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So Louis owns and exclusively stays in a $10M property in between Calabassas and Malibu (which he couldn’t possible have afforded to buy on his own, but that’s beside the point), and yet his ‘girlfriend’ was regularly hosting photoshoots and snapstories in the backyard of the rental property he was rumoured to be staying in?

Wow, it’s almost as if both the rental house and the girlfriend are both fake as fuck and solely for promo…


28/ favourite moments x quotes.

On stage, he said with a serious expression: His name is Oh Sehun.
When someone mentioned the lead dancers, he said: Sehun is one too.
When everyone finished talking, he pointed at Oh Sehun and said: Sehun hasn’t spoken yet.
Lu Han doesn’t know how to sugarcoat his words, but those few simple lines are enough to prove where Oh Sehun stands in his heart.
Oh Sehun, there’s still Oh Sehun, only Oh Sehun.


Let’s take a moment to think about the first time Astrid used babe on Hiccup.

Thoughtlessly, most likely.  Having heard her parents use it, older vikings on their significant others, Snotlout on her countless times… the casual intimacy of the word is already well known to her.

We’ll say she’s seventeen–just turned–and she’s removing Stormfly’s saddle after a late flight.  Hiccup approaches as she’s unbuckling the harness from around Stormfly’s chest.

“Here,” he says, “I’ll take it now and fix the rigging in the morning.”

Astrid flashes a grin and hands it over.

“Thanks, babe.”

She doesn’t realize Hiccup’s staring at her until his lingering form comes to her attention. When she asks him what’s wrong he mumbles something about the forge and leaves. 

It’s only as she replays the last few moments in her mind that Astrid realizes what she called him.


you love her 

I’m not sure in what way 

maybe you don’t know yourself 

but anyone paying attention could see 

how much you care about her 

Dat Blacklist ep!

Red and Samar flirting and whatnot

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Donald Ressler and his sob story

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Tom Keen, just all the time

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That Aram and Liz scene

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Red, who was barely in this ep, but perfect none the less

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Red’s speech in that last scene

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Lizzie is someone he loves

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The promo for next week

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