how about no :'( look at his face :'(

Little something I never noticed before about the prophecy.

We know it was foretold that the chosen king would arise and fend off the forces of darkness, but I never realised just how accurate the painting of the prophecy would turn out to be.

That’s the chocobros. The king, Noct, in the middle; the blond, Prompto, to his left; to his right there’s a bearded man, leg braced powerfully in front of him, clearly Gladiolus.

And look who Gladiolus is supporting, arm slung around his shoulder. Ignis, wouldn’t you think?

Look at his face.

Looks a lot like a bandage covering his eye, right?

Ignis’s injury was literally foretold by the prophecy.

brb, crying.

How Mafia BTS acts on their wedding night

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How would BTS act on their wedding night?

Oh my goodness I went ham on the fluff! I’m sorry for the long wait, but I hope this was worth the wait <3 Enjoy!

Jin: On your wedding night, Jin would be clinged onto you like a child to their mother when they go to the mall. He wants nothing but to be with you all night and having that warm feeling of being warm, calm, and completely happy. When you two are slow dancing, he is holding you a bit tighter than usual and he has this gorgeous smile painted on his face through the whole night and he would drop a compliment on how good you looked every five minutes. 

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Suga: Your wedding night is all about you. Through the ceremony and reception, Yoongi is showing you off as much as he can and he will point out every detail of you from your face to your outfit through the whole night and will compliment you the whole night. He is constantly calling you, “dear,” or “honey,” all night long and he is bragging about you through the whole night to the boys and his family. 

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J-Hope: On the night of the wedding, he is the happiest little kid and he simply wants to celebrate the amazing event that is your wedding. To your surprise, Hobi organized a small wedding, only inviting close family and friends and it’s a night filled with laughs, great food, and crazy dance offs between Jimin and Jungkook. Hobi constantly has your hand in his, his thumb rubbing on the top your hand ever so slightly and he covers you in pepper kisses the whole night.

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Namjoon: On the special night, Namjoon is more outgoing than what he normally is on a daily basis. His title of “mafia leader” is thrown out window and you two enjoy a night with your family, great friends, and even a few fellow mafia groups who came by to drop off a wedding gift. He is forever staring at you with loving eyes and he is constantly telling himself how lucky he is to have such an amazing person like you in his head and he’s always watching you with a smile when you’re talking to another party guest.

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Jimin: Through the night, he is extremely clingy to you. He wants nothing more than to sit and cuddle with you, or dance to your song together. He’s constantly bringing up how beautiful your ring looks on your hand and how it looks even better when his hand is next to yours. He’s also constantly talking about the amazing things you two are going to accomplish through these next few years and he even brings up having kids and raising them and how ready he is to grow old with you. 

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Taehyung: Your wedding night is full of smile and Tae’s tears. When you’re walking down the aisle, he begins to cry, which makes you cry and you two are giggly, teary messes while exchanging your vows. Tae is running around like a child(what’s new?) when you and your wedding party are taking photos before the reception and he’s forever bouncing from table to table during the reception just telling the guests that he married by far one of the most perfect people on the planet.

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Jungkook: Similar to Namjoon, Jungkook is spending most of the night quiet, mostly just thinking about all the things you two are going to do in life and how amazing this moment is. He couldn’t help but tear up a bit as you were walking down the aisle and his hand is forever on the small of your back when you two are talking to party guests. When you’re talking with other guests, he is talking with his cousins or the boys, all slightly teasing him on the tears he shed during the reception or how happy they are to see how happy their little maknae looks and how much he is growing up. 

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Omg. I just remembered! A few semesters ago, I would always say hi to a janitor in the morning as I walked to class. At first she’d look up and say a soft hello with a straight face, but after a while she’d have the brightest smile and say hi and even wave sometimes !!!!
Then one time I said good morning to some other janitors who were near her, and they ignored me, so she started yelling at them lmao. It was so nice to see her entire personality change just from saying hi to her everyday.

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hey..... jake is an affectionate drunk. at the beginning of the night he's like "hey rich u look nice tonight dude :^)" and then 10 drinks later hes clinging to him and sobbing like "BRO... BRO UR THE LIGHT OF MY LIFE... DO U KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU BRO" everybody knows its time to leave the party when jake is face floor on the ground yelling about how much he loves his bf

THIS IS EXTREMELY REAL AND CANON rich doesnt drink anymore after the squip cuz he doesnt like to not be in control and he doesnt wanna end up like his dad so he is completely sober the entire time while jake is clinging to him and crying abt how much he loves him


The Brideprice (SSC/Rosvolio One-Shot)

After the incident in the town square, Rosaline found herself paying closer attention to her betrothed.  He’d surprised her more than once before they parted ways that day, and she was unsure how to process these glimpses at another side of Benvolio Montague she’d not expected to see.  She thought back to the promise she made to Livia about her brideprice.

“What is it, Capulet?”  She looked up in surprise, Benvolio watching her from across the table.  She opened her mouth to speak, but no words would come out.  Her fiance chuckled at her and shook his head.  “As tense as the course of our relationship may have been thus far, you have never before been nervous around me.  What is causing you distress?”

Rosaline stared at him for a moment, half a smirk on her face.  “I have not yet decided how I feel about your ability to read me like a book, Montague.”  Instead of responding, Benvolio simply raised a bemused brow at her.  With a heavy sigh, she gathered her courage.  “I have a…request…”  Still he kept quiet, infuriating in his patience.  Rosaline dropped her gaze, afraid of the possibility she’d misjudged him.  “For Livia-”


Yes? Blinking up at him, she saw a miniscule grin tugging at his lips.  “I…but I have not made the request.”

“Oh, forgive me, Capulet.  Continue.”  He crossed his arms over his chest expectantly, eyes dancing with mirth.

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You all think Moffat isn’t aware of the whole dead lesbians trope. Despite all the hate he’s gotten, he’s proven himself to be incredibly progressive, look at all the groundwork he’s put in for a female doctor, 11′s first lines, the corsair, Missy, even the Doctor’s and Bill’s conversation about Time Lords and Gender flexibility. And he’s gone on record to state how important it is to have representation. 

I have no doubt that he knows about the trope, and that he is actively going against it, Bill wont be killed off, look at his record: River, died her mind got to live on in the Library, Amy and Rory were time displaced but got to live out full lives, Clara, died but was extracted from that moment and is able to spend an eternity in it. There will be something, I have no idea what, that will bring Bill back. But that something will be a big slap in the face to all those writers who have killed off their gay characters for “shock value”.

I’m searching for jongin fancams for my next gifset and my little brother is suddenly so pressed? He complained for 5 mins and it was somewhere along the lines of “How does he do that?! When he’s not dancing he’s like a lost child what? His face is always screaming im lost what do i do now when he’s not dancing. LOOK AT HIS FACE?! I’m so confused how does he do that?” note that my little brother is not even interested in kpop and is only 14 years old and he’s alr stressing abt the difference between kai and jongin

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omg collage ABO fox/wolf hybrid is best! I think I might need a 10,000 fic about it! Maybe Hux needs to bail Kylo out of jail because Kylo is estranged from his parents even though he made it into exclusive collage and he's poor and working 3 jobs to make ends meet, and Hux had no idea. Awkward sitting at Kylos messy cheap apartment in the bathroom, Hux cleaning Kylo's wounds. Maybe it's how Kylo gets his face scar?!

ahhhhh! Kylo goes well out of his way to be a feral alpha because that’s how everyone has always perceived him so it gets him into trouble but, stars, Hux sees the vulnerability of an alpha who’s never had anyone but himself to depend on!!! And for the first time, when Hux is cleaning his wounds, Kylo isn’t thinking about fucking the omega into his mattress…he’s thinking about how pretty the sprinkle of freckles look on Hux’s cheeks, how the omega/fox is the only friend that alpha/wolf kylo has ever had


chris wood appreciation week - day 7: free choice

my favourite thing of chris:

i’ve got many favourite things about Chris, starting with his beautiful smile and lovely eyes ♥ so, basically i love everything about him! i love the fact that he’s so unique and nice with everyone not only his friends but his fans too, i found so important and great that he actually cares about mental illness and try to open up other’s minds about this issue; i love the way he’s so involved in his career and he’s not only a beautiful face you see on a tv show, it’s like he’s open to show everyone that he is more than just that, that he loves to learn more things about acting and be someone else for a moment (a character, you know). Also one of my favourite things is that he loves music and animals! I love how he looks so proud of having Drift in his life! So, to summarize my favourite thing about him it’s like, he doesn’t look like this unattainable celebrity, he’s more like a very good friend who loves life and he shares his favourite things with you ♥♥

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how do you make your persona in your sleeping powder video look like... bouncy??? i don't know how to describe it

okay so I’m not the BEST at explaining things but I’m gonna try

here’s the starting frame

I’ve decided this guy is gonna turn to his right with a LOT of ENERGY so I do a little windup first, by using the transform tool to lean him a bit in the opposite direction he’s about to move

then I use a smear frame to get him facing the opposite direction. This isn’t a great smear frame and I’m still learning how to make smear frames myself so I don’t have a lot of advice besides Do Lots Of Trial And Error

Then, I actually draw the final frame BEFORE I edit it to make this frame. This frame is the final frame but transformed to be leaning even further to the right.

And the final frame, which looks like the character is recoiling a bit from having leaned to the right so hard, creating the bouncy effect. Be sure to rest on this frame (and the first frame before a motion for that matter) for a bit longer than than the other frames, so that the viewer has time to process that the character has moved.

New Moon

Pairing: Kuroo Tetsurou x Tsukishima Kei

The night sky was illuminated with millions of stars, all of them impossible to count. Kuroo reminisced about the nights he spent lying on the grass as a child, looking up at the sky and enjoying the view. These nights made him realize just how small he is in this universe, which awed him and terrified him all at once.

Now, he was accompanied by his boyfriend, Tsukishima, to stargaze. The other boy seemed to be staring off into space, figuratively and literally, entranced by the view. Kuroo smiled at him warmly and gently patted his arm in order to capture his attention.

Tsukishima turned to face him, “What happened?”

“It’s a new moon,” Kuroo responded, “The first character of my name,  “黒”, and the first character of your name, “月”, put together create “黒月”, meaning “black moon.” Don’t you find that interesting?”

Tsukishima seemed to be unamused by the boy’s comment, rolling his eyes in disapproval, but he proceeded to hold Kuroo’s hand and squeeze it lightly, a silent gesture of affection.

Kuroo smiled, “Well?”

“If only that brain of yours could make connections like that when it comes to your schoolwork,” Tsukishima sighed.

“I’m one of the top students in my class, thank you very much,” Kuroo quipped back with a grin, squeezing his boyfriend’s hand. Tsukishima only rolled his eyes, but couldn’t contain the small smile forming on his face.

“Sometimes I wonder why I’m dating you,” Tsukishima muttered, adjusting his glasses.

“You love me. That’s why,” Kuroo responded with a smirk.

“I should re-evaluate my taste in people,” Tsukishima replied, but Kuroo knew his boyfriend did not mean what he said.

As he looked up at the night sky, Kuroo once again felt small, drowning in the sea of stars. He spotted the empty, black patch in the sky and recognized it as the moon. The moon, he realized, is also very small in this universe, but it served a great purpose to people on Earth. With Tsukishima by his side, Kuroo felt that he, too, was serving a purpose instead of living a meaningless existence.

american gods: a summary
  • Wednesday: I have done nothing wrong. Ever. In my life.

“the old that is strong does not wither”

happy birthday Fernando Torres, you ageless elf!

A wholesome McHanners idea to consider:

McCree wakes up earlier than usual one morning and finds Hanzo in the bathroom putting on his eyeliner 

toss some comments around and that’s how they find themselves back in the bathroom a couple days later, Hanzo with pencil in hand is trying his best to apply eyeliner to a fidgeting McCree. Through some sort of miracle, Hanzo manages and boy howdy McCree is lookin’ 👌👌👌👌

later on when they’re training, McCree goes to wipe the sweat off his brow and just- smears the make-up all across his face since he’s not used to having anything on his face to worry about, he doesn’t even realize what he’s done.

Hanzo stops mid-sentence whatever he’s saying when McCree looks at him. Silence. McCree ventures a, “What?’ 

It’s subtle at first. Hanzo’s shoulders shake with the laughter he’s trying to stifle in his chest, but it soon breaks out into this wheezing laughter with a snort. McCree be damned if it ain’t the prettiest thing he’s ever seen before Hanzo leans in to kiss him on the cheek and whispers in his ear that he ruined the eyeliner