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BNHA: count your blessings, not your flaws

Summary: Midoriya Izuku has never been asked out, confessed to, or flirted with, except as a joke.


Shouto knows he isn’t good at this.

He never has been. He can’t tell whether this is just the way he is, or it’s one more thing he can blame on his father, but he knows that he isn’t good at this. People call him stoic, and cold. Some even call him mysterious. Others call him emotionless.

It’s not that he doesn’t feel. He does feel, but it all gets locked inside and none of it ever shows. Sometimes it’s because he can’t show it. Other times it’s because he’s afraid to.

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My Overwatch Ship Children

Bored while waiting to head out, so I'mma make up some kids of my favourite Overwatch ships/heroes

Ship babies

Genji x Mercy -
Ashe “Archangel” Shimada

. Miracle test tube baby
. Lots of trial and error
. Lost function of his arms and legs not long after being born
. Given cybernetic pieces once big enough to handle the surgery
. Zenyatta is the godfather and keeper of the title “honourary best babysitter ever”
. Very sweet kid, obedient at all times
. More partial to his mother’s Angel motif, so he styled himself that way as he grew
. Eventually succeeded in begging his mom to give him wings like hers
. Unleashed his dragon at 5
. Genji was ecstatic, Mercy was floored
. Met Hanzo before, really likes hanging out with his uncle

Junkrat x Mei -
Jeremy Chung Fawkes, Jie Jiao “J-J” Fawkes, Junior Wei Fawkes, Zhihuán Yi Fawkes (aka the Rat Pack)

. First three were triplets, fourth one came a couple years later
. The triplets were an accident. Jamison clearly didn’t understand Roadhog when he said use protection
. Truth be told, he had bombs in the room as that protection thing
. Mei was uncomfortable, but eh
. Zhihuán came along a couple years later on purpose
. Apparently, Jamie likes kids
. The triplets are called the Trouble Triad by anyone who meets them
. Cunning, shifty little buggers
. But they love their momma and papa a LOT
. They’ll show up with random gifts that they may or may not have swiped off of someone else
. Roadhog is the godfather and designated babysitter since he’s the only one that can handle them
. It was Jamie’s idea to give the first three names that start with J just to match his, but Mei insisted on naming the last one and giving the triplets Chinese middle names
. He didn’t mind, but he calls the youngest one Z-Z because it’s easier to say
. First language is English, but they are fluent in Mandarin Chinese
. Roadhog’s stomach is their favourite nap spot

McCree x Sombra -
Carolina Luna McCree

. Styles herself after her dad A LOT
. Even as a little ankle biter running around in big cowboy boots, a red scarf, and a cowboy hat
. Water gun fights were the best
. Knows how to hack, but not as proficient with it as her momma is
. Dances around the house listening to songs like Suavemente and Papito Chocolata
. Very pretty and built like she should be a model, but is really a huge nerd
. Favourite movie is The Magnificent Seven. The original one with Yul Brenner
. Constantly hugs her dad whenever she sees him
. Daddy’s little princess/cowgirl/nerd
. Has an alarm on her phone at 12pm that says “It’s High Noon” as the alarm tone just for giggles
. Prefers Takis over Doritos, but will eat them anyway

Torbjorn x his wife -
Otto Elias Lindholm

. He’s one of the existing 8 (since no canonical names were given, I came up with one)
. He’s the oldest boy, but not the oldest kid
. A tinkerer, loves to mess with his dad’s tools and spare parts
. Geeks out about robots, much to his father’s chagrin
. Retained his oral fixation long into his adult life. Always has a toothpick or or pencil hanging out of his mouth
. Appears lazy and aloof most of the time. But when it comes to building something, fixing something, or handling hot metal, he’s all in it
. Blacksmiths. Has his own workshop and every where he helps keep his friend’s tools and weapons in tip top shape
. Constantly challenges his dad on who can build a better turret. It’s what they do for fun
. Build armour plating for the cat once. Mom was not pleased
. Great friends with Ashe. Known him since he was still a tyke
. Voted most likely to date an omnic girl. Not really complaining because it’d probably be true
. Bastion is his favourite assistant

Tracer x Emily -
Thomas “Sparky” Oxton

. One word: Hyper
. Off the walls kind of hyper. Sugar rush like hyper
. He’s a happy go lucky kinda kid who needs to be kept on a short leash a lot to avoid him getting into trouble
. Winston is best uncle and godfather. But the poor guy has trouble handling such a hyper kid
. Has a high respect for Zenyatta and the Shambali, just like how his mom does
. Listens to Lúcio’s music a lot and, when he can, attends his concerts
. Kinda of a pervy guy, lets his eyes roam a bit too much
. Born using a donor, Emily is the one who gave birth
. Also a tinkerer like Otto, but more with existing machines than scrap metals

Widowmaker x Gerard -
Jean-Paul “Recluse” LaCroix

(I had this idea that, when she killed her husband, Amelie was pregnant. But Talon kept the kid and trained him to be a soldier once he was old enough)

. Like mother, like son
. Merciless, often playing with his targets before actually finishing the job
. Hates Sparky. Gets on his nerves with how peppy and unrefined he is
. Codenamed after the brown recluse spider
. Assassin style of fighting. Prefers to sneak up on you rather than go head to head, but will do so if he has to
. If you’re on the hit list, you’re as good as dead
. Doesn’t have his personality suppressed. He’s just mean
. Has issues with authority, sometimes not listening to the higher ups unless he feels like it or he goes on missions he wasn’t assigned to
. Isn’t actually allowed to interact with his mother, but knows that’s who she is. It’s blatantly obvious
. He has a biiig issue with teasing Reaper. It’s kinda putting him on the “To Kill” list
. Has an interesting way of dealing with his targets. He gives the females quick and painless deaths, while he takes his time with the males. A cut here, a cut there. Maybe a knife in your shoulder. Lets them try to run, and then finished up the job
. He enrolled himself in highschool just to have something to do when he didn’t have work. Straight A student
. Likes to dance. Actually found the old videos of his mother’s ballets and watches them in his quarters

Lúcio and -
Tito and Yuna Correia dos Santos

. Yuna is older than Tito by a 1 year and 9 months
. Like their parents, they love music and games
. Often seen on the set of their dad’s concerts and the loudest ones cheering at their mom’s gaming tournaments
. Modded out their own gaming PC
. Yuna is an excellent singer, inspired by many international artists from the past
. Tito loves making the beats with his dad, even coming up with special ringtones for everybody
. Yuna and Tito stick together like glue. Pretty much inseparable
. They like Reinhardt’s old music as well techno and dubstep
. Learned to speak several languages during their tours of different countries for concerts
. Always wearing promotional gear for their parents because why not ( sweaters, lúcio headphones, phone cases)
. It’s hard being celebrities, but they always find time for family. Even when they’re tired
. Dva taught them how to play videogames early on and they’ve been hooked ever since
. Even made their own little game for themselves
. Orisa is best “momnic”. Efi is best big sis

Non ship babies

Zenyatta -
Kenyatta “Kenya” (yeah, I know. Real original. It’s my mother’s middle name, so get over it…)

. Zenny built her from scratch
. You know how humans start out as babies and then grow up to be adults? Well he translated that into robotics and built her as a baby first. Then, upgraded her into a child. Then, into a teen
. If you’ve ever seen Robots, then you know what it was like
. Her friends call her Kenya or Kenny. She doesn’t mind
. Very sweet and generous, often too sweet for her own good
. Calls Ashe cousin, and vice versa
. The Fawkes kids like her because she gives them snacks everytime she sees them. Junkrat still isn’t a fan
. She’s a therapist, often giving very good advice and helping wherever she can. The Iris embraces you~
. Floats somewhat like Zen does, but she’s still standing upright. Her feet just don’t touch the ground and give off waves of light when she takes a step forward. It looks like Lúcio’s aoe circle
. With some help from Mercy and Winston, she was given the ability to feel physical contact, though it’s a little muted. She can’t feel everything, but she can feel you touch her and can feel being cut or stabbed
. Sparky drools over her and it makes her uncomfortable, often pushing him away slowly with a confused look on her face
. Her face functions a lot like how Snowball’s does but with a twist. Her eyes change colour depending on how she’s feeling emotionally. Like mood rings
. Purple for confusion, red for angry, yellow for docile, blue for sad, pink for love, green for error/repairs need to be made. Kinda like how people turn green when sick

Roadhog/Mako Rutledge -
Warren “Peace” and Te Ao “Chief” Rutledge

. Te Ao is Junkrat’s age, while Warren is’s age
. Backstory time: After the ALF attacked the omniuim and the radiation began to flood out, Mako made sure his kids made it out of there mostly unscathed. Since Mako didn’t come back for them after a couple of years, they hospital that held them thought it best to put them up for adoption. Te Ao, the older sister, wasn’t having that. So she took Warren and ran off to go find him. Took several years, only finding out where he might be after seeing him pop up on TV, eventually hunting him down at Overwatch HQ and telling him who they were
. Te Ao is the strong leader of the duo, but Warren is nothing to scoff at either
. They also have a liking for pigs the way Roadhog does
. Warren doesn’t really like his dad, but gets over it because of Te Ao
. The two get along okay with the omnics around there, but are wary of them because of what they saw on TV about them
. Te Ao finds Junkrat annoying, often hitting him upside his head if Roadhog hadn’t done it already
. Since they didn’t really have a childhood with their dad, they don’t really know how to interact and comes to blows at times over things
. They get over it, though. Usually over food
. No bacon, though. Te Ao doesn’t eat pig, neither does Mako
. Warren doesn’t care what he eats as long as he’s not starving

Shimada Hanzo -
Shimada Tsubaki

. Testy
. She’s a perfectionist, getting irritated when things don’t go the way they should
. For certain things, she has a level of patience. But don’t pass her boundaries. She will cut you
. Has a soft spot for cute things. Has a pachimari keychain attached to each one of her weapons of choice
. Doesn’t just use the bow like her dad. Uses wakizashi and kunai as well
. Released her dragon at 7, somewhat jealous that Ashe had his before her
. Doesn’t hate Ashe or Genji, though. Likes them a lot more than she’ll admit
. When she smiles, it’s always genuine. Otherwise, she doesn’t smile much
. So intent on being the best that she hardly notices when Hanzo praises her for doing very well. Since she’s a perfectionist, she always notices her slip ups
. Hanzo didn’t really want her to become a ninja. He only wanted her to learn how to defend herself, but she pushed herself harder
. Hanzo is supportive of her, but scolds her when she refuses to eat or socialize with friends in favour of training
. If there’s anything he doesn’t want, is for her to miss out on the life she could have

Symmetra/Satya Vaswani -
Lakhi Vaswani

. They tried to put her on the cover of Vogue, but her legs were toooooo long~
. Fashionista. Always has a roll of measuring tape in her pocket and a tablet pad to draw out her ideas
. If she doesn’t like your outfit, she won’t be mean about it. She’ll just be like “Oh! I can make you something better~”
. Peppy, very nice girl
. Kinda sassy at times, though
. Loves to sing and dance
. Oddly enough, she is good friends with Tito and Yuna, Lúcio’s kids. Symmetra isn’t really cool with that, but Lúcio doesn’t mind
. Loves to come up with ideas for Lúcio’s concert outfits, same with Yuna and Tito when they want to join in
. Has a crush on Tito, but isn’t actively demonstrating
. Even though her mom works for Vishkar, she doesn’t. Not her style
. Started a fashion line at 14 years old
. Likes internet memes and says “Here comes dat boi” whenever she sees Lúcio, prompting Tito and Yuna to respond with “Waddup!”

Winston -

. One of the only babies to be born from the gorillas on the moon
. It wasn’t good place for him to be, so Winston adopted him and took him to Earth
. Also wears glasses. Big round glasses
. He was a cute and loveable little fuzz ball as a baby, but sort of grew out of it as he got older
. He’s a bit more like a teenager, but the strong yet nerdy kind
. Doesn’t like being called a nerd. Prefers being called intellectually strong
. Addicted to PB, just like his dad
. Has his own version of Athena, named her Friday. All his friends have a pocket version of her attached to their devices
. Best friend and leash for Sparky. Every extrovert needs a cuddly introvert to balance them out
. Kirby isn’t as socially awkward as Winston is. He’s more or less just uninterested in socializing unless it’s important. He still has friends, though, and they like him
. Appears aloof most of the time. Half lidded, uninterested in things other than technology and working on important things
. Doesn’t like being called Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong. Makes him visibly cringe at you and slide his glasses back up his nose
. Don’t try to bs him. He can see through bs like a window
. Not against calling people idiots

Zarya/Aleksandra Zaryanova -
Sacha “Supernova” Zaryanova

. Supernova is just his nickname. He hasn’t come up with a hero name yet
. Big and tall. Very tall
. Smiles a lot. Nice big hearty smiles for everybody
. Cinnamon roll. You can’t really stay mad at him for long because, well, he’s never really mad at anyone or anything
. Momma’s boy. Loves his mom more than anything in the world! Best momma ever!
. Huge appetite, but is willing to eat less of there’s a limited amount of food and his friends still need to eat
. Looks up to Reinhardt as a hero. Wants to be big and strong like him someday
. As sweet as he is, he doesn’t take well to people insulting his friends or his momma. He won’t necessarily get mad, but he will scare the hell outta you by giving you a nice threat with a genuine smile on his face
. “You should be careful how you talk to friends, da? I wouldn’t want to have to break your face! Hahaha!” 😁
. Loves hugs. Will hug you when happy. Like big fuzzy Siberian bear
. Likes Tsubaki, but doesn’t tell her that and treats her the same way he does everyone else, so it doesn’t really show
. Has a huge teddy bear at home. His name is Vladimir

Gonna add Reaper and Pharah later if I feel like it…

Our Story

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Fluff!

Originally posted by taetaehyungs

When I first saw her, I didn’t see her specifically, I saw the stack of books she was carrying. I remember watching her from behind a bookshelf carry that stack over to a table where she promptly sat down and opened one. For some reason, I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her. There was something about her. I didn’t know what. Maybe it was how the light streamed in from a nearby window, illuminating her fair skin and beautiful hair. Maybe it was the way she pushed a strand of it behind her ear as she leaned over the book. Or maybe it was the way her face would change depending on what she was reading. If it was funny, her mouth would turn upwards and she’d shake, as though she was suppressing her laughter from disturbing the library. I remember how badly I wanted to hear that laugh.
When it was sad, she’d hunch over the book even further, keeping her eyes down just in case anyone noticed the little tears forming. I did.
Soon, however, I had realized why I was so drawn to her.

Her eyes.

She’d come to the library often, and I couldn’t help but line the times I came to the times I knew she was here. Sometimes she’d come in with eyes dark, as if from a lack of sleep, or just a bad start to her day. I remember those days I wished to go to her and just give her a hug.
I loved her eyes especially when she’d be searching the bookshelves, looking for a new book to take her on a roller coaster ride that she hadn’t experienced yet. Her eyes would light up then, sparkling with excitement and giddiness. Her smile would spread wide, showing her teeth. I had found her to be utterly beautiful in that moment. So happy. So excited. So alive.
I used to wonder just what it was about books that made her like that. Sure I’d come every now and then, pick up a new book. But I never felt that way. I never understood just what a book could do. I saw it as just a hunk of paper with some words hastily written onto them, with no real concern of the outcome. Now I understand. Or at least, I understand how it can make you feel that way. Make her feel that way.

Soon I had found myself picking up the books that she’d checked out, and reading them. I found those especially interesting. Maybe it was because of the story. Maybe it was because I knew she had read it.
Curiosity soon got the best of me, and I flipped to the front page of the book, looking at the tag that listed the people who had checked it out. She was always the last one before me. Y/N. I’d never spoken to her, but somehow I felt it fit her perfectly. Beautiful name, for a beautiful book loving girl.

Weeks went by. Months. I still hadn’t worked up enough courage to actually talk to this radiant girl who seemed to live in books. Some days I remember wondering if I should just give up. Leave her alone. After all, as far as I’d known, she hadn’t spared me a single glance. Later on she had told me that she looked at me just as much I had looked at her.

She didn’t come in for awhile. I couldn’t help but get worried. Where was the mysterious girl? Was she sick? Would she come back? Is she not coming to this library anymore? That last thought hurt the most, so I pushed it into the back of my mind.
When she finally did return, I remember all these emotions washing over me. Relief that she was okay, that she was back. Fear that she might disappear again. Hope that she didn’t. Hope that maybe she’d notice me. And I remember that day, exactly when she did.

She had walked in, looking around the library. I had thought that maybe she was looking for a certain section of books. But she wasn’t. She looked around until her sparkling eyes landed on me. I froze. So did she. Our eyes had been seemingly locked, neither one of us unable to break the connection. This small moment meaning so much to me, and I hoped it meant the same to her.
Soon, she gave me her dazzling smile, her eyes telling me that she was there. That she wasn’t leaving. That she knew I was waiting for her to come back. And then it was over. Just as quick as it occurred.
She headed towards a bookshelf and continued her mission of finding that new roller coaster. She sat down in the same spot. But this time I didn’t. I couldn’t help myself. Not after having that small moment with her that I sincerely hope was a moment to her as well. Because this time, instead of heading to my usual table, I headed towards hers.
As I got closer, her eyes drifted up, and filled with surprise at the sight of another person sitting with her. We sat there, staring before I finally spoke to her.

“Hi, uh…I’m N-Namjoon. What’s your name?” I remember feeling stupid at that moment, stumbling over my own name and seeming so simple minded with my introduction. But she made me nervous. And she still does. She didn’t seem to mind the clumsiness of it though, for she smiled,(god I love her smile) and spoke in the sweetest voice I’ve ever heard.

“Hi, I’m Y/N. Nice to meet you, Namjoon.” I didn’t tell her I already knew her name. And I especially didn’t tell her that I loved the way my name seemingly rolled off her tongue with ease. Like we were meant to meet. To speak. I realized it was illogical, but I held onto that hope.

We didn’t speak after that. We both just continued reading, glancing at each other every now and then with coy little smiles, and blushes on our cheeks. It felt like we sat there for hours, but it must’ve only been half of one. When she was done reading for the day, she stood up, stowed her book away in her bag, and headed out the door. That day was what put it all into motion.

After, every time we’d see each other, we’d learn something new about the other person. Why she loves books. What her favorite color is. What are her dreams. Her hopes. When we got more comfortable, she had told me that she hoped to speak to me. I didn’t say anything in return, just smiled. Because she didn’t know that she was my dream.

I said that I never understood just how books can affect one person so much. How it can evoke so many emotions in one person. And although it wasn’t necessarily the books, that library brought me to her. And she made me feel so many things. Wonder. Awe. Fear. Hope.


I understand now why people love books so much. Only because her love for books made me understand. Only because her love of books brought me to love her.

Years later, we still visit that library. Sometimes we joke about how shy we were. And how much we’ve grown. Little does she know I owe my happiness to that library. Because of it, i found her.

And little does Y/N know, I’m proposing to her at the very table we first spoke at. Where our very own story began.

Hi lovelies! This idea popped into my head today and I just had to write it! I hope you enjoyed! Thank you for reading!-Sar💖



  • I’ll draw out ANY character, as long as it’s already got a set design (or a well-written description). If your character doesn’t already have a reference or a description, we CAN work together to design your character! Be aware it may raise the price depending on complexity. (ALSO… I do draw more than fantrolls… I’ve just been super into them lately so thats what the majority of my art has been.)
  • As for right now I am not doing any NSFW commissions! Very Sorry. 
  • You can tell me whether or not you want it posted online or not! It’s up to you and what you want. If you do want it posted, but you don’t want your name to be on it, that’s okay as well. As a general rule of thumb I don’t post it, though. 
  • The above goes for if you want a .PSD or .SAI version of the file as well! I won’t charge extra, but I will be very upset if you use it to take my signature off or claim it as your own. : ( 
  • If you want to post the art to your blog, that’s okay! Just as long as you do not claim it as your own and properly credit me.
  • You are NOT allowed to claim the work as your own.
  • Commissions are for personal use and enjoyment and will NOT be reproduced for monetary or commercial gain unless we have discussed the specifics beforehand.
  • You are NOT allowed to remove the signature unless it is discussed beforehand.
  • Please be aware that I may take some time with the commission, at maximum 2 weeks!


All prices are measured in USD.
All payments will occur upfront over PAYPAL.


SKETCH - This is pretty self-explanatory; it’s a sketch! I can sketch in your color of choosing, but usually I enjoy sketching in greens or pinks. :B 8$
LINEART - Another self-explanatory one; it’s lineart! I tend to put a little extra effort into these pieces just so it feels like you’re getting your moneys worth! I can color the linework any color you want, but usually I do my linework in a dark gray. $15
LINE + COLOR (1) - This is some linework with 1 or 2 colors integrated. Usually I like to use colors important to the character (eye color, blood color, their Theme color) and I color in the areas that would normally be colored in with said colors! The max amount of colors is 2, though. $18
RIMLIGHT SILHOUETTE - This is a drawing of a single character presented in a “silhouette” manner- meaning that the face is usually obscured, and the lighting is from behind! It’s always grayscale. $18
FLAT COLORS - Self-explanatory again. A drawing of one character with base colors done. I usually add minimal shading to skin with flat colors! $20
SHADED - Another one! This is an image of a character with full shading- the price fluctuates depending on how complex you want the shading to be! $25-$28
W/ BACKGROUND - You can get a FLAT COLOR image or a SHADED image with a background! Depending on which it is, and how complex the background is, the price is likely to change. $30-$40
*CHARACTER SPRITES - These are set at $8 each, but this one comes with bundle deals! Each sprite can have an emotion/pose of your choice, but if you can’t think of any, I have set emotions that I’ll use instead (IE; Neutral, Mad, Sad, Happy, ect ect) These also DONT have to be fantrolls, they can be any character!
A set of 3 Sprites will cost you $20
A set of 5 Sprites will cost you $32

Any more than that, and we can discuss a price together.
Alternating poses may cost you extra.
I also ALWAYS provide the .PSD or .SAI file that I use with nice organized folders just for you! Just in case you need an emotion made at the last moment but don’t want to re-commission for it or try editing a raw .PNG file, which can be a terror.

EXTRA CHARACTERS MUST BE DISCUSSED BEFOREHAND! Usually I take the base price and then add half of the base price onto it! (So, 2 characters done in flat colors: $20+$10 = $30!) For bigger amounts of characters I tend to do big discounts though!


If you have any questions or concerns about rules or prices please contact me, either by ask or email, and I will do my best to help you out!


Email me at or shoot me an ask over at in order to set up a commission or ask a question! Thank you!


you know how a lot of the time people question how no one knows clark kent is superman because of a pair of sunglasses? okay this is like that except not obvious (especially with allen’s white hair). So I’ve decided to make yet another post about what changes our wielders go through while they in/out of superhero mode. @kitty-ray @faeriexqueen @yugirl-with-dragons

Casual!Allen vs Hero!Allen:

  • So while Allen has white hair when he’s gone into super hero mode, his hair is normally a light brown when he’s not in disguise. 
  • His eye color changes slightly when he’s in/out of disguise. 
    • When he’s not in superhero mode, Allen’s eyes are dark grey, almost like the color of clouds during a thunderstorm.
    • When Allen is using his miraculous, his eye color shifts to lighter gray mixed with blue.
  • Also the scar he obtained as a child when mana died is mostly hidden by his mask, so it doesn’t raise suspicion.

Casual!Miranda vs Hero!Miranda:

  • Miranda has dark brown hair which is normally held up in a bun. When she’s in her superhero persona, her hair is loose and a bit wild.
    • Miranda also has more confidence in herself when she is in her superhero persona than she is in real life.

CasualLenalee vs Hero!Lenalee

  • Lenalee has long black hair that flows down to her lower back. She typically wears her hair down out of her persona. 
    • When in her hero persona, her hair turns dark green and her hair is put into high pigtails.
  • Lenalee’s eyes are dark brown and when her miraculous disguise is active, her eyes turn purple.

Casual!Lavi vs Hero!Lavi

  • Lavi has a wild mess of red hair that is held out of his face with a headband. 
    • When in suoerhero mode, the majority of his mask covers his face so that no one else picks up on the fact that its Lavi.
    • His voice also sounds rougher and deeper than his usual voice, which helps since Lavi’s voice is pretty distinct. 

Casual!Kanda vs Hero!Kanda

  • Kanda is usually found wearing a regular pair of jeans with a hoodie (almost all the time) and usually has his black hair up in a ponytail to keep out of his face (why he doesnt just cut it, the world may never know).
    • When he’s transformed into his superhero persona, his hair color tends to change from varying shades of dark blue to a light purple (it depends on how angry he is and how much power of his miraculous he’s using). 
    • While Kanda’s eyes are typically a dark blue color, when in the persona his eyes are a light blue.
    • Also, the pattern of his tattoo/location of his miraculous are visible on his superhero suit and the facial expression of the tiger changes depending on Kanda’s current constitution.

Casual!Alma vs Hero!Alma

  • Where do I even begin with the changes to this kid omfg
  • Alma has a tendency to dye his hair color differently every few weeks or so. Currently, his hair color is green at the bottom half of his hair which fades to a dark purple in the middle and eventually up to a light purple at the top. He’s very experiemtnal when it comes to hair color dyes and also cooking.
    • His Hair color under the magic disguise of the miraculous tends to be black.
  • Alma’s eye color tends to be light blue as himself 
    • meanwhile, as a hero, his eyes are a dark green.

Casual!Krory vs Hero!Krory

  • Krory has one of the least changes to himself when it comes to transforming into his persona.
  • His black hair is usually slicked black prfessionaly for his job.
    • When he’s in his super hero persona, he gains a wide white streak through the middle of his hair and his hair gets more wild.
    • Krory also gains sharper teeth to go with the bat theme persona.

Casual!Road vs Villain!Road

  • Due to the nature of the miraculous being corrupted by evil, Road’s appearence changes are a little more drastic.
  • While as her human self, Road has pale white skin with dark blue eyes and matching blue hair. She also tends to dress more in a gothic style.
    • In her persona, Road has dark grey skin with yellow eyes. She also gains a form of black stigmata symbols across the top of her forehead.

Casual!Tyki vs Villain!Tyki

  • Tyki constantly changes between his clothing style between that of a high class rich person to a mismatched outfit that you’d find at the thrift store.
  • When in his persona, his appearence (like Road’s) changes drastically due to the miraculous being corrupted.
    • His fair complexion is changed to a dark brown.
    • He gains stigmata across his forehead
    • He also has yellow eyes, but the pupils tend to be more snake like.

Casual!Cross vs Hero!Cross

  • Cross is never usually in his hero persona since he doesn’t get into fights very often he usually just runs away if its not necessary so the changes made him when using his miraculous are currently unknown
  • His casual wear is usually a business formal outfit since he refuses to wear anything below that.

Casual!Tiedoll vs Hero!Tiedoll

  • Tiedoll is in the same situation as Cross. He hasn’t needed to use his miraculous for some time and therefore his hero persona has not been seen in some time.
  • Tiedoll’s causual wear usually consists of a mix of paint stained clothing and an old pair of jeans. Although, when it comes to public events, he dresses up for the occasion and doesn’t seem to mind the change in clothing.

The Millenium Earl is never seen out of his persona and the only thing to note is that his persona becomes creepier the more evil he becomes.

anonymous asked:

Just to be a little silly imagine an S/O who is so flat chested (or really have no muscles what so ever is they Identify as male) who get extremely jealous that the the bros, and ravus have bigger boobs than them. And on thensly the lowkey love nuzzling them pecs/boobies whenever they hug XD - a very sleep deprived anon

Well, dear sleep-deprived anon. As someone with a rather flat chest myself, I feel like this request is very relevant. Like, legit, it’s kinda ironic that you’re calling me out like this, yo! This’ll be fun to write. :D

Hm… Let’s play off a mixture of guys, gals, and non-binary pal S/Os in my thoughts. C: *finger guns* It’ll be written in the second person, because that’s how I do, but let’s imagine some variety~

Drabbles galore! Here we go!

Hidden Chests of Magic and Wonder! – FFXV Boys and Their Tinier Partners

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[of all your gaming performances, which are you most proud of?]

there’s different things you take away from each one you know. some of the things I’m most proud of, it isn’t because I think it’s my best work, it’s because of something that it’s taught me. definitely when you get handed roles like joel in the last of us, that’s something that will change your life and I learned so much from that role. and then you have something like this. i’m really proud that it’s my face on that, that I get to play a character who’s true to who I am because there’s a lot of me in delsin or a lot of delsin in me, depending on how you want to look at it.

Using screenshots from his younger form and each of the Go seasons I pieced together Gouenji’s face to see how the overall image changed depending on where you put the pieces. It’s like he totally changed for every makeover he got in Go despite it all taking place in a matter of months…eye shape, overall face shape and skin colour (although this could be due to room lighting at the time).

There was no purpose to this exercise other than I’m a Gouenji obsessive and so I need things to analyse and occupy my time…!!

anonymous asked:

i love love the coloring your icons have. like the style and everything, and i've been trying to do something similar for mine, and i really have no idea how to do it. do you know of a tutorial or any tips to make my own? i'm broke and everything in the tag is to buy so i'd rather just make my own instead! thank you <3

aw you’re too sweet ! under the link are some examples of the same psd on various episode stills and you can see it does change throughout depending on lighting !!   i believe you’re probably referring to the skin tone being a warm color,  since my icons are typically face only crops. my advice is to use exposure layers, and adjust the threshold slightly, it’ll give that deeper, darker look. i also suggest lightening the ‘neutral’ colors in the selective color menu and trying gradients on soft light. sometimes i also jump into saturation and will sometimes push that forward with some vibrance. these icons have a lightening gradient in the top right corner as well. and if you add black layers on lighten that are not exactly pure black, it helps with the look of things. some psd’s that might give similar results / (x)  (x) (x) (x) (x) (x)

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So, this fourth tutorial will be about how to make the set here, supposedly Sherlock au. Please notice, some textures and pictures used in the original will differ (as well as the final result) on this tutorial because I no longer have those images in my computer; but we will get through.

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I know that blue and green eyes are always praised for being beautiful and interesting and deeply captivating. But honestly brown eyes have so much depth to them. Like one second they are hazel with specs of orange and the next they are rich brown like chocolate. They change so much depending on how the light hits them and I adore that.
I feel like this needed to be said because big brown eyes are fucking adorable to me.

Altered Request: MFW guys deal with MC having an accident

Originally it was “The guys get into an accident, my choice of fate”, but I think writing the guys’ reaction is more of the specialty in headcanons, so I flipped it. Sorry!
I wanted to change it up, so the fate of the MC varies with each guy

“It’s alright, honey.”
Your fingers were clenched tight around his hand as you blink wildly, turning your head from side to side.
“Honey, relax. Don’t move so fast, you just woke up.”
Your voice echoed of distress and horror. His hands cupped your face, stilling your frantically turning head.
“Honey, I’m here.”
“I know!” You snap. “I can hear you… But I can’t SEE! I can’t SEE YOU!”
Tears rolled down your cheeks as his chest tightened. Saeki gazed at you, having just woken up from a car accident, your eyes a few shades paler and hauntingly unfocused as you tried to stare at him. His own eyes watered.
“Honey, they say it’s temporary.”
He shifted himself onto the edge of your bed and clutched you against his chest. It was only half the truth. The doctors said that it could be temporary. It was three times more likely that the blood clot wouldn’t release its grip on your nerves. It was four times more likely that the clot could dislodge from its current position and kill you. Those were the statistics you didn’t need to hear.
“Honey, it’s okay, I’m here with you.”
“Takamasa, what am I going to do?” You whimper and sob into his shoulder, feeling the tears tumble down your cheeks, but there was none of the blurred vision you were so accustomed to. You stared into immense darkness, feeling terrified and lost, falling into the vast pit of nothing save for the arms that were wrapped tightly around you.
“You’ll be alright. I’ll take care of you, _________.”
You heard a rustle of fabric and you whimper in fear that he was going to pull away. He simply raised an arm to stroke your hair lovingly.
“I can’t see, I can’t do anything for you.”
“You are everything for me, honey.” Saeki struggled to keep his voice steady, his calm and reassuring façade crumbling under the fear for your life. “I love you, and this doesn’t change anything.”
You cling to him tighter, biting back your screams on your lip. Saeki kissed your forehead.
“Don’t worry about anything, honey. I promise, it will be alright.”
“I’m so useless.” You try to push him away, another sob ripping through the dry throat. “What am I going to do?”
“You are going to stay with me.” Saeki stared down at you sternly until he realized you could no longer notice his expression. He grabbed your arms and pulled you closer to him, and buried his face into your hair. “I love you no matter what happens to you, _________.”

Your knuckles were white as you balled the sheets into your fists. He was watching you with equal shock and horror, his hand reaching out for you gently.
His warm, steady hand rests on your leg. You could see that it was on your leg. You closed your eyes, trying to hold back the tears. Now you weren’t so sure if his hand was still there.
“I can’t walk.” Your voice was tiny, broken, twisted in a pitiful mewl that came out barely more than the buzz of a mosquito.
“I know.” Takao reached and took your hand. You pull back sharply, but he holds on. “It’s alright, __________. I’ll make it alright for you.”
“What do you mean, you’ll make it alright?” You turn to him with tears sliding along your cheeks. “I can’t walk, Takao. I can’t walk.”
“I know what that means.” Takao’s eyes were patient and gentle as he scoots closer to you, cupping your face gently with one large hand. You turn away, another sob slicing through you.
“I can’t even take care of myself.” You spit out bitterly. “I can’t have kids with you.”
“That’s not an issue.”
“That’s not fair to you.” His heart bleeds as you reply, hopelessness flashing in the bleak eyes.
“I don’t need fair if I have you.” Takao’s voice was quiet, but firm.
“You deserve better.”
“You are what I want.” His eyes were damp and red, and you long to succumb to his arms. But you needed to talk sense into him. He could make promises now, but how long would it be before he turned you away? You didn’t think you could bear a harsher heartbreak. “_________, I love you.”
He holds up your hand, letting the light catch on the ring.
“I proposed to you because I love you. I promised you that I would take care of you forever.”
“It’s not too late to change your mind.” You whisper, your heart complaining weakly that it was not want it wanted. “The circumstances have changed.”
“I still see the woman I love.” Takao said softly as his hand turns your head back to face him. “She’s just a little more dependent on me, that’s all.”
“I’m not going to leave you.” His voice was stern, signaling the end of the discussion on the subject.
He sits down beside you and draws you into his arms. You feel his warmth against your chest. He kisses your cheek lovingly.
“Nothing will change what I love about you, _________.” The grey eyes glowed with tenderness. “I love your spirit, _________, and that, I know, will never be broken.”

It was a terrifying silence.
Yuta was gazing at you with love and pain in his eyes. You chewed on your lip until you tasted blood. At least that was a sense you still had.
The silence seemed to set every vein on fire. You were scared. You wanted to hear something. You wanted anything. Even nails on a chalkboard would be better than this.
This nothingness.
Yuta’s mouth moved for a moment and he quickly shut it again, remembering.
You opened your mouth and moved it in the most familiar way possible. Your mind seemed to still remember how to pronounce.
He leaned in to you, and hugged you so tightly against his chest you could hardly breathe. You cried out your complaint and he relaxed his hold a little.
You couldn’t hear him crying, but the cold tears burned like fire against your skin as they fell from his jaw. Warm lips pressed against your face, a soundless reassurance that made your chest settle from its fear.
“Yu-ta.” You stammer out again. It was the strangest sensation to command your throat to spit out his name. His lips pressed firmly against your cheek again. “I…”
His throat vibrated, so you assumed he said something. You hated yourself for not being able to know what. Another vibration. And another. You could tell better now that he was saying something again and again. A really short sentence. His arms tightened. His body distracted you from the haunting silence.
You cried, shaking and making noises that you could not register properly in your own mind.
Yuta’s hands wiped your tears. He gazed down at you, a little better composed, his eyes still red and damp, but no longer crying. You felt a twinge of fear.
Was he going to leave you?
You dared not ask.
His mouth moved again and you stare at his lips blankly.
Reading lips were harder than you imagined.
He grinned and said it again.
Yuta chuckled and touched your face. Leaning in, he kissed you adoringly. Your heart ached as you reach out and comb your fingers through the sandy curls. Yuta draws back and grins again, his hand holding yours. He says the words again and this time the realization hits you.
“I… I lo-ve-you too, Yu-ta.”
He smiles at your awkward, broken speech and embraces you again. His hands hold you close, and you feel the patter of his heartbeat. Muffling your tears into his chest, you drown your pain in his scent. There, in his arms, with Yuta’s light, sweet kisses against your face, you finally relax.
You didn’t need to hear him to know he loved you.

He reached out to you and you wonder how far away his hand was. His eyes were watery and brimming with sorrow. You feel the icy touch of his hand on your cheek and he kisses you lightly on the bandages.
“You feeling alright?”
He sounded very far away.
You swallow hard and shrug slightly. Half of your face was numb. Completely numb. You blink the unobstructed eye.
He sits down on the bed beside you and pulls you to rest the decent side of your face on his shoulder. His grasp was light on your shoulder, yet you still stiffen in discomfort.
He lets you go and you snuggle closer.
The burns throbbed faintly from your left arm up to the shoulder, ear, and the entire left side of your face. It was exactly what Kyoichi had feared about his occupation. The propane explosion was no accident. When the house had gone up in flame, your kindness made you return to get the girl out. He had gotten to the house too late, and had heard the explosion from halfway down the street.
“Are you crying?” You lift your head at the feel of a cool drop on your cheek.
“I’m so sorry, _________.” Kyoichi sighed and kissed your forehead. “I promised your family to protect you with my life… and… why couldn’t it be me?”
You wished you could comfort him and say it’s not his fault. You felt your own tears coming, trickling along your cheek on one side. The doctors had confirmed that you would never be able to see out your left eye, and that your left ear suffered a great amount of damage. The use of your left arm was also debatable. Kyoichi clung to you.
“I’m sorry, ________.”
You shake your head blankly, not quite knowing what you were trying to deny.
“Are you going to go now?”
“I’m not going anywhere.”
He whispered lovingly, but you shove him away in a bout of frustration.
“Wrong ear, Kyoichi!”
His heart ached seeing you flail against him on the cot, half your beautiful face wrapped in white and the other half red-eyed and twisted in pain. He wished it had been him. You wipe your tears with the back of your hand and cringed in pain.
He took your hand and dried it on his shirt. Clasping your fingers through his own, he pressed your hand to his face.
“I’m not going anywhere, _________. I promised I’d take care of you, and I will take care of you.”
“I’m BLIND and DEAF, Kyoichi!” You quiver on the bed. “I’m UGLY!”
“Look at me.” He said sternly, trying his best to force your head to face him without grazing the burns. “I don’t care.”
“So I AM ugly!”
He brought your lips to his gently and kissed you.
“You’re perfect in every which way. I’m not leaving you.”
You succumb to his arms and let his warmth envelop you.
“I love you, _______. Trust me.”
You couldn’t reply as you muffle your sobs into his shoulder. Kyoichi kissed the top of your head.

It’s been a few long days, with the fever raging through your body. At first he feared you were going to die, but it never flared up enough to take your life.
It took only your voice.
You’re sobbing with some hoarse scraping noise from your mouth, making a choking gasp as you bury your face into your hands.
“________, it’s not that bad!” Yamato snaps firmly and grabbed you by the shoulders. You suddenly felt a lot more delicate. “________, listen to me!”
Your mouth opened in the shape but nothing came out.
Yamato’s eyes filled with tears as he watched you struggle fruitlessly to force sound through your lips.
Can’t he see that it’s not alright?
“You’ll be alright, ________.”
He yanks you hard against his chest and holds you there, muffling your face against his jacket. His embrace was tight and suffocating, and you whimper. At least, you try to.
It was terrifying, not being able to express yourself. It was like being shut in your own body.
What if he wouldn’t want you anymore?
As if responding to your fears, Yamato kissed you again and again along the side of your face, and you cry harder against him. He strokes your hair with a steady hand.
“I’m just glad you didn’t die, pouty.” He lifts your teary face and kisses you on the soundless lips. You shut your eyes and taste the salt of your tears. Yamato’s face was affectionate and patient.
Your mouth moves again out of habit more than anything, and he pats your head gently, holding out your cellphone. You tap into the notepad and your fingers fly across the virtual keyboard.
He reads it upside down.
‘What am I going to do? I can’t talk.’
Yamato cups your face with one hand, breaking your gaze on the screen and turning your eyes to him.
“You’re going to get better, and come home with me.”
You erase the previous message and type another.
‘But I can’t talk.’
“I talk enough for both of us.” He tries to smile reassuringly and hugs you again.
You look up at him, sadness in your eyes, trembling as he tries to comfort you.
“It’s okay if you can’t talk.” Yamato’s firm grasp on your shoulders steadies the uneven thump of your heart. “You’re still perfectly normal with everything else.” He waves a hand before your eyes and snaps his fingers beside your ears. “See?”
Your mouth moves again and you shut it quickly when no sound escaped. It was a wretched habit. Yamato kisses you.
“Now you can’t argue with me.” He smirks and holds your hands. Staring into your eyes, he wipes the smile off of his face and straightens in his chair. “______, I want you to take me seriously. I love you. I will continue to love you.”
You blush deeply, the sickly pale cheeks turning bright red. Yamato touches your face.
“Trust me, pouty.”
This time you didn’t try to reply. You nod, and smile slightly.
Yamato pulls you forward into his arms, and you let the warmth drown out all your fear. It would be alright. It would be perfectly fine. As long as he stayed with you.

He gives you the glass and you stubbornly take it with your bandaged hand. It slips through your weak fingers and spills onto the mattress. Ren catches the glass quickly before it hits the floor.
“Are you alright?”
They said the accident severed all the important nerves in your arm. They had tried to piece it back together, but you’d never get the full use of it again.
You burst into tears as your right hand falls limp to the wet sheets. Ren lifts up your hand and places onto the drier blankets, shifting your entire body away from the wet patch.
“Don’t try so hard, _________.” His green eyes flickered with sadness as he gazes at you. “Things like this take time.”
“Time won’t help.” You spit out bitterly, glaring down at the bandaged wrist and hand, useless for the rest of your life. “Didn’t you hear them?”
“You will recover enough to hold a glass.” Ren takes both your hands gently into his own. “Don’t try so hard now, you’ll only make it worse.” He was near crying as he held you, and you shakily meet his eyes, feeling tears sting your own.
“I can’t do ANYTHING.” You enunciate the last word with stiff sadness. “Why do you even still put up with me?”
The blond raises his head and stares at you with sincere eyes.
“Because I love you.”
The tears fall faster down your cheeks and you try to tug your hands away. He holds tight.
“Even like this?” You bow your head, unable to hold his gaze anymore. “Even with my hand like this?”
“But I can’t do anything for you.”
“I know.”
A hand lifts your chin.
“I can take care of you.” He says firmly.
Hope glimmers in your heart, too sweet to be believable. You search his face for uncertainty, but find nothing but reassuring love.
He moves to sit on the cot beside you, carefully avoiding placing his butt on the wet patch. Ren drapes an arm around you and kisses your forehead lightly.
“Do you WANT to leave me?”
You shake your head quickly.
“Why would I?” You fix your gaze on him worriedly. “I love you, Ren.”
“I feel the same way for you, _________.”
Your heart leaps in joy and you look over at him.
“You’d have to carry my things and do things for me, Prince Ren. Isn’t that a little… degrading?”
“No.” He nuzzles against you and you enjoy the warmth of his skin. “I love helping you.”
You wrap your arms around his neck and hold him close, breathing in his scent off his shirt.
“Thank you, Ren.”
He doesn’t say anything else to that, and tightens his arms around your waist. You feel the soft touch of his lips against your cheek, steady and promising.

* * *
Kyoichi finally convinced you to come out of your room to get some sunlight. He picked the quietest place in the hospital courtyard to sit, so you didn’t have to get that many strange looks. In the distance, a tall, brown haired man pushed a wheelchair, talking with the woman in it, bending over to kiss the top of her head. You smile slightly at the heartwarming sight.
A young man walked past and flinched at your face. Your happiness instantly crumbles on itself. Your eyes watered at his reaction, and Kyoichi gave a low growl, drawing you closer with one arm.
“It’s alright.” He murmurs against your hair, pressing a kiss firmly to your head.
“I know… He’s surprised… That’s all.”
You whisper nervously, bowing your head and letting your long hair tumble across your face, casting the marred scars into shadow. Wringing your hands in your lap, you sigh. Kyoichi brushes the hair back and tucks it behind your ear. He ducks in and kisses your cheek.
You were stunned by both his gesture and that you could still, despite the fused skin, feel the tenderness of his kiss.
“Mr Kunishiro! Mrs Kunishiro!”
You jerk alert on the bench when you hear the voice. It was a little muted and strange, but you could turn towards it. It sounded a little familiar. A girl was running towards the two of you, half hidden behind a bouquet of flowers. You cringe and turn your head away quickly, not wanting to frighten her.
“Kyoichi!” You nudge him to deal with the girl.
Your boyfriend lifts the girl onto his lap and she taps you on the shoulder.
“Mrs Kunishiro!”
She sounded a little more familiar now, and you turn slowly to face her.
It was her.
The girl you had shielded in the explosion.
She smiled brightly and adoringly, not a hint of fear in her eyes as she beheld your face. She thrusts the bouquet into your arms.
“This is for you!” She says in her uneven Japanese. “Thank you for saving me!”
Kyoichi smirked knowingly and patted your head.
“She just got the visa with her mother to come to Japan last week. They’re living with her father now. They’re safe.”
Your chest warms and you thank her with a lopsided smile.
“How are you, Mrs Kunishiro?”
The girl takes your hand and presses it to her young face. Your eye widens at how she doesn’t even acknowledge the coarse, scarred skin. She smiles brightly, happily, bathing in the bliss of reencountering her savior.
“I’m alright.”
“You replied!” The girl giggles. “You’re Mrs Kunishiro!”
You blink suddenly at the realization accompanying the name. The girl pulled out a little box from her pocket and hands it to Kyoichi. Your eye darts between the two of them, a little unable to follow the fast movements.
He smiled and opened it. A twinkle of a ring sat in it.
“You’re always perfect to me.” Kyoichi held an earnest expression as he reached out to you. “Marry me, ________. Let me take care of you.”

Ren’s not that worried, honestly. Yuta isn’t either. Lost hearing can partially be fixed sometimes. Yamato isn’t that wrecked either.
Buuuuuuuut some of the others…
Oh well
Thanks for the read!

It Felt Like Art

A/N: So, this started out as a poem. But then it turned into a fic? And I don’t know what happened? 

Tags below~


Painting on skin was never like painting on canvas. The polyester never moves. It stares blankly down the barrel of each tube of paint and waits to be used. It doesn’t move. Doesn’t sway in the wind when the window is thrown open to get some air in. The painting needs to move. It needs to breathe, live. Needs to inhale dust and exhale smoke.

Rae always hated canvases. The stillness of the fabric. The way her acrylics dragged against the dull, stretched cotton locked away under thin layers of primer. It urked her. The fire that sat wet and delicate when it should have crackled and flickered against the swirl of color behind it. How, when she looked at the oceans she’d painted all she would see was a blur of white and grey and every shade of blue imaginable, because the waves never broke. Never crashed into the sand or crawled up the shore like they’re meant to.

She hated how dead it felt under her roaming, disappointed fingers. No amount of sunshine could brighten the colours; the moon beams were never able to illuminate her palette like she wanted them to.

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the-brilliant-loser  asked:

If a character has been training in capoeira for 5 years, would he have enough skill to take on someone who has studied a more practical martial art (I'm thinking either judo or boxing). I guess what I'm asking is your thoughts on modern capoeira.

Well, I’m not an expert in any of these martial styles but unless the characters were specifically trained for modern combat i.e. real world combat or street combat, I don’t know if I’d call any of the styles “practical”. A practical style is going to be like Krav Maga, Systema, M.A.P., Michael Janich’s Martial Blade Concepts, U.S. Police and Military H2H (CQC, CQB), and any variant of any style that specifically trains its students in real world strategies and for the threats they will face outside the dojo or training hall. Your looking at styles that aren’t shy teaching its student how to disable, maim, and kill someone upfront and in the quickest amount of time. I only list self-defense in this category if it’s a long term commitment as opposed to an eight week course.

The most important thing to remember when choosing your martial art is that all combat styles have their drawbacks, they all have the points where they are weak. Good all around styles usually incorporate strikes (hands and feet), wrestling, and joint manipulations to cover all the bases, but most styles have certain key aspects that they focus on. These will change depending on the humans in the equation, their skills, and the focus of their training. Judo, boxing, and capoeira can all be used as self-defense styles, but your character has to find someone who can teach them to use it in that way to give them an advantage in the scenario you’re suggesting.

From S.A.S and Elite Forces Guide Self-Defense:

If you decide to learn a martial art, keep in mind what it is intended for.

As an example, Taekwondo is a striking-only martial art with rules against certain strikes. Taekwondo fighters often become very good at fighting one another in a formal sparring match, but can develop ‘blind spots’ regarding many of the things that are not permitted in their competition rules. This does not make taekwondo bad. Far from it - it is an excellent sport for building fighting spirit, developing balance and fitness, and learning some powerful kicks. What it is not is a complete self-defense system.

Similarly, Judo teaches awesome grappling skills, is excellent for fitness, and allows players to develop a deep understanding of how to keep their footing while sending others crashing to the floor. But it does not teach how to defend against strikes, because these are not allowed in a Judo match.

Both Judo and Boxing are sport martial arts, they are highly specialized martial styles that are primarily geared toward fighting in an arena and with specific rules. The way they train and what they’re training to do is also important. Judo is a form of wrestling, it’s strongest in takedowns and on the ground. One of the main Judo drawbacks is that most of the throws are geared toward using the gi as a grab point. While this is fine in a period where wearing a similar clothing style is common place, it’s a drawback for fighting someone in plain clothes. The gi is much sturdier and stronger than the average cotton shirt. If the student is used to using the clothes, trained on throws that have been modified to account for it, and trained to fight from a starting position that doesn’t involve holding onto the other person then they’re going to have a better chance. If the judo practitioner is unused to catching and defending against strikes from kicks or punches, they’ll be at a disadvantage against an opponent that primarily uses kicks like Capoeira does. Capoeira is a style that hides it’s techniques as a form of dance (whether they’ve trained in a school that also incorporates Brazilian jiu-jutsu is also a good question) and cloaks it’s attacks in those movements. To someone whose never seen it before, it looks really weird and their opponents confusion may lend them an advantage.

Boxing is another good one, boxers are used to dishing out and receiving hits but their primary sparring experience is probably going to be with boxing gloves. The boxing gloves are there to protect the hands and govern most of the targets like the face. Unlike MMA fighters who may face a variety of styles in their matches, boxers train primarily to fight other boxers. In a situation where they don’t have the hand protection and the rulebook, they’re going to be at a disadvantage against someone who throws techniques they haven’t trained for. It’s also important to remember that the face is the most well protected parts of the human body in terms of bone density. It’s much easier to break your fist there than anywhere else on the body. If they’re not used to fighting barehanded, then they may accidentally hurt themselves just by executing a technique.

What you have access to an what you’re expecting will change combat priorities. The light, fast jab works exceptionally well as a bread and butter technique when clothed in a 24oz glove, will it work as well without it? That depends on the boxer in question and how much time they’ve spent building up the bone density in their fists.

To get your answer on capoeira, you’re going to have to dig into it’s focus as a modern martial art and it’s history. But capoeira for self-defense is going to look different from capoeira, the performance art and capoeira for sport.

Ultimately though, it’s going to depend on the characters in question. There are tons of factors to consider and are much more important beyond  “which is the most practical?”. Where they’re fighting, the conditions they’re fighting in, etc, are much more important factors. Here are others to consider.

1) Who is the most mentally prepared?

In the real world, the aggressor in any situation usually has the advantage. They’ve already reached the point mentally where they’ve committed to the idea of hurting their victim and aren’t caught up in any extraneous thoughts. They’re there, ready, and mentally prepared. Their victim is still playing catch up, they have to overcome the shock of being attacked and get to the point where they’re willing to hurt their attacker. However, they’ve lost the first few crucial seconds of the brawl and by the time they’re mentally ready the fight is already over.

You don’t need to be trained in martial arts to do this, taking the initiative is a common human instinct and muggers with no martial training do it all the time. Good self-defense programs should have a discussion on how to notice the signs and leap frog your mind to the point where you’re willing to strike first or ready for the attack when it comes. The one who gets the initiative on their side of the engagement is usually going to be the one who keeps it.

2) Who spends the most time practicing against a variety of martial arts?

Practice, experience, and a flexible mindset are going to be more important than how well one martial art stacks up statistically against another. What you’re prepared to face is what gives you a helpful advantage, a martial artist who spends all their time training to fight only in their own circles is going to be at a disadvantage when facing someone who practices a different style and changes up their practice partners. If the boxer spends a lot of their time sparring kickboxers, taekwondo artists, sambo practictioners, and judoka then they’re probably going to be more ready to fight someone using capoeira even if they don’t know the style. They’ll have built up strategies and modified their techniques, maybe even branched out their style to fill in the holes. If they spend all their time fighting other boxers? They’ll probably only know how to fight boxers.

3) Where are they fighting?

Fighting outside, on concrete in an urban environment, in a field or a forest is going to be different from fighting inside a dojo, in a ring, or on a training mat. The footwork is different, whether you’re wearing shoes or not is important. How used are you to uneven surfaces, soft surfaces, slippery surfaces, and different kinds of friction? How much room do you have? A fight in a classroom between the desks is going to look different from a fight in a gymnasium. Amount of room determines which techniques you can throw. Tight spaces will lock out a lot of kicks, especially ones that require sweeping arcs like roundhouses and crescent kicks.

4) What are the stakes?

Fighting for your life is different from fighting with a referee in the room, fighting on camera is different from fighting behind the bleachers after school. What’s at stake will change how the participants view it and the lengths they’re willing to go to win. By the way, the one who wants it most is usually the one who does because they’re willing to work hardest for it in the preparation leading up to the fight. Individuals’ styles vary significantly even in a single martial art, most professional sports fighters study their opponents before a match. They get to know their style, their habits, their strengths, their weaknesses, and what they like to target. This can be video recordings of their previous fights to develop strategies and training regimens for countering that particular opponent.

The parts of sports movies where the coach spends a lot of time studying old sports reels is a real thing. Knowing what you’re up against and who you might face is an important part of preparing to face that thing.

It’s very difficult to switch up mentalities on the fly, what you’ve been preparing for and training to do is more important than what you’ve been trained in. Martial artists who train for practical combat in the real world will do better defending themselves on the street than someone who trains only for the ring. On the other hand, a martial artist who trains for a specific set of rules in the ring will do better there than someone who trains purely in self-defense. Someone who trains for performance will put on a better show than someone who trains only for sparring. You don’t have to look much farther than the public reception of the gun battle in Michael Mann’s Heat to know that audiences find real world combat tactics boring and unrealistic on the big screen.

This is pretty much why the answer to every question starts with: “well, it depends”. There are no universal solutions and while the one with the better odds stands a better a chance, random chance can turn a lot of dire situations into victories and that’s why we gamble because there’s never really a sure thing. (This is how you can tell the writers who have done the research and internalized this from the ones who haven’t. Anyone who says their characters will have 100% victory 100% of the time is…well…full of it. You don’t even need much to beat the guy with fighting superpowers, just a solid work ethic, a good plan, and a willingness to bend the rules of engagement.)

My thoughts on modern capoeira is that it’s a beautiful form with a rich and interesting history. As a performance art it’s very fun to watch and the footwork is fascinating. It doesn’t really draw on either European or Asian martial arts traditions, so the techniques have always been difficult for me to personally follow when I watch. We’ve had some discussion on capoeira in the past, so you can probably find them in tags. (I think… they need cleaning, we’re working on that.)

I hope this very long answer has given you some help.


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AW YE YOU OPEN okay, so Edward Kenway. I've always thought that he was a stomach sleeper. He's not much of a sleep cuddler, BUT on the plus side, he gives gr8 hugs. Thoughts? Also thoughts on how any other Assassin/Templar in your character list (giving you free reign with how many/who you choose) sleeps?

× Edward

When it’s bedtime, Edward prefers to lay on his stomach, his arm cuddling the pillow he snatched from under your head in his sleep. After that occurs, you don’t have the heart to wake the man, opting to cross your arms and sulk, Edward’s snores lulling you to sleep. You prefer Edward when he’s awake because he always tugs you into his embrace in the most random times, his hugs the best you’ve had.


× Mary Read/James Kidd

Mary isn’t picky when she sleeps and by picky, she’s constantly in different sleeping positions: on her right side, her left side, on her stomach with her head buried into the pillow, on her back, and sometimes even draping off the bed. The woman changes positions with you in her arms and you allow it without question, unless you are extremely tired that night. There have been times where you’ve awoken to find her on the floor (having forgotten how wide the bed was) with a scowl on her face, staying there a few minutes while fuming before lifting herself up and resuming the cuddles.


× Anne Bonny

Anne is completely different than Mary. Anne is a very still sleeper and lies on her side, nestled into your side or sleeping on your chest. Anne can either be a heavy sleeper or light sleeper depending on the day she’s had whilst Edward and Mary are light sleepers (the Assassin work doesn’t stop even while you’re asleep).


× Altaïr

Like Anne and Edward, Altaïr only sleeps on one side: flat on his back with you curled into his side or head on his chest (before you two head off to sleep, he’s grumbling about you cuddling with him but on the inside he definitely loves it and while you sleep away - he has slight insomnia - he pulls you closer to him). Before it’s lights out, it’s a ritual for Altaïr to place a kiss on your forehead and whisper something in Arabic.


× Ezio

Ezio just loves laying on his side and having your back pressed into him, his face buried in the back of your neck, inhaling the freshly washed skin (you enjoy taking showers/baths before bed). You two chit-chat until your eyelids grow heavy, Ezio wishing you off to sleep in Italian. Ezio is a personal heater so on some days you scoot back a few inches away, but than you get chills from the cold air and move back into him.


× Connor

Similar to Edward, Connor lies on his stomach with you tucked under his arm, his face turned towards yours as the two of you drift off to sleep. The creaks of the house constantly wake up Connor, gently sitting up to scan the bedroom with stern eyes and Eagle Vision. Nine out of ten times, this causes you to delicately place a hand on Connor’s chest and push him back against the mattress, soothing his nerves by massaging his back.


× Arno

Arno has chronic insomnia and to battle it, he makes himself productive or lies with you as you fall asleep. When he is able to sleep, Arno sleeps on his side with an arm under his head, his snores light but like Connor, his sleep is interrupted by the groaning of the Café Théâtre. Instead of getting riled up, Arno rolls his eyes and tries very hard to return to the dream world and he achieves that goal by feeling your arms wrap around him and hearing your soft voice.


× Élise

Instead of “wasting” her time sleeping, Élise occupies herself with tasks from the Order or reading. You wait by her side, waiting for the signs that she’s exhausted and you could easily tell by the way her eyelids droop and her head begins to fall forward. The redhead jolts upright, stifling a yawn and bats her lashes innocently as you beg her to come to bed with you. It takes time but you eventually yank her off to bed where she lies on her back with a pout and arms crossed until she nods off (she refuses to cuddle with you those times and only later in the night will she wrap herself around you).


External image
Part One?

I knew January would be cold, but this is ridiculous. New York is so much chillier than Sydney at this time of year.

I’m currently doing my weekly routine. Every Saturday morning, I go to the laundrette on 34th street to do my laundry, obviously.

I’ve lived here 7 months & still haven’t met a single friend. Except the little Chinese woman who owns the laundrette, Mrs. Chow. But she doesn’t really count. I laughed at my thoughts as I walked through the door of the cosy building. The radiation of heat hit me as soon as I stepped inside.

I lay my basket of washing down on the floor as I hung up my navy blue coat after shaking the few little snowflakes that had landed on the shoulders.

My chocolate brown hair was slightly dampened by the the winter weather outside, causing my natural curl to show.

As I began my laundry, I was startled by the voice coming from the store room in the back. “Miss Tally!” The voice called, I turned to see the short, dark haired Chinese woman running to my side. She stopped before me, observing my figure.
“Oh Miss Tally,” she gasped, taking my hand in her own. “I swear you get more beautiful every time I see you!” Her words made me blush, she was so sweet and very welcoming.

“Thank you Mrs. Chow you’re so sweet!” I giggled, squeezing her hand.

The sudden ding from the doorbell made me jump. By instinct, I turned to where the noise came from. A tall male, with a dark red SnapBack & a black winter jacket stepped through the door with a pair of worn out brown boots on his feet.
I didn’t even realise I was staring, till he looked straight at me with a devilish smirk on his face. His eyes were a beautiful shade of blue, but they seemed to change depending on how the light would hit them.

“Mr Luke!”, I looked back to Mrs. Chow who was shuffling over the the male near the doorway. “I haven’t seen you here in months!” She clapped her tiny hands, clearly excited by his presence. “What brings you back dear?” She smiled through her every word.

“Hello Mrs. Chow,” he’s Australian too! His accent was thick and chalky. “Alex was in earlier with some washing & asked if I could pick it up. And because I’m such a nice guy, I easily obliged.” He chuckled.

Oh, Alex. Great, he has a girlfriend. I let out a faint sigh, then continued with my laundry. I leaned over the machine, removing the now-clean white washing. After the bedding, my white jeans & a few t-shirts, I leaned further into the machine to reach the individual pieces of my underwear and the bottom of the drum.

“Hello!”, someone was right beside me. I suddenly jumped, tossing the handful of underwear up in the air.

“HOLY SHIT!” I squealed, clenching my chest to try and get a breath in. I looked up to see who caused me such a fright. I was welcomed by the familiar blue eyes I was almost drooling over minutes before. “Um, hi…” I choked.

A smiled formed on his face, reaching from ear to ear.

“What, what did I do?” I panicked.

“Nothing, it’s your accent. It’s very similar to mine…” He chuckled.

“Yes, I noticed.” I couldn’t help but giggle at the stranger, who was causing me to be a terribly nervous wreck.

“Where are you from, might I ask?” He’s so polite, it’s nice.

“Oh, I was born & raised in Sydney. I live there till I was about 14, then my father moved me to Brisbane so I could get a better education.” I smiled through my words.

“No way, I’m from Sydney, ” he gasped.

“No way, are you shitting me?” My mouth formed into the shape of an “O”.

“Seriously, why don’t we know each other already?” his laugh was melodic, and quite infectious.

“I have no idea!” I joined him in his happy state, before looking around the small shop. I couldn’t help but erupt into laughter when I noticed my underwear was scattered all over the floor. “Oh my god!” I cried, holding back my giggles.

“What?” He hopped up.

“My wet underwear is all over the floor…” His melodic laugh filled my ears once again, before helping me pick it all up.
I tossed the handful I had into the drier, as he passed me one of my bras & a thong. Oh My God. I couldn’t help but cringe.
My cheeks shot crimson, as his hands left my undergarments.

“I never got your name,” he finally spoke, breaking the silence.

“Oh, I’m Natalia Rae Irwin. People call me Tally Rae, or just Tally.” I giggled, putting my hand out for him to shake.
“Well, if you don’t mind… I like Talia. I’m Luke Robert Hemmings. But you can just call me Luke.” he grinned, shaking my hand. I blushed and nodded my head. “So what bring you out to ‘The Big Apple’?” He chuckled.

“Well I graduated from Highschool after studying Music, I was accepted into Juilliard & I ended up moving here.” I smiled before turning the drier on.

“This is going to sound weird…” He looked straight into my eyes. “But I studied music in school, I got accepted into Juilliard last year so I moved here for that same reason…” He looked at me with wide eyes.

“Now you’re seriously shitting me.” My mouth returning to the familiar “O” shape.

“You have quite the potty mouth!” He chuckled. “But no, I am not ‘shitting’ you.” He smiled.

“That’s so weird…” I gasped, followed by a giggle.

“Yea, my friend Alex & I moved out here, I don’t exactly know why he came… But I’m kinda glad he did.” The heat rose to his cheeks, as he looked towards his feet, clearly embarrassed by his little confession. Meanwhile, a smile grew on my face. Alex is his friend, a he, not his girlfriend. He might be single.

“I think that’s lovely.” I smiled, before putting another washing in the machine.

“Um, w-would you like to g-get a c-coffee?” He stuttered.

“I’d love to, but I need to stay here with my washing.” I sighed.

“Hey, Mrs.Chow!?” The tall stranger I have come to know as Luke, called.

“Yes Mr. Luke?” She smiled, shuffling her feet towards us.

“Would you mind watching our clothes while we grab a coffee?” He smiled at her and what a perfect smile it was. His teeth were pearly white, his lip sat perfectly plump around them.

“Yes, of course dear!” She giggled.
I was freed from my trance as Luke clapped his hands.

“Are you ready Talia?” He smiled, heading for the door.

“Sure, let me grab my coat!” I returned the smile.

And with that, we left the cosy store & re-entered the hash weather of January in New York.

“So, what do you usually do around here for fun?” Luke asked, as we took a seat in a booth of the cosy coffee house we decided to settle in.

“Oh, I usually sit in. I read a lot.” I smiled, taking a sip of my cappuccino. The heat from the mug warmed my hands almost instantly. I really don’t like this cold weather.

“Oh, how long have you been here, in New York?” He asked, taking a drink of his beverage. His face almost lit up after the first taste, probably from the comforting heat radiating from the mug.

“Um, about 7 months…” I replied.

“How many people do you know around here?” His blue eyes pierced into me, why is he so interesting in me?

“U-um no one really, e-except Mrs. Chow!” I stuttered, his gaze making me nervous.

He let out a little chuckle, before taking another drink from the warm cup in his hands.

“Does she really count?” He smiled, holding back a laugh.

“Not really, I guess…” I really don’t have any friends, I thought to myself. I literally don’t know anybody. “I left my best friend back in Sydney after I moved to Brisbane. he was a year ahead of me, but he decided to stay in Sydney & get into producing.” I sighed.

“Oh, I see.” He mumbled.


She’s beautiful, her blue eyes are incredible. If I couldn’t see her entire face, I’d swear I was looking at the sea.

“I left my best friend back in Sydney after I moved to Brisbane. he was a year ahead of me, but he decided to stay in Sydney & get into producing.” She let out a huge sigh, tears threatening to leave the corner of her eyes. I observed every word.

“Oh, I see.” I barely spoke. ‘He’, my jaw became slightly tense. How close was she with this boy? We’re they only friends? Have they ever dated? Did the not date, due to her leaving? My grip tightened around the porcelain object between my hands. ‘Don’t flip Luke, you’ll scare her away!’ I said to myself, repeating it over & over.

“I felt like shit, I mean crap… for leaving him,” she giggled, after correcting her language. “But it made me feel a lot better knowing he has Molly, his girlfriend there with him.” She smiled, dabbing the corner of her eyes with the cuff of her shirt.

My entire body relaxed. He has a girlfriend, thank god. I reached my hand out, placing it over hers. Rubbing circular motions over her knuckles. I could tell it comforted her, as she looked into my eyes, giving me a warm smile.

“When do you go back to school?” She asked, smiling before she took a drink of her coffee.

“In two weeks, what about you?”

“Same here.” She giggled.

“I can’t believe I haven’t seen you around before.” I mumbled.

“I know.” She pouted, placing her empty mug on the table. “Are you ready to go?” She asked.

“Sure, lets go!” I smiled, after finished the remainder of my beverage.


“Hey Mrs. Chow!” We yelled simultaneously, as we walked back into the cosy laundrette. I looked at Luke, who was already looking straight at me. I blushed, as he smirked. Dammit, be cool.

“Miss Tally, Mr Luke!” The little woman cheered, coming towards us. “Your clothes are dried & folded.”

“Oh, Mrs Chow - You didn’t have to!” I exclaimed, feeling awful for taking so long.

“Nonsense!” She chuckled, “you’re my two favourite customers, I don’t mind at all.”

“Thank you so much, Mrs Chow.” Luke chuckled. Reaching for his laundry.

“Yes, thank you Mrs Chow.” I smiled, kissing the ladies cheek, before picking up my own laundry. “I’ll see you next week, okay?” I smiled, heading for the door.

“Yes, Miss Tally, I’ll see you then!” She smiled, waving us off.

“I had a really nice time Talia.” Luke smiled, heading towards a car.

“I did too Luke, thank you. It’s about time I make some friends around here.” I giggled.

“Can I offer you a lift home?”

“No, don’t be silly! I don’t mind walking.”

“I insist?” He chuckled, opening the passenger door as I finally caved.

a/n: If you think I should continue this, please let me know. I have a few ideas on how it could go, I just need to know if you’re enjoying it.


Saving Grace (part 3)


Stiles x Reader

Word Count:

Rated: 1389

Preview: After you and Stiles get in a fight you are called to calm him down in the middle of a fight. When you get there you have even more problems to deal with and you find out something new about yourself. 

The last part will be posted next Tuesday so stay tuned!

Part 1 Part 2 

You looked between  Stiles’ eyes and the skin of his stomach in awe. You cannot believe what just happened. It happened right before your eyes. Stiles was on the brink of death and then, in an instant, it was all gone.

You are lost in your own thoughts and you don’t even notice Stiles staring at you. Not only was he staring at you in awe, but also with pure love and gratitude. He runs his fingers through your hair as you continue to furrow your eyebrows and question what just happened. 

Out of nowhere Stiles kisses you. Scott and Liam take this moment as a hint to step away. The kiss is short, but filled with pure love. Once you pull away you lean your forehead up to his. Even though it is sweaty, the contact feels good. 

“You saved me.” Stiles whispers.

“I don’t know.” You say. You are nervous something is wrong.

“What do you mean?” Stiles asks, “I just feel weak, but other than that I’m fine.”

“Stiles we have no idea what just happened. You could be healed on the outside, but worse on the inside. I want to take you to Deaton just to be sure.” You say. You stand up and then you reach down to Stiles. You stand him up and  help him walk to the car. Once you put him in the passenger seat of your car you run to the drivers seat and start to drive off. You leave the jeep in the dust of the hospital parking lot. 

The first half of the ride is silent until Stiles says, “Are you not happy to see me alive?”

“Of course I’m happy to see you alive,” You smile, “I would be nothing without you. I would wander around aimlessly. You saw me when you were… you know… dying, I couldn’t control myself. I love you so much and you know that. I can’t believe that you would say something like that to me. I am ecstatic that you are alive, but I am still mad at you for what you did.”

“I know, I know. If I let you come and something happened to you I would never be able to live with myself.” Stiles says. He takes your hand as you pull into the parking lot. 

You both get out and head into the vet office. Scott and Liam are already waiting when you head in. You help Stiles lay on the table. 

“It was the beast?” Deaton asks while he pulls up Stiles’s  shirt and begins to examine his stomach.  

“Yeah.” Stiles says, “I think (Y/N) healed me.” Deaton then looks puzzled at you. He looks for an explanation.

“I don’t know what happened.” You explain, “I just tried to stop the bleeding when he started to lose consciousness. I put my hands on the wound and then I looked away. I was trying to keep him awake and when I looked down the spaces between my fingers were glowing. Then I pulled up his shirt and there is no sign of a wound. I’m just worried that he has some kind of internal damage.” You run your fingers through Stiles’s hair repeatedly. He smiles up at you before returning his attention to Deaton. 

“He is fine. There is absolutely no damage internally or externally. It’s almost like nothing ever happened in the first place.” Deaton says while backing away from Stiles, allowing him to sit up. 

“So what does this mean for me?” You ask.

“Hold on.” Deaton says. He steps away and reaches into one if the cabinets on the wall. He pulls out an old book and skims through some of the pages. After a few seconds he turns the book toward you. 

“Angelus Terram.” You read, “Earth angel? You think I’m an earth angel?”

“Yes. These angels are born from teenagers with tragic pasts. Lots of lost loved ones and friends.” Deaton says.

“Allison.” You whisper. Stiles notices and rubs your arm for comfort. You were the closest to Allison. You weren’t there when she died and you couldn’t help but feel guilty. You don’t know why, but there has always been something that ties you to her.

“Earth angels have the ability to heal. They can also bring unconsciousness,  invisibility, and they can appear in other peoples dreams. They can be gifted other powers, like resurrection.” Deaton says. You can’t believe this is happening.

“Can I test some out?” You ask.
Deaton nods and says, “Place two fingers on someones forehead. Your index finger and your middle finger.”
You nod and turn to Liam. He seems as if he isn’t paying attention. You place your two fingers on his forehead. Liam looks up at your fingers and before he understands what is going on his eyes roll back and he slumps backward. Scott catches his and lies him on the ground.

“How long should it last?” You ask.

“Depends on the person.” Deaton shrugs.

“How do we know that I am really an earth angel?” You ask. This is a lot of information at once. It could change your life forever.
“There is only one way we can test it.” Deaton says when he begins to turn off the lights.

“What’s that?” Stiles asks impatiently.

“Your wings.” Deaton says simply.

“Wings? I have wings?” You ask surprised.

“Well- kind of…” Deaton begins, “Earth angels do  not have physical wings, but they do have a form of them. Just turn around and face the wall.”

You turn around and await Deaton’s next move. Out of nowhere Deaton shines a flashlight on your back. As you watch your shadow on the wall you notice the items that appear to be moving behind you. Your wings. Your wings move up and down. You stare in awe. You reach behind you to where the wings would be  but you feel nothing. You look back to Stiles, but he doesn’t even notice you are looking at him. He is looking at your shadow.

“Wow.” You whisper. “Whats next?”

“We just have to wait out your powers and see what happens.” Deaton says. 

After a little while you and Stiles decide to head back to his house. The car ride home is silent until Stiles says, “You really did save me. I would be dead right now.”

“I did save you didn’t I?” You say. You are somewhat proud of yourself. 

“Your an angel.” Stiles states.

“I’m an angel.” You say in disbelief. The words sound weird coming out of your mouth. 

“Thats hot.” Stiles says honestly.

“Me being an angel is hot?” You ask while laughing.

“Hell yeah!” Stiles laughs.

“I can’t believe I’m an angel. Now you’re the only human in the pack.” You say. 

“I kinda liked being the human couple.” Stiles says disappointed.

“Yeah me too. It was something normal in my life. Something that kept me sane.” You say as you pull into Stiles’s driveway.

Stiles takes your hand and says, “We are still together. You still have me. I’m not going anywhere.”

“Thank you.” You whisper as you lean into his chest.

“Thank you.” Stiles says with an emphasis on you, “You saved me.”

“You save me everyday, even if you don’t know it.” You whisper, “Just seeing your face at school saves me a little. You are the only normal thing in my life right now. Your my anchor.” You feel Stiles kiss the top of his head.

“Your my angel.” Stiles mumbles. You don’t know if he meant for you to hear you, but you did. Those words mean everything to you.

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teacher how do photoshop creys Q_Q

Welcome to ABSFM, where a person who has been a college tutor for 2 years for basic Adobe programs and has a Visual Communications Certification in Photoshop CS6 teaches you how to make people fucking cry.

There’s a couple of tutorials out there that do teach you how to make tears. I probably looked at them and this is probably fairly close to them, but regardless of whatever exists, you asked for my way to cry, so today, I’m gonna teach you my way on how to cry.

You will need:

  • A base picture like your drawing or SFM
  • An editing program. We’ll be using Photoshop for this, you might be able to apply the theory to GIMP.

First, make yourself a picture. Feel the angst and sadness threatening to rip your heart out as you do so otherwise you might come off as saccharine. Remember, if it hurts you, it’s working.

Let’s use TF2 since most of you are here for my TF2 stuff anyway and that’s always a bigger challenge to do sads.

This is good, it makes me want to put myself in a pen full of bunnies and sob loudly while blowing my nose on those fluffballs. 

For the purpose of this tutorial, we’ll use Medic without glasses to give you an idea of digital painting. We’ll revisit Glasses!Medic after.

First rule about digital painting/drawing: zoom the FUCK in when you do some painting. There is nothing wrong with this as it helps you get details down a lot better. This also goes with general Photoshop and detailing; even the tiniest detailing makes some of the biggest differences. So zoom in for detailing.

Now that we’ve got that mentality addressed, here’s how to get started:

Make a new layer, set it to Overlay. Select a Hard Brush and paint on at least three lightspots with white. Where it goes depends on where the light source is coming from/the direction the character is looking at. You’ll want to enhance that one lightspot already on the eye near the pupil, maybe one on the side, and maybe one where the main lightsource is. I put mine at the top in-between the pupil lightspot and the side lightspot.

If you do not have a tablet or pen pressure-esque brushes (and in CS6 you do get a default paintbrush with false pen pressure), use the Smudge Tool or a very small eraser to smooth out some of the hard corners to make it look more natural.

Opacity for this tutorial will be different depending on how bright the lights are in your scene. So adjust it to what feels or looks natural/what you’re going for.

Next, make another layer. Set it to Overlay as well. Use a soft brush this time and just get part of the eye with white so it looks glossier. Don’t make it too glossy otherwise you’re gonna freak some people out with your flashlight eyes. It should be fairly subtle so you don’t even notice it at first until you look closely. 

Now we make people cry.

New Layer in Overlay mode. Grab a Hard Brush. This NEEDS some type of pressure or smoothing out to look natural; you might have gotten away with the circular Hard Brush before but you’ll need to smooth/erase out some parts now more than ever. Paint on the tears with white. 

If at this point your heart is wrenching harder than an Engineer at his nest taking fire from every explosive, then you’re doing it right. But we’ve still got to add more shit. More under the cut:

Keep reading

What he loves most about you (5sos Preference) 4/4

Luke; your legs. He couldn’t stop touching them. He would casually bring his hand to rest on your thigh, rubbing his finger tips across the inside, not to get a reaction out of you but to feel the softness of your skin. When you laid at one part of the couch, you would bring your legs into his lap knowing he loved to feel of them. He loved the color of them, the shape of them and how they felt. He couldn’t get enough of them.

Calum; He loved your hair. No matter if you changed it up, short or long, light or dark he loved how you looked good no matter what style it was. He loved running his fingers through your lengthy locks and burying his face into it at night or when you cuddled. His favorite place was to cuddle into your hair, just breathing in its and your scent to calm him after a rough and anxiety filled day.

Michael; Michael was a sucker for your eyes. He loved the color of them, how they changed depending on your mood. He loved how they described what you were feeling, when you put on a poker face. He would always make eye contact with you and sometimes even get lost in them whenever you were talking.

Ashton; Ashton loved your height. No matter if your wore heels to make you taller but he loved that you were shorter than him. He loved coming up behind you and resting his arms on your head, or his chin. He loved that you depended on him for reaching up and getting stuff off of shelfs and would make fun of you playfully which of course annoyed you. He just found you super adorable.