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Hiddlesweek Day 6: Favourite Quote

  • The classical Tom answer on “So if you came back as a woman, what’s the first thing you would do?”

Whenever I see someone use “him/her” or “he or she” in writing, I’m like “it’s okay, just use ‘they’ goddamnit!!! It’s not a scary word!!!”


the gap also has “girlfriend jeans” which made me perk up for about .2 seconds before i remembered how straight women use the word girlfriend. though i still don’t really understand what exactly that’s supposed to convey about the jeans

Not much of a Sex God

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Requested by anon: Hi author nim! Can you please write a scenario where the reader sleeps with either Xiumin, Baekhyun or Chen and they act like they are the best sex she’ll ever have but they actually suck in bed? I think your sarcasm would fit this perfectly.

Ok so I love you anon. I have had the best time writing this because I keep laughing at how mean I’m being and it’s just been so much fun. <3 I’m so mean omg.(Might have written half of this while drunk so I’m hoping it turned out alright!)

Reader x Baekhyun

Warnings: Fuckboy Baekhyun, smut, teasing.

Word Count: 4752


“I gave her the best sex of her life, she should thank me!” You didn’t think you could roll your eyes any harder even if your life depended on it. The guy at the booth behind you had been bragging about his sexual prowess the entire time you’d been in the club. You’d come out to celebrate your friend getting a promotion at work, not to hear about how magical some dude’s dick was and all the adventures it had been on.

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Released from their corsets, ladies ceased to swoon and ate and drank in public for the first time, despite the consternation this caused in some masculine hearts. ‘The beloved is always pictured to the fancy like some airy spirit,’ wrote a German visiting Paris in 1795, 'and it really grieves one to see her eat with a great appetite.’

Liberty: The Lives and Times of Six Women in Revolutionary France by Lucy Moore

(Aka men were and are absolutely ridiculous. Oh no, women are supposed to be fancy ethereal fairies! How can we bear the sight of them EATING and DRINKING like NORMAL PEOPLE???)

Shout out to Maria Thompkins. For lots of reasons honestly.

But I’m gonna talk about the fact that her son Gabriel was six-and-a-half in July, 1969. Which means he was born late 1962 or early 1963. So when Rittenhouse was sending an operative to kill her as a high school junior in 1962, they were sliding into the latest window of time before she became pregnant/a mother. Girl got married/pregnant in high school. (Or… pregnant/married probably.) Which would explain why she didn’t attend college after graduating. So yeah, shout out to her for going back to school years later while being a single working mother. Then graduating from that and becoming a very successful female engineer in the 1970s. You go, girl.

Relationships Part 3: Lizzy and the Twins


What can I say about Lizzy that hasn’t been said before? I find it interesting about her relationship with her mother and brother we see more then her relationship with her father.

 Lizzy is a girl with a lot that is weighing her down right at the moment, and not that long ago, part of that weight was removed because of what Ciel told her, that he could never hate her. It’s an interesting dynamic brought about by not only training but the need to keep the Watchdog aspect of the family going, something that I think, she really does hold true to.

For Lizzy her relationship to her parents seems to be for the most part loving, although with her Mother it’s more strict then your typical mother and daughter situation. We see her constantly over by the Phantomhive house as a child, indicating that she preferred to be there with Our!Ciel and the Twin. And in this case I think a major reason was that she enjoyed being away from the tight training schedule that her mother had her on.

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There’s something so infuriating when straight guys try to be Good Allys™ by talking about how hot they find a butch women. 

Even though she’s buff I’m still into it.”
“Butch women can be attractive/hot too!”
It shows their total lack of understanding for what being butch is while also thinking that a women’s only qualifier of recognition/respect is how much a guy wants her…even when she’s a butch lesbian lmao. 

The Amethyst

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Word count: 3,300+
Pairing: Steve Rogers & female!Reader
Warnings: swearing, self-doubt
Summary: Request by @cajunlizard: “Maybe something where Steve meets the reader in an old fashioned club where she is a waitress and they hit it off there?“
A/N: A really sweet request (thank you, by the way, for my first request!), and I enjoyed writing this one-shot! Not really angst-free, but otherwise pure, sweet fluff. Enjoy!

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fandomnationwhore  asked:

Hey do you think Pennwise is a virgin?

There’s a line somewhere in the book saying that Pennywise came from outer space with a lust for earth women, so I think he’s definitely gotten some action at one point or another!

I really want to know how he goes about picking up women though, his pickup lines must be strange as hell

“Once you’ve had a clown, you’ll never turn around, huehuehue”

any superhero instantly becomes 1000% more interesting when you add a problematic best friend they can’t quite shake their loyalty to & have subtextual sexual tension with

FIC: Baby Boy

Part 4 of Shield and Gun Series

PAIRINGS: Peggy Carter/Steve Rogers
Peggy Carter, Steve Rogers
RATING: All audiences
SUMMARY: On the USO tour, I lived in close quarters with all the girls in the chorus line but I never got used to it.  I learned a lot about women, though.  How they did their hair and their makeup.  The various components that made up their everyday wardrobe.  They helped teach me when a girl was flirting with me and not just being polite. Of course, none of that prepared me for Peggy Carter.

Read on A03

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ship #56

For @saenerysx (god it’s been so long so sorry)

I ship you with Jon Snow:

• You live in Winterfell and are best friend since your childhood with Robb, Jon and Theon. The boys are very different but you like them all for something. Robb is like you beloved brother, Theon your naughty cousin and Jon… well Jon is a lot more than this. You don’t really know what to think of that relation. One morning you feel like he is the one and the other you start overthinking to much.
• Robb’s favorite game is to tease you and Jon about a “secret relationship”. Everytime he enters a room were you two are casually talking or reading he is like: "What were you doing? Kissing?“
"Just chilling, man”
“I don’t believe a word”
• A lot of men already asked your hand. But you said no. Each time, because deep in your heart you know who you really want. You know how it’s feel when another girl giggle around him. You see how they look at Jon. You understand, he is pretty handsome, right?
• ”I don’t understand why he let her go at the end of the book! I though he loved her” Jon said almost angrily
“That’s the main reason why! He loves her enough to let her go, because he knows she can’t realise her dream with him” you laughed
“Nonsense. I would never have let you go” “What?”
“Did you just…”
“…Forget about it, okay?”
• Jon always looks really mad when you start being to close to Theon or Robb.
“What is it Snow? Jealous?” 
“Shut up Greyjoy, focus on your arrow, mine have hit the target twice already”
• Once you were walking around in the castle and you heard voices behind a door. Robb and Jon that was for sure.
“Come on Jon, it’s obvious you like her!”
“And so what? She only see me as a friend, she prefers you”
“Seven Gods, love really make you blind”
• You wished you never heard that conversation but know it’s too late. You can’t stop thinking about this. And Jon reads in you like an open book. He noticed the way you were looking at him.
“Something is wrong Y/N?” he asked you
“Do you…do you really think I see you as a simple friend?”
“What the…Where do you get this from?”
“I heard you and Robb the other day. And you’re wrong”
“About what?”
“Though you liked Robb better”
“Though you are an idiot”
And you kissed him
• Except the “physical things” (and he a real god with all of this) nothing changed between you two. You’re still both best friend and lover. The perfect soulmates.

I ship you with Torstein

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• Torstein and you first met a while ago, your little house between the forest and the village he entered in it one night without knocking.
You screamed and he put a hand on your mouth « Shut up woman »
« I though this house was empty »
He told you he was followed by King Harald and confess Ragnar was in a house of a friend of his Floki.
• Since this day you bond a strong friendship, and sometimes more. But you never wanted to be his wife. You’re not a shield maid, not a bit. Before every raid he come to see you.
« Be safe would you? »
« Am I not always? »
« Don’t be so cocky, you don’t know whats up there »
« I’ll return to you Y/N » He kissed you with passion and leave.
• He always return, but the time is away worry you a lot, and you tend to worry too much. He loves how gentle you are toward him after he return from a raid, you cook him his favorite food and then it’s all about pleasure all night.
Tonight it was a celebration night, the people was loud but you still could understand Torstein told Floki’s 2 girls was pregnant and told him he was the father. « You son of a whore »
You throw beer at him and leave the crowded place, but he catch you fast
« What is all about? » « How many women did you fuck? »
« I though you didn’t wanted to be my wife? »
« No, but do you see me fuck the all village »
“ What if they lied? »
« What if they don’t »
« Fuck, you know what i’m not your husband so I’ll do as my wish »
« Fine, my non husband find you a place to sleep for a long time »
You returned home and took a hot bath. He entered a few hours later you were in your bed. He lay down, you in a semi sleep. « Get out, you’re drunk »
« I’m leaving tomorrow, Ragnar decided it tonight »
You remain silence « I don’t want to leave with a fight »
« Did you go say that to all your women »
« Alright I fuck them so? I’m here everyday doesn’t it? » He was right
« Now shut up and hug me »
You cuddle that night but at the morning he was gone, you heart was hard, like something cruel was about to happened. 
• It was one of the longest trip, despite your fight you waited for him anxiously. When the ships arrived, you search his blond hair but didn’t see it.
« Floki? »
« Oh Y/N? »
« Where’s Torstein? » He shake his head into a tic, and put a hand on your shoulder, and move forwards. Still not moving, tears in your eyes, Ragnar caught your look. « He died a hero »
He left up your chin « Be brave »

Is it just me, or did 5SOS kinda miss the point with their track for Ghostbusters (2016)??

This has been bugging me for a little while. Like it’s called ‘Girls Talk Boys’… One of the great things about the film is that there is little emphasis on heterosexual romance (or ‘canonically’, relationships other than great, kick-ass platonic friendships. Ignoring the whole Erin/ Kevin nonsense, of course). Also, the analysis on genius completely supports what I’d assume most people’s interpretations of the song would be - all about women gossiping about how great this fantastic man in their lives. Though it’s not the biggest drama, I however didn’t really find the beat or lyrics to be catchy enough to make up for the lack of relevant lyrics. Not to say it’s a terrible song, just an interesting choice…

ANYWAYS, the obvious answer to the question “When you’re talking to your girls/ Do you talk about me?/ Do you tell I’m your lover?/ That I’m all that you need?” is: NO. 

anonymous asked:

Do you have any Edmund and Cor headcanons?

Anon…you are my love. Okay, here we go:

•Edmund was close to Corin and was accustomed to talking to him casually when he was at Anvard.
•But he always seemed to get Cor and Corin mixed up.
•So Cor awkwardly listened to Edmund vent until the king realized that he wasn’t Corin.
•After awhile, Edmund decided he needed a way to differentiate the two.
•He found a birthmark on Cor’s right eye that Corin didn’t have. Whenever he would see either of them in the room, he would go up to their face and check.
•After awhile, it didn’t matter. Edmund trusted Cor equally.
•Cor often consulted Edmund about kingly duties.
•Edmund often pulled Cor away from studies to go for a ride or something.
•Both Cor and Edmund liked to tease Corin when the three of them were out.
•Edmund was actually surprised at Cor’s hidden wit.
•Cor actually asked Edmund about some things when he started liking Aravis.
•"So, like what makes a good relationship?“
•"Cor, I am unmarried and unattached. How should I know?”
•"Don’t you know a lot about women though? Because you’re older and wiser?“
•Edmund’s pride gets to him a bit so he gives Cor advice.
•The advice is pretty good…except it doesn’t work at will Aravis.
•There are some times Cor won’t talk to the king for weeks.
•But Edmund always finds what Aravis does or says as hilarious so he apologizes but can’t stop laughing.
•Cor was devastated when Edmund disappeared. But he held it together because it Hit Corin worse.

Tw: homophobia, f slur

So I decided to write a paper on how straight women contribute to homophobia and toxic masculinity. I’ve got to find academic articles and journals on this, of course. But you know what I’ve found? Nothing. All I’ve found is book after book about how evil men are, and how even gay men themselves perpetrate homophobia. Nothing about how straight women are homophobic. 

You know what I did come across though? A peer reviewed article, written by a woman, in the year 2017, saying that straight cis women are part of the LGBT community because they aren’t conventionally attractive. Look at this shit:

So anyways fuck every single cishet academic, you can all go to Hell. 

When will straight people realize that straight women have absolutely nothing in common with gay men? Straight women have nothing in common with gay men. Gay men and lesbians have a much stronger bond and have far more in common. 

fuck straight women. leave us gay men alone.

also before i go frantically work on my CPBB out of excitement i want to talk about the new AU idea i had

so ya see what had happened was I started a new job: I now work at a diner. 

(you can already see where this is going, can’t you?)

Bitty’s shift started at 11PM. He’ll only be waiting tables for part of it, he knows, so he’s really been trying to turn up the charm, because there’s a new set of figure skates he’s got his eye on, and he’s only about $100 dollars away from being able to afford them. 

The door opens, and Bitty doesn’t even turn to look. He keeps on clearing his last table and uses his cheeriest voice. It’s only 1AM; he hasn’t even had to have coffee yet. 

“Have a seat wherever you’d like, I’ll be with you in just a sec!”

Normally, he can hear movement after this. Instead, there’s nothing. Bin full of dishes and table wiped down, he turns to look, only to find Falconer Jack Zimmermann standing there, shifting nervously. 

“Just you, hon?” He asks, moving to put the dish bin in the window so Nursey can grab it. Zimmermann nods, and Bitty goes ahead and pours him a glass of water. Probably best to pretend he doesn’t recognize him, he decides. Must get enough of that during the day, and already he seems unsettled. “Why don’t you sit at the counter, then. You’ll get a better look at the pies, that way.” He pauses. “Course, they aren’t fresh. They’re yesterdays. I normally start makin’ the next days around four.” Zimmermann nods, taking a drink of his water. 

“Here’s a menu; just let me know when you’re ready to order.” As he grabs one of the silverware bins to start folding forks and knifes into napkins, he turns back to Zimmermann. “D’ya want some coffee, hon?”

“Decaf, please.” 

Bitty pours the cup, leaving a little room for cream, just as a guess. If nothing else, he figures, he’ll probably get a good tip. Might make up for the lack of good conversation. 

CP AU where Bitty moved to Providence to go to culinary school, and ended up making pies and waiting tables at the Broad Street Diner. He’s not really sure how it happened, either, but he loves his job and his bosses, Hall and Murray, let him choose the whole dessert menu, and use the ovens for a bit of his personal baking, so Bitty doesn’t question it. (He does some days wonder why he doesn’t know their real names. Johnson, their nighttime cashier, just tells him something about how “the author didn’t feel like making up names, and it’s not like their important enough characters to really need them in either story.” Bitty doesn’t ever understand what Johnson is saying, or what Johnson does. Again, he doesn’t question his job, much.)

In our crew, there are some real hard workers. 

  • SHITTY - Daytime cashier and night time dishboy. He’s somehow able to pull himself together enough during the day to charm all the old people they get, and at night he keeps morale high by making a complete fool of himself. In a pinch, he can work the line, as long as you don’t mind listening to rants about how “even though it’s ingrained in our minds that women are supposed to cook for men, all the highest paid chefs in professional kitchens are men,” while you’re trying to cook sixteen eggs five different ways at once. Holster can handle this. Ransom CANNOT. He’s taking classes at community college when he can afford them, because he was tired of living off his father’s money. 
  • LARDO - Part-time server, full-time straggler. She got hired because she was always coming in at night and sitting at the counter, working on her drawings. Shitty suggested that she apply to work weeknights, because they’re normally slow enough that she’d have time to draw anyway. So she did, and now she can afford to use slightly nicer paint. She and Shitty may have a thing, but no one’s brave enough to ask either of them. She does all the menu boards when she’s not in class at Rhode Island School of Design.
  • RANSOM - Part-time cook, full-time future doctor. He’s finishing up his last year of pre-med, and cooking at the diner is less a way to make money, for him, and more a way to force himself to stop thinking about school. Can’t think about biochem when you’re ears deep in tickets and trying not to kill your dishwasher.
  • HOLSTER - Full-time cook, graduated with a degree in Economics. He’s waiting until Ransom finishes school and chooses a med school before he starts looking for a real job. Can’t really move somewhere without your best bro, can you? (And by best bro, we mean boyfriend. Probably. No one’s really sure, honestly.)
  • DEX - Full-time server, part-time handy man. He doesn’t really know what he wants to study, so he’s working at the diner until he figures that out. Hall and Murray pay him extra to do maintenance on all the kitchen equipment. He’s the one who you get yelled at by, if you forget to clean a cold table all the way, because he’s the one who’s gotta get in there and deep-clean them once a month. Spends too much of the time he could be stocking arguing with Nursey. 
  • NURSEY - Part-time dishwasher, full-time English Major, over-time pretentious asshat (if you ask Dex). Doesn’t need this job, but likes to use what he sees as inspiration for his writing. Was hired as a server, but after he dropped six plates his first day, he was moved to the back of the house. He still drops plates, but at least now they don’t have food on them that has to be remade. 
  • CHOWDER - Part-time server. He’s like, so excited to have this job? He thinks it’s going to be really great experience. What? No, he doesn’t want to work in food service. He just? Really likes talking to people. Spills water every once in awhile, but is always to polite and apologetic that no one has ever gotten mad at him. An awful customer once started yelling at him, and his fake crying was so convincing that the customer started crying and left a $20 tip on a $15 order. Seems sweet, is secretly a little evil. 
  • JOHNSON - “It feels weird to have been such an important role. Like, I don’t even really fit into the narrative, yet, as far as the author knows, and yet here I am, getting my own bullet point. I think I’m just supposed to serve as a break between the employees and the customers? I work as the night time cashier on all the slow nights, because Shitty has school in the morning. I may also make the donuts? Who knows. Anyway, I’m not really important to the story, probably. Maybe. We don’t really know anything, yet. There’s no plot and a lot of world building.” (Bitty doesn’t know who Johnson is talking to, from his seat at the cash register. It’s 3AM and the place is empty. What a weirdo.)
  • JACK ZIMMERMANN - Full-time hockey player, part-time patron. Sometimes, when his anxiety is keeping him up, he does walking. during one of those walks, he comes across the Broad Street Diner, and decides that he could really used some pancakes. (Not that this place will have real maple syrup, of course.) So he goes inside, and there is the cutest server he’s ever seen, who makes the best pie he’s ever tasted. It takes him twenty minutes to decide that he’s going to become a regular at this dumb little place. 

And that’s all I’ve got so far folks but I love this AU with my heart so 


The censorship of Willow and Tara’s relationship in season 4 goes to show how sheltered Willow and girls of her time would have been to lesbian experiences or romance between women. This is still the case now for so many young lesbians including myself. (I accepted my sexuality around the same age as Willow. I had dated boys like Willow did. I had actually dated more boys than Willow did. You see where this is going?) 

Saying Willow is bi rather than could have been (definitely not “should have been”) is a microaggression against lesbians. It is lesbophobic. Stop it.

Yes, there are issues with bierasure in it now (read: Buffy) but you can’t just point at a lesbian who went through compulsory heterosexuality in high school over 15 years ago and label her bisexual when she’s been out and proud for years.

I firmly believe the decision to not fully explain this on the show came from not wanting to turn their relationship into a gimmick. I believe it was done out of respect but also due to their limitations on what they could say. Willow herself says on countless occasions, however, that she is a lesbian and clearly has no interest in being with men ever again once she accepts her own orientation.

Respect this. Respect lesbians. Respect our experiences and our stories. Actively seeking to erase us is wrong.