how a come back album should sound

I think all of Harry’s fans, whatever they believe his love life to be like, owe him the decency to listen to his album when it comes out, without preconceptions about what he should be saying, is not allowed to say, or how he wants to express it.

He has made a very personal record, and in my opinion he’s being brave in the way he sends it out into the world. I hope we can all shut up for a minute and listen to it. You know, let the music speak for itself for at least one round, before we all come back here and fight about the lyrics. These guys spent months working on melodies, song structure, drum sounds, tunings, should we add more vocals here or a piano there… Don’t get me wrong, I expect some lyrics that will make me feel disillusioned, but I believe I owe him a few spins of that dramatic white vinyl that I ordered.

It’s a vulnerable thing, music. I feel what we shouldn’t do, is attack this album like a pack of wolves, pulling a piece of bloody meat out of the hands of the makers to rip it to shreds.

On her ride to meet Wilson, Swift came up with the concept, melody and overall vibe for ‘Come Back Be Here’, he says. They finished the song by the end of the day. On day two, Swift said she wanted to write a song based on the word ‘treacherous’. “She sketched out the melody and we were off to the races in 20 minutes” says Wilson, a Grammy Award winner for his songwriting work with Adele on '21’ and the Dixie Chicks on 'Not Ready to Make Nice’. “We thought we were done, and then we decided it needed a more rocking clement, so we added [another] chorus after the chorus. It was almost an afterthought, but the new section wound up defining the song.”
With the writing done, Swift asked Wilson to produce the songs, and he reached out to Andy Thompson, a colleague from his hometown of Minneapolis to record some of the instruments. Wilson wound up using Swift’s vocal from the demo recorded in Los Angeles. “An interesting quality, objectively speaking, was how on fire she was, the clarity she had,” Wilson recalls. “She was so open and excited about the things I would add. She works at a very high level of positivity, and that is rare. I followed my own joy [in producing the tracks]. We both had such similar visions of what the songs should sound like.”
—  Dan Wilson on working with Taylor - Billboard Magazine, October 27th 2012
- Chapter Ten -

“There are a million reasons why this shouldn’t work…but there is only one reason why it should…”

31 weeks

What no one ever warns you about when you are pregnant, is how emotional you really get. Yeah, they will throw it around here and there, use it as an excuse to why they overreact and become a literal space case, but really it’s so much more than that. You truly lose every bit of your ability to mask your feelings. You get angry and boil over faster than a steaming kettle, you cry at the drop of a hat, you even, without meaning to, take things much more seriously than they are intended.

You also became vastly more aware of all of these feelings surging inside you. Even if it’s the very last thing you want to do.

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“I need your body in ways, that you don’t understand but I’m losing my patience. Cause we’ve been going over and over again. Girl, I just wanna take you home” I stopped singing looking at my sound engineer through the glass in the booth, back at the studio now. The grind don’t stop once again, the music cut off “that should be cool, come out” he said, I don’t know why I make more songs when I don’t need them really, but it’s always good to make new music. I think I am ready to release an album, I just need to make few more songs. Walking out of the booth “sounds dope” Sinko said, well this song did come along how I wanted it to sound “the rap part killed it bro, this needs to be a single” looking down at the sound engineer computer screen as he did his thing “what do you thing to the designs I sent y’all? Black Pyramid designs? Y’all think it was dope” looking around the room “yeah, I would wear that shit. You should get Rihanna to make you women things” Fresh said pointing “that would be good” this female said “I know but she doing her own thing, I am looking to get her on my thing but she got things to do” blowing out air “what do you females think? Like what shit would y’all wear?” I have no idea what to do with women “thongs with your name it, so I can have you all up in my booty” staring at her in utter shock “excuse me?” the boys snorted laughing “yoooo that was nasty” Hood said laughing “first of all, I am happy with my wife. I don’t think any of you compare to what I got at home. Also that shit was uncalled for, count yourself banned from this. Anyways, I am out. I will be away for a while so bye” I need to get home and wake shawty up, it’s like five in the morning “what about your dog’s? Those niggas are eating my couch!?” Lo spat, I snorted laughing “I will pay” Robyn won’t let my dog’s stay at the crib, I don’t know what to do with that.

Unlocking my car door “Christopher!” someone shouted behind me, I know that voice. Looking behind me “Forde! What are you doing here!?” she is with a few females, opening my car door and throwing my backpack in the front seat “just with a new artist, this is Sza I’ve known her for a while now and she was in the studio. She saw you first and I goes that is not him but Chris, this is SZA” reaching over and shaking her hand “cool to see you, I thought you left LA? If you found new friends Robyn will be so upset” the girl SZA or whatever started smiling mad hard “she loves Rihanna but I would never do that, do not dare tell her that. I was, I mean, I am leaving today in the afternoon” I never got to tell her about not going “well I need to speak to you, come” walking off slowly, Robyn misses Mel like crazy and I feel it’s my fault “what is it nigga?” Mel said as we started walking side by side “why are you moving to New York? Who is there?” I asked, if I can talk her into staying this will be a blessing “a bitch needs to move on you know” turning around while stepping back “bullshit, there is nothing there. We are your family in LA, why are you moving there. If it’s Mijo then forget him, Robyn is missing you like crazy. She calls you but it’s not the same, I hear it day in and day out. I miss my sister, I miss you too. I know you don’t want to live with us and that is fine but stay in LA, if Mijo is the issue then I will sort that nigga out for you. Come on Melissa, shit is not real without you. I want you to come to the home, I fucks with you like that. You can stay with us.”

Mel waved me off pulling a face “sure, hear you two. Look, I just don’t know. It’s lonely and I am not looking for sympathy, I have had Mijo calling me but I am not a booty call. I need to find my happiness, I won’t stay in New York for long. Few months and then I will be back, how about that? I don’t want my bitch upset you know, she doesn’t say it, she told me that everything is fine” I shrugged smiling “she got me to complain too, she is like if I call her now she will get annoyed if I call her again tonight so I will wait. Seriously, I just cannot deal with her ass” Mel cooed out “it’s nice to hear it from yourself that you miss me also, just need to find my ground” nodding my head “you can here, I need someone to deal with the ladies wear in Black Pyramid” I blurted out, not even thinking “you offering me work?” she said, I didn’t even realise it “it’s open to you, you can have all control of that shit. Let me know” that idea came out of nowhere.

Placing my backpack down on the floor of the bedroom, for a tiny lady Robyn sure does know how to ruin both sides of the bed. She lucky I ain’t sleeping or I would have purposely woke her up just to move and then sleep, I would let her think we will be having sex when we not. She has got this habit of sleeping against me but her back against me, it’s so weird but her hair be all in my face. I don’t know why she has become so bad, she snores too. That is not a lie, but she said she doesn’t. Shit has been a little crazy for us. Even now, it’s like people want to know more. They demand an interview but we are declining everything and just post random shit on Instagram, why should we explain to the world. Stepping back from the bed, you can only see an outline of a person from here but she is asleep sideways, she has stolen both sides. Pointing my camera at the bed and taking a picture, posting it on Instagram, captioning the picture ‘Now where do I sleep? This burrito took both sides’ my wife is something else, posting the picture.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, I love how she has put her hair in a bun when I tell to do that she don’t and makes me suffer “Robyn” taking my watch off from my wrist and placing it on the side “hey” touching her cheek “Oh my god Robyn!” I spat, poking her cheek “go away!” Robyn said groggily “wow, mad rude? Why are you telling me to go away?” she frowned with her eyes still firmly closed “you didn’t come home and now you’re waking me up for what?” she is legit arguing with her eyes closed “I was in the studio” her eyes aren’t even open and I know she is mean mugging me “just go to sleep, I don’t want sex and I don’t want you to wake me” she is annoyed, sighing out “I guess you don’t want to go to Hawaii, I will go by myself then” looking over at Robyn, she opened one eye “why are you going there?” she is too damn cute “we both are going there, you complained to my mom that we didn’t have a honeymoon so your husband got you a honeymoon, I ain’t forget baby” Robyn gasped opening both eyes this time, pushing her covers back “we going Hawaii for our honeymoon, now be nice to me” Robyn got up from the bed, crawling over to me “oh my baby, I didn’t think you would, just that I got annoyed because I like you home” she wrapped her arms around my neck, pressing kisses to my cheek “you are the best baby” she is so damn spoilt, I think I need to stop.

Bopping my head to the music one of my artists sent me, placing a spoonful of Lucky Charms in my mouth “why did you post that picture of me!?” feeling my head be pushed forward by force from her hand, staring ahead swallowing down my cereal “well first of all you took all of the space, that is all. You can barely see it’s you” watching Robyn take the Lucky Charms box “Who else could it be huh? You cheating now?” frowning at Robyn in confusion, is she being real “answer me then?” she started pouring the cereal in the bowl “well clearly not, just saying nobody can see anything. Can you just hurry so we can go, the jet will be leaving in an hour even though you don’t deserve it just because you keep on questioning me like I am cheating when you need to check Melissa” Robyn glared at me “what do you mean?” Robyn questioned “I saw Mel at the studio” Robyn let out on oh “I knew that but you also never told me there was girls in your session, I am not angry just a little annoyed. There is no need for it, but I trust you” scratching my chin “how do you know this?” I swear I never said anything to Robyn “I was reading my timeline and there was a video and one of the females said something but I am proud of you, proud of what you said. They still want my man’s dick but he faithful” Robyn kissed the top of my head “why would I cheat, I am married now. I been done that shit now” Robyn sat on the bar stool at the side of me “I spoke to Mel and said to her to not move so far away from us, she said she is coming back to LA, so no need to worry now. I don’t want to hear about Mel now ok?” looking down at my phone “but you need to speak to Mijo for me” Robyn always has something for me to do “what now?” I said frowning “he needs to leave her alone, he is depressing my friend for nothing. I like Mijo but he wants his baby mother and then Mel, make your mind up. You can’t have both, we need to find Mel a man too” this is what I mean, Robyn has a list of things for me to do.

Robyn and I eventually left the home and got to the private hanger “I feel bad now, I didn’t think you would remember what I said to your mom about the honeymoon. I just said it in the conversation, you didn’t have to do this” I shrugged not caring “it’s done now, I got time off and you got time off we good. It’s nice to get away, travel as husband and wife” the SUV door opened for me at the side “thank you” grabbing my backpack from the floor of the car “I packed a few things for you too, and took your things for Barbados” stepping out of the car, she thinks we are going Barbados but we aren’t. When I am dicking her down she is going to forget this “sure” placing my backpack over my shoulders “I’ll take that” taking Robyn’ handbag from her “thank you baby” walking around the SUV “sir” the pilot smiled at me, smiling back at him as I made my way up the steps, looking behind me to see what Robyn is doing and then noticing the stupid paparazzi. I swear they stalk our home, they are so desperate for anything, any little bit of information.

I am close to having a new manager soon, he seems like a really good dude but I am just passing it by some people. I realised after the interview that I do need one that will look over that shit for me, I just need one that understands me and my life but I hope this new dude will be good enough for it “Chris” Robyn said, dragging my eyes away from my phone looking at Robyn’ face with her head on my shoulder “what?” what is she even doing “look at the camera stupid” I am stupid, didn’t even know she was taking a picture. Looking at her camera smiling, she took the picture “I love this freedom so much, just to post when I want” locking my phone and placing my phone on the table, sitting back in my seat “I enjoy this time, nobody here. Just us, this shit is amazing. I am so glad we did shit our way or your team would have made sure to make you busy for me, even though they are trying it now” watching Robyn type the caption in “they are on my case but they know not to push me” smiling at her caption “baecation? You cute” I chuckled saying “well that is what we are going on, well a honeymoon. But Chris” when Robyn says but Chris, it’s never a good thing “we are going Barbados right? Mommy really wants you to come, it’s been so long too, I am just not sure you want to go so I keep asking and also you’ve not slept? Are you on drugs?” side eyeing Robyn “no I am not on drugs, I am just not tired. I am beyond that anyways, I will sleep when we get there. I am going Barbados, I just wanted to keep on saying no but I am going” I know for a fact I wouldn’t get away with not going.


At the height of all the “plagiarism” controversies one of the constant thing that other fandoms kept pointing out was that DEAD LEAVES track was plagiarised from Blackbear’s Deadroses because the base hook is exactly the same. I am no expert on composing or anything but I’m pretty sure you can’t just use the same beat illegally and there are means to obtain this legally and use it as is.

ANYWAYS, at the time of that hate tag on twitter there were a lot of fans who used EXO as profile picture, but I’m not going to call them EXO Ls bcoz we don’t know lmao, that kept instigating it and encouraging other people to use it against bangtan. Because part of the “plagiarism” claims is that BTS was copying EXO. BUT I WILL JUST FOREVER BE SALTY OF THAT HATE TAG ON TWITTER I MEAN HOW CAN I NOT ;_; THAT WAS THE LOWEST OF LOW.


The thing is with the recent release of EXO Album GUESS WHAT ONE OF THE TRACKS SOUNDS LIKE


This just goes to show that karma is digital and fans should always just concentrate on supporting their faves and not noticing other groups flaws because it will come right back blowing up in their faces. I can’t even begin to think what would’ve happened if it’s the other way around. I REFUSE TO FORGET THAT HATE TAG. I know not all fans are like this but that was just low and now it’s thrown right back into your faces and now other fandoms fans are like “well.. it’s not??! plagiarism??! after all!??!”


After a three-year recess from releasing a solo album, Lady Gaga will, at long last, unveil her fifth studio effort Joanne on October 21 via Streamline/Interscope. The record is titled after her middle name (Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta), which she also shares with her late aunt who died of the autoimmune disease lupus at 19.

News of her next album, which serves as the official follow-up to 2013’s Artpop, follows the debut of its lead single “Perfect Illusion,” a stadium pop anthem that features production by Mark Ronson, BloodPop, and Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker. The 14-song deluxe set also includes contributions from Florence Welch, Father John Misty, Josh Homme, and Beck.

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RNP Review: A Day to Remember - “Bad Vibrations (Single)”

Artist: A Day to Remember
Album: “Bad Vibrations” (Single)
Release date: June 2, 2016
Review by: Andrew Kjelson

One of the world’s heaviest pop-punk bands is back with their brand new single “Bad Vibrations” off of their upcoming sixth studio album of the same name, Bad Vibrations.

A Day to Remember has been known to be either heavy, poppy, soft, or a mixture of the three. This track is a standout compared to songs they have released during their past two album cycles (2010-2016). “Bad Vibrations” is heavy; heavier than a majority of the songs they’ve ever made in their whole discography. 

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Close As Strangers Part 1

Rating: Heartbreak Girl (sad) 



My heart dropped into my shoes as I took a deep breath. 

The pregnancy test shook in my trembling hand. 

I used the other to grip the edge of the bathroom counter to help keep me on my feet. 

I stared at the little positive sign, hoping for the vertical bar to disappear

This can’t be happening. 

Was the only line being repeated in my head. 

I’m on the pill, been on it for a year already, and all of a sudden this? 


This has to be a mistake, I can’t be pregnant.

I needed a professional test, and fast.

I called my ob gyn and scheduled and appointment for the next day. 

I put the phone down and sat on the toilet, holding the little wand and staring at the small screen once more. 

My head shot up and a waive of anxiety swept over my body when I heard the front door open. 

Should I tell him ? 

No, absolutely not. 

Not until I’m 100% sure about this.

No need to stress both of us out, 

I sighed and collected myself before throwing the test away and heading out to face him. 

He called out my name as he made his way to the living room. 

“Right here” I forced a smile as I walked down the stairs. 

“There you are” he smiled as he kissed my cheek. 

“Everything alright babe?” he asked with a concerned look as he wrapped his arm around my waist. 

 It’s just that I may or may not be pregnant. Surprise! 

“Yeah, yeah. Just a little headache” I lied while smiling and kissing his cheek for reassurance. 

“How was your day?” I asked, changing the subject. 

“Oh great! The guys and I finished another song for the album and we-" 

"Are you sure you’re alright?” he shook my arm and taking me out of my thoughts. 

“Huh?” I asked sinking back into the conversation. 

“Maybe you should take some medicine and get some rest?” he suggested while coming over to me.

“Yeah that sounds good” I said looking at the clock that read 8:52 p.m.

“I’ll be up in awhile” he smiled and awaited a kiss. 

“Okay” I murmured before kissing him softly. 

I made it to the bedroom and  looked for the Tylenol bottle.

You’re pregnant, you shouldn’t be taking medicine. 

I sighed and headed for the bed, hoping to knock out and wake up from this bad dream. 

“Anything planned for the day?” Ash asked putting his dishes in the sink after breakfast. 

“Just a doctors appointment” I said getting up 

“Doctor appointment? Why? Something wrong?” He asked with an uneasy tone.

“Just a checkup” I lied with a smile, “Now get to the studio before those boys hurt you” I teased. 

He laughed and headed towards the door, I followed to lock it on his way out. 

“Oh and ask about that headache” he suggested as he opened the door. 

“Will do” I smiled before kissing him goodbye. 

“Love you” he said before kissing my forehead. 

Not for long.

“I love you too” I said before shutting the door and pressing my back to it. 

My stomach growled in hunger.

If there’s anything in there you should feed it. 

I ate something quickly before heading to my appointment. 

“Congratulations! You’re definitely pregnant” she spoke in a chipper tone. 

“What?” I asked in disbelief. 

“Yes, about 2 months. Did you have any missed periods?” she asked

“Well yes but I used to miss them a lot due to stress. I just thought it was that mixed with the pills” I explained. 

“Birth control ? We don’t have any contraceptives prescribed to you?" 

"I went to Planned Parenthood” I said thinking about the irony, “I’ve been taking them everyday-" 

‘They’re highly effective but not always 100%. There’s always the possibility” 

"You’re aware of the other options right?" 


"Well if you weren’t planning on this and don’t want the baby, there are-”

“Don’t you dare say I don’t want this baby. Maybe I wasn’t planning on this happening right now, but don’t try to talk me out of this." 

"I’m sorry I just thought since you were on the pill that you weren’t thinking about keeping it" 

"Of course I am" 

"Have you told the father yet?” she asked. 


“No. I haven’t" 

"I think that’d be your next step before anything else” she suggested. 

“You’re right. Uhm thank you” I said getting up and walking towards the door. 

“I want to see you in 2 weeks!”  She called as I walked out. 

I practically ran out to my car and settled in the drivers seat. 

I let my head fall to rest on the steering wheel and let out a deep sigh. 

My phone startled me when it started to ring, 

Ashton’s name flashed across the screen, 

Hi baby, I just got out of the doctor and guess what I’m pregnant! 

I turned off my phone and threw it in the passenger seat. 

I just needed to think about everything before  I went to him. 

But I couldn’t go home because he’d be there, 

so I drove. 

I drove for hours, stopping to get gas twice. 

Until finally I drove home. 

The dashboard said 9 p.m. as I climbed out and headed towards the door. 

I walked inside and saw Ashton sitting on the couch with his head in his hands.

His head snapped as soon as I closed the door. 

“You don’t know how to answer your phone or what?” he snapped getting out of his seat. 

“Uhh sorry it was off” I replied. 

“I’ve been calling and texting you for hours" 

"Why? What’s wrong?” I asked suddenly getting worried. 

“What’s wrong? What’s wrong? What’s this?” He asked holding up the pregnancy stick.

“Why do you have that?” I asked. 

“I don’t know maybe I called my girlfriend to ask how her appointment went. And when you didn’t answer the first 3 calls I came home and found this! Why wouldn’t you tell me?!” He yelled, anger apparent in his voice. 

“I went to the doctor to confirm it Ashton!” I said. 

“And?” he questioned

“And it’s true. I am”, I gulped,

“I am pregnant” I said for the first time aloud. 

He sucked in a breath and let out a sigh. 

“Say something please” I said shakily after moments of silence. 

“Say someth- What do you want me to say?” He asked finally speaking. 

“Well what you’re thinking would be nice" 

"I don’t know what to think" 

"Well maybe about what we’re gonna do-" 

"What we’re gonna do? We’re not doing anything" 


"We’re not having a child! I’m not ready, you’re not ready! I just turned 20! You’re 19! We aren’t ready" 

"We have 7 months to get ready Ashton" 

"No we don’t because we’re not  having it.” He said walking away. 

“And who are you to decide that?!” I yelled getting angry. 

“That is half of me in there! I have some say in the decision" 

"Well I’m keeping it” I said sternly. 

“No you’re no-”

“Ashton I’m keeping our child” I spoke again. 

“Well then you’re doing it without me because I don’t want a kid right now" 

"Oh so it’s the baby or you? Is that it?” i said as my voice began to shake again. 

“So it’s ‘half of you’ but you don’t want anything to do with it?” I asked. 

“No. I don’t” he answered straight forward. 

My heart shattered and it took everything in me to do what I had to. 

I grabbed my purse and walked away. 

But before I was out of sight I turned around. 

“I knew you’d be scared but not like this." 

"You said you never wanted to be like your father. But look where we are”

were my last words before I walked away from him. 


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