how about that uniform

Also earlier today I saw an article about how the marines in Pirates of the Caribbean have uniforms from 1747. Like, clearly not. Obviously 1770s. 


i’m a quidditch player, and you’re the announcer, and i am trying really hard not to notice that your comments about me are becoming less and less about how i’m playing, and more and more about how i look in my quidditch uniform for @thememesister

Keith takes to the sky like a bird in flight.

Sometimes, Keith feels more at home on his broom among the clouds - the wind whipping around him, caressing his skin, invisible tendrils running through his hair - than he does with two feet planted firmly on the ground.

He’s good at it as well. He’s better than good. He’s excellent at it, cutting through the sky, bobbing and weaving effortlessly past teammates and opponents like his broom is simply an extension of his body; like it’s another limb.

He feels the adrenaline course through his veins as the crowd in the stands cheer and applaud and roar as he and the rest of the team come gliding out of the changing rooms, a sea of red and gold against the blue sky.

He reflexively glances to the furtherest corner of the stadium, gaze zeroing on on the topmost row of seats where he can see Shiro and Allura cheering just as loudly as the rest of the crowd, holding a giant Gryffindor flag between them.

Aaaaaand welcome ladies and gents to our first Quidditch match of the term,” a voice drawls out over the magically enhanced speakers placed throughout the stadium. “Gryffindor vs. Hufflepuff. Place your bets now people, I’ve got 50 knuts riding on—”


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I Really Like You (Requested)

Request:  Would you write a oneshot of the imagine you posted of the reader getting horny seeing stiles in his lacrosse uniform please?

A/N: Sorry I haven´t written smut in a while but I did my best!

Warnings: trash writing, smutty smut, kind of dom!stiles, actually really dom!stiles but in the good way I guess, some fluff

I grinned down proudly at the boy with number 24. Stiles had made 4 goals, by now, he was the hero of the night. I was the loudest to cheer whenever he hit it, and it certainly boasted his self-esteem. I couldn’t help but think about how hot he looked in his uniform… His hair was a mess, his cheeks flushed and he wore that one special grin that made my insides clench. 

He made the fifth goal 5 seconds before the game was over, Beacon Hills won. I jumped up along with Kira and Lydia, even forgetting about the sign I made for him, I just wanted to be close to him. The other players congratulated him by patting his shoulder and shouting out their favorite goal he made. My big smile didn’t leave my face once. I knew Stiles hadn’t been the best player right from the start, but just like I always told him; he was an extrodinary player, he just needed more confidence. 

And to be honest confidence made him look even hotter. Especially in red… The other guys cheered when I jumped into his arms and kissed him. It was an innocent and sweet kiss at first, but it quickly became more heated. Had Stiles been a werewolf, he would’ve smelled my arousal. We only seperated when someone next to us cleared his throat. 

“You guys are coming to the party right?”, Scott asked smiling. 


“Good. You did great Stiles.”, Scott reassured him with his famous puppy eyes. 

“Thanks bud.”, Stiles grinned. We followed Scott and Kira into the locker room, but I didn’t wait outside like usual, and I stopped him from walking towards the showers. 

“Let’s just go to the party okay? You can have a shower afterwards.”, I smiled and he nodded. 


“It was more of coincidence, really. I don’t even know how I made the last one.”, Stiles informed me excitedly. I nodded and bit my lip, pretending to listen. I thought I could simply forget my hormones, but apparently I was wrong. 

“Stiles, can we leave?”, I interrupted him. He frowned and raised his eyebrows at me. 

“But the party? We won  Y/N, why would-”

“Because right now I’m incredibly horny and I need you.”, I interrupted him and didn’t even hide the fact that my eyes were glued to a certain part of him.

“Oh- oh my god. Please let this be real.”, he mumbled when I took his hand and guided him out of the house. He snapped out of his daze when I leaned against the jeep and pulled him against me, bringing him in for a kiss. I enjoyed him taking control of the situation. Stiles was a naturally sweet person, and the confidence he showed didn´t make him any less appealing. 

He licked my bottom lip, asking for entrance, and I refused, just to see his reaction. He growled and bit my lip, my gasp giving him the possibility to slip his tongue in my mouth. I put my hands around his neck and tried to pull him even closer. He picked me up and I quickly wrapped my legs around him, letting out a sigh when he bucked his hips against mine. 


“What was that princess?”, he whispered huskily into my ear as his hand began to fondle my ass. I let out a whimper and desperately bucked my hips against him in an attempt to get more friction. I felt him smirk into the kiss and god, it turned me on. He started to trail kisses down my neck and I finally stopped him just when he was about to reach my chest. 

“Home.”, I managed to get out and he nodded before he reluctantly pulled back and opened the door for me. I smiled and got in, waiting for him to do the same. 

The drive was silent, until I decided to make it a little more interesting. I put my hand on his shoulder first, giving him a smile that he returned. When he focused back on the street I let my hand glide down to is thigh, stroking it slowly. 

“Y/N…”, Stiles warned me with a dark voice and a glance that let me know I´d pay for this later, but right now, I didn´t care.

“Huh?”, I asked innocently. He managed to ignore me for a while, at least until I decided to move my hand again. I put it over the obvious bulge he had in his pants, rubbing soft circles on it. He let out a loud groan and I felt myself getting wetter by the second. I kept massaging his bulge, growing more confident. At the next red traffic light he didn´t hesitate to kiss me roughly and let his hand glide under the hem of my dress. He stroked my thighs softly, but he knew it wasn’t anything close to what I wanted. He moved his fingers up to my wet folds, but never went any further. I gasped surprised when he inserted one finger into me.

“Who made you this wet baby, huh?”, he asked, his voice barely more than a whisper next to my ear. I let out a loud moan as he added another finger and picked up the pace, making me unable to reply.

“Was it me? Did I make you this wet?”, he asked and I managed to nod. He chuckled darkly and stopped pumping his fingers. 

“I think you can do better than that. Who made you this wet?”, he asked again but didn’t let me time to think before he dipped his fingers back into me. 


“What was that?”

“You made me this wet.”, I groaned. He rewarded me with rubbing my clit softly, making me feel incredibly dizzy. He had to stop when the car behind us honked; the traffic light had been green for a while now, we simply didn’t care.

 Once we arrived at my place we hurried to get inside. My mum had a business meeting over the weekend, so we wouldn’t be interrupted. I kicked off my heels and barely noticed him doing the same while I pulled off his lacrosse shirt.

“You do realise you look damn hot in that uniform?”, I asked while letting my hand roam over his chest.

“You do realise you look damn hot basically all the time and I constantly want to fuck you?”

I smiled up at him and turned to let him unzip my dress, and took it off myself. He took off his pants and I couldn’t even say something before he picked me up and threw me down on the couch. 

“Why don’t we go upstairs?”, I asked and looked up at him. 

“We will after round one.”, he smirked back. I licked my lips and pulled him down on me. He immediately began kissing my neck until he found my sweet spot. I turned us so I could straddle him and give him better access to my neck. He sucked on it and I involuntary bucked my hips. 

“How many rounds are there?” 

“You’ll find out.”

 He let out a groan as he took  off my bra. He stared at my breasts for a few moments. 

I took his hands and put them over my breasts, reminding him that he was allowed to touch me in any way he craved. He massaged my breasts until the increasing need I felt was unignorable. I brought my hand down to his boner and grabbed it, massaging it passionately. He threw his head back and moaned, thrusting into my hand. He gently pushed me onto the couch so he could get up and take off his boxers, but once he took them off I was already kneeling in front of him. 

“Oh my God you’re literally the best girlfriend ever.”, he blurted out. I smiled up at him before I licked over his tip. Feeling encouraged by his moans I swirled my tongue around his tip before I took him deeper in mouth, but not very far. 

“No teasing Y/N.”, he growled and I made sure to keep eye-contact as I took him all the way down my throat. He took my hair and put it into a lose ponytail as he guided my head back and forth with his head thrown back in pleasure. It felt even more intense when he started thrusting again. I moaned at how good he tasted and he automatically thrusted harder at the vibration. He pulled me up and connected our lips again, pushing me back down on the couch. 

I felt the tip of his cock teasing my entrance and tried to move against him but Stiles held me tightly, so I couldn’t move without his permission. He slowly pushed inside me, too slowly. I bucked my hips against his and he now fully filled me up. He let me some time to adjust to his size, it was neccessary. Once the pain ebbed away, it started to feel good. It felt so fucking good.

 He pulled out again, very slow and I just wanted to tell him that I couldn’t take his fucking teasing anymore when he rammed back into me with a force that made me bounce off the couch and against him again. 

“Stiles…”, I wimpered and he sighed into my neck. He repeated his slow torture, thrusting back very hard. I gasped, it felt so good…

“Say my name like that again.”, he demanded and I had no problem with obeying him. 

“Stiles… Stiles!”

He picked up the pace and grabbed my hips in order to keep me steady. I arched my back when I felt his balls rubbing over my clit, bringing me closer to my release. I sat up, letting him thrust into me at a whole other angle. We both let out noises of pleasure, enjoying the imtimacy. He sucked on my sweet spot again and I felt my stomach tighten. I closed my eyes to concentrate on all the spots Stiles hit at once, bringing me over the edge. 

Stiles!”, I screamed as my orgasm washed over me. 

“Look at me.”

I tried to, but I couldn’t handle the intensity. He thrusted into me even harder and I seriously started to wonder if he was still human with a power like this. 

“I said look at me.”, he repeated with a firm voice and my eyes snapped open to meet his dark gaze. He moaned at the sight of me in pure pleasure. When I was about to come down from my high, I felt him twitch inside me before he filled me up with his warm cum. I sighed at the amazing feeling. We remained like this for a few seconds, until he pulled out and flipped us over, me lying on top, so I could lay down more comfortably.

“You really like this uniform.”, he chuckled breathlessly.

“I really like you.”



“I love you.”

“I love you too, Stilinski.”

“Can we eat something? I want to be strong for round two.”, he grinned and I giggled and slapped his chest. 



The Recipe for a GREAT Story Idea




The World’s Most Famous Detective Stories plus Modern-Day London.

What makes these story concepts so intriguing, and so repeatable? 

 Yes, they’re genius ideas. But there’s a recipe you can glean from those genius ideas, one which anyone can follow.  And if we can follow it, we can create our own genius ideas. It has, unsurprisingly, two ingredients.

I thought of cooking, then I thought of Stitch baking a cake. 


Something timeless. Familiar. Well-known already. Your reader already has imagery and expectations attached to this thing. Take Cinderella for example. When I hear it, images pop in my head instantly: a glass slipper, a clock striking midnight, a pumpkin coach, a ball at a castle, a servant girl. Or how about boarding school? A huge ancient building, classrooms, kids in uniforms, dormitories, living at school with a ton of kids your own age. Mental images abound. And they’re most likely the same images for everybody. 

(I want that dress. I’ll wear it when I go to Barnes and Noble and I’ll throw books at anyone that gives me odd looks.)


Something new. Unexpected. Contrasting with that timeless imagery. Creating something one-of-a-kind, uniquely yours. Something surprising. We all have a lot of traditional expectations when we hear “Cinderella”, so when we add “Cyborg” to it, our brains start applying sci-fi to those expectations. Same with Sherlock and boarding school and all other examples. Our imaginations instantly start having fun, creating possibilities of what could happen in the story. Which makes us want to read and find out how those expectations are met. The ideas shouldn’t go together, but that’s what makes them work so well. 

It’s like this Remy gif:

Apart, the ideas, or “flavors”, are excellent. But when you combine them, things get infinitely more interesting. Downright magical in some cases. 


More than the delight and imagination sparking properties of these concepts make them work so wonderfully. Each ingredient is serving a distinct function. 

– One ingredient is suggesting STRUCTURE.

– One ingredient is suggesting AESTHETIC, WORLD, or TELLING METHOD.


Ask anyone to tell you the story of Cinderella, and they probably can. Everyone knows it. There are versions of it throughout the world. With boarding school, almost everyone knows the outline of a school year. Most people have a rough idea of how the revolution (or any revolution) played out. We instantly have a linear outline of events in our heads, no matter how rough or foggy. 


Witchcraft and wizardry. Modern-day London. Hip-hop. Cyborgs. When you hear these, they evoke possibilities of what the world of the story is going to be like. What it’s going to look like, feel like, how that story is going to be conveyed. And the “world” of the story is one of the most intoxicating parts of a story, that we really love. It’s one of the reasons we can read the same book over and over again; you’re in another world, a fascinating world, a world that can feel a lot more like home than your own. Give readers a concept of a setting they can easily imagine, and when it’s applied to that narrative, easily want to take up residence within.  

With “boarding school” you imagine school sports like badminton or soccer or that one where people slide rocks on ice. 

But when you add “wizardry” to “school”, you can imagine sports where children hurtle through the air on cleaning tools, while cannonballs try to smash into their heads.

Besides making your story timeless and unique, and far stronger for it, this also makes the concept of it highly repeatable. Because what happens if you surprise your reader, spark their own creativity, and delight them because of it? 

You’ve created something they actively want to share. 

The cycle of finding something you love isn’t complete until you’ve shared that thing with other people. It’s just how humans work. Just ask every person I have systematically infected with Hamilton. You’re not bribing, or bullying, or cajoling people to spread your story: they’re doing it of their own volition. Viral marketing is what you’re going for. The best kind of businesses are ones that “don’t require you’re time or presence” right? It’s the same with selling books. If you create something contagious, all you have to do is tell a few people. Then those people will tell other people, who will tell others, until you’ve spread a delightful bookish plague everyone is happy when they catch. You little plague rat you. Or plague flea, I suppose, would be more accurate. 

Oh, one more thing! This element of your premise can usually be summed up with a pithy little one-line of genius: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry or “America then, told by America now.”

Yup, squishing it down into one sentence makes it even more wildly contagious. 

So get that one sentence, sit back, and watch your story take over the world. 

what i really wanna know is the logistics of everyday life on the enterprise

where are the showers? are they ensuite in the quarters or are there communal ones for the deck? how do the women feel about wearing their short uniforms when they have their periods? what’s the *feminine hygiene* technology like in the 23rd century? do they have toothbrushes?

and when do kirk and spock sleep? who has the con when kirk is resting his weary head? surely it can’t be spock, even though it should be, bc they’re always awake together and then he would never sleep? 

are the members of the crew able to contact their families? are there other games on board apart from space chess? what’s the most popular dish? 

it’s great seeing all the adventure and heroism but what about the simpler things in life, the human monotonies?  

“Yagi. Kid. We want you here. We want you here safe.”

Hello @guardianlioness it is I, your bnhaww partner! 

I looked through your Ao3 account for ideas since I’ve actually read most of your fics… so I picked your ageswap au to draw a present from!

So here’s Dad-ku with his kids Inko and Toshi in their UA uniforms!  I’m really proud about how this turned out…

If you haven’t read this fic PLEASE CHECK IT OUT IT’S GOOD!

anonymous asked:

I loved Jim sexting! What about Bones sexting?

  • It didn’t take long for news to get around that Jim was a porn-poet laureate. No one had seen the actual work, but the rumour was that it was amazing. Bones was absolutely disgusted by the idea of sending written smut by message.
  • “Darlin’, if I’m gonna wax poetic about singin’ a song between your thighs, you damn well better believe I’m gonna say it to your face to watch that pretty pink blush you’ve got when you’re turned on or embarrassed.”
  • You decide to see if you can change his mind, and send him a message about the lacy nighty you picked up on shore leave.
  • He doesn’t respond.
  • You send another message, telling him about the jasmine-scented body wash that he loves so much.
  • He doesn’t respond.
  • You send him a long message about how good you think he looks in his uniform, highlighting all your favourite parts - the snug fit of his pants across his glorious ass, the way the tunic accentuates his broad shoulders. 
  • Still no response.
  • You describe in detail exactly what you’re doing to do to those sexy body parts once you can get him out of uniform after shift.
  • Still no response.
  • You finally give up, and head back to quarters after your shift. You walk in and there’s candlelight and a bottle of wine open on the table.
  • You see Leonard sitting in the dim light of the living room, his PADD in his hand. He looks up at you and growls. “I’m going to sing a goddamn song between your thighs tonight, darlin’. But you need to put on that little lacy number first.”


yeah but what about superhero aus???
  • the we’re both superhero vigilantes who happened to run across each other’s paths and we don’t know it but we’re actually each other’s roommates and it’s kind of weird that we didn’t notice it earlier au
  • alternately, my roommate is my archenemies but damn we made some great lasagne last night so maybe i’ll let them get away this one time au
  • also what about that one time my gf/bf was fighting crime && made his/her great escape but then lost the car keys and money to get on the metro so now i have to drive out there to get them au; an au which can be gratuitously mixed in with “&& now my sleepy significant other is passed out on the couch so guess who has to wash their superhero uniform?!?!?!?!”
  • or how about that one time my significant other revealed to me that s/he was that amazing superhero on tv but i knew already because really? really. i’d know those cheekbones five miles away without my glasses on a foggy day au

SHSL anatomically incorrect Anthropologist!

A list of things I’ve learned about Korekiyo Shinguuji this week:

  • He is confirmed as my favourite DRV3 character for now, despite the fact that I know next to nothing about him.
  • I can’t remember how to draw his uniform.
  • “SHSL anthropologist” sounds like an awesome talent!
  • Having a… peculiar personnality, his chances of dying are sky high. And I will be sad.
  • I still don’t know what’s under his mask and his bandages. My guess now is that they are to preserve his so precious and pretty human body…
  • Please don’t be a victim. And maybe not a killer either.

On a side note, I’m glad to see so many “scientific” talents this time around! (Anthropologist, inventor, detective, entomologist, astronaut, politician, robot…) The science nerd in me is growing proud.