how adorable hes like no im not done hugging you get

Flowers for my sister

A/N: So when I was in Jr/Sr high they had fundraisers where for a dollar someone could buy you a rose & have it sent to on Valentine’s day. Throughout the day people would go into the classroom & pass out the flowers. They had notes on it with who it was from & whatever message they wanted. So I’m sitting here going “what fic should I write for Valentine’s day & this popped into my head.” Reader is Dean’s twin. The ending is kinda rushed but that’s because it’s bedtime but I wanted to post this on actual Valentine’s Day. Enjoy my loves.

Dean x Sister!Reader    Sam x Sister!Reader

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You nearly collapsed as you set your lunch tray down at the same table that Dean was already sitting at. Dean quirked an eyebrow at you, “What’s up with you?” He questioned. You ignored him by pretending to be very interested in the disgusting lunch that was in front of you. “Aye,” Dean said while kicking your leg under the table.

“What?” You hissed at him.

“What’s going on? Why are you all, moody?” He asked.

“Nothing. Just drop it, okay?” You replied before taking a bite out of the lunch the school provided for you.

“It’s not nothing if you’re acting like a-” Dean began but was interrupted by Sam rushing over to the table.

“Y/N are you okay?” Sam asked, out of breath from running, “I heard what happened and ran ove-”

“I’m fine Sam. Just drop it. Both of you. Okay?” You told them.

“Sam. Spill. Now.” Dean demanded.

“Sam, you open your mouth and you’re gonna regret it.” You replied.

Sam looked between you and Dean; you were both his older siblings, both of you were his heroes, normally he did what you asked, but this time he couldn’t.

“It’s Valentine’s day right? So these guys-” Sam started.

“Seriously Sam. Drop. It.” You hissed at him.

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can i PLEASE get some damien headcanons i love my hot goth daddy

LONG!!!!!!!!! POST
- right off the bat I’m gonna say that damien’s had top surgery?? if ur telling me that damien wears a long sleeve shirt, a dark colored vest, a cape, AND a binder u got me fucked up do you know how hot that is??? to be wearing all day????

- damien’s a kid at heart. wanna know why???????????? damien got the sads one day so he and dadsona built a huge pillow and blanket fort where they cuddled all day. all. day.

- when damien got his cloak he initially stitched secret pockets into it so he could do….. magic tricks. that’s right. but now he doesn’t really have time to practice any cool magic tricks so he just uses the pockets for practicality? like on that date where he whips out an entire picnic from his cloak? he’s very proud of his pockets

- his library is full of but not limited to: classic Victorian literature (a section he usually takes his guests to so he can impress them), the naruto fanfiction (dadsona only found it probably cause damien was just. ‘ohgodtheresthishotdadinmyhouseihopehelikesme’ and he got distracted), those popular teen books (harry potter, percy jackson, etc from when he tried to get lucien into reading), some more literature from his private collection (you know that book called Fangirl? yeah, basically that genre, but an entire section of it)

- damien likes going out to his garden and saying hello to his gargoyles. he named them ridiculous things (“how are you, Wilhelmina?” “such a fine eve, isn’t it, Kakashi?”) and whenever someone says something rude about his gargoyles he covers their ears (“oh Adelaide, don’t listen to them, you’re gorgeous”) and he love them cause they’re the closest thing in his house he can get to a dog

- one time lucien convinced him to wear fake vampire teeth to a cookout to scare Robert and when he opened his mouth robert kinda… was amazed? like he pulled on lucien’s teeth so he could see them better. then damien said “boo” and Robert screamed and fell on his ass and lucien got the whole thing on video. damien felt so bad afterwards. he made robert an ‘im sorry’ bouquet (robert kept it, it was the first time anyone gave him flowers)

- he has really high pitched hiccups and sneezes that are so adorable but he’s really embarrassed about it. whenever he starts hiccuping uncontrollably around dadsona, and dadsona just hugs him and tells him how cute he is, all damien can do to cope is bury his face in his hands and hope dadsona doesn’t see how red his face is. give this man the love he deserves

- damien!!!!! knows!!!!!! french!!!!!!! or at least he used to be fluent. he knows a few phrases and could probably get his way around France. he learned it when he was young cause he was obsessed with the language of love and… idk… if you speak to him in french he’ll blush… even if you say something simple like “yo dude the mac is done homie” in french it’ll still give him butterflies. bonus points if dadsona is french.

- damien takes scorching hot showers. you tried to join him one time but you ended up getting third degree burns. meanwhile damien is totally fine?? ? and he just stands there on the hottest setting?? like it’s nothing????? damien loves it??

Got7 Mafia Reaction: Them falling in love with an innocent civilian

||| @lucifer-octavius-bob asked: Could I please request a GOT7 mafia au reaction to them meeting/falling for a happy/innocent civilian ; v ; |||

Mark Tuan

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You worked at the gas station near his house where he would come every night to buy snacks. He remembered you since the first time he saw you as he thought that it’s quite dangerous for you to work night shift alone. You would always greet him politely and with a smile which eventually lead to Mark coming to the station more often. When he became a regular, he noticed how your eyes began sparkling whenever he talked to you, he actually felt the same way, but didn’t want to risk asking you out until you did it yourself.

“Look. I know this may sound weird but do you maybe want to go have coffee with me someday?”

Mark just laughed to that. There was no way he was declining this offer.

Jackson Wang

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He was waiting for information on his mission when you walked into the coffee shop. You looked around and turned to him. He followed you with his eyes as you began approaching him. He immediately tensed up and got his gun ready behind his back.

“I’m sorry, I seem to be lost, could you tell me where the nearest station is?”

Relieved that there was no threat he quickly put his gun away.

“I can actually take you there, I was about to go myself.”

“Really? Thank you so much” you said as a big smile spread on your face.

He didn’t want to admit if but he found you completely adorable deciding not to waist anymore time in case there was somebody tracking him he too you by the hand and pulled you outside. When he got you to the station he noticed how you were shivering so he took his jacket off and put it around your shoulders.

“You can keep it.” he said turning around to leave.

“Wait!” you shouted. “Could I perhaps meet you some other day to repay you?”

Jackson thought for a while. He knew that even as much as talking to you could put you in danger but he couldn’t resist your smile and agreed.

Choi Youngjae

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He was tracking you down for some information. One night when you got out of work he grabbed your hand, shut your mouth and dragged you into an alley. When he got a better look at you he realised that you’re not the person he need. He could feel your warm tears on his hand that was still on your mouth. He quickly let you out of his grasp but stopped when you were about to run away slamming his hand on the wall. 

“Great.” he thought. “You’re making her even more scared.”

He looked at you from the bottom up and couldn’t help but notice how you averted your eyes from his gaze. Youngjae sighed. He thought what to do with you and decided to let you go.

“Look, I got the wrong person, could you keep this meeting between us a secret?” he asked to which you quickly nodded and left.

He didn’t trust you and tracked you for a few more days soon realizing that he was actually doing it because he wanted to see you.

“How am I supposed to approach her after what happened?” he thought facepalming.

Park Jinyoung

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He found this whole situation kind of frustrating. You being his neighbour and living so close to him didn’t help either. You would always inquire how his day was and whenever he saw you, you had a bright smile on. You have seen him comeback all beaten up and would always ask him to let you help.

“Don’t touch me. I can take care of this myself.” Jinyoung said shutting the door in your face, immediately regretting for being so rude. He would always come up to you after a fee hours even if it was night to apologise because he couldn’t sleep without doing it. You were sleepy but still opened the door to see him standing there.

“Jinyoung? Is everything okay?”

He give you a quick, tight hug.

“I’m sorry.” he mumbled and went back to his apartment without further explanation. He was blushing like crazy after that. 

“It’s impossible to ignore a sweet person like her.” he thought.

Im Jaebum

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You were so immersed in reading something on your phone that you didn’t noticed and bumped into him. The hit was so strong that you lost your balance and your phone went flying. Jaebum having good reflexes caught both of you.

“Are you okay?”

He was still holding you above the ground and his face was just inches away. You could feel your cheeks starting to burn and was just amazed by his skill and stayed silent. Seeing as people stopped to watch what happened he pulled you to your feet to avoid attracting more attention.

“Be more careful next time.”

You quickly thanked him and went away before he could see how red you have become.

“She’s cute.” he thought, deciding to find out more about you.

Kim Yugyeom

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He met you at his first day at college. He was quite angry that day because the other members didn’t want him to attend as it could get dangerous if he was found out. You found his book in the library chased after him to give it back.

“Excuse me!” you said grabbing him by the arm but his reflexes kicked in and he slammed you in the nearby lockers.

“What?” he asked fiercely.

You were shocked by his sudden outburst and just pulled his book up to your face.

“I believe this belongs to you.”

“I, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-” he said letting go of you, unhappy that he let his emotions take over.

“No worries.” you answered, rubbing your head where it made impact with the locker. “But now, I guess you have to repay me somehow.”

“I guess I do.” Yugyeom laughed.


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You were drinking at the bar with your friends while he watched you from the opposite side. After a few more shots, your friends decided to hit the dance floor and left you by yourself. Thinking no more than a few seconds if he should risk taking this opportunity he approached you.

“Could I buy you a drink?”

“Go ahead.”

“You know if we start this, it could get dangerous.”

“Why? Are you in the mafia or something?” you laughed.

“Maybe I’m.” he smirked ordering the drinks.

A/N: I’m sorry but before I knew it these reactions turned into mini scenarios.😐🙈 I hope you enjoy either way, you can request again if you would like to see this done differently!! So anyhow feel free to request more scenarios, reactions etc, I keep up with a lot of groups, both male and female. 😄

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Why do you love Nolan so much? (Not hating btw, just curious bc he hasn't been in it that much)

Two reasons.

1 reason is this

He’s ADORABLE!. Froy is a lovely guy, my friend @socodychristian met him and he is such a sweetheart, all hugs and smiles.  Froy has also had mental health problems in the past and he has worked his way out of them, or has them under control (as I dont think it ever really leaves you) 

2nd reason is because he’s relateable to me. Nolan suffers multiple mental health problems and so do I, Froy confirmed it was social anxiety, paranoia and depression which is quite like what I have. He’s quite withdrawn and hasn’t really got much friends because he doesn’t know how to talk to people/is too shy to talk to people. This is me at Uni. 

 (Read the interview here

Thing is, Nolan could easy be me. If I were in Beacon Hills, chances are I would be in Monroe’s office quite alot, talking about the stuff that is causing me anxiety. (At Uni I have weekly meetings with my mental health adviser, who also helps me with other aspects at school, such as studying, even social issues, we even talked about how I could go to a cafe and get a coffee and sit and relax between classes, as I’ve never done that before going to uni…) if I had witnessed the beast in the library I would be in Monroe’s office 24/7 trying to work out if the things I had seen were real or not. Most of the times at Uni Im trying to work out with my mentor if people are talking about me all the time (I know they arent, but try telling my head that)

I posted this yesterday about Nolan and Monroe, it shows how she is sort of manipulating him by using his fear to her own agenda.

Nolan could be any of us. He’s just scared, he has problems and he is lonely. He sees this group of anti-supernatural as a good thing, because:

  • They are taking down the very thing that scares him so much. 
  • They are making him feel like he’s a part of something at last
  • He feels like he has friends, when really he’s surrounded by angry people who just want to kill (mostly) innocent teenagers. 

Hope this helps you understand :) 



Jaebum as your boyfriend

The way he looks at you.

Jaebum appreciates you in every way possible and adores everything about you. He sometimes looks still looks at you as if he couldn’t believe you’re really his.

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You supporting him.

You love Jaebum with all your being and support him him and GOT7 in every way possible, so you often accompany them to any music shows or concerts and hang out with them backstage or help here and there.

“Are you nervous?”

“You’re going soon! Good luck, baby!”

“How was the performance? Are you hungry?”

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You randomly filming him.


“Say hello to your fans, Jae!”

“Look at the camera, babe.”

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When you tease him.

You like teasing Jaebum, although it’s difficult to fluster him, because he usually keeps his cool.

But sometimes he gets flustered and embaressed when you tell GOT7 about the sweet things Jaebum has said to you or done for you, breaking his image of cool and chic.

“Yah! Why are you telling them that?”

“That’s not how I said it!”

“Aish, seriously Y/N!”

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Especially on snapchat.

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When he gets jealous or annoyed.

Talking or thinking about you to the fans or on broadcasts always brings a smile to Jaebums face, he loves seeing you happy and well.

Sometimes he gets a little overprotective and jealous though when one of the members chime in and talk about you affectionately as well.

“The other day Y/N and I went to the shops and-”

“She bought me a sweater! Y/N is really generous! And pretty too.”

“Yah, I was talking about her. She’s mine.”

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Teasing you at concerts when he sees you in the crowd.

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Even more teasing on TV broadcasts and talk shows.

“She likes it when I do this.”

“My girlfriend is an ahgase too, so she enjoys the fanservice just as much.”

“Y/N said I’m even more handsome when I do this.”

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When he does aegyo just for you.

You know just as everybody else, that Jaebum really doesn’t enjoy doing aegyo, since he believes he doesn’t have it. And even though he isn’t overbearingly clingy, he likes showing you small gestures of affection every know and then and turns shy when you praise his aegyo.

“Aww, Jaebum! You’re cute, babe.”

“Cute? I’m not cute. What are you talking about?” *chuckles*

“I don’t like aegyo, I’m not good at it.”

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You waking up to this sight in the morning.

Jaebum likes to hug you close when you share a bed or be the big spoon. His embrace makes you feel secure and you love snuggling up in his side, hearing his heartbeat and steady breathing - you always feel at complete ease.

You also love his groggy, deep morning voice.

“Hey, baby. How did you sleep?”

“I’m still sleepy, Y/N. Let’s just relax and stay in bed.”

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When he wants to go down on you.

“Y/N, babe, come here.”

"Get into my room.”

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boyfriend!kang daniel
  • im so soft fot kang daniel so bare with me
  • let’s say that ong is your brother and when he came back home from the first episode he was like “i met this guy and im pretty sure he’s my soulmate, you should meet him” and you’re like “uu oh m’kay”
  • so like day after you guys meet in like a themed cafe 
  • and you’re just in awe bc kang daniel is so freaking adorable it’s unbelievable 
  • he’s so tall, his shoulders are so broad, he have a gummy smile!!! he like cat’s so it 100 to 1000 real quick
  • and after that it’s harder to meet in this group bc they work really hard in produce 101 but if you have time you meet
  • and when meeting you and daniel starts to like each other more and it’s growing every time you guys meet
  • before the last ep you’re just texting with daniel and let’s just pretend that he have his phone ok
  • and you’re like “can’t believe that you’re gonna be center in this new boygroup” and he’s like “naah i’ pretty sure it’s gonna be jihoon”
  • so you guys made a bet :-)
  • so let’s say it’ the final of produce 101 and you’re backstage with your mom
  • when boa said “ong seongwoo” you’re loosing your shir bc youre annoying brother is finally debuting and you coudn’t be more happy
  • after the ranking all the trainess are coming backstage and you’re just huggig your brother, crying with him
  • then it’s your mom turn so you just stan there and look for daniel 
  • and you see him talking with his mom probaly and he looks at you
  • he’s coming to you and you’re just standing like an idiot smiling at him
  • “aHH god daniel, congrats” and you guys hugged bye.,,,,
  • then you guys just stand there and smile like an idots at each other…
  • and he’s like “you won the bet” and you’re like a bet? a bET! rIGHT “oh yeah, a bet, i should win something, shoudn’t i?”
  • “maybe a mcdonald after this is done?” !!!!!!!! kang daniel did you just!!! and you’re just nooding
  • and thats how you and kang daniel ate mcdonald at 4am in the park
  • after the date he takes you back to your home and hold your hand!!
  • and guess what
  • at the doorstep he gave you a forehead kiss bye,,,.
  • blah blah 1 month in and he’s asking you about be in relationship with him and he’s so nervous that he starts to talk in satoori :((( but youre like “oF COURSE” 
  • now le’ts get to dating this sweatheart
  • omg so he’s so shy that he need to ask you if he can kiss you :(((
  • like you guys just talking and daniel is so cute that you just have to kiss his cheek and he’ just so shocked and is blushing so hard
  • and he’s like “can i kiss you?”!!!!!!!!!!! “s-sure” and boom your first kiss
  • so where should i start
  • daniel is so so sooo supportive
  • wanna be a teacher? go for it! wanna have 50 cats? i will help you! wanna land on the moon! i’m gonna print a banner with your face and cheer on you!!!
  • this boy is so into you and he loves you so much
  • he’s soooo soft for you
  • he loves cuddling 
  • laying on your chest, stomach or lap is his favorite thing to do
  • loves to play with your hair and you have to remaind him that they gonna get greasy if his not gonna stop and he just pout :(
  • not a big fan of maching outfits but ring, shoes or maybe just a simple tshirt is cool
  • nothing like a shirt with “they’re mine ->” oh boy dont do it.
  • he’s really serious about this relationship
  • wanna move in with you as fast as he can and have a kids (cats)
  • you guys already have two cats 
  • but daniel wants you to have our own cat
  • so you just spend 3 days looking for on and having mental breakdown bc they all are so cute and you can’t pick
  • but finally you choose one and it’s your new baby!!
  • loves walking on the beach in busan and always makes jokes about train to busan when you’re about to visit his hometown
  • teaching you satoori
  • foreahead kisses
  • hand kisses!!
  • “i love you so mucha”
  • “what did you say?”
  • “i-i said something?? i mean i think i need to buy more cat food gonna be right back babe”
  • “daNIEL!”
  • “what?”
  • “i love you too”
  • and he’s just a blushing mess with gummy smile
  • sooo interested in your make up stuff
  • “your brushes are so fluffy D:”
  • “you have a bLUE LIPSTICK???”
  • don’t like to fight with you and is probably the one thats crying at the end 
  • is pretty open about his feeling and always say when he is not feeling well or he’s jealous
  • really emotional and cry often so you need to cuddle and comfort him :(
  • but is a good listener so you can tell him everything 
  • he will overreact so much when you hurt yourself
  • panicking more than you
  • put a cute plaster on your finger and then buy you chocolate bc he feel sad when you’re hurt
  • loves when you’re wearing his clothes
  • probably wrote a rap about you but is too shy to admit it
  • show you his dancing 
  • the rest of the wanna one are pretty much done with you guys and your pda but they are happy bc you make daniel happy :(
  • probably sings to you when you can’t fall asleep
  • panicking when you’re not beside him at night and is running around the house trying to find you but you’re just in toilet..
  • basically you guys are so cute and everyone loves you the end
Here’s what we’re gonna do

A/N: Reader is Dean’s twin. There will be a part two! 

Warnings: Teenage pregnancy

Word Count: 1558

John x Daughter!Reader   Dean x Sister!Reader  Sam x Sister!Reader

Originally posted by heytheredeann

You swear you could hear the blood rushing through your ears while you stared at the pink plus on the pregnancy test. This couldn’t be happening. You were supposed to just have a stomach bug, not be pregnant. You sat down on the edge of the motel bed, grateful for your decision to stay home today and that Sam and Dean were still at school.

Hours passed as you sat on the bed thinking about the situation you were in. What were you going to do? You were only seventeen years old. You couldn’t raise a kid in this life, hell you weren’t sure you’d be able to safely carry a baby in this life. What would Sam and Dean think? Hell, what was your dad going to say?

A sob ripped through you as it began to sink in just how screwed you were. You buried your face in your hands as you thought about it some more. How were you supposed to afford a doctor? How would you afford baby stuff?

Closing your eyes, you tried taking deep breaths you attempted to collect yourself. You needed to think of some sort of plan before Sam and Dean came home. Dean would be able to tell something was wrong the moment he looked at you, it was that weird twin connection the two of you shared.

The motel door unlocking and opening quickly grabbed your attention; it was too early for Sam and Dean to come home, which only meant one thing, dad was back early from a hunting trip.

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NCT 127 + Ten reaction to their crush hiding their face in their chest when they get shy/embarrassed


Anon: Hello! Your blog is really lovely! Could you, please, do a NCT 127+Ten reaction to their crush hiding their face in their chest when they get too shy/embarrassed? Have a great day, by the way!~

Thank you for requesting! This was literally so adorable to write omg shame it’ll never happen with me because im a tall person and taller than most of these guys i need like an 8ft guy to do this but thats another matter


Originally posted by nct127

He’d get so embarrassed and shy when you buried your head into his shirt. Almost immediately his cheeks would flare up and he’d start feeling very hot and awkward. Laughing quietly, he’d let you wrap your arms tightly around his waist and would lazily snake his arms around your frame. You might think he was already quite stiff and awkward as it is, but in his head, it’d be much worse. He wouldn’t be able to think and his heart would be racing, completely shocked by your adorableness and spontaneous skin ship.


Originally posted by withsuh

this gif has nothing to do with the actual reaction but he looks hot here 

Johnny was be so hyper whenever you did this. You were the type to never really initiate skin ship or like doing anything cute, so this would be a surprise for him. He’d literally start screaming and pick you up, twirling you around. You both would get super dizzy really quickly and he’d end up falling onto the sofa, your smaller frame on his. Laughter would escape your lips and he’d laugh along, staring at you quietly and wondering if it was possible for you to get any more cuter and precious.


Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

Gasping, Taeyong would lose his balance slightly stumbling back as you continued to keep your head buried in his chest. He wasn’t expecting you to do this so wouldn’t be prepared at all. He’d get over the shock quickly though, but his heart would continue to race and his palms would get slightly sweaty. Even after dating for months, you still managed to have this effect on Taeyong which made him nervous - just like when you first met. He’d lean down, his hands holding you warmly, and nuzzle is face into hair, enjoying the moment.


Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

holy fuck this gif omg

He’d immediately start smirking, his confidence rocketing, when you did this. He’d continue teasing you, glancing at the other members who were laughing along and cooing and your behaviour. Despite looking pretty calm, his heart would melt, his sensitive side coming out secretly. After a while, he’d stop teasing you and tell the others to shut up or leave (all whilst holding you as tight as you were holding him), wanting some alone time with you where he could basically gush about how cute you were and embarrass you some more.


Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh

He’d try to play it off cool, not allowing himself to be tricked by your cuteness and fall for it. Cracking another embarrassing joke or a dirty one, you’d groan, cheeks hot, and nuzzle your face further into his chest. You’d be lying if you said you weren’t trying to get a reaction out of him. He wouldn’t last long either, the initially cool-headed persona immediately falling and a more awkward and shy one taking over him. Giggling shyly, he’d wrap his arms around you and sway you side to side slowly, liking the skin contact.


Originally posted by sassyjungkooks

When you threw yourself at him, burying your face in his shirt, he’d be confused at first. But upon seeing ears slightly tinted pink and your groans of annoyance, he’d piece things together. Unlike the other members, he’d try to make it up to you by embarrassing himself and doing something stupid so you could forget what initially made your embarrassed in the first place. Although he loved the fact that you had hugged him like that, he’d still be a little worried that he had actually offended you so would try making it up to you.


Originally posted by nctinfo

Like Johnny, he’d get a little bit too happy that you had done this. He’d start squealing and cooing at you, his hands waving frantically in the air. His cheeks would be flushed bright red and to be honest, he’d now be just as embarrassed as you. Wanting to savour the moment and prevent you from leaving, he’d grab onto you tightly and smile into your hair. He probably would find everything you did cute but this would really be an adorable moment for him and his heart wouldn’t be able to handle it.


Originally posted by nctinfo

He’d be a mix of Taeyong and Doyoung. At first, he’d be a stuttering mess, trying to peel you off of him - and failing. But then he’d try to act as normal as possible, trying with all his might to ignore his racing heart and forehead snap with sweat. But, again, this would fail, and he’d wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off you. He’d bring you into a tighter embrace, not uttering a word out of an embarrassment, which would make you smile and hold him closer.


Originally posted by nct-marklee

Let’s be honest, Mark was probably not the reason as to why you were hiding your face in his chest. Another member probably Yuta or Jeno or Haechan were teasing the both of you, and you were hiding your face in his chest because you were embarrassed for him not yourself. You sometimes could get a little worried that you were a burden to Mark and not good enough and would secretly hate it if the other members teased your relationship. Mark would notice this very quickly, since he’s an observant kind of guy, and would also bury his face in your hair, whispering you sweet nothings and to ignore them.


Originally posted by donghyukslee

This little ray of sunshine would start stuttering, utterly embarrassed and shocked at you. At first, he wouldn’t understand why you were doing this and would continue to tease you and laugh. But once he felt your arms tighten even more around his waist and a slight dampness of your tears, he’d immediately stop and remove you from him. “Y/N? Are you okay? Was it me?” He’d ask you, his voiced laced with worry. It’d be a rare time where Haechan was being serious and sensitive, which would warm your heart. You’d explain to him how you were embarrassed and he’d apologise and I think out of all of the members, he’d be the one most apologetic for teasing you, despite his usual self.

Assassin!Harry (Part 1)

Harry is a trained, experienced assassin hired to kill Y/N but ends up, to his horror, starting to fall for her. 


He may be human, but he operates like a machine: identify target, plan, stalk, kill, collect cash, repeat. What one may consider sociopathic or psychopathic personality traits, Harry considers a blessing. After all, it is his lack of regard for human emotions and his own conscience that has made his career possible. The only proof he has that he is not, in fact, heartless is when he feels his pulse throbbing in his neck as he sprints between alleyways, hops fences, climbs walls, desperately trying to escape any chance of pursuit after the murder is done. Although pursuit is something with which Harry has become unfamiliar; he dealt with it in his career’s infancy, but as he has grown so have his skills. His eye for quick, accessible escape routes has grown keener, his aim tighter, and his remorse…well, nonexistent. He works alone, and he prefers it this way, but his work is so precise that many law enforcement officials cannot accept the possibility of the unidentified murderer being just a “murderer” instead of “murderers.” He’s lost track of how many kills he has made, yet, amazingly, he has yet to be caught or even identified. Nobody has ever suspected him of anything due to his brilliant planning, charming exterior, and cunning way with words; he comes off as a sweet, regular guy. All of this, coupled with the fact that he truly is heartless in the figurative sense of the word, makes Harry Styles the most successful, feared assassin on the planet. He never gets off track, never gets caught, and–most importantly–never misses. So, when he woke up and saw the folded yellow envelope lying on the floor under the windowsill of his first-floor, high-class apartment, it was just a normal day for Harry. He receives one to two requests every month, and as screwed up as it is, he can’t help but feel a rush of excitement whenever he wakes up to an envelope lying crisp and unopened on his tiled floor.

Harry picked up the folder, heavy with cash, and opened it to reveal 5 crisp stacks of 100 $100 bills each. Assassinations don’t come cheap, and Harry prioritizes the higher-paying customers. In other words, the sooner you want someone dead, the more money you should be willing to shell out. $50,000 isn’t much compared to most of his other offers, but because Harry wasn’t planning any other kills, he decided to go about prioritizing the operation. He flipped through the information, identifying the twenty year old college student that he was supposed to kill. He laid out the three included photographs of the girl and identified her address on a map. He read through her daily schedule, put together by the unnamed person who had hired him, and went about identifying the lowest-risk time to pursue and kill her. He ventured into the depths of his expansive closet, retrieving the black duffel bag that contained his gloves, his attire, his shoes, his ammunition, and his small, silver handgun as well as his perfectly sharpened steel knife. He never uses both the gun and the knife in one killing; he just likes the option. He grabbed the roll of heavy duty black tape from the bag and went about taping the bottoms of his shoes so that the patterns they would normally leave behind were masked. He put the bag by his front door and went about his day, eagerly anticipating nightfall.

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GOT7: their s/o steals their shirts

when I was dating my ex girlfriend, she practically lived in my closet. but she’s like, eight inches shorter than me so I could wear nothing of hers. the pain


Mark loves seeing you in his shirts, ok? Especially if they’re slightly big on you and soft and he can pull you into his arms and cuddle for hours. If it were a common occasion for you to show up for a date in a shirt he hadn’t even noticed had disappeared, he’d literally melt into a Mark-shaped puddle on the floor (ok, not literally, but you get me), smiling nonstop and hugging you until you’re about 87% sure his arms have left indentions in your ribs. He doesn’t care if you steal so many shirts that he’s only got two left- it’s worth it for the feeling he gets when he sees them draped over your shoulders. 

“You’re so cute, Y/N. I’m serious.” 


Jaebum is torn between thinking you’re adorable in his shirts and thinking you’re hot as fuck in his shirts. Either way, he loves it. Not only do you look absolutely brilliant in his shirts, but it’s pretty obvious that you’re taken, so others are less likely to flirt with you. And, of course, he loves showing you off and this is a perfect way to do that. He probably buys shirts, wears them twice, and then leaves them at your place, though, so that he still has a closet after you visit. You’d sometimes catch him staring at you when you’re wearing one of his shirts with a proud expression painted on his face

“You should wear my shirts more often. It’s hot.” 


Jinyoung won’t admit it very often, but he loves how you look in his shirts. That said, he’s not a huge fan of you stealing them. They are his shirts, after all. If you were just hanging out with him and stole a shirt to wear for that, though, he wouldn't be able to tear his eyes away from you. If you’re out in public in his shirt, he feels conflicted because on one hand, everyone knows you’re his and he loves that feeling, but on the other hand, he prefers these things to be done in private. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t think you look amazing, however, and he’ll probably compliment you at least once or twice, though he won’t do it more than that because he’s trying to convince you to stop stealing his clothes lmao

“You look amazing. Do you not have shirts of your own, though?” 


Proud af boyfriend. He thinks you’re drop-dead gorgeous no matter what you wear, but seeing you in one of his shirts is almost a religious experience for him. He would literally give you the shirt from off his back if it meant he got to see you in it, no joke. He wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off of you when you wore his shirts, by the way, so get ready for that. His arms will be around your waist, slung over your shoulder, tangled up in your hair, whatever- they’re going to be on you. Get ready to be shown off. You could have the flu and look like an absolute mess but he’s grabbing a random stranger and telling them to look at his beautiful s/o (but not too long, he aint about that) 

“Isn’t Y/N beautiful? Seriously, so sexy. My heart stops every day.” 


Youngjae thinks it’s hilarious how he never notices his shirts disappearing, yet you have such an extensive collection and how did you even manage this?? Impressive, really. He loves the way you look in his shirts, how they’re a little too big and the sleeves go past the length of your arms. He might get shy when he first sees you in one of his shirts in public because he thinks everyone knows that you got it from him and to him that’s such an intimate thing like !! ohmygod!! But he tells you that you look amazing about a million times, his signature smile coming out involuntarily. Probably can’t resist running the fabric through his fingers when you’re close to him because he’s in such awe of how good it looks on you and is it even real?

“Ah, Y/N. I don’t know what to say.”


Honestly, what did you expect from the king of memes? BamBam would have way too much fun with the fact that you loved stealing his shirts, purposely leaving the ugliest things he owns at your house and pretending to be upset when you didn’t wear them on dates with him. He’d probably spray a shirt with Pam’s Cooking Spray or some shit and give it to you to wear, no joke. On the flip side, he thinks you look hot as hell in his shirts and loves, loves, loves to see you wear them as long as you return them afterwards because he spent real money on those, ok? Also- he’d definitely take you shopping with the sole purpose of buying shirts for himself that you would steal later. 

“You look so sexy in my shirts. Probably because they’re mine.” 


Yugyeom would love seeing you in shirts because wow they look amazing on you and how are you so cute? It’s honestly not fair. That said, if you wore one of his shirts around the other members and they realized, he would die inside, blushing and hiding his face and giving them even more to tease him about tbh but hey he’s cute. Might take your hand and dash out of the room and down the street with you. Also might never let you near his members again for another year and a half. If it were just the two of you, though, he’d be the most smiley green bean on the planet, hugging you and holding your hand super tightly and gazing at you because he honestly can’t believe how great you look. Expect lots of forehead kisses

“I don’t know how to deal with how cute you are right now.” 

love, love, unrequited

title: love, love, unrequited

ship: peter parker (17 yo) x stark!reader

wc: 1.3k

a/n: hey! i’m writing a multichapter slow!burn jealous!peter fic and it’s sad but im like. planning on a part 2 but only if y’all want it! (ur name in his phone is bitchin)

tell me what u think!!!!

my previous imagine

Wednesday’s are the best, actually, Because the Stark Internship is an odd one, and he knows that meeting up at the Avengers building across the State line is a hell of a hard thing to do, but given that his friend begged him to take her father’s offer of being an avenger, how could he say no.

Okay, yes, you heard that right. Peter Parker is friends with the daughter of Tony Stark, and Peter the idiot, signed up to be an Avenger just because she’d begged him. He found it impossible to say no to her, but he still hasn’t told May, and he’s scared all the time of her finding out but-

But things are good. Things are good, and he’s happier than he’s been in years, everything having settled and the years passing with ease, Peter’s 17 and happy and making it work, He’s about to tell Aunt May and Ned’s still his best friend and-

And he’s totally in love with his other best friend.

It’s a total bullshit cliche, he’s so done with it because she’s not into him, isn’t and won’t be because she’s her and he’s him and he’s got nothing special about him when he’s not in a suit that shoots webs. He’s got just about nothing that could get someone like her interested in him. Besides, they’re friends and he’s happy with that.

He’s happy when he looks up at her and sees the sun and moon. He’s happy when she laughs at his stupid chemistry jokes and rests her head on his shoulder and his heart sings. Because really, all he’s ever wanted was someone who completed him. Even if he doesn’t complete her.

He’s afraid that it sounds like he’s not happy with her as it is. But it is enough, it’s awesome to be with her in any way. It’s the best part of his day when he gets to talk over her chem homework, (which she hates) and gets to make her feel better about the kind of thing that she’s not the best at (which he loves) and he really, truly loves doing.

Really, it’s probably just a crush. He’ll get over it. He will.

And this is what he’s thinking about when he’s walking to their tutoring session and she’s smiling so bright, so so bright, the kind of smile that’s more than like, a picture. Something that makes her laugh and smile that’s real, and he’s happy to see it.

He’s ignoring the bubbles in his chest at seeing her smile, because she is just so, so beautiful.

She’s so, so gorgeous, and it’s just a crush but he still feels his heart skip a beat when she smiles at him. He loves when she’s there and seeing her smile like that- it’s something he’s not used to. Tutoring is the best part of his day.

Until he sees the reason that she’s smiling, laughing like a goddamn vision of beauty- in this case, it is a guy.

A long-haired dimpled tall guy that looked strong and Peter really wanted to punch him. Which, like, totally isn’t fair. Because he could be a great guy for all Peter knew but his blood is boiling and more than that he can feel a sick bitterness in the back of his throat because she is the person he adores, she is the best part of his happy endings and he hates seeing someone take a happy ending even if he never deserved to have.

Just like that, he lost something he never had in the first place.

“Hey, who was that?” he says, popping down next to her on the couch, trying not to let his heart pop out of his chest when she greets him with a hug. Because she’s warm and lovely and smells like roses (is that a new perfume) and she gives the best hugs, warm and tight. He’s smiling when she pulls away.

“Hey! Just this guy my dad wants me to hang out with. He’s new to an internship and he wants me to be friends with people my age. Which is bull, because I have you!” she laughed and his stomach rolls in anxiety because she was made that happy and laughing by another guy and Peter is insecure about a hell of a lot of things, but the most is her going to someone else with her time.

“His name’s Sam. He’s really nice, told me a stupid Chemistry joke, fuckin nerd.” She laughed lightly and he’s trying really hard not to be stoic but he tells her stupid Chemistry jokes, and he’s the one who makes her laugh at corny shit. Him. Him.

“He sounds cool,” he hums.

“He seems it. You know I’m not quick to judge, but he seems really cool. I like his company.” she laughs again and he’s trying so hard to focus on the textbook but he can’t because her fingers are playing with the hem of his sleeve and she’s humming a love song and he’s a little overwhelmed by it.

“So, uh, you’re not gonna have him tutor you, right?” he blurts and he’s- fuck, he’s so stupid. He sounds like a jealous idiot and maybe you would because if Sam got an internship it probably wouldn’t be because he’s a Spider powered guy, it was probably because he was a genius.

“Nah,” she says, seemingly not reacting, “I need this nerd to teach me how chemistry works.”

“Okay, smarty pants, let’s actually do that.”

And he tries not to focus on how she’s so close, how sweet she smells and how in love with her.

He tries not to think about how he wants to fucking punch Sam.

The internship bit of this is really hard. Because when he’s working with Mr. Stark, and when the wiring for the suit is worked with, he can’t seem to get it right. Everything’s jumbled and going too quickly because of that stupid Sam, and he just wants to get this right, get the wiring so he can go home and watch Tv and not miss the space that she’d fill if she wasn’t with Sam.

And that is what he’s thinking about when he shocks himself with a loose wire.

It’s minor. He knows it’s minor. It’s a small burn and it hurts but normal he’d shake it off but today it’s the last thing he can deal with because all he can think about is how much it hurts and how much she hurts.

She’s far away and she’s probably laughing with Sam and he knows how she is with new kids at the Avengers buildings, knows how she’ll wrap him under her wing and Peter can see it.

He can see them starting as friends and making jokes about chemistry and her about literature and how she’s so lovely that he’ll ask her out and she’ll laugh her gorgeous laugh and he’ll be the one to taste it and he’ll be the one to kiss her and hold her and is he crying?

There are definitely tears. Fuck, fuck, fuck he’s crying in front of Mr. Stark over a stupid burn and he knows that he’s not exactly the best with feelings and he’s going to lose his internship, the over emotional fuck-

“Hey, Spiderling- you wanna go home? We can take a crack at this tomorrow. I’ll drive you home.”

Sometimes Peter forgets Tony’s a dad.

When he gets home, after he’s made himself a burrito of blankets, he sees a text.

bitchin: hey, my dad said he dropped you home today, you okay p?

bitchin: hey, p you’re worrying me. call when u can

bitchin: p, honey, you there?

He goes to bed as soon as he reads them.

Maybe he’ll fall asleep and he won’t be in love with her anymore.

He wakes up, and the sun still rises, and he, just as obviously, is in love with her.

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“Love.” Finn Wolfhard

Plot - Finn takes Y/N to paris

Paring - Finn Wolfhard x reader


“Hey, Y/N, I have a surprise for you.” Finn knocked on the door of my dressing room, opening it slightly. “Finn, not another one.” I rolled my eyes, despite the smile on my face. “Ooo you are looking snazzy.” I complimented, letting him into the dressing room. We were at Stranger Things 2 premiere, so obviously we were all dressed up. I was wearing a black romper that had flowers on the top part, and some simple black heels. “Why thank you, you aren’t looking too bad yourself.” He smiled, handing me an envelope. “Why are you always buying me shit?” I asked, taking the envelope and opening it. Inside was two plane tickets. “Pris?!! Oh my god Finn! You did not.” I jumped in awe. “I think I did, can you not see the tickets?” He joked. “You are an amazing boyfriend.” I told him, pulling him into a tight hug. “We leave tomorrow morning.” He mumbled, hugging me back. “Tomorrow?! Finn, I have to pack!” I worried. “It’s okay baby, your mom has already done most of it, there were a few things she didn’t know if you wanted or not.” He responded. “How long have you been planning this?” I asked, sitting on the couch. “A few months.” He responded. “You’re amazing.” I whispered, kissing him softly.

“Hey everyone!” I smiled, walking into the makeup and hair room, where Millie and Sadie were. “Hey! You seem exponentially happier than you were about 20 minutes ago.” Millie commented. “Well, Finn got me a present.” I smiled. “What is it this time?” Sadie asked, walking over to both of us. “Plane tickets… to PARIS!!” I shrieked, going into complete fangirl mode with the two. “You are so lucky oh my god!” Millie shrieked with me. “I want myself a Finn.” Sadie complained. “I got myself a Finn, and honestly I don’t even know how.” I blushed. “I do, You see, Finn saw you for the first time and he immediately fell in love and now he spoils you rotten.” Millie responded. “I wouldn’t necessarily call it ‘love’.” I stated, “But, I really really like him, like remember that time we went to the beach because we had a day off and Finn asked me to be his girlfriend? That was a great day, he was so sweet about it and we were both bushing like crazy. Or the time he took me to the ice cream parlor and we were laughing so hard I dropped my ice cream so he shared his. Or the time we were in that interview and they asked who our celebrity crush was and he answered me and then the crowd awed and shit, god that was cute but embarrassing.” I continued, not realizing I was rambling. I looked over to Millie and Sadie who had goofy grins on their faces. “What?” I asked confused. “Y/N You are so in love, it’s adorable.” Millie laughed. “And don’t say you aren’t because we all can see it on both of your guys faces when you talk to each other.” Sadie added.

“Okay, so if I am in love, what do I do?” I asked. A worried expression on my face. “Tell him.” They responded in unison. “When, that’s not something I can just go up to him and be like ‘Yo Finny, Im in love with you! Enjoy the new information.’” I responded. “You are literally going to Paris tomorrow.” Millie rolled her eyes. “Oh yeah.” I responded, laughing a bit.

“I’m so excited!” I beamed at the airport. Finn and I had already made our way through security and now we’re just waiting to board. His parents were coming with us but we got our own separate hotel room, and Finn bought me and him First Class tickets. “Hey, you okay?” I asked him, he looked nervous, and he wasn’t saying much, which normally he’s always talking. “Yeah, I was just….. Thinking.” He mumbled, looking at the ground. “About..?” I asked, worry lacing my words. “What would’ve happened if one of us never auditioned for season 1? What if the IT movie actually started filming the time it was supposed to and I couldn’t do Stranger Things? Wh-” I put my hand on his cheek, trying to calm him down a bit. “Finn, why are you thinking about all that?” I asked, looking into his eyes. “I just can’t picture my life without you and I’ve been worrying about you leaving me.” He mumbled, looking back down at the ground. “Finn, I don’t even want to think about what I’d be like without you. I definitely wouldn’t be as confident as I am now, I’m not going to break up with you and I don’t plan on that ever happening.” I responded, rubbing his back. “You mean so much to me.” He stated, looking back at me. I didn’t respond, instead I kissed his lips to show him how much he means to me.

“Finally!” I relaxed, falling onto the hotel bed. After 10 hours on a plane you get pretty bored. It was about 11pm in Paris but it would be about 2pm in California so neither of us were tired. “This is a very fancy hotel.” Finn commented, falling onto the bed next to me. “Do you want to go out and explore?” Finn asked, a cheeky grin on his face. “Of course I do! Its paris!” I smiled, jumping off the bed and heading towards the door.

“Wow this place is amazing.” Finn commented in awe of all the beautiful buildings. “Yeah, do you want to sit down?” I asked. We had made our way to a cute little park. We both layed down on the grass, looking up at the sky. “Wow, starts are so beautiful.” I commented. “These starts are nothing compared to the ones I’ve seen in your eyes.” Finn replied, looking over at me. I blushed and looked back at him.

“Y/N, I need to tell you something.” Finn stated, the smile disappearing from his face. “I’ve been wanting to tell you this for a while but I just didn’t know how and now we’re in Paris and I think it’d be a good time to let you know.” He rambled. “I think I’m falling in love with you.” He finished, looking into my eyes, worry covering his features. “Finn, I feel the same way, I think I’m in love with you too.” I half smiled, a bit unsure of what to do next. “Thank god.” He mumbled before pulling me into a tight embrace. I giggled at his sudden movements while hugging him back. He pulled away just enough to look into my eyes. I closed the gap between us, kissing his lips. It felt different, better. Usually when we kiss, it’s quick and sweet, but not this time. This time it was a long, and full of passion and love, something i’ve never felt before.

I think I like being in Love.



Treat You Better

Pairings: Darkiplier x Reader x Antisepticeye

Warnings: Language, hints of abuse.

Request: Hello dear, i totally enjoy your Darkiplier and Antisepticeye Stories! I have an idea, so listen: I would love it to read a fanfiction where Anti is like your best Friend. But Dark is totally in love with you (he cant recognize the feeling, and don't really know how to act right). Also Dark is lightly abusive to the reader.. and Anti wants to help our reader, but the fact is, Anti is bound to a contract with dark.. so he needs to break it. Anti should probably be still a psycho, but nicer.

Notes: Maybe a there will be part 2?? You let me know. :)

Originally posted by marielgum

You let out a sigh as you sit down, a book in hand to relax. It was a really long day and honestly you could pass out right here on the sofa  but you won’t. You promised a good friend of yours that you will be awake this time when he comes to visit.

So you read you book, probably not the best this to keep you awake, but that was okay. When the electricity starts to flicker, with a green tint to tem, a small smile lifts at your lips knowing just the meaning behind that. You didn’t have to wait long, and before you know it -


Is shouted into your ear followed by loud laughing from behind you. The laughter moves over the sofa, landing right next to you. In return you send him a glare that only made him laugh more, because coming from you, it didn’t look threatening at all.

More like an adorable kitten.

You roll you eyes with a smile as you get comfortable again. “What has my dear Anti done today?” This was said with some slight sarcasm, but Anti ignored it while sitting back and kicking his feet up on the coffee table.

“Tormented a few people, some errands here and there - the usual.” He shrugs his shoulders, because it was his usual thing to do. You smile, letting out a breathy laugh, you were used to this having been friends with him for so long.

Suddenly, Anti sits up. His eyes find your own before swiping down your body then back up. The sudden careful observing, catches you off guard and you squirm in your seat anxiously.  

His eyes darken, and his normal glitching becomes a bit more intense as he clenches his teeth. A light bulb in one of your lams shattering in the background. Anti let’s out a low hiss before yelling.

“That son of a bitch!”

At first you flinched at his sudden loudness, watching as he stood up, running a hand through his hair. Then it dawn on you why he was acting the way he was. You look down at yourself, more so at your arms, to see the fresh bruises on your upper arms.

The same place where Dark had grabbed you earlier in his temper.

Damn it. You forgot to cover them.

You scoot closer towards the edge of your seat, closing your book and placing it on the side of you as you watched Anti pace and glitch.

“Hey, It’s okay Anti I’m okay” You try and reassure him. “You know him and his temper, it’s been rather short lately too. Honestly I should know better -”

“It’s not your fault. That bastard… Nothing gives him the right to fucking touch you! Never! I swear I would fucking kill him of it wasn’t for the dumb ass -!!” Anti cuts himself short.

You tilt your head, wondering what it was that he was going to say that you couldn’t hear. You had a funny feeling that it was about why Anti has yet to try and murder Dark for the shit he does.

Anti, who finally took a deep breath to quiet down, looks over at you. Even when he lost his temper, sometimes he would see you shy away or flinch but you were never outright scared of him. That’s because he would never voluntarily hurt you.

He grits his teeth.

He wants to protect you.

He wants to fight for you.

Most of all, he wishes he could to love you the way he wants to.

Except, he can’t do any of that. Why? He was bound to a contract to none other than Dark himself. And Anti has no idea on how to break it.


You look at him, seeing Anti get on his knees before you. is large hands cradle your face, his thumbs caressing your cheeks. It was only then did you noticed that he was wiping away stray tears.

When did you start crying?

“Anti…?” You say his name in a whisper.

“Don’t worry, I’ll have a little talk with him. You’ll be fine.” e kissed your forehead, lingering there until he spoke again. Anti’s lips brushing against your skin, creating an odd feeling in the pit of your stomach.

You never felt that with Anti. He’s your best friend!

“One day - we’ll be free of him.”

And then, he was gone.

You were asleep when Dark decided to check in on you. He hated ow much he felt the need to make sure that you were okay. He hated ow much he liked seeing your bright smile. How he always wanted to make sure it was because of im.

Dark hated the vulnerable feeling he get’s with you, and how he has to hold his tongue to keep from telling the truth to you. He hated the tightness in his chest he got at yours and Anti’s relationship.

It was this hatred that made his temper so sort. Especially around you.

Dark, wit his hands clasped behind his back, stroll up to the side of your bed. You were sleeping on your left, hugging a pillow - i was a cute sight. His dark eyes fell on the visible bruises on your upper right arm, along with some fading ones from where he had gripped you too tightly. 

He himself was sporting a similar mark on his jaw. Anti paid him a visit, words were said, and Anti was punched. 

Dark moved a hand from his back, then left a feather light touch down your cheek. He didn’t like that he was hurting you, it was never his intentions. It just happens. 

“What are you dong to me, Y/N?” He whispered before retracting his hand and leaving. 

You open your eyes, looking at the spot Dark was just standing. Your hands clench the pillow you’re hugging, remembering Dark’s soft touch. Without even having to hear an apology, you had already forgave him the moment it happen. 

What are you doing to im? More like, what are they doing to you?

Stockholm Syndrome

Originally posted by grabiajulia

The one where Y/N is an ordinary girl who just auditioned for fun, when she was actually chosen out of a group of models to be the love interest in One Direction’s music video for ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ by Harry Styles himself.


The building that held the audition was frightening.

 It was freezing and there were a number of girls there that looked like super models, with they’re long, smooth legs and high heels, along with short skirts, and don’t forget the crop tops that revealed their tanned stomach’s.

God, don’t they ever have a candy bar?

Y/N thought while sitting across from one of them. The model was looking down at her phone with her gelled, pink finger nails. Her make up was on point and her high light was so bright, it could blind a person with 20/20 vision, Y/N presumed.

Y/N didn’t look like these girls at all. No, she wasn’t a model, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t happy with her appearance. She was wearing a black tank top along with some ripped white skinny jeans, that stopped just before her ankle. Her shoes were her common ‘go to’ black flats that were worn out, yes, but she couldn’t give them up.

Her hair was an ombre color, with brown and blonde mixed in, and it was in her favorite style, down, falling over her shoulders, long enough to cover the middle of her breasts.

The whole reason as to why Y/N even wanted to audition for this was not because of her love for the band, no, this is what Y/N wanted to do, she wanted to act.

It had been a dream of her’s since she was little. She would sit at home for hours at a time in front of her television, watching as many movies as she could. Then she would reenact them for hours and have a blast.

So when she heard that One Direction was holding auditions for one of her favorite songs, she figured this was her shot.

“Y/N?” Y/N’s head shot up quickly and looked toward the direction of the voice. It was a woman with blonde hair and a clear complexion. She was smiling with a clipboard in her hand and the other holding the door open that closed automatically if you let go of it.

“Yeah!” Y/N said quick, before bending down to grab her belongings that were sitting by her feet. “Right this way.” the blonde haired woman said as Y/N approached closer to her, walking through the doorway and into the bright, white room that held huge long mirrors hanging horizontally on the wall to her right.

 “So the boys are going to see what you can do, okay?” “Wait, what?” Y/N’s eyes grew wide.

What the fuck? Y/N thought to herself while the lady was re-explaining herself to her. Y/N didn’t know the boys would be here! She figured it would be someone from their management team holding the auditions.

Now she was REALLY nervous.

She tried to hold herself together as the lady was still explaining everything to her. She felt as if the breakfast sandwich she had earlier this morning was going to soon meet her again, face to face, if she didn’t get out of this audition quick.

“They’re going to talk to you, ask you your name, get to know you a little bit and then play the song, to see how you react to it.” this lady was speaking very sweetly and calmly, but Y/N was surely going to throw up, either that or faint.

“Go right ahead.” were her last words to her, before Y/N was mindlessly walking further into the wide room. Her body froze once she first got sight of all the boys sitting at a folded up table, just a few feet away from the mirrors that were on the wall.

They looked even better in person. Y/N stared with slightly widened eyes as she witnessed them in action. Niall was laughing while pinching Liam’s arm, Liam was smiling and telling him to stop, while Zayn was laughing about something that Louis had told him softly and Harry- Harry was staring at Y/N.

He seemed to be the only one who noticed she was in the room with them. She smiled at him, Harry was always her favorite, she loved all the boys, of course, but she always found herself staring at Harry the most, just like he was staring at her now.

He had a brown hat on top of his head, it looked like the same one from the album cover of four, and a black button-up shirt that was exposing his tattooed swallows that were on his collar bone. His long, curly hair just barely above his shoulders, he looked breath-taking.

“Hello.” he spoke out and shortly after, the rest of the boys stopped goofing off and looked in Y/N’s direction. Her heart was beating so fast, she was sure at least one of the boys could hear it. “Hi.” Y/N let out softly, with her hands behind her back, fingers intertwined, she didn’t know exactly what to do with them.

“Hey love, wha’s yo’ name?” Louis called out to her as she smiled, “Y/N,” she saw as some of the boy’s eyebrows raised in an impressed way, as if though they weren’t expecting her name to be that. Then there was Harry, who was smiling widely at her before saying the word, “beautiful.”

Now she was sure her heart could be heard. Her cheeks were slightly turning pink from Harry’s comment about the name her father gave her. With her bottom lip tucked underneath her teeth, she stared back at the boys and mouthed Harry thank you, before Niall opened his open and began speaking.

“Where’r yah from, Y/N?” they were all quiet now, unlike earlier, before they realized she was in the same room as them, all eyes on her. She didn’t know who’s face to look at, so she just chose to look at each of them a little as she spoke.

“Here. Born and raised.” They all nodded and gave small remarks on it before Harry spoke up again, “how old are yah?” “twenty-one.” they all gave shocked looks, she didn’t look it, but maybe that was because she just turned twenty-one a week ago.

“Wow, you don’t look it,” Harry remarked with wide eyes still on her, while the others spoke in agreement toward him, “no?” Y/N teased with a scrunched nose, narrowed eyebrows and a shake of her head, something Harry found adorable.

“Nah.” he was staring dreamily at her now, this girl was the only one in this audition to actually catch his eye. Harry was honestly tired of seeing models in the videos, he wanted a normal girl who was humble and most relatable toward their fans. 

He had seen on Twitter a few months ago, fans replying to their past video that had a super model in it. They were saying things like, “I could never look like her.” or “she’s so skinny, I need to lose weight now.” it was really upsetting Harry to see the fans think that the boys were actually into girls like that.

“Okay, show us wha yah got.” Harry had heard Zayn say, causing him to break out of his daze. “Okay,” Y/N said nervously, as Liam was reaching for the boom box before Harry spoke up, “No.” Everyone froze and looked at him, they looked as if Harry had three heads, except Niall, he was smiling like an idiot in his direction.

“Wha?” Louis asked Harry as he was staring at Y/N, who looked just as confused as the boys. “I- I said no. I like her, she’s hired.” he spoke in his deep, raspy British voice while staring at Y/N with a smile curved on his lips. She was smiling widely now, her eyes widening too, and Harry couldn’t help but think that he truly made the right choice with her as the love interest. He would barely have to act.

“H- Hold on, Y/N.” Zayn spoke before they all got up and pushed Harry into a spare room that looked like a closet. Once the door shut behind Niall, who was the last person to follow, they all stared at Harry with crossed arms.

“Wha are ya doin, lad?” Louis asked him sternly, “we haven’t even seen her dance.” “well, maybe she won’t have to!” Harry spoke up in a frustrated voice, “Hell! We can’t even dance!” they all looked at Harry and then slowly nodded in agreement, remembering horrible flashbacks from the X-Factor.

“Don’t ya see? She perfect fo’ this.” Harry was looking at all of them now as they were all listening closely to what he had to say. “The song is about a fan kidnapping us and us falling in love with her, she looks very similar, if not older, to our fans.” they were looking at Harry and agreeing as he spoke more.

“If we put a damn super model in the video, it would just look off pudding, you have to admit.” they all nodded in agreement to his words, “I agree,” Niall stated, stepping closer toward Harry, “I say we go with her.” Liam nodded, “Yah, no mo’ auditions.” “She’s the one.” Zayn said and Harry couldn’t agree more.

Once they all stepped out of the spare room, Y/N had been waiting for about five minutes, still standing in the same spot she started at, just feet away from the folded table that they all re-sat down at. “Alrigh’,” Louis spoke before any of the other boys did, Y/N’s heart was beating out of her chest, did she get this or not?

What could they possibly have talked about for such a short amount of time? She was so nervous, they probably were going to drop her and go with one of the super models that one of the boys reminded Harry of, “we’ve all come to the conclusion that we really like yah,” Y/N’s eyes were widening, along with her lips at this point, “and we would be honored if ya would work with us in this video.”

A rush of happiness hit Y/N in the face like a semi, “yes, yes- yes!” she squealed as they all clapped and laughed while she ran up to each of them and shook their hands properly. When it came to Harry, he shook her hand and then pulled her in for a tight hug, rubbing her back slowly while swaying her back and forth and then whispering, “I can’t wait.”


Y/N had to admit, she felt much more relaxed around the boys after a few days of shooting, especially around Harry.

It had been day two of shoot and they already got a few verses of the song done. Y/N had been having a blast filming with the boys and honestly didn’t even feel as if she were acting. 


maybe she was. She couldn’t really see herself tying the boys up in the basement of her house while spoon feeding them and practically forcing them to contribute with her in the video.

They all would have laughs in between takes, talking about the last scene they filmed and how crazy it would be if they were really in that situation. Harry found himself laughing with Y/N more instead of the boys.

He loved being around her, hearing her giggle and watching as she would slightly blush after doing a take that involved her to get a little closer toward Harry than normal. This made him blush as well.

“Alright! We’re gonna do another scene now.” the director of the video spoke out loud over the laughter and talking between Y/N and the boys. Causing them to all look over in his direction, Y/N next to Harry once he got their full attention. He continued, “Y/N, for this scene, I want you to tie Harry to ‘your bed’.” 

Her eyes nearly jumped out of her sockets, “ooohh.” all the boys said with a rawr of laughter shortly afterward. Y/N looked over at Harry who was smirking at the director, silently thanking him. “Yeah, yeah. You’re going to straddle him as well, while doing so, then maybe slowly lean down to his face while he sings the lyrics to you.”

“Hey, is this the music video fo’ Stockholm Syndrome? Or are we all surprisingly on the set of the next Fifty Shades of Gray movie?” a wave of laughter filled the room from Louis’ comment, leaving Y/N and Harry visibly blushing. She was wondering if he would be comfortable shooting a scene like that, practically the start of a kinky porno, and he thought the same thing with her.

“Wait, I don’ know if Y/N would be comfortable shootin’ a scene like tha’,-” Harry started, but was soon cut off by Y/N, “I’ll be fine,” he shifted his head away from the direction of the director to Y/N with narrowed eyebrows, “let’s do it.”

With that, Y/N was straddling Harry on a king size bed while tying his wrists above his head to the bed frame. As she leaned over him, he could smell her perfume, it was sensational, it smelt like tropical fruits from a beautiful island, almost as beautiful as her.

He had only been wishing he were wear a cup right now, to hide his boner if he would possibly get one during this scene, which he knew he probably would. Once she finished tying him up, she stared at him and smiled with her hands on her thighs, waiting for the director to cue the music and yell, “action.”

They stared into each other’s eyes for a while, Harry couldn’t imagine being more happier than he was right now. If the director or the boys weren’t watching, he would most-likely be showing his kinky side by now.

She was so breath-taking, it was almost unbearable, he felt as if he were being tortured by being tied up and now having access to Y/N’s body. Not being able to have his hands roam her slim hips while he pulled in her in toward his face, just inches from his lips, right before he would press them onto hers, moaning softly into it as he opened his mouth slightly, taking her bottom lip between his teeth and hearing her whimper to him.

“Woah,” Y/N spoke as she felt the member between her thighs that she was sitting on grow in Harry’s pants. Harry blinked his daydream away before looking down at his crotch and groaning in embarrassment / pleasure with his eyes shut tight and his head leaned back against the head board.

“We haven’t even started yet, Harry.” “Shhh.” he told her quietly, trying hard to not have the director hear them, “I’m sorry- just bare with me.” he told her after looking at the boys and he director and seeing that they weren’t paying any attention to them.

“Don’t move too much, please.” he demanded to her in a soft tone that nearly sent a shiver down her spine. She couldn’t believe she was having this much impact on Harry, just from sitting on him- well, more like straddling him. She nodded and bit her lip lightly, only imagining what he would do to her if the director and the boys weren’t here. The thought slightly made her wet.

“ALRIGHT! CUE MUSIC!” the director yelled and nearly made Y/N jump out of her skin, causing her to shift her thighs slightly upward, having her hands fall on top of Harry’s chest. His eyes grew wide as he felt pleasure from Y/N’s shock movement, which allowed a groan to escape his lips.

Fuck,” he closed his eyes tight, “I’m sorry- he scared me.” Harry nodded, realizing that he had been a little louder than normal when he was asking to cue the music. “‘s alrigh’, just don’t continue.” he spoke softly to her with a chuckle escaping his lips after.

As much as he deeply wanted her to continue, he knew it’d be best if she didn’t. He didn’t know how the boys would react to him coming in his pants. He figured it would be something that should be saved for another time with Y/N. If there was going to be another time.

Once the music was playing, Y/N was doing exactly what the director was telling her to do, plus more. He had told her he wanted her to lean down to his face while Harry looked into her eyes, singing the lyrics with a shocked expression on his face. Harry really didn’t have to act for this scene at all. In fact he was hardly acting at all with Y/N.

During the scene, as Harry lip-synced to her, she would lightly kissed down his jaw, to make the scene more enjoyable and relatable to fans. Harry closed his eyes as he kept singing to her and then would slightly more his head to the side as she kissed further down his jaw to his neck.

His cock was pulsating at this point and Y/N was very damp too, the sexual tension was so thick between them that you could cut it with a knife. Oh, what he would give if he weren’t in a room with a camera and four boys.

“Alright, cut!” those words nearly saved Harry’s and Y/N’s life. If they were to continue any further, Y/N was sure she was going to forget all about the other people in the room and kiss her way down to the hem of his pants.

“Hey,” Harry was nearly panting to her, she shifted her head from the director’s direction, to his face with a smile, “yeah?” a smile formed at his lips now, “wha’ are yah doin’ afta this?” Y/N couldn’t help but blush at his words, he wanted to hang out with her, and she wanted that too, always has.

“Nothing, why?” she watched as his face brightened a bit from her response, “was wonderin’ if maybe you’d wanna go get coffee or somethin’,” he shrugged, with his hands still tied over his head, “spend a little alone time with yah.”

Y/N couldn’t help but nod in agreement with a smile painted on her lips, “I’d like that very much.”

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hello, i love your writing style! can i request a joshua, mingyu and seungkwan neighbour au? thank you!!


  • prettiest balcony in the entire apartment complex. like he has it covered in plants that he takes care of really well and then there are pretty little glass decorations that hang outside the door and every morning you pass by it and you can see him watering them and he looks like he has his own little garden up there 
  • is one of the only tenants who actually knows how to recycle correctly
  • helps the elderly carry groceries to and from the elevators and doesn’t mind it when you ask him to hold the door while you get the mail
  • is really just a pleasant and considerate person, everyone in the building loves him
  • you finally get to meet him in the neighborhood library where you two end up reaching for the same copy of a book
  • and joshua gets a bit shy when your fingers brush and he says that you can take the book, he’ll just wait till you return it
  • but you tell him that you’ll bring it to his door when you’re done 
  • and joshua is actually like right! we’re neighbors and you’re like yes! i hope it isn’t weird if i stop by to give the book to you?? and he’s like oh no no it’s fine
  • and about a week later you keep your promise and knock on his door and joshua opens it and you think he’s just going to take the book and say goodbye but he welcomes you inside
  • and it is so clean and simple, he lives really humbly but the one thing you notice is the acoustic guitar prettily displayed in the corner and the huge bookshelf crammed with books
  • and you sit down, a little awkward while joshua trips over himself trying to prepare tea
  • and he asks if the book was any good and you rant a little about your open, stopping to apologize for babbling but he shakes his head and is like ‘it’s nice to meet someone so passionate about reading!!’
  • and somehow your talk extends even longer as you share your current favorite books and authors and the tea cups are empty that he brought out and joshua tells you that you’re free to come and visit him if you want to talk about books again!!
  • and you get up but before you go, you shyly ask if you can go out on his balcony because you’ve always admired his plants from far away and joshua practically lights up like new years eve and nods
  • and he tells you the different names he gave the plants and you’re like gigging because gosh he’s cute
  • and you’re like ‘it’d be nice if i could start my own little garden too!’ and joshua stutters a bit but he’s like ‘i- i can help you!!’ and you’re like omg really
  • and you clap your hands together and you’re like i would love love love that and you don’t see it but joshua bites back his lip because wow you look adorable all excited like that 
  • and it’s cute neither you nor joshua wants you to leave but you have to and joshua even offers to walk you to your door but you’re like oh im just down the hall and it’s cute you two wave at each other
  • and once you’re in your respective apartments you’re like oh,,,,,no why can’t my heart calm down,,,,(because you both find each other charming hehehe)


  • is always in trouble with the other tenants because of his dog who keeps shedding all over the building and has a tendency to bark early in the morning
  • and mingyu’s whole apartment is covered in white hairs from his pup and he doesn’t even have a dog bed he just lets the dog sleep with him
  • is that person who has an ‘i love my dog’ sticker on their door
  • you know it’s his apartment when you see the garbage outside the door which is always only two things: high quality dog food bags and instant ramen. it is really obvious what mingyu’s priorities are when it comes to what he eats and what his dog eats
  • surprisingly though, his place is clean but all the furniture doesn’t match because he buys it second hand at thrift stores LOL
  • when mingyu is away, you pet set his dog and his dog like loves you to death 
  • to the point where when mingyu comes back from his trips the pup won’t even go running to him - he’ll stay asleep in your lap
  • and when tenants try to pick fights with mingyu over the dogs barking or the fact that it is a bit big and scary to younger children
  • you always stick up for him because the dog is really sweet and mingyu does his best to look after it so it doesn’t bother anyone and it never has
  • and mingyu will joke that you’re the dogs other parent
  • but one day, the dog goes missing and mingyu shows up at your door frantic and disheveled and you know he’s going to lose his mind so you quickly go out with him to try and find the dog
  • and you know that there’s a park the dog really likes so you guys go there and look through every bush and every play ground until finally you find him
  • sitting near a swing set and both you and mingyu run toward him and mingyu hugs him squeezing his face into the fur and you gently scold the pup for running away but you pet his head because you’re glad he’s ok
  • and mingyu checks his watch and you guys had actually spent like 4 hours outside looking for him and he’s like ‘let me get you dinner to repay  you’
  • but you’re like oh it’s fine, anyway i know all you do is eat instant ramen so LOL
  • but suddenly mingyu takes your hand and he’s like ‘i get paid at the end of the week, seriously let me take you out for an actual dinner’ and you’re like jokingly like on a date?
  • and mingyu blushes but the dog barks suddenly almost as if to be like ‘yes’ and mingyu’s like sHH and then turns to you and he’s like 
  • ‘it,,,,COULD BE A date,,,,’
  • and you giggle and you’re like ‘aw is this puppy love?’
  • and mingyu is like really a pun, right now, of all times???
  • but you just laugh and lean up to kiss his nose like ‘ok - ill go on a date with you but-’
  • and mingyu’s like but????
  • you grin and point to his dog like ‘he comes too.’


  • his apartment always smells soooooooo good 
  • and every time you walk by your mouth waters because what in the world is he cooking in there??
  • seungkwan has an affinity for wooden furniture because it reminds him of back home on jeju and he has a ton of his family photos hanging up on the wall on like those cute yarn threads 
  • his kitchen is his most beloved space because he spends the most time there and sometimes when he sings in the morning 
  • and you pass by the window that faces out of his kitchen
  • you hear the gentle melody of his voice and it is really pretty and you always assume that whoever seungkwan is living with must be so lucky to have someone good at cooking and singing
  • but then you learn that he’s actually living alone because you end up over at his place when he catches you outside and asks if you can do him a favor
  • the favor is that he’s made this really big portion of soup that he needs to put into small containers to bring over to an homeless shelter he works at
  • and you’re the first person he saw and he tells you that, like his mother, he has this great perception of people and he always knew you were a nice person 
  • so he knew you would help him out
  • and you’re kind of like thank you??? because that is a compliment ??? right????
  • and you really like his apartment because somehow it feels cozy, like a home even though you don’t live there
  • and seungkwan is really talkative and funny and when you ask why he’s working so hard for the shelter he tells you that he knows that it is really hard to make it nowadays - even talent won’t get you places and he wants to support those people through their toughest moments
  • and once all the soup is sorted seungkwan tells you that he can take it over himself he’ll just have to make a couple of trips
  • so you volunteer to help him out by carrying half the bags and seungkwan  tries to insist that you don’t 
  • but you’re already stacking the bowls and you’re like ‘c’mon, we can’t keep the hungry people waiting!’ 
  • and seungkwan smiles to himself as he sees you working hard just to help him out and he tells himself that aha- his perception was on point - you are incredibly kind
  • and you’re like ‘huh what did you say??’ and seungkwan is like OH NOthing,,,,,,
  • when you get to the shelter the chef of the kitchen there thanks you and seungkwan over and over but seungkwan keeps telling her that it is nothing and then when the chef turns to you she’s like
  • ‘take care of seungkwan, he’s such a great catch you don’t want to lose him~’
  • and you’re like OH YOU THINK WE’RE DATING and she winks like ‘of course you two are, you look great together!’
  • and you and seungkwan are like what we’re just neighbors!!!! but she’s like oh you kids, don’t by shy about it~ 
  • and you and seungkwan are turning cherry red as the rest of the kitchen is giggling over how cute you two are
  • and before  you know it seungkwan takes your hand is like we should go before they tease us even worse
  • and you two bow before leaving and as you’re walking back to your building seungkwan is still holding your hand
  • and you ,,,,,,,you know ,,,,,you don’t say anything you just grip it a little tighter hehehe
Dear Evan Hansen: August 1st

The Theater: -My seats were amazing. Third row. I was about a yard away from the base of the stage it was amazing -the theater was so small and intimate. i thought it would be much bigger, but it really made it feel like a personal experience -the actors went all the way downstage a lot and i SWEAR ben could’ve spit on me thats how close he was -Being up close was so amazing because you could see every single detail. I saw his shoes, his pill box, i saw certain facial expressions that i feel like were subtle and you wouldn’t be able to see them from far back About the show: -evan playing with things- his tie, the bed, his shoe lace, pulling at his shirt -he. actually. fuckinf cries. like. you could see tears streaming down his face its not fake. -will is SO FUCKING GOOD -olivia is amazing. shes not as desperate as kristolyn, but she definitely shows more sadness and emotion -garret is WOW. she doesnt act quite as sad as jennifer, but her voice is amazing. she is incredibly talented and so sweet. -mlb is great. i love mike faist so im very biased, but i thought that michael was really good. he wasn’t as good at playing mean as mike is, though. he played more emo and sad as opposed to mike, who is aggressive and shows much more depth. but he is such an amazing singer im shook -laura is possibly the most beautiful person to ever exist. seeing her close-up was amazing and you could really see all the emotion she puts into that role. she was simply amazing. Her voice is incredibly and wOW HER BELTING WOWWOWOOWOW -she def cried during requiem -evan & zoes kiss after YWBF was so cute because they were all messy and eager bc neither of them knew what to do -jARED SAID KINKY -Will is so fucking handsome wow i love that man. his voice is so fucking amazing. he is a bit loud, i wish they turned his mic down a little during certain songs (disappear & sincerely me) so that you could hear the other parts more, but he is so incredibly talented wow -ok so we all know that larry cries during YWBF, but he legit had a full breakdown it was amazing to see first-hand -Ben. Shakes. like wow. i shake when im anxious (aka 24/7) and it was completely realistic and honestly the way he depicts mental illness is so accurate and truly art -larry is still an ass but when act two comes he is SUCH A LOVEABLE ASS. he is a much better character live because you see how much emotion he actually has -zoes hair during act one is so cute. it looks a bit like pig tails even tho it isnt, but its adorable -I. cannot. stress. this. enough. Ben Platt deserves everything. he has my ENTIRE heart. he is so talented in everything he does. He cries almost the whole show and i mean CRIES. real tears. real emotion. He is incredible. Like. i dont have words for how amazing he was. His voice was perfect throughout which IDK HOW IS POSSIBLE BC I CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME SING WHILE CRYING SOOO. he is such a good actor and his fast talks were SO CUTE WOW -rachael was. fuck. wow. I’ve always had a bit of trouble understanding her acting choices during act one, but they worked well live. and once act two came around, she was outstanding. After So Big/ So Small, the entire audience. the. entire. audience. was crying. seriously there was not a dry eye in the house The Set/Choreography: -the forest set is so amazingly beautiful like. wow. -seeing the band up above is sO COOL WOW -Everything about it was absolutely beautiful. -i read something about this the other day and i couldnt stop thinking about it. During Waving Through A Window, everyone is turned away from Evan, they don’t see him. But during You Will Be Found, they are all with him. He is one with them. He is finally seen. It was so cool to see that contrast live. -the environment was so well done. you would think that since the background is either screens or just blackness, it would feel a bit empty and cold. but the set pieces (evans bed, connors bed, the couch, the dinner table, etc) were so well done and it really pulled things together. -Michaels knee movements aren’t as good as Mikes 🙊 Stagedoor: -People who came out: Michael (Park), Olivia, Garrett, Laura, Michael (lb) -Colton came out first but he left right away bc he wasn’t in the performance rip i lov him -first Michael Park came out and I told him I loved him and he was like “wow don’t you want to get to know me first?” and he signed my book and we joked a lil and he is such a nice guy -then Olivia came out and she signed and I told her how fucking amazing she was and she was so happy and blushy it was adorable. -Garrett came outside and she was so sweet. She looks so cute with her glasses and her hair up wow i love her. I told her that she is an amazing singer and she thanked me and wow what a gal -mlb came out and he was so sweet. I told him that he did so well and that i’m really happy for him for playing all the roles. I told him how great his singing is and he was so sweet to everyone we had a lil convo -last. but. DEFINITELY NOT FUCKING LEAST. Laura. Fucking. Dreyfuss. The living breathing human angel. She got over to me and I handed her the letters that I wanted to give to the cast (everyone was giving them to her bc she is a trustworthy gal). she got a lot of gifts (including more trix) bc she is so loved wow. OK OK BUT. I thanked her for speaking up for the trans community the other day and she was so happy and smiley and she rlly cared abt what i had to say AND SHE HUGGED ME. LIKE SHE WASNT HUGGING ANYONE ELSE. AND I DIDNT ASK HER TO HUG ME. SHE JUST DID AND WOW IT WAS. FUCK. WOW. All in all, that was definitely the best thing i have ever witnessed and i cried a fuck ton and it changed my life.

anonymous asked:

Hy! Could i get rfa+v, saeran reacting to na mc who gives disgustingly sweet nicknames? Like really cringe-worthy ones? Tnx :*


  • “Good job, BooBear!”
  • If you asked Zen what he expected to hear when he saw you after his show, that was probably the last thing he would have said
  • After a few seconds to process what you said, he responded
  • “Thanks, buttercup!


  • “Yoosungie~!”
  • “I’m in the middle of something.”
  • He didn’t even bother looking up from his computer
  • You pouted, “C’mon, I wanna spend time with my cuddlebug!!”
  • Yoosung’s character suddenly stopped moving and he burried his head in his hands


  • Jaehee was desperately trying to get all the work Mr. Han assigned to him done, and you kept trying to get her attention so she could take a break
  • After countless failed attempts, you knew it was time to pull out the big guns
  • “Hey, Boo Boo Kitty~”
  • She has never been more affronted in her life
  • I mean, that was the most adorable thing she has ever heard
  • But did you have to bring cats into this?


  • He had a tough day at work, and he was finding it hard to de-stress
  • And what’s even worse, Elizabeth 3rd was napping on her bed, and no matter how upset Jumin was, he couldn’t bring himself to wake her up
  • So it was up to you
  • You came up behind him on the couch and rested your chin on his head
  • “Are you okay, Tootsie Wootsie?”
  • He lets out a chuckle
  • You won’t be able to get much of a reaction out of him, but he might start calling you pet names
  • Most of them related to cats


  • With how often he snacks, it’s inevitable that he’s going to leave quite the mess
  • esp when vandy’s not around
  • It’s only natural to get annoyed
  • So when you step on the second half eaten bag of chips of the day, you nearly explode
  • “How can you eat so many Honey Butter chips?! God! I should start calling you Honey bunny chips!
  • Seven stares at you for a good ten seconds
  • Then he bursts out laughing
  • But now, he refuses to answer to anything other than that
  • Congratz


  • Y’all are the most disgustingly cheesy couple in the entire world
  • Not a day goes by without you coming up with a new pet name for each other
  • Ofc, you have your favorites
  • Shnookums, being the number one
  • Everytime you call him that, he just becomes a smiley dork and hugs you for like five minutes


  • Saeran pouts all the time
  • Like it’s just a thing he does
  • Hungry? pouty. Tired? pouty. Angry? guess what - he’s pouting
  • So that led you to the pet name of “Cutie Pou-tootie”
  • like pou pronounced like pouty u get it
  • And he absolutely despises it
  • No, not because he’s a little emo shit and hates emotions and affection of any kind
  • No, it’s because it makes him blush. Hard.
  • God help him if you ever pull that shit in public

(Wrote this for a friend when she was feeling down… I hope this helps!)


Starting out;
- You two met at school and quickly became good friends,
- At first, y'all would only hang out to discuss school and to help each other with homework,
- You and Donghyuck would sit under a tree off to the side of the school, with your school books littered around and piled on your laps,
- Donghyuck would love this time because of how close you two were,
- Even with all the other noisy students around the school grounds,
- Donghyuck would only hear you,
- And he would always stutter whenever you’d talk to him or ask him a question,
- His friends would tease you,
- One of them would always walk by when you two were sitting at your tree and quietly snicker while Donghyuck shot them a threatening glare,
- You would walk pass Donghyuck locker to get to yours in the morning and see Donghyuck surrounded by his friends,
- You wouldn’t be bothered by this, he always seems so happy with his friends around,
- But you couldn’t help but feel a tiny bit of jealousy as you realized they get more of him,
- But hey, you two are just friends, why should you be jealous?
- As soon as his friends would see you, they’d begin nudging Donghyuck and excitingly whisper because “the love of his life is here”
- Only they weren’t really whispering and you heard every word,
- You couldn’t help but stare at Donghyuck while his friends pointed at you, pushing him in your direction
- You closed your locker, shoving your books into your bag as you walked over to Donghyuck and his friends, who quietly rushed off while SQUEALING after seeing you coming over,
- You tapped Donghyuck on the shoulder, seeing as he hadn’t seen you yet because his face was buried in his locker,
- Literally, he was slouching down with his face buried at the back of his locker,
- “Donghyuck, can I speak to you?”
- He jumped, quickly turning around to face you with a nervous glint in his eyes,
- he swallowed hard,
- staring into your eyes,
- “Yeah, of course?”
- You grabbed his hand, not noticing as his whole face flushed red,
- You led him to your tree, sitting down as he sat down next to you,
- “What’s up, (Y/N)?”
- You decided to be blunt because you don’t give a sheet and I also have to get the story going
- “Do you like me?”
- Haechan choked,
- His eyes fiLLeD WITH T E A R S
- no just kidding
- “What?”
- “Do you like me? I heard your friends talking about us.”
- Donghyuck was terrified.
- His hands shook.
- His heart pounded in his ears
- His blush practically burned his face
- He swallowed hard again, opening his mouth a couple times to speak but he didn’t know what to say,
- Until you gave him a concerned look, then he came up with something.
- “(Y/N), you are the most lovely and beautiful person I’ve ever met.”
- He was talking in such a soft and quiet voice,
- You almost didn’t need him
- “So do you like me?”
- You kinda just stayed put and stared at Donghyuck
- Waiting
- “Yes. Very much.”
- He then asked you on a date and you said yes and you two fell in love and blab blah blah
- Anyways
- Next category

- Always gentle
- Isn’t afraid to kiss you in public
- Thinks it’s funny to kiss you in front of his friends and watch as they fake gag
- He’ll always ask if he can kiss you on the lips
- It’s a very rare occasion when he’s confident enough to just kiss you out of no where
- Sometimes he’ll just randomly peck you on your cheek
- Or spontaneously pick up your hand and kiss it
- He likes it when you kiss his forehead, although he acts like he hates it
- Forehead kisses makes him feel all giddy and turns him into mush
- Whenever you kiss his forehead or cheek he just feels so loved.
- After you kiss him he’ll look at your lips,
- He ADORES your lips
- They’re just so perfect and cute
- Doesn’t matter if your lips are plump or not, or if they’re a weird color or smth ??
- They’re perfect to Donghyuck.
- Will also compliment your lips;
- “Can I kiss you? Your lips look really nice today.”
- “Im wearing lipstick, You want some too?”
- Likes to hold hands while kissing.
- Will take your hands into his and slowly lean down and place a gentle kiss on your nose,
- Eskimo kisses annoy him
- But he’s addicted to them
- Whenever you two are next to each other, he’ll nudge your cheek with his finger, and as soon as you look to him he’ll grab your face and Eskimo kiss you,
- But then will be a brat about it
- “Ew no, get away from me.”
- “You’re the one who initiated the kiss Hyuck.”
- “You disgust me…”
- Also butterfly kisses
- You like to randomly walk up beside him and plant a butterfly kiss on his cheek and see as he gets all blushy
- ANYWAYS, kisses on the lips are ever special
- They don’t happen a lot, mainly because you two are still very awkward + nervous
- Grabs your chin between his thumb and index finger or cups your cheek as he ghosts his lips against yours
- He’ll hum in embarrassment, closing his eyes as he gets closer to you,
- Likes to make the moment extra dramatic and lay his forehead against yours
- (Forehead touches AKA the thing that is in all my writings…)
- You’ll rub his arms or sides if he takes to long to kiss you, knowing he’s nervous
- Eventually you’ll just take hold of his shirt collar and softly kiss him yourself
- After a kiss on the lips he’ll tell you how beautiful you are
- “You know you’re beautiful right (Y/N)?”
- “You are so gorgeous (Y/N).”
- He’ll pinch your cheeks,
- “Cute.”
- he simply loves kissing you,
- N E X T

Skinship; + nct dream chaperones;
- back hugs are his favorite because then you can’t see his blush
- Is the kinda person to rub your back as he hugs you
- Also like to place his head onto yours
- He’ll randomly come over and put his arm around your shoulders if he’s feeling jealous
- Which
- Speaking of
- Mainly because he loves you SO MUCH and he doesn’t ever wanna lose you
- Just likes to be close to you
- He’ll always somehow be near you
- His friends always chaperone you two
- Jisung will come and stand In between you guys if you’re t o o close,
- “Adult supervision.”
- “I am older than you Jisung.”
- “A D U L T S U P E R V I S I O N.”
- You two are pure children of the lord so cuddling and hugs is all you’re ever gonna do until marriage ok,
- Chenle will drag you away if Haechan is too close
- “(Y/N)! Pay attention to me too!!”
- Renjun will tackle Haechan if Haechan is too close
- “I’m lonely Hyuck.”
- “Get off me Renjun.”
- Jeno will scream and distract you if Haechan is too close
- Mark just puts his arm in between you two and acts like he’s not doing anything.
- “You see nothing.”
- Jaemin always has something to show Haechan when he’s too close, and then as soon as Haechan is far enough away from you he’ll just walk away,
- “See this wall? Okay bye.”
- Donghyuck loves his friends but they’re annoying chaperones,
- whenever you’re tired, Donghyuck is always there
- He’ll gently take you into his arms and rub your back
- Will rub his cheek against your neck or nuzzle you with his nose
- Will let you lay your head unto his chest or shoulder
- He will become extremely paranoid though if you fall asleep on him because
- Would probably wake you up and make you lay down to rest properly
- Will get you a thousand blankets or jackets and won’t let you go until you’re warm enough
- Also loves to hold your hands
- If they’re smaller than his; adorable
- If they’re bigger than his; adorable
- Will put his arm around your waist but his friends slap his arm away so it doesn’t last for long
- If you tell Donghyuck that you’re uncomfortable or stiff, he’ll be there in 0.8 seconds,
- Is super gentle with his massages,
- He doesn’t wanna hurt you or make it worst
- Although after the massage he also demands one from you
- And you happily do it because he also takes the time to massage you and he’s extremely warm
- So he’s nice to massage and to cuddle
- k next

- Donghyuck trust you with everything,
- You listen to everything he has to say,
- Donghyuck trust you enough to open up to you
- You two have a keyword for when you just need to take a break and be alone with each other,
- The keyword is strawberry,
- Because Haechan is a strawberry,
- Sometimes when you’re having a bad time, and you just need to get away from everything, you’ll go up to Haechan and say,
- “I’m really craving some strawberry…”
- Donghyuck will take you outside or into a separate room to make sure you’re okay,
- You will do the same for Haechan,
- If you see that he’s about to break, or that he’s uncomfortable or isn’t happy, you’ll ask
- “Hyuck, can you help me cut up these strawberries?”
- (Nct dream is confused every time you disappear for strawberries)
- You’ll place your hand onto Donghyuck’s back and lead him to a secluded place and then make sure he’s also okay,
- You both let each other vent,
- You two know everything about each other,
- If Haechan is feeling insecure today, you’ll tell him everything you love about him,
- You’ll hug him after he’s done venting, and tell him your opinion, because you know he trusts your judgment,
- If you’re ever feeling insecure, Donghyuck will sit you down and cover you with a blanket, and then tell you that you don’t need to be insecure about your height or weight, or anything,
- Because you are so beautiful in so many ways,
- You trust each other enough to cry in front of each other or to show emotional vulnerability,
- You will both take care of each other if you cry or are feeling sad,
- You’ll ask each other what you can do, and then do everything in your power to cheer each other up or to help the other out,
- You’ll make each other hot drinks if your throats are sore after crying,
- You’ll spend the day with each other if one of you is feeling sad just to make sure the other knows you’re there for them,
- You’ll comfort each other, and let yourselves be vulnerable around the other,
- You’ll cuddle, and won’t let each other go,
- Sometimes you’ll make little gifts to cheer the other up,
- You’ll share cute little memories to make the other laugh,
- You’ll stay inside all day and watch each other’s favorite movies, and just be with each other all day,
- Sometimes If Donghyuck is sad, you’ll invite the other dreamies over to cheer him up and to have a little movie party.
- Sometimes if you’re sad, Donghyuck will get you a bouquet of your favorite flowers, and make you you’re favorite food,
- You’ll pig out on each other’s favorite candies or snacks and just be with each other
- You’ll make sure each other is okay, and remind them how much you love them,
- You two trust each other with everything, because you love each other truly, and you’re each other’s best friends,
- Ok the end buhbye

Tom Holland - Four Simple Steps Part 2

this took me long and i have so many great ideas for this series that i know you guys will love!!!!!!! 

Part 1

shout out to @seoparker and @nycspidey for both editing this you guys are lovely!!!!!!!

requests are open:))

Originally posted by tomshollandss

i rolled over as my phone began to vibrate and harry’s face appeared on screen. i let out a sigh, looking over at the clock. it was seven o'clock, class started in about an hour or so. i grabbed my phone, answering with an exasperated sigh.

“hello” i said grumpily, shifting my body so my feet touched my floor. a shiver ran through me when my feet made contact with the cold wood.

“good morning darling” a voice that was definitely not harry’s rung through the phone. i let out a groan knowing who this was.

“tom what the hell do you want?” i grabbed a blanket wrapping it around my shoulders. i could hear him laugh, a sweet,
boyish laugh that sent a giddy feeling to my insides.

“well sleeping beauty, i’m asking you out for breakfast, be ready in ten minutes” tom didn’t even let me answer, the line went dead and i let myself fall back on my twin bed.

after a minute or two, i got up, putting my long y/h/c hair in a ponytail. i put on my white button down shirt and navy blue tie, as well as the navy blue school skirt. i rolled it up as an afterthought, since everyone does it. finally, i put on the white knee-high socks and black flats.

the school uniform wasn’t uncomfortable, but it’s a pain in the ass shaving my legs every three days. i was able to put on some mascara, then my phone buzzed.

unknown number:


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Tiny Sides 4/4 (Tiny Virgil)

A/N: Ahhhhhh this took me forever and im so sorry my life has been insane but I’m really proud of this so i hope you all like it. again all credit for this idea too @tinysidestrashcaptain


While it had been adorable seeing the other sides as children he didn’t want to become one himself. Virgil refused to go on any adventures with Roman, no matter how much he liked playing the snarky villain. The thing that terrified him most was that they didn’t know what happened to Patton. He could avoid dragon witches all he wanted but the fact of the matter was that he could still randomly turn into a child and it terrifies him.

So, when Virgil wakes up swimming in his hoodie he lets out the loudest scream he ever has. Suddenly he can’t breathe and his hands are buried in his hair. His entire body is shaking as he sobs, screams, and cries. He can’t breathe. God why can’t he breathe? He’s dying that has to be it he’s dying and god he doesn’t want to die. Its scarier than he thought it would be. He was crazy he didn’t feel okay what was happening he was alone and he was going to die. He was so scared. He didn’t think he would be this scared of death.

The scream had sent Patton sprinting to Virgil’s room. The minute he saw his tiny emo son he ran forward and pulled him into his lap and unlaced his fingers from his hair.

Suddenly Virgil found himself being held by a warm pair of arms and that shade of blue he associates with safety and home and the strong familiar scent that always made him feel as if he belonged surrounded him. He hands were slowly unlaced from his hair and another softer, more comforting hand is running through his hair. It helps, he feels grounded.

Eventually a comforting voice tells him calmly, “it’s going to be okay Verge. In for four, hold for seven, and out for eight. Your doing so good sweetheart. Good job. Keep breathing darling,” he continued to stroke his hand through his hair. Virgil whimpers and burrows deeper into Patton’s warm chest.

Patton is calm and comforting on the outside and but on the inside, he’s screaming. His sweet emo child is cuddling into him. Look how big that sweater looks on the tiny boy. he’s so small. He’s got sweater paws. Ahhhh! He’s so adorable.

Once Virgil had calmed down Patton scooped him up and carried him out to the commons.

Before either side could say anything Roman jumped up and screamed, “I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS!”

“We know,” Logan said.

Virgil squirms the minute he sees Logan. Finally, Patton puts him down and he toddles over to Logan looks up and reaches up to him with an evil smirk on his face, “Hi momma.”

“Not again!” Logan exclaims picking Virgil up and putting him in his lap. Virgil proceeds to burrow into his chest and make himself comfortable.


They learn that Virgil has the most adult memories which helps him not panic less because he knows he can still help Thomas. Although having these memories isn’t all good. Every time they hug him, let him cuddle with them, or even just do something kind it sends a stabbing pain through his chest because they would never do this if he was grown. They only like him now because he’s small and cute. Despite that he couldn’t stop, he’d constantly ask to be held or snuggled with. He desperately wanted it even if it meant having to take advantage of his smaller size.


Patton was walking into the living room when Virgil came up to him and made grabby hands up at him, “Up?”

Patton refrained from squealing, but only barely, but look how adorable he was. So small and of course he could have all the cuddles he wanted. So, Patton picked him up and carried him to the couch holding him close. He sat on the couch and he placed Virgil in his lap and held him close. Virgil happily snuggled closer even though it hurt knowing he would never get this again when he was grown. He guessed he would have to savor it while he could.

“You okay buddy?” Patton asked seeming to sense the worry and sadness coming off him.

“‘m fine,” he said snuggling closer.

“What’s wrong?” he said running his hands through Virgil’s hair.

Virgil continued to snuggle into Patton’s chest. Patton looked down concerned, “Not that I don’t love the snuggles but what’s wrong? You’re starting to worry me.”

“”m sorry,” Virgil mumbled.

“It’s okay buddy,” Patton said holding him close, “You don’t have to tell me,” he said sounding sad.

“Nothing’s wrong. I promise,” Virgil said, “I’m just trying to soak it up while I can,” he said the exhaustion and safe feeling making him a little less masked.

“What?” Patton asked suddenly confused, “Soak up what?”

“affection,” he mumbled falling asleep.

“W-what?” Patton stuttered his heart breaking. Was his little shadowling so deprived of love that he felt he needed to get it while he was little? What had they done to make him feel so alone? How could they possibly fix this?


From that point on Patton made it a point to hold and snuggle and give Virgil as much affection as he possibly could. He couldn’t fix years of neglect and touch starvation but he could try.


Couldn’t breathe can’t breathe dying help save me help don’t want to die help help help. His chest hurt and he was overwhelmed what was happening was he going crazy? Why can’t he think? He knows how to deal with this worthless failure why couldn’t he do this right? Can’t do anything right.

His door shot open and in came Patton who immediately scooped him up in his arms, “It’s okay buddy. Just try to breathe for me, it’s okay. In for four, hold for seven, and out for eight. you’re doing so good honey just breathe.”

Eventually Virgil’s breathing calmed and his panic lowered, “I’m sorry,” he said softly.

“You don’t have to apologize dear. It’s okay,” Patton said running his hand through his hair. Virgil melted into his arms and it wasn’t until later that he wondered how Patton knew he needed him.


Virgil is a surprisingly particular child. He likes grape juice in a purple sippy. The first time Logan makes the mistake he expects a full-blown Patton melt down. All Virgil does is shrug and take the cup and say, “Is okay you try momma,” and go back to the living room to watch black caldron.

Logan is stuck standing there shocked. Somehow that was so much worse. What had happened to make him so excepting of less than what he wanted. That’s when Logan vowed that he would protect Virgil at any cost.


They all wake up to a horrible screaming one night. It is clearly Virgil because it sounds like a child. Patton and Logan both shoot out of bed and sprint down the hall. Roman shoots out of bed but stops himself from running down the hall because he’d probably just make it worse.

Patton is the first to arrive at Virgil’s room and he carefully opens the door to find the tiny side thrashing violently and screaming, obviously still asleep. Before he can rush forward to hold his child he feels a hand on his shoulder.

“Don’t,” Logan says sounding calm but looking distressed, “If you try to wake him you could make it worse.”

So, they both stood there, Logan with his back straight face emotionless but eyes saying it all and Patton with tears streaming down his face eyes wide and a hand covering his mouth. Finally, the screams stopped suddenly and Virgil sat straight up right breathing heavily and sobbing.

Patton practically sprinted forward and scooped the child into his arms holding him in his lap and although Logan would claim he didn’t sprint he wasn’t far behind Patton. They both held the sobbing child in their lap.

Virgil looked a little alarmed, “Momma, dada?” he asked softly.

“Yes, baby it’s okay we’ve got you,” Patton said holding him.

Logan just kept running his hands through his hair and alternating between apologizing and whispering, “It’s okay momma’s here. I’ve got you. It’s okay.”

Virgil buried his face in Patton’s shirt grabbing fistfuls of it and sobbing. Finally, it seized to occasional whimpering but neither man let their child go.

“I’m sorry,” Virgil whimpered.

“For what?” Logan asked looking confused.

“fo’ waking you. I normally am quiet, sorry I woke you up,” Virgil said looking at his lap.

“Why are you apologizing for that?” Patton said eyes filling with tears, “You shouldn’t have to deal with that alone.”

“I always hafe,” Virgil said shrugging.

The tears began to fall down Patton’s face, “Oh baby,” he sobbed playing with his hair, “You won’t anymore.”

“You don’t hafe to do that,” Virgil said looking sad, “Just because I’m ‘ittle doesn’t mean I can’t deal with it.”

“Honey look at me,” Patton said lifting his chin, “You never should have had too, big or small. I’m just trying to right that wrong. You can sleep with me or I’m sure momma would be okay with it too.”

“Fank you,” Virgil mumbled burying his face in his chest.


Roman and Virgil still weren’t on the best terms so Roman isn’t surprised when Virgil is weary around him, hurt yes but not surprised.

One-day Virgil is coloring and watching black caldron when Roman sits next to him. He glances briefly at him but doesn’t stop coloring.

“What are you drawing there little dark prince?” Roman asks. When Virgil looks up at him it surprises him. He looks so grown up. He seems to be searching to see if Roman is making fun of him and if that doesn’t make Roman’s heart break.

“Favit animal, trash panda. See?” he holds up an adorable drawing of a purple and black racoon and searches Roman’s face to see if he’s going to laugh at it and it feels like someone has stabbed the prince through the heart. Virgil is looking up at him with so much fear and a need for acceptance.

“Virgil, that’s amazing! Truly I love it, it reminds me of your new jacket,” Roman exclaims.

Suddenly Virgil looks very sad and before the prince can ask what he did Virgil says, “To ‘ittle for my jacket now. Don’t fit.”

And that just can’t stand so with a flourish of his hand Roman produces an exact, albeit smaller, version of Virgil’s jacket, “Will this do until you’re big?”

Virgil’s mouth drops open and he drops his crayon and goes to reach out for it before visibly stopping himself, “Why? You hate me. You’re only nice because ‘m small. You’ll hate me when ‘m big again.”

And oh, how that statement shatters Roman’s heart. What had he done to his dark and stormy knight?

So Roman sits forward looking much more serious, “Virgil, I have NEVER hated you. I have disagreed with you, disliked how you have made Thomas feel from time to time but I have never hated you. I misunderstood you and it was easier to paint you as a villain than admit I misjudged you. That was my failing, not yours. If I ever made you feel lesser or unwanted you have my most sincere apologies. You are quite extraordinary, Virgil, and I assure you, I will like you even more when you are big again.”

Virgil’s lower lip quivered and his eyes swam with emotion, “Promise?”

“You have my most solemn vow,” he said sticking out his pinky.

Virgil hooked his pinkie with Roman’s before lunging into Roman’s arms. The tiny hoodie became his favorite item of clothing. He refused to part with it, even sometimes to sleep.


Two weeks later Virgil wakes up normal size and although he is happy to be back to full size he isn’t sure he is quite ready to go back to being unwanted and unloved. So, he is shocked when he steps out and Logan smiles at him, actually smiles, and Patton hugs him tight.

But the most surprising is when Roman walks over and hugs him so hard his feet leave the ground, “It is good to have you full sized again.”

Virgil blushes and acts embarrassed but is relived because maybe they don’t hate him after all, maybe they even love him.

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