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A Wild Night in Vegas -- Part 11

This chapter happened a lot faster than @outlandishchridhe and I anticipated. It’s a lot of fun! We’re loving where this story is going!

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Fraser Bairn Watch: Month 5

Exhausted, Claire opened the apartment door and took a deep breath. Amongst the aromas of food cooking, she thought she smelled something fainter, sweeter. Eyes springing open, she locked her eyes on the vase and saw five fresh roses in it.

“Welcome home, Sassenach,” Jamie called from the kitchen.

Grinning, she walked in and kissed him.

“Thank you for the roses, Jamie. They’re lovely.”

“Five roses for five months gone. Only a few left for me to thank ye for carrying our bairn.”

Leaning on him this way, she was acutely aware of her rounding stomach as it pressed against Jamie’s.

“You’re welcome,” she said before pulling away from him.

They ate their dinner at the table and, for once, nothing made her sick. Before they went to bed, she did a little homework at her desk, though she couldn’t sit as close to it as she used to.

Tomorrow was to be their 20 week ultrasound and Claire had been waiting for this day for weeks. They’d finally be able to see the baby look, well, more like a baby.

“You know, we can find out tomorrow if this little one is a boy or a girl.”

“I dinna want to find out,” he said, turning a page in his book.

Her mouth fell open as she stared at him. It took a minute before he realized what she was doing.

“But I want to know the sex of the baby!”

“Weel, I dinna want to know. Don’t ye want to be surprised?”

“I think this baby was a surprise enough, Jamie. Don’t you want to get prepared?”

“Sassenach, people have been having bairns for centuries without knowing what they are and they seemed to do just fine getting ready.”

“Why can’t I just find out and you not? You can still be surprised then.”

Jamie fixed her with a flat look and closed his book with a sigh.

“Sassenach, have ye ever seen yerself try to keep a secret? I love ye, but yer face canna keep a secret from me. If you find out, ye won’t be able to keep it from showing all over your face.” He reached out and stroked her cheek and she leaned into him instinctively.

The pleading look on his face made Claire’s resolve waiver. She really did want to know, but finding out together would mean much more than having to carry it around with her for the next few months by herself.

“Oh, alright you bloody Scot. We won’t find out until this little peanut decides to make its debut,” she huffed, placing her hand on her belly.

Jamie twined their fingers together, resting over her wee bump. She suppressed flinching away from it and when she finally looked up at him, she saw that heartbreaking smile spread across his face as his hand moved theirs back and forth over her stomach.

“I love ye, mo nighean donn. I ken it makes ye a little disappointed,” he started, but was halted by her rising up on tiptoe to give him a peck on the lips that, as always, turned into something a little deeper.

“Compromise, right?” she whispered. “You and I have done a lot of it so far. It won’t kill me and at least I’ll know that you’re suffering right along with me.” She laughed, a soft, tinkling sound that Jamie loved. He lived for that laugh, the smile making her whole face crinkle in happiness.

He rested his head against hers for a moment, basking in the warmth of her smile. Leaning in, he kissed her softly, letting his hands wander over her. After he squeezed her arse, he began to pull her closer. But she pulled back and took a breath.

“Are ye alright, mo chridhe?”

“Yes, I’m… I’m alright. I’m a little tired though, could we maybe just snuggle a bit tonight?”

Watching her face for a moment, he thought he understood why she was hesitating. Her stomach was getting larger by the day and it made her uncomfortable.

“Ye dinna have to get naked, Sassenach. Leave yer shirt on, it doesna matter to me.”

She gave him a weak smile before pulling out of his arms.

“That’s alright. Perhaps another time.”

Leaning over the side of the couch, she gave his cheek a light peck and left to change for bed. When he joined her, he saw she wore the nightgown she’d been favoring lately. It covered her and gave her body little shape, which was likely what she wanted it to do.

As she lay on her side, the sheets tucked up around her, he gently eased in behind her, careful to not fully cup the wee swell of her belly. Instead, he opted for reaching for her hand, entwining their fingers together..



“Ye ken I love ye, right?”

“Of course I do.”

He nodded, taking a moment before continuing.

“And ye ken I think yer beautiful, right?”

“I… yes, I do.”

“And that I dinna think yer fat or ugly? That seeing ye carry my child is the most amazing blessing ye could ever give me?”

She paused before answering, and gently brought their hands down to rest near her stomach.

“Yes, Jamie. I do. I’m sorry, I really am just tired tonight.”

“Aye, it’s fine, mo nighean donn. I just want ye to ken that I love ye verra much.”

She turned around, searching for a kiss.

“I love you, too, Jamie. So much.”


Sitting in the waiting room with so many pregnant women felt strange, but Claire was comfortable. He held her hand, his thumb rubbing the back of hers constantly. A door opened and the nurse called them back. He was excited for this, to see their child again. The last time it hadn’t looked like much more than a fuzzy blur on the screen. Claire had assured him it would look more like an actual human being now. His little human being.

Claire sat on the exam table fidgeting nervously. Jamie put a hand on her knee to keep her leg from bouncing.

“Alright Miss Beauchamp, how are we feeling today?” the nurse asked.

“Very well, thank you.”

They launched into the barrage of questions he couldn’t answer, so he just waited. As the ultrasound machine booted up, the nurse smiled at them.

“So are we going to learn the sex of your baby today?”

Claire shot him a dark glare before turning back to the kind woman.

“No. We’d like it to be a surprise, apparently.”

The nurse laughed at the scorned look on Claire’s face and patted her hand.

“Alright then, I won’t tell you,” she continued to chuckle and looked at Jamie as if to wish him luck with the decision they made.

Then she stage whispered to Claire, “The doctor will know, you know, just in case you decide to change your mind.”

Claire finally broke a real smile and sighed, looking back at Jamie again.

“No, no. I’ll wait,” she said, grinning at Jamie.

Hearing the heartbeat of their child never ceased to enchant them. Each little lub-dub brought tears to both their eyes. Blinking them back, Jamie tried to clear his vision. He wanted to see their wee bairn completely, wanted to commit this moment to his memory forever, and he didn’t want the memory to be blurry.

“Here’s your baby!” the nurse exclaimed, pointing out the head, feet and bottom of their baby.

“He looks like a wee person now,” Jamie said softly, staring in awe at the black and white screen. “I can actually see which end is his head now.”

Claire swatted at him playfully and giggled at his awestruck face.

“Well it’s a good thing that you didn’t want to know the sex of your baby, Miss Beauchamp, because this little one isn’t showing me anything! Turned away and legs crossed. This one is going to be a stubborn one for sure,” he joked as Claire chuckled.

“Well between her father and I, I’m not really surprised by that assessment.”

“He’s protectin’ his virtue is all. I wouldna want my baws splayed all over a screen for anyone to look at either,” Jamie said, seriousness coloring his tone but smiling nonetheless.

“Would you both like a printout to take with you?” the nurse asked, cleaning the gel off of Claire’s belly. As soon as it was clean, Jamie noticed she pulled the shirt she had on down as fast as she could.

“Can we have a couple please? Maybe 3?” Claire turned to look at him. “I thought maybe we could frame one and I know you like to keep one at work.”

“Aye, mo chridhe, whatever you wish.”

She grinned and reached for him, pulling him down to kiss her soundly.


“Jamie?” Claire asked, softly.

He turned his head away from the ultrasound picture to her, the sound of her voice alarming him.

“What is it, Sassenach? Are ye feelin’ alright? Ye look… concerned.”

She took a deep breath and met his gaze.

“I think we need to talk about something.”

He raised his eyebrow at her and she continued, trying to keep eye contact with him.

“I was wondering… well… at the ultrasound today, the nurse called me ‘Miss Beauchamp’ and it got me thinking. I was wondering if… if you wanted to stay married. To me.” She kept her eyes on his, and saw his face mask over. The last time they had talked about this, she had brushed him off. She didn’t want to do that now..

“We haven’t really talked about it and…” she trailed off, unable to finish her thought, too scared of what might come from this to be the one to go first.

He held her gaze, but didn’t answer. Several tense moments passed between them, but his lips stayed sealed shut. He simply looked at her and she knew that she would have to be the one to break the silence. She reached into her bag and pulled something small out of it.

“Because,” she started hoarsely. She cleared her throat and tried again. “Because I… I want to stay married to you.”

She opened her palm and in it was a titanium band. She was staring hard at the band in her hands, not risking looking up at Jamie. A finger under her chin lifted her face to his; he was much closer than before. His face had a broad smile across it right before he leaned in and took her lips against his.

“Wait right here, mo graidh,” he whispered against her lips.

He got up and made a beeline for their bedroom and returned almost as quickly as he left, a small box in his hand. When he opened it, Claire gasped.

“I bought this for ye, before we left for Colorado. I thought,” he paused, voice breaking just slightly. “I thought ye might make a choice then, but then, weel…then ye didna. But I kept it anyway, if only for the chance that I might be able to woo ye properly if we decided to go another way.”

He took the small ring out, a solid band with thistle and interlace overlay on top of the solid metal.

“Oh, Jamie,” she sighed. “It’s so beautiful.”

“Will ye wear it?”

“Will you wear yours?”

He smiled at the glint in her eyes, the need to mark him showing strong on her face.

“Aye, I’ll wear it and gladly. I’m completely under yer power and happy to be there, Claire.”

“I am too,” she breathed. “I wouldn’t change it. I don’t want to change it.”

“Well that’s good to hear, Sassenach. Perhaps, as we dinna really remember our own vows, we could do a wee thing now?”

Taking her left hand in his own, he lifted it to his lips and kissed it softly. He took a deep breath and prepared to slide the ring onto her finger. The light caught the inside and glinted, hinting that something was inside it.

“Wait, what’s that?”

“What’s what?”

“Inside the ring. Is it engraved?”

Her eyes darted up to his and his ears turned a little pink.

“Oh, ah… Aye. It’s Gaelic, ken?”

Turning the ring slowly, she tried to read the foreign language.

“What does it say?”

“Mo graidh, mo chridhe fuil.”

“And what does that mean? For those of us who don’t speak Gaelic?”

“It means ‘my love, my heart’s blood’.”

The smile on her face grew as she stared at it for a long moment.

“I, um… I had something put into yours too…”

Taking the larger ring from her hand, he turned it to the light.

“My knight,” he said softly. “The keeper of my heart. Claire, that’s beautiful.”

“So,” she cleared her throat before she broke out into tears again. “Did you have something in mind for our sober vows?”

“Aye, it’s an old Scottish tradition, if ye dinna mind it.”

“I don’t mind.”

He stared down at her hand for a moment before sliding the ring onto it slowly. She did the same with his, pleased that the ring fit him well.

“You’ll have to repeat the words after me. They’re in Gaelic.”


Claire stumbled over the foreign words, her lips and tongue making the unfamiliar sounds. But he could see in her face just how hard she was concentrating to say them correctly. Or, as correctly as she could.

When she finished repeating him, he leaned in to kiss her gently.

“So,” she asked, searching his face. “What exactly did I just commit to? What did I say?”

“It rhymes a bit, in English. But what we said was ‘ye are blood of my blood, and bone of my bone. I give ye my body, that we two might be one. I give ye my spirit, ‘til our life shall be done.”

“I think I like that better than regular vows.”

His eyes moved down to her rounding belly, but he made no move to touch it. She could see the longing in his eyes, but he didn’t reach out toward her. He placed a tender kiss on her forehead before standing up and holding out a hand to her. On some level, she wanted to grab his hand and put it on her belly. But she couldn’t. Not yet.

Once again, Jamie proved to her that he wasn’t like any other man. As much as he wanted to feel their child, to touch her and hold her, he would never force that on her. He recognized and understood that she was uncomfortable with the changes in her body. She also understood that he wasn’t asking her to talk about it either; just let her feel what she was feeling.


She was dressed in the nightgown again, but he said nothing about it. He had no right to, it wasn’t his body that was changing. All he could do was give her the space she needed and support her however he could.

When she snuggled close to him, he did all he could to keep from touching her belly. It took her some time to fall asleep, constantly moving around to find a comfortable position.

They lay in bed, Claire sleeping soundly in his arms. He looked down at her stomach, bulging a little through the night dress. If he touched the bairn now, she wouldn’t know, wouldn’t shy away from him. But it wouldn’t be fair to her. Perhaps she didn’t want his touch right now, what right did he have to force that on her unconscious body?

Then she did something that surprised him. Still completely asleep, she took his hand and placed it on her stomach. He froze in place, afraid she’d wake and find him touching her and be angry. Carefully, he tried to slip his hand away from her, but her grip tightened. She mumbled incoherently, sleepily patting his hand on her stomach and snuggling closer, a look of complete contentment covering her face. The stern lines that had been carved in her brow as she tried to get comfortable and fell asleep melted away as she nuzzled against him even closer.

He looked down at her, careful not to jar her and moved slowly to kiss the top of her head. She mumbled again, her grip on his hand slacking, but he didn’t move it. He couldn’t. He was so happy to feel her and the bairn, feel close to them both like this, that he would steal the moments that she gave him.


Claire woke suddenly, feeling a ravenous hunger surge through her. These damned cravings would kill her one of these days.

“Jamie,” she said softly, nudging him awake. “Jamie?”

His eyes opened slowly.

“…’s the bairn…”

“We’re both fine, but…”

One eye snapped fully open.

“Do ye need hot wings again?”

She shook her head, a guilty look crossing her face.

“No, I just… Doesn’t chili sound really good?”

“Canna say it does just at the moment.”

Biting her bottom lip, she looked up at him.

“I could kill for some chili right now…”

With a sigh, he started pushing himself up.

“Alright. I’ll go and see if someone’s open and selling chili.”

“I’ll come with you.”

“Ye dinna have to do that, Sassenach. I’m pleased to fetch ye chili if ye wish.”

Swinging her legs out of bed, she fumbled in the dark for something to put on her feet and a sweater.

“No, I’d like to come. I feel terrible, sending you out at odd hours like my personal servant.”

“Are ye sure?”

“Yes,” she said with a nod. “And this way I won’t be eating it in our bed. Won’t be finding bits of nachos in our sheets for the next week.”

“Ye make a verra fine point, Sassenach. Let’s go, then.”

Luckily, the chili wasn’t as difficult to find as the hot wings had been. They had her small bowl of chili within fifteen minutes.

“You know what else sounds good?” she asked as Jamie pulled out of the parking lot.

“Ye mean besides sleep?”

“Ice cream.”

“I didna ken pregnancy would give a woman such strange tastes.”

“Do you think we can find someone who does ice cream all night?”

“The place we just left does.”

Licking the spoon, she looked over to him sheepishly.

“I’ll split it with you.”

“No, no. I’ll no’ take any of it. I canna really eat at three in the morning.”

Making a U-turn, he pulled back into the drive through and ordered one chocolate frosty for his pregnant wife. The young man at the window gave them an odd look, which Jamie ignored.

“Thank you,” she said quietly as they headed home.

“I put ye in this position, gettin’ ye wi’ child and all. The least I can do is feed whatever bizarre cravings our bairn has.”

She grinned as she finished her strange combination of chili and ice cream.


The following afternoon, Jamie was sitting on the couch doing a little reading while Claire worked on some things for her classes. Just as he stretched, he glanced over to her and saw her flinch hard. She stared down at her belly in complete shock, her hand almost went to touch it, but stopped. He looked away from her before she could see him watching. Wondering what had caught her so off guard, he forced his attention back to his book, but continued to glance at her under hooded eyelids.

That night, they lay curled up together as they usually did. Once she settled and fell into deep sleep, she moved his hand onto her stomach. It was the only time she was comfortable having him touch her and he cherished the feeling. As he began relaxing into sleep, he thought he felt something. A faint flutter against his hand made his eyes snap open. Surely it was too soon to feel the bairn move.

With bated breath, he waited to see if it would happen again. When it didn’t, he was sure he’d imagined the feeling. He felt Claire softly push his hand against her, burrowing farther into his neck and pulling him with her down into their dreams.


Claire woke up in the morning snuggled warmly into Jamie’s side. She didn’t want to disturb him, she’d done enough of that the night before. Slowly, her eyes drank in her sleeping husband’s face.

Husband, he was her husband.

He had been since that first night together, of course, but now that they’d made the decision to stay together and married to boot, that word felt so important. She glanced down at his hand and saw the ring that marked him as hers. She smiled, but inside her emotions ran rampant with worry about what could be.

No. No, she wouldn’t let her thoughts travel down that road. Jamie was a good man, a man who loved her, a man who did everything in his power so she was happy and well cared for. A man who she wanted to be hers for always.

A need rose up in her so quickly and so strongly she couldn’t completely stifle the sound of distress that came out of her throat. Jamie stirred and she froze, still wanting to watch him sleep. He readjusted and pulled her closer, hand drifting towards her abdomen.

Suddenly, she felt it. A soft push from the inside of her belly. It had startled her the day before, the feeling foreign and somewhat frightening. Truly there was a child in there. Of course she’d seen their little one on the ultrasound screen, but it was another to feel her. To know she was in there and moving around. It was a different kind of knowing. And it amazed her.

She willed the wee one to do it again, to prove that it wasn’t just a gas bubble. She was concentrating so hard that she didn’t realize Jamie’s hand was on her stomach, cupping the small swell lovingly. He hadn’t woken, but a pure smile crept over his face; the same smile that came over him when she brushed his hair back while he slept. It simultaneous melted and broke her heart.

She knew she was being unfair to him, not letting him touch her, but she couldn’t wrap her head around the changes her body was going through. She had to make the effort, she thought to herself. She had to do this for him, as he did all these things for her.

At that thought, another idea sprung to her mind. Another way to show Jamie that she truly understood and was thankful for everything he did for her. As if in agreement with her thoughts, the little peanut gave another soft kick to her abdomen. She smiled and snuggled back into him, letting herself drift back to sleep for a little while longer.

veritatem inquirendam [seek the truth] (frank castle)

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(original request: AU in which Frank is younger, and he and reader are college students. There’s a heated debate in class and everyone disagrees with Frank except the reader. After that, Frank starts paying more attention to the reader and hanging out with her after class, until he realizes he’s falling in love but she has no idea he is until her best friend tells her.)

(this is terrible i LOVE college frank i love this soft soft boy. what a nerd. i hate him. no warnings on this one except mentions of food and some sexism early in the story!!!)

(tagslist: @doct0rstrange, @caryled, @kurtwxgners, @atari-writes ! if i’ve forgotten you or you wanna be added to the tagslist, just send me a message!!! <3)

The professor is wrong. She knows it, but she can’t say it. You can’t say “you’re fucking wrong” in front of a classroom of fourty kids. Instead of speaking her mind, she bites her tongue and clicks the cap of her pen up and down, up and down, trying to tune out the professor’s voice.

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anonymous asked:

Daily reminder that you're one cool cat.

“Daily reminder that you’re one cool cat,” Stiles says, sitting next to Derek in the middle of the library. 

Derek looks around, confused. The last time he checked, no one had ever referred to Derek as cool, let alone a cat (he wants to laugh at the irony) and the last time he double checked (yes he’s aware he’s pathetic, Laura, shut up) Stiles Stilinski, star athlete in both lacrosse and all you can eat curly fry competitions, did not know his name. 

“Um,” he says, because what else are you supposed to say when someone like Stiles Stilinski sits down next to you in class? Derek isn’t too sure whether to blush or move away but his body quickly decides for him and he scowls, trying to hide the redness of his cheeks behind his book. His blush deepens, realising the book isn’t even part of the school curriculum - something Stiles will certainly know - but one from home: The Roman Invasion of Ancient Greece. 

Derek should probably be relieved it isn’t his worn out copy of The Iliad with the semi homo-erotic cover Erica jokingly gave him for his birthday last year. Small mercies, he supposes.     

Stiles grins. “I like it when you blush like that,” he says, boldly. “It’s adorable. Like, really adorable.” He laughs, then frowns, probably at the wary expression on Derek’s face. “Shit, I’m making you uncomfortable.” He looks genuinely concerned all of a sudden, brows knitting together, and Derek has to fight the onslaught of confused butterflies currently dizzying themselves in his stomach. 

“Um,” he says again, blinking. “No?”

No, as in…please leave? Or no, as in…” Stiles winces, holding up his hands. “Neither option is good here, is it.” He sighs, swinging his  chair back. “I read that line in a book once. The cool cat thing. It was really effective, worked out well.” He scratches the back of his head, mumbling something that sounds like so much for practising in the mirror. “I don’t know why I thought it was going to work on you.” 

Derek bites his lip, looking at the clock. He has exactly fifteen minutes before class begins. He’s not sure why that’s important, of all things, but it gives him a second to breathe, to think. He feels like he’s in a romantic comedy; he’s just not sure if he’s supposed to be the unlucky-in-love main character, or the unfortunate, cringe worthy side sick.

Derek knows Stiles is an asshole but he’s also seen how he goes toe to toe with Jackson Whittemore when he’s being a bully. Derek prays Stiles lives up to his reputation. 

“Neither do I,” he whispers, after a moment. “History geeks like me don’t tend to like when people mock them with words like cool.” 

Stiles frowns again, jerking round in his seat so fast it makes Derek jump. “Who said I was mocking you?”

“I didn’t say you were.”

“Yes you did.”

“Let’s just say it’s happened before,” Derek sighs, closing his eyes. “Come on, Stiles, you’ve never even talked to me before today. You either want something, like to copy my homework, or this is about to be some kind of embarrassing practical joke.” Derek’s heart sinks at the dawning realisation this just might be some kind of joke - why else would Stiles talk to him? - but the confused look on Stiles’ face offers him a little hope. 

“Okay, one, I resent the homework comment, man. Not all jocks are dumb, you know. You’d want me on your team during a Zombie apocalypse. Fact.”

Derek flushes. “Sorry, I didn’t mean-”

Stiles shakes his head. “It’s fine.” He chews on his lip. It’s awfully distracting and Derek tries not to stare. If this is a joke, he doesn’t want to make things worse for himself by revealing things he’s done a pretty good job up until now keeping hidden, even from Boyd and Erica. 

Eventually, Stiles stops chewing. 

“You’re right,” he says. “I do want something.” Derek does his best to hide his disappointment. “I want to go out with you.”

Derek can’t help it, he laughs. “What?”

“You, me. A date.” Stiles shoots him finger guns, offering him a lopsided smile. It’s ridiculous and perfect and Derek can’t look away. He’d even go as far as to say literally. “And you’re wrong. I have talked to you before. Pre-school. I offered you some mud. You rejected it.”

Derek thinks back, raises an eyebrow. “It had worms in it. And how is here, Derek, hold this piece of dirt, talking to me?”

“I thought mud castles were romantic!” Stiles throws his hands in the air, flushing a little, nearly causing both himself and the chair to go flying. “I was crushed when you turned me down, dude. You broke my little heart. I thought I’d never love again!”

Derek’s eyes widen. “Love?”

Stiles rolls his eyes. “What. You telling me you never liked someone so much as a kid you were convinced you’d one day marry them?”

Derek shakes his head, then, feeling daring, reaches out to take Stiles’ hand. He’d feel smug about how sweaty Stiles’ palm is, if he wasn’t so aware his heart is about to beat right out of his chest. 

“Maybe not convinced, exactly. More like…fantasised?” He lowers his gaze, shy, hoping Stiles doesn’t manage to infer fantasised actually means Derek has a wedding album stashed under his bed with cut out pictures of men in tuxes who look suspiciously like him. One cut out in particular has moles, lots of them, and Derek feels his cheeks redden further when he thinks about how many nights he’s spent looking at that page, specifically. 

Stiles grins before standing up, reminding Derek less of a star athlete and more of a skittish deer, eyes wide. Derek bites the inside of his cheek. 

“Wait, did this actually work?” he asks. “Did you just agree to go out with me?”

Derek looks out into the hallway. No one is there with cameras or phones. No one appears to be listening in. “This…really isn’t a joke?”

Stiles shakes his head, serious, crossing his heart. “Yoda’s honour.” 

Derek smiles, snorting. “Okay then,” he whispers, shrugging, not too sure why he’s trying to act cool now since he’s still partially clutching his book, fingers trapped between the pages, afraid of losing his place. He really should invest in more bookmarks, especially since Erica keeps stealing his. 

Great.” Stiles fist pumps the air, kisses Derek’s hand like this is a Jane Austen novel and not an American high school, and winks. “I am going to woo you so hard, Derek Hale. I’ve been waiting for this moment since I was five. I have plans. I have milkshake recipes and graphs! Top ten best dates, courtesy of the eighties!”

Derek has no idea what he’s talking about, watching as Stiles runs from the room. He ducks his head, pretty sure he’s not going to be able to stop grinning for the rest of the week as he hears the words, Scott, he said YES!!! ring down the hallway. 

Cause You're My Favorite Hue

All Parts: {x

Part: 23/? 

Pairing: Jamilton

Inspiration: this post and this song 

Soundtrack: here (you can request more songs) 

Summary: Black and white was all anyone saw until they touched their soulmate. For some people, color quickly rushed into world and for others, all they ever saw was black and white. Two businessmen, who absolutely hated each other, managed to bump into each other on their way up to their office. Little did either know that their world would erupt in a staccato of color. 

Warning: cussing 

Word Count: 4,262 

Dedication: all the people that encourage and support me. 

Tags: @randomcakes410, @midnigtartist, @kneel-to-maria, @halpdevon, @wildlittleman, @exadorlion, @lukasspresents, @closestfriendivegot, @celestialqueerfeminist, @schokoobananaa, @cometviolet, @justsmilingandnodding, @lapiamedots, @semoka, @jayceemayy, @kyller-biis, @focusofthememes, @sarcastic-swl-dragon, @starspeckled, @yourapplepiebetterbeworthit, @saturn-sails, @tallish-hobbit, @angelica-eliza-layafette, @sugarshark420, @gunsandshipsandpeggy, @doot-doot-cats, @thatdewdlesperson, @lafbagxette, @hamilton-trash-1, @cutebridge, @siguikinworld, @evil-weasel, @bad-l-ands, @lukadovemcm, @not-spider-man, @thedisneyderp, @aphamericanhero, @rose-is-in-the-void, @hosanna-is-the-name, @genericusernameblahblahblah, @oli-is-perfect, @trash-sicle, @theflowerprinces, @beycutebabe, @ichbindeindod, @awkwardly-inactive, @thekaymeister 

 A/N: Thomas is emo

“What are we eating?”

It was another Wednesday evening in the Hamilton household. Thomas was over, per usual.

He was the only one who knew how to cook in the place.

The four of them were sprawled across the couch. Philip was leaned against Alexander as he did his math and Angelica was perched in Thomas’ lap as she watched the television. She’d already finished her homework.

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There are a lot of studyblrs and study tips posts going around now thanks to the new school year. But a lot of them, without trying to do so, tend to have a slight ableist bend. It’s more that the tips are great and all for NT people, but ADHD folk (and other neurodivergent folk too) are going to have issues with things like remembering to take 50 million different pens with you, and most of them assume you’re taking notes by hand.


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That Kind of Soft, That Kind of Silly [Peter Maximoff x Reader]

Author’s Note: It took me 5 million years to do Econ homework because the questions were worded so weirdly and I still have a lot of reading to do for some other classes which really sucks but I thought I would take a break to write this. And now I’m really tired and kind of just want to go to sleep. Great.

Word Count: 1,606

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anonymous asked:

HELLO~ I know this might seem redundant (as I've seen it on other h/c blogs) but I wanna request your take on an h/c where MC is a genius hacker and also the rfa (+vanderwood, v & saeren) reaction to it bc they're adorable ♥

Don’t worry about sending me things that have already been done. I will do all the things. You guys can send me the most cliche overdone things and I will still write them. And I’ll do my best not to make them exactly like anyone else’s (not intentionally at least. It’s hard, I’ve read so many) E>


  • The way Zen keeps it together after the whole Echo Girl situation is impressive
  • But you notice that all the hate he’s getting has been starting to get to him
  • No way are you going to have that
  • You learned hacking to fight for human rights and Zen is a human so
  • Hackerman to the rescue (Hackerman is a gender neutral title btw anyone can be Hackerman)
  • You notice his mood improve before he notices why
  • But he does notice eventually
  • How long has it been since the last angry email? Weeks??
  • He’s also noticed there are like no hate comments on anything he does anymore?
  • Or any negative comments at all really??
  • You: sweats nervously
  • Haha yeah weird I guess everyone just loves you hahaha
  • lol ya probably
  • But one day he’s looking at his fan page
  • And he sees a comment about how he’s “just another arrogant pretty boy. he’s not even that hot tbh”
  • And then literally before his eyes, he refreshes the page and the comment changes from hate
  • To “I don’t know anything because I’m just a bitter loser who’s probably going to die alone with like 30 cats lolol”
  • (Zen doesn’t know this but the hater’s phone has also been reprogrammed to autocorrect “Zen sucks” to “Zen is literal perfection you fucking trash bag”
  • And “hey” to “Zen is a god among men and I would happily sell my children for a chance to lick his sweet abs”
  • The hater does not know this yet either but they are going to find out, hopefully in the most hilarious and awkward way possible)
  • But all Zen knows is he definitely saw the comment change
  • So either that person had a very sudden change of heart
  • Or there’s something else going on here
  • He opens a chatroom like “hey MC do you think Seven could be filtering comments on my fan page”
  • Why on earth would he do that
  • Do you know how many there are
  • I mean I’ve never been on your fan page what are you talking about you can prove nothing
  • Eventually you tell him that you did it
  • He’s touched
  • No, seriously. He’s so touched. Your support means everything to him.
  • But he tells you that you don’t have to do it anymore
  • Knowing that he has your support and love is more than enough for him to be able to deal with the haters
  • You’re the only fan he needs *wink emoji*
  • When you tell him that you usually use your hacking skills for more activist type stuff he offers to help in any way he can
  • If there’s a cause you feel especially passionate about he’ll use his fame to reach out to fans you now have an army of teenage slash young adult women who will  gladly die for support that cause


  • It’s not like you’re cheating for him
  • I mean, you could hack the LOLOL servers and make him unbeatable
  • But you aren’t
  • Because you don’t condone cheating
  • …much
  • It starts out small
  • There’s a rare drop that Yoosung really wants and he’s decided he’s going to stay up until he gets it
  • that was 3 hours ago it’s 5 am Yoosung go to sleep
  • But he is determined
  • And so you decide that the only way to get him to go to bed is to get him the damn item
  • So here you are
  • At 5 in the god damn morning
  • Hacking into LOLOL to get your dumb boyfriend what he wants so he’ll go the fuck to sleep
  • It was supposed to be a one time thing
  • But he was just so excited when he got it? He got all happy and it made you feel warm and fuzzy inside
  • You weren’t cheating. You just. Made sure he got rare drops and good deals at the shops and stuff.
  • He has no idea.
  • He just thinks he’s had really good luck lately?
  • And then one day Seven is bragging about how he still has the number one spot in LOLOL
  • And you just
  • Fix that
  • It doesn’t count as cheating if you hack a hacker right
  • Everyone knows two hacks make a right. Or something
  • And Yoosung is SO HAPPY
  • And Seven is SO NOT
  • He looks into it because obviously he suspects foul play how else could his precious title be lost like that. And that’s when he finds out LOLOL was hacked
  • “Yoosung are you a secret agent too”
  • “Yoosung how long have you been living this double life”
  • Yoosung is so confused
  • You kind of have to tell them at this point Seven probably already knows tbh
  • Yoosung is… a little bit upset?
  • But when you explain to him that you just did it because you wanted him to be happy and to kick Seven’s ass he’s kind of touched
  • Also his s/o is like a Seven level hacker you must be a genius???
  • Jokes that he’s going to get you to do all his homework I’m kidding MC stop glaring at me please
  • You won’t do it for him but you will definitely help him
  • He honestly sees you as some kind of superhero when you tell him that you’re a hacktivist
  • Superman Yoosung and Wonder MC!


  • Jaehee is always tired
  • We all know this
  • But she thinks she’s finally starting to lose her mind
  • She keeps turning on her computer to do her work
  • And it’s already done???
  • She doesn’t remember writing this report
  • When did she put this spreadsheet together
  • Is she developing short term memory loss???
  • Have Jumin’s work ethics and cat projects finally snapped her????
  • You end up telling her that you’ve been hacking into her computer to finish her work because you’re worried that if you don’t tell her she will actually lose it
  • (Jumin cuts in like
  • Wait so if you’re a hacker are you the one who keeps changing my phone’s wallpaper to a trashcan labelled “this u”
  • …that’s irrelevant shush)
  • Jaehee makes you promise not to do her work for her anymore
  • Because she has pride and integrity and she can’t let someone else do work assigned to her
  • You agree on the condition that she starts taking care of herself more
  • She says she’ll try but she doesn’t really have the time
  • You shrug and super casually suggest that maybe she’d have more time if you came over more often to help her with stuff
  • And like
  • Maybe you had better stay the night to make sure she actually gets to bed at a reasonable hour
  • And you do this so often
  • That she suggests you just move in in a totally platonic way of course haha
  • And that’s the story of how i met your mother you hacked your way into becoming Jaehee’s roommate


  • You’re not sure what to think when you first meet Jumin
  • As a hacktivist who fights for the little guy you have zero clue how to interact with the Big Guy. 
  • Is Jumin the enemy??
  • You’re distant with him for the first 24 hours as you thoroughly do a background check into his company
  • And it comes up surprisingly clean???
  • C&R is good shit good job Jumin and Mr. Jumin’s dad
  • You’re honestly so relieved because this precious dumb cat mom is not someone you’d want to have to hate
  • Your hacker activities kind of fade to the background for the next few days
  • Except one time when Zen was being rude to Jumin you changed Zen’s profile picture to the most only  unflattering picture of him you could find
  • Then Glam Choi and Sarah show up
  • Seven and Jaehee both have so much work to do so you tell them both not to worry about it
  • You’ll look into it
  • You’re, uh, pretty good at research, you say. You know all about The Googles.
  • How you got the information doesn’t come up until later, after he’s finished with all his dramatic theatrics
  • He asks you how you got it
  • And you figure you might as well be honest since you’re basically engaged at this point
  • “I’m a hacker”
  • He stares at you
  • “Do you mean like Luciel, or…?”
  • You explain to him that you’re more of an independent activist type hacker
  • He doesn’t like it. You could get caught and arrested. 
  • You sarcastically promise that you’ll try your best not to affect his precious reputation while you’re off fighting for truth
  • “I’m not worried about my reputation I’m worried about you.”
  • You blush.
  • Oh. 
  • Well. 
  • You immediately apologize for snapping at him and explain you’re used to people either looking down on you or trying to talk you out of it.
  • But he gets it. He feels the same way about cat projects. It makes sense if you think about it
  • He supports you and is already prepared to throw around all of his power and money if it keeps you from getting caught
  • And if you happen to focus a little stronger on exposing corruption and secrets in C&R’s rival companies that’s just a coincidence~


  • When you find out that 707 is a hacker your first thought is
  • hahaha nope
  • Somehow the fact that you’re a hacker doesn’t come up  until Seven is physically in your apartment
  • And when he does find out his initial reaction is to be suspicious af
  • Can you blame him?
  • A mysterious hacker shows up in the messenger. You show up in the messenger. 
  • A mysterious hacker tries to get into Rika’s apartment. Now you’re in Rika’s apartment. 
  • The fact that Saeran broke in and tried to kidnap you doesn’t make sense but maybe it was a set up
  • He’s tired and confused and angry and upset and he’s not really thinking straight
  • You come back in from the kitchen and he towers over you
  • Are you working with my brotherr?”
  • In hindsight you probably should have told him 
  • It’s an easy enough misunderstanding to clear up
  • But it’s a wake up call for Seven
  • He should have known. It shouldn’t have taken him almost a week to find out that you were a hacker. He should’ve made sure there was no chance you were the hacker from day one. 
  • You really were distracting him
  • So he tells you to let him finish his work in peace
  • You offer to help but he tells you it’s fine, it’s a one person job anyway
  • Over the next two days you ask again several times if there’s anything you can do to help. 
  • You may not be a super secret agent like him, but you’ve helped out on some pretty big hacking jobs before, you know–
  • “You don’t know anything!” 
  •  He’s not some fucking superhero wannabe like you, and you have nothing in common with him so stop trying to act like you’re in this together because you’re not
  • Now can you please take your naive views on justice out of his face so he can finish this?
  • It takes a while for you two to talk again
  • When you do he admits that he doesn’t want to drag you down to his level
  • You’re like the complete opposite of him. You are a superhero. Defender of Justice MC, fighting for the truth.
  • And he’s the opposite… that makes him the villain so please just hate him and let him die alone like villains are supposed to.
  • You shake your head
  • He’s a superhero too. He’s been fighting for the RFA, and for his brother, his entire life. And he’s going to take down the real bad guys and save his brother with you as his sidekick
  • “You know something else about superheros?” You ask him, bringing your hands up to his face.”They always get the girl ;)”
  • “MC did you just say “wink emoji” out loud” “Shut up Saeyoung”
  • After everything settles down he probably helps you with your hacktivist stuff
  • Especially in terms of security. This boy is good at covering his, and now your, tracks.


  • V is a suspicious dude
  • And you really want to like the guy because you’ve been talking to him a lot and he honestly seems like such a sweetheart
  • And you don’t really want to be suspicious of him
  • But you can’t deny that this man is obviously hiding things
  • And it’s obviously causing a lot of unrest in the RFA so
  • You reason that in the end you’d really be doing everyone (V included) a favour by figuring out what’s going on
  • You want to know where he is
  • Seven doesn’t even know where he is
  • And you know Seven could find out if he tried but the boy trusts V so unconditionally he won’t do it
  • Which leaves only one option
  • hacker mode activated
  • He’s using a phone with super amped up security
  • Probably something that Seven gave him
  • But you think you can find him
  • While you’re doing this you also try your hand at tracking the weird emails
  • It takes you two days straight but you finally have the location of both
  • You’re about to message Seven about the hacker’s location (the boy is so overworked you figure he could use a hand)
  • When you notice something
  • The hacker’s location and V’s location
  • Are the same place
  • No
  • no no no no no
  • You call V
  • Again and again and again until he finally answers
  • “…who is this?”
  • What the hell are you doing at the hacker’s building, V”
  • He has to figure out on his own that you’re MC because you haven’t introduced yourself
  • You’re too busy ranting and crying and demanding an explanation
  • V doesn’t know what to do
  • He can’t tell you, he can’t involve you in all of this. But he can’t not tell you because then you’ll tell the rest of the RFA and he can’t involve them in all of this.
  • It’s lose-lose
  • In the end it’s your tears that decide it for him. He can’t stand hearing you cry over him and he wants you to go back to the happy person you were in the chatroom
  • He tells you that he’s there undercover and that it’s complicated
  • You tell him he’s an idiot
  • He says he’s sorry
  • He says that a lot
  • You try to convince him to let you help. You know he has Seven, but you’re a hacker too and–
  • You’re a hacker???
  • Does Rika know?
  • “Please don’t mention that in the RFA messenger.” “Why?” “Just… please.”
  • (He’s worried that Saeran will find out and tell Rika
  • He doesn’t want Rika to try and recruit you or anything)
  • In the end the best you can do is promise him you won’t tell the RFA and make him promise to contact you if he needs anything.
  • This is not something that can be resolved in one headcanons post guys
  • But now that he knows you’re a hacker he’s extra worried about you


  • Saeran is kind of lost in life after Mint Eye
  • He has no experience in literally anything except for hacking and suffering
  • And he’s not content to live a pointless existence slowly wasting away in Saeyoung’s care
  • He’s getting restless because he wants to do something and it’s making him irritated
  • So one day you casually bring up the topic of hacktivism and specifically hacker group Anonymous
  • He’s intrigued
  • And listens attentively as you tell him about all the good things members of the group have done
  • About how they’re people who come together to hack in the name of truth and freedom
  • You tell him you’ve been a fan of them since you were a kid
  • But
  • Saeran is a smart guy
  • And the way you’re talking about the things they’ve done is waaaaay too knowledgeable for you to just be a fan
  • “Well yeah,” you shrug. “I’m a hacker too”
  • He’s shocked
  • You’re a hacker??
  • You’re… like him???
  • You’re surprised he didn’t know. You haven’t been trying to hide it. You’d been trying to hack and trace him since he first messaged you. You had added a whole tone of security measures to your phone and all your online information. Had he seriously not noticed?
  • Well yeah
  • He had just assumed that Saeyoung was the one who’d done all that.
  • There’s no way sweet innocent angelic MC is a hacker
  • Uh yes you are would he like you to prove it?
  • He’s kind of quiet after that
  • He has a lot to think about
  • If you’re like him… does that mean he could be like you?
  • He helps you with your next act of hacktivism
  • And even though it’s just a small thing the change in his mood is almost instant
  • You buy him an Anonymous shirt and he wears it around the house like it’s his own personal superhero outfit it’s so cute


  • Fuck
  • No
  • Not another one
  • They swear if you ever hack into their phone and change their background to dumb things they will taser you
  • just ask Zero Seven he knows this from experience
  • They’re lying they would never taser you
  • They’ll just
  • Taser 707 in your place or something
  • Why do you know how to hack anyways
  • Are you an intelligence agent too? Do you need them to help you get out of somewhere or something are you okay
  • You tell them it’s nothing like that
  • You just hack into vorrupt organizations and government officials’ stuff in the name of truth and justice that’s all
  • ’That’s dangerous don’t you know you could go to jail what if you’re caught
  • What the fuck Vanderwood you hypocrite
  • “Are you… worried about me?”
  • “…N-no.”
  • They’re not worried about you they’re just worried because if you get caught then they’re gonna be at risk of getting caught too that’s all
  • And since that’s the case as long as you’re both in this mess together they should probably help you out
  • Y’know. For the sake of your mutual safety.
  • In return for their help you make sure to keep an eye on the movements of what little remains of Vanderwood’s former employers to make sure they’re safe
  • No you don’t have to do that they can take care of themselves
  • “But I’m worried about you.”
  • What
  • You’re worried about them???
  • That’s. Uh. Unnecessary.
  • Why would you be worried about them??
  • “Because I like you.”
  • ?????
  • Oh great, you broke Vanderwood.
if it was: part three

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four

Summary: Part three of the soulmate/enemy au based off of this post. Not as angsty as the last part thank goodness.

Words: 1800

Warnings: Someone has a panic attack (relatively mild)

I’d love to hear what you guys think :)

Fifth Year (ahhh!)


Baz is definitely plotting something. So far this year he’s been acting even more suspicious than usual. Sometimes I catch him staring at me really intensely in class, like he’s going to eat me or something. The way light catches in his dusty grey eyes, dark hair falling in his face, sends shivers down my spine, he looks so evil. 

I squint at him across the classroom. Maybe if I stare hard enough I’ll be able to figure out some clue to his plot. He taps his pencil and brushes his hair back, then looks at me and raises an eyebrow as if to say What’s you’re problem, Snow? I turn away. I check back a few minutes later and find him staring at me with that same hungry expression. I growl, frustrated, and shift restlessly in my seat. The end of class couldn’t come soon enough.

My classes have felt especially long today because today’s a special day. Today’s the day I’m going to ask out Agatha. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, almost since I first met her, and now I’m actually going to do it. I just need to find the right moment.



“Agatha!” I turn around and see Simon Snow hurrying towards me across the grass, his hair blowing in the slight breeze. My own long hair streams out to one side and tugs gently at my head, ethereally floating and twirling in the air as if asking to break free. I put my hands in my pockets and watch as he approaches. As he gets closer he slows and looks down at his feet. He looks nervous. Finally he stops in front of me, still looking at his feet.


“Yes?” I have a strange feeling I know what he’s going to ask me.

“I was wondering,” He rubs the back of his neck. “If you’d like to go out sometime.” He looks up, hopeful blue eyes shining in the late afternoon Autumn light.

“Like on a date.” He’s so boyish and expectant, I almost want to say yes. But I can already feel the usual panic welling up inside of me in a thick buzzing swarm. I try to shove it down but it’s like trying to stop the rising tide. My lip quivers and the pressure behind my eyes builds, and Simon’s still waiting for an answer.

“I- I’m sorry Simon. But no.”

“Oh. That’s okay.”

“It’s just,” All of the sudden I can feel hot tears on my cheeks, I can’t hold it back anymore. “You can’t know, don’t know what-” My voice breaks.

“Agatha, are you okay? Did I do something? I’m sorry.” He puts a hand on my shoulder. I step away.

“It’s just, I’m not like you. You couldn’t know but I can’t date you because I’m fake and I’m not right for anyone and, and-” Simon’s looking at me with this horrible confused expression on his face. I back away and then I’m running and running, hair whipping around and getting stuck to the wet skin on my face.

I can’t date Simon because I’m a freak. It doesn’t matter how pretty I am, how flawless my hair is, or how perfect my life seems to be because it all feels like a lie. When I look in the mirror I don’t see any of that. I see blank wrists and the helpless voice in my head that always seems to be shouting things that never leave my lips.



Classes have ended for the day and it’s the time when Snow usually hangs out with Bunce or Wellbelove, so I get our room to myself.  It’s liberating to be able to stretch out on my bed without having to put on any sort of show for Snow or anyone else. I glance around the room. Snow’s stuff is strewn everywhere. I’m tempted to take something and hide it under my pillow or whatever. Partially to spite Snow, partially because I’d just like to have something of his. Just to have. And maybe hold sometimes when the yearning, tearing feeling in my chest grows unbearable.

Moving as if in a trance, I find myself standing on Snow’s side of the room looking down at one of his ratty shirts. Slowly, hesitantly, I reach down and lift it up, handling it like it’s made of glass. Oh. It smells like him. Sweet and warm. I can’t resist, I bring it closer and I’m just pressing it to my face when the door swings open and Simon walks in. I freeze, heart in my throat.



Baz is standing there, clutching one of my shirts to his chest and holding the sleeve up to his nose (sniffing it??). I stare at him, shocked, and he stares back at me. Neither of us reacts for one long, uncomfortably drawn out moment and then we both start talking at once.

“What are you, um, why-”

“I was just, you see, Snow-" 

We both cut off abruptly. More silence. The shirt drops from Baz’s hands and I clear my throat. I didn’t think it was possible but Baz looks…flustered, caught off guard. Suddenly he strides smoothly across the room, brushing past me and out the door.

I walk over and carefully pick up the shirt he had been holding. It’s just a normal shirt. He probably spelled it with some sort of itching spell or something, that seems like him, and I caught him in the middle of it. That’s the only explanation for his reaction.

Holding the shirt as far from my body as possible, I place it in a corner of the room away from the rest of my clothes, then try to put it out of mind.

My laptop’s sitting on the bed. I have an essay due tomorrow that I haven’t even started on. I sigh and I try to flip open the screen but it won’t budge. I tug and attempt to dig my nails underneath the screen but it’s stuck to the base as if super-glued. I growl, it’s Baz. I know it. He’s spelled my laptop shut so that I’ll look like a fool when our essays are due. If I could only un-spell it…I think I remember Penny mentioning the counter spell at some point. 

Closing my eyes, I reach inside and try to draw the magic up. After a moment it fizzes under my skin, popping and buzzing and building up. It’s too much, like pouring an entire bag of Pop Rocks in your mouth all at once. I grit my teeth and focus, trying to just let one spark out.



I walk back into our room to find Snow on the floor, staring wide-eyed and helpless at his smoking laptop. It’s just the distraction I need from the shirt incident, he looks ridiculous. (And absolutely adorable, I might add).

"You know Snow, blowing up your laptop won’t make the homework go away.” He looks up at me from the floor, pouty and disgruntled. It’s all I can do to stifle my laugh. I try to smirk but end up smiling foolishly instead.

“I wasn’t trying to blow it up.” He pokes at it with one finger then jerks away as the laptop sparks sporadically. “This is all your fault, you spelled my laptop shut!”

“I most definitely did not. You’re just paranoid, and obsessed with me as usual.” Then I remember, I did spell his laptop shut, but that was weeks ago. Whatever. I’m not telling him that. I can’t believe he hasn’t discovered it until now.

“I’m not obsessed with you.” He mutters. “It’s just, I have an paper due tomorrow and Penny’s tutoring Agatha so she can’t help.”

“Poor little Snow, can’t even write a paper by himself. How pathetic.” I say, but my heart’s not really in it, and the insult falls flat. He looks so hopeless.

“Crowley Snow, it’s just a paper, it’s not the end of the world.”

“I know.” He frowns unhappily. I hesitate then say, “You know, if you’re really that desperate, I could help you.” Snow looks up.


“Nothing. Never mind, it was a stupid idea.”

“No, you said you’d help me.” His eager expression stirs something in my stomach. I was going to regret this.

“Yes. I did say that.” Snow thinks for a moment.


“Okay what?”

“Okay, you can help me.”

* * *

We’re sitting on the floor between our beds. Neutral territory. Neither of us has acknowledged the incident with the shirt. Simon’s chewing on his pencil, eyes burning holes in the paper as if that would somehow make the essay appear on the page. I can tell he’s having trouble focusing, he seems even more distracted than usual. Suddenly, without looking at me, he speaks up.

“I asked Agatha out today.” My stomach drops to the floor. I feel sick all of the sudden and it takes all my energy to look indifferent.

“Hmm. And why are you telling me this?” My throat is dry.

“I don’t know.” He looks at the floor, not meeting my eyes. “She said no.” I blink.

“What?” He and Wellbelove would be the golden couple, the perfect match while they were both waiting to meet their soulmates. It doesn’t make any sense for her to say no. (Not that I was complaining, I was just surprised).

“Yeah. And then she sort of…started crying.”

“What? Why?” I was intrigued despite myself. He shrugged. “I don’t know. She was saying something about being fake or something and then she just ran off.”

“I’m not surprised. One look at you and who wouldn’t run away crying?” I smirk at him, trying not to show how interested I am in his love life. Perfect angel-girl Agatha gets asked out by angel-boy Simon Snow, The Chosen One, and then runs away crying? It didn’t make any sense.

“Shut up Baz. I shouldn’t have told you. Just forget about it.”

We go back to working on his essay. My hand accidentally brushes his and I pull away so fast I nearly fall over. Simon gives me a strange look. 

I hate him for making me this way. I never asked for it and I certainly didn’t want it.

Being so close to him is like balancing on a tightrope, one wrong step and everything I’ve worked so hard for will come crashing to the ground. And I’ll be the one breaking into a million different pieces, not Simon. Never Simon.

But sometimes I wonder if that would really be that bad. Because I already feel like I’m breaking and tearing into a million pieces every single time I look into those beautiful blue eyes.

You are Hoya’s private English tutor, and he is an awkward cutie

Scenario: You work as a private English tutor for adults and Hoya is your favourite student, who seems kinda awkward but turns out to be so much more
Rating: fluffy smut
Word Count: 3157

You sighed, leaning back in your chair. Just a couple of minutes to gather your thoughts until your next lesson started. It had been three years since you’d started teaching English at the adult education centre as an evening job, and sometimes it was a real strain on you. Especially because some of the students were pretty difficult – the guy you’d just given a private lesson to was one of the worst, a businessman who seemed to think it should be an instant thing and he’d be fluent in English after just a few sessions. You’d spoken to your boss about him, but seeing as he paid the big bucks for your lessons the company was unwilling to get rid of him. Unfortunately for you.

You checked your schedule, placing a tick next to the lesson you’d just taught and then feeling your chest tighten just a bit when you saw the next name on the list. Lee Howon. By far your favourite student. You knew it was completely unprofessional to have a favourite, but you couldn’t help it. From the moment he’d started attending your evening classes you’d taken a liking to him. He was quiet at first, sitting at the back of the room and barely ever raising his hand to answer questions. But eventually he came out of his shell, his English skills improving in leaps and bounds over the months. When he’d asked you about private lessons, you knew he didn’t really need them – he would continue to improve at an impressive rate in group situations – but something made you agree to take him on. If you were honest with yourself, it was the idea of spending extra time with him that really excited you. He was around your age, extremely good looking and an enthusiastic guy. Plus there was something about the way he watched you so intently as you explained things to the class; how it felt when his eyes were on you…

The week before, he’d asked you to call him Hoya in the hotpot restaurant you’d taken the class to as a treat. He’d explained to you between mouthfuls of rice that it’s how his friends called him, and made him feel more relaxed. You agreed you’d give it a go next time he had a lesson with you. He’d given you a lopsided grin, telling you that he’d still be calling you ‘teacher’, of course.

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Beneath the Stars Chapter 2

Chapter I

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Summary: The start of Feyre’s senior year brings with it a lot of unexpected stress as she prepares for the reality of college applications and finds out a startling revelation from her dad.

Chapter 2

The last bell of the school day chirped sharply in my ear. It was a little unsettling to have to skip my first session of AP Studio Art for a mandated senior assembly, but I kept reminding myself I’d get it back on Friday and that wasn’t so long to wait.

With a graduating senior class just over a grand, the school administration couldn’t fit us all into one space to discuss our impending college admissions. Hell, I didn’t know how they were even going to fit us all into the football stadium for graduation. Rehearsals alone were a nightmare I wasn’t looking forward to.

Thank goodness June was still several months away.

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Eerie IX

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

//Chen x you 💙

Word count: 1,600

Summary: you are not going to stop until you become the president of the students’ council. The problem is the current president is Jongdae.

Part I  

“ ‘Don’t be nice to me’? How should I behave then?” He asks, and you can’t decipher the emotions behind those words.

“Like you’ve always been!” Your answer is vague, but it’s all you can muster. You are tired. You are just tired, you don’t want to continue this conversation, you had enough of your own shit.

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Sugar Daddy

harry misses being in a relationship and liam suggests an odd approach but harry doesn’t think its all that bad of an idea, especially when (y/n) tells him that she wants him to be her daddy. 

“…you just wanted me to be your daddy…”

part 2

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Why Chapter 2


So here is Chapter Two. I don’t expect many to read this and remember because it has been almost six months since Chapter One. To be fair initially there wasn’t going to be more but there were a few people who asked so I figured ‘Why Not’ This has been on my computer for a while because I was unsure if I should actually post but since I promised, here it is.

Chapter One: HERE


They hadn’t talked for days after the kiss, it was mostly because Riley chose to avoid him every chance she got. Their normal study dates left him sitting alone in the library, their group of five was down to four  and she’d moved her seat to the other side of the room in almost every class they had together.

“Alright, Farkle spill, why is Riles acting so weird?” Maya slid into the seat beside him, Zay and Lucas sitting directly across from the two. “You guys barely speak and she’s been hitting the books a lot more than usual lately.”

“I don’t know.” He states, and its true. He didn’t know what was wrong with her. She kissed him and ran away, to his knowledge he’d done nothing wrong, at least nothing bad enough to get this reaction from her.

“Farkle.” The dramatic shift in Mayas tone alone was enough to convince him that he was in trouble. Maya was scary protective when it came to Riley. “I don’t want to hurt you, you’re my best friend and I love you, I really do but if you don’t tell me why I found Riley crying in her bedroom yesterday night, I will find a very creative way to make you disappear.” Lucas and Zay look at each other and then to Farkle who is doing his best to keep his eyes trained on his book, and it worked beautifully. Until it didn’t.

Maya grabs his chin and lifts his head enough so that they’re at her eyes level.

“I know you’re worried about her too. Please just tell me. I need to know she’s okay.” And suddenly it wasn’t a game anymore. In Maya’s mind Riley was hurting,  in her mind Riley was scared and if he saw what she was at the moment, he’d be just as worried and he’d do anything to make sure Riley was okay.

“The other day we were studying.” Maya let’s go of him and Farkle quickly averts his eyes, if he was gonna re-live this he did not need to see their smug faces as he finished up. “We were at Topanga and she was studying between shifts. ”

All three friends watched as Farkle told the story, his fingers playing with the pages of his book. There is a brief pause he works up the nerve to continue.

“We were working on or Science Homework and she asked me how I knew I was in love. She said she might be in love and so I gave her my blessing, and when she asked me,  to be honest, I told her I wanted her happy, when I tried to run away…She kissed me.” Maya turns to Lucas then back to Farkle. “I went after her but she refused to see me. Mrs. Matthews thinks I should give her time. So that’s what I’m doing. Giving her time” Farkle begins collecting his books trying his best to ignore their sympathetic looks. That was the last thing he needed at the moment.

“What about you? How do you feel?” He pauses for the briefest moment and he looks over at the boys. They knew. He’d told them months before and swore them to secrecy right after figuring he would once again get over it. Lesson learned. Riley Matthews isn’t someone you just ‘get over’

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t play dumb Farkle. If you want my help I need to know if this will help or hurt Riley. Now I’ll ask again. How do you feel?” Tossing the last of his things into his bag, he swings it over his shoulder and gives them one last look.

“I love her.”


Its been a whole month since they last spoke. Riley avoided him like the plague and there was nothing he could do about it.

On one particular day, he showed up to School with Zay and Lucas. They were at his locker. Lucas was teasing Zay about yet another cheerleader he was interested in. Zay agreed and fired back reminding him that for a brief moment Maya was a cheerleader. They went back and forth after that. Their argument is drowned by his own thoughts. His thoughts of Maya in particular who ordered him to meet her at his locker at 11:45 sharp.

Farkle looks down at his watch. It was 11:49 and still no sign of her.

“Heads up.” Farkle looks up from his phone and he hears the sound of her heels hitting the marble floor. Before he could do anything, Maya is in front of him, and without stopping, she says…'Follow me.’

Farkle looks after Maya who was making her way down the hall, the sea of students parting as she did so.

“She’s not gonna hurt me right?” It’s meant as a joke but the lack of response from both Zay and Lucas scared him more than he was willing to admit out loud.


Maya pushes him into an empty classroom, and before he could ask what was up, she closes the door locking him inside.

“Don’t say I’ve never done anything for you. ” he bangs on the door a few times but the sound of her heels moving away left him to believe he was alone. Everyone would be in class or at lunch, the halls were completely empty.

“I’m guessing this was her plan.” His head snaps to his left, his eyes meeting the girl who had refused to talk to him.

“You’re talking to me now?”


“We should find a way to get out of here. ”

“You’re mad at me.” It wasn’t a question but an observation. Riley knew he was upset and she knew why as well. She also knew she deserved it, she ignored him for an entire month. They’ve always been friends, best friends and she let feelings get in the way of that, something she’d always swore not to do.

“I’m not mad Riley.” And for a moment, she believes him but she also knows Farkle better than anyone, he was lying so he wouldn’t hurt her. Even when he’s mad at her he felt the fierce need to protect her. “I’m just confused. ”

“So am I. ”

“Well, you’re the one that kissed me.”

“I know.”

“You ran away and you have been acting weird. What did I do wrong?" 

"You didn’t do anything wrong Farkle, it’s my fault. I should’ve talked to you. I’m sorry.” And she meant it. She wasn’t even sure why she was avoiding him, Farkle was always the person he could talk to, the one who understood her better than anyone.

Riley walks over to him, stopping a few feet away, to test the waters. “It’s okay Riley. ”

“No, it’s not. I was a terrible friend. You should be mad.”

“I’m not gonna be mad.”

“Why not? I deserve it.”

“Riley, you were confused. I know how that feels and I can’t put the same pressure on you.” And he wished he could be harder on her, he wishes he could be as mad as he felt but she was in the same position he was in before. Conflicted feelings and all.

They sit in silence for a few minutes, Riley breaking it once it got too quiet. “I know why I avoided you.” Farkle doesn’t look up but she can tell he was listening so she continued. “You’re one of my closest friends. We’ve known each other since we were kids and I’m always able to count on you. I was afraid that if I acted on my feelings and we didn’t go together we wouldn’t friends and as much as I wanna be with you, knowing that I might lose you after isn’t something I could ever have to happen. ”


“I thought that they would go away, I figured if I ignored them long enough, I wouldn’t get hurt again and I had it under control for a few weeks, at least I thought I did then I kissed you and it hit me. ” she moves closer, taking a seat beside him. “I don’t regret it. As scared as I am I know my feelings.”

“Your feelings?” And for the first time since they’d been locked in they finally meet each other’s eyes. Riley was the first to look away. Immediately she looks across the room furthest away from Farkle, her cheeks tint and she takes her lip between her teeth. “Riley?” He starts again. “What are your feelings?”

“I already told you how I feel.”

“No. You implied it. I want to hear you say it.”


“Riley. I’ve waited since the first grade. A few more minutes won’t hurt. ” For a moment, Riley just sits there. It was true. Farkle had never been shy about how he felt, which in a way made the situation even worse because she was absolutely freaking out and he used to it.

Tough it out. That’s what Maya had told her.  

“I like you Farkle, I like you a lot and I like you more than like and I don’t know how to feel about it because you are one of my best friends and I can’t ruin that. But I’m not gonna lie to you anymore. I think I’m in love with you.”


Alright so it was a sucky ending, might not be as god as the original (Which is why I was reluctant to continue it but a promise is a promise…). There were mistakes, there is always going to be because Grammar is not something I am great at so I apologize.

I hope you enjoyed it.


Author: Imagine-a-real-stiles

Warnings: Smutty smut, in stiles POV, I wrote it on mobile so sorry if it sucks.

A/N: it’s really long I am sorry but I want to devote this to:

Hope you enjoy, you beautiful people!
Vanic X Zella Day - Hypnotic 🎶

Part two?

Stiles POV

Y/N, she has been the only thing I have been able to think about the last three weeks, as soon as she had moved into Beacon Hills. She caught me, her eyes. Oh those Y/C/E they have me in a trance.

But today she was gonna know how much I am infatuated with her.


“Stiles!” Y/N called out after me, as I was heading to the jeep.
I turned around giving her a smug smirk, she seemed a bit out of breath due to her having to run halfway through the school to get to me.

“Yes?” I questioned raising one eyebrow.
“Could you help me with some bio homework today?” She took her bottom lip in-between her teeth, I fought back the temptation to groan at the sight.
“Sure thing! You wanna drive home with me now?” I motioned toward the busted up, half duct-tapped jeep.

“Actually I have to pop in at home quick and then I can drive over to yours? How about three?” She shifted, but for some reason unbeknown to me.
“Sure thing.” I hugged her a goodbye and started to drive for home.

As you lazily walked in through the door, you couldn’t help but get a tiny bit excited for what you had planned for later that day.
Yes I’m sense you were studying biology, anatomy. You were also hoping to get some sketching done.
You smirked to yourself at the thought of your newly found best friend nude in front of you.

You shook your head at the thoughts and blushed to yourself whole walking to your room to get dressed for the occasion.

As you strutted over to your dressing cabinet. You decided that just a plain pair of sweats and a tank top would be a good distraction.
But before that you hopped into the shower and soaked yourself down.

The heat grew increasing in between your legs at thought of what you would do to the Stilinski boy.
After your not-so-soothing shower, you choose a set of Black lacy undies with a corset.

With that you sorted out the rest of your stuff before you got to your car and headed toward your next biology session.

Stiles POV

“Yeah Scott but she she drives me crazy! I mean have you seen her legs?! Goddamn don’t even get me started on her body and her eyes! I could get lost in them.” I ranted on to Scott over the phone. Suddenly I heard a ring at the door. Must be Y/N
“Gotta go man, talk later.” And with that I hung up the phone and flung it across the room just hoping it would make it to my bed. Which it so didn’t.
Stupid phone, I jogged down the stairs in a rush. Desperate to see her.

There she stood infront of me in all her sexiness. Plain sweats and a tank top.
“So what do you need help with?” I questioned her as we walked up to my room.
“Anatomy, and some sketching.” She blushed throughout the entire sentence, causing me to get an extremely hot flush. God when she blushed.

“Okay where do you need help with in anatomy?” I smirked as I plopped down on my chair, with her falling into my bed.

“Everywhere.” She blushed, again as she grabbed her books from her bag.

I walked over to her and took the books from her.
Looking throughout her little marks on the page.

“Okay so it seems you are having trouble with abdomen and chest?” I looked over to her, just to be caught in her eyes.
“Yeah, and for sketching I’m also doing people. So biology and sketching people sorta go together. And I was wondering if um, you would like to be one of my muses?”
I felt my stomach tighten at the question, was she doing nude sketching or just sketching. Either way I felt a smirk climb up my lips.

“That would be an honor!” I smirked at all the things I would do to her.

“Okay so where do you wanna start?” I moved to sit next to her, already feeling the hot flushes of lust wave through me.

“Um I really have no idea what is going on with abdomens. So maybe if you demonstrate for me?” A little pink speckled her beautiful face. My Gosh just knowing that I could make her blush, sent me through the roof.

I pulled my t-shirt over my head, just to have it thrown to the corner somewhere. I heard her take a sharp intake of breath. She stood up slowly waking towards me, which was only a step away. Her gaze stuck to my torso. Her fingers grazed slightly over the dip of my abs and my v-line. Causing another hot flush to go through me. She then slowly continued tracing over all the curves and edges of my torso, admiring it all.
Y/N looked up at me those Y/C/E hypnotising me.
“Are you really having trouble with biology?” I smirked down at her.
The way she looked at me, the smirk on her face, the overwhelming darkening colour of lust flashing in her eyes.

I couldn’t control myself anymore. I grabbed her cheeks and pulled her face flush against mine, joining our lips together. They fit so perfectly, I swiped my tongue over her bottom lip, asking for entrance.
But to my disbelief she rejected, looking into my eyes with such a sexy sassy hint. Telling me that I need to change up my methods of persuasion.
So instead I let my hands roam over her curves and under her tank, I felt her muscles tensing at the contact. I trailed my lips down along her jawline, stopping to nibble here and there. She decided that this wasn’t enough and pushed both of us over to my bed.
“Stiles, we need to focus on more than just torso.” She gazed at me. Her orbs captivating me again.

She started to shift down, as she had been straddling me. I watched her, never breaking the eye contact. She expertly undid my sweats and slid them off as well as my boxers all in one go.
My hard member slapped up against me stomach, while never breaking the eye contact she took my length in one hand, slowly pumping. A groan spilling from my lips.


I took his length in my hand and while pumping slowly, I dragged my tongue flat against his tip, collecting the arousal due to the earlier performance. I then took him in fully, his head hitting the back of my throat making my gag, but the sounds coming from his mouth were so much more worth while.
“Fuck! Y/N, Don’t stop baby.” He had his hands balled up in my hair while I picked up my pace using my hand to cover the rest I couldn’t fit in my mouth.
I looked up sliding him out of my mouth with a pop,“ Do you want to cum pretty boy?”
He shook his head rapidly, unable to form words.
“Well then beg for it.”

Stiles POV

“Fuck please Y/N please Babygirl.” I begged her, aching for my release.
“Anything for you.” She added with a wink. God this girl is driving me insane.
She bottomed out again, sucking every now and then while hollowing her cheeks, the tension in the out of my stomach was so close to snapping, all it took for her was one last suck. Then I was releasing into her mouth at she swallowed it all.

She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and crawled her way back up to me.
“Well so sorry to leave you all hot and flustered but I have a dinner party to get to.” Grabbing her stuff and putting it all away while cleaning herself up a bit.

“See you tomorrow round three.” She left it with a wink and at that she was gone.
Things definitely did not go they way I was planning.
Fucking Hell, the things I am going to do to her.

1:23 am (Namjoon)

I have finally written a scenario for a member other than Jungkook omg the world is about to end! Kidding lol.

But good luck to those who are studying and working hard for finals or just any test at all ;) NOT ME CUZ I DID THEM TWO WEEKS AGO HAH Do your best and get lots of sleep :)

*Insfired by this beautiful picture I found lol, totally not mine so creds to owner*

You hated, absolutely despised finals week. It was a week of having to sit in each of your classes for more than an hour taking a test consisting of over 100 questions. It was a week you fucked up your already out of whack sleeping schedule to stay up studying for tests, and a week you deprived yourself of any distractions including your dorky boyfriend, Kim Namjoon.

Must finish all this homework and review tonight, you convinced yourself, tightening your tied up hair and gripping your pencil with a new determination blazing in your eyes.

Have to finish tonight so I can sleep the day away tomorrow when I get home from school. Your attempts in convincing yourself were deemed in vain when your eyes focused on the stack of textbooks and pages upon pages of passages to read and annotate sitting idly on your crowded desk. You weren’t even sure it was a recognizable desk anymore, you could no longer point out a spot of hickory wood from underneath the mountains of work to be done. 

Slumping down in your chair, you pouted as a huge wave of lethargy settled in your system. No matter, you sit up, adjust spine of the desk lamp and start working on your homework.

Hours later, you don’t even know what time you finally finish, sloppily jotting down the last of your answer to the final review question before sliding off your chair to the ground with a relieved sigh. Your brain is completely fried, head throbbing and eyelids heavy with fatigue as you slip out your phone and check the time.

1:23 am

Great, you think sarcastically, but optimism replaces the sarcasm when you remember that you finally have a break tomorrow night - or rather tonight. Smiling tiredly, you don’t bother to organize the mess on your desk and opt to turn off the lamp and slip into bed. 

There’s a soft click when you twist the knob and the light bulb shuts off, a minty glow radiating from the gas within, slowly dissipating as seconds pass.

Yawning, you stretch to your full height, toes curling and wiggling as your arms raise and reach for the ceiling. Rolling your neck and rotating your shoulders, you moan in delight at the release of tension before slowly trudging towards your bed in the dark, save for the moonlight spilling through the crevices of your blinds.

Slipping into the sheets, you only then realize that.. you’re not alone.

A soft yelp leaves your lips, but you don’t fight back as your back meets a firm chest and a slender arm slides over your waist. 

The familiar earthy, wooden scent of his cologne envelopes you as he presses closer, plump lips skimming over the nape of your neck. The smell is spicy and yet sweet at the same time, reeling you in to inhale a deep breath as his lithe fingers splay across your stomach.

Mm Namjoon?” you whisper lazily, eyes already shut closed as he kisses your bare shoulder. As much as you’re surprised to find out he’s been in your bed while you were slaving away doing homework, his presence brings you immense security and comfort. You figured he must have walked in and refrained from bothering your form hunched over your surplus of work to be done.

Shh babe, I know how tired you are after studying so hard,” he interrupts, his fingers beginning to trace mindless designs into your flesh, “I think you really deserve to rest.”

Humming into your ear, he makes a noise of satisfaction when you relax and cuddle closer into his warmth, your hand raising to place over the one on your stomach, fingers entwining and tangling.

Sighing in content, you smile and allow yourself to release any tension and stress from studying. Guilt eventually runs through your system the longer you lie there in his comforting embrace.

“Namjoon… oppa.. I-I’m sorry I haven’t been able to hang out with you.. I-I..”

Don’t be.”

“Such a hardworking and smart girl, I’m always so proud of you babe, you’ll surely do well on your finals,” he slurs, husky and deep voice a soothing lullaby to your tired ears. 

Helping you turn over to face him, he smiles, his prominent dimples making their usual appearance as he pecks your forehead lovingly. Silencing your guilt with an endearing and sincere kiss sealed on your mouth.

His lips form a lax smile against your flesh as he pulls away, your breathing slowing and you’re soon fast asleep minutes later in his arms. Carefully, resting your head on his bent arm, he brushes your hair over your shoulder before pressing one last kiss to your forehead.

Goodnight (y/n).”

Calm Down --- Liam Dunbar Story

Part Two 

warnings: swears I think 


Adelaide’s POV

It’s sprained. It hurts like a bitch still. All of Lydia’s friends showed up including my biology partner. I’m sitting on a bed in the hospital with an ice pack on my wrist. Everyone is just standing around. “Are you still going to be able to write?” Kira asks.

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To Forget

Bucky Barnes Imagine


Originally posted by sssmcdlove

Bucky paced in the hospital’s waiting room, impatient and nervous to hear on how you were doing. Natasha and Steve were sitting down on chairs, keeping eyes on Bucky to make sure he was keeping calm. 

His jaw was clenched, his hands were in fists, and his eyes were glossy. He knew he should have been more careful with you. He should have known and he felt guilty. His mind was kept on the image of holding you in his arms, barely alive.

Hydra knew how much you meant to Bucky, though Bucky didn’t even know that they had known about you. He had tried so hard to keep you low profile, never allowing the both of you to go out together as a couple in public. He wanted the assurance of knowing that you were safe. He wanted to know that the most precious thing that had ever happened to him was not in danger. And you loved him for that. He hadn’t wanted to risk any Hydra person seeing you with him, just in case they were still after the former Winter Soldier.

But Hydra knew everything. They knew all about you and your love for Bucky Barnes.

You and Bucky had been in a secret relationship, you were kept hidden away from the Avengers and the world. Just the two of you. But when it came to friends, only Steve and Natasha knew. 

Driving to Bucky’s apartment, you were beyond excited to tell him that you had nailed your job interview. You parked your car and quickly went inside the apartment complex, heading to his room. You pulled out the key he had given you from your purse and unlocked his door. You opened the door, wiggling your key out of the keyhole, and grinning like a maniac. 

“Buck, you won’t believe how awesome I did at my interview, I practically got the job. On the spot. Oh, and sorry I didn’t let you know that I was coming over today. I got too excited to call you,” you said as you walked to his kitchen table to set down your purse. 

You turned around, expecting to see Bucky sitting down on the couch in his living room. You widened your eyes as you saw the famous Captain America staring at you in confusion the gorgeous Black Widow smirking at you in amusement, glancing at Barnes.

You gulped and mentally hit yourself in the face for coming here without telling him. Sometimes you came to his apartment without letting him know you were coming and there was no dilemma. Until now. “Oh, uh.. I- um..” you stuttered, looking at Bucky to see him bite his lip and sigh. As much as he hated keeping secrets from the two people he trusted the most, you were the most important secret that he wasn’t risking. But the secret was out now.

“Guys, this is my girlfriend, (Y/N),” Bucky said as walked over to you and wrapped his arm around your waist. He kissed your cheek and you smiled shyly, “Hi,” you waved. “I know who you both are. It’s nice to meet you.” 

Natasha lightly laughed and exclaimed, “I knew Barnes had someone!” Steve looked between the both of you, happy that Bucky had found his source of light. Steve smiled, “Wow. I actually did not expect that. How long have you two been together?”

Bucky’s eyes averted down to you and you looked at Steve, “Almost a year now,” you said. Natasha’s mouth slightly opened, surprised at how Bucky was good at hiding secrecy. 

Steve put the pieces together and took in realization on why Bucky never came to one of Tony’s parties or why he had always rejected going out with the team. 

Nat also realized why Bucky had wanted to keep you unannounced to the team. The Avengers were dangerous and he didn’t want you to be a part of that environment at all.

You were something that he never wanted to lose.

They had met you five months ago. Bucky remembers that day clearly, smiling at the thought of how well the evening had went. You had easily gotten along with Steve and Natasha, them immediately taking you under their wing. 

Sometimes you and Natasha went out together. Even though she was an Avenger, no one really knew how the infamous Black Widow looked like. She was your best friend and Bucky appreciated that Nat took care of you when he couldn’t.

Steve viewed you like a sister. Often, you taught him and Bucky how to use advanced technology that they both seemed to find difficult for the both of them. Laughing whenever they messed up, calling them old men. Steve enjoyed your playful demeanor and it was one of the many reasons why Bucky fell in love with you.

He snapped out of his thoughts as he heard the door swing open, Nat and Steve immediately standing up from their chairs. A doctor came out with a clipboard and headed toward them. 

“I’m Doctor Naman. You’re here for (Y/N) (Y/L/N), correct?” he asked, taking his eyes off the clipboard and looking at them. “Yes, is she okay?” Bucky asked quickly. The doctor gave him a warm yet sad smile. Natasha held both Steve’s and Bucky’s hands, awaiting the doctor’s answer.

“Her physical injuries were very brutal. We stitched her bottom lip and we also stitched two very deep cuts on her right forearm and the left of her torso..” the doctor said, flipping through pages, “Her right cheekbone is bruised, and her right eye is swollen. Her left ankle has been broken and her left lung is punctured.. And, that seems that’s all of it,” Doctor Naman said, looking up from the clipboard. “We’re very lucky to have fixed her as soon as you brought her here.”

Bucky felt awful. Yes, he was beyond happy knowing that you made it alive. But, he felt like he was held responsible for all of this happening to you. If you two hadn’t fallen in love, none of this would have happened. Though, it was inevitable. He needed you and you needed him.

“When do we get to see her?” Bucky asked, hoping that he would get to see you right now. Doctor Naman sighed, “As much as I would like to let you see her, I’m afraid that visiting hours are over,” he said, glancing at the clock that read 2:23 AM.

“It’s okay Buck, we’ll see her first thing tomorrow morning,” Nat said reassuringly, rubbing his shoulder. Bucky bit his lip, sighing and nodding his head. “Yeah, okay.. Sounds good,” he said sadly, getting ready to head out of the hospital with Steve and Nat.

“And uh, Captain.. Would it be alright if I could, um.. Get a picture with you before you head out?” Doctor Naman said hesitantly, not sure if this was a bad time to ask. Steve chuckled, “Yes of course.”

Next Morning

You woke up groggily, feeling pain shoot through you in many different places. Your left ankle was aching, your right arm and left side was throbbing, it was a little harder to breathe, and you felt like you had the biggest migraine you’ve ever had in your life. You whimpered loudly, trying to withstand the pain you were feeling. 

“Be careful,” you heard a woman speak up, feeling hands on your forehead. You struggled to open your eyes, but your left eye managed to slightly open. You saw a nurse and you felt a little better, knowing that someone was here with you.

She smiled, “Good morning. I’m Sherry, your nurse.” You exhaled a breath of relief, hearing her soothing voice comforted you. “Hi. Where.. Where are we? What happened?” you asked, now seeing that you were on a bed that wasn’t yours. Your left foot was in a cast, elevated higher on a pillow underneath. 

She bit her lip, deciding to leave the second question unanswered. “You’re in a recovery hospital in Brooklyn,” she said.

“Oh,” you said, confused. “How long have I been sleeping?” you asked. “Just for a day,” she said. 

“I’ll go get you some water and let your doctor know that you’re awake,” she said as she left your room. You nodded, and sighed. You wondered if your friends were worried about you. You also still had homework to do for your teacher. You frowned at the thought of homework. 

Sherry reentered your room with a tray of food, “Well, I figured you’d be hungry so I brought you some breakfast.” You smiled and nodded. “When can I get out of here? I still gotta do my essay for my professor, it’s due in a week and I haven’t even started!” You exclaimed while laughing weakly.

She furrowed her eyebrows, slowly setting down your tray. She looked confused and she tilted her head to the side. She picked up your files and quickly skimmed through the papers. It said you graduated five years ago.

The doctor entered the room and Sherry mumbled something only the doctor could hear. The doctor nodded and Sherry excused herself. “Hello (Y/N), I’m Doctor Naman. How are you feeling?” 

“Feeling awful, in all honesty,” you said, letting out an airy laugh. He smiled lightly, “Yes, I would understand.” 

You painfully pushed yourself up to sit up on your bed. You looked down to see multiple stitches on your right forearm and widened your eyes, wincing at how unpleasant it looked. You took a deep breath, thinking of the things that calmed you the most. “What.. What happened to me?” you asked, looking at the doctor with your left eye. You didn’t even need to see yourself to know that you had gotten an unsightly blow.

He sighed and took a seat at the end of your bed. “Well, I’m afraid I’m not entirely sure.. But, I’ll let you know as soon as I can. In the meantime, you can wait for your visitors,” he smiled. You smiled, excited for your parents to come. “Oh, yeah. Would it be possible if I could call my parents and let them know that I’m alright?” you asked. You had missed your parents so much since you moved out for college. 

Doctor Naman’s smiled dropped and he gave you the same bewildered look that Sherry had given you. You felt a pit in your stomach, becoming worried on why another person had given you such a confused look. 

“(Y/N). I.. Your parents died two years ago.. In a car accident. I’m very sorry,” he said, a big look of concern taking over his facial expressions.

You felt as if your heart stopped beating, not being able to take in the words he had just said. The whole world had seemed to be spinning at an unforgivable pace and you felt like throwing up. You could feel yourself trembling, getting ready to breakdown. “Is this a joke?” You thought you’d just seen them yesterday.

It couldn’t be real. You felt emotions crashing down on you, your headache worsening by the second. You shook your head repeatedly, “No. No, no, no. This.. I-It can’t be.. Please tell me you’re lying,” you cried out. But, you already knew that he wasn’t, and that he was just telling you the undeniable truth.

“(Y/N), I’m sorry,” he said, showing as much sympathy in his voice. Your quiet sobs violently shook your body.

“They’re gone..?” you whispered, asking yourself. How could you not remember? Of course you would know if they were gone. But, why couldn’t you remember? 

Doctor Naman took hold your right hand, squeezing gently. He felt so much pity for you. He had wondered how much you had forgotten in your life. 

“(Y/N), I know this isn’t the right time to ask, but what year do you think it is?” he asked hesitantly, still holding onto your hand and looking at you with a worried expression. 

You calmed down and took in deep breaths, feeling your heart ache. Your mind searched for the year that you thought you were in, but you already knew that the year you thought you were in, wasn’t the actual year that you were currently in.

“It’s 2011.”

Bucky, Natasha, and Steve walked into the hospital in a low profile, considering who they were to the public. They were all excited to see you.

Natasha walked up to the front desk and asked the receptionist, “Hello, room number for (Y/N) (Y/L/N)?” The lady in front of her searched it up and smiled at Natasha, “Room 274.” “Thank you,” Nat said, smiling in return.

The three got into an elevator, Steve pressing the button that read ‘2’. Nat glanced at Bucky and laughed. “Barnes, you’re killing me with the romance,” she said, referring the the large bouquet of flowers he had in his hand. Bucky blushed and shot her a sad smile, “It’s the least I would do for her.”

They walked out of the elevator and started to search for your room number. Just as they saw your room number come into view, Doctor Naman had walked out the door and locked her room. He had seen the three from last night and walked over to them, all three of their suspicions growing.

“How is she doing right now?” Bucky asked desperately, gripping his hold on the bouquet a little tighter. Doctor Naman sighed and ran his fingers through his hair, ready to be straightforward.

“She’s very distraught. It seems as if she’s lost approximately five years of her memory. She didn’t know that her parents had past away two years ago and it seems she’s still in the mindset of a 23-year old Harvard student. She thinks it’s the year 2011,” Doctor Naman said in defeat. 

Steve, Nat, and Bucky were beyond shocked. They didn’t know what to say or how to handle this information that was just know thrown at them. 

“Whoever her abusers were, they have done a severe amount of damage to her brain cells. Now, I’m not completely sure how they had done the damage, but whatever they’ve done to her has caused a great amount of harm. After she’s in a more calm state, I’d like to figure out what they’ve done to her. But, until then.. I think it’s best to not disturb her at this moment. She’s still processing the fact that her parents are no longer here. And, I don’t know how long she’s known the three of you, but if you had not met her before 2011, I’m afraid..” Doctor Naman sighed, knowing how painful this would affect the three standing in front of him. “I’m afraid she doesn’t know the three of you may be.”

Bucky felt a pain in his chest, feeling the wind get knocked out of him. The love of his life didn’t know who he was.

He already knew how you had lost your memory. He knew how agonizingly painful sitting in that chair and feeling electricity bolt through your brain felt. And to use such a weapon on you?

Bucky felt his anger rise inside him. He despised Hydra. 

He thought he was going to stop crying after seeing you, but he was wrong. Even his painful Winter Soldier memories were nothing compared to what he felt right now. He loved you more than you he could ever love himself, and to know that they had tortured you and ripped him away from your memory was bitter.

Natasha glanced at you through the narrow window in the door to see you weeping. She shook her head and wished nothing more than to be there with you and comfort you. But, she was just a stranger, along with Steve and Bucky. And if they were just to barge in your room and hug you would be an understatement.

Steve furrowed his eyebrows, thinking of ways to grasp the situation and make it better. He looked at Doctor Naman, “If you could just give us a moment,” Steve told the doctor politely. The doctor nodded his head and walked away, heading to his others patients to check up on them.

“Steve, I-I.. I need to see her, please I-” Steve cut Bucky off, placing a hand on Bucky’s chest to make sure he didn’t enter her room. “Buck, she doesn’t know you. She doesn’t even know that Captain America is out of the ice. We’re not going in there,” Steve said sternly, looking at Bucky’s red eyes. 

“Steve’s right.. It’s best if we just stayed out of her life, considering the fact that she was friends, and a lover, with the most dangerous people in the world,” Nat said. 

Bucky nodded, knowing it was best for you. The stems of the flowers were now broken, just like he was. “I should have stopped myself from loving her. I should have known that Hydra was still after me. How could I be so stupid? It’s all my fault,” Bucky said, looking down at the floor, seeing his tears fall on the tiled floor.

Nat was never the one to cry, but knowing that her best friend didn’t know her and seeing Bucky crumble right in front of her made Natasha feel helpless. She wrapped her arms around his torso and hugged him as tight as she could to let him know that she was there for him, to let him know that she felt just as much as he did. Steve stared at the two before him and let out a sigh, putting a hand on Bucky’s shoulder.

Bucky had appreciated Steve and Nat, more than anything. But, he wished it was you right here with him. 

Nat let go of him and wiped her tears, knowing how different things were going to be now. She also wiped Bucky’s tears as he looked through the window, seeing that you were still crying. Oh, how he wish he could just be there in with you, to kiss away all the pain, to let you know that you weren’t alone.

“I’ll let Fury know about this. Maybe he already does know about her, considering that he knows a lot of things,” Steve said, breaking the silence. Bucky nodded and kept his eyes locked on you through the window, watching your fragile body shake from your sobs. “I’ll have agents of our own watching her, making sure no more Hydra agents are near. We’ll get her far from the city, a new home. We’ll have Doctor Naman give her false information about the life she had. We will stay clear out of her life. I’m sorry Buck, but it’s what’s right. She didn’t deserve this.”

All Bucky could do was nod. This was the last time he could ever get this close to you and he wasn’t even holding you. He missed you so much. He missed you and loved you with all his being.

And you didn’t even know him.

Three Months Later

You walked into a Starbucks shop, getting in line and looking up at the types of drinks they put on their menus. You bit your lip, searching for a drink that you wanted to try. 

Your heard the door open and felt the presence of another standing right next to you. In instinct, you looked at the man and smiled. He seemed to have widened his eyes when he looked at you. His mouth slightly parted as he couldn’t take his eyes off you, looking at you in disbelief. He had tried to say something but no words came out which was making you giggle.

You grinned, thinking that this man was the cutest human being ever alive. You walked up to the counter, keeping your grin on your face. 

“Hi, um.. I’d like to order a medium Double Chocolatey Chip Frappichino. And I’ll pay for the order behind me as well..” you said, moving to the side so that the cutest human being alive could order. His eyes never left you and you couldn’t help but feel flustered. 

After a few moments, he took in what you said and blinked a couple of times. “Oh! I, um.. I would like, uh.. Just a large black coffee please,” he said, glancing at you while he was talking. You looked down at the ground, suddenly feeling shy by his unbreakable gaze toward you.

You looked back up at the barista who was punching in the both of your orders. “Your total will be $9.84,” the barista said. Just as you had gotten your credit card out, you heard the swipe of a card. You looked back the guy and smiled shyly. “Thank you,” you said, walking to the corner where they set out the drinks when they were done. He walked next to you, smiling like an idiot, “It’s the least I could do.”

You nodded, looking down and biting your lip. He was the most handsome man you’d ever seen, and he just paid for your drink when you were planning to buy his drink. You felt your stomach flip. In a good way.

You wanted to talk to him and spark up a conversation. But, what if he mistook it for flirting? Were you flirting? You didn’t know. All you knew is that you wanted to talk to the perfect stranger right next to you. “My name is (Y/N), by the way,” you said, sticking your hand out to him.

He looked at your hand and back at you, smiling. He knew what he was doing and he knew how much trouble he was going to get into for breaking so many rules. But, he didn’t care. It was you.


You and Bucky were bursting out in laughter in the small coffee shop, ignoring the annoyed looks from others. You didn’t care at all though, and it seemed that he didn’t either. 

This was the most you’ve ever laughed and smiled since you’d gotten out of the hospital. You felt lonely in the world, but right now, this was all that mattered in the moment.

Your laughter died down, but the smiles on your faces never left. You fiddled with your thumbs, slightly becoming nervous. You felt so close to him, yet you barely even knew him. You didn’t understand how it was possible to even feel your feelings grow so strong for someone you just met.

You sat there, smiling at Bucky across from you. Something so familiar about him, but you knew you couldn’t place it. You couldn’t place a lot of things.

Bucky was staring at you, taking everything in about you. You were right in front of him, but he felt distant. His smiled faded, and you could tell something was off.

“What’s wrong?” you asked, genuinely wondering if he was okay. He shot you a sad smile, and you looked into his eyes. They were the the most beautiful blue you’d ever seen and you knew you could never get tired of them.

“Nothing, it’s just.. You remind me of someone,” he said. You nodded, smiling lightly. “Boy or girl?” you asked. “Girl,” he said. 

“She was amazing..” he spoke, never breaking eye contact with you. 

“Will you see her soon?” you asked tenderly. “I hope so,” he laughed sadly.

“Do you miss her?” you asked, looking at him with soft eyes, already knowing he had lost someone.

“More than she will ever know.”

Sticky Notes (MONSTA X // KIHYUN)

Hey can I request a kihyun scenario? The story is up to you I have basically zero imagination lol but can you make it in like an AU where they are in high school? Thank you and I love your blog!

It might seem like you won’t be able to make it, but the way to success is to take the stairs. I believe in you! ^^

Kihyun read the pink sticky note stuck inside his locker and smiled. This was the third time this week he had received an encouraging note from the sticky note angel. He stuck the note inside his pocket and closed his locker. As he began to walk to class, his friend, Hyungwon, caught up to him.

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If you think PotO is about who "deserves" Christine, you missed the entire point

Okay so. I’m a little done with the argument of who deserved Christine, who Christine owed something to. Who Christine should have chosen. I’m done with the arguments and I’m done with the poor choice of wording. So. Here’s a rant post about why y’all need to stop talking about if Erik deserved Christine or if Raoul deserved Christine with bonus sections: Why You Should Stop Villifying Raoul and Romanticizing Erik. 

1. Raoul is so whiny! Raoul is a cry baby! Christine shouldn’t have to deal with something like that! Yes, Raoul cries a lot. Y’know who also cries a lot? Erik. I never once have seen a post that demeans Raoul for being emotional that also criticizes Erik’s melodrama. What is wrong with emotion, anyways? Whether or not you believe Erik or Raoul should have been Christine’s endgame, criticizing public displays of emotion is toxic, especially in 2015. The criticism of the willingness to cry in front of others is dialogue that belongs in a time that was decades ago. Side note: Throughout most of Leroux, Raoul is not operating with perfect information. Stop holding Raoul’s assumptions to different standards than that of the 1880s. Is it wrong to shame a woman when they’re not crystal clear about their life choices, particularly romantic ones? Of course it is. Was it a normal assumption for his time? Yes. Do not pick out Raoul, villify his actions, pretend he is the only one to think that way of his time (when he is not the most severe noble in the novel), when his entire society crafted him that way. There are always outliers, yes, but people are crafted by their society, by the peers. Raoul’s assumptions of Christine and his accusations are not abnormal. But remember, Raoul didn’t want to believe them because he was so in love with the kind girl of his childhood, and in the face of stress and danger, when fight or flight kicked in, Raoul was the outlier. He chose Christine over the protection of society, over the potential judgments (nobility did not marry actresses at that time without being shamed for it) of his peers and family, over any certainty at all. But guess who gets to choose what Christine wants? Christine.

2.  Erik gave Christine her voice! She owes him for that! He deserves her for the music he gave her! Let me tell you a story, friends. When I was a little girl, I was a daddy’s girl through and through. Every night, as long as I kept bringing my dad books, he would read to me over and over again. He would help me with my homework, he would help me achieve more in Girl Scouts to sell cookies (I was always the best seller thanks to him), and he taught me to value education and learning. I’m naturally intelligent, did well in school, and my dad crafted in me a deep and vibrant love of learning in me. Then we moved when I was 12 and my dad got a thing called “Power School.” Every Monday, he would get an email of my grades. I would start to dread Mondays, where I would get home and have every unsatisfactory grade questions. What was unsatisfactory, you ask? 93% or lower. Any A-, I was questioned and harassed over. When I was sick for a week and my grades (temporarily) slipped, my first day back my dad accused me of slacking and losing it. Every single Monday from 12-16 (he finally backed off when I started telling him to fuck off), there was a fight. Every single Monday, I got asked why I had a 92% instead of a 94%. I was yelled at. I was told I would be nothing if I kept having these A-s. I was told I would have a miserable, penniless life. That I needed him, that I needed to listen to him, that he was the only one who knew anything. I’m now a sophomore in college on a full academic scholarship. I’m in the Honors Academy and have gotten all As so far. Every test I take, every paper I turn in, I want to cry. My hands shake. I don’t want to eat. I’m a intense extrovert and I do not want to talk to people during midterms and finals. I still have that intense love of learning, I still am the absolute top of my class, but not without anxiety so deep inside me that I cry myself to sleep when I am staying up waiting for a test to be graded.

I do not owe my father anything. Christine Daae does not owe Erik anything. Giving someone something good does not justify abuse, and Erik goes much further than my father ever did. Erik kidnaps Christine twice, he kills several people in his wake, threatens to burn the Opera house (which could have ended up being a quarter of Paris), verbally demeans her, and physically hurts her several times. Erik gave Christine a voice. Erik gave Christine a channel for her grief. That does not mean he gets to abuse her or that she owes him her love.

3. How could Christine choose Raoul over Erik? There is no guarantee they would be happy together! Raoul de Chagny was the last positive memory Christine had, really. Raoul de Chagny nearly sacrificed his life to save Christine. When Christine told Raoul that she was in danger in Apollo’s Lyre, Raoul asked her what he could do to help her. No, there is no “guarantee” that they could have been happy together, because people grow apart. Leroux says that they “withdrew far from the world to enjoy a happiness” so it’s safe to assume that they lived the rest of their lives in love, but yes, there is no absolute guarantee.

Guess what?

Not the point.

The point is that Raoul de Chagny was given the choice between comfort and Christine and he chose Christine. Christine was given the choice between Raoul and Erik and she chose love and kindness first. Erik was given the choice between order and chaos (and whether or not he had the capability to choose order is a different ridiculously long text post) and he chose chaos. He chose destruction. Each character was faced with grappling choices, and Christine was ensnared in a game set by Erik that turned incredibly lethal (the grasshopper hops jolly high, anyone?) and Christine became her own hero. Through her kindness, respect, and love for humankind, she halted Erik on his path of murder and showed him beauty, grace, and love in a way we can all assume he never had been shown. That is what the novel is about. In a time where women were left with so few choices and where if you did not fit a certain mold and act a certain way, you were an outcast, and Christine, the heroine, the protagonist, the main character, chose to shatter all of those rigid lines in the name of humanity. It is not about who “deserves” her because it was never a contest of love, except in Erik’s eyes. Erik was never prepared to be able to cope with Christine’s graciousness (I’m dying of love, anyone?), Raoul chose an uncertain life with the woman he loved instead of a guarantee of comfort, and Erik choice mercy instead of cruelty. Raoul, Erik, and Christine are all outcasts in some sort of way. It is not about who deserves Christine, Raoulstine and Erikstine shippers, (though whether or not I believe who comes closest is a different story you can probably garner from the subtext here), but it is about the beauty of kindness and the freedom of choice. Love is kind. Love is beautiful. Stop trying to shame all of these characters when Christine Daae held both men with some sort of affection until the last page. You’re ruining the entire point of Christine’s choice–love of humanity wins.

Back in Town (Teen Wolf Imagine) - Requested

Request: lulu1432 - Hi I’m lupita n can i have an imagine with liam about being Derek lil sis n he leaves me with Scott. When Scott made me part of his pack;liam n I got close n we started liking each other. N the pack teases us bout being a couple. Please n thank u.

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I looked around at the rubble of the destroyed home. I couldn’t believe that this was where my family and I used to live all those years ago, before the fire. The fire that destroyed the Hale family. My family. I was the only one who made it out alive, so I ran. I was scared that whoever started the fire would find out I was still alive, so I left town and lived on my own up until now. Up until I started hearing rumors that there was an Alpha werewolf back in Beacon Hills named Peter Hale. My uncle. I didn’t believe it at first, but then I started hearing more stories. Stories about how Peter was turning people to make his own pack. Stories about how he was killed by his own nephew Derek, my brother, and then was resurrected by a banshee. Stories about how Derek then lost his status as an Alpha to save his sister, my sister, and then his beta had turned into a True Alpha, one of the rarest kinds of supernatural you can be. Then I heard about all the murders that were happening to supernatural creatures in Beacon Hills, and that’s when I decided to come back. I knew I needed to protect my brother and his friends. I knew they would need all the help they could get, and since I was born a werewolf like the rest of my family, I was sure I could be of some use. Now I was back in Beacon Hills, looking around the charred remains of my old family home, until I heard a man’s voice.

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