how about that

To my view, what Marc Guggenheim said about his regrets on Ol*city was absolutely perfect. The fact that he did not make it about the fans or the ship war or any other characters than Oliver and Felicity is exactly what we needed. It’s proof.

Proof that, at the heart of it all, Ol*city’s problem is not that it isn’t comics-canon or that it pissed off comic geeks or that it ignited a ship war - Ol*city’s problem is that it was badly written, period. Countless people, both on this site and off, have argued since s3 that the relationship was rushed, wasn’t developed, and was being pushed through past the point of believability to hit those “tent poles” as Arrow’s show runner called it. It was badly written. It was bad story-telling. It was detrimental absolutely to the two characters involved, and by extension other characters and the plot as screen time was increasingly eaten up in order to try and justify the writer’s badly conceived story line. The problem stemmed from Ol*city and how it was written alone.

You can still ship them. Obviously, no one can stop you just like no one can stop Marc Guggenheim from still being satisfied they explored the ship at all. But it’s time to accept that, on the show, it is over. It was tried and it failed, badly, costing much of the show’s viewership and critical acclaim. The writers and actors involved are clearly in the process of leaving that unfortunate chapter of the show’s history behind. Like it or not, there’s no way to twist this in a way that makes Ol*city an endgame of the show any more. It’s over.

And in all fairness, I do have to applaud Marc Guggenheim. It’s not easy to admit to a mistake, particularly so publicly. I’ve certainly said many a thing about the man and his integrity before, but I have to respect him for doing this because it was needed. The show needed closure. The fandom needed closure. And we’ve gotten it. @marcguggenheim, good on you.

Ok but can 2017 be the year we seriously stop idolizing celebrities so much to the point that everything they say is apparently ~morally~ right and “everyone should listen to this pure cinnamon roll because they can’t make any mistakes!” Because this shits getting old and tiresome and ignoring or encouraging problematic stuff said by celebrities with influence isn’t right nor does it help anyone.