how about i just like your everything

this is the last of it i’ll say here because i feel like, weird and wrong talking about it, at all, but it’s just like.. so unfair and fucking stupid that someone can be fine a few days ago and you can be talking to them and laughing and hugging them and saying “i’ll see you soon” and then they’re just.. gone forever, when you swore they were fine, you’d see them again soon, and then you think about how selfish of a person you are for not staying longer or saying more and even making everything about You and Your Grief and it’s like? you can’t even do anything. there’s nothing to do. you can’t ever see them again and that’s it. totally out of your power/control. and thinking about it hurts but not thinking about it makes you feel like you’re an awful person for trying to distract yourself and everyone constantly watching you has to do it w/ sympathy in their eyes like you’re always on the verge of just dropping and shattering OR they have to be analyzing all of your actions and deeming them disrespectful and the wrong way to be/feel, your grief shouldn’t be public, that’s not what people want to see/hear, it’s uncomfortable to witness, don’t break down into hysterics on the porch or in the car, it’s embarrassing, it makes everyone else uncomfortable, BUT it should be public enough so people can pick at it, peer over every piece they pull from your sorrow, and decide whether you’re behaving correctly enough, understanding the loss that you’ve experienced, and throughout there’s this whole haze hanging over everything where you know what the truth is but you’re holding onto the slim, nearly microscopic chance that what’s happening isn’t real while it keeps coming in waves that this is what happened, what’s happening, and like.. you can’t fucking DO anything

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I would like to report an inaccuracy with one of your posts. The one about Mrs. O'Leary barking and Percy just gushing about how precious she is? Given how big of a good girl Mrs. O'Leary is, she would sound like 'boof', not 'woof'.

HONESTLY ANON, look at what you notice ?? In my country, the onomatopoeia for the barking of the dog is ‘woof’, so I wrote it that way, besides, I think that everything the point of that shitty post was understood.

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Hey! I love your blog and I love even more your art! I think you are an amazing person!! How can I be as cool as you? (Or at least draw a 1/10 as good as you?)

Hey! Hi! Thank you! 
1) Hahaha I am nottttttt cool I promise so like don’t even worry about that
(just be yourself man, find what you like, and just like. Be About It unashamedly. (provided it’s not anything harmful to others or illegal or morally bankrupt, you know!) But yeah! Just find your thing or things that you enjoy learning about, practicing, doing, etc. and everything else will fall into place eventually.

2) Drawing tips! How to draw better? Draw A Lot. I should have taken a photo before I cleaned my studio of uhh all my check please stuff laid out like oh! 
This was in May.
and like okay so 

In his book, On Writing,  Stephen King (who, regardless of whether or not his writing suits your tastes, can fairly objectively be considered both prolific and successful by most standards) states 

“If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.”

And honestly the same advice goes for artists if you change it to “observe a lot, draw a lot”




That’s like One Year’s worth of sketches and drawings and paintings laid out and I didn’t even start emptying the sleeves like those are stacked 10-20 sheets thick. I got into the Check Please fandom pretty solidly 1 year ago, so if you look at my Art Tag, everything in it (and that’s NOT including everything unfinished,all the preliminary sketches, everything in my sketchbook that will never see the light of day etc.) has been done within 1 year’s time, and while I was off work for 2 months for top surgery this last summer? I usually am away from my home studio for 50+ hours a week due to work/my commute.

If you want to improve at drawing? Do it a lot. Try to make each new thing you draw or paint better than the last in *some* way. It doesn’t have to be perfect, or better in EVERY way, but try to improve the composition, the anatomy, the storytelling, the color, etc. something, beyond where you were with it in the previous piece. and if you ever feel bored, and want to use your time productively? Observe things.

I feel like no creative person should ever feel the need to say “I’m bored” (except during precious self indulgent breaks where you just decide to do something mind numbing because you’re burnt out! YEAH! WHOO)  because literally everything around you is something that you can study to inform either your writing OR your drawing. I don’t always have a sketchbook with me, so like, there are a lot of things I see that I try my hardest to commit to memory so that I can draw it better or with more feeling than I could before I studied it?

Find details that make objects or people unique and USE those. Instead of drawing general things, draw specifics- don’t just draw a character in a t-shirt and jeans and generic sneakers, inform your drawing with things specific to their character- draw them in a sweater they got from Salvation Army, their favorite pair of boot cut levis that they splurged on, and a hand me down pair of Doc Martens.

I was going to go into doing the same thing with objects and places but I’m in a mood (aka I am T IR ED ) where I’m just going to end up rambling and sounding like a crazy person going on a tangent WHOOPS.

Uh. Yeah that’s my rant sorry sorry sorry. I hope i didn’t come across too harsh or anything just like, if you feel like you’re not strong at something, or you’d like to improve, just keep fucking trying- change up little things- trying the same thing over and over again is good for some things, but to improve, you’ve got to take risks and experiment and fail a little Fail A Lot.

If there are any specific drawing/painting/art/technique questions that you or anyone else has! I’m always happy to try to give insight into the way I work. But yeah just in general, the best advice I can give is draw as much as you can and then push yourself and draw a little more.

Hey for a real treat, under the cut are two watercolor paintings of queer boys from like 9 and a half (?) years ago in March 2008 compared to two watercolor paintings of queer boys from this year, 2017.

Keep reading

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YES WE CAN TALK FLUFF! How about Harry back from Shangai and he's SO jetlag and honestly you just wanna sleep but he's there with just sweatpants telling everything he saw and suddenly he sees you're fighting against sleep and it's like "ok wanna cuddle?"

Nope nope nope

He pulls you onto his chest and giggles. “Baby why didn’t you tell me to shut up?”

A you speak through a yawn while you feel his fingers playing with your hair. “Becauuuuuuse. I like listening to you.”

“Your eyes are closed, Love.”

“Doesn’t mean my ears are.”

And that makes him snort and pull you closer. He kisses your head. “God I missed you. Go to sleep.”

“But…. you’re jet lagged.”

“Don’t mind layin’ here with you. You sleep. Don’t worry about me, yeah?”

And you’re already asleep before you can answer, which makes him laugh and pull you that much closer.

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Hey I just wanted to thank you for keeping the spoilers from Mexico on lockdown!Someone spoiled all of TFA for me before it came out and I didn't want to believe them until I sat there watching the movie and everything they said came true.I obviously still love the movie with all my heart,but it did slightly ruin the experience for me.I like spoilers to an extent so I don't really want to know what they showed of TLJ yesterday so I'm just counting down the days until it comes out!Ty again!💕

Thanks for your message. I’m glad you’re okay with how I went about it because almost immediately after I posted it, I worried that I may have locked it down a little too well – sorry to all the folks who couldn’t open it last night…. :(

The leak itself isn’t actually all that spoilery or surprising. There isn’t any huge revelations in those first 10 minutes (it even feels like less than that). But still, I wanted to be extra careful about sharing it. I specifically pasted it on to a page in a locked sideblog instead of a post so that no one could reblog it.

But anyway - I wish you luck over the next weeks! I really hope you have a better experience watching TLJ than you did with TFA. And thanks again.

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i wish people would shut up about dany burning the food. do people honestly think that like fifteen wagons could've fed the entirety of kings landing??? or that she could've used it for her soldiers who were miles away at casterly rock???

i feel like answering questions re: the show is almost pointless in the sense that D&D really don’t know what they’re doing or what they’re writing. as they exemplified with the dornish storyline, D&D just think everything happens in a bubble. but in this case, there are a few ways to look at it:

1) Controlling food is how you can put pressure on your opponents. In the books we read about sieges and loss of supply lines often enough to realize that food is a huge motivator. If your enemy is in between you and your supply lines and you’re running low on food, it’s a good idea to strike quickly before your men get too weak to fight and give them a chance at reaching new food sources. There are even less militant ways of doing this, as the Tyrells did with blocking movement of food on the Roseroad. They starved out King’s Landing and put considerable pressure on them; when they chose to join forces with the Crown, they restored those roads and were hailed as heroes for it even though they were the reason the people were starving.

2) I doubt the food would have reached Casterly Rock. Aren’t Euron’s ships camping outside the Rock? Lmao

3) Destruction of the food looks especially bad bc the show has never actually shown this tactic being used before. Even though starving out and similar war tactics definitely went down in the books, the show never bothered to highlight it before that scene.

4) IDK what Dany’s food situation was, but clearly she had enough food to where she could destroy the carts to send a message to KL– starve or submit. That’s the only logical reason I can surmise as to why she would destroy them. Idk how D&D wanted us to read that or why they wrote it in, but if that’s not the reason for the destruction then I don’t understand why she’d destroy the food lmao.

if this is the hill people wanna die upon they can go for it. season 7 made so little logical sense as it is that it’s seems sort of fruitless to try and argue that D&D meant this or something else. there have definitely been worse things that other ppl on that show have done so who cares about arguing w anyone about this.

SUPERGIRL 307: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ A LIST – by ashleigh

  • i did not hate this episode. i did not love this episode. i watched this episode. i have a lot of questions about this episode.
  • on the actual plot:
    • still totally unclear about how the pod in the ocean is tied to mon-el’s spaceship is tied to sam. it’s been implied they’re all connected, right? the pod in the ocean set off sam’s powers? EVERYTHING IS CONFUSING AND NOTHING IS PLOT.
    • @professorspork has talked me down from my ledge about sam actually just being gone now, because there’s oodles of angst to mine out of her yet, but. i just. SHE THOUGHT SHE WAS GOING TO BE A SUPERHERO AND SHE WAS SO HAPPY AND EXCITED AND “I’M LIKE SUPERGIRL” AND I AM VERY UPSET.
    • also, “your offspring was an unfortunate error” fuck you evil!holomom.
    • (how old is sam?!? she arrived as a baby and was kicked out before she was 18, so at a minimum she’s 29 if ruby was born when she was still 17. she arrived on earth before kara but after clark?!? was she in the phantom zone too? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS.)
  • that other thing that happened
    • me basically every time kara was on screen: OH NO HER LITTLE FACE
      • also, delightful things kara wore this episode:
        • those shoes in the medbay
        • that skirt in the holding cell
        • imagine if she wore them together
    • so i never actually hated mon-el, but i did hate the way he was with kara. that said, i have been thoroughly enjoying six episodes of a storyline that heavily involves mon-el but didn’t require his presence at all, so much so they actually managed to make me care about mon-el’s fate at least on behalf of kara. i wanted to know, because she wanted to know, she needed to know. kara’s agony of the last six episodes was enough that him showing up now actually felt relevant and necessary, if only so she can start to move on. i don’t expect that to be any kind of neat fun based on what they’ve laid out so far, but other than the almost inevitable love triangle bullshit you know they’re going to pull at least there will be some forward movement for kara now, out of her singular focus on that loss and onto the larger context they’ve done a very good job so far of framing it in.
    • …i can’t believe they’ve managed to make me care about mon-el’s presence. how did you work this evil, show?
    • (he was gone for seven years? and he was in the future all that time????? even though there appears to be a way to come back?????? and there was a cure for iron allergies and he took it and still didn’t come back????? but then he came back and he still wasn’t going to be like ‘oh hey btw i didn’t die’??????????? what a dick?????????)
  • mvp: alex, “i can safely say i was not expecting that.”

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2/2 and escaping with my dog next year, but since they mined my mind while i tried to take a driver’s license and didn’t succeed so i am basically dependent in transportation idk what to do even when the time comes. bcs no one will believe me or help me. i just feel so helpless and tired of everything i sometimes feel like i should just die and get it over with. but then i think about how they would probably throw my dog away or beat them up as they have tried to before and i feel even worse.

Okay I’m going to try to help you as best as I can. One always have a bag packed for when you finally decide to leave or decide to stick out of your house to avoid your parents behavior. So pack food, water, clothes and basic supplies. Two start collecting coins pennies, dimes and put them asides hold them in a jar or something. Because literally every penny counts. I once got up to 500 dollars in coins because of it. Three start a go fund me, you caring, kickstarter. Because people will pay and I will post it on the this blog to try to get people to help you. Four when you think you got enough money in coins go to your local store or bank and turn the coins into cash. Five when the time comes and you have enough money in America every city has a bus station that will take you out of the city or the state. I don’t know about other countries. So if you live in a small town you’ll probably have to take multiple bus rides. But they are located in big cities. Six of you want to bring your dog your going to have to get a crate for them or get a fake service vest. I don’t like telling people that. But if it’s to help you, they will automatically let your dog on.

To help you talk out of sucide call or text 1-800-273-8255

To help you because your still a minor call 1-800-422-4453

They should be able to help you better. I hope this helps.

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Just read Not yet. At first the whole story was just "aaaaaw" but in the end it was less "aaaaw" and more like "snif *tears* snif" and then just crying. Your weird idea turn out to be super romantic and i loved reading. And all i can think of what Tony look liked in Sherlock Holmes movies😂👌

I tried to sort of describe Tony how he looked in the Sherlock holmes movie when Bucky first saw him? But I didn’t get very detailed because Bucky wouldn’t know who Sherlock Holmes is right? And then every time after I tried to start turning Tonys looks less Sherlock and more Stark, until by the time Bucky meets tony IRL everything about him is different except the way he feels against Bucky?? And then after Tony dies and Bucky meets him again as Death, Tony is hella channeling Sherlock and Bucky recognizes all the detail because all they did was read Sherlock together!!

I suppose I could have elaborated more on those parts but it was supposed to be a short story lol

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why would u say Ryan's whiny? Cos I get the same vibes but can't put into words exactly why I totally agree with u :,/////

Have you seen Ryan’s video of “Why I Hate Camping?” 

god i want to fucking punch that man in the face

He’s such a whiny bitch in this video?? like we get it you hate camping stop being such an ass about it 

And oh my god the fucking heels video

Men Try Heels For A Day

This isn’t the first time he cheated and gives up in every fucking challenge video (and even in test friends!)

he complains about everything in every challenge he’s in and how much he hates it like dude everyone’s doing it without complaining and you’re just being a huge whiny bitch about it

the irony is that in a video where he’s asked what type of girl he likes, he says he prefers girls who don’t complain? YEAH I KNOW CAUSE YOURE THE ONLY ONE ALLOWED TO COMPLAIN ISNT IT

helen deserves better 2k17

yalaka replied to your post “How do people repeatedly keep pointing out shitty stuff you say and…”

Are you talking about the najia: *writes perfectly clear, carefully structured analysis on complicated subjects* some white: You’re being ableist by not reducing yourself to my level :/ najia: *somehow has the patience to yet again explain how she already is deliberately clarifying concepts* more whites: Ableism!! Neurotypical!! I’m too tired and racist to read!!

Anon you and so many others are deliberately attacking her over and over again and nitpicking everything she says in order to find something problematic so you can finally “expose” her and it’s cruel and racist and you know it is yet here you are still because your hatred of woc outshines your capability to emphatize with how tiring this constant barrage of attacks is

Like I’m convinced none of you even care about what’s right in this world you just hate her so much that all you can think about is what’s going on in her life and how you can “expose” her so you can feel better about everything you’re reading here. Like if she does 1 problematic thing than you don’t have to change your racist behavior because if she says one thing wrong then everything else must be wrong right?? So you can keep on prioritizing assuaging your white guilt

Or whatever sort of guilt you have that’s festering inside you so you can’t stand it when she’s right so you need to make her wrong.

people really are reaching for ANYTHING lately and it’s completely pathological. I want these people to look at themselves and figure out what festering mess of guilt, entitlement, racism, insecurity, and cruelty is leading them to behave this way (even as some of them continue to follow me and benefit from/claim to admire my work!), because they’re the ones who need to self-reflect here, not me. I know what kind of person I am, I know who I am and I know what I’m saying.

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Yo can I just say that I freaking love your art?? Like, everything about it. The lineart, the colors, everything. Also I love love love how you draw muscles, especially legs. They’re so well done!

AHHHHHH THANK YOU. Thank you so much! I’m really glad you like my drawings’ muscly (apparently that’s a real spelling) legs XD

Circle casting 101

(Artist: kada-bura !)

A magickal circle is an energetic construct that you build or envision around yourself before working magick, doing a ritual, some like to cast a circle before meditating or reading tarots. For a solitary practitioner the circle is typically 5-6 ft in diameter, but the size expands based on the size of the group. It can be defined physically, energetically, or both.

Circles provide protection and serves as a container for your personal energy as well as the energy you conjure.

Please remember that this is just what i personally like to do when casting a circle, but that there are many methods.

Preparation for circle casting

1. Determine how much space you will need.

2. Cleanse your area. Vacuum, sweep, throw away any trash in the area.

3.Make sure you have everything you need for your ritual! Theres nothing more frustrating than having your circle casted and realizing you’ve forgotten an herb or any supplies you need for the work you’re about to do.

4. Purify your area. Light purifying incense, sage, sprinkle salt and holy 💧. Most importantly, Visualize the negative energy dispersing. If you don’t focus & visualize, your physical actions will have little effect. Visualization is hands down one of the most important things in any and all magickal workings!

5. Now its time to cast your circle!

Visualize protective energy coming from within you and direct it towards your casting arm. Focus it through a casting tool (Athame, wand, or ✋)  and visualize a beam of energy coming from it and settling on the ground. Trace your circle with this energy, 3 times in a clockwise direction. Once for protection, once for focus, and once for power.

Call the 4 quarters

  • Face North and say “I call to the North, to the element of 🌏. Grant me (us if not practicing alone) your endurance, your strength.”            Sprinkle salt onto your altar or crumble 🌏 into a bowl on your altar.
  • Face East and say “I call to the East, to the element of Air. Grant me your creativity and your intuition.”                                                                 Light incense, wave a fan,or drop feathers onto your altar.
  • Face south and say “I call to the South, to the element of 🔥. Grant me your passion and your energy.”                                                             Light candles.
  • Face west and say “I call to the West, to the element of 💧. Grant me your empathy and your emotion.”                                                         Pour blessed/storm/🌙/natural 💧 into a bowl or into your chalice.

Now would be the time to call on any deities you’d wish to work with. You can call any Goddess or Angel by personalizing this to them. I typically do not personally work with deities, but if you were to want to, Call to them similar to how the Elements are called. Ex. “I call to Gaia, Mother Goddess, Spirit of 🌏.” and then place an offering symbolizing them, so for Gaia you might place  grain on your altar as an offering.

If not solitary, now would be the time to invite others to the circle. The group leader typically invites others in by a series of phrases, although i know every coven has their own method fine tuned for themselves, This is just the method i’ve seen used and am familiar with.                                                                    Ex. Group leader:”Children of the Goddess, I now invite you to enter our circle.” Each member will be asked “How do you enter this circle?” The response should be “In perfect 😍 and perfect trust.”

Now its time to raise energy. This is the most important part of this process.

Here are a few ways! There is no wrong way to do this part, and there are SO MANY ways. You can fine tune this all to you.

Witches Rune Chant

“Darksome night and shining 🌙,

East, then South, then West, then North,

Hearken to the witches’ rune;

Here i come to call thee forth.

🌏 and 💧, Air and 🔥.

Wand and pentacle and 🗡️,

Work ye unto my desire,

Hearken ye into my word.

Cords and censer, scourge and 🔪,

Power of the witches blade waken all ye unto life,

Come ye as the charm is made.

👑 of Heaven, 👑 of Hell, Lend your power unto my spell,

and work my will by magic rite.

By all the power of Land and Sea, By all the might of 🌙 and ☀️,

As I do will, So mote it be;

Chant the spell, and be it done.

Eko, Eko Azarak

Eko, Eko Zamilak

Eko, Eko Karnayna

Eko, Eko Aradia”

Meditating to raise energy. Visualize energy building and building by 👀 by 👀 warm, yellow light fill your body until its expanding out of your body and filling the dome above your circle and visualize it filling with energy.

🎶 or Drumming, Dancing and Chanting.

Once you reach your desired energy level, it is time to get into whatever spellwork or ritual you desire to preform!


I like to walk the circle the opposite way of its casting three times, and voila!

Keep in mind that this is just my method! There are many methods and this is just one of them.

this guy realllllly does not like being called short.


my parents!!!

somewhere, in a better gotham, the joker was born a woman, with eyes like candy apples, smooth skin. babysoft. 

in the gotham we know, the joker fell into a pit of toxic waste and turned green with envy. in this gotham, the better one, the joker is a tall, thin lady walking down the street. “smile, pretty” follows in her footsteps. when she stands at open mic laughter nights, she’s heckled from the crowd. they won’t smile for her but they resent her frown. 

her mother says that her best feature is her body. the joker spends hours staring in mirrors. picturing a trophy-wife kind of life. smile, pretty. smile pretty. smile. pretty. she’s sixteen the first time she tapes her lips up, just to see if she can teach her skin to learn the shape better. your teeth are your best feature. in the wild, smiling is a sign of fear.

she’s twenty and lives alone with her dog and tries to be okay with that. another night where she’s losing money on transportation, but she goes to the open mic anyway. the guy before her talks about airline food. she gets on the stage and immediately booed. and it’s years like this, in a pattern, in the weave of her passion, so that every night is thrown beer bottles and shouting and comments that make her sick to her stomach and being told she’s nothing special and being told women aren’t funny and being told her voice is shrill and ugly and being told when she’s too animated that she’s crazy and being told when she’s too stiff that she’s boring and being asked out by every single sleeze in the zip code and being shouted at when she says no and the neverending tumble of it because maybe tomorrow will be better, maybe tomorrow will be better, maybe tomorrow

he comes up on stage with her and soaks her shirt in beer. now that’s a show! the man calls. he gets cheers. she doesn’t cry, just walks out the back door before doing something stupid. the manager pats her on the head while she leaves. it’s okay, darling. he looks her over. i don’t get it. a body like yours? you should be an exotic dancer. comedy isn’t for everybody. you’re not funny, sweetie.

she’s not funny. not funny. not funny. the words turn alarm bells. the one thing she’s supposed to be talented at. the one thing she loves is just to make people laugh. and she’s not even funny.

hey you know what’s kind of funny? the way it feels at the bottom. how flat everything turns. how unreal. she skims like a rock. your body is your best feature. she tries again on monday. “you know what’s funny? i thought about murder the other day”. don’t we all, sweetie. on the bus, come home with me. on the street, why aren’t you smiling.

maybe some people are born close to the camel’s back, maybe some people have just always been looking for the straw. it’s too much in either direction. she goes home and smears makeup on her skin. tears her hair off. dyes it green, a shock, to match her eyes and spite and envy at men who can tell the same jokes and get laughter for it where she gets nothing and nothing and nothing, where she is pushed off of stages, where she is mocked.

well, isn’t it her turn to do the mocking.

in this story, in this better gotham where vigilante is sometimes good, sometimes a few letters from villain: who will stop her? in this life, when harley walks in, the two are different, best friends, sugar-on-pie because isn’t it true the world has it out for women. in this life, when harley shows up with hyenas, the joker thinks about the wild and the laws of it and says, “oh, of course, let them in”. in this life the violence has a name. 

and nobody says it without laughing.


she’s superhuman laura do you really think she couldn’t hear (x)

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dan is so beautiful and anyone who disagrees is lying. like have you seen that boy? he has slight curves and a soft face and his lips jesus christ. and gorgeous long legs and he has a little bit of a chub tum. everything about him is so soft yet he can go from holy shit to aww it literally two seconds and he looks gorgeous in literally everything.

i thought this answer needed some visual representation

like this is just a random liveshow screenshot?? hOW??

WHY WHY WHY yOU knOw what this is dOIng to us bOIIIIII

phil lester: photographer extraordinaire

fOr fUCk!!!!!

my heart is soft :(((

tHE squISHieST bOYe???

the purest human :((( 7 hours of training a week looks good on him

eXCUse mE????

he deserves all the happiness in the world :(( i’m so :(((


this entire panel was a blessing for our eyes

i will nEVer be over this. eVER.

more denim jacket dan 2kforever pls :(((

fRECKles???? so good man :((((

i would die for him

gLoRiouS. stUnNinG. what is existence honestly

truly, what have we done to deserve him. i need to lie down.


This is what happens. If I think about a hundred in my head, you know that you can’t make a hundred. Everything we think about can’t happen in real life. Not just me, but I believe many people are like this. You too. It’s like that. How can what you think always happen? 

But this is also one part of the process. I have a lot of things I want to say, but I’m going to hold myself back. But I still want you to do everything that you want to do. Because it can happen. If you think a hundred, the hundred can happen. That’s happened to me before. It can happen to you as well.”

If you ever needed motivation/encouragement, here it is from Bang Yongguk.

Being best friends with Finn Wolfhard would include:

I just felt like writing another imagine sort of?? Is this even an imagine?? What are these called?? 

But anyway, I hope you enjoy :~)

(this made me lowkey sad bc i wanna be friends with Finn man)

- Him teaching you how to skate

- Him buying you your own skateboard or longboard after he successfully teaches you how to skate.

- Biking or skating to 7/11 or some 24 hour convenience store at dead hours of the night just to get snacks

- When he finally gets his driver’s license, he drives to your house late at night just to go on spontaneous adventures.

       + or just drive around the neighborhood while talking about stuff

- Him telling you funny stories about the time he was filming IT or season two of Stranger Things. Whatever show or movie he was in, he would always tell you exclusive behind the scenes stories. You’re the only one who knows this shit.

- Live streaming together

- Being very competitive when playing video games

- Jokingly insulting each other:

        + “You’re such a dickhead, Finn.”

        + “Fuck off, Y/N.”

        + “You fuck off.”

        + “WAtcH YOUr LANguAGE!122!!!@!@#”


- Him introducing you to the IT kids and the Stranger Things kids

        + You of course get along with them very well

- Doing covers of songs and posting them on Youtube

- You guys would probably start a YouTube channel together 

- His friends and your friends lowkey shipping you guys

- You stealing his shirts or hoodies

         + “Is that my jacket?”

         + “Yea it is.”

         + “Oh cool, looks cute.”

         + “Thanks hoe, this is mine now.”

         + *shrugging* “Ok, it looks better on you anyway.”

- Him defending you whenever you get unnecessary hate from fans

- Him hacking into your social media to post dumb shit:

         + He would post a double chin selfie on your snap story

         + Him tweeting dumb shit on your twitter:

              + “Finn is so ugly lol gross boy.”

         + Him logging back into his account to reply to the tweet he tweeted on                  your account:

               + “Wow this is bullying I thought we were best friends how could you                       do this to me.”

- Whenever you guys watch a movie together, one of you would always put their head on the other’s lap.

- You guys would face time each other when you guys can’t see each other face to face, like when he has to go somewhere far to film or something

- Late night phone calls, seriously man y’all would stay up till like 3 am just talking about stuff.

- You guys telling each other everything of course

- Everyone thinks you’re a couple, but your relationship is purely platonic

                + Your friends and fans are not convinced, but they go with it                                   anyway

So that was fun, time to cry bc i’m not actually friends with Finn and he doesnt even know my dumbass exists lmFOOAOOAAO why do i put myself through this