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Domestic Drabbles - 9: Simon Snow and The Spiderman Boxers


Just kidding. Presenting Domestic Drabbles, part 9! 
I can’t believe I’ve written this many!

Shoutout to my amazing beta, @baz-n-simon!
And to @eroticgropefest, whose lovely drabble series has inspired this one!

Enjoy (:


Back at Watford, if someone had told me that one day I would be doing Simon Snow’s laundry while he just sits around, I would have laughed in their faces and asked what sort of enslavement spell he was planning on using against me. But as I sit here, folding Snow’s shirts into neat piles while he stares off into space, I begin to realize that he doesn’t need magick to get me to do what he wants.

“Baz,” he had said to me just a few hours earlier. “I’m rubbish at laundry. Will you help me?” He had flashed a huge grin and batted his stubby eyelashes at me, a signature Snow move when he wanted something, and I knew that I was completely helpless against it. He knows I’m completely helpless against it. Even without his magick, Snow could make me do anything if he tried hard enough.

It’s evening now, and the setting sun is filtering in through the windows. Snow is sitting at the other end of the sofa, surrounded by his messy piles of clothes. He only bothered folding two articles of clothing, then decided he was bored, and instead has been staring off at the windows while I work through the basket on the floor. I should be more irritated at him, but every time he closes his eyes and runs his hand through his hair, the sunspots that have made their way through the blinds dance across his arms and face, and he looks positively radiant. And I wonder how someone like him, with his boxy shoulders and his ruffled hair, could always be so angelic. So glowing. So beautiful. So—

“Snow, what the fuck are these?”

His eyes immediately leave the windows and dart over to my hands, as I reach into the laundry hamper and pull out the most atrocious pair of boxers I’ve ever seen. One half is red and the other blue, and they’re covered in various pictures of Spiderman in different poses. I almost laugh, and as Snow’s eyes widen, I do.

“Baz! Give me those!” Snow immediately launches himself across the couch to retrieve them, but the piles of clothes get in his way, and I hold the boxers above me, far out of his reach.

“Where did you get these?” I ask, still laughing. “They’re hideous.” He tries to grab my arm, but I hold onto his wrist with my free hand and hold the boxers off the side of the couch.

“Hand them over,” he says, turning his wrist out of my grasp. He tries to move towards me, but I push back on his shoulder.

“Did you have these when we were at Watford?”

“Shut it, Baz!” He says, trying to move away from my hand. But I hold onto him tightly.

“Crowley, Snow. So you’re telling me that every time you threatened me and my life with that bloody sword of yours, you were wearing these? Truly? The Chosen One, sporting around Spiderman underwear?” I start laughing again because it has to be one of the most absurd images that has ever come into my mind.

“Fuck you,” he says, swinging his shoulder out of my grip. He stands up and tries to walk over to the side of the couch, but I catch his legs with mine and wrap them around his, holding him in place.

“I don’t think so,” I say. I lean up and put the boxers behind me, between my back and the couch, and lean against them. “You’re not getting these back. I’m holding them hostage forever.”

“Baz, c’mon,” he whines, crossing his arms and locking his gaze with mine. Then in a quiet tone, he says, “those are my favorite.”

I laugh again and wrap my legs tighter around him. “That’s hilarious, Snow. But you’re still not getting them back.”

He furrows his eyebrows briefly, then tilts his head to the side. He flutters his eyelashes at me and grins. The signature Snow move.

“Please, Baz?” He asks, sweetly. “Can I have them back?”

I hesitate briefly but try to push down the need to give Snow what he wants.

“That’s not going to work on me this time,” I say. “You’re not getting these back.”

He furrows his eyebrows again, but he doesn’t frown. Instead, his lips curl upward into one of the most antagonistic smirks I’ve ever seen grace his perfect lips. He leans down, placing his hands against the back of the couch, on either side of my shoulders, and settles his face only inches from mine. He tilts his head to the side and smiles.

“Please, Baz?”

I narrow my eyes at him. “No.”

He leans in and kisses me. Once, then twice. And then a third time. I don’t kiss him back because I know his game; he’s trying to distract me. But then he kisses me a fourth time, biting my lip gently in the process. I try to stay focused, pushing my back against the couch, but then he kisses my jaw. Crowley. Once. Twice. And then again. And he’s trailing his mouth along it. And then he slides his hand into my hair and the other against my side. I lean my head back slightly. And he starts kissing down my neck, and along my throat. Then he bites me there, and I shudder. Crowley, I’m done for, I think. And then he suddenly starts kissing at the base of my neck, and then he moves  along my collarbone, and then he—

“Hah!” He exclaims, startling me. I open my eyes that I hadn’t realized I had closed, and he’s now standing in front of me, waving the boxers around in the air.

“You’re too easy, Baz,” he says, smirking at me.

I cock an eyebrow at him, irritably.

“Fine, Snow,” I say, leaning up. “You win.”

He sticks his tongue out at me.

“But we’re not done yet,” I say.

“Wha—?” Before he can finish, I lean forward and grab him by the shirt collar.

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So I have a close friend, who by the very definition of the word, is in an abusive relationship.   While it seems like the boyfriend is a “good” guy, from what she says, it seems like the guy is only doing these things to get her to “stay” even though she is fully committed. He demands that if she really loved him, she’d text him all the time and fight for him.  And she obeys.  She does everything he asks, and it’s never enough for him.  And yet, he continues to do “sweet” things for her just to get her to say yes to everything he says. He calls her names, but tells her he stays with her inspite of the things he calls her.  For example, he says shes a “slut”.  But he’s a good guy because he’s committed to a “slut”.  Also, whenever they have a fight, he thinks it’s necessary to take “revenge”.  i.e Putting a picture of him and his ex on his phone.  

This isn’t right.  In her mind, she sees her self as the problem.  The bad guy.  

A real boyfriend does things for his girl because wants to. Because he loves her.  He does not ask for anything in return for what he does.  He does not ask her to do something she doesn’t want to do.  He does not call her names.  He does not take revenge after a fight. 

Reblog to let others know how a real boyfriend should act.  

you know what I love more than college aus?  fake relationship/dating.  slow burn.  this is being broken up into multiple parts so i can satisfy the need for slow burn.

title: homecoming, pt. 1 (or, how my latte-stealing coworker became my boyfriend for the weekend)
fandom: hamilton
pairing: tjeff x reader
rating: t
word count: 2975

You have a high school reunion that you can’t miss, and you’re in need of a boyfriend to keep both your parents and your classmates off your back.  You don’t have a boyfriend — but you do have one very irritating, accommodating coworker.

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Anon: What do you think about the last VLive and all the ji/kook moments??? 😍😍😍

Anon: omfgg jungkook does his tongue thing at 36:24 in the ynwa preview vlive when jimin is hanging off of taehyung im living       

There were so many cute little moments scattered across that vlive. But since I’m late (as always lol) and everybody else probably has already covered most of the more important things, I’ll just point out what stood out the most for me.

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The Breakup Bureau

Words: 8.1k
Genre: Fluff, Angst

Read more at Service Series 

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Saying goodbye is never easy.

Held hands over the table, she looks at him with softened eyes and a thoughtful expression. As he finishes with a gentle exhale, she nods. “You know what? You’re right! I deserve better!”

“You deserve the world and more.” He charmingly smiles, gaze dripping with honey.

She breaks out into a grin and pulls her hands away from his, leaning back in her chair. “How could I have been so blind?! I can’t believe I went through a relationship like that for an entire year!”

“And now you get to start fresh again. With someone who will treat you the way you deserve.”

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fake it ‘til you make it

*request —> Anonymous said: could you write a fic where you’re fake dating jaehyun to get your parents off your back about “having a boyfriend” and then you fall for him in the process and then you admit it in your parents house or something???

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author’s note: 1,344 words. who would fake date jung jaehyun not me definitely not me Σ(‘◉⌓◉’)

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I find it beyond frustrating to see people comparing Regina’s actions with Emma’s in regards to Robin/Hook. The two are not the same.

Regina’s had to face losing Robin pretty much their entire relationship. And every time it came to that point, she always let him go. It’s never been an issue of her not being able to do the right thing and let go when she should in their relationship…on the contrary. She’s actually on the opposite end of the scale now. She moves on to the detriment of her own emotional state because she’s so afraid of holding on to her pain and grief at risk of losing control of herself. She won’t let herself grieve or deal with anything because she doubts her ability to do so healthily. She views grief as an unhealthy state of being rather than a necessary phase of loss. And yes, certain members of her family have encouraged that way of thinking.

Now her going after a fake version of Robin was an unhealthy choice. Absolutely. But not because she couldn’t let him go. She let him go. She did so TWICE this episode alone. What was unhealthy was her going after him with the intent of proving to herself that she deserves the pain and grief she’s trying to bury. She wants to believe that she deserves to suffer, to be hated as much as she is, to hate herself as much as she does. She doesn’t see any worth in her life or her place in the family, and she’s gotten to the point in her self-loathing where it’s not enough to just believe that, she has to remind herself of it everyday.

That is unhealthy. It’s heartbreaking as hell and, God, do I ever understand her and where that’s coming from (it’s so much easier to believe you deserve the suffering you can’t escape than to fight against it to no avail), but it is unhealthy and written intentionally so.

Her getting Robin back at the end wasn’t a mistake on the writers part. She chose to have faith in fate granting her some semblance of happiness and Robin not making it back with them would have just hammered home the psychologically damaged belief that she shouldn’t have hope at all because she doesn’t deserve the good it can bring.

The mistake made by the writing is that they did have him return, and they had him return as a reward for Regina choosing hope… yet we know he’s not real and that she’ll lose him again.

Now that in contrast with the messaging in Emma’s story. Emma who wouldn’t let Hook go no matter how many times fate (and Hook himself) told her she needed to, no matter how unhealthy and damaging it was, and no matter who it hurt or destroyed in the process. In the end she was rewarded for that. She was rewarded with a very real and very alive boyfriend coming back to her.

Regina does not get that same treatment. When she lets go and lets herself believe that’s the right thing to do, she suffers. When she chooses to have faith in happiness and hold on, she suffers. When she believes she doesn’t deserve happiness and should just suffer, she suffers.

So no, the two are not even remotely close to the same.

Defending You

Requested: What about a protective Shawn one where you have some trouble with your family in the sense that they poke fun at you for certain things and it really upsets you and you tell him and then at a family dinner it happens again and he stands up for you because you never say anything :) (btw I love your writing)


Your name: submit What is this?


It has been two years since you and Shawn started dating, so he knows nearly everything about you now. He knows that your relationship with your family is interesting to say the least. You love them because they’re your family, but at the same time, they’ve often been really critical of you, and you were never sure exactly why. You’ve always felt like nothing you could do was good enough for them. And you feel like your parents always compare you to your brother who is a doctor and your sister who is a lawyer. You’re in your second year of University studying English, which your parents don’t consider a real study. They’re always sending little jabs your way regarding your job and pretty much all of your life choices.

It makes you sad every time you have to go to family dinners or anything else with them because it is honestly so difficult listening to them talk and feeling so judged by the people who are supposed to love you no matter what. Tonight is yet another of those nights that you have a dinner. They don’t happen too often. Maybe only once every few months and that is about as often as you see your family. 

“Are you sure you want to go?” Shawn asks you while pulling off his t-shirt to change into the dress shirt you laid out for him. He’s hesitant because he knows you always feel sad and hurt after seeing your family, and he hates to see you like that.

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Last Dance

Reader x Kol Mikaelson



Word Count: 1402

In your mind, a birthday should always be an excuse to celebrate and forget your problems, at least for a little awhile. However, it was no time to party and cheer over superfluous things. Once you found out the truth about how very much real supernatural creatures were, nothing in your life remained the same. Hell, sometimes you were even afraid to leave your house. Of course, after you became close friends with a bunch of vampires, witches and werewolves, you felt a lot safer. Especially because your loving and caring boyfriend was no one less than Kol Mikaelson, who was part of the oldest vampire family recorded so far.

You let a goofy smile slip and reached for your phone, wanting to read his last text to you. In the nine months you had been dating, he did not spent one day without calling, texting or doing anything he could to assure you how much he loved you and could not live if you were not alongside him. Of course, since you were turning eighteen, he wanted to make you a surprise. And, even though you hated it, if it would make Kol feel good about himself, then the whole thing was bearable.

“Why aren’t you in the very pretty dress I sent you?” A voice asked, coming from behind you. “We should be leaving right now.”


“Who else could it be?”


The younger Mikaelson shook his head, crossing arms and leant against the wall next to the window of your bedroom. You bit your lower lip, realising that was the sexiest thing you had ever seen. Again, it was pretty obvious the effect he had on you, which put you in a very complicated position, because all you wanted to do was rip his trousers off and get him in your bed. Over and over again.

“Babe… If you keep looking at me like that, we won’t be able to leave.”

“Who says I want to? Perhaps you could give me my birthday gift here.”

“Don’t tempt me.”

You started to unbutton the pink shirt you were wearing and flashed him a sexy smile, which made him giggle. He approached you and grasped your waist, making a soft moan escape and you get his body even more glued to yours. Kol’s lips brushed your own and his hands tightened the grip on your skin.

“Now, would you mind getting dress for us to go? I promise it’ll be an unforgettable night.”

You sighed.

“Do I have another choice?”

“No, miss Y/L/N.”

“Gosh, it’s so sexy when you call me like that.”

Kol laughed and slapped your ass, winking.

“So, Damon called you?” He questioned, while you got off your skirt.

“Yes, he did. Are you still jealous of him?”

“Me? Jealous? No. Definitely no.”

You walked out of the closet, already in the fine blue dress he gave to you.

“What do you think?”

“I think I am very jealous of you.” Kol said, stroking your cheek and pecking your lips. “Can we go now?”

“We can. Make it fast, though, otherwise I’ll rip this clothes out of you.”

“Take it easy, kitten, we have all night long.”

You giggled and both of you left to his promised surprise.


In a couple of minutes you arrived at the beach, where a majestic boat, which you strongly believed Kol had stolen, was waiting. You were completely stunned by the scene you were staring at. Yes, your boyfriend used to give you incredibly expensive gifts, but that… It was a complete new thing for you. He grabbed your hand and helped you get on it.

“This is…”

“Shush, don’t say anything just yet…”

“I have to.” You embraced him in a clumsy hug. “I love you.”

“I do, too.”

Kol took you inside, where a table, filled with what just had to be great food, was placed. He pulled the chair in order for you to sit and then made his way to the other side, accommodating himself in front of you. A small sigh escaped, while you watched him give you his best smile and serve the wine. Almost like a grown up couple.

“What are you laughing at?”

You bit your lip, shaking your head.

“Nah, it’s nothing.” He raised a brow. “I mean it! I’m just enjoying the view.”

“Yeah, let’s pretend I believe that.”

The Original laughed and snatched your hand, his thumb gently caressing the back. Soon enough your whole body was wired and a silly smile show up on your face, which made you look away, a tiny bit embarrassed by the extension of the effect Kol had on you. It was rather funny how, a few months before you met him, you thought nobody could ever win your heart over. Being in love? It is for the weak. Then he came along and changed everything.

“A penny for your thoughts, love.” Kol whispered and, again, you smirked.

“I’m thinking about us.”

“Oh, I hope it’s our good memories.”

“Considering you have been nothing but a perfect gentleman to me, I don’t think I have any bad memories.”

“If you say so… I won’t disagree.” A smug appeared on his face and you could see the mischief in his eyes. “Let’s dance.”


“Come on! I know you love it.”

Kol stood up, going straight to a small radio that was set in the room’s corner. Shortly, a soft ballad started to play and he offered his hand, a cocky smirk painted on his face. You giggled and took it, feeling him pull you towards his own body. While both of you swayed slowly, the younger Mikaelson hid his face on your neck and nuzzled it. The first reflex you had was to stuck your fingers in his hair and bring your forms together even more.

“Y/N, I need to tell you something.” His low voice said in your ear.

“What is it, darling?”

“Klaus knows.”

You pursed your lips, not quite understanding what your boyfriend was talking about.


“About us. Running away.”

“How did he find out?”

“I have no idea.” Kol looked at you and his eyes had lost the happy gleam. “Just know, no matter what happens, that I’ll always love you.”

“You can’t possibly be doing this to me, Kol.”

“Do I think I want do it?” He licked his lips. “But Klaus won’t allow me to live my life freely.”

“Then let’s run away now. Without further warning.”

He chuckled, leaving your embrace and just sitting on the floor. You sighed, feeling the warm tears roll down your cheeks, and took place on his lap. Both of you exchanged an intense look, trying to find answers on each other’s eyes. It was useless, though. Nobody could go against Klaus, he would not accept it.

You grasped his shirt and pecked his lips, wanting to make that night last forever.

“I don’t think I’ll make it without you.”

“Love… Promise me you’ll be happy.”

“Without you?”

“I’ll come back to you.”

“Kol, I’m just human. I don’t think I’ll be alive when your brother decide to release you.”

“Become a vampire.”

Your eyes widened to his proposal.

“Right now?”

“Yes! Then Elijah will take care of you while I’m gone.”

“Do you really think it’s a good idea?”

“Only if you want to darling.”

“I want be with you, forever.”

Kol smiled and then bit his wrist, making thick blood come out of it. You did not think about it and swooped his arm, attaching your lips to where the red liquid was flowing and felt the metallic taste in your mouth. It was definitely not the wrong choice for you. Even though you were about to be brutally separated from the love of your life, you knew you would be alive to get him back and that made every bad choice worth it.

“I have to kill you now. Are you really sure you want to do this?”

“Like never before.”

“I love you.”

“So do I.”

He pushed your hair aside and sunk his sharp teeth into the delicate skin of your neck. You grasped his hair and, while you felt the life run away from your body, you knew you had made the right choice just by staring deep into his eyes, where you found nothing but a pure and great love. Your true happiness.

A short list with a few of Sam’s most favorite things Dean has said to him:

•"I don’t care about these girls, I only have them here so I can take my mind off of you.“

•"You understand that I think about you, all the time, past and present, you’re the only one.”

•"Baby boy, you’re eyes are killing me.“

•"Did you ever think about what we’re going to do when we’re old? I think we should get married.”

•"I’m proud to have a nerdy brother, like you. Even though I tease you, wouldn’t trade you for the world, kid.“

•"I love you, Sammy.“

•"Wanna’ be your boyfriend real bad. Let’s do something dumb like- like hold hands and go to the park.”

•"I’m not sure that I care anymore if Dad finds out about us. At this point, I want everyone to know how lucky I am.“

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may u do 16 and 25 with Sirius black?

Prompt Request - Prompts List
16. “Give me a reason not to turn around and walk away now.”
25. “Shut up and kiss me.”

Character: Sirius Black
Word Count: 220
Disclaimer: Gif isn’t mine, credit to whoever made it

External image

+ + + + +

Give me a reason not to turn around and walk away now,“ you said, your voice eerily quiet as your glare fixated on Sirius’ nervous frame.

“I love you,” Sirius whispered, “Is that a good enough reason? Because truthfully I haven’t been the best boyfriend, I know I haven’t. And there isn’t any real reason why you should stay, but I love you. That’s the only thing I’m sure of anymore - I love you, only you, and you’re the single most important thing in my life.

I’m sorry for everything - I honestly have no idea how I could have possibly treated you in that way. You don’t have to forgive me, and trust when when I say I understand completely if you want to walk away right now. I just want you to know that I’m in love with you. I always have been. And-”

Shut up and kiss me already,” you said, taking a step towards the tall dark haired boy and intertwining your fingers into his.

Sirius wasted no time in crashing his lips against yours, the hand that wasn’t holding yours cupping your cheek softly.

“I love you so much, Y/n. I swear I’ll be a better boyfriend from now on,” Sirius said as he held you close in his arms.

“I love you too Sirius.”

Title: Stallion, Schmallion
Wordcount:  ~1250
Notes:  Today (in approximately 2 and a half hours) is the AAS4 premiere! I wrote some fluff for the occasion :) It’s based off S2E11, aka that episode where Steve comes in as a knight in shining armor!

Also, I know nothing about horses, and I apologize.

AO3 link is above, but you can also find it under the cut!



 “Yes, sir?”

 “Did my boyfriend just ditch me for a horse?”

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Casual (Jinyoung) Part 3

Requests are open!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Word Count: 2480

Warnings: Smut, Bad language


    What the fuck had you done?

    You had to be the dumbest person to ever live.

    You lay in his bed considering all the choices you’d made that lead to this moment. Lying in Park Jinyoung’s bed. Naked. With severe sex hair. But that wasn’t the point.

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R76 Valentines Day 4: Proposal

I rarely ever do a 5+1 but really how the fuck could I pass up Gabe failing to propose to Jack 5 times because he’s a fucking perfectionist? Also Anahardt cause they’re really cute too.

AO3 mirror


It seemed sort of old fashioned to be out doing this but Gabriel sometimes felt a little old fashioned. Especially with Jack. Everyone said they were like an old married couple. But not in that they bickered (they did that sometimes) but that they just seemed to have been together for so long it was impossible to not just make everyone aware of it. Even the brass, notorious for being completely oblivious, had figured out that their Strike Commander and Blackwatch Commander were dating. Ana always complained that they made her feel like a real third wheel even when they weren’t acting like a couple because they didn’t even have to talk about anything. Just a look would do most of the time. Still, buying a ring for your boyfriend was pretty old fashioned.

Gabriel had left the watchpoint and headed into the city a bit aways. He hadn’t told anyone what he was doing and only Athena knew where he was really going because Athena just knew everything. He’d found a jewelry, not a chain place, one run by some locals who made high-quality jewelry. Athena had actually suggested it after snooping around his Google searches as she did. He’d been annoyed when she’d suggested it but now he was grateful because he would never have found this place otherwise. It was more of a gallery than a jewelry store honestly and along with the jewelry was paintings and some real weird looking sculptures.

“Hello! Let me know if I can help you with anything,” the artist behind the counter said when he entered.

Gabriel didn’t know anything so he just went up and way more awkward and shy than he’d ever been in his life- even more so than the first time he’d ever asked a guy out- he said, “I’m looking to buy a ring.”

“A ring? For yourself?”

“No. For my boyfriend,” Gabriel and their entire face shifted, lifting up just a little.

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  • “What’s a pretty girl like you interested in a sword for?” I put on my most innocent face. “Well, I’m only wondering because it would go really good with my boyfriends Halloween costume.” The merchant looked in complete shock, how dare I belittle him. “Costume girl, this is an antique no small prop, this is the real deal.” He calmed down and simply stated “You wouldn’t be able to afford it anyways, its $3000”. I walked over and stared at him directly and asked in a dangerous voice. “You are selling my sword for $3000? I must say, I’m feeling quite insulted. That blade has seen more death than any other, and saved my life more times than it probably should have.”

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can i ask for a hc where jimin is like the pastel of the school (a cheerleader too) and is boyfriends with bad boy jeongguk? like i know you already made one but it was just sooo good that i need another part of it. (can you make it like smutty too? where jimin's best friends with tae and jeongguk knows how sometimes tae stares at jimin's ass when he bends down to pick up something? or like not just tae but every guy in their class too?) ^^ (love your jikook hc! specially the smutty ones!)

+ Jungkook loves and hate those neon yellow shorts Jimin wears.

+ Loves it cause the cheerleaders ass looks amazing.

+ Hate cause everyone else can see said ass.

+ Jungkook bites his lip as Jimin drops one of his pens and bends down to grab it. Taehyung, Jimin’s best friend, eyes are glue to the round mounds.

+ Now Jungkook doesn’t have a real issue with Taehyung. He may be a bit uncomfortable over that Jimin and Taehyung use to fuck before they started dating. Sure they’re friends and all but…

+ No one gets over how nice their dick looks between Jimin’s ass.

+ Jimin comes back up and Taehyung continues the conversation. Jungkook quickly strides over as his hand goes to grab Jimin’s ass.

+ Jungkook isn’t that possessive but he enjoys breaking other people’s fanasties about his boyfriend.

+ “Now baby, if you’re gonna bend over it should be because you want my cock between your pretty cheeks.” Jungkook says.

+ Taehyung looks surprise and a little annoyed while Jimin chuckles as he pushes his butt against Jungkook’s cock.

+ “well, you know how much I like to bend over for you.” Jimin winks at Jungkook. Jungkook smirks as he starts dry humping Jimin in front of the hall way.

+ “Baby, lets go to your car.” Jungkook says leaning over to bite Jimin’s ear.

+ They say bye to Taehyung before taking off towards student parking.

+ They don’t even hide the fact what they’re about to do. Kissing and pulling on each others clothing before even opening the car door to the back seat.

+ Jungkook takes Jimin on all fours at first before they switch so Jimin’s back is against the back seats and Jungkook has him bent.

+ The car is steamy and shaking. Students walking by know what’s happening.

+ Jungkook pulls out a cigarette while Jimin wiggled into his neon shorts again in the back seat.

+ “You made a mess in my car.” Jimin says licking his car. Jungkook laughs as he blows smokw.

+ “Baby, you made the mess.” “Well, you’re still going to clean it up while I’m in practice.” “Fine, fine. It’ll give me something to do while I wait.” “Promise?” “Promise.”

+ “and they day you’re a bad boy.” Jimin giggles before leaning up to kiss Jungkook.

+ After practice Jimin looks at his phone and sees pictures of Jungkook jerking off in his car. But it’s clean in the end.

Im Youngmin || Ice Cream Parlor

Genre: Fluff

Originally posted by softsnuper

“Y/N! Can you believe it?” Youngmin said excitedly, holding up a small slip of paper as he walked into your guys’s shared bedroom.

You were currently lying down on the bed, scrolling through Twitter before looking up to see your boyfriend, the widest smile shown on his face. “Can I believe what?” you ask him, wondering why he’s so cheery for, though he’s always this way.

“My friend just gave me 2 free coupons to the ice cream parlor down the street!” Youngmin exclaimed before jumping onto the bed with you. He wrapped his arms around you. “We should go!”

You stared at your boyfriend, who was looking up at you and giving you the cutest puppy dog eyes, which made your heart melt at how adorable he can be. “Youngmin, are you sure the coupons are real and not fake? Your friend probably printed them out or something. And what if they’re expired?”

Youngmin rolled his eyes and held up the 2 coupons. “Nope, they’re definitely real. And they aren’t expired! At least not yet. See?” He shoves the coupons in your face. “They expire in a few months, see?” He exclaims as he continues shoving the coupons in your face.

You giggle and say “Okay, okay” before taking one of the coupons from him. “Fine, we can go-”

“Yay!” Youngmin shouts, clinging onto your body even tighter than before and giving you soft pecks all over your face.

“But wouldn’t it be best to save these for some other time? It’d kind of be a waste to use these right away.” You tell him. Youngmin pouts, shaking your arm.

“But Y/N~ I’m in the mood for ice cream now. And plus, we haven’t gone out on a date since forever.” Youngmin whines, still clinging onto your body. You found him adorable when he’s acting like a pouty child, so you couldn’t help but give in.

“Okay, we can go. Now get out, I need to get dressed.” You say. Youngmin sits up and says “Yesss!” before he pulls you into a tight bear hug and kisses you on the lips before running quickly out of your room so you could change.

You change into a red flannel and black pants. You didn’t want to dress too fancy since you’re just going to the ice cream parlor that’s less than 10 minutes away from the apartment building. You call Youngmin over, notifying him that you’re dressed and ready to go.

Youngmin opens the door to your room slowly, peeking his head in to make sure that you’re fully clothed. He opens the door wide and steps in. He takes a look at what you’re wearing and starts smiling like a maniac. “Y/N! We’re matching!” He exclaims. You turn around to see him wearing a blue flannel with dark jeans. You giggle as he approaches you and lifts you in his arms, placing wet kisses all over your face before placing you back down.

He takes your hand in his. “Is my princess ready?” He asks you. You blush, nodding your head shyly, which makes him grin from how cute you are when you’re being shy and flustered around him. You and Youngmin walk out of the apartment building, hand in hand, before walking down the street to the ice cream parlor.

You and Youngmin step foot into the ice cream parlor, before making your way to the personal ice cream machines where you could make your own ice cream. You looked at the different flavors of ice cream, contemplating on which flavor you wanted the most. You’ve been to this ice cream parlor numerous times in your life, but every visit equaled a different ice cream flavor that you would try, so you wanted to try a different one today.

You kept trying to find an ice cream flavor that you still haven’t tried yet, before your eyes landed on the birthday cake flavor. You grabbed a plastic bowl from the counter and poured some of the birthday cake ice cream inside of your bowl. You let go of the lever when the ice cream was filled to the top.

You looked at Youngmin, who was standing right next to you. He was also deciding which ice cream flavor he was going to get until you point to the cherry flavored ice cream. He gives you a curious look, raising an eyebrow, wondering why you chose that specific flavor for him.

“It matches your hair.” You tell him. He laughs and rolls his eyes at you before grabbing a bowl and pouring himself some of the cherry ice cream you recommended for him.

You went to the topping station, looking at all of the delicious looking toppings that you could put on your ice cream. You decided to put tiny little boba balls and kiwi on your ice cream. You turned to Youngmin, whose cherry ice cream was piled with cherries. You giggled as the cherries pretty much covered his whole ice cream, which made the ice cream invisible due to the big pile of cherries that were on top of it.

As you and Youngmin were finally done making your ice cream, you and him walked towards the cashier. “Is this all for you guys?’ the lady behind the cash register asks. You two nod your heads as a response before Youngmin pulls out his free ice cream coupon.

“Miss, my girlfriend and I have 2 free coupons for 2 free ice cream bowls. Is it okay if we use these to pay for our ice cream?” Youngmin asks the lady sweetly. You quickly pulled out your coupon from your back pocket and showed the lady your coupons. You and Youngmin both hand her your coupons. She takes them and examines them closely before nodding her head.

“Yes, these are acceptable. Well, I guess you two lovebirds don’t have to pay today. Have a nice day and enjoy your ice cream!” She exclaims. You and Youngmin both laugh and bow down at the lady, thanking her for accepting the coupons before you two made your guys’s way to a booth at the back of the shop.

You and Youngmin sat down at the booth, sitting across from each other, before you two dug into your ice cream. You stared at Youngmin as he was eating his cherry ice cream with extra cherry toppings happily, which made you giggle and smile at his cuteness.

He was eating too quickly, which left some melted ice cream on the side of his mouth. You grab a napkin and reach over to wipe the ice cream off of his mouth. The sudden action made Youngmin blush and made his heart race. “Thank you, Y/N.” He mumbles in embarrassment. You give him a smile before taking a bite out of your birthday cake ice cream. 

As you ate your ice cream, you felt some of the melted ice cream dripping down your chin. “Crap.” You mumbled before grabbing a napkin. Before you could wipe the ice cream off of your chin, Youngmin had already beat you to it. He grabbed the napkin out of your hand swiftly before wiping the ice cream off your chin. Now it was your time to blush and be embarrassed that you had ice cream on your face.

Youngmin smirked and leaned in closer towards you. “Gosh, you’re so cute Y/N~” he teases. He leans in closer before placing his lips on yours. His lips tasted like cherries, which mixed in perfectly with your lips that tasted like the birthday cake ice cream you just ate.

Both of your hearts were beating fast as you guys kissed. Youngmin pulled away, giving you a small smile before sitting back down. You were left extremely flustered from the kiss you two just shared, your face a bright shade of pink. 

“You’re so adorable when you’re flustered, now you’re making me flustered!” Youngmin pouted. You giggled at his cuteness before picking at his ice cream and placing a scoop on his nose. “Hey! You meanie!” He whined.

You grinned and leaned in closer to him and kissed the ice cream right off of his nose. “You love me, you cherry loving freak.”

We Got Married Ep. 4 (Zico x Reader)

Since y’all have been requestiong a part 4 so much, here it is, btw the meme will make sense. Enjoy!

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“Why do we have to drive so early?”

You asked yourself as you put your bags at the back of the car. They decided that it would be best to drive to your honeymoon destination, which was Busan. You liked Busan cause it had a beautiful sea, but now it was January and it was cold, cold was something you hated with a passion. You hadn’t even arrived but you could see your breath, just becasue you walked in the car.

“Good morning”

You said to your “husband” Keeping your big ass sunglasses on. You didn’t wear make up, you just put them on to cover up your bare face from the cameras. The good thing was that the cameras were already tapped in the car, so the camera crew would meet you there.

“Why so grumpy?”

“You are some wack ass husband, letting me put my bags in the car by myself”

You fired back. You could feel he was a bit pulled back, but he brushed it by sligtly laughing at your spiky attitude. You pulled the seat back and got comfortable as you sank in the leather material.

“You’re not a morning person are you?”

“I never was. So don’t try to make any bitchy comments cause I will cut you”

You pretty much mumbled. Being in the studio and also knowing that you would have to travel for 4 hours with a person that was now your “significant other” was kicking your bad.

“This is going to be a four hour drive, so we cannot just sit in silence, we need to give some content"Jiho said as he took a left turn. You reached over to turn on the radio to get some destruction, but had some difficulty at finding the on button, it felt like a spaceship computer or something.

“I know I look really stupid, but where the hell is the on button?”

You questioned him. He reached over and clicked the button, letting the music take over the silence and different melodies fill the empty space of the car.

“Why did they make us get there with a car?”

“They thought it was a good bonding experience. Oh reach over for that card, it’s our mission”


You did like he told you and openned the card. You were not looking forward for missions, it was usually awkward or too sappy and stuff.

“While driving, you have to make two confessions each. You know they did that cause they want some juicy stories, you ain’t fooling nobody”

You commented, as you smilled and Jiho laughed. It wasn’t a lie, they would be extremely happy if they got some interesting stories out of him or you.

“Ladies first”

“I’ve had sex with a famous rapper”

“Wait hold up, what?”

“Yeah, you have met him too”

“So one of the people I know have seen you naked?”

“I’ve seen him too, you know how sex works?”

You were never going to say his name, but you’ve had a brief relationship with a rapper that has made a name for himself. You knew he would be a bit upset for letting it out, but whatever he would be fine

“Damn, you are wild. Please tell a second one”

“I like putting the sounds of fireplace when I sleep”

“That’s all? That is boring comparing to the other confession”

“Before you confess I want to ask a specific confession. When you were a guest at Unpretty Rapstar, why were you acting like a little bitch and didn’t defend yourself when Jessi attacked you?”

“Jesus (y/n) you are blunt”

He said laughing. You started slightly giggling a little bit, you knew he felt a bit out of his comfort zone, well you were there just for that, cause you are blunt and you can offer them some good ass clips to show to the world.

“You think you funny? This a competition. Midget! I keep it classy but I’ll slap a bitch if I have to!”

You quoted Jessi making him laugh even more. You’ve met Jessi before and even though you had a bit of a clash because of your strong personalities, you managed to have a good friendship and keep in touch with her

“First off she is older than me, so normal people like me show respect to elders.

”“Ohhhhh shots fired. You are calling me disrespectfull now?”

“Also, she was scary. I thought that if I said something, she would get up and kill me”

“So you preferred becoming a meme than defending yourself? Cause I got a picture of your face when she talked back on my phone”

“…. Pass. I’m not talking about this anymore, you are too much”

It was your time to laugh at him. You started feeling even more at ease with him. You could know acknowledge the reason they put this mission, by revealing secrets it brings people closer, it’s like letting a guard down


Confession camera. You

“At first I thought the mission was stupid and it would only benefit the show and I revealed something for a shock factor, but as we talked about the secrets we decided to let go, I felt like this could benefit us and bring us closer”


“Second confession and make it a good one”

“One of the real reasons I came here was to prove that i’m not a bad boyfriend. Cause I got so much…. back lash fpr the relationship I had before and how I wasn’t treating her right, that it actually made me question myself.”

You were not expecting that kind of confession from him, but you were happy he opened up to you. Although you didn’t really know how to reply to that or if you should give him some words of encouragment

“When I said ‘make it good’ I meant something naughty, now you became all soft and I don’t know what the fuck to do. Think of the bright side, even if you were not a right boyfriend, she got that boom boom from you, y'all got some boom boom right?”

“Boom boom? really?”

“You don’t like it? fine, you fucking?”

As the time went on, you got in a better mood and you started talking about random stuff, jamming to the music, joking around with each other, you really felt like you had a road trip with a friend


Confession camera. Zico

“I loved the ride to Busan. I got to see a side of (y/n) that not many people see, she was very relaxed and open, sometimes to open she talked about her sex life… and then tried to get me to talk about mine. She is crazy, but she is good crazy I hope we have a great time in our honeymoon”

7teenjunhui  asked:

hiiii can you please do a performance unit scenario where you're dating one of the members and they catch you wearing their jumper or shirt. thank youuuu

I hope this is what you meant. If it’s not, please feel free to request again <3 (also sorry this took a little while!)

Hoshi: He’d think you were the cutest thing ever; and he’d tell you. You’d be bombarded with compliments about how adorable you looked, and he would smother you with hugs and affection. He’d keep mentioning how cute you were long afterwards, gently suggesting that you should wear his clothes more often. He might even just leave his clothes around, in the hope that you’ll pick them up and put them on.  

Dino: Look, this kid would probably be really excited about it. He’d feel like a Real Boyfriend, and he’d be excited that you were doing something that couples in all the K-dramas did. He’d tell you (albeit shyly) that you look pretty, giving you an apprehensive kiss on the cheek. He’d also just be so happy that you felt comfortable enough to steal his clothes, and he’d feel like that symbolised a good step in your relationship. 

Jun: He’d think you looked so cute, and he’d probably be screaming on the inside. You can bet that his face cracks into his signature smirk, and he goes into flirtatious mode. He’d probably come up behind you, and pepper you with little kisses. He’d tell you that you looked hot, and wouldn’t be afraid to give you compliments. Afterwards, he’d mention from time to time how good you looked, and telling you that you should do it again sometime. 

Minghao: He’d think it’s adorable, but he probably wouldn’t say anything. He’d chuckle, give you a kiss on the forehead, and then ask you why you’re wearing his clothes. If anything, he’d tease you about it, telling you that “I wanted to wear that” and to give it back to him. But after that, he’d keep offering you his jumper, subtly hinting that he adores it whenever you wear his clothes (what a nerd).