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I have a theory

So people always make a big deal about how in The Lightning Thief, it’s all “names have power,” and then later, it’s “Hera this, Gaea that, Athena this, Zeus that.”

But you’ll notice if you read TLT that Annabeth and Grover both sometimes slip up and call things by their real names.

For example:

“The Fur … I mean, your math teacher. That’s right. She’s still out there. You just made her very, very mad.”

This is followed by:

Annabeth glanced nervously at the ground, as if she expected it to open up and swallow her. “You shouldn’t call them by name, even here. We call them the Kindly Ones, if we have to speak of them at all.”

But you can tell that Annabeth was about to say “Fury.” Annabeth is used to calling them by their names.

And this is a girl who’s been at camp since she was seven. It wasn’t just a mistake because she didn’t know.

My conclusion is that once the whole thing with Zeus and Poseidon happened, everyone’s cautiousness went up like 120%. However, the normal thing is to call the gods and creatures by their real names.

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It’s kind of an unspoken rule for us mermaids to not reveal outselves to humans, but I’ve been watching you work as a life guard on my beach and I think it’s about time I try this “drowning” thing you humans do that always brings you into the water

I cannot resist mermaids!

How Big, How Blue

There was something odd about the human.

He’d managed to startle her the first time she’d seen him. In her habitat, a place where he should be the one lacking in grace. It had been very late, the skies dark and the moon, a few days shy of full, the best illumination. She’d ventured close to the surface knowing that the humans would have long since retreated from the ocean.

They had such trouble with it even during the day when the sun shone and warmed the water, forever shrieking and splashing and hopping out to apply that odd white paste only to hop in again and go through the same routine. Once night hit and temperatures cooled they preferred to stay on the shore, light their fires and cook their food on sticks while huddling close together under piles and piles of fabric.

At a young age Caroline had taken a liking to their music. She took every opportunity she could find to listen to it, often found herself humming along and swaying, taking care to keep herself obscured either by drifting just below the surface or hiding below the docks.

The evening she’d first encountered the human who’d piqued her interest she’d been doing just that, floating on her back to keep her bright hair obscured. There were only a few people out that night, she could see faint white clouds every time she exhaled. Her eyes had been closed so she’d felt the disturbance in the water before she’d seen it and had immediately submerged herself with an ungainly splash, slipping deep into the water until he hands were brushing the sandy ocean bottom.

Wide-eyed she’d watched as a human passed over her, his long limbs cutting through the water in powerful strokes.

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Fuck Louis' team, honestly just showing up, not even interviews (if they really don't want him to talk about his work), just showing up would give him headlines would be a big help for the promotion🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

Exactly! Ed talked about how big of a chance the Brits are for artists that are starting and want a big jump on their career. All of them have solo projects, the Brits would be perfect for all of them and yet

can we also talk about how malec kisses are always made such a big deal? what i mean is that they only kiss when it’s a huge scene or really important moment- and that’s just unrealistic. couples kiss all the time.
now i’m not saying that that’s the only way we can see their love- of course not. but there’s a problem when tv refuses to show lgbtq+ characters kissing or acting as any average couple like they would with any other character.
i mean just the fact that they cut the sex scene was a huge deal. and not because we want to fetishize them, or because that’s the most important thing- but because of what happened in the beginning of the episode. they’re okay with having an entire screen time dedicated to jace having sex with some random girl, a scene that was completely irrelevant to the storyline and didn’t come up again, rather than show malec being a normal couple like any on tv???

instead of you heathen bastards shipping efi (who is an 11 year old child) and lucio, how about something more sibling-like. big brother figure lucio being proud of how accomplished efi is and sticks up for her when ppl dismiss her for being young. she fixes up his equipment when he needs it and even improves on the design and he loves it. she’s friends with one of the world’s most famous musicians and she cant believe how far she’s come.

how about more Wholesome stuff like this and not pedophilia you shitbags

berry big circus is just flat out the most cursed thing in ace attorney. its so cursed everyone in it has weird vibes, have acted out violently or have flat out murdered people even the color schemes are cursed and the music is cursed and like honestly how much longer is it going to be on the road just stop hiring people please just let regina be a zookeeper instead and have none of the other characters appear again this circus is cursed

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This doesn't even pertain to you but I need someone to talk to. So today I when to a recital for orchestra and as I was playing my violin the conductor decided to make a big deal about how awful a person I was because I messed up on this rhythm. He was saying that I shouldn't even be able to call myself a violinist and I was lucky that he didn't just kick me out. This was all over ONE rhythm in ONE measure... I honestly just feel like crying. I don't even really know why he did any of this...

i am so so so sorry my love :( i play cello, and i know how incredibly difficult and hurtful it can become. no matter what i don’t think it was okay for him to say that, maybe tell your parents or smth :( i’m so sorry my love

I feel so bad that i keep procrastinating on this video, but my camera that i use was dead and we couldn’t find the charger…and i have Karate tonight, so i doubt it will be done any time soon.

Also, i need your help. A while ago there was this post about how much “big companies” actually lose due to recasts. Lots of math. Someone put in a lot of effort on that post and i really want to find it again and put a link to it in the video because it is so scary, and it automatically debunks one of the so-called “arguments” *cough* excuses *cough 

So if anyone can help me find that post, and could link me to any other helpful posts, i’d love to link them in the video once i get around to making it. Thanks!

*focuses on my appearance and other surface things to avoid thinking about how many big life events I’m supposed to make happen in the next 5 years*

Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this

the boy who stole sweaters

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omg Lori is definitely the coolest but I wanna know more about that cutie Vaamal! <3

Vaamal past Pilot of the Green Lion

Is the tallest and fastest in the squad. Pretty chill for her species having long life spans.

species design a mix of owl/gorilla/sloth. known as one of the most intelligent species. Her home planet is covered in extremely huge thick forests (like 70%). So imagine huge skyscrapers buts as trees, which are also used as buildings. The branches and leaves are so vast and thick, that its mostly dark all the time below (gets darker to pitch black as you get closer the ground).

High intelligence, strong curiosity and adventurous, if anyone suggests to check out a mystery, she’s the first to volunteer.

also loves her shorter teammates

just the

most intelligent



161108 RM’s Last Broadcast FC Post // Trans

Last Broadcast Rain.

Bangtan had their last broadcast. We had the last broadcast, and it’s raining.
It’s almost feels like the rain was waiting to come down.

Since I learned a bit of what loneliness is, or whenever it was I don’t really remember but, I’ve ended up really liking the rain. Even though no one would know, I would often do things like go around by myself chasing the rain without an umbrella. (Honestly, I still do sometimes.)

Rain is very similar to music. Depending on the background, the situation the expression changes and the nuance can be different. Sometimes you definitely feel the perfect sadness and sometimes it’s a complete opposite, and other times it’s purifying, rest, a bitter smile, and other such things.. But my likeness for the smell of rain is never changing. Maybe it’s because the dust is being cleaned down.

In the last few years, I’ve always wanted to write a song relating to rain (we do have ‘Rain’..but a version is that completely my own). Although I haven’t really thought it through, of the songs I like, a lot of them are about rain. Epik High hyungs’ Umbrella, Let it Rain, Younha noona’s Sound of Rain, X-Japan’s Endless Rain, FreeTEMPO’s Rain, Razah’s Rain, Teacher Kim HyunShik’s Like Rain Like Music,’s really a lot. That’s how much rain has gladly become someone’s muse.
And the world is a little bit more liveable thanks to the rain.

The contents we learned as a child from a science book - that fact that, the volume of Earth’s water is constant and it can become the sea, become the river, become the rain and so the Earth continues to spin - was so so fascinating. The idea that the rain droplets that are tapping against my window could be from the far Himalayan mountains. Ever mixing and being shared..I would think I too want to live like a rain droplet, but I also wonder what would happen if rain droplets understood loneliness.. It’s a bit sad. I keep going back and forth.

Anyways, Like the falling rain, a lot of things passed by like a panorama in one month. I still can’t believe, as much as I try, that we already had our last broadcast. I know it’s cliche but it really was like that this time. For you and me, it was a 4 weeks where the rain came down like none other before.

The world calls that rain ‘Korea’s Best Rainfall in Years’, ‘The First such and such Rain’, ‘_00mm’* and with words similar to these people will record and of course this is a very happy thing but, we can’t simply use such numbers to represent our rain. This is something just we know. Before this rain, there were a myriad of other rains that fell and in our eyes, in your eyes, whenever we’re standing on stage, and on my body rain is always falling. In every moment the floods and waves are collectively hitting.

In this moment I’m not at a faraway place, but I really like that I’m here with you guys mixing and falling together as rain droplets. And so I just really wanted to say that I didn’t want us to be remembered just by several numbers.

They say singers follow their song titles. As the song title says, this rain contains mine and all of your blood, sweat, and tears.

Listen carefully to the rain sounds right now!
What is it saying to you

P.S. Sorry of this was a bit cheesy. But since it’s the last broadcast! Here was my last broadcast thoughts.

Trans by @bangtoori

I think what I love most about Laurent and Damen together is that they don’t lose themselves, they become more like themselves instead. They become more like the people they were supposed to be. just because they’ve finally found the person who loves and accepts and sees them for exactly who they are.