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It’s a long time that I want to speak about it, without know really how… But tonight seeing the post of Jared Leto Brasil on Twitter (x) I just wanted to write a long text about it after…

First I don’t blame anyone, It’s just a general feeling! I am nobody to tell to someone to act this way or another, or tell this or this is good or bad! I AM NOBODY! Be happy the way you want, that all I wish us all! I will just express my feelings and open a debate maybe, but we can maybe not share the same view and respect each others right?? So if you have questions or answers to my post it’s ok, even if you are not agree, but please just stay respectful! In this post It concern each sex. Thank you to everyone who will read! 

We all know that we live in a society where there are a lot of “it’s good & better to be this way, or this way….physically or in any other contest” We have a lot of sexual teasing in movies, commercials ect… A lot of artists, like actors for exemple, can have explicit love scenes, being naked… We can see for exemple with Jake for ‘Everest’ promotion (I still laugh about it) using a naked scene of him in the trailer, not used in the movie, make a big part of the promo with him for 10minutes on screen you know what I mean?? Hollywood can act this way, we know it!
We are a big part in this world, to have or had a (celebrity or not) crush right?? And we for a big part again, we can have fantasies (sexual or not) with a celebrity crush or a person whoever the person is, or about something in life like having kids or not, getting married or not, travel a lot…! We can see life in a very different way, that the person next to us and it’s ok! Sometimes these fantasies especially in a sexual way, can be very different to a person, to another, I have no problem with any, if everyone is agree and happy with the way they have chosen, GREAT, AMAZING! I have friends with different sexualities, differents cultures, differents views than me! It’s interesting to share, to have conversations, to listen others!
After there are these how call them?? “society rules” who are absolutly not to my heart, to be skinny, or follow this road of life, to have kids and getting married or ect….. I think it’s everyone choice! You want to take care of how you eat and be the most skinny you can, do it, you want to live without kid or have them at 50 do it! You want to eat pizzas and not fruit do it, you want to wears tight clothing, but everyone say that you are too fat for it, f*ck and DO IT! Nobody can’t stop you if you are happy this way! If they are not happy with you….it’s not people for you and it will not always be easy cause even when we are like “I don’t care” we will not lie, it can be hurtful to see people judging you!

We all live these judgments and it’s so bad, and hard sometimes. Some people called artists (singer,actors,director ect…) live it in front of thousand, millions of people each days! By paparazzis pictures everyone judge them physically (like beach pictures for exemple “oh fat” “oh too skinny” “oh too or not enough this or this”), about their choices (love life,what they wear, their projects,their actions good or not,women after their pregnancy…), or on social media we can see a thousand insults and mean comments each days! Even source/fan account can receive some of them! But them live it in front of the world! When I see already without the spotlight side, how it can be hard (and please stay strong!!) I can’t even imagine in front of the world! We will not lie again, we all once maybe had a too fast and bad judgments at some points! But there are people who will respect others and keep their judgments inside, live their lives and just let other live their lives too and another category with their insults and mean comments ect…  

To be back at the sexual art aspect, or I don’t know how call it, some artists can be more provocative than others, more naked in movies than others… but it’s choices to make it! It’s their videoclip, or it’s a scene! We can love it, or hate it…but it doesn’t mean than 24h/7d their are this “sexual” image we have of them on this moment! Some can watch it 10000 for their pleasure and cool for you! Sometimes there are sensual photoshoots, sexy photoshoots of some idols we can have! We have eyes so why not enjoy it right? And enjoy it if you want! But when I see all the sexual comments even harassment sometimes, yes it’s a strong word but seriously sometimes it’s how it’s called, cyber harassment that they can receive on social media ect…. seriously, ok some have fantaisies with them,and it’s not the problem, have if it’s make you happy,it’s personal and it’s your right! The problem is the respect to have and consent of human being that you don’t even know personally and even if you do,respect is a very important thing! Like this tweet at the beginning of my post, the event was a chat with their idol, how cool right?? It can’t even stay a normal chat! After some make directly sexual accounts at least you know that if you don’t want to see these style of things, you don’t go on these accounts….
I will take an exemple of some post I made on my Jake account instagram, but look at general accounts it’s the same! In one, I spoke about an important message to my heart (not even a sexy picture posted, a very simple one) 99.9% of the comments was “he is hot” “I want him” and some emojis suggesting I will let you guess what…. ok there are worst in life…..but it’s tiring! Being horny ok….but when we speak about an Humanitarian cause or an important action or do an event for speaking about a important project to our heart….excuse me?? I am for the freedom of expression but choose the right place,moment to give your message! There are place for everything and everyone! Find a fanfiction,sexual site or something you know! 

We can speak too about all this pressure, exemple with a lot of famous persons, but right now one I have is mind is,Leonardo Dicaprio! “Wow he has still no kid, oh he is fat now! He is not like Titanic anymore, he is old now! Again a model, too young for him” I mean we all grow up, and fortunately he is not like Titanic anymore! After that you love his talent or not, it’s not a problem, but why are we obliged to have kid?? He can’t just be a actor working in projetcs he loves and enjoying life as he wants to?? Why love has a age? A lot of people I see saying “This girl is too young for him are often, even younger than the woman herself and say I want him to *censored*” So he has to love you & you are in love with him but in reality he has to have a girl his age?? Why?? Why true love can’t be with 10years of difference (younger or older)?? The most important for fans is not that their idols are happy?? After you can on the moment have a time of acceptance, cause we don’t accept and appreciate things the same way at same time but, it’s his life, the most important is not to support people and to be happy if they are happy?? And the most important giving us amazing projects that we love and are related to?? In music or in cinema, photography ect…

Edit: It’s like when I see a famous person (especially men arround women…) The poor woman if she touch his arm or hug him or just spend time with him, she is a b*tch. Really?? I mean appreciate someone is for me too, respecting people arround him! We are not obliged to appreciate them, we can be jealous but at least respect them! If not for ourselves at least for the artist we love. With Jake again & Maggie (his sister) I saw some very horrible things (sexual or not) yes you read right! I mean if some don’t even respect Jake’s family or friends or just someone with who he has a moment with… It’s like Ariana Grande tweet recently about what comments her boyfriend received on her by a man in streets. WTF?? I know my post will change nothing but… I needed to let it out! We are all fan our way,we are all in love our way, we are all with some preference about a lot of things and the way you are is right to you, be free and happy with it! Why others if they don’t have the same view can’t be happy their way? If for you being fan its having all the posters magazines, have them! If for you it’s listening their music all day, do it! If it’s speaking about their quotes, and inspiration they give to you, it’s great,do it! I just feel with all this body shaming ect… we lost the first and real reason to be a fan at the beginning. I mean the talent and work of people we admire! Of course we can find them beautiful, but I see a lot of people now it’s means or good comments about their body,their personal life, or please like my page… but their work?? 

When I see all the hate it’s make me sad!  They (the famous person or not that receive hate) are humans like you and me! If you do this, cause you are not happy in your life I am sorry for you and I hope you will find help very soon and feel better fast if you read this!
You see this man on these pictures from my post?? He is a human like you, like each famous person, like each person in this world! And NOBODY deserve hate or body shaming (cause I saw some comments about his body on the last paparazzis pictures for exemple) or sexual comments all the two seconds! He has feelings, he has a heart, he has maybe some wounds, complex and a lot of others things we can’t even imagine,like ALL EACH OF US! His public image and what we see of him (or any other person) doesn’t mean we know him! We know a part of him…but not himself really for sure! Even when celebrity are more sharing about their private life, sharing about their kids ect… doesn’t mean we have all the right and we can take the right to be rude or speak to them like we know them!  
If you are one of these people, can you please explain me how you would feel if it was you receiving all this??

If you read all this, thank you! Again I am nobody to tell you what to do! It just a feeling I have since a lonnnng time and I needed to write about it! You are free to do the same, love & peace to all! Be happy your way and let nobody make you ashamed you of who you are or break your dreams, or your life cause they are not agree with your choices please!! Love who you want to love, eat what you want to eat, wear what you want to wear ect be free, we have one life and time goes fast! xo


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I kinda want to ask: How do you feel that you kinda went from just a regular Tumblr user to a semi-celebrity on Tumblr and Twitter? Does it feel kinda weird? Do you miss life before you became famous?

…Am I…? A semi-celebrity…? I don’t really think so! The only difference now is that I get a lot more questions in my inbox which vary from sweet to super weird.


♩ ♫ What is this feeling, so sudden and new…  ♩ ♫

So yesterday I discovered it had been Nomoto Hotaru (the currently reigning Sailor Moon in SeraMyu)’s birthday on the 19th. Even though it was a day late, I wished her Happy Birthday by way of the Twitter for my SeraMyu fansite (thankfully I know how to say “Happy Birthday” in Japanese) and for fun included a GIF from that episode in S where Usagi celebrates her birthday.

AND SHE LIKED MY TWEET. I am totally fangirling right now.

(And yes, that IS her real Twitter account. So this is not fake).

Larry stylison

I don’t listen to 1D at all! And I am not a fan girl of them either but I ship Larry not just because but for the fact that there’s so much evidence (I’m not even joking when I say this) there’s so much! Hints in Harry’s and Louis twitter and pictures and gifs and other celebrities giving hints just god! I just want them to be happy, you know how sad it is for someone to hide who they are? Ergh

Every single one of you who tweeted death threats to Joss Whedon or who is celebrating the fact that he’s deleted his Twitter take a long look in the mirror and imagine how it must feel to have people tell you to kill yourself over a fucking movie.

I am so disgusted with the Marvel fandom right now.

I don’t care how much you hated Age of Ultron! Telling someone to kill themselves is NEVER okay you cruel and sadistic douchebags!

Halsey Kissing Underage Fans

First of all, this is illegal and you cannot try to say it’s right because it’s not, she is an adult and as an adult she should ask their age.

If you saw a 21 year old man kissing a 14 year old, how would you feel? 


Just because she is a celebrity, does NOT mean she gets special passes and gets to break the law, even if it is consensual, it’s illegal. She’s breaking the law, which is not a good thing.

Back in 2014, she posted

‘I keep promising underage fans that I’m gonna make out with them. I am SO going to jail.’

on Twitter, was she being sarcastic? Who knows, the point is she acknowledges it and she’s still doing it.

It’s honestly disgusting and you need to see this through, a kiss on the cheek is fine, but full on making out? No.

Remember, you all would be disgusted if it was any male celebrity kissing with fans, so why is she different? Because you like her? Because she didn’t know? Ofc she knew, she’s an adult.

Just please, spread the news to Halsey so she can stop before she gets arrested. Don’t let your feelings towards her personally effect this, I like her but this needs to stop.

I am so livid. This fandom, especially the lucaya extremists on Twitter, are so fucking toxic and deserve no right to be in a live taping, hell, on social media. shitting on rowan because your ship didn’t happen won’t accomplish anything. making her cry won’t do anything but make you an extremely shitty person. oh, you made a celebrity cry at a live taping? around of applause for you, is this something you really want to share when you’re an adult? I’m really concerned for this fandom. amazing how toxic it is when it is only a disney show. It’s racist, disgusting, and I just feel like every one of those girls just need to break away from everything.

As you all know, Dane’s birthday is coming soon. February 6th is not far from today, so please read information on how we plan to celebrate this day, and participate today!  The idea originally comes from amazing Dane fandom members:Sam (frostydehaan) and Max (eyebagdehaan). I am helping to spread this information, and make the congratulation happen. Perhaps we will be able to send it to Dane on twitter. I will also make sure to have all your submissions online on this website, so that it stays online as a special gift from Dane’s special fans :)

Below you can read the original post of frostydehaan which has all the explanations and directions:

it is Dane’s birthday (!!!!) so I thought of something really incredible to do for him! I would be making a video compilation of greetings/artworks/drawings made by us, the fans, for him from all over the world.

you could either send:
-video/s of yourself (or with a group of people so it would be more fun!) greeting, singing or dancing for dane. (If doing it by groups please include where you’re from, like “hello dane we’re your fans from *insert country/place* greeting you a happy birthday!!!” Or something like that)
-fan art/doodles
-anything you want (make sure appropriate)
-and of course, love for dane

You can send them to on or before 3rd of February. Make sure to include your name, tumblr URL/twitter and where you’re from.

I will be sending the link via the email you used to send me your output once I’ve uploaded the video or I could just post the link here so make sure you’re tracking #ddehaanproject (or follow me). If you have any questions, my ask box is always open.

It would be really great if we could get fans from all over the world so dane could acknowledge each and everyone! And for us, Dane’s fandom, to have more friends all over the world!

(also, thanks to my friend eyebagdehaan who made this project possible!!!)

“The duo’s palpable on-screen chemistry may have more to do with their mutually striking features…and the dazzling glow of young celebrity, which these two stars coincidentally share.”

E! Online

The twitter bots are running wild with the “make out” headline

And let the record show that I do think Josh and Kiersey have amazing chemistry, that scene in the bath tub was A+.

But I also am a huge fan of how this is being pushed in the media…for a music video.

John Diggle Fans - It’s that time again

I’m so excited for episode 3x17 and all of the glorious John Diggle scenes we’ll finally get to enjoy. In honor of this Diggle centric episode, it’s time to cast your vote for the Diggle trends taking place the week of the 3x17 episode. We have the big one happening that Wednesday evening of 3x17.

This is a big night for our guy.

Hell, I think we should celebrate John Diggle the entire damn week. That’s how excited I am.

So send in your twitter trend suggestions! There are so many things happening with him in this episode. I think I’m most excited for some Diggle & Oliver best man moments, and of course we’ll get Suicide Squad with Diggle and Deadshot!

So send in your suggestions! It’s time to celebrate, John Diggle fans! Our guy is getting another episode to highlight how amazing he is!

Also - it’s time to give your input on the tag we’re using for episode 3x17 during our live tweet of the show. Here are a few of the suggestions. If you have more, send them my way TODAY!






Today, September 13th, is Hibiki’s Birthday! Following tradition, I spent the day drawing a picture and then coloring it. I don’t normally draw things so I just used a pencil and had to take a picture to get on my computer as I don’t have a scanner. It’s not perfect, but I am satisfied with how cute it looks.

Follow that up with some Hibiki brand whiskey and a birthday cake, I’d say I did my best to celebrate the day. Check out the #立花響生誕祭 tag on twitter for all the cool art that’s way better than mine.

The next Symphogear Birthday is Miku’s on November 7th!

Stephen Am*ll decided to go on Twitter and show just how big of an idiot he is. 

I no longer support him as a person because he’s kind of an idiot. And instead of acknowledging his privilege, he’s digging in. Of COURSE you’ve met lots of “wonderful” people from Texas, you’re a white celebrity from Canada. Just sit the fuck down and shut up.