how adorable was she in her overalls

They did her so wrong. She didn’t deserve to get treated so badly by a show that she was on for 3 ½ seasons. There are cast members who were on there for 2 seasons and got more attention than her. The main reason is bc of the people in this fucking fandom and the irrelevant producers/writers of the show.
I honestly laugh every time I see someone trying to make up a reason as to why they hate her or her character. Arden is a down to earth, selfless, kind, talented, funny, and adorable person. She has made minor mistakes that aren’t conducive to her overall personality.
And Kira was a badass kitsune who’s storyline had so much potential. People literally hate on Kira only bc “she can never replace Allison” and “she’s so irrelevant”. Guess what–her character isn’t just around to be Scott’s arm candy. Her character is supposed to depict how much a person can grow in desperate times, how necessary it is to be selfless, and etc.
Furthermore, I appreciated stallison and scira. Both relationships demonstrated that a person can learn a lot from their significant other and grow. Stallison was infatuation at sight but both of them came to appreciate one another as a person. Scira was more of a slow-building relationship that went from being a little more than friends to romantic partners in crime.
I digress–most of her co-stars didn’t even bat an eye towards her while she was on the show and they still don’t. She was never appreciated and she never will be due to the ignorant attitudes of the writers, cast, and fandom. @Hollywood your ingrained, bigoted attitudes are still OH so transparent.

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I'm loving WA even more each episode. The conversation Iris had with Barry was wonderful. When she talked about how she thought The Flash was just some guy her boyfriend becomes and that she didn't get the Flash. But now she fully sees them as one. I never had doubt that she loves Barry as himself, but she may have had some trouble distinguishing between the two, like in 3x03 when she wanted a date with just "Barry" and not the Flash. Other people had this discussion and I thought it was sweet.

I really enjoying this season overall. It’s not perfect but particularly when compared to Season 2, I have no complaints!

And Westallen is ADORABLE. Iris’s talk reminded me of the kinds of things comics deal with on occasion. Like “[person] may be mine but [superhero identity] belongs to the world.” That would be something superheroes and those they love/who love them would have to deal with, so I love it when that’s acknowledged and addressed.


here’s lil toddler nari! i was really unsure about her look because everyone else is pretty maxis match and she’s not at all but i really like her a lot!!

intro to nari;
nari is a pudgy lil two year old (yes pudgy!! she obviously got it from yuuri) who is either throwing at tantrum or crying about not wanting to do something. she is independent but i guess she turned out to be fussy too?? she tends to favor otabek and yurio more than her actual parents and always gets really happy when they have to babysit. i would say she gets more attention than nieve but she is the baby of the family and she knows how to get what she wants! but overall she’s so adorable and i absolutely love her. (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

This weekend at therapy I was talking about being a mom, my son, dealing with my in-laws and my own mother. My therapist asked how my body felt and I said it felt great. In fact it feels stronger and I like it more. For the first time in my life I am proud of it.

It carried and made this little guy that I adore. It put me through hell. Pregnancy was not pleasant at all but I made it out alive.

As I was talking to her about that and just other things overall she said that she sees me evolving right in front of her and also said I seem more at peace than I ever have been. (I have been seeing her since 2010).

It’s weird but she is right. Most people seem to be stressed and talk about how hard the newborn phase is but it’s been easy on me. Things don’t stress me out as much I am more chill. Unless driving or at grocery store. I still have rage there lol.

Fuck all of the Juvia haters! I don’t give two shits about how anyone thinks she’s a weak/dumb/useless character because let me tell you something, Juvia has passion, she beautiful, and she can kick ass! Her love for gray is adorable, and being able to love someone so deeply is a beautiful thing! Sure it might get silly and clingy at times but overall it’s just beautiful to watch!

Go gruvia! ( and every other ship in fairy tail wether it be a popular ship, underrated ship, crack ship, ect)

I Want You To Stay

Marley had to admit, she was rather surprised when Ryder had asked Kitty to hang out. But even more so when Kitty had accepted. It was pretty cute though, to see Ryder want to make the effort to get closer to Kitty and Kitty’s pouty face was also pretty adorable. She wasn’t sure what the pair were going to get up to, but as long as they both came back in one piece Marley knew they’d have fun. Plus this gave her the chance to spend a day with her mom and talk to her about stuff she’d been thinking about lately, how things were going, and how her summer overall had been. It really sucked not having her mom around since she had been off school, but with being off school meant that her mom was also out of work until September, even though the new school year was already fast approaching, she wasn’t quite ready to go back yet, but at least it was only one more year. Plus, maybe part of Marley enjoyed the late nights and the privacy with Kitty when it came to having taken the next step in their relationship, but time with her mom was also always a must. With her over time and taking up extra shifts Millie had made a few bigger paychecks and after everything was budgeted, had enough left over to get Marley a few new clothes for school.

As the pair wandered around Walmart, looking over clothing Marley and Millie continued to work on the idea Marley had. About letting Kitty move in. It was a stretch and she knew that Kitty would fight her. But both Rose women had been working for weeks and weeks on a plan and how everything would work out. And Marley had already sorted out her future extra curriculars for the year, leaving her open to getting a job, which she had planned to do anyway. So it would work out, hopefully. As long as Kitty didn’t fight her too much on it.

Disappearing into one of the change rooms with a sweater Marley glanced over her reflection, tilting her head a little to the side before shaking her head a bit and changing back into her t-shirt. Stepping out of the change room she stopped as her gaze fell on a certain Cheerio talking to….her mom? Well, this wouldn’t be good.

“Hey Mom, this one wasn’t really a good fit,” she said once she had appeared. “Hello, Bree” she greeted, trying not to let her confusion come through in her voice. Once Millie had gone to look for other options for Marley to try on she glanced at the girl, about to ask what she wanted only to get cut off as Bree spoke first.

“Can’t fit into even these clothes? I guess their slogan should be get more, weigh less”

There it was. Rolling her eyes Marley shook her head.  “You’re hilarious. Really. I’m going now”

“Oh come on, you’d think being Kitty’s bitch would have given you more of a backbone”

She knew she should have kept walking, just ignore Bree and keep walking but she didn’t. Of course.

“You can’t honestly expect any of us to believe that joke you’ve both got going on.”

Taking a few deep breaths Marley’s mind tells her to just walk away, but she still doesn’t. Instead, turning back around to face Bree. 

“It’s not a joke and personally our relationship is none of your business””

“Relationship? Is that really what your gonna call it? Look Little Miss No Boobs. For those of us that actually know Kitty, she only cares about one thing and that’s staying on top. And no, doe eyes. Not on top of you. But I’m sure she does there too”

“You don’t even know Kitty, Bree. Just because you are both Cheerios doesn’t mean you know her like I do.”

“Is that so? Do you guys have real long heart to hearts while you dig through the Goodwill bins? We know her better than you think. When Coach Sue left why do you think Kitty suddenly stepped up? To be head cheerio. Wasn’t that around the same time she started being nice to you? And when the cheerios went away for that sectionals competition do you think Kitty talked about how much she loved her ‘new friend Marley’. Being the head cheerio is a huge deal of course but you know what can boost someone’s popularity higher than the flyers get tossed? A charity case. And oh look, here you are.”

Ignore it…Ignore her. Just breathe. Slowly flexing her fingers against her sides Marley shook her head. “You…Kitty loves me, Bree. And you’re just jealous because you’ll never be head cheerio as long as Kitty is at McKinley”

“She tell you she loves you after long walks on the beach? No wait. Lemme guess. She told you she loves you before swiping your vcard didnt she? That wasn’t in the initial plan but I’m sure she had to find new ways to keep you on your toes after you almost died when her other plans fell in place.”


“Wake up Sour Patch. Kitty doesn’t give one shit about you. You are all that is keeping her at the top of the social pyramid. So while you sing and dance and motivate the glee club like I am sure she tells you to. Or spam your Instagram and whine to your mom about how much you love Kitty. Maybe instead you should be thinking about the fact shes planning how to push you off the wagon again. Because every time you made some sort of lame ass recovery Kitty got the praise for it. Everyone knew about your idiocy the last time because Kitty told everyone. Why do you think that sign was up in the hallways? No one even remembered who you were but they sure as hell saw Kitty standing there soaking it all in. I’m just looking out for you, it was about time someone told you. I mean it really is pathetic how you follow her around. And yes, us Cheerios have heard everything about your ‘relationship’ so you might wanna start keeping your trap and your legs shut. before McKinley is rocked with a new scandal this year and your precious girlfriend is right there in the spotlight”

Before Marley could even come up with something to say her mom had returned and Bree, of course. Was quick to chime in once more. Did she ever stop talking?!

“Thats a wonderful clothing choice. It’ll really bring out your eyes Marsbar! Well I’ll leave you two to your trip. It was nice to see you Miss Rose! Looking forward to seeing you on the daily once school starts up.” 

After bidding them both goodbye Bree took off and Marley had to resist the urge to cry…or smack something.

“She seems nice, how come you haven’t mentioned her before? I didn’t know you were getting closer with the popular kids sweetheart”

As much as she wanted to take the shirt her mom had found and throw it on the ground after Bree’s comments Marley didn’t, instead taking it and making her way back to the change rooms. She hadn’t ever liked Bree and she was sure the girl was just messing with her, like bullies do. But some of the things she said were a little too accurate and she had to wonder if someone was somehow finding things out…and from who.

She knew it couldn’t be Ryder because well he was Ryder not to mention she didn’t tell him everything since she knew it could either hurt his feelings or was meant to stay between Kitty and Herself. But, besides Kitty, Ryder and Unique were the only ones Marley really talked to but it couldn’t be either of them…they’d never do that. She was fighting hard with the thought that maybe Bree was right but she trusted Kitty…she loved Kitty. And sure, sometimes Kitty was a little too focused on being popular but that wasn’t a big deal! Plus with all of her parents neglect it only made sense. There was no way Kitty would ever do something like that. Especially not now. Kitty from two years ago maybe could have thought of it, but not now…Kitty loved her. And she knew that. So as she stepped out of the change room to her moms instant aw’d reactions about how nice she really did look Marley’s mind was racing and she couldn’t even pinpoint what emotion she was feeling.


After returning home and thankfully talking her mom into getting her a different shirt Marley had made a quick lunch/dinner for herself and her mom before she moved up to her room. Sitting on her bed she scooted back until she was against the headboard, curling her knees up to her chest she sighed as she wrapped her arms around her legs. She knew that Bree was just…full of it. And she really didn’t want to be this girl, but she couldn’t help it as the longer she sat there the faster everything she had been holding in at Walmart came out. When Scout tried to comfort her Marley ended up just crying more, but she was thankful for Scout being there a few minutes later once she had stopped the tears and had Scout burried against her side as she sat with a copy of Peter Pan against her knees. It was probably her twentieth time reading it, but as she flipped the page and moved on to the next chapter, she wasn’t too torn up about reading a book twenty one times.

so, at least in the older versions of ant man cassie is a canon fan of star wars (see darth vader poster, what seems like a R2D2 toy)

(image not mine)

and since she’s still young now (forever annoyed that she’s fourteen again but that’s beside the point), and even ignoring that – just imagine her seeing the new star wars movie (in this case she would’ve seen the originals on dvd/vhs and not in theaters)

she adores rey because of course she does – she kicks butt, relies on herself first and foremost, and certainly reminds cassie of both herself and kate at least on some level

finn’s redemption story is so important, because it shows how even if you were placed under unfortunate circumstances (see: her own father), you can make a new life for yourself and help save the universe

poe is dreamy and amazing and just super rad (she needs more time to form thoughts on him, but overall she’s a super big fan of his)

she appreciates the diversity in the new trio because her closest friends (the young avengers) are a diverse bunch and seeing other friend groups that resemble that even in the smallest of ways is such a good

she turns to scott when the big surprise scene (that shall go unnamed) happens and just goes “why”, with tears falling down her face because father figures are so important to her. (and as much as she has an appreciation for villains on occasion, she decides then and there that she hates kylo because of what he did)

she totally asks for a BB-8 toy the second they leave the film because it’s the coolest new robot there ever was, and she’ll always like R2D2 but BB-8 is her new favorite.

Overall, I liked the episode. Between Twilight, Trixie, and Starlight, there was certainly a hell of a lot of adorable in it. Also, wow, quite a bit of drama too.

It was also awesome finally getting a chance to see Trixie talk like a normal pony for once–up until now she’s pretty much just used her stage-voice, which is a great aspect of her persona, but seeing her at a more low key state is interesting and new. Also Trixie <3

But something about how the whole episode wrapped up felt…odd though. Somehow wrong. And I can’t rationalize why. I don’t disagree with the resolution as a whole, just how it was executed, perhaps. Maybe it has to do with the frankly mildly disturbing implications of what Trixie was about to do near the end there. I’m not sure, yet–I’ll have to think it over. But it bugs me, and mars an otherwise very entertaining episode.