s about time Tony went all Mexican on him, hell we’ll even get Mike and Jaime to scare him shitless. He won’t think of ever coming near you again.’

y/n burst into laughter.

‘Turtle couldn’t hurt a fly Vic but I would love to see y/bf/n’s face when the three of them turn up on his doorstep.’

‘And while they are scaring him we’ll get your things and then you’re moving in with me and Mike in San Diego.’

y/n nodded and smiled, her smile held relief that she was finally getting the opportunity to get away from the abuse and start a new relationship with someone who actually loved her.

We soon settled back in to watch the end of the film. I moved my fingers from her hair and down to her stomach; she jerked under me and sent me a glare. I knew y/n was extremely ticklish.

‘Don’t even think about it Fuentes.’

I smirked and traced my fingers along her stomach.

‘I don’t know what you’re talking about y/n.’

I leant down and kissed her on top of the head. She snuggled against me more and this is how I wanted to stay forever.

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I have a huge crush on my friend but it's long distance. & he's gay too but I dont think he's interested in an LDR. He also has a crush on a guy in his city & he keeps asking my advice (as if I know how to get a bf any more than he does lol) yet he also is always telling me how cute & nice & great I am & I'm just like "AHHH!!!" because what am I supposed to do with that!? He's gorgeous & SO nice. Being his friend is GREAT & I'll still be happy if thats all we ever are but I also wanna be his bf!

Ahhh that’s disappointing that u live far away :( although he sounds rlly great and at least u can be friends w him!!

-mod Casper

Animal Crossing Creeper Or, I’ll Give You 20 000 Bells to Leave Me The Fuck Alone

Well, this was a somewhat short (but still very creepy) weeb encounter that I recently had while playing Animal Crossing New Leaf, and it sadly proves that despite the progress made in making gaming safer for women, women still can’t enter metagames without being at the mercy of creepy potential stalkers.

Anyways, a bit about me. I’ve played Animal Crossing since Wild World in 2006, so very nearly 8 years now. In recent years though, I’ve played more on and off, due to more hectic and demanding work schedules. Naturally, with school over, summer tends to be an “on” time for me, and I start focus heavily on remodelling my home, expanding my home and upgrading my town in New Leaf. This year, I decided I wanted to complete the Polka-Dot Set, since I saw how nice it looked modded with the fiendish shirt and the Pop-Black exterior by Cyrus.  However, no matter how much time travelling I did, I could never get a Polka-Dot furniture item to appear in my shop. So, I turned to the next thing; I checked the HRA showcase. Nothing I didn’t already have. I even checked my sister’s catalogue, shop and HRA showcase; still nada.  Then, I decided to try asking friends. I saw one of my friends had a few items, but sadly, she got occupied because her phone broke down, and I had to go somewhere so she couldn’t give them to me. When that failed, I tried asking my sister’s friend. My sister’s friend had the whole Polka-Dot set, unfortunately, her parents make North Korea look like a free country and they had taken away her 3DS for her “using it too much” and still hadn’t given it back. Completely out of options, I turned to the place where most people hunting for furniture nowadays go: the Internet.

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I never stopped


Guys this is a request and i’m so happy. You guys can leave me request whenever you want and I shall try to do it cause I have no life but I do have exams. lol. School, it is the worst. 


Character: Luke Hemmings

Warnings: Mature language

Words: 1422

Storyline: Can you please write a long imagine where Luke and I break up and I am also in a famous band? You can write about our life after the break up and also Luke sees me with my new bf and he gets jealous x


“Y/N, we need to talk.” Luke announced to me as we walk through the door. We have just came back from clubbing and it was the worst. I hate clubbing and Luke knows this. He also knows how insecure I get when he flirts to other girls. I mean there is nothing wrong with him talking with them just when he winks and dances with them, it makes me jealous. lol, I know I shouldn’t get jealous but I mean what am i supposed to do, let him. No. I don’t think so.

“Yeah sure.” I smiled back. I don’t know why I am smiling, I know what’s going to happen. Me and Luke are going to ‘talk’ and it turns to a big fight where he walks away and Gd knows what he does.

“We should break up.” Luke EXclaimed to me. That broke me. He wanted to break up with me. I’m I not good enough? Does he not love me anymore? I frowned at his words as I knew this day would come but not this early.

“Why?” I asked calmly trying not to show emotion. If I cry that means he knows that i’m weak.

“Look, it’s not working out anymore. Your band is becoming more famous everyday just as well as mine. That means we hardly will see each other and I can’t do that.” He explained to me.

“Are you sure it’s just because of my band? I mean you flirt with every girl you see. Do you not want me anymore? You can just tell me instead of breaking my heart with your stupid excuse.” I replied raising my voice a little. What a stupid excuse? My band. How dare he uses that against me. I love my band, it’s my family. Literally. It’s me and my brother and my two cousins; I couldn’t be happier with them.

“Excuse me? Oh here we go again with you and your accusations. I don’t want to break your heart, that’s why I am doing this. I don’t trust myself around other girl and I don’t want to do something i’ll regret. I love you with all my heart but I don’t want to hurt you ever.” Luke was a sweet guy and I am lukey to have him (A/N lol you guys get it.) but he’s a fucking liar.

“You are such a fucking liar. You’ve cheated on me. Are you breaking up with me so you can get the guilt off your chest? That’s all you ever do.” I mean he has cheated on me, I think. There are rumours always about it and photos. He always says the excuse that it is photoshopped. I bet.

“How dare you say that? I have never cheated on you. I won’t dream of it but I think I should since you are being a little bitch!” He yelled at me. Okay that’s it. I’ve had enough.

“Fuck you Luke. I don’t give a shit anymore! Leave, just leave because you are an asshole boyfriend how can’t keep his dick in his pants! Just because you are a popular, doesn’t mean you can be a fucking dickhead to me!” I yelled back. I’ve had enough with his shit. I don’t care if he leaves anymore.

“Fine! I will leave! I don’t give a fuck anymore. I’ll get my stuff later!” He screamed at he as he grabbed his jacket and slamming the door.

Oh God that was intense. It’s better than being heartbroken all the time. I don’t need dickheads like him in my life, they bring me down. I guess I should start getting his stuff ready? I mean he will be back for them and I really don’t want to face him.

**6 Months later** (A/N: lol i feel like the narrator in Spongebob.)

My band was performing at the AMA’s and we were nominated for best rock album of the year. I am so proud of us, we have came a long way. My life couldn’t be better. I am dating Shawn Mendes atm and he is such a sweet guy and he makes me feel so good about myself.

I talk my seat at the show and I have a perfect view of the stage. I was debating whether I should go to the after party or not. I’ll just see how I feel after the show I guess. I mean I love after party because they are always so fun and I am with my friend so they make it much better. But I can’t stop thinking about winning. I love my fans no matter what and it would be a huge honour to win to prove that we can do it.

The show was great! We won. AHHHHH! I can’t believe we won. I am so happy, you don’t even know. My life couldn’t be better. When I was up on stage giving my thank you speech I saw Luke clapping. Why? He doesn’t care, right? I made me feel good knowing he was supporting me. But why now? Why not before? Later, after I won, 5sos were playing and they were fucking shit…jks they were awesome. Luke’s vocals are heaven and he shone in the light and his eye were sparkling. Wait. What am I doing? I can’t have thoughts like this.

I enter the after party and Sorry by Justin Bieber was playing and I started bobbing my head to the beat. I looked around to find Shawn but I can into eye contact with Luke, he gave me a small smile and I smiled back. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I turned around to be face to face with Shawn. “Heya,” He smiled at me. He was a cute smile, i guess.

“Heya.” I replied and gave him a small hug. I haven’t really done anything with Shawn yet because I don’t feel ready to do stuff with him yet. He respects that and i’m happy he does respect that.

I told him I was heading to the restroom and that I won’t be long. I walked down the hall but I think I got lost as I saw no sign to a restroom. All of a sudden I felt someone grab my wrist and drag me into a closet. They pinned me to the wall and shoved his hand onto my mouth so I won’t scream. I look at the person and I saw it was Luke. He removed his hand so I could talk. “What the fuck Luke?” I whispered yelled at him.

“Just hear me out okay. I’ll leave you alone if you still don’t want me.” He asked and I just sighed in response. “I’m sorry okay. Not just for the fight, for everything. I was such an ass to you and I am truly sorry. I want you to know that I would never cheat on you okay. I had no reason to. I mean look at you, you are beyond beautiful and talented. You don’t deserve a guy like me. You are way too good for me and I don’t know why you got with me in the first place. I love you so much and I’ll never stop. After that night I regretted everything I said to you. You don’t deserve to be hurt like that sweetie. I haven’t even been with a single girl after the breakup because it doesn’t feel right. It still feels like i’m hurting you. When I saw you tonight with him…I-I couldn’t take it. Knowing you have moved on, knowing you don’t love me anymore kills me. I am sorry I even talked to you. I should probably go.”

“Who said I stopped?”  I asked Luke. His speech hit me right in the feels and I still do love him not matter what. It turns out he feels the same and a huge sigh of relief was pushed off my chest.

“What?” He asked in total confusment.

“Who said I stopped loving you?” I asked again hoping he would get what I was saying. lol. He smiled at me and cupped my cheeks.

“Please tell me you love me too. Even though i’m a dick. Just please love me again.”

“I never stopped,”  I breathed out to him and then our lips connected. He kissed me with so much love and passion it was overwhelming but I loved it. I loved him. I always have and I always will.