how about no more sam in a hospital bed

Imagine splitting up from your brothers.

A/N: This takes place S1E10, Asylum.

Before the Series Imagines

Series Imagines Season One

Dean’s age-26

Sam’s age-22

Reader’s age-15

Dean x Sister!Reader     Sam x Sister!Reader

You kept your eyes peeled for the ghost that was trying to talk to Dean; waiting for her to reappear. Sam was going on about how she didn’t try to harm Dean, how it seemed that she just wanted to talk to him, but you tuned him out.

You’d been giving both brothers the silent treatment ever since leaving Kansas. Things had only gotten more awkward after finding out about your disappearance from their lives for almost three years when you were an infant. A secret they had kept from you for years; that, along with Mary’s spirit stirring up emotions, had led to you where you are now; ignoring both your brothers existence.

Sam continued talking but stopped when you all heard the same noise. Dean held his shotgun at the ready while Sam quickly moved an old hospital bed out of the way, revealing a scared blonde who looked like she was the same age, maybe a few years older then you.

“Hey, it’s okay.” Dean said, “We’re not gonna hurt you. What’s your name?”

“Katherine, Kat.” She replied, looking between the three of you, intimated by the two large men.

“I’m Dean and this is Sam and Y/N.” Dean told her. Sam sent her a small smile while you gave her a confused look, wondering why she was there.

“What are you doing here?” Sam asked her, wondering the same thing as you.

“Um, my boyfriend, Gavin-” Kat began but Sam cut her off.

“Is he here?” He questioned, concerned about someone being alone in the asylum.

“Somewhere. He thought it would be fun to see some ghosts. I thought it was all, ya know…” She said while making a face.

“Make believe?” You asked her.

“Yeah. I’ve seen things, then I heard Gavin scream and-” Kat didn’t complete her sentence, she began to look around the building and you could tell she was scared.

“Alright, Kat come on. Y/N’s gonna get you out here and we’re gonna find your boyfriend.” Dean told her.

“No! I’m not leaving without Gavin! I’m coming with you!” Kat shouted at the three of you. You raised your brows and gave her a look, impressed that she was standing up for herself but annoyed with her stupidity.

“Look, Kat, it’s no joke around here okay? It’s dangerous.” Sam told her.

“That’s why I gotta find him.” She responded. The three of you shared a look, you shook your head no but your brothers ignored it. Letting out a loud sigh you ran your fingers through your hair, freaking unbelievable.

“Alright. I guess we’re gonna split up then. Y/N/N, Kat, you’re coming with me. Sam, you go find Gavin.” Dean stated.

“No.” You declared.

“I’m sorry, what?” Dean asked, shocked that you were going against his orders for the first time ever.

“I said no. You and Kat can go together, Sam can be on his own and so can I. We can cover more ground this way.” You told him as you flicked your flashlight back on. “Call me if you need me.” You said, not giving him a chance to reply before walking down the hallway.

Dean placed his hand on his forehead before rubbing his face in annoyance, “Being on the outs with her is a bitch.” Dean told Sam who simply let out a scoff.

“Yeah, welcome to my life.”


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Request: @belictioner-tothemax Hi! I recently followed you and I love your imagines😄❤ I was wondering if you’d do one where the reader has to tell Sam or Dean (you choose who) that they are pregnant? And then maybe skip to when the baby is born? 

Title: Unexpected

Pairings: Sam x Reader

Summary: Reader has some unexpected news for Sam that will change their lives forever.    

Word count:1 174

Warnings: Fluff

Author’s note: This is my first request and I really hope it’s good. 

Originally posted by abigayle12000

It couldn’t be true, yet you sat in the bed you shared with your boyfriend Sam with a positive pregnancy test in your hands. This would never work out, you’re both hunters, and babies don’t fit into that life. It freaked the hell out of you to even think about it, but you had to tell Sam. It’s not that you didn’t want a baby, because you’ve always dreamed of having a family, maybe two, three kids running around, but this wasn’t the life you imagine having, and it definitely wasn’t a life for a child. 

You heard the iron door to the bunker open and close and you got up from the bed and put the pregnancy test in a drawer in the dresser. You didn’t want him to see the test before you told him. You sat back down on the edge of the bed and waited for him to come to your room. You heard their voices trough the halls and after a while heavy footsteps came closer and closer until Sam walked through the open door.

“Hey baby.” He smiled. 

“Hi.” You said nervously and he picked up on it immediately. 

“What’s wrong?” He asked and took a seat next to you on the bed. 

“Well… I have something to tell you, and…”

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Team Free Will Preference

Imagine getting seriously injured on a case, and you’re left in the hospital in a coma.



Sam – Sam didn’t leave your side, no matter how many times the nurses told him to leave. He made sure always to leave a fresh bunch of your favorite flowers on your side table, trying to lighten the mood in the quiet and lonely room. Sam tried to tell you the funniest stories he knew. He just wanted to hear your laugh again. He wanted to laugh with you, even though inside he felt like he was falling apart. When your hands grew cold, Sam always made sure to hold them, kissing your knuckles before he left for the night. Sam would call the hospital every day, lecturing the nurses about how you usually prefer the windows closed while you slept, and that you needed the TV in to relax your mind. Sam was always there, so when your eyes fluttered open, Sam Winchester was the first person you saw.

Dean – Dean couldn’t stand the sight of seeing you lying in a lonely hospital bed. He blamed himself for what happened to you. If only he took better care of you, watched your back a little more, you’d still be smiling, rolling your eyes at Dean’s pathetic excuses of jokes. So Dean did what he did best. Drink. He never overdid it whenever he had a bottle in his hand, and he never got drunk. Just in case he needed to pick you up. That was the thought that kept him going every day. He had the hospital on his speed dial, and he checked on you whenever he could, hanging up before he ever left a name. When you woke, Dean was only a moment away. Foot slammed on the gas pedal as he sped off, hardly being able to wait until he saw you again.

Castiel – Now Cas. Well, he wasn’t even there when you were injured, but he felt just as responsible. Every day he would contemplate using his grace to heal you, but Cas knew you all too well, he knew that you would be able to pull through anything. You were strong enough to withstand the most dangerous of wounds, something like this couldn’t bring you down as easy. He sat by your bed silently, telling you stories from thousands of years ago. He’d read your favorite books to you, making sure you were warm enough, and even planted a few kisses on your forehead when he thought the nurses weren’t looking. However, Cas would normally get distracted by the hospital garden whenever he arrived. In fact, he was there when you woke up, gathering a bunch of the prettiest flowers he could find.



A/N - This is overdone I know. But ssh, I felt like writing something today. 

5 times Sam wears the Samulet and one time Dean finds out

1 More special than you think or how Sam had gotten the Samulet

“What is this, Uncle Bobby?” little Sam asks, voice high-pitched and childish. It is a stark contrast to the way the little boy tries to pronounce each word carefully, way of speaking all polite and sophisticated. It is a bit like talking to a professor in a very tiny body sometimes. It is also the most adorable thing Bobby has ever seen, not that he would tell that anyone.

The man bends down so he is eye-to-eye with Sam, mindful of his back which gives him more and more trouble each year (not that he’d complain about being still alive and aging).

“This is an amulet. It’s very special, Sam,” he explains in a serious voice, matching Sam’s tone. He never likes when people talk to kids like they’re dense or slow. Bobby knows some grown-ups that are way beyond Sam on the maturity scale.

Sam’s forehead crinkles in contemplation. “It doesn’t look all that special to me.” The thing in Uncle Bobby’s hand was fairly ugly, if you asked Sam. It was an amulet in the form of an oval looking head, completely with horns and strange looking adornments. Still, as soon as the words left his mouth Sam feels bad. His Dad doesn’t like it that Sam contradicts him a lot and talks back all the time.

Instead of being angry his Uncle Bobby simply laughs. “You’re right, kiddo, it doesn’t. It’s not supposed to or anyone would want to have it. But it’s more special than you think. Do you want to know why, Sam?” Bobby asks with a gentle smile, the one he only ever reserved for Sam and Dean. He may have never wanted kids but that hadn’t stopped him from considering those two as his boys.

Sam’s eyes grow even wider, wonder and trust shining in them as he nods silently. Bobby is hit with a wave of regret when he considers the small, innocent boy in front of him. Not much longer before he learns what’s really out there, before the naïve trust will give way to the guarded expression his older brother started to wear around anyone but Sam. What would he give to protect Sam from it; to shelter them both from the things that go bump into the night.

“This amulet is made to protect whoever wears it. It keeps them safe. I’d say that is darn special, don’t ya?”

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Dark Circles (Dean Imagine)

A/N: Yay for a Dean imagine! I think this one is a little cutesy. 

Dark Circles

Words: 1647

Warnings: Hospital situation, swearing because I am me, and flufffffffff. 

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

                28 hours since you’d last gotten even a wink of sleep. This wasn’t even unusual, definitely not a rare occurrence, and you could typically go for even longer without a rest. This was different. Dean was just lying there, unmoving and pale, and it made your heart skip a few beats each time you looked at him. There was a funny thought every time you looked at him, hooked up to that hospital bed and all its machines, that he was stealing all your sleep. That was okay with you; he needed to rest after getting knocked out by that damned werewolf.

                You would think that someone watching over their comatose boyfriend would be hyper vigilant and be okay with not sleeping. It was funny how you were always against the odds. 28 hours and you were dead on your feet, technically dead on your butt from sitting by his bedside all that time. You fought the tired feeling that stung your eyes every time you blinked, fighting to keep yourself awake in case Dean woke up. Even Sam had gone back to the bunker, the two of you deciding on “shifts.” You couldn’t remember when he’d left but that was probably an indicator that you’d been there for a while and Sam was due to appear at any moment.

                As if on cue, you heard the door to Dean’s room open, showing a Sam that looked infinitely better than you did. He gave you a look that silently chided you as he sauntered in, towering over your sitting figure.

                “Have you even closed your eyes since I left?” he tried to joke with you, but you could still detect the hoarseness of his voice and the lifeless look in his eyes; he was just as distressed as you.

                “Shut up, Sam. You still look like a truck ran over you and then went in reverse so it could run over you again,” you said, offering a smile.  

                “You shut up,” Sam chuckled. “Shift’s over, Edward Cullen. Try and get rid of those dark circles, you look like a raccoon that got in a fight.”

                Despite your zero energy level and the situation at hand, you laughed. You switched spots with Sam and let him sit where you’d gotten comfy. You got a light head rush but shook it off, reminding yourself to get some coffee so you could stay awake during the drive home. Sam leaned over and squeezed your hand, giving you a reassuring smile. You smiled back, feeling a little more rejuvenated already.

                “I really broke that chair in for you,” you told him with a small smirk, punching Sam’s shoulder lightly. He wiggled around in the chair dramatically, humming in approval.

                “So nice and comfy. Enjoy the freezing car, raccoon girl.”

                “Enjoy my butt warmth, Edward Jr.”

                After thoroughly getting a kick out of Sam’s disgusted reaction, you headed out to the Impala. The crisp morning air actually helped to wake you up a little more, a vast contrast from the toasty confines of Dean’s hospital room.  You fiddled around with the keys, about to get inside, when Sam came running out, long limbs carrying him to you in seconds.

                “He’s awake,” he panted, tugging on your elbow to lead you back inside. If you weren’t awake before, you were definitely awake now. The two of you raced back inside and made a beeline for Dean’s room, your eyes wild with hope. Was he okay? How badly had his head been hit?

                Dean was already propped up on his bed, rubbing his head and wincing at the touch. Sam went in first and asked how he was doing, to which Dean answered by telling him to shut the hell up and stop being so loud. His eyes were roaming the room now, only stopping when they locked in on you by the doorway.

                “Afraid I’ll bite?” he teased you, mustering up a smile. A breath you hadn’t known you’d been holding whooshed out of you, legs carrying you to his bedside once more.

                “So, you’re okay?” you asked, trying to confirm. Dean said nothing, just pulled you onto the bed with him so he could embrace you properly. He smelled like the hospital around him but you could still get a whiff of his own scent, the wonderful hint of his familiar cologne that always clung to him. Your heart was still pounding viciously at the sight of Dean’s eyes. There had been some sort of irrational fear that had resonated in the back of your mind that told you that you’d never see the breathtaking green hue ever again. A silly thought since the doctors were positive that he’d wake up eventually but one that stuck with you and darkened your hopes.

                Sam cleared his throat awkwardly from the other side of Dean’s bed, causing the two of you to look at him shyly. It was rare that you’d both have such an intimate moment in public, especially around Sam, but the sheer happiness from Dean’s awakening had called for one.

                “Sorry to be the interrupting cow but the doctors are saying that you’ll be able to get out of here by tomorrow,” he told his brother, who groaned from his place in bed.

                “Are you kidding? This place is some type of hell,” Dean sighed. “I want to go home tonight.”

                Both you and Sam rolled your eyes but tried to pull some strings. It didn’t help, however, and Dean was stuck there for one more night.

                “That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard,” Dean grunted when he got the news again.

                “Well, you were in a frigging coma for almost two days,” Sam shot back, rolling his eyes at his brother’s tantrum. You made a noise of agreement, siding with Sam completely on this one. Dean softened at that, getting comfortable in his bed once he’d accepted his fate.

                “Are you guys heading back to the bunker, then?” he whispered, defeated.

                “Do you mind if I stay?” you blurted out, blushing at your too-quick response. You were starting to feel tired again now that the adrenaline rush from Dean’s ascent to consciousness had faded. Dean waved you over to his bed again, happy to have you there. Sam also decided to stay, opting for settling in a chair and watching the soap opera on the TV in the corner instead of cuddling with Dean in his hospital bed. That was your part.

                “I’m glad you’re awake,” you whispered quietly, tracing invisible shapes over Dean’s arms, which were draped around your torso loosely. Dean hummed in response, pecking your forehead and pulling you a little closer to him.

                “So clingy,” he joked, making you giggle a bit. Just one more night and Dean would be home with you again, back to hunting and research.

                The past day came whirring back to you the more you reveled in Dean’s presence and you suddenly had the urge to tell him about what you’d been feeling as you watched over him.

                “When you were in that coma,” you started, a shaky breath leaving you, “I didn’t go back to the bunker and I didn’t sleep while I was here. I felt so guilty, though, because I was exhausted…all I wanted to do was lay next to you and take a nap. I always hear things about people staying up for days while they watch over their loved ones in hospitals, though, and I forced myself to keep going for you in case you woke up while I was still here.”

                “Well, you get to have your wish come true now,” he murmured, giving you a half-smile as he gestured towards your intertwined limbs in his cramped hospital bed. His eyes softened, though, and he pushed a strand of your hair away from your face before speaking again. “It happens to me, too. I remember all the times I’d have to look after someone in a hospital and feeling like I wanted to shut off and rest until they got better or woke up. It’s not because sleep is more important…it’s because we can’t stand the sight of someone we love being hurt and not being able to help them. You just want to stop seeing it, stop facing reality, and what better way to do that than to sleep?”

                Dean’s words made sense and also made you feel a thousand times better. He was right. Seeing Dean there and not knowing what to do to help him had been eating at you. You’d felt so useless…everything had felt wrong until he’d woken up and made everything right again.

                You rested your head on his chest, wary of any bandages or sore areas he still had, and focused on the soap opera that Sam had gotten really into. Dean pressed a few more kisses into your hair and murmured sweet nothings that didn’t quite reach your ears, but he made you feel whole again. You were nearing the heavenly realm of sleep when Dean suddenly spoke up, making your eyes shoot open.

                “Did Sam…did Sam go back to the bunker and sleep while I was here?” Dean asked you. You tilted your head up to look at him in confusion before turning to Sam, who had perked up at the mention of his name.

                “Yeah, bro, (Y/N) and I arranged to come and go in shifts,” he answered. Dean’s eyes darkened and he grimaced at the younger Winchester. Uh oh.

                “I was in a coma and you didn’t even stay with me?” he said in a half-whine. You could almost see a trace of a pout on his lips. Sam rolled his eyes and turned back to the soap, more interested in Veronica and Dimitri’s affair than his brother’s ramblings. You giggled slightly, kissing your boyfriend’s cheek to cheer him up. “What a little asshole.”