how about them moons


“It’s not over for me yet.
just bear with me, since you left on your own without my consent..
I deserve at least this much.
Are you sleeping well? Eating well?
Do you still.. resent me?”

Happiness for the Signs

Aries moon - show them something new. aries is about independence, new starts, beginnings. give them something fresh, spontaneous and innovative. give them time to do their own thing and be free, be understanding that they put themselves first and respect their boundaries. let them be risky and adventure.

Taurus moon - remind them how you feel about them. be methodical and keep a routine with them. don’t throw them off track or interrupt their need for consistency. emphasize the 5 senses; taste, touch, feel, sight. avoid surprises, always plan and let them know new information beforehand. provide them with reliability.

Gemini moon - engage in conversation with them. keep things light and youthful. go on short trips with them. keep them within a friend group. flirt with them, keep them moving, fuel their curiosity and answer their questions. give them answers even if they didn’t ask for one. word games, board games. show them the music you love. read them the poetry/lyrics you write.

Cancer moon - remind them that you appreciate all the things they do for you. give them small things that will remind them of you. add more thought in the things you do. remember what they say/do. little things. make them feel safe with you. really talk with them about deeper things. don’t interrupt them, let them think on their own. be patient. sentimentality.

Leo moon - recognition and gratitude. being generous, thoughtful gestures made towards them. actually listening to what they say. admire their beauty. romance, love, erotica. devotion, being playful, reminders. hugs and kisses, good sex, beautiful sunsets.

Virgo moon - make their day easier. be out of their way, provide a helping hand to them. acknowledge all that they do or try to do. show up for them, go through with what you say to them. don’t be hypocritical. ease their anxiousness. be serious and realistic when speaking to them, show practicality and idealism.

Libra moon - don’t put them on the spot or pick sides quickly. lots of romance. well-articulated ideas. fantasies. the senses. heavy idealism. they love to read and be in another world of ideas/journeys. they enjoy playing with new ideas and debate on them. agree to compromise with them. show them new music or art. don’t let them give in to what you want, ask them what they truly want and give it to them. expose them to beautiful things. massages.

Scorpio moon - accept that you won’t know exactly how they feel. they need to keep what’s at the bottom of their soul theirs. let them merge with you. be vulnerable. respect privacy, especially if they ask for it. help them instead of judge them. trust. keep secrets. intimate moments. be open to who you are.

Sagittarius moon - take them on an emotional (or physical) journey. nature. authentic people. getting away from it all. growing towards something, futuristic ideas, inspiring new experiences. listen to and respect their opinions.

Capricorn moon - achievements, being seen and respected by others. commitment and serious feelings. don’t spring something new on them immediately. financial and emotional security. show them effort being made, tell them you appreciate the effort they put in. show them the brighter side of things, keep their boundaries in mind. listen to and ask for their advice. support.

Aquarius moon - social contact and freedom. let them be who they truly are. listen to what they think and give them feedback. let them be apart of your group. talk about the future and both of your goals and dreams. don’t confuse them with emotional intensity. spontaneity, revolutionary motives. let them depart and return among their will. support what they support.

Pisces moon - show compassion and interest in oneness with each other. keep them surrounded in positivity and good vibes. let them help you and nurture you. provide them with closeness. steady people. pay attention to their needs. help them make up their mind. support their passions. protect their boundaries. protect them from their own self undoing. save the world with them.

While I’m on Team Rowlet (because I REALLY just love birds so much), I still DO adore the Litten line, but more specifically, Incineroar. It’s design just calls out to me in the way Hawlucha drew me into it, apart from being a bird, because it’s a Luchador.

LIKE, can you imagine all the cat-like things you can make Incineroar do?? WITH THAT DESIGN?! Because you have to admit, making the wrestler tiger do the cat thing is pretty damn amusing to even imagine, LIKE…

The most cat-like thing I can get from its design is the fact that you probably can’t touch its stomach because of the fire belt. But like…have you ever tried to touch a cat’s stomach in the first place?

I want to imagine this fucker just bringing fainted Hawlucha to your door like, “I beat them for you.”

Flying/Fighting vs Fire/Dark, Incineroar will be pretty damn PLEASED if it can bring that toddler-sized luchador bird that’s known for taking on Hariyama and Machamp to your door. Because by any other means, Hawlucha would have had the advantage. But NOT THIS TIME, so Incineroar wants you to see its conquest against a typing that it doesn’t do so well against.

(I’m using Hawlucha as an example because cats and birds and what better Pokemon to pair the wrestler tiger than the luchador bird?)

This giant buff tiger just sleeping on your pillow and you waking up next to it in the morning, like doesn’t even give a shit that they’re huge, THEY CAN MAKE IT WORK. It probably get pretty damn annoying in the summer or in some high temperature area because of the fire-typing.

Or the best of all things: BOXES.

If it fits, I sits…if it doesn’t BURN.


C A T  N I P



Except go a step further because this thing is a wrestler, like…”oh hey, looks like we’re gonna have to replace the table because Scoville forgot that they weren’t a Torracat anymore.”

*breaks a mirror* “God dammit, Scoville, that’s seven years bad luck!!”

Or just a hilarious situation in that an Incineroar will try to play with you BY FUCKING SUPLEXING YOU OR SOMETHING. Like, halfway through hug, you get German Suplexed by this fucker.





I think you can call me Niles now.


reminder to broadcasting stations: DON’T GIVE BAP THE POINTING STICKS!

Part 2 - People asking you about your ideal type…

*physical features, same members as before*

Your answer:

Someone with pretty hands like Mark’s…his gestures and those rings fit perfectly your bf imagine for sure!

A guy with sexy eyebrows like Doyoung’s…see them lifting?! So hot!

Someone with flawless skin and tall figure like Jaehyun’s…

and with eyes like Taeyong’s…he can almost read what’s on your mind looking at you like this!

A guy who has sexy abs like Yuta! (Just he doesn’t show them often! No problem, since he needs to keep them only for you! )

and who has hot lips like WinWin! Don’t tell me you already kissed your monitor?? 

And how about a guy with light-tanned skin like Haechan? It’s fabulous just like him!

and a man with a perfect white teeth-smile like Ten’s? Aw…use sunglasses unless you want to be blinded by its brightness!

And last but not least, someone with a sexy back like TAEIL’s !!!!

Part 1- People asking you about your ideal type…

Meet The Parents - (Young)Remus Lupin Imagine

A/N: hello dearies! I got another request and I must say that I simply loved it :D

Anonymous said: After 6th year Remus invites Y/N for summer to his house. He wants her to meet his parents who are sceptical towards her. They think she doesn’t really love Remus because of his condition,she’s going to hurt him and doesn’t understand him because is muggle born. But during her stay they see how happy she makes him(she teaches him how to dance,they fool around in kitchen,read books together and laugh,she takes care of him after full moon)Remus talks with them about how much he loves her. Thanks:) 

so, as soon as I saw this request, I needed to find a bunch of gifs because they were adorable xD hope you guys like it! :D

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter :)

Your name: submit What is this?

Meet The Parents

“Would you stop fidgeting?” Remus asked trying not to laugh at his girlfriend. “It will be alright, love” he assured her.

“Yes, (Y/N). Moony’s parents are going to love you. You know granted you don’t say anything stupid or- OUCH!”

“Shut up, Sirius, (Y/N)’s nervous enough as it is” Lily said hitting him as they all glared at him.

“(Y/N), relax. Moony’s parents are great” James said smiling as Peter nodded.

“And they’re going to love you” Remus told her kissing her head.

“B-but what if they don’t?” (Y/N) asked worried.

“They will” Remus reassured her.

“Of course they will, you’re their beloved Remmy’s little girlfriend” Sirius said smirking at her and pinching Remus’ cheek.

“You’re really not helping” (Y/N) said getting even more nervous as Remus snapped his hand away.

It was the summer after their sixth year and Remus had insisted he wanted (Y/N) to spend it with him. He wanted her to meet his parents and (Y/N) couldn’t be more nervous. She knew the Lupins were good people and all, but they were very protective over Remus and his condition.

“We’re here” Sirius said smirking in a ‘The Poltergeist’ evilly way at the nervous girl as the Hogwarts Express came to a stop.

“Padfoot!” Remus glared at him.

(Y/N) fell on top of Remus when the Knight Bus stopped in front of his house.

“Sorry, love” she apologized as Remus helped her up.

“Don’t worry, (Y/N)” he said smiling at her.

Remus grabbed all of their stuff and walked over to the front door. (Y/N) looked around contemplating the house in front of her. It was a pretty big house but it still looked cozy. It had beautiful gardens and flowers everywhere with even a bench-swing on the front porch. It sort of looked like a muggle house.

“Ready?” Remus asked as they reached the door.

“As ready as I’ll ever be” she said with a nervous smile. Remus kissed her forehead and turned around to open the house.

“Mum! We’re here!” he yelled walking through the door followed by his girlfriend.

(Y/N) looked around stunned at how things that she would have to normally do in her house were being done by themselves; like the dishes washing themselves, or two needles floating around knitting a scarf. Since she was a muggle-born, her house was pretty much just… normal.

“Is that my little Remmy I hear?” Mrs. Lupin said running down the stairs. (Y/N) couldn’t help but to smile a little when she saw Remus’ cheeks burning red.

“Mum” he said a bit annoyed but Mrs. Lupin ignored him. She threw herself at her son embracing him in a big hug.

“Oh, Merlin I missed you so much” she said kissing his cheek and leaving a mark on it.

“I missed you too, mum” Remus said returning the hug.

“Oh, you get taller every year, darling” she said pulling away and noticing (Y/N). “Well, hello there, dear.”

“Uh, mum” Remus said walking over towards her. “This is (Y/N)” he said smiling at the girl. “(Y/N), this is my mum” he told her.

“It is very nice to meet you, Mrs. Lupin” (Y/N) said kindly stretching out her hand. Mrs. Lupin smiled at the nervous girl but looked at her a bit unsure. She shook her hand nevertheless.

“Likewise, dear. I’ve heard quite a lot about you” she said with a raised eyebrow making (Y/N) even more nervous.

“Hello, darling, I’m home” they all turned to see the door open and Mr. Lupin walking inside of the house. “Well, hello everyone” he said smiling at the three of them.

“Hi dad” Remus said being the first one Mr. Lupin greeted and he continued with his wife until he reached the girl.

“And who might this lovely young lady be?” he asked smirking at his son.

“Dad, this is (Y/N)” Remus introduced them.

“It is a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Lupin” she said shaking his hand also.

“You too, Miss (Y/L/N)” he said smiling back at the girl.

“They hate me!” (Y/N) said pacing around the guest room while Remus made her bed.

“They don’t hate you, love” Remus said rolling his eyes at her.

“Yes, they do! They don’t think I’m good enough for you!”

“They never said that-“

“Oh really? So your mother didn’t say that I was not the right choice for you?”

“Well she meant-“

“And did your father not say that given my background, meaning that I’m a muggle-born, that there was no way I could fully understand your furry little problem and therefore I do not really love you?”

“He didn’t technically-“

“He used those words, Remus” she said with her eyes watering a bit.

“Love, calm down” Remus said walking over towards his girlfriend and hugging her. “Look, they’re just a bit protective with me because of the whole werewolf thing” he said kissing her forehead. “They were like this with the boys last year too” he told her.


“No, not really I don’t know how they charmed them in no time” he admitted and she hit him playfully on the chest. “Look, it’ll be alright. They just have to get to know you and then, they’ll love you as much as I do” he assured her.

“B-but what if they don’t?” she asked genuinely concerned.

“They will” he said kissing her forehead again.

“Why are you so sure?”

“Because, I love you and they love me, so eventually they’ll have to love you” he said as if it was obvious. (Y/N) sighted frustrated into his chest. “Besides, it doesn’t really matter to me what they think, I love you” he said leaning down and trying to kiss her.

“Remus! Are you mad? Your parents are outside!”

“They’re asleep!” Remus said rolling his eyes. “You have to calm down, love” he said hugging her again as she pouted. “I love you” he said laughing.

“I love you too” she said burying herself in his chest.

A few days had passed and (Y/N) tried really hard to get Mr. and Mrs. Lupin to like her. Is not like they were mean towards her or anything; it just seemed more like they didn’t quite trust her. But as the days went by, both of them started to notice some changes in his son that were all thanks to (Y/N).

“And then you place your other hand on my hip” Mrs. Lupin heard (Y/N)’s voice coming from the living room where there was also music playing. She approached the room quietly, careful not to get noticed by the couple. As she leaned into the doorframe to look inside, she saw Remus dancing with (Y/N). “Ouch!”

“Sorry, love” Remus said nervously.

“That’s alright” (Y/N) said giggling as the two of them kept on dancing before Remus spun her around. “See? You’re getting better already” she said smiling brightly up at him.

What surprised Mrs. Lupin the most was the pure happiness she saw on her son’s face. Something she rarely got to see.

Mr. Lupin usually went to bed late due to his work. One night, he was coming out of his office and found it odd that the light on the living room was still on. He walked over to the room to turn it off but he found (Y/N) and Remus sitting on the floor, reading. Remus looked like he was dozing off and (Y/N) was trying very hard not to move since he was resting on her shoulder.

“Don’t you think so, love?” he heard (Y/N) ask something to Remus who only groaned in response. “Did you fall asleep?” (Y/N) asked giggling a little.

“N-no, I am fully awake” Remus said opening his eyes and trying to keep them that way. (Y/N) laughed a little placing her hand on Remus’ face.

“Why don’t we go to bed, love?”

“No, I want to know what happens” Remus complained childishly.

“We can finish it tomorrow” she told him.

“Fine, but only because you’re tired” Remus said yawning.

“Of course” (Y/N) said rolling her eyes before the two of them stood up and walked away. Mr. Lupin couldn’t help to smile at the image that reminded him of himself and his wife a long time ago.

It was the day after the full-moon. (Y/N) was in the kitchen making all kinds of food that she knew Remus loved. Mr. and Mrs. Lupin were both working and Remus was currently lying on the couch asleep. (Y/N) walked into the living room with a tray filled with chocolate desserts. She placed them on the coffee table in front of Remus and sat on a chair to read her book. She started nodding off when she heard someone coming inside the house.

“(Y/N)?” she heard Mrs. Lupin standing at the door of the living room snapping her out of her sleep.

“Um, hi M-Mrs. Lupin” she said shyly standing up. “I’m sorry, I hope you don’t mind I borrowed your kitchen but I already cleaned it and-“

“No, dear, it’s alright” Mrs. Lupin said smiling kindly. “You did all of this?” she asked looking at the table.

“Um, I did. I know Remus loves all of this and he told me how you made them for him on the days after the full-moon. I don’t think mine are as good as yours b-but since you weren’t home-“

“(Y/N), darling, really it’s alright” Mrs. Lupin assured her. “Thank you” she said all of the sudden making (Y/N) smile brightly at her. “I’m going to go get cleaned up and then we can have some tea” she told her before disappearing upstairs. (Y/N) was snapped out of her daze when she heard Remus groaning on the couch.

“Love, are you alright?” she asked kneeling down next to him.

“I am” Remus said smiling at her tiredly. “Am I delirious or did I just see my mum being grateful to you?”

(Y/N) giggled a little. “You’re not that delirious” she said kissing his forehead.

“See? I told you they would warm up to you” he told her and she simply nodded. “Now, come here” he said moving a bit away so she could get on the couch with him.

“Remus! Your mother is upstairs!”

“So? She lets me do whatever makes me feel better after the full-moon and cuddling with you makes me feel better so get in here” he complained childishly. (Y/N) just let out a small laugh and obeyed. Remus kissed her forehead softly, both of them unaware of Mrs. Lupin with a big grin on her face watching everything from the stairs.

“Why can’t we use magic?” Remus complained for the fifth time.

“Because it’s more fun this way” (Y/N) said. The two of them were baking brownies for Mr. and Mrs. Lupin. According to Remus they loved them so (Y/N) wanted to do something nice for them to thank them for letting her spend the summer here.

“But it takes so loooong” Remus complained dramatically.

“You sounded just like Sirius” (Y/N) said laughing.

“I did not!” he complained.

“Yes, you did” (Y/N) said as she kept on mixing everything not noticing Remus’ smirk on his face as he grabbed some flour.

“Take it back” he said childishly.

“Honestly, Remus you just-“ (Y/N) gasped surprised when flour filled all of her face. “Remus John Lupin!”

“What?” he asked innocently.

“You’re going to pay for that” (Y/N) said laughing.

“Uh, I’m so scared” Remus mocked her while he dipped his fingers in the batter and ate it. And then, (Y/N) tossed flour at him. “(Y/N)!”

“I warned you” she said giggling.

“Oh, is that so?” Remus said grabbing some batter and filling her face with it.


“Now come on, let’s be serious for a minute” he said pretending this had all been her idea and going back to his own batter. (Y/N) bit her lip smirking and grabbed a spoon fill with cake mix before she smashed it on his nose. Remus turned to look at her pretending to be offended.

“Well, I believe this is war, Miss (Y/LN/)” Remus said before running after her. just as he caught up with her, (Y/N) cracked an egg on his head. “Hey! That’s cheating!”

“No, it isn’t” she said laughing hysterically. Remus grabbed the entire bag of flour and tossed it all over (Y/N).

“Remus!” she said laughing and tossing it back to him. Soon enough (Y/N) found herself in Remus’ arms. “You have uh- a little something here” she said giggling and cleaning the batter a little. Remus smiled down at her before leaning down and kissing her on the lips.

“So, when do we know when this things are done?” he said as they pulled away and put the brownies in the oven.

“It should be a half hour” she told him.

Remus came downstairs about ten minutes later after getting cleaned up. He walked over to the oven and saw if the brownies were like (Y/N) told them they were supposed to be since she was still in the shower.  

“Hello, sweetheart” he turned around and looked at his parents walking into the kitchen.

“Hi mum, hi dad” he greeted them.

“What are you doing in here? It smells delicious” Mr. Lupin said walking in.

“Um, (Y/N) and I made you brownies” he said smiling.

“She got you to cook?” Mrs. Lupin said shocked.

“I cook” Remus argued while Mr. Lupin laughed. “I do!”

“Sure you do, son. As do I” he said mocking him while he and Mrs. Lupin sat on the kitchen table.

“I must admit, Remmy, I was a bit uncertain about (Y/N) at first” she told her son.

“Mum” Remus said glaring at her a little.

“Don’t give me that look, Remus John Lupin” she scowled him. “I just want what is best for my son” she continued.

“Well, I happen to think that (Y/N) is what’s best for your son” Remus mocked her.

“I didn’t say she wasn’t” Mrs. Lupin said surprising him. “As I was saying, I was a bit uncertain about her at first but, I’ve seen the change she does in you” she told him smiling.

“We both have” Mr. Lupin said smiling at his son who smiled back at them. “You really love her, don’t you son?”

“I really do dad” Remus said sitting down next to her. “She’s just so… perfect, you know? She’s smart and funny and sweet and beautiful and… when I told her I was a werewolf she didn’t even flinch” he said remembering that. “And she’s always there the day after the full-moon and she’s even working with Professor Slughorn to see if she can brew the Wolfsbane Potion” he informed them. “I’m crazy about her” he told them.

“Well, then” Mrs. Lupin told him. “We’re just happy that you’re happy, love” she said standing up and kissing her son’s forehead.

The End

A/N: aaahh xD I hope you guys liked it as much as I did! :)

Oh wow. Hey guys, let’s enjoy how literally from the first frame of this episode, THIS IS PAINFUL AS FUCK

It opens up, and my first thought was how it reminded me of a playground I used to visit all the time when I was little. It set an immediate tone, and a nostalgic one at that. We pan across slowly, taking in the rock wall where kids could climb. The benches where parents or guardians would watch and supervise, currently abandoned. The sandbox, with half-buried spades and buckets on their side. Play has been interrupted and the toys abandoned.

Then the slide, with Naru sitting on the edge. She’s folded over, as small as she can be, Hiding her face, hugging her knees. And there’s Usagi. The distance between her and Naru feels like it goes on for miles. She’s turned away and standing awkwardly, her school bag in front of her. Hovering. She wants to help, but has no idea what to do.

And these images are TERRIBLE. Before we even start, they’re spelling out for us the loss of innocence that is this entire arc’s emotional center. It’s safe to say that Naru has come here for comfort, or at least chosen to rest here when it all became too much for her. The contrast is heartbreaking. Naru, in this abandoned child’s place, wrestling with problems that no child should ever have. She doesn’t belong here, there are no answers for her. But then where does she belong? Naru has nowhere to turn. Her mother won’t understand, certainly not after Naru stole from her. Usagi wants to help, but can’t help seeing things though what Sailor Moon knows. Naru is completely lost, and the image of her crying at the bottom of that slide while Usagi may as well actually be on the moon is killing me.

And poor Usagi. I can’t imagine she’s ever really been in a situation where she couldn’t just hug a problem away. Usagi wants so DESPERATELY to help, but she’s caught. As much as Naru doesn’t belong in this playground anymore, neither does Usagi. She, too, is learning the hard way that the problems facing her now are so much larger than making sure you didn’t lose your spade in the sandbox. Usagi is Sailor Moon, she’s been given all this power, but when Naru is facing a real, adult problem that’s too big for her, all of Usagi’s power is useless.

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My first animes: Moomins, Pokemon, Digimom and Sherlock dog (Not sure if that's the name tho.) I'm bit younger but my big brothers watched these and we had them on casets so that's how I watched them. I never even heard about sailor moon, dracon ball

Oh we have almost the same ones! Mine are Moominvalles, Pokémon, Digimon, Yugioh, Sailor Moon. Did not know about dragon ball either ..

And also for some reason I got my hands on really old/less known ones like Thunder Cats (anime?), Starzinger, Silver Fang, and something called the Super Family, I think? It was super weird. I’m sure there are more but I can’t think of right now.. 

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how you feel about: buster moon yo.

Send me a character’s name and my muse will tell how they feel about them || accepting


“ my  thoughts  on  mr.  moon  ???  hm.  well  i  love  how  optimistic  and  kind  he  is  towards  everyone  he  meets,  whether  they  are  rude  to  him  or  not.  he’s  passionate  of  what  he  does  and  would  do  anything  to  save  what  he  loves  like  his  theater.  heh,  reminds  me  of  when  i  was  just  a  kid.  i  like  mr.  moon,  though  he  is  very  fun  to  tease,  i  still  respect  him “

Ramadan story

There were two of these guys at the mosque who were known to have had the whole Qur’an memorized, meaning that they’re “human Qur’ans”, and the first impression we get is that they’re probably absolutely pious and strict in their faith, so I thought that perhaps it would be all too difficult to approach them, because being a Hafiz (=someone who memorized the Qur’an) is an incredible feat for Muslims which would earn you tons of respect, because of the amount of effort and devotion you have to go through to earn such a talent.

However, during my I'tikaf (=retreat) to the mosque (there’s a tradition where we spend ten consecutive nights at the mosque during the Night of Degree, the last days of Ramadan), I saw them playing with a DS in the Prayer hall one night.

Both of these dudes were playing till 6 am, so after curiosity had killed me, I just had to see what they were playing. I asked what they were playing and so he told me that he was playing Pokemon Platinum. The Hafiz playing told me that Platinum is his favourite Pokemon game, so he always brought his DS and his Platinum copy with him no matter what, even if it meant going on a pilgrimage. Apparently both of them are big fans of the series. All of us had a good time, and we were talking about Sun & Moon and how stoked we were about them, the fun lasted till the Mosque’s janitor told us to sleep. At the end of the day, I gained new friends, HAHA.

I just felt like sharing this story.

poetry about how my hands are waiting to devour your anatomy. poetry about all our little discoveries; the secrets in our clavicles, resting like stars- poetry about how they taste. poetry about how we are holy; having prayed on bruised knees for this. tell the angels- we are golden, without wings / tell them we are lucky; in poetry, about how the moon falls, and you catch her in our oceans. poetry in every howl / every bloodied sheet / in our teeth / our bones, aching; so empty / the messy fruit on our chests / the heat, the warmth of our skin / the goosebumps, that speak / these quivering bodies / poetry in our need. poetry in our being. poetry about how we are art. poetry about how we are poetry.