how am i going to survive this movie

The Foxes Preferred Methods of Procrastination

Neil: annoying Andrew
Andrew: eating pints of ice cream
Kevin: I am Kevin Day I do not understand the meaning of procrastination lets go play exy
Aaron: ‘protecting’ Katelyn from Andrew
Nicky: pining, watching Disney movies, pining
Matt: trying to find Neil
Dan: trying to find Matt to stop him procrastinating
Renee: planning how to survive different apocalypses 
Allison: putting the fear of god into literally everyone

Thanks to Age of Ultron I am now Maximoff trash.

I’m obsessed with Pietro and Wanda and I can’t get enough of my sweet little cinnamon roll pancakes. I’ve liked these characters for a while via the comics but this movie pushed me overboard into insane fangirling anarchy. When I actually get some sleep I’m going to attempt some sketches that may or may not be uploaded. In the meantime, does anyone have any blog suggestions for these two? 

How to survive the raid

((Hello, I am a fellow Tumblr person that will help you out within this raid. Please follow these steps:

1. For safety, please do not be online during the time of 11:59 PM EST or any time before that, and the 20th. 

It will probably start around that time, or 12:00 AM EST time. I could be wrong, but just for safety, please do.

Instead of being on Tumblr, scrolling and stuff like that, go on YouTube, watch a movie, go out shopping, etc.

2. Turn your submit box completely off, and your ask box.

You won’t know how many anons there will be. Deleting all messages won’t solve anything, so please turn off both of those to prevent anything to trigger you in any way.

3. Do not get involved, EVER.

This will stir up a lot of drama and make this a lot worse. 

If you’re the type of person that stirs drama and makes it worse, then I recommend taking a hiatus till it’s over.

4. Change your password, immediately. If you want to: Email as well.

If you don’t want to be hacked by 4channers, please change your password and/or your email.

5. Avoid tagging crowded tags, fandom tags, etc.

If you don’t want to see gore, porn, etc., I recommend not searching ANY of those tags listed.

Facts you may want to know about 4Chan:

According to 4Chan, Tumblr is the 2nd most hated side.

It’s normal for 4Channers to exploit your triggers.

Stay safe, and have a nice day everyone.))