how about you warn a brother before he picks up a pokemon

The Last Will and Testament of Alejandro Amadeo Charles Gonzales McClain

Lance is insanely dramatic when he’s sick. There’s nothing Keith can do but indulge him.

Rating: General Audiences

Notes: Lance has many names and no one can convince me otherwise.

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The sound of sniffles echoing through the room is a constant background noise by now. Normally it irritates the living hell out of Keith, but they’ve been happening so long that he’s managed to tune them out.

But that doesn’t stop his hunt for a fresh box of tissues.

Across the room, Lance whines. It’s high and needy, muffled by the blanket cocoon he’s in, but loud none the less. He kicks his feet against the bundle of fabric around them and sticks his face out just enough to pout at Keith.

“Hold on, I’m trying to find the other box,” Keith says, holding a hand up. It’s not where he thought it was, not on the table by the door where it usually sits. He’s gonna have to text Hunk to find out.

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My Neighbor T̶o̶t̶o̶r̶o̶  Peter Parker

Imagine Request:  I babysit 2 brothers during January and February (it’s summer here, btw) so I thought maybe the reader could be in the same position as me, but Peter’s the cute neighbor?

Originally posted by quent1nn

Warnings: (Fluff, Squabbling Children)
If you’re interested in some more imagines, please send me a message! I’ll be more than happy to write something up for you! :) Thank you for this request @girlsandarrows

Summer time usually signaled long days of lazing around the house, binge watching movies or going to the beach where the sea crashed along the shore and allowed for tans and picnics. Long nights would then be spent exploring cities and visiting friends. Summer, was the peak for everyone’s existence.

Except yours. 

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Growing Up

Trigger warning: None

Paring: Dan and y/n

Genre: Angst/fluff

Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately, im feeling really lost. People always say I can message them. But telling someone I don’t know about my problems makes me think i’m annoying them. Anyway hope you like it.

Age 21

You sat down in your car wanting nothing more than to go home and see your boyfriend. You had recently got a job at a nearby café. Dan and yourself had decided 3 months to save up some money to go on holiday in a year. He wanted to go somewhere hot, and you can’t wait to see him topless in a swimming pool with a huge grin on his face. Dan meant a lot to you, you had known him for around 15 years. You still remember when you first saw him.

Age 7

Mum had invited the Howell’s over again. It didn’t mind them much, they have a boy called Daniel is a year older than me so we used to play a lot when we were younger. I barely know his parents but Daniel is like my best friend.

It was nearing lunch time and mm was running round the house. “Why are you caring so much?” I asked sitting on a dining room chair with a red floral cushion.

“I want them to like us.” She then picked up empty mugs and plates before calling down your Dad. Then the doorbell rung. Mum walked over, you following. There stood Dan’s mum and Dad, holding there 2 year old  son Adrian. Your mother opened the door wider welcoming them into your home. Sarah, Dan’s mum pushed him forward motioning him towards you. “Why don’t you go play with Y/n.” He stood next to you as they all laughed and ate some food totally forgetting about you.

“You like Zelda and pokemon?” You whispered in his ear folding your arms behind your back.

“Yeah.” He smiled at you excited. You lead him up to your bedroom, but it was more a gaming room, and opened the light wood door. You pulled up two beanbags and sat him down before starting the N64.

“You’re good at this!” He laughed mashing the buttons to win.

“Thank you, you’re not so bad yourself.”

Age  21

You drove for about 10 minuets before arriving at your shared flat. You had picked him up some chocolate and dinner for tonight as you were planning on telling him the news. You didn’t know how he would act, would he be happy or sad, well I guess he won’t be sad. Why would Dan feel sad when he found out your pregnant. He could be mad though. You both got drunk at PJ’s birthday party, when he/she got conceived so it wasn’t exactly planned. Opening the door you heard him pacing along your bedroom. “Dan?”

Age 12

You were going round Dan’s house again and maybe watch a film. You both have always done this on a Friday night, it’s become sort of a tradition. You would take turns in icing usually resulting in a horror or comedy and occasional action. Your toes were beginning to grow numb as Dan lived quite far away from the school and the weather was very wet. Your broken soggy flats were not helping your feet feel any more comfortable until you arrived at his house.

“Hi Dan and Y/n.” His mother welcomed, wiping her hands on a pale tea towel probably from washing. His mum didn’t mind you coming round most days as she told you that you were like a daughter to her. Dan took your black bag off and threw it next to his on the door. Pulling of his blazer and shoes like you. The fluffy carpet felt strange, poking through your toes and making them feel less like they could fall off. He dragged you upstairs offering you a drink. The hallway was painted a light blue colour and decorated in painting of him and his brothers drawings.

“My mum said she’s going out soon so we’ll have the house too ourselves for a few hours.”

“Cool.” You said arriving at Dan’s room. The walls were white but completely covered in poster and pictures. He had a double bed and a TV in the corner not forgetting the small wardrobe housing all his black clothes. You sat down on his bed, hi sitting next to you. “That was funny at school today.” You said starting a conversation.

“Yeah.” He recalled to 4 hours ago when you through a grape at a class’ window. “What film do you want to watch?”

“You can choose.”

“No it’s your turn.” He frowned.

“Um, let’s just watch kill bill.” You thought unimaginatively.

He put the disc on just before his mum called out that she was going shopping.

Time skip

The film had ended, and it was around 6. You peeped through Dan’s grey curtains at the sky, noticing that it was pitch black-being winter and all. He turned the lights on and placed his hands on his hips. “What do you want to do now then?”

“It’s getting dark I think I should go.” You mumbled, getting up from your comfortable position on the bed.

“Can you stay the night?” Dan asked smiling widely to convince you.

“Ask you mum if it’s alright.” Before you could think Dan was out the room and halfway down the stairs. Whilst he was gone you walked around the room to stretch you cramped legs. You noticed he had piles of homework, that was most likely due in months ago, and a lot of dirty clothes spread out around the edges of the room. You heard loud footsteps as he raced up the stairs.

“She said yes!” He smiled jumped from foot to foot.


“You can borrow some of my cloths and use our phone to tell your parents.” He passed you the telephone and you dialled the number before waiting reply. Your dad picked up and you told him about you staying round Dan’s. He hug up and Dan opened his wardrobe looking for something you could sleep in. He saw a black pairs of joggers and a patterned top and gave them to you. He told you, you could get changed in the bathroom whist he did.

The top almost fit but the joggers were quite long. Dan told you he had finished so you walked into the room noticing he was wearing a baggy white t-shirt and knee length shorts. He pulled out a bed from underneath his and took one pillow from his mattress and a blanket. “You can sleep on my bed.” He said sitting on the pull out one.

“Oh I can sleep there.” You said, moving your hair to the other side of your shoulder.

“No your the guest.” He smiled politely.

Age 21

“Y/n?” He called jumping down the stairs, whilst skipping a few steps. “I need to talk to you.”

“Me too.” You smile slightly so that he didn’t get worried. You took the two bags into the kitchen and placing them on the counter. He walked to the living room/ dining room and sat down on a black chair at the table. He turned the one next to you, to  face him and sat down. Normally he would hold your hand but there was nothing like that.

“We’ve been together for a really long time.” That made you think of when you first got together.

Age 15

Dan had said that he wanted to meet at the park around 1:30, as he knew that he would be at least 5 minuets late. You walked down the pavement to your local park, noticing there were families of 3 and 4 on the play equipment and 2 year 7’s on the round-a-bout. Dan hadn’t been late this time, instead he was sat on a bench right outside the gates. You waved at him but he still looked nervous. You and Dan sat on the swings, only swinging around half a metre back and forward.

“What did you want to talk about?” You asked looking at his head which was facing the floor and his hands tucked into his hoodie pocket.

“I’ll tell you, just not here.” He said standing up and walking to the entrance, not waiting for you. The silence would have been awkward if you barely knew him. But this was Dan, the guy you have know for 8 years. He was your best and most trusted friend. He walked deep into the woods, and stopped nearly a tall thin tree. “I love you.” He confessed looked downwards to not see your reaction.

“I love you too-.”

“No, I love you more than a friend should.” He kept your head down too.


“Even since we were little I liked you, and that thing with Lucy. I tried to love her to keep my mind of you. I’m sorry if this ruined our friendship but I needed to tell you. You don’t even have to go out with me if you don’t want to.” He floppy brown fringe covered his eyes and he shuffled his feet.

“I want to go out with you.” You looked up but before you could see anything you felt Dan’s warm soft lips on yours. He moved his hands to your waist and you moved yours to his neck, developing in your first kiss.

Age 21

“We’ve been together for a really long time, and I feel like we’ve done way to much together.” You held your head down like he was giving you a lecture. “Like we had our first kiss kiss together and our first time-”

Age 18

You sat on Dan’s bed crossing your legs Dan himself opposite you. “You know were 18n and all.” He mumbled with his head down, but you lifted it up so he looked into your eyes. “And were going to go to uni soon.”

“Yes, where are you going with this.”

He sighed. “What I’m trying to say is I want to, I want to have my first time with you.” He gushed. You giggled a little at how shy he was and whispered in his ear.

“You got a rubber?” He swallowed the lump in his throat and leaned over his bed to open the bedside draw. On top was a picture of you too together at the park when you got together at 15 years old.  You threw the small square packet at he before begging to kiss you.

“Just go slowly okay.” He nodded and began to kiss your jaw.

Age 21

“I just feel like we’ve been together for so long, and being tied down to the same person for nearly ten years is tiring. Basically what I’m saying is, I think we should break up.” He played with his thumbs. Tears began to well in your eyes. Everything was going pretty well, granted recently you had a few arguments but you were going to make it up to him tonight when you told him the news. You covered your eyes with your hands as tears began to flow, before he could see anything you got up and ran to you and Dan’s bedroom to pack your things. He didn’t follow but instead went to his laptop. You noticed the picture frame that had the photo of you and Dan when you were fifteen on his dresser, he had had that since you got together but the photo frame wasn’t standing like it usually was but instead was face-down. You picked it up and looked at each of your faces, seeing how happy you were then. You were about to rip it up when you thought. The child won’t grow up with a father. You took the photo and and folded it into your pocket, you needed a photo to show he/she but you weren’t going to look after that photo.

You pulled your bag on your back before quickly going into the study where your laptop was unfortunately Dan was there too. “What were going to tell me?” He asked. You turned away from him so he couldn’t see your shredded face. You thought about telling him, he deserved to know.

“I’m pregnant.” He said standing up but still not facing him.

“Okay don’t tell me then.” He said returning to his computer.

“Hey what do you mean?”

“Your only saying that so I don’t leave you, I thought you would be a little more original.” You let out a shocked gasp and went to get your shoes before leaving. Where would you go? Dan’s friends were closest ones you had in London. You decided on going to Phil. He was the first Dan introduced you too. Even when they had conversations Dan asked you what he should put to make them friends. He only lived 20 minuets away. Also when he moved out with his girlfriend, she made you feel better about him leaving.

Dan owned a car which you drove to work but I guess you will have to find a hotel to stay the night in instead of going to your parents in Wokingham.

Phil made you feel very welcome and gave you a steaming hot cup of coffee before you told him everything. You had told Phil around a week after you found out, having no one else to go to. He was calm even though he thought that Dan would be happy and so did you. He asked you questions like ‘do you know why he broke it off’ and 'are you okay, you can stay the night’.

6 years later

Maiya was watching TV. You just put on a child’s channel whilst you did the washing. you decided the name when looking up 'Japanese baby names’. I guess Dan would have wanted that. Your family weren’t happy when you told them that Dan left you when he found out you were pregnant. You mum really wanted to talk to Dan’s mum about what was going on but you swore that if she said anything you would be leaving and taking Maiya with you. Mum loved living with Maiya, it meant she was really close to her grandaughter at a young age. When Dan’s mum didn’t even know she existed.  You folded the washing and put it in the cupboard. Maiya was born on June the 3rd, close to Dan’s.

It was nearly Christmas which meant you had to find something for Maiya, she didn’t really care what she got. Maiya didn’t need much to make her happy. You sat down on the brown leather sofa and tapped your lap for Maiya to sit next to you. The thing you saw next made you wish you were dreaming. On the screen was your ex-boyfriend and his best-friend. Maiya looked at them not even knowing that the taller one was her father, the one she got her brown eyes from and dimpled smile. You needed to stock up on food so you stopped her from watching a took her to the supermarket, promising to buy her a packet of sweets.

You pushed the trolley down each isle collecting items whilst Maiya played games on your phone. “Please can I get the cake for you?” She asked now bored.


“Please.” You couldn’t deny her face was adorable and allowed her to go get it, making sure she didn’t bother anyone. You checked you phone to see if anyone texted you then turned around to see your 5 ½ year old daughter pulling onto a tall man dressed in all black’s t-shirt.

~ “I saw you on TV.” Dan was used to getting attention from younger viewers since his channel got bigger. He looked down to see a little girl no younger than 7 tugging on him. He crouched down to her height but before he could say anything, a lady he know far to well called her name ~

“Maiya, What did I tell you darling.” You looked up to see Dan nearly three times as tall as Maiya. “Shit.” You cursed.

“How old is she?” He asked getting up from the floor as Maiya stood between the two of you.

“Um 5 ½.” You answered leaving the trolley back over the other side.

“Is she yours?”

“Ours.” You mumbled coming her hair through your fingers slowly.

“You mean you weren’t lying.” He said ashamed.

“Nope.” You said picking up Maiya and trying to walk away from him but she stopped you. You keeled down to her height and held her small hands tightly. “That guy over there.” You told her motioning with your head. And raising your eyebrows. “He is your daddy.” You can tell she was looking at him as she lost eye contact and was staring over your shoulder.

“But he was on TV.” You nodded. Before you knew what was happening she ran over to him and hugged his waist tightly shouting 'daddy!’  Your sure people around you noticed but you couldn’t care less and went to hug your family.

The System Works

Summary: Dan doesn’t believe in the soulmates system, despite what anybody tells him. Out of the blue, Dan’s parents announce that they’re moving and Dan is not happy. That is, until he meets a boy named Phil Lester. His soulmate.

Genre: AU, Fluff with v slight angst

Word Count: 2,210

Beta: A shoutout to the wonderful anythinginthestars for betaing!

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any dank spamano fic recs to bless us with? I'm a sucker for cute stuff but whatever's good

i’ve been waiting for the day someone who ask me to do a spamano fanfic rec omfg jajdbjdnkd yes yes let me share with you the fics that i hold close to my heart my sweet anon ( ;  u  ; )

okay so these are spamano fics that are in the fluff-heart warming category & depending on the fic, the spamano will be eventual, instant, one shot, or multi-chaptered! in the end, they all have make me have butterflies in my stomach & love the spamano ship so much!  

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