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fantastic beasts but like,,,,,,,, without the plot,,,,,,,,,,,,,, just two hours of my boy newt taking care of all the creatures in his suitcase- and maybe a sideplot about picket’s struggle to fit in with the rest of the bowtruckle,,,, no johnny depp no deeper plot no awkward romantic pairings just good old newt scamander and his magical creatures


“Those are unusual movements.
What are you doing?”

💕 nadine’s love list 💕

most of these dudes were here with me when i was just a fetus simblr, it’s kinda like i grew up with them!! and they didn’t unfollow me in the meantime!! the others were super supportive in the hard times (yeah and i’m having hard times every week haha), and some others are on this list just because i love them very, very much for various reasons. all of them are true mvps and i’m very grateful for them and i’m so happy that we’re mutuals 💕 


sorry if i tagged some of you again, i know your mentions are probably blowing up, but love is love!

Protect Asexual People

We’ve been seriously lacking in love due to the discourse™ and I’m here to remind everybody (again) how valid we all are as aces,

protect aromantic aces who are told that they’re ‘basically robots’

protect hetromantic aces who are told that they’re ‘basically straight’

protect gay aces who are told that their sexual identity isn’t valid because being gay ‘cancels it out’

protect greyromantic and demiromantic asexuals who are told their orientation is ‘too complex’ and that they’re just trying to be 'special snowflakes’

protect asexual people who use different labels on the spectrum and don’t feel that they’re 'ace enough’ to be in the community

protect aces that get told they are broken, weird, hardly human and are just ~trying~ to be different



There’s been a lot of talk about the #gainingweightiscool tag. Mostly in terms of how its just another fitblr/thinspiration tag that says you can gain weight as long as look thinner or fitter than you did before. About how its really unhealthy for people with eating disorders, and it mostly just a bunch of disordered crap. And man, there is a lot of that on this site.

My answer to the disordered stuff in that tag and everywhere else on this site is to claim it for my own.

There isn’t a lot of male body positivity. And there certainly isn’t much positivity for people who gained weight while recovering from mental illness outside of the “I gained 10lbs so I can crush men’s skulls!” So, I’ll share my own.

First, I’m not sharing a before picture. Yes, I was super depressed and I used hard drugs and I didn’t leave my bed to make a meal so I was emaciated. Y’all don’t need to see that, I can make my point without it. It wasn’t cool.

And no, my after picture isn’t the one from two years later, when I was 20 pounds heavier and had a six pack. You know why? Because I was still sick. I was super manic, and I fueled that all the time to keep going, and I was muscular and was also an angry asshole. And then I crashed and was suicidal. Washed, rinsed, and repeated over and over for a few years. My marriage almost didn’t make it. I looked great, but I was bad. It wasn’t cool.

No, my after picture is after four years of treatment. Its after three inpatient stays, several different medication regimens, trauma therapy, CBT, intensive outpatient, and DBT, and having more appointments than days in the year for two years running. 

Its after going on and off Seroquel a few times and gaining weight. Its after going on Lithium and staying on it and gaining weight. Its after having to stop working out for extended periods due to my injuries and illness and gaining weight. Its after picking up cooking and baking as a regular hobby and gaining weight. Its after getting into going on dates and trips with my wife and gaining weight. Its after rebuilding my relationship and gaining weight. Its after hanging out with friends and gaining weight. Its after focusing less on how I looked, and more on how I acted, how I treated other people, how I thought about the world, and how I treated myself, and gaining weight. Its after learning how to love and be loved, and how to love myself, and gaining weight.

I’m not a better person because I gained weight. I am a better person, and I also happened to gain weight. My recovery and my weight are separate, they are not interchangeable, they are proportional to each other. However, although I’m not nearly done yet, I have been recovering. I’m happier, my wife is happy, and my life is becoming one worth living. That’s cool. And I did gain weight in the course of making that happen, and that’s cool too. Its okay.

I don’t have to qualify my acceptance of my body, I don’t have to justify my body positivity. My weight gain isn’t cool because of how I perform in the gym. My weight gain isn’t cool because of what shape it took. My weight gain isn’t even cool because it happened during my recovery process. My weight gain is cool because it was a side effect of me living my life, and that’s cool. My weight gain is cool because although I still do struggle with body image, I ultimately accept it as just a part of me and my life, and that might not be perfect but its cool. It might stay, I might gain more, or I might lose some. I don’t know, but its cool.

Living is cool, and sometimes gaining weight is a part of that. So, #gainingweightiscool.

I have seen teeny bits of Vetra’s romance dialogue and it looks like she’s worried about being left behind, being unappreciated/unloved.

And again this is a strange connection, but again I find it amusing because her writer also wrote Blackwall who people, to this fucking day, still write about how they keep forgetting him.

So to me it sounds like hmm maybe she’s trying to tell you something. 

Also, another good thing about a small cast and none of them optional. Hopefully none of this talk about it in this game, at the very least.


“Is it okay to just watch? Won’t you be left out alone again? Is it scary to join that circle?… There is no such world… where someone would rescue a person who doesn’t do anything and just watches in silence. Don’t cover your heart. Show your determination. If you really wish it, I’ll stand by you.”

empressarisu  asked:

Completely yoi-unrelated (for now.. lmao) but I've watched logan for the 2nd time now and im still a sobbing emotional mess™ how to recover pls send help t h ank (needed to get that out of my system wOOPS SORRY)


What a good movie. I’m pretty obsessed with Marvel, and I had a friend once who told me that she feared the MCU would go on too long and the movies would become dull and repetitive, since they have their releases scheduled like years in advance. That conversation was a long time ago, but thinking back on it now, like…. damn Marvel. They keep everything so fresh!! Like Logan!!! There has never been a Marvel movie like Logan!!! And GotG? And Deadpool? And Civil War? They truly cannot be stopped™. Sorry DC you’re kinda being left in the dust I mean what


Whose Line Is It Anyway, Secret. S10E08


   ‘   do you think he was just doing that to make me jealous?  
   ‘   i don’t know if it’s a booty call or not.   
☞     ‘  
she’s so short and that dress is so tacky.   ’
☞     ‘   after we go to the bathroom, can we go smoke a cigarette?   ’
☞     ‘   but first, let me take a selfie.   ’
☞     ‘   i wanna look tan.   ’
☞     ‘   how about livin’ with my bitches, hash tag LIVE!”   
☞     ‘   let me take another selfie.   ’
☞     ‘   they definitely bought all their instagram followers.   ’
☞     ‘   okay, let’s go take some shots. oh no, wait, i think i’m gonna throw up –
             wait, nevermind, i’m fine.    ’
☞     ‘   should i go home with him?   ’
☞     ‘   i guess i took a good selfie.   ’
☞     ‘   i drink too much and that’s an issue, but i’m okay.  ’
☞     ‘   hey, tell your friends it’s nice to meet them, but i hope i never see them again.  
☞     ‘   i know it broke your heart.   ’
☞     ‘   i/you moved to the city in a broke-down care and for years, no phone calls.   ’
☞     ‘   you look just as good as the day i met you.   ’
☞     ‘   now you’re looking pretty in a hotel bar.   ’
☞     ‘   i can’t remember why i left you. i was insane.   ’
☞     ‘   i’ll bite that tattoo on your shoulder.  ’
☞     ‘   play that blink 182 song that we beat to death in tucson.   ’
☞     ‘   baby, pull me closer in the back seat of your rover that i know you can’t afford.   ’
☞     ‘   one day i’ll stand with a crown on my head like a god.   ’
☞     ‘   let me chase what i was made for.   ’
☞     ‘   pull the sheets right off the corner of that mattress that you stole from your
             roommates back in boulder.   ’
☞     ‘   i was made for paradise.   ’
☞     ‘   we could waste the night with an old film, and smoke some weed on the couch
             in the back room.   ’
☞     ‘   i wanna be like kanye.   ’
☞     ‘  we ain’t ever getting older.   ’


Steelheart movie  - Fancast: Chris O’Neal as David Charleston


10 years || spn

*sees another post about how writers are “responsible” for punishing and calling out “problematic” characters in their work*

*considers reblogging with commentary about why prescriptivism and didacticism, no matter the cause they’re deployed for, ultimately only serve to circumscribe the full expression of human creativity*

*remembers that art and literature programs are severely underfunded in the USA and beyond, such that many people don’t have the opportunity to learn about and consider the power and subtlety of artistic expression unfettered by the fear of censure*

*remembers also that this website is an echo chamber of reductive analyses and anti-creative policing couched in the language of social justice*

*scrolls past post and vagueblogs instead because I’m tired and don’t want someone to doxx me"*


‘A One Time Thing’ mini fic. (Post fic, pre-epilogue.)  
I dunno what this is but I wrote it a few months ago because there was this image that wouldn’t get out of my head. And there are questions in my inbox that I haven’t answered because I suck, so have this to tide you over until I get to those. 
(Untitled because I couldn’t think of anything.) 

            She wakes up quickly, and it takes her a minute to realize why.

            There are soft whimpers coming from down the hall, and she sighs. She’s so ready for these nightmares to stop. She shifts, sitting up to go to Aidan when Killian stirs behind her.

            “What’s wrong?” he mumbles.

            “Aidan’s having a nightmare again. Go to sleep, I’ll handle it,” she tells him. He grabs her arm and she turns to him.

            “I’ll get him. You need your rest,” he says, and he can barely keep his eyes open he’s so tired. She rolls her eyes at him.

            “I’m pregnant, not dying.”

            He smirks, leaning forward and pressing a kiss to her lips, his hand falling to caress the slight swell of her stomach.

            “Go back to bed, Swan. I’ll take care of him.”

            As if on cue, Aidan lets out another cry, and Killian quickly gets up and makes his way out the door.

            She hears a weak Daddy? and her heart aches.

            And God but it’s one of her favorite things.

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