how am i even going to go back to yuri who gives me an awful time

2 Hours and 9 Minutes

A Yuri on Ice Fanfic
Written for @seungchuchuweek

It’s past 2 am and he has training in five hours. Four hours and fifty-two minutes to be exact. He went to bed and turned the lights off two hours and eight minutes ago… Two hours and nine minutes now…

He has just spent two hours and nine minutes scrolling through the pictures on Phichit Chulanont’s sns account. To be fair, considering it has taken him that long, it says something about how often the other posts. (Way too much) It also says something about how far gone he is on his fellow skater that he finds it adorable. (2091 pictures? Really?)

Seung Gil is not good at this sort of thing. Has always believed getting involved with someone at this point in his career would only prove to be a distraction. Hadn’t even sought out friendship with the other international skaters because what was the point? They were competitors after the same prize. Would proclamations of friendship really withstand that competition? 1.09 points between a place on the podium and going home empty handed? Wouldn’t they hate each other two events later?

Apparently some people can’t take a hint, though. He’s actually grateful for that right about now. Even if part of the outcome is how a casual comment about him needing to check out his sns by Phichit has him up at some ridiculous hour of the morning. Because he obviously didn’t have any self control when it comes to hundreds of selfies of his one-sided crush.

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Okay so, I found this old Fluri fanfic in my GoogleDrive. It’s unfinished and unedited in any form, but I can’t actually remember the ending I was going for or how I intended to complete this story. Apparently it was started almost a year ago, so at this point I doubt the full idea will come back to me. I figured I might as well just throw this half-finished dork-fest out for everyone to enjoy. 

@suguelya - I am tagging you because I tag you in all my Fluri silliness and idk but feel free to laugh and judge this. 


“Then let’s begin. Mister Lowell, you–”

“Formalities? Really? You sound like Cumore.”

Professor Cumore.”

“Yeah, yeah. Professor Hearts and Tightpants. Whatever. If you keep up that mister stuff I won’t–”



“Will you please tell me what sort of havoc you brought upon the school today?”

“Just today?”


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Finals Flu (Yuri on Ice, Yuri K.)

I was about to start working on my Christophe fic when I realized that I’d written another fic a few weeks ago that I’d never posted anywhere. Figured I might as well share it, right?

Takes place back in Yuri and Phichit’s university years when they went to school/trained in Detroit. 

    All Yuri Katsuki wants to do is sleep. No, even better—he wants to take a long, hot soak in his family’s bath before curling up in his bed with a fluffy blanket and Vicchan at his feet before falling into a deep, blissful sleep. Instead, he’s sitting at his cluttered desk in his dimly lit dorm room at 2 A.M. in freezing Detroit, typing feverishly at his computer in order to finish a huge paper he has due for his 10 A.M. class the next morning. His professor had been extremely strict about the deadline—no extensions, no excuses. No paper, no pass. As if the anxiety that’s pooled hot in his stomach from the fast-approaching due date isn’t enough, the poor guy is all bunged up with one of those stress-induced, end-of-semester colds. The old heater in the room is doing a crap job at keeping him warm, and despite the oversized college sweatshirt he’s huddled up in and the fuzzy socks on his feet, his thin frame is trembling. The space between his eyes is throbbing and his throat is raw from the frequency of the soft, congested coughs that keep creeping up on him, no matter how many cough drops he pops into his mouth. Having to resort to breathing exclusively through his mouth because his nose is completely stuffed up does nothing but exacerbate the tickle in his throat. What’s worse is that, even though it feels like he has wads of cotton lodged up his nasal passages, his nose just won’t stop running. Every couple of minutes he tries to stuffily sniffle back the clear fluid that threatens to drip down his lip, but the effort is essentially futile; again and again, he has to stop typing in order to hastily snatch up one of the many crumpled tissues scattered across his desk and run it underneath the flushed, chapped skin of his nose to stem the flow. He’d been trying to avoid blowing his nose; the stuffy, congested sound he’d emit from blowing all the crud out of his head would likely wake up his roommate, Phichit, who’s sleeping soundly on the top bunk of their shared beds. The worst thing he can possibly imagine doing is disturb poor Phichit, who’d been studying all day for an exam he had at 8 A.M. the next morning. As if he doesn’t feel like a big enough bother to the Thai boy. He really doesn’t want to seem needy or pitiful to the boy who always has his back—or worse, a nuisance. He’s glad that the tapping sounds from his quick typing aren’t enough to rouse Phichit from his slumber. Only a few more pages more, now…

     Of course, things can’t just be easy or simple for Yuri Katsuki. Because another thick sniffle ignites a furious tickle deep within his swollen nasal passages so strong that it makes his tired eyes water.

     “hhehh!” he gasps breathily, immediately pulling his palm, curled up in the sleeve of his sweatshirt, to his flaring nostrils. The tickle only grows stronger, no matter how desperately he begs the universe to make it go away, and he finds his tired eyes squeezing shut on their own accord, his chapped lips parting. He only has a second to pinch his pink, glistening nostrils shut before the tickle wins over and his head flies forward with a powerful, “hehh-NGGkxt!”

     Trying to stifle was a huge mistake. Not only does trying to hold the sneeze back make the ache behind his eyes grow in size, but it only serves to feed the intense itch in his sinuses. Before he can even fully recover from the first draining sneeze, he’s bobbing again with another forceful, “hhahNGKTchh-uhh”

     Of course, all of the gunk that he’d been desperately trying to snuffle back the whole night was no match for the power of his sickly sneezes, and the exhausted boy’s nose practically exploded, his sweatshirt sleeve no match for the viscous fluid that now coated his poor sweatshirt sleeve and bottom lip. Still, the dam inside his nose had not completely broken, and thus, the appendage decided it was not quite done tormenting Yuri just yet.

     All it took was a final gurgling, involuntary sniffle for another burning tickle to shoot down from his septum to the soft, round tip of his reddened nose.

     “ughh…” he whimpers softly as his congested chest expands with a shuddering breath. His leaky nostrils, usually small and round, flare to twice their size, revealing the slick, irritated tissue inside. “hh-ahh!”



     The sneeze is messy and powerful—the sheer sickly force of it has him hunched over, trying to stifle chesty coughs into his dampened sleeve as he fumbles to grab a fresh tissue or five from his quickly-depleting tissue box through watery eyes. 

     “Bless you,” a soft, sleepy voice calls out to him through the darkness.


     He’d managed to wake Phichit up. Good job, Yuri. Guilt pools hot and heavy in his stomach, and he doesn’t turn around to meet the Thai boy’s eyes as he quickly tries to mop up the mess that’s accumulated on his face. 

     “S-Sorry, Phichit. I didn’t mean to—“ Yuri tries to stammer in apology until his voice catches and triggers another round of hacking coughs that leave him hunched over with his soiled tissues pressed tightly against his nose and mouth.

     Yuri’s so occupied with trying to keep his lungs from bursting out of his chest that he doesn’t notice Phichit toss his covers aside and clamber down the rickety ladder from his top bunk. The ailing boy freezes when a warm hand presses into his back, rubbing soothing circles.

     “Poor Yuri. You sound awful,” Phichit sighs.

     Yuri’s cheeks and ears immediately flush red hot with embarrassment as he whips around to look at the boy standing behind him. Great! How pitiful does he look now?

     “You should be in bed, Yuri,” Phichit scolds with a disapproving click of the tongue. The reprimand makes the Japanese boy flush even deeper, lowering the clump of tissues from his face to reveal a sheepish smile.

     “I know, I know. But I have a paper to finish that’s due in the morning. I can’t afford to sleep right now,”

     “Why don’t you email your professor and ask for an extension? I mean, you’re really sick, Yuri, I’m sure she’ll—“

     Yuri shakes his head, “No, no extensions. Professor Adams was really firm about that.”

     Phichit opens his mouth to say something, but Yuri hoarsely continues before he can get a word in, “I’m sorry again that I woke you up. You should get back to bed so you’re well-rested for your exam tomorrow. I’m almost finished here, and I promise that I’ll go to sleep as soon as I finish.”

     Yuri smiles hopefully at Phichit, who returns a discontented look. But of course, the smaller boy understands his situation, so though he’s unsatisfied with his answer, he gives Yuri a little nod in response and turns to climb back into bed.

     As he continues to type away at his computer, returning to the same sniffle-cough-wipe pattern as before, Yuri can tell it took Phichit quite some time to fall back to sleep; he could see the dim light of Phichit’s smart phone illuminating the pile of blankets he was laying under at one point and, even after he’d shut it off, he couldn’t hear the slow, steady breaths characteristic of sleep coming from his little blanket nest. He won’t do well on his exam tomorrow because he’ll be too tired, and it’ll all be because of me.

     His old friend anxiety creeps up on him yet again, stemming from his guilt, making his belly flip-flop and his small frame tremble even harder than the freezing temperature was. His mind races with thoughts of self-loathing and blame, making it incredibly difficult to focus on the topic of his paper until, finally, he can hear soft little snores amongst the humming of the old heater.

     Thank goodness.


     By the time Yuri finishes his paper and prints it out an hour and a half later, he’s completely drained. His head had begun to throb at the tempo of his heartbeat, and his chest is just as irritated as his runny nose. Still, even though he feels absolutely miserable, he falls into an uneasy sleep the moment his aching head hits his pillow.

     His fitful sleep is only fully broken when the blaring of his phone’s alarm clock begins to make his head thrum with pain. After turning off his alarm, he savors the moment of silence, shutting his burning eyes once again. He feels like utter hell; he’s sleep deprived and sicker than he’d felt a few hours before, but it’s 9:30 am—time to get up and head to class to hand in the paper he’d slaved over just last night. He thrusts his hand over to his bedside table, blindly feeling for his glasses. But his eyes snap open when his hand hits warm ceramic instead.

     When he looks over, his heart swells. There, on his bedside table, is a mug of tea and a little handwritten note with his name scrawled across the top. He picks up the note first.


Don’t you dare get out of bed today!

Seriously! Don’t worry about your paper—I saw it on your desk and brought it to your professor’s office for you. She says she hopes you feel better!

Anyway, drink your tea and get some sleep. You definitely need it!

I’ll see you later tonight at practice (if you’re feeling well enough, of course!),


     And by his signature, of course, is a little drawing of a grinning hamster.

    Yuri couldn’t help the mistiness that fills his eyes and blurs his vision. He’s not sure what he did to deserve such a wonderful friend, but god, was he grateful to have him. It was the little moments like these that made Yuri feel, despite all of the anxious internal monologues telling him otherwise, that people did love him, awkwardness and anxiety and all.

     When Phichit returns to his room later in the day, he finds Yuri still asleep, a small smile still on his lips.

the sense8 au you never asked for (1/2)

the ones in the cluster are all the same age because sense8. Victor/Chris are 27, while Yuri/Yuuri/Otabek/Phichit/Guang-Hong/Mila/Sara/Isabella are 23. (Guang-Hong is a trans woman in this fic.)

I. Yuuri Katsuki

One year ago, Yuuri was a simple physical therapist living in his family’s inn. He had a simple life. He was content. And yeah, he had given up on his childhood dream of becoming a figure skater, and he was settling for the less glamorous life in this small town, but he was helping people. He was helping his family. It was good.

Now though… Now, his life was the most complicated it has ever been.

First, he started seeing hallucinations of people and places. He saw a man begging him “help me, find me” before disappearing in a flash of light. Then, he saw a boy his age wearing a hamster costume and dancing some kind of calisthenics. Days later, he was suddenly in a gun range, watching an Italian woman angrily shoot straight at the target.

It got worse from there.

Overwhelmed by the stress of the hallucinations, he sneaked into Ice Hasetsu Castle, the only ice skating rink in town. It was owned by his best friends so they gave him full access, especially when he was sad or confused about something. Being on the ice calmed him down.

He started skating slow circles, warming up. In his head, he could hear music he was very familiar with. He could imagine Victor Nikiforov skating one of his gold-winning routines, the one for the song Stay With Me.

He skated to the middle of the ice, and let the music in his mind silence his other worries. He danced the routine and poured all of his feelings into it: his longing for the ice, and for the dream he had long given up.

And then, when it came to the jumps, despite not knowing how to do any quads, his body moved on its own. It was as if his body learned it without his knowledge. A toe loop. A flawless jump combination. A quadruple lutz with a perfect landing.

He performed the routine from start to finish, including all the jumps that he should not have been able to do anymore. Not after years without practice.


Days later, Victor Nikiforov himself appeared in Hasetsu Yutopia, naked in the hot springs, hands outstretched towards him like some sort of dramatic protagonist in some cheesy drama.

“Yuuri Katsuki,” he said. “Let me be your mentor!”

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SCM: A Goddess flirts with you

“Anonymous said: Do you do yuri request because if yes can you do leon, hue, scorpio and dui reaction to female flirting with mc in front of him but she obvious to them flirting?”

Requested: Yes

For: Anon

Smut: No

The King was having a party and you were invited. At first you weren’t sure what to wear because this is the first party that were you going to attend. Your boyfriend told you that you’d look good no matter what you wear. You blushed on how straightforward your boyfriend is. 

He held your hand and the two of you walked inside the hall where the party is held. The Gods and Goddess’ turned towards the door and they stared the two of you in awe. “They’re all looking at you.” You told your boyfriend.

“No my Goddess, they’re all looking at you.” Walking towards the other Gods they complimented on how beautiful you look. It was quite flattering to hear him compliment you and it was quite rare for Leon or even Scorpio to say something nice.  After a small chitchat with each other the other Gods left you and mingled with the other Gods and Goddess that were at the party. 

Dui excused himself and went over the food table to grab some food for the two of you. In that moment a Goddess walked over to you and made small conversations with you. “I love what you’ve done to your hair! It’s simple, but classy. And the dress your wearing really emphasize your body.” You thanked her for the compliments you were getting but at the same time you felt a bit uneasy. “Sorry I didn’t quite catch your name.” The Goddess asked. “Y/N.” You replied and looked for Dui. “That’s a beautiful name. A beautiful name for a beautiful Goddess like yourself.” She winked. 

Before the conversation could even go Dui appeared between you and the other Goddess. “I’m sorry but I’ll be taking my Goddess away, I’m sure she’s hungry now.” You silently thanked him. When the two of you got far away from the crowed Dui said somethings that you oblivious about. He mentioned that the Goddess was in fact flirting with you but you were unaware of it. He was a bit pissed but he couldn’t stay mad at you and your beauty. “It’s bad enough that I have to other guys look at you but now you’ve attracted the Goddess’ as well. What am I going to do with you.” He leaned in and kissed the top of your head.

“Hmm I’d like to think otherwise.”
 He smiled at you. He knew that they weren’t just looking at him but you as well. Your beauty has caught everyone’s attention and Huedhaut kept a calm face. He brought you over with him to greet the other guests in the party. 

However you were totally unaware that one of the Goddess has taken an interest in you. “My, my Huedhaut, you’ve caught an eye candy huh.” She smirked as she looked at you from head to toe. Huedhaut could only smile at the Goddess. After he finished his greeting he walked with you to the food table. It was weird because you recalled Huedhaut saying that Gods don’t need food and yet there were lots of food that were prepared. 

You were having troubles choosing with that you should put on your plate. Everything looked so good, it was hard to decide. “I suggest that you try this.” The same Goddess came behind you making you flinch. That scared the heaven out of you. The Goddess then wrapped her arm around your waist and you didn’t even notice it. Huedhaut in the other hand still kept a calm face even though he was very irritated. The Goddess was about to recommend a wine for you buy she was stopped by Huedhaut. “Please excuse us, my Goddess and I will be sharing the foods that you’ve recommended to see how good they are. Plus, I can give her better wine than what they have here.” And with that the two of you left the Goddess at the food table. 

“Tch of course they’re looking at me. Who wouldn’t?”
Leon was now smirking, only to receive an eye roll from you. “Still full of yourself I see. But sorry to break it to you Leon but I’m pretty sure that they were all looking at this gorgeous Goddess by your side.” You couldn’t help but blush at the comment that the Goddess has made. Does she not know that you’re just a human? But even if she did, would she act different around you? Would she tease you that your a human attending a party in the Heavens?

Shaking off that feeling you made small conversations to lessen the awkwardness you were feeling awhile ago. You learned a lot from the group and couldn’t help but smile at them. Leon watched you as you mingled with the other Gods.

It didn’t bother Leon much that you drew a lot of attention to yourself. He was glad that you were his and that they can’t do anything about it. In a way this is how Leon showed you off to the other Gods and Goddesses. He’d smirked at the compliments that they gave you. 

Once he had enough he cut off their conversation with you. “Alright I’m taking my Goddess back. You can back off now and find your own happiness cause I’m not planning to share my happiness with anyone else.” With that, the two of you left the group holding hands while walking. 

He kept glancing around the ballroom on why the Gods and Goddesses looked towards the both of you. He had an idea, one was that they were shocked to see him bring a date to the party, two was that they were shocked of how beautiful you were. 

He knew very well that it was the second option. Within that moment a Goddess stopped in front of the two of you and introduced herself. Scorpio didn’t really care who she was but he pretended to just listen to your conversation. “I’m quite surprise that Scorpio here brought a lovely lady like you to the party. We all thought that he was gay for Leon or something because of their constant bickering but I guess we were wrong.” Scorpio’s eyebrow twitched in annoyance. The Goddess was definitely getting under his skin   

Scorpio could only glare at the other Goddess and she tried to impress you and flirt with you. It angered him more that you couldn’t tell that you didn’t notice it. It annoyed him how oblivious you were at this situation. “Y/N and I will be leaving now. Goodbye…” He trailed off because he forgot the name of the Goddess. Not like he cared in the beginning. 

He snapped his fingers and the two of you appeared at your apartment. Before you could even ask him why did he do that, he crashed his lips onto yours. “I didn’t like the way she was taking your attention from me. I don’t like the way she was looking at you, you’re mine alone.” He hugged you to hide his blushing face.

cyanoscarlet  asked:

HCs for how Yuri K, Victor and Phichit will get a 23-year old student to study for her exams? (Not necessarily s/o lol, and no Yuri P this time because I KNOW he'd scream at me and I can feel it) I'm sorely lacking in motivation rn, and I can't believe I have to miss my YOI fix for the next 2 weeks, just look at that crying Thena icon, hahah wish me luck, thanks!!!

Don’t worry, I understand your pain. I can have hard time finding motivation to do my school work, as well. It can be really hard for me to focus, so I relate to you on a spiritual level rn. This one is dedicated to everyone that needs a little extra push today! I know you can do it! Thank for for the request, and good luck with your schoolwork! ((also I did these as friends, since I haven’t done anything very platonic yet!))

[Viktor Nikiforov]

  • Now Viktor is a very persuasive person, so he’s going to get you to hunker down and study one way or another
  • He probably won’t be the best at understanding your frustrations and emotions
  • but let me tell you he is gonna try
  • If your emotions get the best of you and you cry or something, he’s going to be a little shocked
  • He would just give you a hug and beg you to stop crying because you’re too beautiful to cry like why
  • It annoys him that the schoolwork you receive is so extreme that it brings you to this
  • Like why do schools have to be so hard on students ???? you shouldn’t have to cry your way through it ???????
  • Even if he thinks the workload is stupid, he’s going to be there to motivate you and make sure you’re successful
  • He’ll bring you into the kitchen of his apartment and sit down with you on the stools by the counter or at the kitchen table, whichever you like best
  • Viktor would sit with you and read a book while you study, stealing glances at you every so often to check up on you
  • Being as observant as he is, he probably would know exactly when you’d need a snack or a drink
  • When he notices you getting really worked up or frustrated, he’ll distract you by taking your hand and ballroom dancing with you around the living room for a few minutes; it’s also perfect because you can get up and stretch
  • the slow music and steady movements Viktor leads you through help to relax you a bunch
  • also slow dancing with Viktor????? I would study all the time if it meant i would get to do that
  • Even though he takes good care of you while you’re working, he’s going to be strict to make sure you’re focusing
  • He would probably take your phone away if he caught you sneaking glances at it every so often
  • “Are the answers to your exam questions in those Snapchats, (Y/N)? Do those funny dog videos have your notes written in them? Do-“
  • “No Viktor they don’t I’m sorry I’m crying trying my best and I’m frustrated and these exams are going to kill m e
  • He’s the type to give rewards for correct answers
  • Usually chocolates, peppermints, cakes, shots of vodka, etc.
  • even hugs and cheek kisses if you want I mean I know that’s what I’d want
  • If you’ve been studying for a long time, he’ll give you a shoulder massage while you’re hunched over your textbooks
  • He’d probably make you go to bed or at least take a nap once it got late; no matter how much you protest, he’ll insist that you need to put your health first
  • He just wants you to be successful, and he believes in you no matter what

[Yuri Katsuki]

  • This bean is the best study buddy you could ever ask for
  • I mean he wears glasses so he must be pretty smart ???? jk I’m awful
  • He understands the stress and anxiety you’re having from past experience
  • Knowing how your emotions can get the best of you at times like this, he keeps a box of tissues handy in case you need to cry out your frustration
  • When that happens he’ll just hug you and stroke your hair
  • He’s so friggin patient i s2g he’s too perfect for this
  • To motivate you, he just creates a relaxed environment and offers to endure the worst with you
  • He’ll set up a quiet room with a table and create a playlist of relaxing symphonies to have in the background
  • and if you have ADHD like me he’ll take everything off of the walls so you don’t get distracted by the photos or pictures
  • You know this boy will make sure you use effective studying methods and take plenty of rest breaks
  • He’s going to make you get up during breaks and will help you stretch out; every few hours the break will be a short walk outside to get some fresh air
  • If you become angry or frustrated, he’ll stop you and try to help you understand what you’re struggling with
  • I can really see him getting all passionate in his explanations and using examples you’ll enjoy and relate too ugh this boy is adorable
  • He’s going to make sure you’re comfortable while you’re reading your textbooks; if your eyes start to hurt from reading the big walls of text, he’ll sit next to you and read to you out loud
  • Expect a fuckton of praise and encouragements from getting the correct answers
  • He’s gonna make you all kinds of snacks and drinks
  • “(Y/N), I made us pork cutlet bowls to eat! Don’t they look good pls be proud of me!
  • “Yuri how is a 900 calorie meal a snack I don’t understand-“
  • stfu (Y/N) you need the energy to push through and study hard ok just eat this shit i made for you with love jfc
  • Once it gets late, he’ll brew you all kinds of tea and coffee to help you stay awake
  • If you start getting sleepy, though, he’ll do his best to keep you focused
  • He’s going to try his best to stay up with you, but he might not make it and fall asleep on your shoulder
  • It might be you who falls asleep first, though, so he’ll just snuggle up next to you with a blanket and think of it as a reward
  • but for real just imagine you slumped over the table asleep and he just comes right up next to you and wraps a blanket around both of you before clinging to you like a koala omg best friends ever so friggin cute
  • No matter what results you get on your tests, you know he’s going to be proud of your accomplishments and the hard work you’ve put in

[Phichit Chulanont]

  • This boy won’t be the best at helping you study, but he’s going to cry try his best to motivate you and get you through it!
  • He’ll bring a table and chairs into his bedroom so you can be in a comfortable environment but can still have an area to work at without getting distracted
  • He’ll help you get into a productive rhythm and then sit back while you work
  • probably just sits at the table with you and plays around on his phone
  • He’s gonna take a bunch of selfies with you working in the background and post them on Instagram js
  • “(Y/N), you look so cute while you’re working, and-“
  • Phichit pls why are you like this
  • Expect to be constantly bothered by his questions about how you’re doing
  • “Are you comfortable? Do you need any food? Water? Is the oxygen pure enough in here? Am I bothering you?
  • “Phichit enough
  • He would feed you so you wouldn’t have to look away from your textbook to feed yourself
  • The look you make while you concentrate is really cute to him and he really enjoys seeing the expressions you make while you focus but you didnt hear it from me
  • There is a timer set on his phone so every few minutes you can take a break and get up to stretch
  • Once you start to get a little stressed from focusing so hard, he creates a second timer that he calls the “Hug Timer”
  • When it goes off, he jumps right out of his chair and tackles you in a big, warm bear hug
  • You can try to act annoyed, but he can see how much better you feel once you return your focus to your studies
  • plus a hug from Phichit could cure anything tbh
  • When you get frustrated, he shows you funny dog videos and pictures on Instagram to help you calm down and take your mind off of school for a little while
  • Tired of reading yourself? Phichit will take over and read the endless lines of text to you as if he were reading you a fairytale before bed
  • he would even do different voices ugh what a cutie
  • Whenever you feel like giving up on studying and burying yourself in the ground, he bribes you with a reward if you keep going
  • First he promises a drink from Starbucks, then movie tickets, then a trip with him to his next abroad skating event
  • Once you show signs of being physically exhausted, he won’t make you stay awake any longer
  • In fact, he would encourage you to take a nap with him before you got back to work
  • He might not be the best study buddy ever, but he admires you and your perseverance to succeed

title: pride (in the name of love)
summary: “Some part of him should’ve been disappointed to not get gold, yet here he was, happier than anything with bronze, his fiancé at gold.“ (for a friend’s birthday, inspired by another friend’s prompt (thanks for helping me edit!) @intjchangeable thank you a million times for all of your help with this <3 title from the song by U2)

Viktor listened to the last note ring across the rink, echoing and fading as the crowd began to cheer. He panted, regaining his breath after the exhausting free skate.

He smiled and waved to the audience, internally recounting each of his mistakes. He cringed as he remembered his uncharacteristic slip on his triple axel, thinking he probably should’ve practiced that particular set more.

Then, as he stepped off the ice, he realized that his mistake hadn’t been the worst thing. After all, his placement (and new record) in the short program guaranteed him a spot on the podium.

And if he was doing the math right, both Yuuri and Yuri would be up there with him.

Despite his musings, he was immediately wrapped in a hug from Yuuri, and felt a giddy smile spread across his face. Yuuri pulled away, seeming to search his expression.

“You over-rotated your axel,” he said, causing Viktor to scoff. Then, Yuuri smiled gently, his eyes softening. Viktor could feel himself falling in love all over again. “You were still beautiful, and I think my heart stopped during your step sequence.”

Yuuri!” he cried, hugging the man tightly. “You’re too sweet, what am I going to do with you?”

Yuuri laughed into his shoulder, matching the taller man’s fierce hug. “Let’s go to the kiss and cry, Coach Yakov is waiting.”

Viktor grimaced, already imagining the scolding his coach was about to give him, and subconsciously reached for his ear. He felt Yuuri starting to laugh again, imagining the same thing.

They walked to the kiss and cry, Viktor keeping a hand wrapped around Yuuri’s torso. They sat next to each other, while Viktor nervously eyed the stoic man on his other side.

“…Viktor Nikiforov is currently in third place.”

Yuuri smiled at him, then his expression morphed into shock. “Wait. That means…”

“You got gold! Yuuri, you got gold!” Viktor exclaimed, a sudden burst of pride racing through his limbs. Some part of him should’ve been disappointed to not get gold, yet here he was, happier than anything with bronze, his fiancé at gold.

His fiancé…!

“Viktor! I can’t believe you over-rotated your triple axel! When was the last time you did that again?!”

Viktor sighed, turning to his fuming coach. “Yakov, please.”

“Don’t you ‘Yakov please’ me Viktor! I’m going to make you practice an extra ten hours next week!”

Yuuri had collapsed into laughter beside him, his shoulders shaking. “Yuuri! It’s not funny!” Viktor cried in disbelief, though a smile spread across his lips to see Yuuri laughing.

“You’re not escaping either, Japanese Yuuri! I’m making you practice those quad flips until your legs give out!”

Yuuri winced, but the smile didn’t drop off his face, so Viktor took the opportunity to hug him again.

“Hey, pig!” Yuri called as they walked towards him. “I swear I’ll beat you again next year!”

Yuuri smirked in response. “Counting on it!” he called. Viktor’s heart soared, knowing that it meant Yuuri would keep skating, and would stay by his side. He finally felt like he had a reason to keep skating, with the love he had for the sport and for the people around him.

“Let’s celebrate!” Viktor urged, with good reason to want a party.

“We can celebrate after the awards,” Yuuri dissuaded him, chuckling.

Yuuri,” Viktor whined.

“Stop being gross,” Yuri hissed. “Awards are in, like, half an hour. You can hold off being lovey-dovey until then.”

“Aw, you’re just sad that Otabek isn’t down here!” Viktor teased.

No! Shut up!”

“Viktor, what are your thoughts on getting bronze?” Despite his lower-than-average performance, he was still the man the press flocked to.

“Disappointed, of course. I made mistakes that I definitely should not. But still, I’m so, so proud of Yuuri and Yuri, both of whom I have been working with for a while now. I’m so lucky to get to work with them.”

“Of course! Thank you for your time!”

“Our bronze medalist, Viktor Nikiforov!”

Viktor stepped onto the ice, immediately blowing kisses towards the audience. He grinned as they cheered, the roars echoing throughout the air. He danced a little, enjoying the moment.

He hopped onto the podium, continuing to wave, even as they continued with the ceremony.

“Our silver medalist, Yuri Plisetsky!”

Yuri skated out onto the ice, politely waving. He was much more subdued than Viktor, and winced when he heard the screams of his loyal fangirls.

He stepped onto the podium and growled when Viktor teased him, “Ah, Yura! So cute!” The boy scowled at him, eye twitching.

“And finally, our gold medalist Yuuri Katsuki!”

The cheers grew in volume, reaching a deafening roar that made Viktor’s grin widen. Though slightly embarrassed, Yuuri waved happily, smiling at everyone. His hair was an absolute disaster.

He did a little twirl before approaching the podium. Viktor and Yuri extended their hands, helping him hop onto the top step. Yuuri laughed, and the crowd continued to cheer.

As they were given their flowers and medals, Viktor couldn’t help but gaze at Yuuri. He was shining in the lights, his eyes sparkling. Viktor’s heart soared as he watched his love overcome with joy. No other sight could make him happier.

He saw Yuuri lifting his medal, lightly biting it with a giant grin. Yuri just pouted as he lifted his silver, his gaze traveling across the arena. Viktor loved seeing how happy they were to be up there, regardless.

It was unmistakable. The roar of elation rushing through his veins, making his fingers tingle and heart pound. The shouts of the crowd making the arena shake, making his legs wobble ever so slightly.

There was the sense of accomplishment when winning, but he felt so much more, seeing the ones he had pushed and worked with, above him, reaching heights he hadn’t even thought about.

Yuuri turned to look at him, sensing his gaze. Viktor’s cheeks burned with joy, watching as Yuuri’s eyes flashed under the bright lights of the arena.

And though he knew he would get a double lecture later, he couldn’t stop himself from moving.

He stepped onto the first place step, dropping his flowers onto the ice beneath them. He wrapped his arms around Yuuri, who yelped with surprise, nuzzling into his neck.

He pulled away to meet Yuuri’s eyes. Yuuri was smiling again, cheeks pink and eyes loving. The crowd’s cheering started to fade into the background, even Yuri’s annoyed yelps seemed to be muffled. All he could see was Yuuri, with his beautiful smile, gold medal around his neck.

Then, Viktor cupped his fiancé’s cheek and kissed him with all of his heart.

Yuuri wrapped his own arms around Viktor’s neck, dropping the flowers he held as he kissed Viktor back. Their teeth clacked against each other since they were so busy smiling, kissing between bouts of laughter.

Yuuri pulled away again, meeting Viktor’s eyes, smile shy. “Coach Yakov is going to kill us for kissing on live television,” he warned, half-heartedly.

“They could ban me from skating and I’d still kiss you again,” Viktor admitted, causing Yuuri to laugh.

“Hey! Stop trying to surpass me Viktor! I beat you this time!” Yuri yelled, jumping onto the same step as them. Yuuri laughed in disbelief, and Viktor brought the two of them into a hug. The clamor of the crowd only grew, matching the pounding of their hearts.

After they stepped off the ice, Viktor took the opportunity to kiss Yuuri’s medal. Yuuri giggled slightly, and Viktor was gone.

“Viktor, you idiot!” Yakov yelled. Viktor didn’t even spare him a glance. He was way too smitten with the man beside him.

“You guys looked adorable!” Mila gushed, running alongside their coach. “You’re like a podium family!”

“Two dads in love, proud of their son,” Georgi agreed, looking like he was tearing up.

Yuri’s jaw dropped. “What the hell?! They’re not my dads!

“Accept it Yura!” Viktor declared, slinging his arm around Yuuri’s shoulders. “We’re the best podium family!”

“No way in hell, old man!” he raged, storming off. The other skaters chuckled as he rushed off, and Yakov put his hand on Viktor’s shoulder.

“I may be proud of my students,” Yakov said, eyes narrowed. “but that was not appropriate for cameras. You can be affectionate at home.”

Viktor shook his head. “I understand why you say that, but I can’t agree. Honestly, I just want the whole world to see us, see that we’re together. I want everyone to know that Yuuri is mine, and that I’m his.”

Yakov’s frown turned into a knowing smile, melancholic eyes gazing back. “Okay,” he responded, before turning away. Viktor stood, frozen in shock.

“Hey, Viktor? What did you say?” Yuuri asked, nudging him with a frown. Viktor realized they must’ve slipped into Russian.

“Just talking about how much I love you.”

Yuuri flushed and ducked his head, making Viktor’s heart flood with warmth. He kissed him again, tilting Yuuri’s head up.

“Yuuri Katsuki, may we have a word?”

The press again.

Yuuri jolted away from him, causing Viktor to whine embarrassingly. Yuuri’s face had turned tomato red, eliciting a chuckle from the reporter. Viktor pouted as Yuuri nodded. “Of course, I’m sorry.”

“What are your plans for the rest of the season?”

“Skate,” Yuuri answered bluntly. “Skate until my legs give out. I want to keep pushing myself and skating,” he paused, glancing at Viktor. “with Viktor at my side.”

Viktor’s mouth opened with joy. The reporter laughed. “Of course, I think we very clearly saw your passion for each other.”

Yuuri covered his face with one hand as Viktor kept his arms around him. “We’re happy,” Viktor admitted. “I think we make each other stronger, as I hope you can tell in the gala exhibition tomorrow.”

“You, Yuuri and Yuri have become a sort of podium family. What’s it like to be placing alongside your rink mates?”

“Incredible! Not only are we pushing each other, coaching each other and skating with our hearts, we have our other rink mates to support us, and of course Coach Yakov.” Viktor laughed. “I think we drive him crazy, though.”

You think?” Yuuri questioned, laughing himself.

“Oh shush, you’re not any better.”

“Thank you for your time, both of you!” the reporter told them, starting away with a chuckle. “We’re looking forward to see what comes next.”

What comes next.

“We’ll be together,” Viktor whispered to Yuuri.

“Together,” Yuuri agreed, tangling his fingers in Viktor’s hair.

And no medal could ever compare to that.

Hope you enjoyed <3


mouseinc-deactivated20170116  asked:

"Send me a number with a ship and any other details you want" - “You’re burning up” for Otayuri (the cutest pair in the world!!) I've seen prompts where Yurio is the one who is sick, but what if this time it is Otabek who is sick and Yurio has to look after his boy ? <3

(Everything for you, my sweet darling! I hope you’ll enjoy it, even with my english)

“Beka, you were awful today!”, Yuri tries to find other words describing his boyfriend’s performance on ice, but even with the soft spot in his heart for that man: it was impossible. “What the fuck is happening to you?”

Opening the door to their house (after half a year it is still so impossibly amazing for Yuri to be able to say that), he is welcomed by unusual silence. Yuri always ends his practice later, and when he comes back he is greeted by music from their room or sounds of cooking from the kitchen. But now, he hears only silence.

“Beka?”, he asks, going to the living room; it’s empty. Bedroom? Only Molniya, their kitten, is sleeping at Yuri’s pillow.

He finally goes to the kitchen and spots the mess of a person with head and arms lying in uncomfortable position on the table, clothes from the practice still unchanged. All of that, connected with the mug for a tea standing next to a kettle, which wasn’t even plugged in, gives Yuri the feel that something is not right.

“Hey”, he touches older man’s arm; Otabek suddenly jumps up, looking feverishly at Yuri. “Oh my god, you look like a corpse!”

“Um…I am okay”, Otabek just says, pushing his messy hair out of the way of his sight. His always shining, gold skin looks almost grey; with bloodshot eyes and unusual redness on his cheeks he looks sick.

“Yeah, bullshit”, Yuri says, getting closer and touching his boyfriend’s forehead with his hand. “Shit, Beka, You’re burning up! Tell me, for real, how do you feel?”, he asks, at the same time walking towards one of the cupboards and pulling out the box with medicines.

“Uh, weak”, he says, rubbing his eyes. “And my head hurts as hell. But it’s nothing, really…”

“When did you start feeling like that?”, Yuri doesn’t even listen to him; his brain switches to ‘I am responsible adult and am 100% able to take care of other human’ mode. He takes out thermometer and puts it under Otabek’s armpit without any word.

“After I woke up, I guess…”

“Are you retarded?!”, Yuri shouts, then instantaneously tones his voice down. “You went to the practice sick?? How irresponsible of you!”, he looks at Otabek with disappointment.

“I didn’t want to loose any practice! And more, I didn’t want to make you troubles”, Beka says quietly, when Yuri checks his temperature. 39,5˚C, not good.

“You’re really stupid if you think it’s problem for me to take care of you”, Yuri responds, pulling his boyfriend’s hair back and placing few gentle kisses on his warm forehead. “Now, go get some pajamas on and to the bed! I’ll prepare meds for you”

When Yuri walks to the room with hot tea, damp cloth and painkillers, Otabek is lying, with awake Molniya trying to find a comfortable place on Beka’s stomach.

“Oh, move”, says Yuri to her, sitting on the end of the bed and giving Otabek’s his meds. “I’m going to put this cloth on your forehead, it should erase the pain for awhile”, he says, looking at half asleep Beka. He smiles, looking at defenceless man.

“Will you lay down with me?”, Otabek asks with so tiny voice that Yuri can’t say no. He puts the small cloth on his boyfriend’s forehead and lays down next to him. At the same time Beka is moving closer to him, putting one arm around his small waist. Yuri allows him to lay on his arm, not even bothered by damp spot on his favorite shirt.

Unconsciously, he moves his fingers up and down the short hair on the back of Otabek’s neck. “You’re my angel, I love you”, he hears, and looks at the man lying on his arm, so warm and beautiful, even with fever and unhealthy blush on sun-kissed cheeks.

“And you should be sleeping”, he answers, but with the delicate tone Otabek recognises as ‘love’.

When Yuri wakes up few hours later, his boyfriend is still asleep, cloth long forgotten on the pillow next to them. Small droplets of sweat are covering his forehead and temples. Yuri leaves too hot embrace and wipes out softly all of the sweat from Otabek’s face. He leaves him to sleep, with the mission of doing some soup in mind.

When Otabek opens his eyes, it’s dark outside. Small ball of fur is lying next to him, puffing out small breathes. His head hurts like hell, and the bed next to him is empty.

It has to be the fever’s fault, because he feels very sad and miserable. He’s still cold, but the throbbing of his temples decreased. He puts sweater on and opens the door, being greeted with the beautiful smell of chicken soup.

Staying on the door to kitchen, Otabek sees Yuri, with his long hair messily tied in a bun, bustling next to the huge pot of vegetables and chicken. He smiles lightly, feeling happiness with the sight of his man, in their shared kitchen.

“Ohh, you woke up?”, Yuri turns back and smiles at him lightly. “How’s your head?”

“It’s okay”, he says, being surprised how broken his voice sounds. “Yura… Give me a hug?”, he says quietly.

“Aww, no way! Go get a shower, you’re sweaty!”, he says, but walks closer anyway and melts into the hug, when Otabek is kissing his hair. “But now for real; dinner’s almost ready, wear some warm clothes”

When Otabek is back, two bowls of soup are standing on a table in front of the TV. Yuri is sitting at the sofa, looking at the phone in his hand, scrolling through Instagram. He looks up and sighs.

“First of all: go get a towel for your hair. Then, put some socks on. Then go here and put a blanket around yourself, we will going to watch some stupid shit and eat.

“Yes, mum”, he laughs.

“Fuck you too”.

Having one cat sleeping on his lap, and the other cuddling to him under the blanket, with their fingers linked together, is something even his throbbing headache isn’t strong enough to screw up for him.

“You are taking care of me so amazingly that I really should be sick more”, he says later, when three of them are almost asleep.

“Oh yeah, I want to see how you say that for Yakov. That old man is probably going to kill you if you find out you’re being sick just to be served”, Yuri laughs, and his laugh is beautiful enough for Otabek to not care about it.


Royal Honeymoon Event. Be My Princess Gree. Yakov Chernenkov Normal Route Summary. June 2016.


All rights belong to Voltage Inc. I am still a Japanese learner so this isn’t gonna be super detailed and please forgive me for the mistakes.. This was a nightmare to translate so please do not re-post.


SN: Saesha’s Notes

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Please Don’t Make These Two The Gold Standard

It’s not like I don’t want this couple to exist–far from it. I will not lie; the only reason I stuck out for and am sticking out for Yuri!!! On Ice is the potential queer relationship. And of the queer relationships I’ve seen in anime, there’s a lot to applaud about Yuuri and Victor. They’re of age! Adults even! This is probably the most explicit same-sex tension we’ve seen that doesn’t trail into outright non-con! (Unless you want to go down the rabbit hole of teacher/mentor and the fact that Victor has a bunch of social power over Yuuri by being a crush-worthy celebrity but eeeeeh, maybe later) 

Do they deserve to exist? Yes. Do they deserve to be liked? Yes. Do they deserve darling status as a flawlessly equal, progressive, super-gender transgressive couple with no reason for anyone to complain about them, be it on problematic social terms or flaws in the general narrative of their relationship? No. Not all all, actually.

This is another hard article to write, partly because I understand how this relationship is fairly groundbreaking and atypical, and partially because, holy crap, I do not want to get on the YOI fandom’s bad side. But whenever I see people talk about these two and their relationship, I see a lot of pretty not-okay things either excused or outright dismissed; and you know me, complaining about everything is my exact blog slogan. 

Nothing I write this point forward is here to shame or give a rallying cry to abandon this ship in droves, or bomb the hash, or demand you all stay awake at night thinking of what terrible people you are for ever endorsing them. It’s not my business to tell you what to like or how to feel about things. What is my business is to talk about writing, to encourage dialogue, and to have frank-but-reasonable discussions on narrative shortcomings to avoid problems in the future.

Because this ship’s got problems.

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Okay, okay, I got like four different people asking me to elaborate on why I absolutely hated YuriKuma, and after having some time to process it I think I can at least try to explain why.

The most obvious, glaring issue is that the entire concept revolves around the fetishizing and objectification of lesbians. Oh, I’m sorry, not lesbians – ‘yuris’. Every girl with an evident interest in girls is introduced with the subtitle of 'yuri’, which according to the show means not just same-gender attraction, but also the absolute, untouchable purity that comes with it. Lesbianism isn’t a thing in this universe, you see. If you’re in love with a girl, you can’t have an actual relationship, one that will survive out in the real world, and can involve real emotional complexity and – heavens forbid – sexual aspects. No. The entire concept of this show revolves around the love between two girls being the purest thing in this world.

From watching Utena, you’d think this is the sort of thing Ikuhara would break down and go against. But nope. Here this seems to be taken completely seriously. Needless to say, this is offensive as twenty kinds of fuck.

Then there’s the gross in-your-face fanservice which doesn’t really require any further elaboration. Naked girls sensually licking honey off a flower sprouting from third naked girl’s chest? More like please fuck off forever. The way they’re trying to simultaneously bank on the 'purity’ aspect of girls’ relationships while sexualizing them to hell and back is especially gag-worthy.

Then: the metaphors. God, fuck those metaphors. Do you remember watching Utena and being slammed in the face with visual metaphors left and right, about a fifth of which you could actually understand? One of the funnest, most fascinating fandom experiences I’ve had was looking up interpretations and analyses after my first watch. It really opened my mind, and made me realize what a truly complex, well-thought out work the series was.

In YuriKuma, you are slammed in the face with an equal amount of metaphors. The difference is that they are shit. They are obvious and spoon-fed, and don’t require rubbing two brain cells together to figure out. The result feels cheap and pretentious to the point of insulting the viewer’s intelligence, and you can practically feel Ikuhara getting off to his own ~amazingness~ every time a character mutters a nonsensical string of words such as 'THE TRANSPARENT STORM WILL DESTROY ALL THE LILIES!!!’. Dude, even if you repeat that phrase a thousand times it will not make me take your shit seriously. It is idiotic and inane.

Moving on: the writing is simply awful. First of all, the characters’ personalities are barely discernible, beyond oozing with moe. You have Kureha, who already has a tragic bear-related backstory, and then you give her a PURE BEAUTIFUL YURI relationship with a girl which literally has the emotional depth of a spoon (having them constantly go I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, I WON’T GIVE UP ON MY LOVE while showing no other aspect of their relationship will not make it believable, sorry), only to fridge the girl to give Kureha a… double bear-related tragic backstory? WHY. Literally why the fuck was that necessary.

Then you have the bear girls, which I get are supposed to be inhuman and inhumane, but the thing is, supposedly the show’s intention is to eventually make you care for them and their relationship with Kureha… which I have no idea how they’re planning to pull, given that those two are essentially sociopaths, have eaten Kureha’s girlfriend, and are looking to eat Kureha as well. And with how trite, terrible and cliche-wrought the writing has been in the first ep alone, I highly doubt they’ll be able to humanize those girls in a way that’s even half-believable. Odds are, the show will just keep throwing them at Kureha while uttering lines such as 'I want to eat you, my delicious meal!!’ in the hopes the audience will come to ship it. This is gross. I will not. Fuck you.

And then you have the attempts at 'quirkiness’ or whatever, with the bear girls’ usage of sound effects, and the three flamboyant men which literally have no reason to exist and completely fail at being funny on any level. The court scene was baffling, and not in the positive, engaging sort of way, but just in the 'why the hell is this happening and why am I watching it’ way. Which goes for the entirety of the show, actually.

TLDR version: Jesus fuck I can hardly even believe how awful this show is.