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for @joyfire-week (belatedly, oops), a mash up of “no capes AU” and “royalty” prompts. 

I wanted to try something different than the European royalty-style that I’m used to, especially since Kori isn’t from any Earth nation. So we have Mughal princess Kori (thank you for suggesting the reference, @ileliberte :D), Ming dynasty Jason (calling on the idea that Lady Shiva is his mom if you want to), and Renaissance Roy, with the boys as… merchants? mercenaries? pirates? …outlaws? Up to you. :)

I initially had Jason in British-ish get up as well (which doesn’t preclude him being of chinese descent) but i decided i wanted them all to be from places distant to each other. Here’s jay’s renfest get-up for the curious:

A Faux Affinity

A Royai Gift Fic for @capthawkeye !!! Happy Birthday Marilyn!! <3 

Words: 2,723

Riza frowned at her appearance in the mirror. The short black dress hugged her form in a way that would’ve made her shriek from embarrassment as a child, pronouncing every curve in her body from her chest to her waist. It was a sturdy disguise after all, worthy of attracting the attention of any man, or gold-digger, in a wide radius. She supposed she catered to all, with a body to match the fine jewels that donned her neck and wrists.

It was disgusting and it was demeaning, the fact that she had to dress this way to become a target, but she would follow what the mission entailed without a struggle. She was to attend a Gala for the most wealthy in Central, celebrating the retirement of some upper-class businessman that she couldn’t care less about. It was these types of ritzy events that she had day-dreamed about as a girl, when her only pastimes included counting chickens or gardening. Now, however, she’d rather be on a field mission with her guns unconcealed; even paperwork was preferable.

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goldenrose101  asked:

Happy birthday! It's generous to offer US some gifts! How about a Roy and Riza from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood?

I actually haven’t drawn Riza and Roy before! And they are some of my fav duo from FMA (aside from Bradley/Mrs Bradley otp lol). Thus I didn’t want to just do a simple sketch of them… so I somehow ended up drawing a weird prequel comic to Ultimate Weakness heh. Falman cameo!

RIP Roy Mustang

Bea and Roy have very different ideas of what qualifies as “winter weather”...

… so if it’s about 30 F/-1 C and there’s an inch of snow of the ground, Bea is probably wearing mid-weight stockings and sweater, but no heavy coat, and considering it a “nice autumn day.” Meanwhile, Roy is completely bundled up and refusing to leave the base because “don’t y’alls know it’s dangerous to drive in the snow?” 

“Roy, if you can think this is scary snow, never go near the Great Lakes. You’ll have a heart attack and die.” 


Drabble- Parent Trap AU

This is for the anon who asked for a Parent Trap RoyAi AU.  Dude, about all I remember about that movie was the first one where the girl says “That’s my Dad, isn’t he dreamy?” and young me was pretty sure that wasn’t OK in any time period/scenario.   However, here is a really AU  mess of a drabble for you.


They drove in silence until Roy finally cleared his throat and said, “So…”

“Look, you can’t go blaming me for smacking that kid.”  Ed spat and kept his arms crossed as he hunkered down in the passenger seat trying to not be upset about this parent-teacher intervention they were going to.  He actually cared about school and it upset him that he got detention in addition to Mrs. Curtis calling for a special meeting with parents.  Still, he wasn’t going to listen to some speech from Roy.  “Hughes talks about how you two used to fight in the academy all the time.  You can’t lecture me.”

“Actually I can because it’s my job.” Roy looked over briefly to guage how upset Ed about this before putting his eyes back on the road.   He was such a bad driver and since adopting Ed he had to try extra hard to not endanger the boy when driving him places.   “Maes and I were adults.   We were competitive and in the military academy of all places.   You’re a kid and in the schoolyard punching some boy for trying to give you a cat.”

“The cat scratched me!”  Ed snapped.  “I told him I didn’t want the damned thing and he still tried to give it to me.”

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Starling: Chapter Sixteen

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Dear Elliott,

I know it’s been a few weeks since we were in touch. I’ve tried to write, but I’m guessing you’re either mad at me or really busy. Probably both. 

But, good news! Uh potentially. Dr. Chan and I are working on setting up a class trip to Empyrean. You told me once that your goal was to foster understanding, and I think this will be the best way to continue that project. I hope you agree. I bet you’ll know about it by the time we get there, but I wish we could discuss it beforehand. Can you write me back? 

I mean, can you write me? Like, are you okay? If you’re mad at me that’s one thing, I can understand that. But I want to know you’re safe, that you didn’t get in trouble or thrown in jail or something because of that article.

I hope I’m like insultingly wrong about how things work over there. But I just don’t know, so. 

Everyone’s mad at Cosmo. If that helps things. :) 



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anonymous asked:

Ok not sure if you're still doing the headcannon thing but could we get some headcannons about how Hughes teased Roy about Riza? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeze

Yes, please!

  • He always made an effort to tell Roy to “get a wife” whenever Riza was in the room.
  • Whenever he had a get together he never told Roy that he could bring a ‘plus one.’ Instead, he recommended to Roy what time he should pick Riza up in order to get to his house on time.
  • Side-eyeing Roy whenever Riza walked into the room.
  • Roy has to moderate his alcohol intake whenever Hughes took him out for a night on the town because he once said a few things that he probably shouldn’t have. Hughes was kind enough to write them all down for him so that he would never forget.
  • He had a picture of the two of them that was caught at just the right moment, where they’re looking at each other with very affectionate expression. He always kept it in a secret hiding place that Roy could never seem to find. Just by chance, he had left it in the breast pocket of the uniform he was wearing the night he died. Dr. Knox handed the blood-crusted picture over to Roy after he performed the autopsy. 
To Be Whole Again

Please read Brokenhearted Heart Breaker by @thelockpickingvictorian before reading this! I read this fic by her a long time ago, and it brought me to tears! With her permission I asked if I could write a second part to this to mend my heart. I hope you enjoy both fics!

Two months. Two long, never ending months of numbness. He couldn’t feel a single thing. Oliver would like to feel pain again, sorrow, anger-but he was numb. There was no adrenaline, no shock, no fear, no nothing. Felicity had left two months ago. She was engaged to Ray Palmer, and he let her go. He told her to go. He was numb. And then…



“I think we have a visitor.”

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