how about a little hawaiian punch

I wanna talk about a Kaikaina Grif who isn’t as shallow of a character as she was made to seem in cannon. I wanna talk about the Kaikaina Grif who lost her mother at a young age. The Kaikaina Grif who grew up colourblind. The Kaikaina Grif who was never really good at anything useful. The Kaikaina Grif who loves sex and alcohol and parties, and throws a big “F U” to anyone who thinks less of her because of it. The Kaikaina with big boobs and huge thighs, who’s chubby and sexy and knows it. The Kaikaina Grif who’s into boys and girls and nb peeps because as long as you’re good with your tongue and dtf gender doesn’t matter. 

I wanna talk about Grif sibling headcannons. Big brother Dexter stepping in as a parental figure when their mother left. Dexter talking to a young Kaikaina about colours; Describing them with emotions and feelings so she can understand them better. Dexter teaching a young Kaikaina the limited amount of Hawaiian he knows, and singing her songs, and making sure she knows her roots. Dexter learning how to dye/style hair, coordinate outfits, and keeping up with fashion trends so his little sister wont feel insecure about her appearance. A Dexter who will beat the living hell out of anyone who talks shit about his sister’s sex life, and a Kaikaina who will kick the dick/punch the tit of anyone who talks shit about her brother’s weight. A pair of scary Grif siblings who will both beat your ass if you talk shit about their ethnicity. 

I wanna talk about Kaikaina coming back to Blue Team. Imagine Her reaction when she finds out the cop is now the team leader. Imagine her slowly warming up to Wash, and finally deciding he’s pretty cool (for a cop). Imagine Kaikaina flirting with a flustered Washington. Imagine her relationship with Tucker that consists of mostly casual sex, dirty jokes, high fives, and good vibes. Imagine Kaikaina talking to Caboose, and becoming best friends with him, because she’s such a friendly person and he’s so non-judgmental. Imagine Kaikaina seeing Freckles and saying “You guys guys have a dog that looks like a gun?!” Imagine her meeting Carolina and absolutely loving that there’s another girl on the team. Imaging Kaikaina and Carolina talking about girl stuff and bonding. (Bonus: imagine Carolina making her first real female friend in Kai.) Imagine Kaikaina and Church being super awkward, since he doesn’t really know how to talk to her, and she doesn’t really understand the whole AI thing, but she’s not as annoying as Caboose and robots are pretty cool. 

On the topic of Kaikaina coming back, I wanna talk about Kaikaina visiting Red Team. Imagine her only calling Grif by his first name and how salty it makes him. Imagine Sarge raving about Blue Team sending over spies and telling her not to come back. Imagine her calling Sarge old and gross and coming back anyway. Imagine Simmions stuttering and stumbling over his words whenever she’s around. Imagine Kaikaina flirting with a flustered SImmions. Imagine Kaikaina not knowing the difference between pink and lightish red, so she totally believes Donut when he says they’re different. Imagine Kaikaina making an attempt to learn Spanish for Lopez, and developing a Donut level comprehension of it. Imagine Lopez warming up to her because she’s the only one who tried. Imagine Kaikaina just being friends with everyone because that’s just how she roles. 

I just wanna talk about Kaikaina Grif forever, because she deserves so so so much more than what she’s been given in the show, and she has so much potential for greatness. 

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Prompt: Ian and Mickey at the supermarket

// thanks, nice prompt! Don’t know where this will take itself…let’s do this! //

Ian consulted the list. ‘So Lana wants green tea and shower gel,’ he said. The shopping list was a scrap of paper that sat on the kitchen counter all week, people adding to it as they pleased. 'Mick?’

Mickey was consulting the diapers. 'Got coupons for any of these?’ Ian shook his head. 'Shouldn’t be so expensive. Hey, bring Debbie next time, yeah?’

Ian rolled his eyes. The one time they had bought Debbie grocery shopping, they’d ended up buying huge amounts of crap nobody needed just because she had coupons for the products. 'I’m going to find Lana’s tea, you get the shower gel,’ he said.

Liam and Yev giggled as he spun them around in the trolley. 'Oh, don’t get the 'Russian-style tea’. She goes nuts. Says it’s insulting or something. Fuck knows,’ Mickey called after him. 'Get American tea.’

'You realise they don’t actually grow tea here, right?’

'I don’t give a shit, I don’t drink tea.’ Ian smiled after him.

'Mom’s tea,’ Yev repeated goofily as they turned the corner.

'Yes,’ Ian confirmed, grinning at him. He peered at the prices. 'Here. Only a buck fifty,’ he said, tossing Liam the little box. His brother promptly threw it over his shoulder into the trolley. Then Mickey came back, arms laden with items. 'How’d you have time to get all that?’

He dropped the groceries into the cart. 'Coconut? You know Lana’s allergic,’ Ian said, gesturing to the bottle of flavored shower gel Mickey had picked out.

'Relax, I got her the lime one she likes. Coconut’s for you.’

Ian frowned. 'I still have some back home though?’

'Yeah but…this one smells good.’

Ian smiled. 'Ah I see how it is. You like a little Hawaiian punch?’

'Shut the fuck up,’ he said, but he was smiling right back. 'I got your kale and tofu and the shit you like,’ Mickey told Ian. It wasn’t so much that he liked it, it was more that the doctor had recommended he eat more plant based foods. No hormones in broccoli.

'Thank you,’ he kissed Mickey briefly. They didn’t kiss much in public and Ian knew Mickey was still nervous about it. Luckily nothing happened, aside from a couple of girls giggling as they passed.

'Yeah, well. Whatever you need,’ he told him. Ian just smiled. A short while ago, Mickey would never have said something like that. And here he was, standing by Ian through all of this. Making sure he took his meds, making sure he ate right. Making sure he stayed out of the bad places as much as possible. He was broken out of this train of thought by the sound of the boys behind him. Liam had grabbed the bananas and had started eating one.

'Hey buddy, not until we’ve paid,’ Mickey hurried to take the bunch off him.

'That’s daddy’s food,’ Yev said.

Mickey paused and looked at his son. 'What’s that?’

'Bananas. Are for daddy,’ he said, pointing at Ian. Then his little face filled with worry. 'Did I do wrong?’

Ian looked to Mickey, not knowing how he’d react.

'No, Yev. You’re not wrong. He’s your daddy too.’ Mickey told him gently.

Ian couldn’t help it, his face broke out into the biggest grin he’d had in months. 'I am?’

'If you want to, I mean,’ Mickey added hastily, eyes concerned.

Ian nodded. 'I do. I do want to.’ He hugged Mickey tight.

'Shit, are you crying?’ Mickey asked, his own voice a little thick.

'I didn’t think you saw me like that. To be in Yev’s life in that way. To be in your life in that way.’

'I’m serious as hell about you. I want you with me for - a long time,’ Mickey told him.

Ian wanted to kiss him so badly. But of course, they couldn’t do that here. So instead he went to ruffle Yev’s hair and kiss his rosy cheeks. The boy grinned up at him and reached up to clutch Ian’s face, one little fist nestled in his fiery hair and the other resting below. 'I have two daddies,’ Yev said delightedly, laughing. Ian had never known the feeling of loving a child like this. He had younger siblings, sure. But Yev was different. He loved Yev like he was his own. Which he guessed he was, now. And Ian just wrapped him in a cuddle, not wanting to let go of how he felt right now.

As they headed for the checkout, Ian turned to Mickey. 'I didn’t think I’d have this. A kid. Not right now, maybe not ever. But somehow I do,’ he whispered in stunned disbelief.

Mickey nodded, looking at him meaningfully. 'I know. I never thought I’d ever have this, I…I never thought I’d have love. Just didn’t think it would happen. I didn’t think I could let it happen.’ They started unloading items onto the belt. 'Then you came along, firecrotch,’ he grinned. Ian laughed.

'What’s firecrotch?’ Liam asked loudly, making everyone around them stare.

'It’s daddy!’ Yev shouted gleefully.

'No…no,’ Ian started, but he and Mickey were laughing too much to care.

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