how adorable can you be you little perfect creature

One of the many explicit letters Karla Homolka wrote to Paul Bernardo. This one is from April 27, 1988 right before she turned 18:

Dear Paul,

Hi honey. I just called you but nobody’s home. At least nobody answered. Where are you? Who are you with? What are you doing? These are the questions burning in my mind. I want to talk to you so badly (and much more than that, I want to see you). I ache to be with you. It is Wednesday at 9:16p.m.

Just think–if this were any other normal weekend we would be together right now. How I wish we were. Guess what? My parents are going to a dance tomorrow night. They’ll be going for a long time. Want to come over and play? I know, I know. We have to learn to work together as well as play together. How does a 50-50 mixture sound to you? Okay 60-40(work to play). Sounds good to me. Please say yes. Please, please, please, please. I’m on my knees begging, begging in the way you love most.

You know, there is only one short week left for you to enjoy your cute little 17-year-old girlfriend! Better take advantage of it (and her) while you can. And how can you resist your cute, cuddly, furry little creature, your adorable little rat, your sweet little Karly Curls, your very own little fantasy, your loving princess, calling you, begging on her hands and knees to come and spend a scant few hours with her? You can’t can you. I didn’t think so.

You know what I love? Having you make love to me on my bedroom floor with my parents in the next room. Having you ram it inside me, making me gasp for air. Having us united spiritually and physically as one. You turn me on so much Paul. Just thinking about you and your perfect body excites me so I can hardly stand it. Oh, your strong chest, muscular arms, your beautifully shaped legs, your hard flat stomach, and Snuffles, Oh Snuffles. The pleasure I get from touching, from licking, from sucking Snuffles is indescribable. I love it when you shoot in my mouth. I want to swallow every drop and then some. And seeing you in your suit does incredible things to me. The power you wield over me is indescribable. When we sit together on the couch I have to use all my strength to keep from ripping off your clothes.You make me so horny. You send tingles with your touch. I love you an amount that I never thought possible.

Words can’t even come close to expressing my feelings. With you in my life, I feel complete. Whole. With you by my side, nothing can go wrong. You have opened my eyes to a new way of thinking and being. I will love you forever, no matter what.


roads-back-home-deactivated2015  asked:

I don't want to sound sadic, but I'd love to hear your description of John Simm. You can make it as long as you want and say everything you want. Any wish to do this? :B I know it's a weird request, but I'm really curious to read it.



GUYS GUUUUUYS I HAVE PERMISSION TO RAVE OVER JOHN SIMM (and hope he never sees any of it )
*clears throat*

Now let’s start with the face of this adorable man. First off I have to tell you a thing. John Simm is like red wine. He will grow on you. He just will. Everytime you see that smile a piece of your heart will turn into a worshipping little creature screaming JOOOOOOOHN WHYYYY

Exhibit A: 

Now look at it a little bit closer yeees. Do you see how his entire face lits up by his smile, the cheeks. The wrinkles around his eyes…
*pets face* my adorable little koala I want to kiss every inch of it ok

And have you seen his eyes?? The molten amber soft perfection?? 

Yes yes I have somewhere a post only dedicated to his eyes, because damn YES. 

And you know he has sort of a round face, but somehow he doesn’t. 
Like he can go from this:


*________________________________________* you SEE THAT? *runs finger along scruffy jaw* 
Sorry drifting off. Also look at his lips in the last one. Both his eyes and lips are not soo prominent, but if you take a closer look *scrambling Anderson image and dying noises* PERFECT

Now look at his whole movements. How he walks and more:

He has this little arrogant swing in his shoulders and hips that’s driving me crazy ok?? (but my darling can’t run…nope.. that looks horrible) 

And now *heavy breathing*

Like god damn it. I hope you’re never in the room with me when I’m watching that part of EoT (and later because I will cry like a little girl) 
But this.. ARMS, SHOULDERS, NECK.. GOD YES ESPECIALLY THE NECK,and the anger and the concentration and the the smoothness of that move. agdfgdlfjslfjslfjslfoaowef 

and well..damn he looks good in a collar ok: 

ooh and look at this. Just ook: 

Congratulations you now really want to have sex with him. Nope I’m not even leaving you an option. there is none. You just do. BECAUSE DAMN YES LOOK AT IT nnnnghh

Like if you’ve seen more than DW (although that’s a good example as well ) He’s absolutely brilliant. Go watch LoM, Prey and The Village. He will make you fall in love with a character, be broken for and with him, and hate him with burning passion. 

And have you seen him holding a gun? 

Or this adorablness I still can’t handle:

AND DID YOU KNOW THAT HE WAS A BLOODY CAGE DANCER inclusively cycling shorts when he was a student? 
And that he’s a very good singer? 
And how adorable he is with his children? (Not to mention that his wife has the same name as I do… yes I’m very fond of that fact ) 

In the end there is only one thing to say: If you don’t love him already you should really reconsider your life-choices.