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Hufflepuff Headcanons

• waking up late after a long night of reading
• looking for your best friend in a big crowd
• coming up with great comebacks and people being surprised about it
• laughing so hard that your stomach hurts and they tear up
• being great storytellers
• ‘No, you can NOT have my food’
• hugging someone when they don’t know what else to say
• always being supportive of their friends decisions
• they’re often late because they forgot to look at the time
• putting a lot of thought into little presents they give to their friends
• swearing like a sailor
• trying to be nice and diplomatic but ending up being passive aggressive
• wanting to change the world for the better but not knowing how
• forgetting the lyrics to the song and starting to hum the melody instead
• if it’s sunny they’re outside
• ‘I think I’m in love. ….Never mind.’
• they do NOT like yellow a lot
• dressing very colourful and stylish when not wearing the school’s uniform
• always knowing the newest gossip and the others wondering how
• always helping those in need but never helping those who don’t deserve it
• lending money
• ‘I’m not smiling. That’s how I look!’

Gryffindor Headcanons

Slytherin Headcanons

Ravenclaw Headcanons

Surprise (ALiL Deleted Scene)

Summary: (College!AU) In which Bucky takes you by surprise while you’re walking home from class. 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,289

A/N: Well here it is! The first deleted scene from “A Lesson in Love”. I imagine this happening some time between “The Unintentional Run-In” and “The Little Things (Part One)”. I hope you babes enjoy it! 

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

@avengerstories - thank you, as always, for editing this like the beautiful queen you are.

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The sun is nowhere to be found when you finally get out of class. In your eyes, this is the sole downfall that comes with winter - day turns into night while you’re stuck in a room with a professor who really loves the sound of his own voice.

Instead of thinking about the excessive amount of homework Professor Loki had assigned at the end of class, you tilt your head back and look up at the stars decorating the night sky. Tonight, they’re the only things keeping you company on your way back to your dorm. As soon as this thought crosses your mind, your slow stroll becomes a speed walk. You’ve attended enough of Natasha’s self-defense classes to know that being a female and walking alone at night is the worst combination imaginable. You’ve also heard more than your fair share of horror stories to know that this has a high possibility of ending badly.

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PROMPT: Since we know next to nothing about the Acar family, can you please write an Iftar fic at Yousef's household and Mama Acar knows and so do his siblings (if he has any) and it's just a fun time but also Sana is super nervous!! If you don't have time or can't do it, I understand, but if you do, thank you so much!

Hey nonnie, this is two weeks late so I’m you’re still around and you like it! :D


Sana has been staring at the clothes hanging in her closet for the past half an hour. She’s never this indecisive about what she should wear, but this wasn’t just any occasion.

She was going to Yousef’s house. For iftaar. She was going to meet his mother and sister.

Unfortunately, Baba won’t be there since he’s away for a business trip. Yousef had told her earlier.


Well nothing unfortunate about that as far as Sana was concerned, one parent was unnerving enough.

After much consideration she finally picked the white churidaar salwar kameez her mom had bought for her from the Pakistani store downtown, and matched it with a light pink hijab.

Elias was waiting in the living room, wearing a blue and silver kurta and looking “fresh” enough to give Mutasim a run for his money. When she walked out he raised his eyebrows in surprise.

“No black?”

She frowned. “Is it too much?”

He got up to stand in front of her and then with a big smile said, “Of course not. You look beautiful sis.”

She smiled back and was about to say thank you when he added, “Yousef won’t be able to tear his eyes away from you for the entire evening.”

So she ended up lightly hitting him in the arm instead. “Elias! That’s exactly what I’m afraid of. What part of lowkey don’t you understand? It’s already weird that I’m tagging along to an iftaar invitation with all the boys, I don’t want his mom to catch him making eyes at me. Please don’t add fuel to the fire by saying anything inappropriate.”

Elias made a motion where he sealed his lips shut and then threw away the key.

With a sigh Sana followed him outside and got into the car.

As he revved the engine he said, “You know, It’s not like he’s the only one with the heart eyes. You turn into an emoji around him too.”

She tried not to grin but failed. “Oh shut up and just drive Elias.”  


It turned out that Elias wasn’t the sibling she should’ve been worried about. Because as soon as Yousef opened the door, his nine-year-old sister Amena came bouncing up to them and exclaimed, “Is she finally here? The girl you’re always talking with on the phone?”

“Amena!” he gently reprimanded as he moved her aside to let them enter. Elias laughed while Sana smiled nervously.

“Sometimes I stand outside his room and all he does is talk about how much he loves your smile and beautiful you are.” She looked Sana up and down with an appraising and eye and then declared, “He’s not wrong you know.”

“Okaaaay, that’s enough.” Said Yousef as he gently clamped a hand on his sister’s mouth and picked her up to take her to her room before she revealed any other embarrassing details about his long conversations with Sana.

Elias was having a blast and called after him, “How come you never call me beautiful? I’m hurt.” He mocked while Sana turned redder by the second.

Yousef returned quickly and lead them to the living room where the rest of the squad was sitting. Adam, Mutta and Mikael got up to greet Elias and said hi to Sana.

“Where’s Yenge?” Elias asked just as Mrs. Acar walked in.

“Right here” she said with a smile. “It’s so nice to finally have you boys back in my home, you should come here more often instead of troubling Mrs. Bakkoush all the time.”

“It’s no trouble, Mama likes having guests over.” Sana said and Elias smirked at her, knowing full well how her constant complaints about his friends being in their home 24/7 had conveniently disappeared as soon as a certain carrot loving boy had confessed his feelings for her. Now she was suddenly as welcoming as her parents.

“Ah Sana. It’s so good to see you too habibti.” Mrs. Acar went over to give her a hug. “You look prettier every time!” she said as she kissed her cheek.

Elias elbowed Yousef and wiggled his eyebrows as if to say, “your mother approves” and Yousef just shook his head and smiled.

“Why don’t you all move to the table, there’s only a few minutes left.”

“Do you need any help Yenge?” Sana offered even though she hoped the answer would be no. Thankfully that’s exactly what she said.

Yousef discreetly whispered as he walked by, “You’re useless in the kitchen anyway” and then winked over his shoulder while Sana glared.



There were three minutes left for Iftaar and they all raised their hands to pray. Sana closed her eyes and concentrated on her Duas, listing them one by one and finishing off with an Ameen just as the call to Maghrib prayer started.

Before she could reach for her first date her phone pinged with a new text. She looked across the table to see Yousef typing.

Yousef: Hmm, I wonder what you were praying for.


Sana: Don’t get too cocky, your name wasn’t mentioned.


Yousef: : (

She was about to reply when Mrs. Acar said, “So I hear you’re planning to follow in your father’s footsteps and become a surgeon Sana.”

She nodded. “That’s the hope Yenge.”

“Mashallah. In a few years I’ll be calling you Dr. Bakkoush.”

“In a few years you’ll be calling her daughter in law.” Elias, who was sitting next to her, muttered under his breath. Sana kicked his leg under the table while smiling sweetly at Mrs. Acar and he tried not to groan too loudly.

Amena piped up, “It’ll be good to have a doctor in the family.”

“Indeed.” Mrs. Acar agreed with a significant glance at Sana. She blinked, wondering if she was reading too much into it, but no one said anything more as they all began eating Mrs. Acar’s wonderful dishes, so she breathed a sigh of relief and took a large helping of the Fırın Makarna.


She hugged Mrs. Acar goodbye and promised to come visit again soon. Amena winked at her and Sana patted her head, causing the little girl to scrunch up her face.

Yousef walked them out to their car. Elias embraced and thanked him, and with a knowing look got into the car so Sana and Yousef could have some time alone.

She leaned against the car and folded her arms. “So, not as disastrous as I had imagined.”

He laughed, “Oh, you were never so nervous. For no reason. Mama loved you, I could tell.”

“Yeah I noticed a little something too.” She narrowed her eyes. “Did you say anything Yousef?”

He did that thing where he reached behind his head and messed up his hair, his nervous tic. “Uh, maybe.”

She lightly his his arm. “Yousef!”

He caught her hand and then brought it close, rubbing patterns over her wrist with his thumb.

“It’s okay, they’re all pleased. Like I knew they would be.”

She closed her eyes and smiled. “Well, I guess it’ll be my turn soon.”

He raised her hand to his lips and pressed a soft kiss to it. “Don’t worry about it. There’s no rush.”

After all, they had all the time in the world to spend with each other.

Just the Five of Us

Written for @samantha-girlscout for the rarepair flash exchange by @miraculousexchange! You should all definitely check out all of the fics. All of the ones I’ve read so far have been incredible!
AO3 link

Marinette had always expected that the first person to learn she was Ladybug would be her partner or possibly her best friend. She never expected it to be Chloe Bourgeois of all people.

When Ladybug stumbled into the quiet corner, her earrings beeping out their final warning, she assumed she was alone. That was until she bumped into Chloe as her transformation fell and knocked both of them over, leaving Marinette sprawled across Chloe’s stomach.

They locked eyes for a moment, and Marinette held her breath, terrified to see Chloe’s reaction to learning that she, of all people, was Ladybug. Chloe shrieked.

“Wait, don’t yell!” Marinette clamped a hand over Chloe’s mouth. “Look, you can’t tell anyone, and you can’t yell.”

Chloe didn’t even scold Marinette for smudging her lip gloss. She just pushed Marinette’s hand away and launched into a breathless series of questions. “You’re Ladybug? Really? You’ve been Ladybug all along? You saved my life!”

Marinette sat back, raising a brow as she eyed Chloe. “Yes, yes, yes, and of course, I did. I’m a hero.”

“I can’t believe I’m friends with Ladybug!” Chloe squealed, as though the past five years of constant belittling and selfish behavior simply hadn’t happened. She even sat up and pulled Marinette into a hug.

“Whoa, hold on.” Marinette pried herself free. “We’re not friends.”

“We’re not?”

Marinette had no idea how to explain to those wide blue eyes why the idea of them being friends was so ridiculous, so instead, she elected to stand and turn around. “We need to get back to class.”

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Captains' Hug headcanon

•Kuroo- kuroo loves bear hugs. He’ll completely latch onto you the moment he sees you, no questions asked. He’ll also just stay there until you force him off. Kenma just disappointedly looks at his clingy friend before going back to play his game.

•Bokuto- After not seeing you for maybe 2-3 days, bokuto will become angsty and emo from missing you. When he lays eyes on you after the extremely long wait, he’ll pick you up and twirl you around dramatically. The team will get embarrassed and shake their heads while blushing.

•Daichi- Daichi goes for the old fashioned side hug. Although it may seem slightly detached, he shows his affection through embracing you while you walk together and subtly showing possessiveness around other people (mainly the team). He gets slightly upset seeing you very close with Hinata, especially since the smol ball of sunshine is very touchy.

•Oikawa- Whenever oikawa goes to hug you, he hugs you very tightly, extremely reluctant to let go. Whether it be a back hug or front hug, he’ll tightly wrap his arms around you until Iwa-chan scolds him and/or hits him with his bag. Hugging you so closely is probably due to oikawas insecurities that he isn’t good enough to be with you and that you’ll leave him. So to reassure him, you’ll hug him back just as enthusiastically while whispering reassurances.

•Ushijiama- while ushijima isn’t one for PDA, sometimes, instead of blatantly hugging you, he’ll gently grab your hand and bring you closer to him. It’s as close as you’ll get to PDA with him, although in private, it’s a different story. Who knew Ushijima was a cuddler? When alone, ushijima will tuck you under him with his chin on your head. He’ll also loosely wrap his arms around you until both of you fall asleep. Only you know about how ushijima is actually very affectionate, and you aren’t in a rush to tell anyone else.

This is really cute, and a really nice thing to see considering I’ve been needing cuddles lately ;-;

~Admin Kay

Mi Familia-

Request: Hello :) could you lovely write an imagine where y/n is dating Zach but y/n is like a Hispanic reader  but y/n would bring Zach to a family party and everyone would tease her about it and how attractive Zach is in Spanish and they would all set down in a table and the relatives who speak English would talk to him separately and they would talk about the future and Zach would mention how he would marry y/n + lots of fluff while she would be playing with her cousins

I only took two years of Spanish and I’m not the best so if I put anything incorrectly please tell me! I really struggle with tenses sometimes so I won’t be offended if you correct me.

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Mi Familia - Zach

She smiled at Zach before tightening her grip on his hand and knocking on the door to her abuela’s house. This would be the first time he would meet her whole family and she was incredibly nervous. She knew they could be a little much, never mind the fact that most of them don’t even speak English. Her thoughts were interrupted when the door flew open to reveal a shorter older version of her. Immediately her grandmother pulled her in for a hug.

“Mija! Te extrañe₁!” The grandmother exclaimed pulling her in for a hug before glancing up at Zach who was a good foot taller than her, “ah esta muy alto₂. It’s nice to meet you mijo. She tells me a lot about you.”

“I’m Zach, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” He said smiling sweetly before extending his hand for a handshake but she waved him off and pulled him in for a hug instead.

“Come in!” The older woman said opening the door more to let them in. Zach was warned about the amount of family members she had but he was still surprised by how many kids were running around dodging between the adults’ legs laughing and shouting in Spanish.

“ ¿Es tu novio? ₃?” The girl’s aunt asked looking Zach up and down, “ Esta muy guapo ₄.”

Zach looked at his girlfriend for help, he knew he was being talked about but he couldn’t pick up on most of the words. She blushed and opted to ignore her family’s words.

“This is Zach, my boyfriend. He doesn’t speak much Spanish though.” She responded looking at her cousin for help. Her cousin nodded and smiled at Zach.

“Y/N why don’t you go catch up with the cousins for a few minutes? I figure those of us who speak the best English can get to know Zach a bit.” The cousin said leading him and a few of the other relatives to the table to talk. Y/N gave Zach a reassuring smile before picking up her baby cousin with a smile. She was speaking too fast in Spanish for Zach to understand what she was saying at all but he was so distracted by the smile she gave her cousin and the way she held him. She flashed Zach one more look before leaving the room leaving him with her family.

“Alright Zach tell us about yourself.” The uncle said. His voice was deep with a hint of an accent and his face was so serious Zach couldn’t help but feel intimidated by him.

“Well I’m seventeen, I play basketball,” he tried to think of more but stopped, “look I just want you to know I love Y/N a lot. She means so much to me, and I want so badly to make a good impression on you guys and I’m highly regretting studying French and not Spanish for the past three years.” They chuckled a bit at him as he continued, “I want to marry her someday. She means the world to me.”


Spanish translations:

1.       Te extrañe- I missed you

2.       esta muy alto- He’s very tall

3.       ¿Es tu novio? – This is your boyfriend right?

4.       Esta muy guapo - He is very handsome

Not about angels ♡ Grayson

Request: ‘‘Hey I really like the way you write so I had to ask you to write this,can you write an imagine where your playing the piano and singing “not about angels” by birdy because you thought Grayson would be home later but he catches you and decides to record and post it bc he loves it so much,so yeah just a lot of fluff~Serina❤️❤️😍😘please and thank you 😊 ‘‘

Response: Thank you baby! I really like your request! Let me know what you think! xxx

Word count: 1327

We know full well there’s just time…
So is it wrong to toss this line?
If your heart was full of of love… could you give it up?

Your fingers were dancing on the keys of the piano as you softly sang the lyrics to one of your favourite songs: Not About Angels by Birdy. Today wasn’t the best day you had ever had and when you made music the worries on your mind just disappeared for a while. After singing a song or two you felt ten times better. You knew you weren’t a good singer, but that didn’t matter as long as you enjoyed singing, right? And most importantly; if there was no one watching or listening.

‘Cause what about, what about angels?
They will come, they will go, make us special
Oh oh oh oooh…
Don’t give me up

While you sing the rest of the lyrics and feel yourself getting more relaxed and more getting lost in the beauty of the song, you forget the world around you. When your boyfriend Grayson comes home, you don’t hear him entering the room and quickly grabbing his phone to record his beautiful girlfriend singing.  

It’s not about, not about angels,

‘Y/N…’ you hear an admiring voice coming from behind you. Just when you’re about to play the last notes of the song, you let your hands drop on the keys, causing a loud noise that fills the entire apartment. A little scared you jump up and gasp when you turn around, seeing Grayson standing against the doorway. ‘That was so beautiful,’ he compliments you as he walks up to you. ‘Oh my god no, it wasn’t,’ you snap at him. Immediately you feel a bit guilty. After all, he was just trying to be nice.

‘How long have you been standing there?’ You fold your arms against your chest stubbornly when Grayson tries to hug you. Instead he puts his big hands on your shoulders, smiling at your annoyed face. ‘Long enough to discover that you can sing! Why didn’t you tell me?’ He looked so genuine. Was he really not lying?

When you refuse to look at him he cups your face, which causes your cheeks to heat up. ‘There is nothing to tell you. That was terrible,’ you mumble, still looking at his chest. Grayson chuckles. You try to keep your arms together but Grayson, of course, was much stronger than you and puts them to the sides without any effort.

He wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you closer. You let out a deep sigh when your face gets pressed to his chest, secretly sniffing up his scent. As always he smelled heavenly, and it wasn’t even his deodorant. ‘I guess we have different opinions about that, baby. But the last thing I want to do is argue with you, okay?’

He pulls back and lifts your chin with his thumb, your eyes finally meeting his. He leans in and softly presses a chaste kiss on your lips. And finally you allow yourself to give in. You were the one being bitchy, not Grayson.

You grab his neck hungrily but Grayson pulls back, leaving you wanting more. ‘Are you hungry? We could get pancakes,’ he tries changing the subject, stroking a hand up and down your back. You both chuckle when you suddenly hear a growling noise coming from your stomach. ‘Well, I guess I am.’


After you had turned off the shower and had wrapped one of Grayson’s big towels around your body, you grab your brush out of your toilet bag and start combing your hair. When you’re almost done untangling the knots, you hear a familiar song coming from Grayson’s bedroom.

It was Not About Angels. But this time it wasn’t Birdy that was singing it, but someone else. And it actually sounded pretty good. It takes a while before you realize it was you and you feel the irritation coming back from earlier today. You could almost hear your heart skip a beat. No way Grayson had recorded it! Blood starts rushing through your veins when you throw your brush on the ground and run to the bedroom.

When you walk in you see Grayson standing in the middle of the room, looking down at his phone with a big, goofy smile. He looked so proud. ‘Grayson! Did you record me singing?!’ you ask, your voice ten times louder than normal. Grayson’s smile grows bigger when he nods and shows you his screen. ‘And posted it,’ he says excited.

‘You did what?!’ you ask slowly, emphasizing each word. Didn’t he understand what he just did? Of course everyone was going to comment funny things on that video, leaving you with the urge to go move to another planet. For good.

‘Grayson…’ you whine when you walk up to him, trying to grab his phone out of his hand. But of course, Grayson was much more taller than you and he sticks his arm in the air so you can’t reach it. You try grabbing his biceps to lower his arm, but that also didn’t work. ‘Gray…’ you pout with your sweetest voice.

Grayson’s smiling face turns serious. ‘Baby… Don’t be mad at me. Look at all those sweet comments the fans are leaving on the video! They absolutely love it. Don’t talk yourself down. You can sing and I don’t understand why you deny that.’ You frown your eyebrows as he shows you the screen, scrolling through the comments.

You try to think of a good comeback, but he was right… Within a few seconds the comment section was filled with positive reactions and you couldn’t even notice one mean one. You bite your lip and look at him; he had a triumphant smile on his face. With a sigh you let your shoulders hang, ending your actions to take the phone from him.

‘Okay, maybe you’re right. If you really think it’s that good, just leave it then,’ you say, still not sure if it was a good idea. ‘Yes! God, you’re so stubborn Y/N,’ he laughs and puts his phone away. You roll your eyes but can’t help but grin a little.

‘Baby, have I ever lied to you? Do you really think I would post that video if I didn’t think that it was amazing?’ he asks. ‘No,’ you immediately respond. You didn’t even have to think about it; Grayson would never lie to you.

‘You’re my angel…’ he says with an amorous voice, obviously referring to the song. Before you know it, Grayson pulls you against his body, sending electric shocks down your spine. He cups your face and puts his lips onto yours. You gasp surprised and Grayson takes this as a chance to quickly slide his tongue between your dry lips. You pull him closer to deepen the kiss, wanting to taste all of him.

He then kisses both of your cheeks and starts slowly trailing down to your neck and naked shoulders, leaving wet kisses there. With a quick movement he lowers the towel and throws it on the bed, leaving you butt ass naked. ‘Grayson,’ you object as you try to cover yourself, but he runs his lips down your breasts and squeezes your butt.

The rest of your sentence gets stuck in your throat when you let out a soft whimper. You feel Grayson smirking against your stomach and your shaky hands grab his scalp, trying to find a hold on since your legs felt like jelly. Grayson gets down on his knees and puts his warm hands on your thighs, pressing a sweet kiss on your left hip. Your whole body was on fire and you didn’t want him to stop, despite your objection. ‘You’re my angel,’ he repeats whispering. Grayson puts his chin on your stomach and looks up to your face, meeting your eyes. ‘And I’m going to show you heaven.’

oriionpax  asked:

Hello Peach! Could please request RID15 Grimlock, TFP Breakdown, Soundwave and Smokescreen and MTMTE Brainstorm reacting to bot! S/O taking them by the servo and reciting everything they love about them, kissing them in between every sentence? Thank you! (Hope you land the job as well! ^.^)

GOOD SHIT (also thank you!!) 

Grimlock RID2015

He’s a complete giggly mess, he can barely function. He’s so used to being put down, and now the love of his life is praising everything about him? He’s a complete mess. He almost faints when you finally kiss your way up to his cheek and say ‘and that’s why I love you!’. Once he collects himself a bit, he picks you and spins you around, babbling about all the things he loves about you. Good luck getting anything done that day, he just wants to cuddle and kiss you now

Breakdown TFP

He’s not used to displays of affection like that, so he doesn’t really know what to do with himself while you praise and kiss him. He might look a bit stiff at first, but that’s only because he feels awkward, not because he isn’t enjoying it. Once you’re finished, he laughs and stammers for a minute before saying ‘wow’. After giving you a thank you kiss, he admits that he really doesn’t know how to respond to that, but in his head he’s thinking of ways he can return the favor 

Soundwave TFP

He’s not very good at expressing emotion, so don’t expect a lot of reaction as you pour your heart out. You’ll definitely have his full attention, and you might get a head tilt mixed in, but mostly he’d just stare while you spoke. Once you were finished, he would gently pull you close and rest his helm against yours, simply enjoying the feeling. He might have recorded what you said too… 

Smokescreen TFP

The poor boy, he’s already a puddle on the floor by the first kiss. He barely knows what to do with himself, at first he’d just giggle and add little exclamations in (usually ‘oh wow’ or ‘oh primus’), but near the end when he realizes just how special he is to you, he melts. All he can really do is stare at you with stars in his eyes, and when you finish by pulling him into a dip and kissing him, he’s stuck in a love struck haze for the rest of the day (the rest of the team will have to wave a hand in front of his face to get his attention rip) 

Brainstorm MTMTE

He’s more affection starved then he lets on, so he enjoys every second of the attention. At first he tries to be cocky about it, responding to compliments with ‘I know’ or ‘oh how nice of you to notice!’ but once you start kissing him in between speaking and getting more and more sincere, he stops. He suddenly looks and feels incredibly vulnerable, and the only thing he can think to do is stay quiet and listen. Once you finish, he pulls you into a tight hug and quietly asks if you really meant all that. He feels like he might break down when you say yes, but instead he lets out a shaky laugh and takes off his faceplate to kiss you 

Miss Something - Request

Requested by @mrsdeanfuckingwinchester:  Dean x reader have been married for years, she gets pregnant but he doesn’t want it. She leaves but never moves on. He ends up in another relationship and about to marry her. At the altar he decides he needs to be with reader and their child.
& Anon:  Part three to “Miss Everything- Miss nothing” where Dean bonds some more with his daughter but mostly of his relationship with the reader becoming even stronger?
& @captain-morgans-bitch:  Please continue and make a series out of this
& A bunch of people voting for it in the past two Sequel Fridays.

Summary: After apologizing and meeting his daughter, Dean is willing to get back to her life for once and for all. He wants everything back, including (Y/N) who is still reluctant about his comeback.

Pairing: Dean x reader.

Word count: 3,755

Warnings: None.

A/N: I wanted to focus more on Samstiel with Louise, but also daddy!Dean and his relationship with reader (if that makes any sense at all). Happy Sequel Friday!


| Miss Everything (1) | Miss Nothing (2) |

Dean followed the deal like an obedient man. He called Louise every day after school – or at least after eating something because they would spend hours talking and Louise would forget to eat – and then he called (Y/N) to have dinner on Saturday.

Sam and Castiel weren’t only cheerful, and proud of Dean finally manning up and trying to make things better, but they were also far too excited to meet the little Winchester.

They would have dinner together at (Y/N) and Louise’s house that day. Sam made sure to buy pie and wine, while Castiel spent his whole morning collecting flowers at the nearest park – because Sam told him it was polite to go to a home with a present for the owner – and Dean made sure to buy Louise a colouring book and (Y/N)’s favourite sweets.

The three men arrived punctual to the appointment and Sam was impressed to notice how (Y/N) still looked the same. She was at the kitchen, checking the oven, when they arrived and so she didn’t notice. However, Louise had heard Baby’s roar and she stormed out of the house, excitedly.

“There’s my chipmunk.” Dean spoke proudly as he turned Baby off.

“She looks just like mom.” Sam commented.

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anonymous asked:

I wish I could have a nice hug or kiss from Kuro, I've had a really bad month lately and have been very lonely..

There, there. I think Kuro might be occupied by Lance at the moment… But how about I hug you instead? :) I had bad month, too… still having actually, so I can relate… kind of.

anonymous asked:

Genji with chubby insecure s/o?

Coming right up

“How about we stay in instead and I cook you cook something, huh?” You hug Genji from behind and give him a kiss on his cheek. He chuckles as he puts down the folder and holds your arms.  

You give him his breakfast and sit down next to him with your food as well.

“I’m serious, you hardly let me spoil you,” he puts his hand over yours; “let me take you somewhere nice.” He takes your hand to his lips, ghosting his lips over it, smirking. “I can promise you, that you’ll be thoroughly satisfied.”

You feel your face burn up as you quickly take you hand away and look away from Genji; he laughs out loud and begins to eat.

You calm down, but still don’t look at him. An awkward silence fills the room. You take a deep breath and tell him.

“Genji, I would really rather we just stay in. It can be more romantic,” you smile at him, “Candles, low light, soft music. Doesn’t that sound romantic?”

He looks at you quizzically for a moment before getting out of his seat and walking to you. He bends down in front of you, holding your hands. He doesn’t look at you but you can see his face, a sad expression.

“You never want go out, you make many excuses and I’ve never said anything but now…” he makes small circles on your hand with his thumb. “Tell me, are you embarrassed to be seen with me in public?”

You grab his arms and pull him forward, awkwardly hugging him, but you don’t care. You feel the tears falling down.

“Genji don’t ever think that again. I could never be embarrassed of you…” you begin to shake, trying to keep your voice level, “It’s the opposite. You’re an agent of Overwatch, this great man, mysterious, and handsome. Me? I’m a nobody. I’m not exactly what you call arm candy. I don’t have a body to kill for, or looks to kill for.” Your voice comes in sobs.

Genji stands up and takes you with him, he hugs you tightly to him, so much so that you’re being squished against him, but you don’t say anything, you don’t mind.

“I could never be embarrassed of you. I love you for who you are,” he gently grabs your chin and makes you look at him. “Your warmth, your personality, your soul is why I love you. And I don’t care what anyone thinks, you are the only one I need in my life. You are my light.”

He carefully begins to wipe your tears; you continue to cry but smile at him. He always knew how to make you feel better and loved. You laugh as you think about how much of a hot mess you must look like yet here was this wonderful man telling you how much you meant to him.  

Genji leans down and kisses you; he tilts your head and deepens the kiss. You wrap your arms around his waist. He stops and kisses the tip of your nose.

“Feel better, my love?” You nod.

“I’m sorry I didn’t say anything sooner. My insecurities got the better of me,” you look away ashamed but Genji makes you look back.

“Do not be afraid to tell me anything. And as for your insecurities, I understand exactly how you feel,” he kisses your forehead and hugs you to his chest. You can feel the warmth underneath your hands, it calms you, “and if you want, I would be more than happy to help with those insecurities. I promise to tell you everyday how I much I adore you, show just how amazing you are as well.”

“You spoil me,” you tease as you bury your face in his chest.

“I plan to spoil you more right now,” he smirks as he picks you up and takes you the bedroom.

Dammit, I didn’t even like Eyewitness very much and yet I find myself contemplating writing fic for it. It was just … all hurt, no comfort. That drives me bonkers. We don’t even get to see Philip get a God damned hug after being rescued at the end. That one-month time skip at the end was such bullshit, like … there must have been so much that happened in that month, it was arguably more important than the preceding month, and yet….

Things that need fics:

  • Philip getting five hundred hugs. Just throwing that out there despite how obviously it is needed.
  • Lukas acknowledging that he was a shitty boyfriend, and that the fact that he was dealing with PTSD and homophobia does not excuse the way he was treating Philip. He did make up for it a little, but it would be nice if they actually talked about it, if we got to see him actually coming out to people instead of just saying in their very last scene together that they should go to a party where he might kiss Philip in front of everyone.
  • Philip talking to Gabe about the fact that Helen doesn’t care about having him in the family, because I’m sorry, she doesn’t. She’s really only doing it because Gabe wants to do it. Philip being a part of their family is only important to her because it makes Gabe happy, not because it makes Philip happy. Gabe’s clearly aware of this on some level (he does some next-level-petty shit when Helen’s out of line, and it’s kind of hilarious) but he doesn’t seem to realize that Philip is aware of it, and that Philip really, genuinely deserves better.
  • The time skip really burns me most because we don’t get to see Philip deal with the death of his mother, which, hello, that is enormous. The guilt issues are going to be horrific. I want to see a fic where he’s grieving, where he lashes out at Lukas because if they had come forward to begin with, it wouldn’t have happened, where he blames himself and Lukas for her death.
  • That one is a little tricky because, to be honest, there’s no good solution. Philip is right. Because of their inability/unwillingness to come forward, like 6 more people died and a freakin dog. One of those people was his mother. That’s something that’s going to take literal years of therapy to deal with.
  • Which I could guess maybe be why they glossed over it, but still. How is he going to date Lukas, knowing that if Lukas hadn’t been so afraid of everyone knowing he was gay, his mother would still be alive?
  • That being said, I really wished they had done more with the relationship between Lukas and his father. There are really obvious implications that his father is physically abusive - he’s perpetually talking about how his father’s going to be upset, his father’s going to flip out - and that scene where Lukas’ father throws and breaks the glass, and Lukas flinches away, all but confirm it. But they don’t do anything with it. Lukas’ final scene with his dad is his dad saying “I love you so much” with zero acknowledgement of the fact that Lukas should probably be in foster care just as much as Philip is.
  • but also I can’t believe the series ended with Lukas saying he had a dream about kissing Philip in front of everyone instead of, you know, actually doing it
With You By My Side - Seven

A/N: I am now finished writing this series. There will be in all ten parts, and I will try and post every day, but I make no promises. Thank you to everyone that has liked, reblogged or commented on this series. I loved writing it, and it keeps me motivated to read all of your kind words. Special thanks to my beta @thorne93.

Characters: Jensen x Reader. Jared x Genevive

Warnings: This is pure fluff.. All the way. I got cavities writing this.

Wordcount: 2731

Catch up HERE

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Originally posted by black-little-demons

“What?” you whispered in disbelief.

“Marry me..” he repeated a little more confident this time.

“We can’t get married, Jay!” you exclaimed, shooting out of the bed. “I can’t make any plans for the future when I don’t know how long it’ll be. I can be gone within a year.” You paced the floor, running a hand through your hair.

“All I know is that I want to be with you, for as long as I can. I don’t want to waste anymore time (YN), I want you, and I have wanted you for years now. Take this leap with me,” he pleaded, placing two strong hands on your shoulders, making you look into those emerald orbs of his. Before you could say anything he was down on one knee in front of you, looking up at you. “I love you, more than I ever thought possible. You are an amazing woman (YN), and you make me a better man. You have been there to support, encourage and motivate me for years, and you always manage to put a smile on my face. Will you (YN) (YLN) make me the luckiest man in the world and spend the rest of your life with me?” he finished with a smile.

“Are you really serious about this?” you asked carefully.


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anonymous asked:

Teach me curse words in Russian please daddy-plant-lover-94

why does everyone always ask for curse words? how about i teach you some nice things you could say in russian instead?

your smile warms my heart - от твоей улыбки так тепло на душе (ot tvoyey ulybki tak teplo na dushe)

i want to hug you so much right now - так хочется тебя сейчас обнять (tak hochetsya tebya seychas obnyat’)

i like you more than french fries - я люблю тебя больше, чем картошечку (ya lyublyu tebya bol’she chem kartoshechku)

astraltactician  asked:

Those cuddles were just too precious, especially Reiji's <3 Could I request cuddle hcs for the rest of Quartet Night?

Sure thing! :3

Reiji here!


Originally posted by couplenotes

  • Awkward first cuddles
  • Mainly because he wants to experiment possible positions to know which is best
  • You tell him you’re cool with anything but that ain’t a satisfactory answer for our robot
  • Finally settles for you on his lap, your back brushing against his chest or direct hugs
  • Probably the writer of “How to Cuddle 101”
  • When he’s holding you, you’re either talking about a variety of things
  • or you’re silent as he softly hums a song
  • his angelic voice bless
  • He likes it when you initiate cuddles. It makes him feel wanted and nice within
  • He prefers being the big spoon but wouldn’t say anything when he’s the little spoon. Instead he’d enjoy resting his head on your chest, your soothing heart beats as his tune.
  • He nuzzles a lot while holding you. He’s at ease with a serene expression on his face.
  • Likes kissing your cheek and nose too


Originally posted by sensuous

  • Lazy cuddles
  • His cuddles often catch you off guard. He just lets his arms loop around your waist and pull you into his embrace and you squeal at first, surprised at the touch
  • He MIGHT just fall asleep because your warmth is cozy.
  • You’re his second favorite thing to hold after his bass
  • With that said, I think he may teach you how to play as you’re seated on his lap.
  • He pats your head and nuzzles your neck when you’re in his arms
  • Sometimes simple cuddles lead to you two gasping for breath from hot kisses
  • You’re his body pillow.
  • His kitties flock around you two during cuddle time
  • Always the big spoon
  • I see him to reach out for you when he’s upset. Your soft, warm body is a source of comfort for him


  • His cuddles are regally amazing.
  • Your fingers are interlaced with each other’s, his other arm is wrapped firmly around you as he pulls you close to his heart.
  • He kisses your hair when you’re in his arms.
  • His arms also tend to encompass you, his icy blue eyes relaxed when he holds you.
  • He doesn’t say much when he holds you, he just wants to bask in the moment when your warmth is against his body.
  • Sometimes he makes conversation, telling you about his day, insulting Reiji’s antics and Ranmaru’s hotheadedness. Often, his tales with Quartet Night make you chuckle
  • Such warmth, such passion for someone who behaves as cold as ice.
  • Camus can’t decide if sweets or holding you is better
  • 10/10 hugs

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  • try your best. not everyone can get all As, and getting all As does not make you better than everyone else. just do the best you can and be the best person you can be.

  • don’t sleep in class! i know it seems so so tempting but slept my way through geography last year and i got a C in my exam instead of the expected A so…

  • Don’t tick off your teacher, follow the rules to an extent, get to class on time, respect your classmates and teachers. you know, just be a decent person.

  • be positive!!! and not just for the first week or so, keep the positivity going throughout the whole school year. if you don’t believe in yourself then why should anyone else?

  • “you can do it, wildcat, i believe in u” — something troy bolton said one time probably definitely

  • Smile and introduce yourself to people- whether you’re sitting next to them or have seen them in more than one of your classes. Everyone likes to make new friends (even if we’re too shy to do it most of the time).

  • Find which clubs look interesting and go to their first meetings- there’s never an obligation to join, but you might meet a lot of new friends.

  • Get advice from other students on if your classes/teachers are difficult and figure out which ones you’ll need to work the hardest in.

  • this or this. it’ll whip your ass into gear. you name a list of websites that distract you, set a timer, and bam. no more hour long study breaks. the best - or worst - part is, it can’t be undone by the application, by deleting the application, or by restarting the computer. you just gotta wait, and if you’re going to wait, you may as well study.

  • goals. when you sit down to study, write down everything you’re going to do. then do it. aimlessly staring at your books won’t do shit.

  • something to listen to. i suggest movie scores, song covers by the vitamin string quartet

  • a queue. if you’re really obsessed with keeping your blog up to date, set aside some time, fatten up your queue, and let your blog run itself for a few days.

  • breaks. during your breaks, dance, run around, work out, go for a walk, talk to your friends, call your mom. going back on the internet is an easy way to get out of the mood, so i wouldn’t suggest it.

  • tea and coffee - if not for the caffeine, then for the feeling of cozying up with your text books and feeling studious.

  • a place to study. it doesn’t matter if it’s in a coffee house, a library, or your kitchen table. as long as your bed’s not in sight and tempting you into a nap, you’re good.

  • your mental health is more important than your grades/school work

  • you are fabulous

  • they’re probably not even paying attention when you give a presentation

  • one friend is better than no friends

  • eat a healthy lunch

  • take care of yourself

  • please stay safe

  • your mental health is more important than your grades/school work

  • I love you

posts used [x][x][x][x][x][x]

I have to add more sources to posts i got information from, but I’m posting this now because almost everybody is in school now. If you see info from a post that is not linked, tell me and I’ll add a link to it.

taco-unicorn15  asked:

Headcanon for lazy day cuddles with the paladins + allura please :)

First one with Allura, Hell to the yes


  • She will like to be big spoon in the cuddles
  • She will say that she has princess duties, but then she will not move
    • “I thought you have princess duties?” -you
    • “I do them later” - Allura
  • She will talk about how amazing these moments are
  • Would have the mice make sure the paladins did not set something on fire
  • She would will fall a sleep cuddling with you


  • She would want to be the big spoon at first, but then realize how uncomfrable it is for her
  • She then be the little spoon, but she wont ask to be little spoon, she will just roll on top of you to the other side.
  •  She would say she has science to do, but then will say cuddles can be science
  • will at people to go away when they knock on the door
  • would talk to you about her lastest project


  • He would be the big spoon because he loves hugging you
  • He would talk to you about how nice this is
  • He would be happy to be cuddling, instead of being shot at in training
    • And cooking is a close second
  • He would laugh when you hair tickle his noise
  • He would kiss you on the back of you head


  • He could have your head on his shoulder
  • He will to talk to you about anything and everything
  • he would teach you small spanish words
  • He would kiss your forehead
  • He would flirt with you also
    • “Oh, no. the stars” - Lance
    • “wait, what” - you
    • “Some one put them in your eyes”- Lance


  • You would be laying on his chest
  • You might have to make him stay
    • “I think I hear Lance and Keith fighting, I should go check”- Shiro
    • “They can handle it, stay here” - you
  • Will try to fight you on staying but he would lose that fight
  • he is glad he lost the fight
  • Thank you for cuddling him, he really needed it


  • he would do the cuddle hug with you. (it is like  you guys are hugging but your also laying down)
  • He would love staring in your eyes
  • He would freak out every time he hear a noise
    • tough guy does not want people to know that he has emotions
    • “shut up” - Keith
    • He cute when he is angry
  • He would kiss you and his face will turn red afterward (he is just awkward)
  • He will enjoy every minute of cuddle time
Dragon Spell Part IV [Yixing x Reader]

Rating: M +18 

Warnings: Sex 

Word Count: 1624

A week has passed since the incident and Yixing was currently typing away on his computer.  You had your legs over the side of the pool as you gave Tanis a bath.  She hummed as you rubbed her scales.  

“You’re spoiling her.”  Yixing mumbled as he clicked away on keys.  

“You don’t so someone has too.”  You smiled as she slowly slide under the water rinsing off.  You giggled as she rubbed up against your feet.  Looking over at the clock, you let out a yawn.  It was close to 1 in the morning as you’ve been putting off sleep.  Yixing has been sneaking into your room since the incident.  Sometimes you were either just about to get to sleep when he crawls in either behind you or close enough not to disturb the sleeping dragon by your side.  The other times you awake to him leaving the bed, his arms slowly untangling you from him.  You pretend to be asleep as to not overthink anything.  

“Nice and clean Tanis?”  He asked as the snake transformed into a young girl.  Her hair draped around her and in her pajamas instead of usual dress.  

“How do you do that?”  You asked looking at the cute outfit.

“I think really hard about what i’m wearing before I’m transform.”  She smiled as you nod, hugging her tightly.  “Can you brush my hair?”  She asked as you nod.  She quickly grabbed her brush from the dresser and jumped up on Yixing’s bed.  You follow, as Yixing finished typing his last couple of words before turning around looking at the two of you.  

“You know she has a bed.”  He stated, his hands folded in front of him.

“Yes, but you always sneak into hers, might as well get some use of this huge thing.”  Tanis, played with her clothes as you continued to brush her hair.  Tanis smiled as you giggled.  “I wish I could stay like this.”  She mumbled as Yixing froze.  You paused as you looked down at the dragon.  A tear ran down her face as you quickly hugged her.  

“Don’t cry little one.”  You whispered patting her head.  

“It’s not fair.”  Yixing walked over, sitting on the edge of the bed.  

“What’s not fair?”  He asked as she sniffled.

“Spending time like this, is a constant for you.  In a couple of hours I’m going to have to transform back into a beast!”  Turning around she buried her face in your shoulder as you tried to calm her down.  

“I can’t transform at all.”  Yixing said, rubbing her back.  “I don’t remember what it’s like anymore.”  You watched as the two exchanged looks.  Yixing moved up sitting next to you, his arms wrapped around the two of you.  He began to sing an old song.  You felt Tanis relax as she fell into a slumber.  Her human form slipped into her dragon one, as you continued to pet her.  Yixing’s voice trailed off as his grip around you tightened.  Tanis laid on top of you as Yixing’s intertwined his fingers with your hand stilling your hand.  

“Yixing, shes…”

“Asleep.”  He whispered back as he tightened his grip on yours.  “It’s okay.”  You felt your eyes begin to close as he resumed singing.  Finally you felt yourself let go and sleep over coming.  

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anonymous asked:

I don't like to do any assumption but I think now is more than obvious how much Yoongi like Hobi, he love the other members too but for Hobi is something different and anyone can see that. But the real question is, do you think Hobi like him back or this is just a one sided crush? bc idk, he's always so nice and carrying with all members, thats the way he's. Idk is hard to tell this things bc we dont know them, but to me sometimes feels like Yoongi has a crush while Hobi only see him as a friend

yeaaaaah same……………… because of moments like in today’s gayo when yoongi went for a hug and hoseok was just “nope”. or in the last gayo when instead of trying but failing to dance with yoongi properly (like jungkook and jimin did) hoseok was just being extra. that’s why i don’t trust nice people smh at first they make you feel special but then it turns out they’re treating everyone like that. and it’s not like it’s their fault it’s just how they are so you can’t even get angry with them 😞 that’s why i hope yoongi’s ok ldajsdskmsd even if we’re talking about platonic crushes i feel like he likes hoseok more than hoseok likes him 


#why do i want clary to just hug alec #to just hit him with a hug when he isn’t expecting it #wait listen to me #alec is really hurt and angry right now and yes maybe izzy and magnus are there to comfort and help him #but think about clary #she grew up with jocelyn and luke taking care of her as a mundane #not a shadowhunter #everyone around alec only knows how to comfort people that are shadowhunters and we know that like clary said their traditions are ice cold #clary is heart broken too #and just imagine alec yelling at her but she understands so instead of getting defensive or just letting alec leave all worked up #she just hugs him #he is bothered at first but then he realizes she is also feeling helpless and angry #and he hugs her back for maybe just a second #that’s obviously not gonna happen here but it’s just a nice happy warm thought #man i just love fraywood #i dont know about you but their friendship is gonna warm my heart and cure my depression