how adorable was she in her overalls

I really, really, really, really love how attentive Rick is to Michonne’s needs. 712 showcased how much this man loves this woman and it is so incredible! Him trying to get her back a deer, something he completely didn’t have to do but nearly gotten his ass killed trying to, shows the level of care he has for his woman. This entire episode had little bits of Rick’s protective nature over her. While they were on the roof when he told her to watch her step and just him overall watching over her to make sure that she’s okay. It hits me right in the feels. Although Michonne is capable of defending herself I’m so happy that she has a man who loves her, wants to make love to her every chance he gets and also to protect her. It’s incredible, y'all! I love them and love how much Rick loves and adores Michonne. It’s like he’s experiencing things he’s never experienced before when it comes to her. Well done, Gimple and co! Phenomenal writing for this couple 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Coming Home

Summary: Phil’s away in the military and Dan is by himself with their young son, Mason. Phil promises Dan that one day he’s coming home.

Word Count: 1.1k

Warnings: None

Beta: Trinity ( @htmlpinof

A/N: This is short and not the best thing I’ve written (sorry) . I’ve just been busy with school and finishing work for the end of the year. I promise something much better I’ll have soon hopefully. I have a few prompts in my inbox I need to write to. 

Dear Dan,

I know I said I would be home for Christmas but I just can’t get there. I’m so sorry. I tried to get my commander to let me, I just couldn’t. It’s too dangerous for any of us to leave, and Chris can’t even leave to go see PJ.

I miss you so much Bear, it’s unreal. There is nothing to do here anymore but sit around and wait. Wait for what though, I have absolutely no idea. It’s stupid, none of us get to go home.

It’s not fair to you or Mason, but I’m trying, I swear I am.

You just have to hold on, okay bear? I promise I’m coming home. Don’t let whatever is scaring you right now take control. If you’re scared I won’t ever come home, don’t let that make you think crazy okay? I am coming home.

Just remember, even if it seems like I’m worlds apart, I’m always right there.

Tell Mason I love him so much and that I’m sorry about this. I’ll make it up to the little guy eventually.

Merry Christmas Bear.

Wait before I go, is it snowing out? I know you love having a white Christmas. Take a picture and send it to me? I miss home and spending Christmas surrounded by sand and the desert isn’t very seasonal don’t you think? Also it’s like one million degrees and I swear I’m melting and no I’m not being dramatic for once.

Okay now I really have to go. Just remember that I love you so so so much Dan. I’ll be home soon, remember that please?

~ Phil

Snow fell from the London sky, coating the ground in a thin blanket. Everywhere anyone looked you could see the Christmas spirit radiating from every doorstep. People were traveling to see family; soldiers were coming home. All but one person was coming home it seemed.

Dan sighed holding the letter close, the dim light casting shadows across his face. Mason would be up in a few hours and excited for Christmas, yet a part of him would be sad that Phil wasn’t there. It was obvious. Last year Phil wasn’t home at this time either and Mason started crying when Dan handed him a present that said from Papa, it took Dan hours to calm him down.

Tears welled in his eyes as he pinched the bridge of his nose. He knew Phil leaving for the army would be tough on both of them, especially with Mason, they just weren’t expecting it to be this hard. Hanging his head Dan heard the soft pitter patter of his son walking throughout the flat.

“Daddy?” Mason mumbled, yawning and rubbing his eyes as he walked into Dan’s room. He was the spitting image of Phil when he was 6, which made this all so much harder on Dan. He smiled softly as he looked up at his son, his ginger hair was sticking out in random places.

“Bub what a-are you doing up?” Dan wiped his eyes, who was walking over and climbed onto Dan’s lap.

“I miss papa.”

Dan sighed, holding him close, stroking his hair. Mason laid his head on Dan’s chest and messed with his hand. “I do too baby. But he’ll be home soon.”

Looking out the window Dan watched the snow fall down slowly. Each snowflake taking its time before hitting the ground softly, adding onto the white blanket that was there already. Sighing, he could hear Mason start to sniffle and it killed Dan inside. He knew there was nothing he could do about it, other than be there for him and wait for Phil to come home.


“Was he good today?” Dan asked Ms. Betts, Mason’s teacher, as they watched Mason grab his things.

“Overall yes,” She smiled before frowning slightly, pushing her blonde hair from her face. “He did get upset at one point about missing Phil though.”

The teachers at his school all knew that Phil was away. Mason always talked about him and all the cool things he did. His papa was a superhero to him. Everyone thought it was adorable that he thought of Phil in that sense. However, Phil being the hard head he is, he doesn’t see how he’s a hero to anyone, let alone his own son. He’s always gone, how was that a hero?

“How is he though?”

“I, um, don’t know.” Dan mumbled. “I haven’t been able to talk to him much lately. Ho-“

“Is this thing on?” A voice so familiar cut him off over the loud speaker. Dan watched the teacher smile and he watched as Mason dropped what he was holding and looked at the speaker. “Hey little man!” Mason’s eyes, along with Dan’s widened. Phil.

“I know I promised I would be home a long time ago Mason and I’m sorry about that. There’s a surprise for you in the office buddy.”

The loudspeaker cut off and Mason ran towards Dan. “Daddy, that was papa!!” He grabbed Dan’s hand and started dragging him towards the door quickly. Dan’s heart skipped a beat and his breath hitched. He let Mason drag him through the halls; noticing how the doors to the rooms were opening and the teachers were coming out and smiling. Some were clapping and others cheering.

Turning at the corner, the white walls were decorated in drawings made by the kids, Dan’s eyes widened when he saw him. Phil. He was in a mossy green tank top and camouflage shorts, with combat boots; and somehow he managed to get a slight tan.

“DADDY!!!” Mason screamed as Dan stood there frozen. It had been about a year since they last seen each other.

“Come here little man!” Phil yelled back and crouched down to Mason’s height, holding his arms out wide. Letting go of Dan’s hand, he ran and tackled Phil, both of them falling back onto the floor. Tears pooled in Dan’s eyes as he heard Mason start crying.

“I’m here little dude,” Phil spoke kissing his head and rubbing his back. “I’m not leaving for a long time.”

Dan watches as a tear rolls down his cheek. Phil promising Mason that he wasn’t leaving for a long time, that’s if he even had to leave again. Eventually the two broke apart and Phil stood up, staring at Dan.

“Hey, Bear.” He said quietly, smiling at Dan.

Dan ran up and wrapped his arms tightly around Phil, burying his face in his chest. A quiet sob escaped his lips as Phil held onto him, threading his fingers through his hair. Phil swayed them back and forth, Dan holding onto Phil as if he was going to leave again.

“I love you so much.” Phil whispered, lifting Dan’s chin up and kissed him softly, before Mason interrupted them.

Pulling away Phil smiled and picked up Mason, holding him between them.

“How’s about we go home little man?” Phil asked, ruffling his hair; watching Dan smile fondly at them before kissing his cheek.

Beauty and the Beast Parenting Headcanons

Inspired by this post here I’ve come up with some headcanons for how everyone in the castle handles the new arrival(s)…

- When Belle first finds out she is pregnant, she is really nervous about telling Adam. She’s just not sure how he will react. Sure, he’s great with kids but he’s never shown much of an interest in babies. If anything they seem to make him uncomfortable. Given his relationship with his own father, she is worried he might panic at the mere mention of fatherhood. When she finally does sit him down and tells him, he is so overjoyed that they both end up crying. Is he terrified? Sure. But somehow in that moment it doesn’t matter. They’re going to be a family.

- Adam is instantly overprotective of Belle once he knows she is expecting, insisting that she shouldn’t be doing even the simplest tasks in “her condition.” She insists she is fine and continues to try and do what she always would. Adam will not have it. He carries her books that he deems “too heavy.” Sometimes–even in the first few weeks–he carries her when he thinks she has been on her feet too much. He even tries to convince her to take a break from teaching at one point during her pregnancy (he quickly gave up on that one. Arguing with Belle when she wasn’t pregnant was hard enough.) If he doted on her before, it was nothing compared to how much he wanted to take care of her while she’s pregnant. 

- Adam starts talking to Belle’s belly way before she starts showing. He wants his child to know his voice. To know him. Sometimes when Belle is asleep he’ll talk to her belly and tell the baby just how lucky they are that they’re going to have Belle as a mother and how wonderful she is. He also promises to read them better stories than Romeo and Juliet (he usually saves these comments for when he knows Belle is awake.) 

- He thinks feeling the baby kick is one of the coolest and strangest things and can’t get enough of it. He does lovingly tell the baby to be gentle when Belle feels an especially hard kick.

- While Belle is pregnant, Adam spends a lot of time reading up on medical books and infant care. Some of the medical information is review (when he was younger he had spent a few months solid studying medical books as a way to cope with his grief/ survivors guilt when his mother died. He always wondered if there was something that could have been done to save her.) The baby information is all new to him. He wants any insight he can get. Mrs. Potts insists that most of it is nonsense and that he will just have to learn as he goes along like everyone else.

- Happy and excited as he is, Adam is still a bit of a nervous wreck at times (Will he be a good father? What do you do when they cry? What do babies need? How do you even go about changing a diaper?) Lumière often teases him for this. That is until a few months later when he finds out Plumette is also pregnant. With twins. He doesn’t tease Adam much after that. (More on  Lumière and Plumette as parents here)

- Plumette and Belle end up acting as a support for each other, both during their pregnancies and after their children are born. It is nice to know that they can rely on one another when there are multiple toddlers running around the castle. 

- Belle gives birth to a baby girl on the first day of spring. Adam ends up holding their daughter for hours while Belle rests, marveling at how beautiful, how tiny, how perfect she is. He counts all of her fingers and toes, subconsciously checking just to make sure there weren’t any lasting effects from the curse he could have passed on. She looks so much like Belle. But she has his eyes. (I definitely feel like a “Dear Theodosia”-esque reprise of Evermore would be fitting here…(UPDATE: I am a sap and I wrote one. You can read it here if you like)

- Adam and Maurice end up becoming much closer after Adam becomes a dad. They got along well enough before, but they end up bonding over the trials of fatherhood. Adam is reluctant to accept direct help from any of the servants, insisting on doing the dirty work himself. But he values any and all of Maurice’s advice and encouragement. He did raise Belle, after all. 

- Maurice is impressed by Adam’s dedication to being a hands on parent, doing just as much work as Belle. He never imagined he would see his put together, perfectly quaffed prince of a son-in-law looking sleep deprived, covered in spit up, changing diapers like a veteran midwife. He did his best to encourage Adam when he noticed he was looking especially worn out or unsure, or when those first noxious diaper changes came. They have a good laugh over the antics of his granddaughter and stories of Belle’s childhood.

- Agathe ends up appointing herself as fairy godmother to the little princess. She bestows a gift for language on the child, allowing her the ability to understand and communicate in any language she encounters. It takes a little while for her to understand that others don’t pick up on foreign language as quickly as she does. Adam finds her reading one of the Greek volumes in the library at the age of 4. This gift ends up being very helpful for diplomatic relations as she ends up translating for foreign dignitaries who visit the castle, and subsequently charms the pants off them by being an overall adorable child.

- Adam often takes their daughter with him on several of his royal meetings when Belle is busy (or just needs a break.) It is not uncommon for him to show up to a meeting with his baby girl on his hip. He believes in giving her plenty of learning opportunities early on on how to be a good leader. 

- Adam and Belle often take their daughter to the village. They believe it is important for her to know her people and understand different walks of life than her own. The villagers love their princess and she adores them.

-  Lumière and Plumette end up having a boy and a girl.  Lumière is an incredibly proud papa and dotes on his children. The sounds of their imaginative adventures can be heard all throughout the castle. They end up inheriting some of Lumière’s showmanship, putting on little plays for the castle with Belle and Adam’s daughter.

- These three end up being the best of friends and grow up together in the castle. Belle makes sure that they are all given a proper education, feeling that  Lumière and Plumette’s children deserve the same opportunities as her own.

-  Lumière’s twins adore Cogsworth. He often puts on a gruff act when they “bother” him while he is working, but he (not so) secretly loves it.

- Chip becomes like a protective older brother to the twins and the little princess. They follow him around the castle like little ducklings.

- Lefou becomes a favorite with the younger generation of the castle. He makes up funny songs to make them laugh or cheer them up when they’ve had a bad day.

- When the princess comes of age, various suitors start to call on the castle much to Adam’s displeasure. Not only is he protective of his baby girl, he isn’t the type of monarch who is going to force his daughter into anything she doesn’t want to do. He allows them entrance to the castle begrudgingly until she comes to Adam and Belle with a box of love notes from Lumière’s son. Belle thinks it is sweet. Adam is just glad he has a reason to stop allowing strangers into his castle. Being a polite and gracious host while simultaneously watching any newcomers like a hawk was exhausting. 

Feel free to add on! I love batb fluff 

foxflightly  asked:

Finally watching season 4, is it just me or is it suddenly obvious that they’re being very specific about Gendering Pidge as a girl? It definitely wasn’t this obvious in previous seasons. (I’m only on episode 3)

First, before I start this conversation: for people who may not know or may not be as familiar with me personally, I am non-binary myself. For about the first twenty-two or so years of my life I was referred to exclusively by “she/her/hers” pronouns. So the whole concept of Pidge and her headcanoned non-binariness is something that touches pretty close to my personal life experiences. I just want to make this clear so that people don’t try to dismiss me as trying to wash away non-binary representation… I’m not, I relate hugely to Pidge, I want non-binary characters like none other in fiction, and I’m just saying what I think the writers have intended with Pidge’s character.

So the writers have always typed Pidge as a woman. At least, that’s how she canonically considers herself gender-wise now in the story. I think the reason why it feels that Pidge is suddenly feeling more gender-typed as female is because the moments in which we see her doing more societally female-coded things is in her past when she’s with her family. We didn’t get many family moments in S1-3. The fact we have more flashback scenes with her in S4, and the fact that she reunites with her brother in S4, means we’re going to get more of these female-coded incidences more frequently shown on screen.

Since the first season we’ve seen Pidge demonstrate some things that are coded in our society as female gender expression. One of the prime ways in which she shows female-coded behavior is through fashion. Consider the photograph she carries with her. While Matt is in his uniform, Pidge is dressed with long hair, a headband, and an adorable pink and white dress. Just a year ago, she was voluntarily wearing a pretty darned cute outfit that is societally associated with girls and women.

The flashbacks in S1E5 “Tears of the Balmera” do just show Pidge in her standard green shirt (how many of us don’t own simple unisex shirts though?). It’s to note she wears her hair in a side-ponytail, which isn’t exactly a societally prototypical male fashion. She’s also upset to cut her hair, muscles in her face notably tightening before she closes the scissors the first time. Pidge is attached to her long, female-coded hair.

But overall we don’t tend to see Pidge as markedly gender-coded female throughout the first three seasons because she’s not in the environment where the codes she relates to get brought up. Pidge starts VLD disguising as male to avoid suspicion when she enrolls in the Garrison. She wears clothes that she already owns, but intentionally picks the ones that are most gender-neutral and least revealing to her identity. And once we get on the Castle Ship, Pidge isn’t going to wear a lot of cute, girlie clothes when she’s only got that one pair of clothes she was wearing at the Garrison… and some awesome Paladin armor.

Because while it seems that Pidge enjoys wearing some feminine fashions from time-to-time, it’s not like she’s ever been a markedly “girly” personality in most of her interests, be it either here or in the flashbacks. Most of her personal passions are not societally coded as feminine… technology, video games, mathematics. So she doesn’t ring out as very gendery-wendery-feminine to us - we grow up in a societal culture where we might expect a female character to display a few more female coded things. So she gets translated to audiences as feeling more ambiguous…

…even though she herself makes it explicitly clear to the other Paladins: “I’m a girl.” Those are the words she uses. She thinks of herself as female, she tells the Paladins that, and it’s a pressing matter to her - she feels uncomfortable prior to the reveal, uncomfortable that she’s been disguising herself and being dishonest to them. She’s uncomfortable enough that even a common English figure of speech “man up” bothers her when it’s applied to her. Because it’s not who she is!

Pidge in the Castle of Lions just doesn’t have the proper context whereby we see the moments where she acts the most societally feminine, because the areas in which we see her act the most feminine are things like fashion, which she doesn’t have access to millions of lightyears from Earth.

But yes, even though we haven’t had as much context by which to highlight Pidge’s more feminine coded personal facets, she’s always had those codings in her character, down from the first episode in the first season.

Now S4 has rolled around. We see more flashbacks of Pidge, and with it, new outfits that also read as “feminine” to us. I absolutely love this little number with the leggings… she looks adorable:

And on top of that, in this very same scene with Matt, she tells him to call her “Katie,” not Pidge. She’s explicitly preferring a name that is for girls and women.

Of course we also get the pink dress again, giving audiences yet again more feelings of feminine coding.

Then there’s Matt parading around, calling Pidge “sister” constantly, so we get that “rubbed in” more.

This is all family stuff.

I believe that S4 is also one of the first seasons to use “she” pronouns in the actual script. Lots of times, characters have been speaking directly to Pidge, thus calling her “you,” which isn’t gendered, or mentioning her gender-neutral nickname, “Pidge,” instead of a pronoun. BUT. Even then… in the first comic book… which takes place during S1 times… Pidge is called “she” and “her” by her Paladin buddies:

This means in S1 material alone, Pidge has been called “she,” Pidge has called herself a “girl,” and Pidge has demonstrated some female-coded fashion sense. That’s the exact same material, in fact, as what we get in S4.

S4 just has that material happen a little more often. It feels Pidge is being more gendered as a woman this season mostly because we’re seeing her in the contexts where she’s the most feminine-coded. The flashback scenes with her clothing. The interactions with her brother, who is going to call her “she” and “sister.” It’s not that the writers are pulling out a harder “Pidge is a woman” card… there’s nothing new that they’ve introduced this season than they have shown in the past. Nothing new at all. We’re just in the context where we see the feminine side of Pidge a bit more frequently in 4.

I’ve personally never read Pidge as canonically non-binary. I’ve read her as “she has the potential to develop and realize she’s non-binary later” and “she is pleasantly easy to headcanon as non-binary.” But I do think that throughout the franchise, there has been nothing explicit to target her as non-binary. Please continue to read her how you read her, but this is my respectful perspective.

It’s sort of ironic in that people headcanon Pidge as non-binary largely in part because they use the same societal expectations of gender-coding that so many people across the same community are trying to destroy. Many people talk about how X shouldn’t be exclusive to women, but should be acceptable to all humans… but I do suspect lots of the reason so many people attach to Pidge as a potential non-binary representative is because she doesn’t scream those X gender-coded things. Gender expression isn’t the same as gender identity, so just because Pidge expresses herself in a certain way doesn’t mean she is one type of gender or another. I dress extremely feminine at times. Doesn’t make me a woman. Pidge has what society feels are gender-neutral interests. Doesn’t mean she’s not a woman.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with a non-binary gender headcanon, and in fact those non-binary headcanons make me smile because it’s the feeling of people recognizing my own gender, my own identity. The headcanons resonate with me, too. I like them. Please, feel free to keep with your headcanons! There’s nothing wrong with them!

And there’s nothing saying the writers couldn’t develop Pidge canonically to reveal herself as non-binary! It’s totally feasible. Just because she liked long hair doesn’t mean anything about her actual identity, etc. etc. etc. Furthermore, I didn’t fully understand what it was to be non-binary until adulthood, where I discovered an identity that was always what I had felt about myself on the inside. Pidge could find that, too. This is something that often occurs later in life, so there’s certainly still time for that development to happen in a fifteen-year-old.

And if the writers ever did announce Pidge as canonically non-binary, you would bet I would stop the video, pump my fists in the air, and start screaming wildly “YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!” Because non-binary representation is beautiful and important and meaningful! I would love for Pidge to be non-binary, let’s be real!

But at the moment, we’ve gotten four seasons of Pidge demonstrating societally-aligned female coding. We’ve gotten Pidge referring to herself as a girl - which is much more importantly indicative. Pidge not having many feminine gender-coded interests, and being confused at alien bathroom signs, isn’t enough to be a foreshadowing of her announcing a non-binary identity. I don’t suspect that Pidge will come out as non-binary personally. I’m completely fine with that.

Anyway. TL;DR. Pidge is showing the same sorts of female-coded things in S4 as she has in previous seasons. S4 just might feel as though the writers are gendering her more apparently because Pidge is being shown in the contexts where this is the most noticeable about her.

How To Apologize

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Summary: After remembering that they’ve forgotten your celebratory dinner… Teamiplier works together to make it up in hope that it isn’t too late. [Part I]

The long-awaited sequel to Left Behind is finally here! Wowzie, not gonna lie, wasn’t expecting this much love for this story since it was my first time dealing with a few different aspects, so I was so happy to see how much you guys liked it and wanted a continuation of it! Hopefully I didn’t make you guys wait too long, if I did, I’m sorry 💙 But, it’s here now! So please enjoy!^^

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     “… And that’s a wrap!” Kathryn calls, a relieved sigh leaving her lungs- while hanging out with everyone was amazing, after so many hours had their antics lost their charm. Amy is still adorable in her hijinks, though. How couldn’t she be?

     Nonetheless, the lot of them were overall glad to be done for the day. It was always exciting to work on a new project, whether it be big or small- it was fun! Time consuming and sometimes difficult, but fun all the same. By the end of the day, everyone would be at least a little bit tired if not exhausted. Mark and Tyler are continuing to laugh about the jokes from the skit, adding onto it with even cringier and sillier jokes making the brunette roll her eyes playfully. Her attention then turns to her fellow ukulele enthusiast who looks lost in thought, lips pursed and brows knitted together, “What are you thinking about?”

     Ethan groans and slides a hair through his blue waves, his hand scratching the back of his neck where it meets the bottom of his hairline, “I feel like we’re missing something… Did we have anything planned today?”

     “Other than the shoot?”

     “Yeah… I don’t know, maybe there’s something at work I needed to take care of,” He assumes, deciding to try and suppress this weird feeling for the moment. Ethan only hopes that whatever it is that was subconsciously nagging at him doesn’t result in him being fired. That would a bummer.

     Kathryn thinks it over herself, head leaning to the right as she ponders in case she happened to remember what it was.

     “Guys, let’s get some ice cream!” Mark chimes in, throwing his arms around the pair with an enthusiastic grin spread across his expression. Though as soon as those words left his lips, Kathryn’s own smile falls and she realizes what it was that not only Ethan forgot, but that they all forgot.

     “Mark… What time is it?”

     “Ah, let me check,” He pulls himself away and pulls the phone from his pocket, a quick glance tells him the answer, “A little past nine, we’ve still got enough time to get ice cream.”

     A heavy sigh falls from her lips as she shakes her head, Kathryn’s heart clenching with guilt, “I can’t believe we forgot, oh my God…”

     “Forgot what, Kat..?” Amy asks, confused and lost as to what’s happening.

     “His dinner party, we missed it. (Y/n)’s dinner party- to celebrate him graduating culinary school and we missed it…” She trails off, her expression dropping with each word as she comes to realize her, no, their mistake.

     All the smiles disappear quickly with her words, put out like a candle from a cold breeze. As if time stopped and their reality simply shattered with this new truth; this new betrayal that they’ve unknowingly committed. Silence falls over them, each not knowing what to say nor do.

     How did they even forget? Tyler was always so great with his planning, Ethan and Amy have phenomenal memories, Kathryn was wonderful with dates, and how could Mark forget anything that involved cake? But he did. They all did, and they’re feeling their guilt weigh on them for being so wrapped up in their work that they managed to forget something so important to one of the dearest friends. A project accidentally took priority over their friend.

     How could they have let this happen?

     “We need to go over there.” Mark breaks the silence and starts to wander back towards his car, only waiting for the other’s to follow him.

     “Are you sure? I want to, but he might be angry and he might not even want to see us,” Ethan points out, eyes cast downward while he speaks and unconsciously biting his lip.

     Tyler sighs but nods all the same, sticking his hands in his pockets, “Ethan might be right. We should try calling him first, at least.”

     “No, because apologizing over the phone doesn’t mean shit when you can do it in person. And I think we may have royally fucked up… We need to go there now,” Mark insists, a shaky hand running through his messy black locks as he shakes his head, visibly frustrated by his obliviousness.

     Amy frowns and walks up, taking Mark’s hand in her own, “I think… We should calm down for a minute and plan on how we should go about apologizing. Besides, (Y/n) may be upset like Ethan said and it might be good to give him his space tonight.”

     A pause follows but nevertheless, Mark exhales heavily and nods in agreement, “You’re right… Tomorrow, we’ll fix this. We have to.”


     Your head hurts.

     The first thing you notice when you wake up is the pounding sensation against your skull, an exasperated groan leaving your lips. Why does your head hurt so much?

     When you open your eyes, you slowly start to take in your surroundings, confusion now entering your mind as you see the mess surrounding you and the almost empty bottle of wine in your hand. “What the..?”

     You try to stand up, stumbling slightly, but eventually finding solid ground despite the growing feeling of nausea in your stomach. You roll your head, neck cracking pleasurably as the tension leaves your neck. Apparently, falling asleep on a hardwood floor is not good for your body- leaves it quite stiff. But then again, that was the least of your worries last night. You remember bits and pieces, although you remember very well that you and your celebration was all forgotten and instead of finding company in your friends, you found it with the celebratory wine and when you were trying to find answer, you found it in the shards of broken plates and glasses. The inner turmoil poured out from you, and like a thunder storm, devastation rained when everything inside had started to come out.


     You should probably clean up.

     Setting the wine down on the counter, you sluggishly move around to pick up the reminisces of last night. It takes no longer than an hour to have your kitchen and living room fixed up like nothing had ever happened. And to be honest, having a clean house helped to clear your mind as well. The aspirin you took also helped, but cleaning was a good boost to help your mood.

     Are you upset, still? Of course. They left you alone on such an important day- you aren’t going to forgive that so easily. Yet, the moment you pick up your phone and notice the missed calls and texts, you have to hold yourself back from answering them. An odd wave of relief washes over you; so they realized they messed up then? Good. They needed to know and you are not about to explain to them why you’re so upset when the reason should be obvious.

     Instead, you’ll let them boil over for a bit as you allow this hangover to pass. Thankfully, it’s fairly light and with the help of the pain killer your head has been feeling well enough to plug in your headphones and mindlessly listen to music while lying casually on the couch. The music drowns your ears with melodies and soothing voices, your first smile in a while making its way onto your tired expression. You almost fall back asleep but a consistent knocking persists under your music, determined to alert you its existence. A yawn escapes your lungs and you sit up, walking through the previously shard-covered floor and up to the door that you had wished would open all of last night, but only now is it being knocked on. You take a peek through the peephole and automatically a surge of last night’s emotions- primarily anger, return. A scowl forming on your lips when you spot Mark on the other side, a mental debate occurring as to whether or not you should open the door. You turn around and lean against it, pinching the bridge of your nose from frustration.

     “(Y/n)? I could hear you coming to the door… You have every right to be upset, but please let me explain.”

     You scoff and roll your eyes, what’s there to explain? They were too lost in their own world to even think of your big day- simple as that.

     “Go away, Mark. You can’t change what happened.”

     “No, but we were hoping we could direct the future,” Amy’s sweet voice pipes up from the other side of the door, successfully getting your expression to soften. Not that they could tell.

     “Please, (Y/n), we have something that might help.” Kathryn, too… So they all must here, huh? You shake your head and rub the back of your neck, unsure at this point.

     “What is it?”

     “You have to open the door to find out.”

     Or you could look through the peephole again…

     “It’s waiting in the car for you, dude!”


     Sighing, your hand reaches out to the knob and twisting it painfully slow, still uncertain about whether this is the right thing to do or not. When the door finally opens all the way, their expressions light up with hope and a newfound energy. “Are you ready?” Tyler asks, a slanted smile on his lips as if whatever their way of saying sorry or explaining was something you had to truly prepare for.

     “Let’s just get this over with,” You state blandly, not wanting to hear some poor excuse nor get an insincere gift as an apology.

     Mark and Ethan rush to the car and appear to be checking over something before a flash of golden fur passes your eyes and instantly, a soft smile replaces your cold expression at the scene in front of you.

     Chica not only has a chef hat, but a whole chef uniform as she pounces over to you and greeting you with a million slobbery kisses, you try to hold back a laugh but fail to and kneel down, giving into Chef Chica’s pleas for pets. It isn’t until Kathryn taps your shoulder that you look up to see the giant platter of cupcakes held by Mark and Ethan. With varying amounts of neatness, each cupcake has a letter that when put together spells out a message, an apology.

     Sorry we gave you a RUFF time!

     And once again, despite trying to bite back laughter, it flows into the air after reading the obscenely stupid and punny message. “This is your apology for missing my big day?”

     “We thought that you would’ve liked this better than some sappy apology,” Ethan shrugs, a sheepish smile spreading onto his cheeks, “And since you made us dinner and all, we wanted to make you something in return. It’s not as good as your cooking, but it’s still made with love?”

     Chuckling you shake your head, eyes glancing around to meet all of hopeful eyes and with a slow nod, you admit your defeat, “… Alright, fine, you won me over.”

    “Yes! I swear this won’t ever happen again- promise! Right guys?” A variation of ‘yes’es follow and you only roll your eyes playfully.

     “Good, now I’ll help myself to an apology cupcake if you don’t mind,” You take one of the plate and after removing the wrapper, take a bite.

     It has an… interesting taste?

     “What do you think?” Ethan’s big blue eyes widen as he asks you and you feign a smile, swallowing thickly.

     You are reminded as to why you’re the one with a culinary degree, to say the least.

     “They’re… pretty good, guys! Although, it’s only a little past ten in the morning, how about I make us a proper breakfast?”

      Thankfully they all agreed and the cupcakes could be easily forgotten. Nonetheless, seeing them in your kitchen like last night never happened, remembering how hurt you were and knowing that they felt awful too, yet, being able to smile and laugh with them again is better than any feeling you’ve known before.

     This is how things are supposed to be, and you hope that this is how things continue to be.


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Hello, how are you? Can i request a Blackpink OR Twice reaction when their s/o (who is a celebrity too) have to do a sexy concept/dance ? (Could be with someone else or alone)

❄Warnings: swearing, slight smut


Her jaw would become slack when she heard that you were doing dirty dancing with Dahyun. Sure, Dahyun was a good friend of hers, but for Dahyun to be able to take you away from Jennie as you and her danced the night away? Jennie didn’t think so.

Jennie would quickly wipe away her scornful look as she flashed you an award-winning smile. “I’m so happy for you, jagiya! I can’t wait to see how good you look up on stage.” She then wrapped her arms around you from behind. “And how good you look afterwards with your clothes off.” You felt your face flush. Oh, how this girl was able to make you feel emotions you had never felt before.

Jennie’s gorgeous smile is wiped away, and is replaced by a breathtaking smirk. She kisses your neck down to your shoulder and stops when she feels you shudder. “See you later tonight.”

As she walks away, you stand up and go take a look at your neck, and upon seeing yourself, you notice there are lots of hickeys lined up and down your neck.

“JENNIE, WHAT THE FUCK?” Jennie’s smirk widened when she heard that you found her little surprise. No way was she going to let Dahyun have her way with you. Not when you belonged to her and her alone.

Originally posted by ohlychee


“Really? That’s so exciting to hear!” Rosé was smart enough and mature enough to not let your seductive dance collab with Momo bother her. She could tell how elated you were to hear the news that you were finally going to have your own solo stage. Well, duet stage. Seeing you all happy only made her happy at the same time.

“So when is it?”

“Tonight.” She froze. Today was your anniversary. She had planned for a romantic evening between the two of you, and possibly more as the night progressed. Breaking out into a hesitant smile, she asked the question you did not want to hear.

“But what about our anniversary?” You let out a sigh. You knew she wasn’t going to be happy hearing that the night you finally got to collab with someone besides your group, it was your anniversary with her.

“Of course, Rosé. If you don’t want me to go, I won’t go.” Seeing the look of disappointment on your face made her heart clench. She hated seeing you like that, so she did what she had to do.

“No, you can go.” She said with a reassuring smile.

“Really?” Your face lit up.

“Yeah!” She leaned down so that her mouth was close to your ear. “But just remember who you belong to.”

Originally posted by blckspink


She licked her lips at the news. You. You onstage. You onstage in barely anything, dancing to explicit music. Rolling your hips, shaking your ass, and throwing the crowd winks every now and then… Just the thought made her turned on.

“So, it’s just you, right?”

“Yeah, it’s a solo stage.” You replied back to her as you scrolled through your email on your laptop. “It’s tomorrow night at ten. I’ll be home in a few afterwards, alright?”

“So where is it?” You gave Jisoo a questioning look, not knowing what she was getting at.

“Inkigayo… why?” Jisoo’s eyes flashed with amusement. She was going to MC tomorrow night, so she would be introducing you and she would get to watch.

“Just wondering.” Her mind was racing. She couldn’t wait until tomorrow night, and she was going to make you see that for sure tonight.

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At first, she was confused. Why would your manager want you to do such a concept? You were the very epitome of all things adorable and cute. Making such an angel do such naughty things? How could they?

“I’m going to wear this.” Showing Lisa the outfit a few of your unnies had designed for you, you began to explain the concept in further detail. With each detail, her eyes grew darker and darker with lust. Now she understood.

You were everything any person could ask for. Intelligent, kind, funny, and overall… very beautiful. Lisa has seen the comments from your fans. Everyone says something along the lines of, “(Y/N) is adorable, but I’d like to see them in a sexy outfit as well.”

“I can’t wait to see it, (Y/N)! Send me the concept photos once they’re done, okay?” Lisa threw them a wink and began to walk away, but not before doing something that would suggest the way she really feels about the concept.

You hummed a tune quietly as you leaned against the counter, checking the emails from your manager. As Lisa walked by you, her hand drifted down and swiped across your ass. Your humming instantly stopped, and your eyes grew wide. Looking at her retreating figure, you saw her flash you a hand heart before exiting the building.

“Oh, game on, Lisa. Game on.”

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Ayyyy first slight smut reaction is up!


Send in your requests!


Outsiders Season 2 Episode 10

What an awesome episode! I loved that we got a taste of day to day life on the mountain. So far we’ve heard more about peace, love, and happiness up there than we’ve actually seen… it’s all been left to the word of characters we love and trust, like Hasil and Lil Foster, so it was really nice to see a little bit of it for ourselves… even with everything that is going on up there. Haylie seemed pretty impacted by what she witnessed and experienced and good. We need her on the side of the Farrells. One, she could be of huge help to them I think, and two, it seems like that’s the only way Hasil avoids getting thrown in prison for kidnapping. Yikes.

I really did love the episode as a whole, but you know I have to focus on our Sasil boos! ❤️ I was smiling ear to ear throughout their little opening scene… Hasil working out, Sally Ann on the phone. I live for these little domestic moments. I was so happy that Sally Ann got an interview and I loved seeing Hasil happy for her too. She looked adorable in her little floral overall outfit thing. How cute is she?

 Hasil was hurting after his pushups, but Sally Ann knows how to make it better

 She always has 😏

 I’m with her though. It’s time to stop fighting. Every time he goes out there he is risking serious injury and imprisonment. I hate that Sally Ann’s job interview didn’t go well, but I guess Hasil would still want to be earning some money himself even if it did. I wish they had more options.

It was interesting and sweet seeing a Hasil that was very much in need of some verbal confirmation of Sally Ann’s love this episode.

Seeing his change in demeanor when he heard what he needed and wanted to hear was everything.

And if we somehow had any doubts about what that meant to him after he whooped ass, we got this little scene

 That meant everything to him and that’s just precious to me. I was literally Frida when Sally Ann said those words

Just wish we could have went back to casa Sasil with them for the consummation of this profession of love ha

But seriously though. We gonna get some sexy Sasil this season? After all they’ve been through, I need some sasil-first-time level sexy

 Based on the previews for the last few eps, it does seem that we’ll get some kind of in bed/intimate scene though. Which is good bc I love quiet moments with these two. Hopefully they are happy and nothing horrible happens and they can make it into the [hopeful] third season together and in one piece.

letthemusictouchu  asked:

how would asgore, toriel, underfell toriel and horrortale toriel react to a s/o who is really clingy and craves affection? like someone who isn't keen to leave their side? (things like wanting to hold hands, hugs, etc)


He’s very hesitant on it all. While he does adore you, truly he does, he’s…he’s scared. Of you, of himself, of letting his guard down. But for you, he’ll try. All of his affection is a little reserved, but it doesn’t take long for him to warm up to it. & then he’s the one initiating it the most, with a hand always on your head or shoulder, he’s more than happy to return your hugs, & overall the happiest he’s ever been. He’s finally found someone he can be himself around once again, & that’s what really makes him feel like he has a second chance.


While she does appreciate your adoration for intimacy, there are times when she needs a little solitude of her own. She encourages you to become a bit more independent of her presence, often asking you to go & do things on your own for a while to see how long it’d take before you return to her side. Little by little, she tries to extend the time you spend apart, in hopes that soon enough you’d grow more comfortable without constantly needing her around. Not to say she doesn’t like having you near her; when she’s feeling up to it you could spend hours together, just sitting in silence, holding hands, & it’d be all she feels she could ever need to be happy.


She’s so, so happy. For the longest time everyone left her. She was tossed aside, abandoned, & left to live miserably alone in the Ruins for centuries–so she’s not letting you go for as long as you don’t want to. You’re both rather dependent on each other, both emotionally & physically, & while it’s not an overall healthy situation you do what you can to support one another without pushing things too far. It’s rare to catch one of you out & about without the other being nearby.


You’re a bit similar in that sense. She’s not too keen on leaving your side either, so there aren’t many times when you’re not near one another. In this way, she’s a bit like UF!Toriel. Unlike her Underfell counterpart, though, there are times when she needs to be alone–it’s then that she’ll essentially leave you by yourself for hours on end, only to return unexpectedly, begging for forgiveness & understanding that there are just times when she can’t be there.

SNSD Reaction to: You Being From The UK & Having an Accent

Anon: Snsd reaction to you being from the UK and having an accent

Taeyeon: Often struggled to understand your Scottish accent, no matter how clearly you tried to enunciate. Sometimes she gives up trying and just nods, smiling and hoping you don’t catch on to how lost she is.

Originally posted by taeblush

Jessica: As she’s fluent in English, the accent doesn’t deter her but more so the dialect.

“Wait, what? Your ‘mate pulled a fit bird?’ Like, a pigeon with muscles or something? I don’t understand.”

Originally posted by bae-dino

Sunny: While she adores you and everything, that Welsh accent of yours goes completely over her head.

What the heck are they saying? Should I just nod and smile? she thinks to herself.

Originally posted by ottokashi

Tiffany: Like with Jessica, the accent doesn’t deter her as she’s fluent in English. What deters her is the accent and dialect.

“Sorry, what? Can you translate that?”

Originally posted by sooyoungsexual

Hyoyeon: Your Northern Irish accent may confuse her but she doesn’t need to understand your words to know what you’re saying. Body language is even more important than words, she thinks. And with how much she cares for you, words aren’t needed at all.

Originally posted by blindkpop

Yuri: Honestly finds your accent so unique and attractive. It’s just another thing that makes you special and that she adores you for.

Originally posted by hyotmess

Sooyoung: She’s such a lil shit and teases you endlessly for your upper class English accent by trying to impersonate it. And also with using outdated English stereotypes and phrases.

“How do you do? I’m off to have a spot of tea with the Queen ~”

Originally posted by sooyyoung

Yoona: Loves talking to you about your home country. It’s so fascinating to learn about a different culture to hers and hear about your history and so on.

Originally posted by sowonis

Seohyun: Sometimes giggles or smiles mid conversation. She can’t help herself. There’s certain words you pronounce strangely to her ears and just your accent overall is so precious to her.

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Freelin Appreciation Post

Originally posted by originalhbicrebekah

I’m sorry but I just have to give a shoutout to this couple for a second, because they are honestly my favorite thing right now and they don’t get nearly enough love on this site.

So! For those of you wlw who don’t watch The Originals, Freya and Keelin are characters on the show who meet at the start of Season 4 and eventually get together amidst lots of supernatural craziness. So, let me start by introducing my girls:


Originally posted by fuckyeahoriginals

Freya Mikaelson is a witch who’s, like, a thousand years old, and the show focuses on her and her siblings, who are all powerful vampires. Freya was taken from her family centuries ago at five years old and raised separately, and there’s a lot more backstory I won’t go into, but eventually she finds her way back to her family in Season 2. In terms of characterization, she’s closed off, guarded, starved for affection (due to her upbringing), and as the oldest sibling, she kind of feels like she has the weight of the world on her shoulders when it comes to protecting her family. Basically she’s super angsty, but also really adorable, and I love her. (Also, she has dimples.)


Originally posted by klopehybridss

Keelin is a werewolf/surgeon who’s introduced at the start of Season 4 when the Mikaelson family tracks her down and kidnaps her to extract her “venom”, which they need to save themselves. That’s how Keelin meets Freya, and things evolve from there and get pretty gay. Overall, Keelin is one of the more level-headed, well-adjusted characters on the show. She tends to use humor to diffuse tension and she’s very honest and straightforward about her feelings. She provides Freya with lots of support and affection and is just overall a really soft gay. We don’t know too much about her past yet, except that Keelin’s whole family was killed by vampires and that she went against her werewolf nature years ago so she could practice medicine. 


Originally posted by originalhbicrebekah

The relationship between the two of them develops really organically and so far they’ve been treated just like any other couple on the show (i.e. good amount of screen time, kissing, sex scene, etc.) They are also beautiful, badass, and totally adorable together. The fourth season just ended, so I seriously recommend using the hiatus to binge-watch this show, because it’s surprisingly addictive and Freya and Keelin are amazing together.

I recently discovered your blog and I like it a lot, I know what it feels like to have a hard time so I just though you might like to see some happy pics from my puppy Akke

She was adorable and smol and fluffy and a bit aprehensive of the water at first but now she dives in and retrieves sticks! 

With her friend Fanny who is a whippet a few weeks older than her. 

She is a Bouvier des Flandres and growing up goes fast, in a few day’s she turns 6 months and she’s already 27 kilo’s now! She’s smart and funny and a pretty calm dog, she is doing well with children and other dogs and I’m overall pretty proud of her and how she’s developing <3 

(PS: no need to reply, just thought the pics might make you smile)

They did make me smile. They’re great photos. Thank you.

Being Ben and Uma’s Child Would Include...

Requested: By anonymous: So my mind decided that it was a crackship day. Can I please have a “Being Uma and Ben’s child would include”?

Warnings: none?

Note: this was kind hard cause I was trying to think of how Uma and Ben would be together and have a kid, like under a love spell or something else. I decided this is in some sort of au where they actually feel in love. Like maybe Harry, Uma, and Gil came to Auradon instead of the rotten four, idk, I didn’t think too much into it lol.

(Not my gif)

Originally posted by hilarybizarrebeauty

Being raised as a royal but also learning pirate tricks and tips. (From your mom, Uncle Harry, and Uncle Gil)

You’ve probably inherited some sort of magic from Uma and Grandma Ursula.
You also might have a bit of beast from Ben and Grandad Adam.

Both Ben and Uma will teach you how to control and use either though, so don’t worry on pulling an Elsa.

Uma is fiercely protective over you, Ben is too but not nearly to the extent that Uma is.

You got spoiled, most definitely. Uma wanted you to have a better life than she did on the Isle and her and Ben were able to give that too you.
Don’t think you get to be a brat though, that’s a big no.

You went to Auradon, and you’re really open minded due to the fact your mom is the daughter of a villain.

I’m not saying that Gil and Harry tried to teach you how to sword fight when you were four without Uma’s permission. (But they totally did)
Uma teaches you how to sword fight later on, she doesn’t care that she’s queen and you’re the princess, you need to learn.

You have the sweetest grandparents because of Ben. Belle and Beast/Adam adore you.
They were the ones to gift you your first crown when you were a baby.

Finding all your moms old pirate gear when you were eight and running out with her jacket and hat on over your blue princess dress.
Harry and Gil just about died when they saw you.
Ben thought it was cute and Uma was overall amused by it.

Out of everyone in your family, the one who has the most nicknames for you is your Uncle Harry. Grandad Adam makes second place.
Harry’s nicknames are usually: fish bate, mini Uma, little beasty, princess, captain (from the incident when you found Uma’s pirate gear)
Uma and Ben are actually really good parents.

Uma was worried about being a good mom when you were born, but she and Ben gave you the greatest childhood and were super open.

All together, your childhood was quite an interesting one, but you wouldn’t trade it for anything.

“Mommy Ate A Baby?!”

Part 2 of “I Want That One Daddy!…” JSP

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He promised more time with you. And that is what you got! He’s spent every waking moment he had with you for the past month. Neither of you were complaining. Of course not all his time was with you. Of course Y/D/N wouldn’t let you have you have your gorgeous husband all to yourself. And her reasoning for that was. “But I love Daddy too Mommy!” You didn’t blame her. Who didn’t love Hyuk? The man is everything. You woke up slightly earlier than everyone else. You smiled at Hyuk’s sleeping figure. He was smiling in his sleep, which caused you to wonder. “You better be dreaming about me or else.” You threatened under your breath. You quietly walked out of the room and went downstairs, into the kitchen. You decided it would be easier to start breakfast before Y/D/N woke up or she’d be bugging you more than Hyuk already does. That’s one more thing she gets from her father. She gets your smarts. But gets his looks, personality, and the power to bother you like no other. 

They are both annoying and adorable. But they are both your babies. Sometimes you swear on your life that you’re not only raising your daughter but you’re raising Hyuk as well. Just when you started the eggs you felt strong arms wrap around you and a pair of lips on your neck. A small smile was painted on your face in only a matter of seconds. “This early you’re making breakfast?” He questioned. “Of course. What else would I be doing?” “Laying next to your beautiful husband.” He answered. “I wouldn’t say he’s beautiful. He’s at least a four.” You joked. “Yah! I’m not a four! I’m a ten!” He defended. You turned around and pecked his lips. “You are whatever you believe you are. Which reminds me, I have a doctor’s appointment today. You coming?” “Yeah, I’ll go. I’ll just let Jiho babysit Y/D/N.” He said. “Woah. Woah. Hold on there. You’re gonna let Jiho babysit? Remember what happened last time? The house was trashed and she had him tied to a chair while she ran around in a tutu shouting that she ruled the world.” You mentioned. “Yeah I don’t need my little girl becoming a dictator. What about Crush?” He asked. “Nope. Remember? She had him in a fairy costume and put used my concealer on him and spilled it all over the carpet. And it took us months to get that stain out.” You thought for a little bit who would be the best babysitter. You didn’t have the time to find an actually babysitter. All his friends were terrible. None of your friends were really babysitter material either. You didn’t want to leave her just with anyone. 

That’s when it came to you. You sighed knowing this was your last option. “What if we call over both Crush and Jiho? Two half brains can make a full.” “That’s a good idea. You finish breakfast and I’ll call them up.” You continued to cook. He got on the phone with both of them and told them of the situation. Of course they agreed and came almost immediately which resulted in you cooking more food. You were all sitting at the table eating breakfast. “So Y/N? What’s your appointment about?” Jiho asked. “I’ve been sick these pass couple of weeks with really weird symptoms and this is the day they had to fit me in. So I just want to get this over with.” You admitted. You looked to your left and saw Y/D/N in her PJs, rubbing her eyes, with her one of her stuff animals being chocked to death with her right arm. “Mommy. Daddy. Why are Uncle Jiho and Uncle Hyo Seob doing here?” She asked walking over. Hyuk pulled her into his lap and moved the hair out of her face. 

“They are going to babysit you for today while I take mommy to the doctor.” Hyuk explained. “Is mommy okay?” “She’s fine sweetie. Don’t worry. She’ll be all better soon. We just need to find out what’s wrong. Now can you be a good little girl for your uncles and not become a dictator dressed like a princess?” “What’s a dictator?” She questioned. “Someone you don’t want to be. Now be a good girl for your uncles. And maybe I’ll buy you a doll and some ice cream. Okay?” She nodded and they high fived. You loved their relationship. No one loved Hyuk like your daughter loved him. That father daughter relationship that everyone loved and cherished. And of course you were apart of everyone. You made your way upstairs to change into a fresh pair of clothes. You took a quiet shower, slipped on a causal outfit, and made your way back downstairs. They were already playing. “Now look Hyo Seob and Jiho. I expect my daughter to be in one piece when I get home. You are in charge Hyo Seob. No dangerous that could kill or hurt her. If she gets hurt you’ll both get hurt. And I won’t be the one hurting you. Y/N’s very violent when it comes to Y/D/N. Are we clear?” Hyuk explained. He sounded as if he was some general in one of those military movies. 

“Yeah. We got it.” They both said tending back to Y/D/N. You grabbed your shoes, slipped them and got in the car as did Hyuk. He drove to the doctor’s. On the way there you wondered all the possibilities of your symptoms. You hoped you were okay. Once you got there, you checked in and was immediately put into your doctor’s office. Dr. Janggok. She’s been your doctor since you were really young. She made doctor visits fun and different. She even attended your wedding because she as such a good friend. You told her your symptoms and she suggested a blood test. You took it without really thinking about what you could have. Hyuk was by your side all the way, not letting your hand go, not once. He acted as if you were afraid of needles. If anyone was afraid of needles. It’s him. 

Back at home Jiho turned on some cartoons for Y/D/N while Hyo Seob fixed her hair. “Where did you learn how to do that?” Jiho asked him. “I barely know how to do this. It was just something I picked up from those American movies.” He gather all her hair and put it in a high ponytail. “Ouch! Not so tight Uncle Hyo Seob!” “Sorry Y/D/N! I didn’t mean to.” He apologized loosing it up. “Y/D/N. Look! Your Uncle Jiho picked out an outfit for you. Why don’t you go in your room and changed into it?” She nodded and grabbed the outfit. She rushed to her room, changed and ran back out. She looked adorable. He picked out white undershirt and to go over the shirt was overalls. “Good job Y/D/N! You look adorable. Come sit in my lap.” Jiho said patting his lap. She sat in his lap and continued to watch the cartoons. This was the best she’s ever been for someone. “You want some milk?” Jiho asked her. She nodded and smiled. “What flavor little one?” “Strawberry.” She answered. “Hyung? Can you get Y/D/N some strawberry milk?” “Yeah.” Hyo Seob got up and went into the kitchen to look for some strawberry milk. He found it some in the fridge. he poured it into a cup, stuck in a pink crazy loop straw, and gave it to her. 

In the doctor’s office you were a little nervous. It’s been awhile since you’ve been here. Dr. Janggok walked back into the room with a smile on her face. But there was something about her smile that was really weird. “I have some news. I don’t know if it’s good or bad in your context.” She said. “What is it?” Hyuk asked. “Is everything okay?” “Of course, Y/N. Everything’s fine. You’re pregnant.” Your eyes widened as did Hyuk. “Pregnant?!” “Another one?! Another kid!” Hyuk shouted almost fainting. “Congratulations. I wish the best of luck for the both of you and the baby. Tell Y/D/N. I said hi.” 

After your visit you got a sonogram. You couldn’t stop staring at it. It was giving you flashbacks of the first time you were pregnant. Inside of you she was a handful. Always hurting you on purpose, making you hate your favorite foods. You knew she would be a troublemaker. And she is. “Babe. Do you have any names for our baby?” You asked sweetly. “If it’s a girl, maybe (Girl’s Name) and if it’s a boy, (Boy’s Name).” He answered. B/N. You loved it. Once you got home you saw all three of them on the couch watching some cartoons. It was the closest you’ve ever seen Y/D/N with the both of them. It was the first time you’ve seen them spend a while with her without in makeup or dresses on. They just ignored the fact you were home. You grabbed a piece of paper, balled it up and threw up towards Jiho. They looked toward you and groaned. “We were just getting along!” Hyo Seob admitted. “Thanks guys for babysitting Y/D/N.” Hyuk said. They got up and left with a flick of the wrist. 

You sat down next to your daughter. “Mom! Where did you go?” She asked. “Your father and I went to the doctor and we found out some news. And we wanted to run it by you first.” “What is it?” She was very curious. Hyuk grabbed her little hand and laid it over your stomach. “We’re having another baby. You’re gonna be a big sister.” He explained to her. “Where is it?” “In mommy’s stomach.” He answered. “MOMMY ATE A BABY?!” You couldn’t help but burst into laughter as did Hyuk.

I wanted to continue this into a part 2 because I feeling it. Sorry for any mistakes. I hope you enjoyed. Love ya. Admin Bad Bitch June

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Lauren is doing Lauren. Deal with it.

If she’s doing promo for BH3, then let her. She knows it’s a big risk, but she’s doing it for big rewards i.e. Maximum coverage/exposure. Such is imperative in expanding her social circle. I mean she was photographed with Rihanna!!! Overall, she met important people in the industry.

It’s difficult when we don’t get what we truly want. For us, we perpetually suffer from the dearth of Camren sightings. For the artists we adore and obsess over, it may be not getting to do what they want career-wise. If it’s hard for us fans, I can’t imagine how much harder it must be for them.

The problem with some of us (myself included) is that we tend to expect the worst everytime we see 😷 with our baby Laur. The thing is, she’s not a baby anymore. And to us all this may seem unnecessary, but we’re not in the industry so we don’t really know for certain. What’s certain though is that sometimes in life we must do things we don’t really like doing, for things we want to achieve.

Until then, EOMS and carry on.

A Part of My Family

“Lucy Dragneel….Lucy…Dragneel.” The pink haired man pondered as he rolled around the carpet of his beloved soon to be wife.

“Having fun there?” The a teasing voice spoke from within her kitchen, watching as her fiance played with the name.

Natsu sighed before finally letting out a frustrated groan.

He sat up then, twiddling with the golden band around his finger before looking up at his angel.

An angel that wore very baggy pink pajamas, fuzzy slippers, and an impressively tangled bed head. However, with that warm smile and those two cups of hot cocoa she held, all he saw was perfection.

Extending her arm to give him the cup, Natsu happily accepted.

“Not really.” He sighed, realizing the affect of his words as he saw Lucy retract from his hand.

“Are you…are you having second thoughts Natsu?” She said softly, eyes wide with panic and worry.

He sprang to his feet, enveloping his love before she could have time to think.

“Nonononononono goD no Luce-” he murmured out, showering her with kisses of reassurance.

She began smiling again before playfully pushing him away as she sat down on her couch.

“Good- I was just about to kick you out.” She winked before a taking a long sip of her chocolate.

Natsu sighed, taking his seat beside her as he pulled her legs atop of his.

Both now comfortable and content, she pressed on.

“So why aRE you mumbling Lucy Dragneel like some evil mantra.” She asked, poking him with her toe.

His eyes glanced at her foot, then slowly up her body did they finally meet her face.

Soft, sweet, and caring. Thats all he could think.

Her big brown eyes always followed his move, watching and thinking, with kind glances and heart wrenching stares. However, when she was angry or passionate, the brown would set a blaze into a fiery hazel that burned whoever challenged her.

Her lips were soft, and kissable, yet spewed nagging words and powerful messages to contrast it sweet facade.

Everything about her was so familiar, and when Natsu saw her, all he could ever think was home.

All he could ever think about was….mom.

“Nastu?” Her voice brought him back from his trance, and reminded him where he was, and where he would never be again.

“Sorry…it’s just…the name.” He spoke finally.

“Lucy Dragneel?” She said, almost as if she were testing it herself.

“Yeah. It doesn’t role off the tongue…and Heartfilia just suits you too well.” He said, thinking of how truthful her last name was to her as a person.

“Yeah….we’re a legacy…the Heartfilias. Best darn Celestial Wizards in the world~” She nudged.

“Exactly. It seems…wrong for you to not have that name.” He said, eyes wondering once more.“

The room was then filled with silence. Not an awkward silence, nor a comfortable one, but a concentrated silence. A silence where they were in deep thought, until-

“Natsu Heartfilia.” She said.

Natsu’s eyes widened, snapping his head toward Lucy.

“I kind of like it. It rolls nicely.” She shrugged, taking another sip from her hot coco.

Her eyes wandered over to the silent, and almost shocked Natsu, so she put her cup down in hopes to calm him.

She removed her feet from his lap and she leaned in closer. Carefully, she intertwined their fingers and nuzzled her head into his neck before speaking once more.

“I know you never really knew them…and that name may seem like the only thing you have left, but they will alway be here…no matter what name you have.” She said, placing her other hand over his heart.

He watched her with wonderment, with absolute adoration, and overall awe at how she was so much like her.

She giggled a little more, now toying with his scarf.

“It’s funny…this keeps you close to Igneel, and it keeps me close to Anna….” She said softly.

Without saying another word, Natsu slowly began unwrapping his scarf from his neck as Lucy watched with curiosity.

He gently wound it around Lucy, and with a quick tug, planted his lips against hers.

Lucy melted right away, feeling overwhelming warmth from her hot cocoa, her hot fiance, and the fire dragon scaled scarf. Over all, she was very very cozy.

She let out a dreamy sigh as he pulled away, yet still keeping his forehead planted to hers.

“I love you so much, Lucy Heartfilia.” He breathed softly.

“I love you too…” She paused, booping his nose before cracking a smile.

“Natsu Heartfilia”

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any outfit hcs for the tkf?

-Marvin looks like that one prick that tries too hard. Need I elaborate? Always wearing a button-up tucked into khakis. Or even when he “dresses down,” he’s always wearing khakis. He owns maybe one pair of not-khakis. All of it is khaki. KHAKI.

-Whizzer, on the other hand, would rather kill himself than wear khaki. He dresses for the aesthetic. You know, bomber jacket, Vans, owns way too much Adidas… he’s That Guy.

-Trina is the little sweetheart that wears t-shirts tucked into pretty skater skirts. Like 9/10 times, she’s wearing a skirt or a dress. She owns way too many pretty skirts for all occasions and loves them all. She also owns like one pair of white Converse that she wears with everything. She’s adorable.

-Mendel dresses like a fucking grandpa. Moving on.

-Charlotte wears old band shirts (or science pun shirts, there is no in between) and overalls with one button unfastened or a pair of ripped jeans. In the winter, she’ll wear way too many flannels and  “hey, someone in the group has to dress like a lesbian.”

-Cordelia is a wild card. She’s either wearing a dress and full makeup on a normal Thursday or wearing her pajamas to school. She never knows how much effort she’ll put into her outfit until about five minutes before she has to leave for school. She’s basically me,,, but cuter.

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Hello my dearest most wonderful friends! 

So, the absolute unthinkable happened. I reached 1k followers. 1k.. That’s a thousand people. A thousand and trust me when I say I have an incredibly hard time wrapping that around my head, because how that happened, I still don’t know. What I do know is how incredibly grateful I am for each and every single one of you. I truly do believe I have the kindest readers/friends on here. You all give me so much love and trust me when I say all that love is absolutely mutual! When I first started this blog, and I’m not kidding, I was hoping for, you know, maybe 10, max 20 people would read what I write and actually like it. But no, it turned out there was heck of a lot more who did and seriously, I cannot thank you enough for that. 

Thank you so incredibly much for all the love you give me and the fics I write. You inspire me and encourage me to keep writing! All the love and hugs to each and every single one of you!! 

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Ranking of all the Adele Varens

(1918) too much make up, doesn’t talk enough, probably doesn’t exist anymore 3/10

(1934) very happy and cute, but she’s too old and not french :/ 5/10

(1943)  THE BEST ADELE,, 2 CUTE, has a very good french accent (even tho the actress was american) overall a very adorable and wholesome adele 9/10

(1950) who? ?/10 

(1952) kinda cute, but looks eerily similar to the actress who plays Bertha (was she their daughter in this one? I cannot recall anything abt this version). 5/10 

(1957) her accent is really bad, but she’s pretty funny and cute considering how….weird this version is. 7/10

(1970) very cute and pure <3 is NOT in the movie enough. 8/10

(1973) some1 please take this girl to the dentist. pretty solid but she’s too old :/ 7/10

(1983) very cute and funny, a little too quiet tho (she was probably scared of Timothy Dalton lol). 7/10

(1996) very nosypretty sure she’s too old, had more development than any of them tho (I think). 6.5/10

(1997) pretty funny and upbeat. probably the most solid thing in this movie 7/10

(2006) WAAAY TOO OLD. But she makes up for it by being pretty hilarious and having pretty decent acting. 8/10

(2011) Trying her best. probably the best acted out of all of them. 8.5/10

Blackpink reaction: How they would act on the first date

anon asks: How will blackpink act on the first date? Thank you x


Jisoo is a confident person on the first date.She might surprise you with her 4D personality when you least expect it. Overall she very silly and adorable on the first date.

(Okay but how adorable is this gif??? Just me? :( Okay.)

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Most likely would be a mother? She would want to make sure you were okay and comfortable on the first date. Maybe a little shy on the first date but that will disappear soon after. Overall would be very caring and shy on the first date.

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Chae might get very shy but would try to be romantic nevertheless.She might pull your chair out, open the car door and other romantic gestures. She would be very shy with skinship just because she doesn’t want to make you uncomfortable and doesn’t want it to be awkward.

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Lisa would be a total oppa on the first date (Lisa Oppa???) She would want to make sure that you were comfortable. She might start to ramble about things because she was so nervous and would get shy after you would tell her about her rambling.

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MCL Boyfriend Headcanons: Their parents’ reactions to finding out they have a girlfriend and then inviting her to dinner

(I’ll kind of go back and forth between referring to you as candy and vice versa cause it’s just easier for me to write that way and also sorry that some boys are way shorter, I just had more ideas for certain boys. And also apologizing in advance for any typos, I typed this at 4:00 AM and I was too tired to at least skim through it xD)


  • I honestly don’t even think Nathaniel would mention you to his parents tbh. Not cause he doesn’t want to, he’s just not comfortable with them, and he wants to protect you from their judgmental ways. They would most likely found out from Amber, who brought it up over dinner. They wouldn’t pry about it too much at first, but after learning that it’s CANDY, oh man they’d be pissed. We’ve already seen his mom’s reaction to Candy plenty of times, and none of them were positive so yeah. But if none of that had happened they probably still wouldn’t like the idea in general, because they see it as a distraction.
  • It would take way longer for his parents to consider having you around at all. It would take some time but his mom would warm up to the idea first. She would eventually realize that she can’t hold a grudge against you for something she should have stopped years ago. She’d be a little hesitant about it, not knowing how to approach the subject but she’d basically say something like “Well, if she’s going to be around for a while then it’s necessary for me to get to know her…”
  • His dad honestly wouldn’t even care to meet you, like at all. I feel like he’s too stubborn to admit his wrongdoings and would be completely upset with his wife for bothering to do so. The dinner wouldn’t even be at their house cause of his dad, it’d be at Nathaniel’s apartment or maybe at a nice restaurant. Amber might even tag along if her mother bugged her enough about it. She’d still be her normal bitchy self though. (I like to think that with time Amber would warm up to you) Conversation would be a little awkward at first but as time goes by you’d flow into casual conversation. It would be overall pleasant. His mom may be a bit stuck up but you find out she’s actually a decent woman once you get on her good side. Nathaniel would have to initiate most of the conversation just cause both of you are too nervous to. He’d reassuringly hold your hand or place his hand on your thigh and give it a small squeeze. His mom notices and it kinda warms her heart.
  • Once you leave I feel like she would probably apologize to Nathaniel for the way she treated you and for everything that had happened up until then. She’s too proud to apologize directly to you but she means what she says. “She seems like a very nice girl, I’m happy for you.”


  • Castiel wouldn’t exactly come right out and say he has a girlfriend; he’d just kind of mention you here and there until his mom finally got the hint and pestered him with questions. “Are you dating??” “Why didn’t you tell me?” “How long has it been?” And this reaction is exactly why he didn’t want to tell her in the first place cause he didn’t want to deal with her nagging. His dad just kind of gives him a small smile and a pat on the back, saying “You should bring her over sometime.”
  • It would take a while for you to meet his parents since their jobs keep them so busy so it wouldn’t even happen till months later. And even then he would be a little nervous about it, because he thinks it’s super cheesy and he’s scared that his mom’s eagerness would scare you away. He’ll ask you but he wouldn’t make a huge deal about it, just kinda like “Hey you should come over for dinner this weekend.” Simple like that.
  • You’d never be able to tell but he’s secretly really excited for his mom to meet you because he knows she’ll love you. His mom never liked Deborah, she’s just really good at reading people from the start. He never understood why she disapproved of her at first, he was too stubborn to actually listen to her, but when he realized she was right, oh man did he feel so stupid. His mom’s opinion matters a lot to him now so he’s taking this more seriously than you think. The dinner would be at his house, his mom makes the entire meal by herself to impress you with her mad cooking skills. She freaking adores you the second you walk through the door and she instantly pulls you into a tight hug. She’ll pull you away, leaving Castiel and his dad alone while you two talk in the kitchen. She’ll ask how you guys met, when you started liking him, when you first kissed him, all of that. She doesn’t care, she wants all the details. The dinner overall is really nice, filled with laughing and his mom telling stories of baby Cas. His dad just has this gentle smile on his face as he watches the two of you interact, he’s just really happy to see his son with someone who actually seems like a decent person cause he probably didn’t like Deborah much either. Castiel is just really glad his parents like you and he’ll just kind of stare at you while you’re conversing with them, with a smirk on his face cause he’s super glad to have you.
  • When you leave, his mom will make him help her clean up and she’ll just flat out ask “So, have you guys had sex yet?” Like I said, she wants all the details and if Cas isn’t a virgin she’d probably already know anyway so it wouldn’t matter. Of course, she still lectures him about protection and such.


  • He would kind of let the news just flow out; it wouldn’t be a huge announcement or planned out or anything. It would come up in conversation, his mom would ask about the girl she forgot the name of and would mention to him how he seems to have taken a liking to her. He would smile and nod his head, a very subtle blush on his cheeks. “Yes, we’re actually dating now though.” His parents would be a little surprised, but also very happy for him and his mother would ask him a few questions about you. He would shyly tell them how lovely you are, and how he’d like to officially introduce you. His parents would be delighted to meet you as his girlfriend, instead of confusing you for Rosalya half the time.
  • You’d have dinner at his parents’ house because I doubt Leigh or Lysander can cook, at least not fabulously. His mother would be so sweet to you when she greets you at the door. Their house has a very warm and cozy feel to it and it’s very welcoming. His dad would give you a warm smile and shake your hand. The conversation would be really nice and they would immediately like you. His mom would mention how grateful she is to you for making her son so happy, cause he pretty much keeps to himself but it just seems like ever since you came into the picture he’s come out of his shell a lot more than usual, and they are really happy about that. They just want their precious baby to be happy, okay.

  • After that his mom would always be asking about you, especially if you hadn’t come around in a while. She really takes a liking to you, and even his dad will occasionally mention how he hasn’t seen you recently. They’re always telling him to bring you over more often and if he shows up without you his mom is like “Well where is Candy?” It’s so cute.


  • Armin’s mom can tell something is up way before he even mentions having a girlfriend so she’ll probably ask him about it before he even has the chance. “So, are you and that girl a thing now or what?” She’s pretty perceptive so you can’t hide anything from her tbh. Alexy probably would have spilled the beans sooner or later anyway. His dad is probably a little surprised that something other than video games caught his attention for once so he’s pretty curious about you too. “Bring her over sometime, kiddo.”
  • His parents are super cool and slightly amusing. His mom is constantly teasing/embarrassing him in some way, and his dad just kind of sits back and watches everything unfold, poking fun here and there. They make you feel like you’re a part of the family already, and there’s no awkwardness at all. From the very beginning you fit right in. His mom was definitely trying to analyze you at first but she definitely likes you after getting to know you. She seemed to be pretty blunt and straight forward so unlike Castiel’s mom she’ll just come right out and say it while you’re there: “Are you guys having sex?” It’s super embarrassing but she’s just trying to make sure her son isn’t gonna do anything stupid. If you are she probably already knows just from looking at you two.
  • After meeting you his mom is always inviting you over, sometimes without Armin even knowing. I could see her taking you out occasionally just cause she likes you s much. If you guys are still together in the future she’s definitely that cool mother-in-law who you go shopping and talk shit with because she’s just that awesome. His dad also likes you a lot and is always telling you “not to be a stranger” and come over.


  • Kentin probably mentioned you a lot to his parents before military school, and after he came back and began to like you again he talked about you a few times, letting himself get carried away. When he tells his dad, his dad is super proud of his son “becoming a man” and his mom smiles and kisses his cheek, saying her “baby is growing up.” He’s a shy about it and annoyed by his parents reactions but he’s happy to tell them nonetheless. He’s pretty proud of you.
  • When he invites you he’s kind of excited about it actually, because he knows his parents will love you and he feels it’s an important step in the relationship. His mom pulls you down for a hug and his dad gives you a firm handshake. They’re happy to finally be able to talk to the girl their son talks about nonstop. His dad doesn’t say much, maybe asking you if Kentin is acting like the gentleman he should be but other than the he really just sits back and observes. His mom is really happy for Kenny cause he finally got the girl of his dreams. She spoils you with desserts and basically won’t stop feeding you until you’re about to die. His parents love you and think you’re great.

  • His mom will occasionally call you to invite you over herself. I could see her being that mom who wants her son’s girlfriend to participate in everything. Family events, dinners, outings, heck even grocery shopping.