how a man should act

People who watch Supergirl but not the Flash should watch the Flash to see how a man should act. Young boys should look up to Barry Allen, young women should not expect anything less than how Barry Allen would treat them, Barry Allen is a sweetheart, not perfect, but an absolute sweetheart and doesn’t treat anyone with anything but respect unless they give him any other reason not to.

Things Larries have done for the LGBT+ community:
  • Wrote fanfic
  • Sexually harassed minors in order to “prove” their ship.
  • Silenced actual gay people when they tell them they’re being homophobic
  • Used harmful stereotypes as “proof” of someone else’s sexuality
  • Have pretended that someone else’s sexuality is any of their business
  • Used the deaths of gay icons to prove how gay people “act”
  • Told an openly gay man he should die of AIDS
  • Harass and abuse women
  • Harass and abuse children and infants
  • Promote toxic masculinity by saying that anything men do that might be considered effeminate (such as showing affection toward other men) means that he’s gay.
  • Have not displayed any concern for actual gay people unless they can use them to further manipulate people into believing two young men are being closeted.  
  • Have not displayed any concern for lesbians or LGBT+ POC
  • Continue to display transphobia
  • Will dismiss another person’s sexuality when they don’t agree with them
  • Call people “hets” if they enjoy a heterosexual ship
  • Continue to ignore any other sexuality that is not homosexuality.

I mean, wow.  What a supportive group of people.

TBH the only true Ghiralink feelings I have is the fact Link is the only person Ghirahim has ever felt safe talking about his true feelings and can vent to without fear of punishment. He was trained to keep his feelings bottled up because of the way Hylia or Demise thaught him how a warrior and a civil man should act (which cuts into his character a lot.) To them, his feelings don’t matter because he’s a sword- a tool of destruction.

He’s trained to obey orders and have no opinions. The fact that he’s so Loyal not to talk behind his master’s back takes a lot of mental strength. Also being alone in solitude as long as he did before Link came around would make any human’s sanity wither. I admire him for that!

The other reason I like this pairing is because Link was such a worthy opponent that their swordsman skills were so evenly matched. He was able to vent this way in a manner that would make him feel important for once in his life; even if he was doing it for the wrong reason. He got to BE HIMSELF and not act well behaved like he would around his master.

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there's a post going around about how supergirl watchers should look at barry to see how a man should act, because man-hell is a bad example. but i feel...weird about that because JAMES is literally on supergirl and people who watch supergirl can just look at him to see what a great man looks like. james is kind, honest, respectful, a goddamned hero. like i love barry too but im so sick of james being treated like he doesn't exist.

I said during season one what James and Kara needed was tension but the writers instead of investing in them to give them some organic tension just tossed the entire thing away in season two, gave James and Kara contrived drama this year and introduced someone that challenges her in the most cliche CW way..

Kara doesn’t need a Barry because Kara is like Barry herself..

Kara needs to be with an adult, someone that stands beside her(for the right reasons) and challenges her when she’s wrong(all things James did) and most importantly makes her better,  not quirky one minute dialogue where two people argue like an old married couple we’re suppose to find cute.

James is more adult male than the CW is use to dealing with when it comes to their male leads, They usually go for young 20 somethings fandom can squee over but james is older, acts more mature and carries himself like an adult. That is a level of maturity this show should embrace instead of trying to CW the show up

You don’t inform a man on how he should treat you or act towards you. Don’t throw subs, don’t share posts. He doesn’t text back? OK! No attention? OK! I don’t understand how women have time to teach a man how to be a man. A real man knows what to do to keep a woman happy, and if he isn’t doing that then he isn’t the man for you. Open your eyes and think wisely.

Dead naming is not violence

I got dead named today in a meeting. Our group finance director called me by my old name. The one I dropped three years ago.

Now 12 hours later it would appear that I’m still alive. Unscarred mentally or physically. It was absolutely no big deal.

So why didn’t I explode, or self harm or kill myself? After all, “dead naming is actual violence” I’m told. “Dead naming and misgendering are literally responsible for the deaths of trans people”.

And I know that for many trans people these things do hurt. They are crushing. I know this because I’ve been there. I used to feel devastated, crushed, invalidated and ashamed.

But something changed. I started to understand how gender is socially constructed. How society conflates femininity with being female and masculinity with being male. I came to accept that it’s ok to be a man who looks and acts like I do. How there should be no need for anyone to think I’m ‘actually’ female to be a perfectly valid and worthy person as I am. Accepting this meant I no longer had to live with the cognitive dissonance of knowing that females don’t father children. It meant I was able to let go of the volatile, unstable belief system that despite objective reality I have a female brain and that made me a woman.

So I wasn’t upset, or damaged by somebody using my old name because it doesn’t burst my bubble of lies.

People don’t commit suicide because they are dead named. They commit suicide because they are volatile and unstable and their self worth is fragile because it’s based on lies.

This is what transgenderism does to trans people.

Most guys have a problem with the word no.  Let me tell you about my friend.  He always admonishes me for falling in love.  I asked him what he does when a girl he likes doesn’t like him back.  For me, I keep liking them, because well, I don’t give up easy.  And thats how I know I like them for true reasons, not just because they’re attractive or whatever.

But for my friend, he stops talking to the girl; he sees no point.  He sees no point in talking to someone you don’t know.  

With some guys, if its a good friend and they like, her, and if she denies their love, the friend ship breaks down.  

A gentleman understands a girl’s point of view.  While a gentleman tries hard to please to girl, he has to know that it’s not the end of the world if a girl doesn’t like him.  He does not get mad at the girl.  He doesn’t take it out on his friends.  He puts the friendship above all else.  He should be able to control his emotions.

A gentleman knows how to handle rejection.  Well. 

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Look, if the Lian Yu prison is strong enough to keep Deathstroke contained to the point where his escape only happens because Malcolm Merlyn planned it, there is literally no reason why they can’t imprison Malcolm there too.